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  • Current Version: 3.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fitness International, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LA Fitness Mobile App

LA Fitness wants you to “exercise your options” and maximize your fitness opportunities, and this complimentary application helps you stay connected to LA Fitness no matter where you are. - Check-in to the club using the Mobile Membership Card option - Find Clubs and Classes - Create quick access to your Favorite Clubs, Classes, and Instructors - Book Personal Training sessions - Reserve Racquetball/Squash courts - Review your Check-in History, and much more. The LA Fitness App supports Apple Watch. You can access your Mobile Membership Card, Favorites and Check-in History directly from your Apple Watch.


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LA Fitness Mobile app reviews

  • So slow and archaic 1/5

    By dcuellar44
    So much work to be done. Takes a while to load anything, arrangement is poorly thought out and having to activate certain features is redundant. Make them all available instantly when the app is downloaded. I shouldn’t have to activate the membership card’s free. I’d also like a quick access to the membership card from a watch face complication.
  • Really La fitness? 2/5

    By AdamE11
    The iphone X has been out for 4 months how have you not optimized it for us yet!
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By ADG0404
    Fix it. Do better, jesus. It’s 2018.
  • Frequently doesn’t work 2/5

    By Dofia
    The app when it works is fine. But regularly it doesn’t work and just freezes.
  • Needs an update 2/5

    By Yassieleah
    Checking in for classes lags and you can’t reserve spots fast enough to get in a class.
  • Needs 3D Touch support 3/5

    By Buzz, Farmer
    I’ve been using this app since I rejoined LA Fitness a few years ago—it really hasn’t improved all that much. It would be great if this app would support 3D Touch gestures, particularly to access the online Membership card (QR code), for quick access. There are many times when I’m holding my gym bag in my left hand and attempting to pull up this app with my right thumb. (See the Fitbit app for a decent example of 3D Touch and actions to perform.) David
  • 3D Touch 3/5

    By CactusAuto
    When you push down on the app it should come up with options to show membership card this way you don’t have to go all the way in See Starbucks app for an example. You should also be able to add it to mobile wallet for a quick pull up.
  • Needs Wallet app & Geo Fence 2/5

    By cmal
    This app would be much more useful if you could place the membership card in and if it knew when you were at the gym, so the membership card could be shown on the lock screen.
  • Unresponsive garbage 1/5

    By AspenSlaysAll
  • No support for iPhone X!!!!! 1/5

    By ARTPOP666
    Hi, When will the LA Fitness App support iPhone X? And the option to add membership to passbook to easily access from the lock screen?
  • Just Okay 3/5

    By Dark Clown
    It's nice to be able to ditch the plastic key fob in favor of a digital membership card in the app, but it makes no sense at all that you can't copy that card to the Apple Wallet.
  • Buggy & Archaic 1/5

    By RocknRoary
    LA Fitness, please invest in your app software. I have to constantly exit out of the app to reopen it, in order to view my Personal Training sessions / book a session. This app deserve an entire facelift as well, it looks old, the opposite of fresh. Spend the money and hire a high quality designer and programmer please.
  • Very slow loading, frequently never loads 2/5

    By MikeWazowsk!
    I'm 99% sure the server for this app is Mike from QA's Chromebook from 2014.
  • So Outdated 1/5

    By NevinM
    1) Need to support iPhone X. 2) Should be able to add Membership cars to Apple Wallet
  • It can be Worse 1/5

    By MYCAT5
    Crash, frozen and cannot make an appointment. Why I need use it again?
  • Unresponsive and Inconsistent 1/5

    By NaplesBiggS
    The issue here is that I can tap the Personal Training button a half dozen times and it takes me nowhere. Except sometimes I just need to tap it once or twice and it brings me to the desired screen. And since there is no other way to schedule an appointment with a trainer, LA Fitness kind of has us all trapped.
  • Garbage is a good description 1/5

    By dantethewale
    Not really much else to say, but the company obviously has no interest in having the basic features of this app work well, guess profits must be tight. Currently living in a mobile driven world, LA Fitness is not. Suggestions: - improve geolocation so you don’t need to enter gyms manually when adding to favorites, add suggested favorites based on the gyms you frequent (less important) - geolocation should populate the class schedules based on the gym you are in (important) - the process of setting up app on a new phone in order to use mobile membership card is complete garbage as of Feb 1 2017. please hire an US based UX Designer to fix this onboarding flow. - login automatically separates the user name when you try logging in, user name is “joeblow” but auto fixes to “Joe Blow” (might be iPhone issue)
  • Junk 1/5

    By Laniewilson
    The app is constantly crashing and trying to reserve a spin class is difficult. Many times I’ve tried to reserve a spot for spinning and the screen freezes. Please fix!
  • Horrible performance 1/5

    By Asudevl
    This is honestly the worst application I have. It rarely responds to view my check in information. I have to check on it because many times the scans at the gym don't record my visits, and I need the data for reimbursement from my health insurance. Very frustrating their servers can't function properly.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By Meeeemmeeeee
    Please fix the problem from the Apple Watch not linking to the phone app. It keeps saying that I need to log in on my phone. I’ve done that, deleted and redownload the app, unmirrored and mirrored it. It’s so annoying I have to show my phone to scan the bar code. Thank you.
  • Horrible App!! 1/5

    By rjh9191
    One of the the most non responsive, inconsistent apps I’ve ever dealt with. You’d think for what they charge in fees and monthly charges they could afford a solid system. Class spots can be reserved up to 24hrs in advance, and is often the only way to guarantee a seat in more popular ones. However, this only works as long as the app does, and I’ve had to reinstall, wait for the system to ‘resume connection’, call Apple and La Fitness help centers, and on many occasions just miss the class I woke up at 5:00am to reserve a spot for. It’s pathetic honestly.
  • Flakey 2/5

    By tydnar
    Works somewhat reliably for membership card but other features are slow and hit or miss. It has been days since personal training reservations has worked and other features seem to take forever.
  • Won't load membership card 1/5

    By SchmidttyUW
    Won't load membership card
  • Was excited to use app BUT it will not allow me to log in 1/5

    By jdb69
    The app can’t even get past the log in screen. Very disappointed. Will totally use this app if they decide to improve.
  • The Worst 1/5

    By 🐎🐴karzai&mantauk🐴🐎
    Maybe this app wouldn't be so unbearable if it wasn't for LA Fitness pushing it on you only to find it doesn't work. I couldn't access my membership card. Then, after trying to reinstall the app I found I can't even log in anymore! Newsflash LA Fitness: if your going to ask/make your customers download your app, maybe make sure it's not a slow piece of s***.
  • Not functional on my iPhone 8 2/5

    By Danialexandra
    Can’t login to be able to check in. “Can not connect to server”
  • Freezes Often 1/5

    By JohnGaz
    Can’t look at my training schedule. Just shows the spinner. Some days it works and some it doesn’t. Personal training been unavailable every time I tried for the last 5 hours.
  • Inactive Personal Training Option 1/5

    By Dulaney411
    Personal Training menu option is not launching.
  • Meh. Not a great app 2/5

    By Sprucevalefarm
    I want to like this app, but it is too mercurial. Sometimes it’s great; other times it’s the spiral of death, especially when I want to reserve a trainer. It doesn’t matter whether I am on a fast connection or not. Then when it decides to work, five reservation screens suddenly open, which creates an entirely different problem. It’s just super annoying, and considering how much they pitch to clients to use this app, they should do something about it.
  • Good app, but... 3/5

    By Mysticlapidot
    This app is very good and I use it every week but most of the time I can't reserve my classes due to the reserve class opitoion being iresponsive
  • Bad App 1/5

    By MsReyna1
    This app is not good at all. I click on a section and nothing happens. I can’t always schedule my personal training sessions. This is very frustrating.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By havok5482
    The app is buggy as hell, the majority of the time I can’t even get the check in history to load.
  • Very poor performance. 1/5

    By Sean sohal
    It takes more than 5 minutes to load the court reservation page. Much faster to do it through website which makes it Pointless to have an app. Requesting Developers to please update the app to apply performance fix. Specially on the court reservation side.
  • Password reset and contacts to the corporate office 1/5

    By Leta IPOD
    This is the worse app! I cannot see my contract for PT and I know I have paid for the entire contract but however they are still charging me. I called back in October to ensure my last payment was December 2017. I was done with this contract and didn’t agree to a new contract. I tried to reset my password and now I am completely kicked out of the app. I used my membership number and couldn’t get back in. But, I decided to book a PT session and automatically that was available to me and a list of available trainers. I smell rip off!
  • Takes forever to review my account 1/5

    By Tary 16
    Maybe it’s my iPhone X, but it should take 1-2 minutes to review how many times I have checked in the gym. This is not an exaggeration. I have all so checked, yes I’m connected to the WiFi. Also sometimes when I check into the gym the scanner will beep but it won’t show up on my phone. Please add a feature that allows you to mark the day(s) you went to the gym. Maybe it could be a different color.
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By CritiqueMemester
    This app has the most outdated UI choice and I think the menus should be revamped. 24 hour fitness has a much better UI and you should redo the whole app. It works for signing in but that's about it. Actually try to make. The UI better as d make it more user friendly. The competition gyms app is so much better and have 4 star reviews while this app has 2-3 which discredits people from going here. The website needs work too and I can even make a better website in a week than the one you have currently. Redo the UI of the app and website because it looks like an iOS 4 app.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By cycling49
    This app freezes constantly when trying to reserve a bike for cycling class. The instructor I take is so popular, his class fills in 60 seconds or less, so there is no time for a frozen app! Soooo frustrating!!!!
  • Tracking 2/5

    By Xeblutiona
    I really think that the app needs to include tracking of how many times you’ve been to the gym... it’s a good reference to see how often you go to hold yourself accountable to your progress... also reminder capabilities to also remind if you haven’t been to the gym in a while to boost your drive...
  • The app seems cheap 2/5

    By emaredee
    It could be more intuitive. A complete redesign is needed. Seems very dated and not very pleasing to navigate. It would be helpful to be able to customize the layout of the home screen with your favorite clubs and classes when you first open the app. Get rid of those corny ads that take up half the screen and make the app more useful for your already paying customers.
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By ifeignit
    The app looks like it's from 2008, the reserve button on class schedules rarely works, no integration with healthkit, no integration with Apple Wallet. What is the point of this app? Take some cues from the Equinox app.
  • Can’t get my scan card on my watch 2/5

    By Ajo77
    I had an Apple series 2 and recently upgraded to a 3. I cannot get it to load the membership card on my watch. It just keeps saying to open the app on my phone. Been there, done that multiple times! Even deleted the app and reinstalled. Nothing. It worked just fine on my old watch and yes before you ask, my old watch has been unpaired from my phone and now my mom has it and it was also restored to the default settings. Help!!!!
  • Frequent problems 1/5

    By margijb
    I like the way the app is set up. But it frequently won't work. It won't take me to the page I want and it just spins for a long time, even after I've moved on.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Dreamkeeper126
    I use the app to see class schedules at my home club and near by clubs mainly, but I wish I could make changes to my account from the app, also I don’t like that if I use the card on the app it deactivated the key fob. I understand why, but it is inconvenient as I don’t always have my phone with me and it makes it so I have to juggle my gym bag, water bottle, yoga mat and keys without dropping anything.
  • Not up to par 2/5

    By Ivan Flores
    Looks old. You can tell they don’t update the UI often. Also no iPhone X screen support. What’s up with that.?
  • Wallet/Passbook 1/5

    By 3Footman
    It would be so much better if you could add it to your wallet/passbook app on the iPhone. Otherwise you have to go through the stupid and slow LA Fitness app. Also, make the class schedules reflect the actual times on the app. Many times I have gone to swim laps in the pool and there is a Aqua Aerobic class going on and is not listed on the schedule. And after three years, it still looks like an eighth grader created this app.
  • Constant Errors 1/5

    By malfuncti0n
    The app signs me out and won’t let me sign back in. It’s really frustrating because whenever I try to sign in, it gives me an error message. The app has my membership card on it so I don’t have to carry my keys (I live across the street from an LA Fitness location), but it’s pointless if I can’t access anything. Really buggy and finicky.
  • Slooowwwww 1/5

    By iryna b
    Seriously, LA, you’re one of the biggest fitness clubs in America. Get your s**t together and pay for a decent mobile app. There is no reason it should take me 15 minutes to reserve a class. There is not a single thing that is good about it. It literally physically pains me to use your app. PLEASE update it.
  • So many problems 1/5

    By Meggyjean910
    The layout for one is terrible and does not provide quick access. I have my child in the kiddie area and rely on the messages in the event my child needs me, but that hardly ever works. Pretty annoying.
  • Always issues 1/5

    By Fbd206
    They always “update” for bug issues but it never fixes problems that the app has.
  • This app looks like it was made in 1998 1/5

    By WhatHappened2thisApp
    You can do better La Fitness.

LA Fitness Mobile app comments


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