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  • Current Version: 13.2.1
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  • Developer: The Kroger Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kroger App

Looking for the ultimate mobile/tablet shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger mobile app! The Kroger mobile app puts convenience and savings at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Kroger Plus Card to take advantage of all these great benefits: - Load online coupons directly to your Plus Card and your shopping list. - Create an online shopping list that you can update and use any time. - View Weekly Ads and quickly add Weekly Ad items to your shopping list. - Access exclusive promotions and save money with personalized offers. - Refill your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Type your prescription number and select your Pharmacy to schedule a convenient pickup time. - Check your fuel points and view your rewards history. - Use the store locator to find stores and fuel centers nearby. - Add your Plus Card to Passbook for iPhone and iPod Touch. To use the Kroger mobile app, you'll need a Kroger online account. You can register inside the app and add your Plus Card. And if you don't have a Plus Card you can create one when you register and begin taking advantage of all its benefits.


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  • Not working right 2/5

    By DebiAsh
    For the last two weeks I cannot delete items from my shopping list and they stay deleted. I actually deleted the whole list and started over and now I have duplicate items in a list because the old items reappeared. I hate this app now! Please update the app to match the Apple updates.
  • Would like features better explained 5/5

    By peace-2
    Enjoy how this is getting better.
  • Items on list disappear 1/5

    By CarlS1
    I’ve been very dissatisfied with this app lately. When items are added to a list and then I close the app the next time opened the items are gone. This isn’t good when a list is made at home then you go to the store and half the items aren’t on the list 😒
  • This app is terrible in my opinion 1/5

    By Bethereornot
    I know my password and every other time it locks me out with invalid attempts I removed the app for several months and added it back to see if they fixed it and nope.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By motherarthur
    You tell me that it was fixed but it’s not. I tried for three weeks everything that I ordered so I would have it with me when I went to the store and then I bought it and try to remove it it’s still there. It takes a long time to load up most the time There is no pictures what’s going on? It used to work just try again.
  • What on earth is going on? 1/5

    By josaysso
    “Sorry. We are having technical difficulties.” Really? It’s been almost a month and it’s now useless. I was getting excited about the app. It even totaled what I put in cart. Then it went crazy. Every time I do anything, it says TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Even when I go into the store it wacky out. What on earth? Fix it!
  • Used to be awesome, but is going downhill 1/5

    By IndyGd22
    This app used to be awesome, but now the desktop version is not syncing with the app. So frustrating to get to the store and not have the aisle showing or to have several things marked as checked when they’re not. It’s not matching what it was saying when I made my list online. I suppose I can always make my list through the app, but it did not used to be this way... and I really like managing my list on my computer and then being able to use the app in the store. Bring back that version please!!
  • Shopping List 1/5

    By TD 1958
    Shopping list no longer works. You cannot delete previous items from your list in order to create a new list. Please fix
  • Coupon section needs work! 1/5

    By Heyyyitsme
    The filter system isn’t efficient, you select which categories you don’t want listed and they’re still shown. Also, sometimes when you add a coupon it doesn't show up in your coupons.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By 312 Chicago
    The App will not allow me to select my home store location and complete my sign in. Not able to use App
  • Latest Update..... 3/5

    By CindyH2008
    I’ve always loved this app. I’ve been using for at least a year without any type of issue or problem. This most recent update caused some issues. First, I can’t clear my shopping all. Second, whenever I try to delete something from my shopping list, the app glitches and closes out. Really hoping that you can address & correct these soon. This app is one of the main reasons I’ve become such a loyal Kroger customer.
  • Can’t delete items 2/5

    By Hokie chik
    Five particular items can’t be deleted from my shopping list. I remove them but the next time I click to open the list they reappear, whether or not they were checked at the time I removed them. Other items will stay deleted. This is weird and annoying.
  • Shopping list 1/5

    By Galwednesday
    Something has happened with the last update. Items are added that I didn’t close class on and when I try to delete them, they come back. Unusable. 😒
  • Was great 1/5

    By ssith05
    Usually love it! But last week it freaked out while I was in store (stopped checking items off my list and stopped telling what isle things were on) and now I can not add or delete items from my list!
  • Now not updating shopping list 2/5

    By SharonIndie
    This has been a great app for the past year. Now for the past month it is not deleting items from my shopping list. I'm not going to Kroger much now because the app is continually malfunctioning.
  • Latest update 2/5

    By Raininindy
    You messed up the coupon category selection. It was much better and easier to use before the update. It will be more time consuming the new way. Please organize coupons on app by category !!!!
  • Clicklist needs help 3/5

    By GBPackinEm
    There needs to be a way to move items from your shopping list to your Clicklist, in-app. Gets super confusing to have to go to the website to start the clicklist and have to start over on the shopping list.
  • FUBU APP 1/5

    By Apree JWat
    App doesn't work after updating! Forced me to update & doesn't work at all
  • Please make it stop crashing 1/5

    By kdby00
    I have used this app for a few years so that my husband & I can share access to grocery list from 2 different phones. This app is so very frustrating. Now we can’t have multiple lists. Today while in Kroger I kept trying to delete items and the app would put them back seconds later. Wouldn’t let items be “checked”. Just please make it work.
  • Finally working with iOS 11! 4/5

    By #7309465
    UPDATE: It looks like the developers have been busy squashing bugs... IT NOW WORKS WITH the most current iOS! I’m looking forward to taking this app for a good run around the block. Thanks! OLD REVIEW: This “Update” STILL doesn’t work with iOS 11! It crashes EVERY time I try to launch the app, using my new iPad Pro, running iOS 11.0.3. This is very frustrating. The app is how I manage the many medications I have to take.
  • Constant errors 1/5

    By therrien
    Even with the new update (published 3 days ago) I get constant errors stating “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try to view this feature again in a few moments”. Then more times that not My shopping lists are continuously lost and revert back to an older version (usually in the middle of shopping). It seems like the problems started when the app added the feature to estimate your list cost. Really with you all could get this app right; it has the potential to be great but is super unreliable.
  • Newest update crashes often and list is awful 2/5

    By aNaBEllE AngELle
    I keep trying to clear my previous shopping list and can’t keep it gone! If I use the remove all option, they go away, I start new list, then when I exit and come back to app, it’s the old list again! If I try checking the items, they move to the bottom, and after a few, the app crashes and when I go back in the old list is there again! (This happened repeatedly!) If I side swipe to remove, they go away, and then the app crashes
  • App crashes all the time 1/5

    By McSurly214
    Update: down to one star because the shopping list no longer works. ====== It’s hard to utilize the shopping list feature when the app crashes all the time
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Busybones
    App keeps crashing and will not allow me to remove some items from my shopping list. It's a pain.
  • List 2/5

    By Sobrien3
    App will not allow me to delete my grocery list.
  • I Still Have Hope 2/5

    By RachaolM
    I want this app to work. I’ve been attempting to use it for at least 3 years and I seen some improvements. Adding weekly sale items to my shopping list or from digital coupons is much easier now. The coupons are the reason continue to use the app. The bugs make it frustrating and a 2-star app. An error message pops up constantly while using the shopping list. The checked items also seem to spontaneously return to the list. Finally, checking an item off the list is slow. It would be helpful to be able to move items in the list to match the way I shop. I realize Kroger inventories and shelving maps are unique for each store so it would be great to have user control over the list order to compensate for eggs the app categorises into canned goods. I have hope this app will be really useful, but it seems like the changes are incredibly slow.
  • Sale Items I buy 1/5

    By Blond1e94
    What happened to the other sale items I buy? I used this to see sale prices and add to my list after adding from the weekly ad. Now it's just a list of other items I have purchased, but they have no prices, you can't tell if it's on sale or not. I don't care what aisle it's on. If it's an item I always purchase anyway (on sale), then I already know where it is! *Update 11/14/17* Okay, now my issue is that I can’t delete items on my list. I have deleted them every way I know possible, and they keep returning! So now I have all these items on my list rhat I don’t need and are no longer on sale! I like to use this list when shopping, but now it is difficult because of the extra items that won’t go away!
  • Shopping List = ClickList 4/5

    By KindaClumsy
    Why oh why would I make a shopping list if it wasn’t also my ClickList?!?!?! It is the same on the website. If I make a shopping list good chance is that I may want that to also be the ClickList cart. Most frustrating that I can’t just add the items from one to the other!! Otherwise I find the app is just fine.
  • 1 oz of logic please! 1/5

    By CDH in Tennessee
    Until you can create a list, then decide how you wish to shop (in store, Clicklist), this app is crap. Unbelievable that you cannot move a “shopping list” to the cart and then use Clicklist. What genius thought that was a good idea?
  • This app needs to be fixed! 1/5

    By RayUpbeatBay
    I have tried multiple times to make use of the Kroger App however it continues to freeze or simply signs me out thus making it impossible to use. I wonder who they used to create this app? I’m pretty sure a a group of college students can create a better app!
  • Can't use best coupons! 3/5

    By Campbellk72
    Love being able to order and pick up at store BUT you can't use your good coupons! We usually use about $20-25 of the store coupons they send us. So disappointed! These should be automatically loaded for use!
  • The Un-Shopping App 1/5

    By jmordigal
    Gotta love a shopping app that randomly removes items from your list, refuses to check off items, and crashes at least once per store visit.
  • Lost functionality 2/5

    By Big Jim 59
    The last several versions no longer help you find what aisle a product is in. Since that doesn’t work, you can’t sort the shopping list to efficiently move through the store. Yes, I have the right store selected. Even tried a different Kroger. This functionality still works on the website, so I can print a list. But then why have the app?
  • Review 3/5

    By Jbelle344
    Would like to see some organization of the digital coupons like listing items under categories such as breakfast, deli, produce, pantry, household cleaning.... Also, the search needs work. Otherwise the app is very useful
  • Buggy with last update 3/5

    By carlvjack
    I love using this app but the last update introduced a bad bug. When I add something to my list and then remove it the list brings it back after a refresh. Tried force closing the app with no success so now my list has tripled some items on my list and it shows 2-3 separate listings for the same item
  • New problem 3/5

    By Etball01
    Lowered my rating. The latest update version will not delete shopping list items added in the previous release. Deleted the updates app on my iPad and loaded 13.1. The problem does not happen on the last version. I will not apply the update until there is a new release. The 13.0 update was a nightmare on my iPad. Thank you for fixing it quickly with 13.0.1. Has a nice new look to my shopping list. But, it still takes at least two tries to bring it up. The last update, 13.0.2, fixed the startup problem. No more problems making it work, although it is still slow filling screens when first selected. Unfortunately, no in-store wi-fi, so I must bring up the app elsewhere before going in. Very annoying if I forget.
  • Don’t Use ClickList 1/5

    By Setali
    Every single time I’ve used their ClickList service there have been multiple items left out. I’ve started going into the store and find them every time. This last time I used their service all but one of the cans were badly damaged and the produce was put ( (without being put in a vegetable bag) in with raw meat. Also, the produce they did pick out was way overly ripe. The response I had gotten was that I could bring the damaged items back for a refund. I already know that! Why would I use ClickList when I have to keep coming back into the store anyway! When I explained that it wasn’t a satisfactory solution and said maybe they could refund my ClickList fee as my claims could easily be substantiated by my receipts I was ignored. They wouldn’t even refund me five dollars! And this has been an ongoing problem and I’ve never asked for anything! Horrible horrible customer service!!!
  • Love the coupons! 5/5

    By Jgrandf
    I love being able to download coupons while I’m shopping to use at checkout! This app has saved me so much money!!
  • Downgrade from 5 to 3 to 2 NOW 1 1/5

    By LDSchof
    Update 11/10 Still ONE WHOLE STAR. I can’t delete items from my list! They keep coming back. I’ve swiped to delete - they come back. I’ve checked them then remove checked items they come back. I’ve deleted the entire list- they come back. I deleted the app, power cycled the phone, reinstalled the app- they come back! The search is terrible! It can’t do a simple partial match. Mush returns NO results. How about mushrooms? But maybe it’s better I can’t add items to the list since i can’t delete them even after buying your mush. Very frustrating. How about you raise the price on your peanut butter and hire some UX & QA people. ——- The brand new upgrade doesn’t work in iOS 11?! It hangs and crashes. If i can’t use the app, which continues to get worse, I’ll have to shop elsewhere. This most recent upgrade is pretty buggy in the shopping lists. I still like the app but it's buggy. Lists or items disappear or the app freezes going to lists. I don't know why they haven't fixed it yet.
  • Gone a bit downhill 3/5

    By rstrs802
    Multiple family members editing the list each from their phone now usually results in things getting dropped off. Search within the list of checked items rather than having to do a full search each time is painful. It would also be great if we could migrate a shopper my list to ClickList if we want to go that route. I thought I was able to do that previously but now I can’t seem to find that option.
  • Love the app, but... 4/5

    By Cptx734
    I enjoy the usability of the Kroger app, but now that I’m an avid lover of ClickList, I would LOVE to be able to make my ClickList and order from the app, rather than having to use my laptop!
  • Update needs improvement 1/5

    By Nowhere’s Music
    Unable to clear shopping list after several tries, old items keep appearing
  • Not able to open 2/5

    By Hss893
    The app (for me) will not open. It show the Kroger logo and then kicks me out and takes me back to my home screen. Please fix this glitch and I use this app regularly and haven’t been able to in recent days. Thank you!
  • No way to manage prescriptions ? 5/5

    By M3Driver
  • Meal Prepping Easy 4/5

    By EBtheWanderer
    I use primarily as a tool to use with my meal prepping. As I go through my weekly meal preps, I switch between my meal prep app and this app to add the ingredients I need for the particular recipes for the particular week. Given that I cook some weird things (from a typical “American ingredient” perspective) this app is a huge time saver. I have my list of meals I want to make. Go through this list and add ingredients in the Kroger app. Two things alone led me to give 4 stars: 1) ability to sort by aisle. My grocery trips are seriously cut down to like 20% time of what they used to be. I used to have to hunt around to find some of these weird ingredients. Now I know where I’m going. 2) Ability to see price. From a meal prepping perceptive, I have to eat super lean meats, maybe some weird ingredients etc, and I’m not some rich dude. So the ability to see the total cost of all my meals BEFORE I buy is a big plus in helping me plan out my meals for the week (I wish I could eat tuna and beef jerky all week, lol). My Requests: -an important one which led to four stars, is the ability to adjust the qty when I click “Add to List” after I select the product I want. As is, I have to add to list, then find it on the list, and adjust the qty. This should be a simple fix, but adds a fair amount of time to my use in the app - ability to clear list. Once the items are “checked” as I go through the physical store and grab them, they are moved to the bottom of the list so they don’t clutter my “Aisle” view in the app. Good job on this, but when I go to build my next shopping trip list, I have to one-by-one clear out these items. There should be a “clear list” or “clear checked items in list” function. An Apple Watch app would be clutch too, but that’s not affecting my rating. All in all, going from a regular old list (even if in my phone digitally) this is a major major upgrade and time saver.
  • Needs to support apple pay 2/5

    And make the kroger card in wallet automatically apply to any payment at the stores just like walgreens does. Customer satisfaction goes up and kroger still gets to collect that sweet data from us via the kroger card
  • Great performance 5/5

    By Boilerman99
    This app is so fast now!! Love it!
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Emeroopoo
    Each time there is an update I am unable to see or add coupons to my Kroger card. The only coupon that it ever shows is the free Friday download which I am not against but I do use this for all of the other coupons. Please fix this bug.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Malmalz
    The app keeps crashing anytime I open it. I keep deleting it and redownloading it and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
  • Coupons were easy,... not anymore 1/5

    By Another anon user
    Why do developers make changes just for the sake of change. How is making process of reviewing coupons longer an improvement? Both questions are pointless because neither has a valid answer.

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