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Join millions of readers around the world and access eBooks and audiobooks all on one app. Go shelf-less and take your reading adventures on the go. With over 5 million titles to choose from, there’s something for every type of reader and listener. Introducing audiobooks from Kobo — our brand new expertly curated collection. Simply add a book to your collection on Kobo, and find it in your app immediately afterwards — all your eBooks and audiobooks together, in one convenient app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The Kobo App makes reading even more comfortable and convenient: • Customize the way you read. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. Try Night Mode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime, and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode. • Our beautifully designed, easy-to-use player makes it simple for you to move through your audiobook with a single touch. Never worry about losing your spot, and see how much time is left at a glance. Schedule it to turn off after a set amount of time—perfect for listening before going to sleep. • Read thousands of free eBook previews or listen to audiobook samples to help you find your next favourite. • Start reading on one device and pick up on another. The Kobo App always remembers where you left off, so you can keep reading across all your devices. • Share your love of reading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post your favourite quotes, notes, and thoughts from what you’re reading. • Rate and review the books you’ve read or read reviews from booklovers like you! • Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese or Japanese.


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Kobo Books app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By Jessica82636
    Love this app, but one thing I wish it had was a folder to put all the books you’ve read into so they are off your main page and only see the books you haven’t read yet.
  • Kobo 5/5

    By Beds119
    The app is good and in my opinion user friendly.
  • Kobo Books 5/5

    By Rhonda M Melton
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ IT! A lot of times, Kobo Books has much more books of an author than iBooks, google & even Amazon/Kindle/Nook. Vice-versa tho with all 5 ereaders tho. Sometimes Amazon has more. Sometimes Nook. Sometimes Google Play Books. Depends on the author & whatever deals the ereaders have going.
  • Great App doesn’t support Apple Pencil 3/5

    By samice5
    Great reading app with a comfortable book selection. However, it doesn’t support highlighting text with the Apple Pencil which was why I spent the extra money on the iPad Pro and even extra on the Apple Pencil. Needs iPad Pro support otherwise, great app
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By PierresFamily
    Though this app seems to have a lot of promise, my efforts to use this app were a disappointing waste of time. It was an endless cycle of error messages. I entered my 4-year google address as requested, only to be told there was no such google address. Then when I tried to create a kobo account with my address, I was told that address was already taken! I tried 3 times, to rule out flukes or typos. But it was no use. So I deleted the app.
  • Unable to purchase books 2/5

    By thsiao65
    It’s a pain to search and purchase books elsewhere ten come back to read. Please unify the interface.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Shell091214
    Listening to audio books they jump back almost an hour and then I half to find out where I was, now all the sudden it freezes. I asked for help and they said to sign out and then back in it worked for a couple weeks now it's not even downloading anything. I've used this app for years now I can't even download a book.
  • Best reading app 5/5

    By cristyreyn
    I love Kobo and the app is perfect for true booklovers.
  • Robbed Customer 1/5

    By Yo great mom
    I had signed up for kobos monthly audio book subscriptions to try it out, so I used the 1 free book that it can with and that’s it, but then I had gotten charged for a monthly fee so I assumed I could get a refund since I hadn’t used any of the services that came with the charge of the monthly fee and I couldn’t get one, I the money they had took out of my account was the money I was going to use to put food on my table this week and I feel as if why can’t I get a refund if I hadn’t used any services that was involved with the charge except the trial free one you gave me very disappointed and starving currently
  • Love the app 4/5

    By DifficultIt's difficult but fun to play
    It really is awesome for downtime reading
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By Bonis26
    I’ve been using Kobo (e-reader and app) since 2013. After all this time, I can say I truly regret I chose it over Kindle. Main motive: the app doesn’t work, even after all the updates. It’s been months since I’ve been unable to open a single book in my iPhone 6. The home page of the app is frozen and it stays that way, no matter how many times I reset the app or the phone. Another thing is that the prices are always higher compared to Amazon and its Kindle. There aren’t many good discounts or sales either.
  • Vastly Improved 5/5

    By ferret_bard
    I've been using the Kobo app for a while, along with iBooks, Kindle, Google, and Nook. The current version works very well.
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Bri_Toma22
    I love this app. I just wish I could buy new books from the app. If I can, I haven’t found it yet. Otherwise, I love it!
  • No annotation and progress sync 2/5

    By Schniggen
    The iOS iPhone app does not sync annotations and reading progress and so notes between devices. Annoying. I contacted Kobo Support and they don’t seem to care: “We will consider it.”
  • Asco 1/5

    By alphauser
    Es un asco de aplicación, compre ya varios libros y es un batallar para poder iniciar sesión en mi iPhone y no hablaré de lo que no he podido iniciar en mi iPad. De verdad me arrepiento el haber comprado los libros porque los asocian a esta aplicación canción nefasta e inútil. No la recomiendo!!!
  • Good but needs more features 3/5

    By Miksle
    A great app for my iPad. Wish I could use the split screen function to open other apps while reading/researching. Miss not being able to open two books side-by-side as well. Please add these features!!!

    By PopStarIcon
    Stick with audible or another legitimate service that actually assists their customers when they have an issue. I canceled the subscription. They “modified” my account without my knowledge and charged me. The outsourced customer service call center was less than helpful, basically advising that all they could do was cancel at this point and I’d have to absorb the charge for a service I was no longer using. Very disappointed!
  • Essential features missing 2/5

    By Xenos1948
    This is a very basic e-reader, and is lacking two features I consider essential: continuous page numbers, and the ability to view a two-page spread in landscape view. The features that it does support are well done, and can be mastered quickly, but so far I’ve found the flexibility and ease of use nowhere near that of the Kindle. I’ll update this review once I’ve finished reading a full length book.
  • Kobo app 4/5

    By Charliebru
    Nice app but it needs more features, like scrolling pages as a feature and maybe a highlight color for pages or paragraphs.
  • Audiobooks Have Problems 2/5

    By MikePluta
    Despite numerous reports and promises of repair, the current version continues to have trouble maintain playback continuity at chapter boundaries.
  • Mars 5/5

    By ReadingPink
    Working great now! I got this on my iPad when I first got my iPad shortly after my KoBo reader died, it did not work well then but now it is working great.
  • Don’t judge a book by it cover 3/5

    By ThisGirlLuvs2Read!
    But, I can’t help it. The app works okay. But I hate the screen of which my book lay on. Kobo use to have the best bookshelves which started me buying books. They were easy to open and organize. Now, they have the worst. It’s so sloppy looking I refuse to add more books.
  • Kobo App 2/5

    By Coco***234
    Still dictionary doesn’t appear when words are highlighted.
  • Text selection could use help 4/5

    By Chumly42038
    When I try to select text on my iPhone app there are other features that pop up and get in the way, like the dictionary prompt on the bottom of the screen or some unknown thing towards the top left corner. Otherwise app is perfectly fine for me.
  • Repeating Chapters 3/5

    By Maria Tizon
    I have listened to three books so far. Each one has repeated whole sections. Not sure what to do about it. I’ve had to skip through the repeated chapters to find my place in the story. Annoying. I hope there is a remedy. Other than this issue, kobo is a decent service. Good library, simple player. Thank you!
  • Great reader. 4/5

    By gwaeron76
    I love the page transition and easy access menus. I does spaz our from time to time on the iPad Pro when you try to set a book mark. Might want to think about adding a menus option for that in the next release/update. Other than that I love the page options also I am adverse to light and some readers don’t have an automatic setting for night-time. Well done Rakuten.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Lanigirl29
    I so enjoy this app! My only "thing?" It tends to go back to my iPad home screen quite often. I have to shut down iPad and start again. Annoying, I I do like the app! Thankful it doesn't do this more than a couple of times a week!
  • Two suggestions 3/5

    By Saeed Anwar
    1. Make the book icons smaller and spread over the entire page, so one could see more books at a glance: say 20 or more 2. The box that open when you want to assign a collection name is too small or limited. Make that box show two or three columns to make the reader’s choice. Otherwise Kobo is best app on the market. Saeed Anwar
  • Works awesome! 5/5

    By HavaWorkman
    So I have to admit that I was a little scared off by the low rating (three-star rating is pretty harsh) but figured hell, it’s free - why not give it a shot. Well, it works awesome! Logged in quickly and easily, all of my Kobo books were there - good to go! The instructions on how to flip pages in it was a little overboard bc every other reader out there works exactly the same way, so...duh? But I’m also a Millennial who grew up with this stuff, so I’m not going to be thrown off by simple technology, whereas maybe someone else would be. *shrug* Anyway, loved it - glad I downloaded it and gave it a shot! Kobo is an awesome store that treats its authors right, so I’m happy to support them however I can.
  • Very Confusing 1/5

    By AudioBckLover68
    I'm trying to search for audiobooks and it keeps pulling up ebooks. I also cannot sign in. Stick with a service that focuses on audiobooks. This app is a confusing mess.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By syd1977
    I had just purchased the ebook TBoz A Sick Life for $16.19. It told me to refresh the app, which didn’t help and saw it pending in my checking account and contacted the customer service representative by chat. She told me she only see one book and asked me if I had the receipt. The page was already gone and didn’t receive an email confirming the purchase yet. As soon as this transaction goes through, I will dispute it with my bank.
  • Very useful ! 5/5

    By pastor len
    If you take the time to adjust to it , it took me 5 minutes, you will find some great features, I love being able to choose the font I like to read in as my eyes do a lot better with certain ones . Plus I love the ability to make the type any size :) as far as concerns about turning pages it is just a tap on the edge up down or right or left . If it throws you it is probably because you are used to apple or Amazon, where you swipe - all you need here is a tap
  • Theives 1/5

    By NotBraindead
    The result of the last update? The program vanished from my phone. So, after changing all my books that I paid for, you now dumped my phone app as well. Thank you for saving me the effort to dump you. Don’t do business with thieves.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Radar131
    It's alright but I am struggling with actually making my account, it will only give me the option to sign into a a account! I also don't like how only a small amount of books are audio books. If you can make it so if you have an account all books will have an option to make it a audio book. If you can do that along with making it easier to actually make an account that would be AWESOME! 😁😁😁
  • Great app for reading on iphone! 5/5

    By Icqfan38
    Very intuitive
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kkmm2005
    I love the app! It works perfectly between my phone, my iPad, and my husband's phone and iPad. It's handy when I just want to pass time while waiting for an appointment or something or if I want to take the time and curl up on the couch! Love it!
  • Smooth read 5/5

    By wxgesr
    I have the Kobo for MAC, Kobo for iPhone and Kobo for iPad. They all do what I expect of a reader app and do it well. I particularly enjoy the “finished” feature which eliminates the archive and collections feature of other readers. Well done Kobo.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Bobbyobbyobb
    Don't waste your time.
  • Unsubscribe 1/5

    By Padre of Premont
    Since trying the app I have not been able to unsubscribe to the many emails. I trod first in the mail app but the link went nowhere. So, I tried to unsubscribe through safari. It just reloads the page. This is the behavior of spam mail.
  • Stop Changing 1/5

    By perpledragonfly
    The bottom of the page used to allow you to view the books as series but some genius decided to replace that with audiobooks. I don't have any audiobooks so that's just causing me to take extra steps to get to series because it's on a different page! Leave things alone!
  • Poor design 1/5

    By PaulC99
    Clunky user interface with tool tips that treat users Iike idiots. Standardize your UI, and get rid of the pop ups every time a user hits a new page. "Got it?"
  • Awful!!! 1/5

    By CShonee
    There is not a whole lot you can do with the app. I was hoping to be able to import or download the ebook I purchased on their website to my bookshelf. It's my e-book., I paid for it, but you have t
  • Reference links lacking 2/5

    By LittleAngus
    Highlighting unfamiliar place names and so on doesn't yield the web-search and Wikipedia lookup choices common in other reading apps.
  • Can't sign in to the app with my email address 1/5

    By Big Time Writer Guy
    Since upgrading to the latest version, and installing the app on a new iPad, I've been unable to sign in with my Kobo account email. Selecting sign in with email produces an "Uh-oh" screen and no further response. I contacted Kobo support and received no reply.
  • Can't actually listen to the book I downloaded 1/5

    By Trent L.
    Downloaded an audiobook, the only way to listen to it is through the app. Fine. Except I can't use the app because when I try to sign in, it just says uh oh! Something's wrong. Customer service was pretty shoddy too. Polite, but didn't help at all. Just said it's broken.
  • Uh Oh screen 1/5

    By Dawn in OK
    I signed up for an account online and bought an audio book, then downloaded this app to my iPhone. As others have said, I could not sign in to it to listen. I opened a customer service ticket on the website, hopefully they will get this issue fixed soon.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Kristyn007
    I have no problem signing in on my iPhone 7. I just hate how the pages turn. I can't explain it but they turn slow or there's a slight pause. It messes me up every single page to where I hade reading on this app. Only reason I am is because I have books on here from years ago. If I had a choice I would read them on my kindle app.
  • Can't login 1/5

    By Adithya12
    Can't login anymore. Reinstalling the app didn't help.
  • Cannot log into application 1/5

    By One Voice In The Wilderness
    I cannot read my books on my new iPhone
  • Wonderful! 4/5

    By CindyWoman
    Good book app. I like being able to have every book on my iPad and the Kobo book app makes this happen.

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