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KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio App: The KUOW Public Radio App allows you to listen to all your favorite KUOW and partner content. You can explore On Demand content, queue items for later and listen to the live stream. Live Streaming • Listen to live streams from KUOW even while traveling • Integrated program schedules • Listen to KUOW in the background while browsing the web or catching up on your emails On Demand • Access KUOW programs easily and quickly • Add and remove items from your queue • Read full articles Additional features • Easily share stories and programs with family and friends via the “Share” button. • Easy access to podcasts The KUOW Public Radio App is brought to you by the people at KUOW. We work to provide our valued listeners with great solutions to find what you want, when you want it, and where you want it. Please support KUOW by becoming a member today! http://www.kuow.org


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  • Terrible 1/5

    By jabgeo
    This app is terrible. I love KUOW but I am forced to listen to it on a crappy radio connection because this app is incapable of working. It doesn't open, it doesn't update, and it crashes. I guess I have to listen to another station when I am streaming.
  • Totally unreliable 1/5

    By SeaCiss
    - frequently just won’t start the stream (I push play, and a circle twirls endlessly) - can’t switch from WiFi to cell without crashing, & then is hard to restart - can’t accept a text, call, alert or alarm without crashing, & then is hard to restart - sometimes just stops playback for no obvious reason Also, if you can get it working, please put back the “sleep” function that turns it off after some set time period.
  • Somebody asleep at the wheel... 1/5

    By UnlikelyEnding
    Why is it that the content for the app is not updated when content is made available?
  • Thank you for updating 5/5

    By liz8282
    Now that you have fixed some of the bugs the app is much better. Love KUOW
  • Finally followed other station's leads! 1/5

    By toddshar
    KUOW finally took the plunge and used the developer that develops so many public radio station's apps across the United States. In my experience, they all have worked extremely well from coast-to-coast. Thank you, KUOW, and whew! --------------------------- Cut to Dec 2017 from 2.5 years ago...new app developer/format/version is terrible. From the cutting out, never starting, not switching between WiFi and LTE, and the tedious design of the interface, among other issues, I must listen on Safari. May I request that my donations go only to the implementation of a quality app?
  • Latest version is broken 2/5

    By Caleb45
    This app was OK and I used it regularly. Now it is broken. It no kJ get runs in the background which is essential as an audio app. Often times starting a stream seems to take forever. And regardless of if you’ve just heard it or not, you’re forced to listen to an add every time the stream is interrupted or for whatever reason you have to start over. There are already sponsor messages on the station so I’m not clear why they are also in the app. And I shouldn’t have to hear the same message at each interruption.
  • Cuts out too much 1/5

    By bonojovi69
    The audio cuts out way too much. It is very frustrating. It is especially challenging for the app to transition from Wi-Fi to cellular when I leave the house
  • Cuts out ALL THE TIME 1/5

    By Snooz Ball
    I love KUOW but the new version of the app is pretty horrible. It cuts out all the time and takes at least 5 Minutes to turn on. I wish I could listen for only 5 minutes sometimes so that's tough. All I ask for is to listen to content when I turn the app on.
  • Please fix the sleep timer! 1/5

    By $&@123
    The sleep timer seems to have stopped working after the last update.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Right, no timer at all within the app anymore. Now If you use the iPad timer and it times out, then you can't turn the radio back on through the app. You just get the death spiral forever. All the icons are so little I can't see them without reading glasses and then I can't underst@nd what they're for. No labels just teeny little something-or-others! Months with the new look now and I haven't figured out what does what, or more to the point, how I can get the app to let me listen to the programs when and how I want. I also often want to pick up on a story in the middle but can't use a little bar to move things to where I want to start listening. skip the fancy design and make it function for ordinary folks—like us contributing KUOW members!!!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By nivlac523
    Previous version worked great. This one is generally useless
  • Poor streaming 2/5

    By Shoot the chutes
    Regularly cuts out live streaming even when on super fast wifi. Same when on cellular.
  • KUOW mobile app 1/5

    By Michael on Bainbridge
    I hate this update. I wish kuow would return to the last version. I can’t seem to play the podcast I want. On Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, it won’t automatically play from segment to segment. You have to hit play every time. I’ll listen to live broadcast, but I’ve given up on podcastand just listen to NYC.
  • Updated app is STILL awful 1/5

    By Mconway
    Recent updates have made matters worse. The app still fails to resume audio after an interruption more often than not. And now it drops the audio all by itself. Have you guys considered rolling back to the previous version? This is a mess. Previous review: —- About half the time I use the app it just stops playing. And if you're listening to the radio when an alarm clock alarm fires off, the app audio never comes back. You have to manually restart. Please fix.
  • Live stream play button= crash 1/5

    By AK_507
    I used to love listening to KUOW on the walk home but I can’t get the app to work. Updated to a new version this afternoon and the problem continues. Open the app, wait for everything to load, click play, the app crashes and shuts down, repeat. Please fix this!!
  • Lost functionality 1/5

    By Robert-in-Seattle
    ... in that it no longer functions on my iPhone 7. The app only streams live content a small percentage of the time, other times nothing happens. When it does stream, changing focus (ie to another app) during the advertisement often results in the streamed content never starting. Play and pause buttons seem ineffective. Closing and restarting the app does not regularly or reliably improve the situation. Also, support for the headphone button to pause or mute the stream has been lost. Can we go back to the old app?
  • Omg this app update was never had professional usability testing 1/5

    By OneNoteTrier
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By DrMikaL
    This app is absolutely unacceptable. In the last two weeks I have had 90% failure rate streaming. Previous app wasn't great but I only had 10% failure rate. Using iPhone 6. Failures include: won't stream; plays preroll only; stops randomly and won't resume without unlock; menu system freezes; audio stream fails when transitioning wifi-to-cellular. App GUI design is unintuitive and unhelpful. Fortunately the basic web stream can be used via safari as a workaround until this app gets fixed.
  • Missing sleep and bandwidth selection 1/5

    By spacematters
    Not the most reliable app. Missing sleep timer Missing feedback on streaming buffer and problems Missing manual bandwidth selection
  • Strange limitation: can't start/stop with earbud switch 3/5

    By patu in seattle
    When listening to the KUOW app on my iPhone with earbuds, I occasionally want to stop the audio so that I can talk to a person present with me. For some reason, the new version of this app does not allow the start/stop function.
  • Update does not allow for multitasking ***New update possibly fixes!*** 3/5

    By DinoRubble
    KUOW push an update on 12 Sep 17 that on initial use seem to have addressed the multi-tasking issue. While I've not check to see if these fixes work on the iPhone, on the iPad, the crash issues when another audio/video stream plays aren't crashing the app. This looks like a step in the right direction and could resolve all the issues I had with the previous patch. This review covers the update to the KUOW app released the week of 14 Aug 17. The KUOW app has never multitasked well, but while the previous version of the app was temperamental in its bugginess, this latest version pretty much demands that you launch the app and do nothing else on your iOS device for fear that you crash, stall or otherwise interrupt the playback stream. If you launch, visit, or stumble upon another app that has any audio or video component it will interrupt the KUOW stream and crash the app. Safari sites with auto play ads are particularly culpable. The new look is a pleasant update and the organizational layout an improvement but until the app learns to play well with others it will be a buggy mess.
  • Too much 1/5

    By Jetport
    With the new app design, it is difficult to understand how this app can get much worse. The new graphic splash page looks like it was designed by a high school design class. This app tries to do too much. It complicated to navigate and never seems to work correctly. A much better approach would be to simply provide access to the local NPR broadcast and have a separate app for everything else. I have just downloaded the new version of this app. Although I did not think it could get any worse - it did. It is almost unusable.
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By dedcro
    The new version crashes all the time and doesn't auto restart after it get interrupted by the phone or some other app. Boo.
  • Awful! Buggy! Hard to navigate 1/5

    By Katewd
    I'll delete and listen in the browser instead. It would be improved by a large "listen live" button and some refinement so it doesn't crash so often.
  • Not quite there yet 2/5

    By sportsracer-5
    I'm hoping there will be updates to improve the usability of the redesigned app. Right now, it's all very confusing. You can't even scrub forward or backward in a podcast. How does that basic functionality get left out? Once I start a podcast, you're left with just the ability to pause and start from where you paused. That's it. No restart, no forward, nothing. I will listed to the podcasts elsewhere, not in this app.
  • Poor navigation 1/5

    By Seattle User 5052
    I love KUOW. I listen daily and have enjoyed using the app for years. However, the latest update is very, very poor. I constantly am getting lost in the UI, accidentally hitting a podcast or recorded story, when all I want to do is the live report! Where is a simple home button? Or a menu option for "listen now"? What about contact/feedback options? Come on KUOW, you can do better. And until you can, please bring back the previous version. For what it's worth, this is my first review ever. I use(d) the app so much, I thought I should say something.
  • NO improvements! 2/5

    By Tyrone macstiophain
    I was really happy with the last update, but this one made the app worse. It freezes up regularly, and every time I restart it, I have to listen to the same ad again. The old app only replayed the ad if I completely closed and reopened the app, or waited a long time between pausing and restarting. It's irritating. My previous review is below. --------------- The app is now better integrated with the system, so that when the phone (mine is an iPhone 4) locks, you don’t have to unlock it and load up the app in order to turn it off. Just press the top button and hit “pause”—the same way you can turn off music or podcasts. It’s easy to switch streams between KUOW and KUOW2, and it’s also easy to stream archived stories, then return to the live feed. It can take a few seconds to load initially, and it develops some lag between the real time broadcast and streaming, but that’s not a problem for me. I think it’s crashed before, right when I was turning it on, but I just tried again once and it was fine.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By mrldg1
    My beloved station....just not reliably accessible now. Over and over and over again the ad plays, then.....Nothing. Just now that happened ten times. Miraculously every now and then I can hear it briefly. Am resorting to Tune In radio, or my own old "stereo". I can listen to NPR stations all over the country, but not my own station.
  • August 2017 update 1/5

    By nolongerhappylistener
    Oh my lord. I wish app designer would not only pay attention to "looks" but functionality. This is textbook example for missing the point. All about looking more modern and clean but for the price of functionality. No longer can find button to switch from iPad to Bluetooth speaker. Thank you so much for screwing this one up! As a side note, some years back did some work with people with multiple sclerosis and disability on EMR app. All what was good for that cohort is contrary to this sleek design trend: too small buttons, too little visual contrast. Stop design as if your only users are the healthy 20 year old.
  • The new app while pretty, stopped loading. 4/5

    By Chris Marlin
    The live stream and content stopped loading following updating to the new version. But was resolved for me by deleting the app and redownloading it. Unfortunately the Apple Music app's KUOW stream cuts out frequently and the NPR app works well for streaming but requires four clicks to start.
  • No more multitasking 1/5

    By Ginaggb
    App just stops all the time. Im now constantly restarting the audio, and having to listen to a replay of the same boring commercials over and over. Old version worked so well! What happened??? So terrible this version.
  • Ads Everytime it reconnects 1/5

    By Uwmarley
    The app has always had a problem streaming live but the latest update seems to be the most problematic. It loses connection very easily, and when it restarts, it plays the ad/opener. At this point, I've got the promo for Evergreen State College and the new podcast memorized. Love being able to stream at work and on my commute, but the new app update is killing the joy.
  • Hate the new update! Can I restore the old one? 1/5

    By Dietless in Seattle
    I listen to kuow daily by streaming. I typically choose the 'programs' menu then select either morning edition or ATC. I can't find how to play those programs now.
  • Love the station; HATE the app 1/5

    By MagratHughes
    I listen to nothing but KUOW but I find the app slow, frustrating, tedious, overly commercial and so bad I sometimes give up and just listen to audible. Please make it more user friendly so it is easy to Listen Live without having to wade through all the ads and choices.
  • Locks up, bad UI 1/5

    By Skis04
    Applies to new version released summer, 2017. Locks up and breaks multi tasking. Almost unusable button placement. More details... Can make it hard to unlock your iOS device. If the iPad or iPhone is locked and the app is running you can't get back into your device until you manage to make it stop playing - and that takes 10-15 seconds. When you start to play again, it will replay the opening ad (even if you only paused it for a second or two). As others have noted, the app breaks multi-tasking and often results in the user having to close all apps to get the device moving again. Play/pause behavior is sketchy at best - answer the phone while the app is playing and you're not getting back to streaming when the call is over without restarting the app. Tap the play/pause button to pause the audio manually and nothing happens for several seconds (or more). The stream continues until it feels like stopping. The button doesn't change status, so you think it hasn't paused, tap it again. And again. And again. Only to discover that the app apparently was buffering the stream and wouldn't pause until the buffer was run out (just spitballing here, but seems likely). Speaking of buffering issues... The UI is a classic case of fixing something that wasn't broken. The old UI showed the status of the buffer state really well on the play button. With this app I have not noticed any buffer state visual. Would be very helpful to know if the app is buffering or if it's just locked up (again). The play button (arguably the most important single item) is so small you can't see if it's in play or pause mode (kind of important since the app's behavior leaves you constantly wondering), positioned almost off the screen in a zone that is almost all but impossible to touch, and is crammed next to other buttons. Was this tested by somebody with toddler-size fingers? Don't even try to use one of those buttons on the bottom (podcasts, etc.) while you're listening to live. App crashes every time. (Interesting side-note - if you happen to stumble onto the full screen live play view, on an iPad, there is a larger play button there. But even that is partially off-screen.) Your previous app was finally working pretty well. What happened, folks? Let me guess. Agile development? ;(
  • New app won't work 1/5

    By Sarated Edge
    I am having the same problem. The new app won't open. It bogs down. Now o can't even get it to stream. As a member, this is my access. Please fix. This is making me frustrated and sad.
  • New update wont even open 1/5

    By DRAY15
    Cant even get it to work at all pn 2 different iphone
  • Does not, you know, play live radio 1/5

    By Fluvial
    The update renders the app useless. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but still can't get the app to play live radio. Very disappointing as listening to kuow and kuow2 are part of my daily routines!
  • Update needs fixes 2/5

    By seattle786
    The new update constantly crashes, doesn't let me use other apps, and seems to have too much data to even load properly. I use this app everyday, but I just end up frustrated now. Please fix this
  • App barely works after update 1/5

    By LeeO L
    I used to use this app every day, but since the update, it's consistently had issues. As another user noted, it always had multitasking problems, but since recent the update lately it barely works at all.
  • Doesn't work well with others 1/5

    By Walt_737
    As another reviewer noted, it does not multitask. And the interface is not intuitive.
  • Pauses 1/5

    By Bruce Robertson
    Terrible update. Interface is unusable on the phone, tap target areas far too tiny.
  • Wonderful! Love the new design! 5/5

    By Bcgamer9000
    Used to use mp3 player radio. Switching to this app! Calendar and Rss feed appreciated. Listening in background. No prob installing and using.
  • Home away from home 5/5

    By tuckertoytosser
    I love being able to listen to my home station when I am on the road. I also appreciate the ability to listen to the additional streams.
  • Crap interface 1/5

    By Robbie_babi
    When I start this app if I'm not REALLY careful not to touch my phone a virus in the app launches my browser with some CRAP page which I have to close and then navigate back to app. Then it is still spring loaded so every time I touch my phone while app shows it launches into something other than live KUOW. Frustrating stupid app!!!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Randall in Seattle
    Seems to work like I need it to
  • Seamless listening 5/5

    By Asblock
    Love it. Makes it easy to merge between car & home
  • New streamlined app is much better 3/5

    By x7ucky
    Overall, a solid app! Used to be able to stream and browse the Reddit app at the dame time. Now, the stream gets paused whenever I open the app. Booo!
  • Very effective app 5/5

    By jeaniepeter
    The NPR app is minimal, effective and engaging. The treasure trove of old episodes of programs like Wait Wait and others which I cannot listen to live, has helped me through innumerable times.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Thompsam
    Works great, perfect for when away from the radio
  • Works great! 5/5

    By H.ham
    I can listen to the radio on my way to work! It's rad.

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