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  • Current Version: 5.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kronos Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kronos Mobile™ App

Your information, when you need it, when you want it. Kronos Workforce Mobile™ untethers you to access your workplace information when you need it and when you want it. Employees can check their schedules, approve their timecards, or even view their paystubs and benefits from the comforts of their home or while sipping a latte at the corner café. Mobile is about convenience too. Did your weekend plans change? Unexpected friends or family in town? Swap a shift or submit a time off request so you can enjoy the weekend with your fun and crazy cousin. Kronos Workforce Mobile also means freedom for managers who can approve timecards on the fly, adjust schedules to accommodate employee requests, as well as complete simple administrative tasks without even stepping into an office. Be you and be more productive with Workforce Mobile. Want to check out Workforce Mobile on your own phone? View our “Demo” option that appears on the user entry screen. Kronos loves hearing from their customers and may not always be able to respond to feedback submitted on the Apple Store. We would be more than happy to engage with our users at or in the Kronos Mobile Community. Join the conversation, we’d love to hear from you. NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Kronos Workforce Central® server software configured for Kronos Mobile. Contact your system administrator for details. NOTE: This release requires a minimum support of iOS 8


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Kronos Mobile™ app reviews

  • This app is a waste of space on your phone! 1/5

    By ToriVG
    This app has been more trouble than it’s worth! Time errors and time changes as well as logging in issues. I entered the wrong password and now it has locked me out of the system. Theirs no one to contact s to get it corrected.
  • Needs an thumbprint ID feature 3/5

    By crz4swts
    It is extremely annoying to have to log in and enter a password every time I have to go into the app. Even if you leave the app for 30 seconds, it logs you out and then you have to reenter the password. It would be great if a thumbprint ID could be created, just as you would do when you’re opening your iPhone.
  • Kronos 1/5

    By hsunssh
    What does it mean when it’s asks your server when you first open the app?

    By Big Nate 34
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ChrisArnoldMan
    This app works 50% of the time. Granted I am a salary employee and I don’t need to log in everyday, but I need to check my employees times every once in awhile and this app is extremely unreliable. Since I rarely need to know what time I work I don’t need to log in that often but why does it give me an error every time? I’m not even going to comment on how horrible and confusing the software on our PC is to run it. I am part of a Fortune 500 company and it’s sad we’ve chosen Kronos to keep up with our time keeping.
  • Another thing 1/5

    By Drkshdw71
    Funny how you guys only seem to answer back to people who give you good reviews
  • Are you trolling us? 1/5

    By linear_circle
    App: WFP-01067 An exception was detected, but never wrapped in a GenericException. This exception should be converted to a GenericException. Me: A review was created but never wrapped up in GenericReview. This review should be converted to a GenericReview. Also, apparently I don’t have a license, which is funny since I’ve been using Kronos for years.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Lilypum
    I cant loggin in the app! I dont know my company’s server! 😑 Is there a log in page in computers?
  • The app doesn’t work for iPhones and androids users 1/5

    By rescuegirl05
    I have tried to use this app and get the same end result. Finding out I am not the only one that is having this problem with down loading the app and trying to log in with our account information. It always tells us We are experiencing processing problems. Please try again later. Due to communication problems we are unable to validate the information you provided. Please try again later. Why give us information that’s isn’t going to work in the first place
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By Deucesup
    Will update review when we get iPhone X support.
  • Target 1/5

    By Bre123421
    It doesn’t work for me
  • The best app 5/5

    By Divad2012$
    Quick and easy, immediate updates of my time card and schedules.
  • Just one more thing 4/5

    By Richy9333
    Add fingerprint login please Update: still not there. It shouldn’t be hard to enable this...
  • hate this app 2/5

    By Football Wife
    refuse to let me sign in after changing my password it’s such a pain
  • Touch ID 1/5

    By Steve jaye
    Still no touchID log in. It would be great if it supported Touch ID login. My employer requires a complex password.
  • Ok to use could be better 2/5

    By Rtti
    Works for punching in but not the most efficient. Would be nice if it linked to finger print on iPhones so username and password doesn’t need to be put in each time
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By clicheanna
    While when I first got the app it actually worked (besides having to put my password in everytime I logged in, having my punch in time two minutes later than what my phone said, and just overall confusing to use) but for the last 3 weeks I haven’t been able to punch in or out once. It always says I’m outside of the geofence area, even though I’m inside my work site. This is getting increasingly annoying when my bosses don’t want us to use time sheets or anything like that anymore, but I have no choice now if I want to get paid. Kronos seriously needs to fix the location/map programming.
  • Touch ID??! 1/5

    By Cannabusdriver
    Almost every app has it and the app that you log into the most in one day, such as Kronos does not! I guess they are happy with the bare minimum flair. GIVE US TOUCH ID LOG INS!!! THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURE - - -TOUCH ID - - -
  • Needs complete redo 1/5

    By Dte user
    This app is horrible. It’s very glitchy. Sometimes it changes languages . Mid app it changes the information it’s giving you so you can never be sure what accurate. Please fix the bugs
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By BrianSMcDonald
    I’ll give you a 5 star review once the app is updated to support the iPhone X!
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By Classic Dodge
    Kronos is a joke idk why companies use it
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By Lildarrin
    Every time I open my KronosMobile app it sends me directly to the website view. Once I put in my information I get a white page every time.
  • Yay 5/5

    By subtleaddict
    I needed this!
  • Please save my login info! 1/5

    By Brianna12
    I have to use this app to clock in and out. Please fix the app to either keep me logged in, save my login info, or enable Touch ID. Having to type it in multiple times a day is such a hassle and seems like such a simple request.
  • Doesn’t work on my iPhone 1/5

    By Sherrelyn
    The only reason I got this is the website doesn’t work on my iPhone because it requires Adobe Flash. Since I saw an iPhone app I decided to try it despite the 1-1/2 stars. It asks for a secure server and then it flashes Access Denied. If I need facility permission or if the app requires a token then it’s of no use to me. All I want to do is check my time card.
  • Iphone login 2/5

    By CoffeeErin
    Unable to login and have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. It says it is experiencing processing problems. Help!
  • Can’t access roster, reports, calendar 1/5

    By Charlieios
    Can’t access any other screens, just the default. iPhone 6plus, 7 plus.
  • The server 1/5

    By Alyssareneeee
    I can’t even get past the server page of the app. Everytime I try to put the sever address in it always says unable to contact server when the address is correct . Please fix your app .
  • Keeps changing my password 1/5

    By Spaceyam
    It keeps making me change my password all the time and won't let you reuse older passwords. This is not clever or a robust security measure, it's stupid an annoying. LET ME CHOOSE MY PASSWORD LENGTH AND CHARACTER AND LET ME KEEP IT, DONT MAKE ME CHANGE IT and *you* worry about back-end security, anyway what's someone gonna do? Hack in and see my work schedule? You lousy hacks!
  • Schedule function not working 1/5

    By _Xyes
    Has a schedule function, is supposed to show schedule but doesn’t. Also it fails to remember user login details.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By VeronicaWise
    Hasn’t work at all , not even once !!! Only gets one star cause couldn’t review it with out clicking a star
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By ducky1129
    Target has started using this app for employees to be able to view our schedule, time cards and request time off. Sounds great but almost 2/3’s of the employees in our store cannot access the program. It keeps saying system error and no one knows who to talk to or how to fix it. This is a failure for what was supposed to be an upgrade to a better system.
  • Having issues with the app 1/5

    By Gabbyc16
    I was given instructions by this company that I work for and I put in my Username and password from the instructions I was given and it did not work I also tried my employee page password and that did not work either the desktop site does not even give clear instructions either and I can't even get a hold of customer service.
  • No schedule 1/5

    By epicfail1
    Only once in the last 12 months have I been able to view my schedule. I can put in requests for time off and see my punches but that is about it. Running on an up to date iPhone 7. I have to use it for work, but it is a good thing they post schedules at work that I can photograph otherwise I would never know when I worked.
  • No way to check attendance or reports 2/5

    By O Sosa
    What you can do and view with the app is extremely limited. It would be helpful to include a way to view attendance points and the reports that display the schedules as well as the time reports.
  • Keep me logged in 2/5

    By Vlaskiy
    Please keep me logged in. This app is great to see your schedule and hours and whatnot but as soon as you leave the app for a few minutes and return it say “session expired” and logs you out. My work passwords are not short and writing them in many times is not fun. Just let me stay logged in and it’s a 5/5
  • Not good 1/5

    By aShadyCat
    Disappointed that my work is using this. The schedule view is awkward and very hard to read. And it’s glitchy. Considering that big companies are using this for their employees, I expected it to be a little more user friendly.
  • Let Me In 1/5

    By Alternative lover1234
    It was great when I was able to log in before the bug fixes.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Worntacular
    Never lets me login. Useless.
  • Logging in 1/5

    By JustinDrewBieber,MyHusband.
    Instead of logging in every time, they should update it to finger print log in. It's easier and not as annoying as having to log in every single time. Also, sending notifications for the next shift would be a super cool feature. Overall it's a poor design and I think with these improvements it would make a huge difference.
  • Doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By anime pistachio
    If I could’ve given this app zero stars, I would. It is supposed to allow you to check your schedule but just logging on doesn’t work!!! A very bad app!!!
  • Nice app 3/5

    By vinnnaayyy
    Can you add fingerprint log in? I hate using the app only because my password has to be so crazy
  • Version 5.4.2 is buggy 3/5

    By HighEnergylistener
    Since the Kronos website is difficult to navigate with there not being a clear way to contact customer service about their product and I don’t want to deal with Kronos Community I’m left to iTunes reviews. The Kronos app has done everything I needed of it, which is tell me my schedule and show me my time card, but now with this recent update the schedule is not reliable. Every time I open up the schedule tab it gives me a different schedule with different times and the times change when I check other weeks where I’m scheduled to work. I hope the development team reads this and patches the problem soon so no one will have scheduling issues at work.

    By Crystale.Lynn
    Add a fingerprint option already! Im tired of all this taking forever to log in. 😒🙄
  • Never worked 1/5

    By Thoughtless.
    I tried so hard to make it work but I couldn’t even get past the first page
  • Horrible user interface 1/5

    By Wedgie321
    Doesn’t even utilize Touch ID to sign in
  • Someone Tell Kronos It’s 2017!!! 1/5

    By New crack
    Not sure if it’s set by my employer or limitations set by Kronos, but finding my schedule for anything further than the next week is horrible. I suppose it’s the list options given by Kronos. Why can’t I integrate with different calendars I keep (iCal, Outlook, etc)? Also, it’s 2017...please implement some biometric login technology to your app!
  • Null error? 2/5

    By 6789843$:;?
    Why do I see this when opening the app?
  • Subpar App 2/5

    By mlm66
    The one thing that would at least make this app a little more tolerable is to incorporate TouchID. Even though I click “remember me”, it never does, and it’s such a pain to have to log in every time I want to use the app. The app is also a hassle to use when changing availability as well. And it never notifies me when new schedules are available, even though I have it set allow notifications. Just seems this app could be greatly improved.
  • Nooooope 1/5

    By Nufffffffffffff
    So I can't access the page that ask for security phrase after logging in. Not sure why... leaves this app useless

Kronos Mobile™ app comments


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