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LA Fitness Mobile

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  • Current Version: 3.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fitness International, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LA Fitness Mobile App

LA Fitness wants you to “exercise your options” and maximize your fitness opportunities, and this complimentary application helps you stay connected to LA Fitness no matter where you are. - Check-in to the club using the Mobile Membership Card option - Find Clubs and Classes - Create quick access to your Favorite Clubs, Classes, and Instructors - Book Personal Training sessions - Reserve Racquetball/Squash courts - Review your Check-in History, and much more. The LA Fitness App supports Apple Watch. You can access your Mobile Membership Card, Favorites and Check-in History directly from your Apple Watch.


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LA Fitness Mobile app reviews

  • This barely qualifies as an app 2/5

    By alexanderdjr
    - I can’t overstate how poorly designed this app is. - It’s only useful to me because I can scan the QR code in the app to check in at the gym (it really should utilize Passbook instead)
  • Stopped recording 1/5

    By Girly Gamble
    App no longer records dates I went to workout
  • Workout Tracker 2/5

    By Nydelathy
    I thought it would track your workouts but it doesn’t. It’s more of an organizer and personal assistant in that it will show you classes and it’s a place where you can schedule sessions with the trainers but I wanted more of a fitness tracker.
  • Beta at best 1/5

    By Luizii7
    The app is unresponsive most people of the time. It’s a pain to schedule personal training sessions because the application fails to respond to touch input in the Personal Training tab.
  • Apple Watch login 3/5

    By Tsukasa10
    One major thing I want to see corrected with this app, on any other app once I pull up the icon for my membership login the Apple Watch screen stays lit… For some reason with this app when I turn it towards the scanner the screen goes dark and I have to tap the watch A second time to wake it up so the scanner can read the code..... was with Apple Watch series 0,1 & 3.......Let’s please make this easier and more convenient to be used, not a hassle and inconvenience
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Ikicks23
    I just switched from iPhone x to another x in less than 2 weeks and it won’t activate my card. Fix this!
  • Doesn’t work on Apple Watch 2/5

    By yinzer86
    I loved the Apple Watch version of the app that allowed me to check in to the club with my watch...until it stopped working. The Watch app wouldn’t load and would instruct me to log into my phone app. Phone app works with no problems. I was hoping the latest update would fix the Apple Watch issue. It didn’t. So the Watch app is still instructing me to log into the phone. I’ve tried removing the Watch app and reinstalling, and logging out of the phone app and logging back in and the Watch app is still useless.
  • Worked, now it doesn’t 1/5

    By ASDohm
    Upgraded to iPhone X, now it fails to log into the servers. Doesn’t work.
  • Personal Training 1/5

    By Fufsjircfhh
    The personal training button hasn’t worked the last few versions. It either won’t open or will eventually open after several minutes of waiting. Guess that is one way to get people to stay home on the couch ....
  • Reservations work great 5/5

    By Rob in Arizona
    Really all I use it for. Reliable and easy. Reminders and calendar integration works well too.
  • Needs Pass book support! 2/5

    By MobileMikeV
    Gym membership card is the perfect application for passbook, yet this app has been missing it for years. It also just feels like a cross-platform application. It's just got a cheesy, cheap feel to it.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By Aaron.Molina
    No iPhone X support and the app is just terrible. Looks like a 2000 app. Needs to be revamped to be more useful.
  • Great app 2/5

    By Momof2OCboys
    **Update— I like to look and see how many days a month I go and literally it doesn’t show one to two days a week that I am there. And when they scan my phone it beeps so I know they got it— but in my phone it shows I didn’t go. This annoys me. The only thing I can use it for now is to get in and then reserve bike class/check class times. I use this app every day. It always pulls my membership card with no problem. I love the check in under the account tab so I can see how often I go. I use the reserve class for the cycle classes and have not had any problems at all. You can use the same function to cancel as well if needed. I’m able to check out the classes at any gym and it filters to nearest gym. This is beneficial as I can go in between appointments no matter where I am! You can also save classes, locations, or teachers to your favorites to look up later.
  • Busy or Not? 3/5

    By DSM student
    Overall the app is good. I'd like a feature that lets members know how busy it is. Or what are the busy times of the day. I'd like not go to during the busiest times to avoid panic attacks. I thought the app had this feature but I can't seem to find it now.
  • Can’t save your gym 3/5

    By Ptawv
    Annoying to have to select your gym every time you want to see class schedule.
  • iPhone X 3/5

    By bono2789
    Needs to be updated
  • Your app is so ugly 1/5

    By PETERYanni
    Please update for the iPhone X screen’s aspect ratio, i really can’t believe in 2017 and an app still looking that ugly
  • Layout 2/5

    By Nanisg89
    Change the layout!! It’s annoying to navigate through the app with all the extra icons everywhere!
  • Not fully functional 3/5

    By Jelsae
    I like the information this app provides, but I wish it would make it more streamlined to use my home gym or search all locations for a class. I mainly use this app for finding hours and scheduling trainer appointments. Right now it hardly loads my favorite trainer and it certainly won't load his schedule. This is not unusual. I suppose I'll try again later today and see if it works then. You never know.
  • Major lag and horrible scheduling 1/5

    By qgrasteit
    First issue: When I cancel a session before it hits the 24 hour mark it doesn't refund the session. I have to call in for that... Second issue: major lag when trying to select personal training options. I think maybe it's making an API call that's delayed. Either way it's incredibly frustrating on my iPhone 7.
  • Terrible! Needs serious overhaul! 1/5

    By Boncuk12345
    This app leaves much to be desired. Incredibly inefficient - for the ex. I have an assigned gym yet if I want to see the class schedule each time I am forced to search for nearby gyms, I then have to select the gym to see the classes for my designated gym. Please improve this app - it is much needed!
  • Watch app iPhone X broke 3/5

    By djmason9
    Was great all working but all the sudden the watch app will not show my membership card ? What happened??
  • Home gym 2/5

    By Cass640274
    For the most part, the app is fine. My issue is that you can’t mark your favorite/home gyms so I don’t have to search for the gym and then search their class schedule. I’m annoyed every time I have to do it. Also, add Kids Klub times! It’s hard to decide on what class to take when I don’t know if the child care will be open
  • Love it but 4/5

    By bpreble9119
    I love the app but ever since I updated it it won’t let me choose my preferred club
  • Apple Wallet Support! 1/5

    By peteullo
    Please add Apple wallet support!
  • Muy pobre 3/5

    By Huver c
    Para hacer las reservaciones por mi cuenta se a demorado casi dos semanas, hay que esperar que lo hagan por uno
  • It does its job 3/5

    By Gorgitronbos
    I do use this app a lot and it is convenient but when trying to sign out and sign in, it doesn’t prompt me for a username or password just my pin. I have to uninstall the app and re install it for it to work.(I had to sign out because I had a new key tag made)
  • Missing wallet support 1/5

    By creack
    Would change to a 5 when the support for apple wallet is added.
  • Needs better Watch support 3/5

    By Dopelife94
    Pulling up my membership card on my Apple Watch always crashes the app and doesn’t allow me to use that feature.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tappshooter29
    I love this app, makes check in very easy by pulling up membership card on either my phone or watch. Finding locations is very easy and class finding is seamless. I don’t have a need for trainers but I would imagine that function is nice as well
  • It's getting better 3/5

    By Sarah Sixpack
    Here are the problems. 1. The home button. It should be on the bottom right. Some of us have large iphones and when we're checking in, we want to get to the home page so that we could click on the membership card and check in. The way it is now, the home button only appears on the top right if you're more than one page away. It's a waste of time to pull up the app only to find out that you're not on the front page and the inconveniently placed button is not existent and you now have to use your other hand in order to press back so that you could get to your membership card. 2. Instructor photos are missing. I'm in South Bay CA and NONE of the class instructors have their photos up. The trainers have their photos, members have photos, management has their photos. However, the lack of photos for the class instructors really makes me feel like LA Fitness doesn't give a huge crap about the user experience.
  • Using this disables your sign in card. No touch ID. 1/5

    By PlanetXpress
    I was hoping to use the app as a second option to sign in to my club, so I can use my card as a backup. But they will disable your card if you use the app, so if you forget your phone or is out of battery you can’t workout. Also they have never updated this app to work with apple touch ID, still requires you to sign in with old fashioned password or pin.
  • Whaaat? ........ 1/5

    By Ppdoodler
    Downloaded this app; eokay, opened this app; eokay, tried to create a membership from this app; everything not okay. After putting in my key tag number and moving to the next page, an error message kept popping up informing me of my inability to create a proper password! Whaaat? Okay, according to the message, if I were to use a minimum of 6 characters, and a ‘-‘ or an ‘_’ or an ‘.’ or a ‘@‘ esbfine ...... Never happened. No matter what combination of 6 letters plus I tried, I was just not good enough at creating this mysteriously elusive password! So if anyone else is having this same goofy problem, this how I solved it: Go back to the App Store and locate the LA Fitness app, then tap on the ‘App Support’ button. This will take you to the LA Fitness website where you have the option to create an account right there. Do it. It works flawlessly. Once I did that, the app itself has proven to be stable. 1 star for now .........
  • Wallet and 3D Touch support 2/5

    By gtsmith06
    Wallet support! You guys are just being lazy. Typical LA fitness once you have something built you never improve just like your clubs.
  • Needs major improvements in all areas. 1/5

    By wonderful_mk
    Theoretically great app. Poorly designed. Reservation for the class link does not work. Reservation for personal training link always freezes. Slow processing time. Needs major improvements. It's a shame a large company as LA Fitness unable to have a working app.
  • La fitness 3/5

    By Littleyub
    It is basically a glorified membership pass if only they had a workout routine so you could have something to follow especially for newer members like me... it then would be a good app to have on one's phone.
  • Frozen access 1/5

    By App is not too good
    I am an active member of LA fitness! I decided to use the app instead of a key tag. All of the sudden the app is not letting me get access my proof of active membership. The staff at the desk looked me up by my phone number and let me in. Then I tried to see why the app is acting up so I followed the app instructions and my password was reseted since I can't recall my pin. First time in 6 months so I am asked to enter my key tag. Do you think after 6 months I saved that plastic tag somewhere because they app will stop working?
  • Add this feature! 3/5

    By Legacysgc
    Needs ability to import membership card to passbook!
  • Great 5/5

    By Dattiedoo
    Great app! Useful for quick check ins!
  • Feels shoddy 2/5

    By Mentiro
    This app feels really amateurish. A big company like LA Fitness could do better if they cared. The reset password flow is awful. No support for adding barcode to Apple Wallet. The only reason I downloaded it was so I could use my phone to scan in. Please add Apple Wallet support.
  • Not great. 2/5

    By Runner4721
    This app needs a lot of improvement. It could do a lot of helpful things but it doesn’t.
  • No Fox News??? 1/5

    By pwalsh67
    If you google “Foxnews, LA Fitness” you’ll notice many people complaining about the lack of CHOICE when it comes to watching news on the treadmills or other machines. I noticed it but I hope it’s changed by now. I want to rejoin LA Fitness after being away from it the last 2 very busy years. I don’t go to the gym to watch tv of course but when on a treadmill or elliptical I do get bored or I get curious about a current event or whatever and I would simply like the CHOICE to watch Foxnews as I simply prefer them to the others.
  • LA Fitness 3D Touch 2/5

    By Liefje07
    I agree that this app can be better improved for the customer. 1) The ability to add your membership card to 3D Touch. 2) I hope the addition of Series 3 Apple Watch with the ability to interact with the LifeFitness machines be integrated into the app or your membership in order to record individual progress
  • Apple Wallet Support 1/5

    By iheartbangs
    This app needs Apple wallet support! Please allow us to add our membership card to Apple wallet. Watch app also needs auto rotate (new in Watch OS 4) so the membership card rotates when showing your QR code to the front desk. This also prevents the Apple Watch from going to sleep making checking into the gym easier.
  • Please fix glitches 2/5

    By EliteGekko
    Overall, great app and has the info I usually need. However, a lot of features seem to crash the app recently. This includes selecting to view Favorites, as well as once in a while selecting a store to be a favorite or removing a store. The add/remove isn't consistent though. Find a club doesn't seem to return the closest club even when putting in an exact address. Other than that the app is great and I'll bump up to 5 starts once the above issues are fixed. Thanks.
  • Needs UX overhaul 1/5

    By melanie3457
    Has no easy means of registering for a class, which should theoretically be the only thing this app is good at. Glitchy interface and looks like it was designed in a high school programming class. Needs a complete redo.
  • Needs some updates 3/5

    By Sage Michaels
    With apples tech capabilities I would like to see more deep integration into the health app... check in to the gym on my Apple Watch, maybe get the option to log my workouts, track my swims, hours playing racquetball, and weight/fitness goals. While the health app can do this ... more interaction with your app would be awesome and welcomed. I like that I can update my member info and billing ... but would like the opportunity to update my plan from the app if i want ... The app itself feels a little clunky and could be a bit more streamlined.
  • Please fix! 3/5

    By Mrsgossage
    App is not showing all of my check in's. Please fix! It would also be helpful to show pictures of group instructors, not just their name. Often times you go to a class that you like and you didn't catch their name, but you remember their face.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By gone green
    There's nothing exciting about this app.
  • Works great for me 4/5

    By Viperfsixteen
    For what I use it for I like it

LA Fitness Mobile app comments


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