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Kroger App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Kroger Plus Card to access all these great benefits: · Shop ClickList® curbside pickup or delivery right from the app! · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your ClickList® order. · View your Weekly Ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list. · Load digital coupons directly to your Plus Card and use them to save on items from your shopping list. · Get even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards. · Refill your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time. · Check your fuel points. · Use our locator to find the closest Kroger store or fuel center. · View your purchase history. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time. · Add your Plus Card to Passbook for iPhone and iPod Touch. To use the Kroger app, you'll need a Kroger digital account. You can register for your account and link your Plus Card through the app. If you don't have a Plus Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards!


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Kroger app reviews

  • Rude people 3/5

    By The awesome kid4566
    Shopping in the Ashland ky store cashiers rude if u have a big buggy will send u to another register that’s not even open happened 2 times the check list people r great.
  • Shopping online! Wow! 5/5

    By Always gun
    I just shopped online for the 1st time. It was easy, fast, and extremely convenient! This was the 1st time, but it won’t be the last! Thanks, Kroger!
  • Great service 5/5

    By lovemegkidsjmjjk
    Fantastic service. Love it
  • Tired of clicklist being forced on me! 1/5

    By HDDoc
    Update still crashes phone even worse now. Ever since click list came the app is awful. Even when filtering out clicklist coupons they still are there. Kroger is anxious to make people not come to stores so they can lay off employees. Done shopping there
  • No WiFi at Milan Kroger Store 1/5

    By Stylen1
    This app is useless at this Krogers store because the building is all metal and there's no WiFi so if you think your gonna pull up this app to check for digital coupons think again you will need to go outside and use your cellphone service data because Milan Michigan Kroger's has NO WiFi.
  • Review 4/5

    By HJV38
    Love this app. Some things are hard to find but that is understandable. Ok
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By BarbieLikey1203
    The app has developed into a very user friendly app. Easy to makes lists, apply then to your cart and even add coupons.
  • It does everything 5/5

    By Searske
    I’m beyond impressed with this app. It saves my purchases so it is super easy to reorder items that I always get. And I love that coupons are available right on the app with the option to add an item right to my cart that would fulfill my coupon.
  • Password update doesn't communicate 1/5

    By WaterRelax
    2/20/18 update - I have reset my password twice and in an effort to log in on the app. I've restarted the app. No success - I can only log in through the website. The web version is terrible for searching for coupons. I almost took my business elsewhere - and would have had I not already been in the store when I realized how bad the issues were. I still don't like the coupon sizes and the amount of time it takes to scroll through on the app. But this latest issue is by far the worst. Kroger, this issue has been going on for a few days now, please fix your communication issues between the website and the app. You'll drive people away quickly - there's too much competition out there for people to stick around with this level of issues. . . The latest version of the app makes all of the coupons huge. So, it takes a lot more time to scroll through the list of coupons. When selecting the list of coupons you have, it's very hard to skim them now. Very impractical. . . . Perhaps create a version where people could see it either way? Large coupons if you need that to read and small for skimming.
  • Add list to cart 3/5

    By used2loveSC
    Why can't I add selected items to my cart all at once from my list and if you can why is so hard to figure out?
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Sashababette
    Love the convenience!
  • Great convenience 4/5

    By Djeankola
    Great service get my groceries this way.
  • Click list isn’t in phone app form here 1/5

    By getalife
    Junk. They need a click list app not a Kroger app with a link to the click list website. What’s the point of the Kroger app?
  • Clicklist Woes 1/5

    By Ballen1722
    Clicklist shows not available in my market but it is available. Why will my app not reflect my own store as having the service? I have the latest update too. Please help.
  • App is very difficult! 1/5

    By Abigaillllp
    I agree with previous post, the Ap AND web site rewrites are not good. Difficult and not user friendly.
  • Stores 4/5

    By r0ckd4ncer
    My closest Kroger with ClickList is not found by the app.
  • Constantly technical difficulties 1/5

    By Smile09890123123
    Whenever I try to add coupons, it tells me after a few additions "we are experiencing technical technical difficulties". It is very time consuming to use this app. It does most of the time not work when at the store, I.e. I always need to add my items in a different list (Anylist) to have a backup and be able to complete my purchases. Very inconvenient.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Ballsggggghgggg
    Need a button to repeat last order for ease of order is same weekly
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Lindseypoliver
    Clicklist is a life changer for our family
  • Swipe doesn't work on shopping list 3/5

    By Miller CS
    What happened to being able to swipe items off of the list as you shop? I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but that didn't help. It's been broken for a long time. I have to open each item after I pick it up and reduce the quantity to zero to get it off my list.
  • Need product pictures and ingredients 4/5

    By WM2DCF
    The app is fine, but more pictures of products with access to ingredients is greatly needed!
  • Merge the shopping list with click list 4/5

    By Jenfernly
    The next step to streamline the process is to allow the customer to move their shopping list items directly to the click list cart.
  • Better - Still Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Gmcadams
    I have a love hate relationship with this app. There have been several times I swore it off for weeks at a time because it was so glitchy. Recently it’s been quite a bit more stable, and I’m trying clicklist for the first time. I think the next thing that it could use is the ability to add things to a list and then transfer the entire list to the cart.
  • New checklist 1/5

    By laruefarmer
    I have been using the check list for years, I do not like the new change to the way you order
  • Deli 3/5

    By Mjvs
    You only allow for a 1lb choice in the deli meats and cheese! Very frustrating when you don’t want or need a full pound!
  • Click list is a game changer! 5/5

    By Awesome194919;
    For a super busy family like us that lives over 30 miles from our favorite Kroger-click list is a game changer! Thank you for providing such a valuable service to your customers!
  • Confusing 2/5

    By Waterbugforever
    When i select the coupons and add to card there is not a way to add to the cart. I finally flipped back and forth
  • Clicklist is amazing 5/5

    By Jolblondgiant
    A really easy to use app. Even if you’re not using clicklist services, organizing digital coupons and making a list that shows what aisle your item is in are definitely time & money savers.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By MamaBearShelb
    So convenient when you have a little one and errands, and places to be. Great customer service too!
  • Where are the choices? 3/5

    By HockeyMom8888
    I find it difficult to find items I’m looking for. Example, I want some cereal so I type cereal then it only gives me 5 options. So I have to type the exact kind I want which is time consuming if I want 3 different kinds. This seems to be happening more and more that I use it.
  • Add to click list from coupon 5/5

    By I hate webex
    Would naturally be great if you could add items to your cart for click list from the coupon itself as you add them. Just saying.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Ms Lovleeone
    I love the delivery service. Very convenient
  • Room for Improvement. 3/5

    By Jenderbender31
    Would be nice if I could at least request paper bags since Kroger hasn’t evolved beyond using non-recyclable plastic. Would also be great if they offered free delivery like Amazon.
  • Love Clicklist Love Kroger App 5/5

    By Deacon Derrick
    Really find Clicklist to be easy to use and so convenient for people like my husband and myself, who are always on the go, and never have enough time to hit the store without tagging kids along ... No more stress in going to the actual store. Absolutely superb quality of product is received from using clicklist!
  • Help Customers Save 3/5

    By Colbyfields
    This app is a great idea BUT it is clearly organized to benefit Kroger’s by causing customers to spend more money. It will not allow users to sort by price. There are also small quirks to many to describe in this review that do not benefit customers. It’s wonderful to provide busy stressed consumers with more convenient options BUT STOP taking advantage of the load on individuals today by creating convenience based apps that end up costing consumers more money!! Not nice. Does not bode well for management
  • Awesome 5/5

    By G Reagan
    Great app. Quick and easy.
  • Click list 5/5

    By Kdg0923
    Very satisfied with my first click list experience.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By MikeWilliquette
    I absolutely love this app. It saves so much time over fumbling around the store looking for items.
  • Clicklist Store Missing 4/5

    By Mosey1966
    I love this app! My only issue is that the store in my neighborhood offers Clicklist, but according to the app, there are no stores in 50 mile radius that offer it. When I use Safari, it finds my store and I place my order that way. I’ve upgraded the app every time I have been prompted.
  • Fee for using clicklist 2/5

    By meiveyb
    The reason I only gave 2 stars is because of the fee charged for using clicklist. Walmart does not charge for using their same service and they also will substitute with a better/larger qty item for free if they do not have something in stock that was ordered.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Jon008832269995
    Not letting me sign in. I deleted and re downloaded nothing.
  • Less security 4/5

    By MrWonderfaux
    It’s not Fort Knox. Keep us signed in. Thx
  • Sigh 3/5

    By harryhermionerw
    I like the app, it works well for sale ads and coupons (although I wish I could filter *out* the ClickList only coupons while I’m in the store) but it refuses to let me use ClickList at my store even though I know they do, indeed, offer ClickList.
  • Devs, please read for useful requests 4/5

    By Arthur Dent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I think this app has come long way and I am adding another star- clearly developers are reading the feedback and act on them. Still have some suggestions that I think will further improve the app. A few improvements that the devs can address: 1. App needs an Undo function badly, for when you accidentally uncheck or check something and you don’t know what it was. I would live to undo the last action (or even last couple of actions) 2. From product detail page, would love to have an ability to: add to shopping list, as well as check and uncheck item already in list. Right now, in order to uncheck product from its detail page I use a workaround to increase quantity and decrease it back. This unchecks the item in the list but would be nice to have actual checkbox next to add to list and add to cart buttons. 3. Would love to see custom sorting of the isles. In my particular store isles are not necessarily in the order of the app. Especially dairy, deli, bakery, produce etc. it would be nice if I can drag and drop these sections and reorder them within my list. 3.1 related to above, I wish I could also have isles in checked items. In the absence of UNDO function (please give us that function!), it is easier to go down the list and uncheck something accidentally checked. 3.2 related to isles and categories, please consider collapsible/expandable isles/locations. 4. Not really app related but relevant. With most grocery chains offering wifi access to guests, it is baffling Kroger won't offer wifi so that people can actually access the app. 5. Search is a but strict. A more liberal matching would be great with most relevant results on top. 6. This is more of a long shot wish, but I would really lime to be able to indicate within app if a product is not on the shelf, so that staff can get instant message and possibly restock it while I am doing rest of the shopping. Once the item is back on shelf, a notification could pop-up to let me know that item is now available. Is this too hard to do? May be but it would be extremely helpful! 7. This is a bug that has existed for some time now. When you check or uncheck item on the list, frequently it comes back in the same state, sometimes multiple times. And oh, in case I forgot to mention it, please, please, please bring the UNDO function!
  • Issues with click list 1/5

    By Issues with clicklist
    When you make a purchase in the app to pick up it charges you for the full amount not the discount amount with the digital coupons taken off as it should. If it’s not going to take the coupons off till the end then your card should not be charged till the order is complete. The way they process the payment is not right and ties up your money for days. They need to change this and take the coupons off as you click purchase so you pay the correct amount the first time.
  • New update doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Jwoogie
    The new version 13.5.1 doesn’t work on my phone. I can no longer log into my account! The stupid login tells me I don’t have an account but I did before I updated the version. Same thing happened last time I updated a Kroger app.
  • Very clunky 1/5

    By Phild2400
    Will not hold a password You have to move from page to page, over and, over and, over again... add to list, add the cart, OK, done, on and ,on and ,on and on... not user-friendly it just a terrible app
  • Website a little hard to work with click list 4/5

    By lacybell2
    It’s not real easy to work the click list... Just confusing.
  • It’s come a long way 4/5

    By Theschub
    Much better than previous versions for sure! I am impressed with ClickList being usable on this app. I wish I could search for non food items more easily though. For example I want to buy some of their bulbed flowers but I couldn’t figure out a good search term. Being able to look by department would be helpful.
  • Department Search? 4/5

    By sugarlandprncss
    Update 2/8/2018: Thank you for making it accessible to see past orders. I do like that you scan an item’s barcode to for easier search. However, what I don’t see or understand is where the function browse by different departments went to?? That was always very helpful for me and in finding the different variety of certain items available. I hope to see that function return in the future. Update 12/17/2017: I love using the Kroger ClickList versus other stores online because they will not save my grocery lists. There have been been lots of changes since my last update. Some very helpful. Some not helpful. Most recently, I can no longer access my past ClickList orders. I’ve been all over the app and website and no option is given to review previous orders. I depend on those and need to be able to access them. So please, whoever decided to remove it, kindly make the available again. FYI: Thank you for making it to where the app now remembers “my ClickList store” instead of me having to scroll down to select the “actual” store that is closest to me. Newest Update downloaded 4/6/2017: No changes! Still same problems. Downloaded the latest update and now the app keeps opening my Safari instead of taking me to the shopping page within the app. If I have to do my shopping through Safari and can't access services through the app, what's the point of having the app on my phone? Oh, and by the way what's the point of having a "remember me" option if I have to choose my store every time I am forced to go through Safari to make a shopping list? Maybe I should just delete the app altogether and just go through Internet altogether, the app seems moot.

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