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Knives Out

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Knives Out App

KNIVES OUT! You are the long ranger in the 6400m*6400m battle royale arena. 100 warriors dive in the battle, but only 1 can walk out! Chasing, Firing, or Dying! Are you ready to draw your knives out? 【100 Dive in, 1 Walks out】 100 players are scattered in the 6400m*6400m deserted area. Explore various places, collect weapons, aim your enemies, and pull the trigger. Remember, the last one, the winning one. 【Survive by Any Ways Necessary】 Ambush or Assault. Snipe or Charge. Wait or Outflank. It’s all up to you. There is only one single goal: to survive by hook or by crook! 【Team Up, Speed Up, Tear Up】 Duo mode and Squad mode are available. Team up with your friends via voice system. Exert your uncapped techniques and unlimited tactics. Tear up all the obstacles. 【An Arsenal at Your Fingertips】 There are a variety of weapons, accessories, medicines and military vehicles for you to choose. Collect, select and equip. It is an arsenal at your fingertips! Twitter (Japanese): Facebook (English): English customer Japanese customer


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  • Ezpz 5/5

    By Bshqbdjcnana
    I win the majority of games I play, and average about 10 kills a game. Love it
  • Fortnite????? 4/5

    By udhcbcjdjdhdh
  • Nice game 4/5

    By Ultimate 14
    The game is nice. I like the motivational quotes on the loading screens. I just wish the game was all in English and please have a text chat option. Thank you.
  • Not that great! 1/5

    By Ty The McMan
    My expectations for this game was going to be high, because of what they showed on the ad. But a lot of it is just running around, doing nothing with the other players. But one good thing about it, is the trailer/ad. Like I said: I thought it would be something fun. It draws new gamers in, to make them believe it’s fun, and freshly new.
  • It’s a good game BUT 3/5

    By 559Goon
    It’s a good game but one thing that really pisses me off is that the loot crates cost 7000 Coins so why in tf do I get those uncommon tank tops that I could have just bought myself? Think about that it’s pointless and just dumb to throw those in there. From the loot crate you should only get those items that you can’t buy and you should be able to exchange duplicates for coins. The gameplay is pretty fun though but sometimes my game glitches and my hud gets all messed up fix that please. But besides that the games really fun.
  • ipad mini 2can not open at all 1/5

    By Adhkb
    Fxxk this game
  • Horrible 1/5

    By simle more
    It is the most biggest piece of crap of a game I have ever f**king played
  • Good but i haven’t played it 5/5

    By lawrencejames
    Well, the problem is why is it in Chinese
  • Awesome 5/5

    By GreenSlimerx
    This would be the best mode ever if you guys added 50 vs 50 but still it's a great game!
  • Plz read 5/5

    By Hi game creators
    I love the game the only thing that I do see that is wrong is the the way the character holds the pistols they hold them like shotguns
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By v.esp.
    Make it to where ladders are claimable and allow anyone to make a private room just have no rewards in doing so
  • Not meant for mobile 1/5

    By Wolverine256
    Me personally this game is not meant for Mobile. This game is obviously a complete replica of player grounds unknown. But the play style feels way to clunky and weird. If you want to have the best experience play on a pc, PS4, or xbox one if you are looking to play player ground unknown it’s literally the same game. But this game in particular does not belong on a mobile but that’s just me.
  • SUPPLY Drops 3/5

    By SirDylanMM
    Absolutely garbage when it comes to your guys clothing purchasing I played so much to get 7,000 coins and what do I get... ANOTHER pair of white pants Get rid of duplicates and make the your purchasing more reasonable in Knives out and Rules Of Survival because Really 5,800 coins for a pair of shoes.
  • Hello Netease! 2/5

    By Mr Pushistik
    I have an iPad mini 2 iOS 8.4 The game doesn't work anymore after last update It keeps to crash on start. Same about Rules of Survival and Survival Royal. Fix it please
  • Pls do this 4/5

    By SkunkGamer1000
    Add first person
  • Butty 1/5

    By dont have one dawg
    The game butty it won’t even let me play wast of time
  • Not great 1/5

    By I'm a idiot
    To much lag i the servers for me
  • AWESOME, but needs improvement 4/5

    By SuperCurryBoy69
    I love the game, it is really good and intuitive, except only a few things you need to improve. Like make the option to have a higher FPS mode be seen in the main menu, because that greatly makes gameplay better. Make more, taller buildings, i might be asking too much but maybe something like a city. The jump needs to be improved, it’s kind of hard to use it. I like how you put in the option to vault over a wall, I’d like to see more parkour. The sound alerts need to be back on the compass like it is in rules of survival. Make the minimal turn with the player, it’ll be so much easier to see where you are and where a sound is coming from. Please add a first person option, that would make me happy beyond limits,(including a lot of other people who play the game) this game is still awesome and addicting and I’m not sayin that the game is bad, there’s only a few things you could improve
  • Great! But... 5/5

    By Minecraftmine90
    This is by far one of my favorite games and I’ll give it a 5 star rating, but really why does a blue t-shirt in the game cost 5,800 and the supply carte costs 7,000, you know I won’t have time to play this game just to get to 7,000 and once I do and I buy the supply crate and then I have to get more money which means more play time. What I’m trying to say is bring the price down because I won’t have all that time to get 7,000 coins when I have other things to do.
  • Some things don't work 3/5

    By Get it your game strait
    Apparently "Other" doesn't count as one for Reprt content I have to choose something not relative to the person and charge them for something they didn't do. It's just kind of frustrating. Overall the game is great but there still a lot of bugs.
  • Why tf is everything so expensive? 4/5

    By Awesome13468854
    Like seriously everything is the same price and it’s 5,800 like make so different price jeez make em lower too. But good game tho not rly like pubg that much but good try. They have a lot of improvements to make tho
  • Really Fun 5/5

    By Laxmann45
    This game is really fun to play with friends and is one of the first games that you can play with like an Xbox live lobby where you can play with your friends in a game with great graphics for a mobile game. The only thing I would suggest is to make the game in all English.
  • Ummm 4/5

    By Biskatt
    Made in China
  • This game is so AMAZING! 5/5

    By LeTHaL Ares
    Literally, this game just needs better graphics (graphics are already insane) and motorcycles, and maybe a bunker in the map just like PUBG. Other from that this game is the exact same as PUBG 11/10
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Chloe Bischel
    The thing is that you should not half to be 17
  • Great game 5/5

    By Nedkifjdkek
    I started playing today and I’m very satisfied.This game has everything you you would expect in a PC battle royal game like H1Z1 or PUGB.The weapon customization capabilities was my favorite part of the game.I had recently played Rules of Survival and this game had that beaten by a country mile.Again, I’m very glad that this game has been developed and I’m very proud of the Chinese community.
  • Not Hating 2/5

    By Ufmeiskandndu
    This game has a good premise around it. Taking the PUBG system and applying it to mobile phones. However, when I played it, it seemed really unfinished. I open up doors and the doors that were open I couldn't walk through. I had to jump through a window. The warning of footsteps, gunshots, and vehicles could be a lot better. Like I said, I'm not hating. I just think that other games like Rules of Survival do it a lot better than Knives Out. No hate. Just critique.
  • PSA:Warning 5/5

    By Thania Paz
    Side affects to this game are as follow: Obsession to keep playing until your arms hurt. After 2 games you’ll feel the soreness in your arms cause the game is so epic and can’t stop playing until you win. You can play with friends and have sore arms #SquadGoals Play at your own risk. P.S. WORTH PLAYING THIS GAME!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By BrawnierUnicorn
    This game is terrible everything is in Chinese. The game crashes before I get to play no matter what I’m on. All these comments are a lie. Don’t waste your time in trying to get this game
  • Knives out 5/5

    By chanceblood
    Best game ever
  • Problem 5/5

    I cant start the game . Why? It's problem about the server?
  • I didn’t do anything! 3/5

    By Winterfell1
    I just joined the game as normal, but it won’t let me start the game! WHY DID YOU DEVS BAN ME I didn’t do anything! Well, I can play now, it just wouldnt let me play for like 2 or 3 hours. It might of been that maintenance because I can’t really read much stuff in this game because it’s mostly a different language.
  • Doesn’t work... 1/5

    By Hdhjhduehdhdusuhcjshdjddhdh
    I launched the game for the first time and a bunch of Asian dialogue came up. Then the game froze. Never was able to play... lesson learned: don’t click on ads on YouTube. Edit: I just recently got a developer response on this comment, and found that their advice did not work at all. I tried everything.
  • Love it 5/5

    By AmGam83
    I like the way it functions this game is the bomb dndjsjxjdbdjsdhbcuxjdjshdhdjxjdhxjsjdfh. Xoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxxo
  • Laggy 4/5

    By XxOmar-_-xX
    Look I have an IPhone 6+ and it’s still laggy. Overall it’s still a great game. Plz fix the lag.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By -BMW82-
    Rules of Survival for mobile phones is better! Better graphics better gameplay plus anti-cheat system
  • Good 5/5

    By coldbeast115
    It’s really fun but if you could stop the shakey ness of the 8x scope then it would be great
  • Sorry 1/5

    By Xxcod4lif3Xx
    I really am sorry for that review even tho that wasn’t me cause I have 5 more brothers this game is truly an awesome game
  • 10/10 but needs more! 5/5

    By Jesse airington
    Best game ever for mobile good graphics even better gameplay all this game needs is better is brakes for the cars more guns like the aug for 50cal sniper rifle or a revolver and needs M1 grand and a lot more older guns to even the odds for noobs that are new these probably won’t be added for will be never know just my own opinion but adding older guns probably needs to be added the most.
  • Can’t add friends 1/5

    By D.Boy_10
    I’m tryna play w my bro n y’all mfs won’t let me fix this
  • Not fun... 2/5

    By E.C.28
    It will be fun for some people but not me get rules of survival a better version of this game. No offense...
  • Wow this is lame 1/5

    By HendershotBleak
    This is the dumbest shooter I’ve ever played. It takes a few minutes for the matches to even start, you parachute onto the map then run around looking for a weapon. You die once and that’s it, start the process over. It’s incredibly lame and a waste of time. In the handful of matches I played I got beat to death before I could find a weapon or sniped from afar. Wow so much fun. Total garbage.
  • Why 4/5

    By kludge111
    Called knives but no knives so confused so sod doggo so sod doggo lose wow doggo no wow no knive no wow froggo sod too going to complain
  • Hackers 3/5

    By Triladelf
    I would give this game five stars, but I've seen multiple hackers. One even shot me through a tree when we were the final two. Besides that an amazing game
  • Radio tower 4/5

    By Antvonom
    While playing the game I decided to drop at a new area of the map to change things up. This round through I went to the map and checked and found I have never visited the radio tower. I placed my marker and started that way once I was there I discovered that there was a good amount of lag and objects with no hit box you could simple walk through them. Judged wanted to write a review to let you know because I really enjoy this game and do not want to see it fade away.
  • It’s great, but there is issues 4/5

    By Wolf Micro
    I love this game. It is a perfectly made game with great controls and pretty good graphics. The only two problems are when I try to play with my friends it always makes them reconnect over and over and the not being able to open doors glitch. I’m getting very annoyed at this because I can’t get weapons. Please fix these issues, thank you.
  • Really bad bugs 3/5

    By pubg pro
    You know when you shoot someone down and then you shoot them like 2 or 3 times right but when dat happen it took me a whole clip to kill a person that’s down that just ridiculous. Than the should really add the ump
  • Weather variety 5/5

    By Jose137894
    I really like the game. Only thing I would like to see is differences in weather. Like Maybe fog, dusk, or even night time
  • This app is the best type of this game on mobile. 5/5

    By DiamondGamer62527
    I don’t really leave reviews, unless the game is really good or bad. This is the good side. The graphics are really well for mobile, and i don’t experience lag during the game. I get some lag when i hit the ground from jumping from the plane with a parachute, but very minor at that. I also found some bugs in the map, but nothing gamebreaking. The gun mechanics are awesome, especially with scope. For some reason i havent found any game that has the scope where you tilt the screen for minor adjustments. Very smart. I made a list of ideas i had to the game to make it better than it already is (if possible). So add them if you feel like it, but don’t if you don’t like the idea. —————————————————————————————— Trio mode: there is 1v1, duo, trio, quad, and even quintuple teams, but why not triples? English language: I understand the game has the main language as japanese, but the English language setting still shows some text in japanese. Not too much of a problem, but just to let you know. Lower prices: almost everything in the shop is 5400+ coins, maybe adjust the prices? Just a suggestion. Kick from vehicle: alot of people who i try to run over in a car they use the same trick and just jump in the second seat. If tour the driver, you should be able to kick opponents from the vehicle. More maps: using the same map over and over gets boring sometimes, even with a map that big of a size. You should add a desert map, that has different guns, vehicles, camo, etc. to make the game more difficult to memorize the maps. You can even get ahead of popular games like fortnite, as that game only has 1 map too. Cold weapons: the game is called KNIVES out, so why are there no knives or swords? Also some people are bad at using guns (like me) and are better at using cold weapons. Building: You can cut down trees to get wood, houses to get bricks or metal, and even cars to get gas tanks and metal. Then take those resources and build with them. Maybe you need to find a workbench in a house or something to craft walls or floors. I feel like this has many possibilities to turn the whole match around, even if this mechanic is pretty simple. speaking of which, sneak attacks would be awesome. Phones: flip phone, smartphone, and even house phones would be an easy way to quickly call a teammate. House phones need to stay at the house, but flip phines and smartphones are like items you can take. Maybe make the smart and flip phones have limited uses (like a battery), or make limited call times. House phones won’t need to be charged, as they are connected to the house. Of course you need to enable your microphone to use this feature. Bigger cars: now that we have 5 team matches, we need a bigger car. A 5 or 6 seat car would be perfect, and you could even have a turret or something in the back of the car to shoot. These are just some ideas to add to the game, you don’t have to add all of them. Add whichever ones you want, and if you don’t, thats completely okay. Ive been playing this game for about a month now and im completely hooked. Good job!
  • Need help 4/5

    By Tsbsjsb
    This game is sick! It’s crazy good for an app on your phone, only problem is since the update I’ve been unable to add others on the game by search even when putting their ID number and giving mine to add me...unless I’m missing something here which I highly doubt because I exhausted all options this feature needs to be fixed

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