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  • Current Version: 3.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fitness International, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LA Fitness Mobile App

LA Fitness wants you to “exercise your options” and maximize your fitness opportunities, and this complimentary application helps you stay connected to LA Fitness no matter where you are. - Check-in to the club using the Mobile Membership Card option - Find Clubs and Classes - Create quick access to your Favorite Clubs, Classes, and Instructors - Book Personal Training sessions - Reserve Racquetball/Squash courts - Review your Check-in History, and much more. The LA Fitness App supports Apple Watch. You can access your Mobile Membership Card, Favorites and Check-in History directly from your Apple Watch.


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LA Fitness Mobile app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By Momof2OCboys
    I use this app every day. It always pulls my membership card with no problem. I love the check in under the account tab so I can see how often I go. I use the reserve class for the cycle classes and have not had any problems at all. You can use the same function to cancel as well if needed. I’m able to check out the classes at any gym and it filters to nearest gym. This is beneficial as I can go in between appointments no matter where I am! You can also save classes, locations, or teachers to your favorites to look up later.
  • Needs major improvements in all areas. 1/5

    By wonderful_mk
    Theoretically great app. Poorly designed. Reservation for the class link does not work. Reservation for personal training link always freezes. Slow processing time. Needs major improvements. It's a shame a large company as LA Fitness unable to have a working app.
  • La fitness 3/5

    By Littleyub
    It is basically a glorified membership pass if only they had a workout routine so you could have something to follow especially for newer members like me... it then would be a good app to have on one's phone.
  • Frozen access 1/5

    By App is not too good
    I am an active member of LA fitness! I decided to use the app instead of a key tag. All of the sudden the app is not letting me get access my proof of active membership. The staff at the desk looked me up by my phone number and let me in. Then I tried to see why the app is acting up so I followed the app instructions and my password was reseted since I can't recall my pin. First time in 6 months so I am asked to enter my key tag. Do you think after 6 months I saved that plastic tag somewhere because they app will stop working?
  • Add this feature! 3/5

    By Legacysgc
    Needs ability to import membership card to passbook!
  • Great 5/5

    By Dattiedoo
    Great app! Useful for quick check ins!
  • Feels shoddy 2/5

    By Mentiro
    This app feels really amateurish. A big company like LA Fitness could do better if they cared. The reset password flow is awful. No support for adding barcode to Apple Wallet. The only reason I downloaded it was so I could use my phone to scan in. Please add Apple Wallet support.
  • Not great. 2/5

    By Runner4721
    This app needs a lot of improvement. It could do a lot of helpful things but it doesn’t.
  • No Fox News??? 1/5

    By pwalsh67
    If you google “Foxnews, LA Fitness” you’ll notice many people complaining about the lack of CHOICE when it comes to watching news on the treadmills or other machines. I noticed it but I hope it’s changed by now. I want to rejoin LA Fitness after being away from it the last 2 very busy years. I don’t go to the gym to watch tv of course but when on a treadmill or elliptical I do get bored or I get curious about a current event or whatever and I would simply like the CHOICE to watch Foxnews as I simply prefer them to the others.
  • LA Fitness 3D Touch 2/5

    By Liefje07
    I agree that this app can be better improved for the customer. 1) The ability to add your membership card to 3D Touch. 2) I hope the addition of Series 3 Apple Watch with the ability to interact with the LifeFitness machines be integrated into the app or your membership in order to record individual progress
  • Apple Wallet Support 1/5

    By iheartbangs
    This app needs Apple wallet support! Please allow us to add our membership card to Apple wallet. Watch app also needs auto rotate (new in Watch OS 4) so the membership card rotates when showing your QR code to the front desk. This also prevents the Apple Watch from going to sleep making checking into the gym easier.
  • Please fix glitches 2/5

    By EliteGekko
    Overall, great app and has the info I usually need. However, a lot of features seem to crash the app recently. This includes selecting to view Favorites, as well as once in a while selecting a store to be a favorite or removing a store. The add/remove isn't consistent though. Find a club doesn't seem to return the closest club even when putting in an exact address. Other than that the app is great and I'll bump up to 5 starts once the above issues are fixed. Thanks.
  • Needs UX overhaul 1/5

    By melanie3457
    Has no easy means of registering for a class, which should theoretically be the only thing this app is good at. Glitchy interface and looks like it was designed in a high school programming class. Needs a complete redo.
  • Needs some updates 3/5

    By Sage Michaels
    With apples tech capabilities I would like to see more deep integration into the health app... check in to the gym on my Apple Watch, maybe get the option to log my workouts, track my swims, hours playing racquetball, and weight/fitness goals. While the health app can do this ... more interaction with your app would be awesome and welcomed. I like that I can update my member info and billing ... but would like the opportunity to update my plan from the app if i want ... The app itself feels a little clunky and could be a bit more streamlined.
  • Please fix! 3/5

    By Mrsgossage
    App is not showing all of my check in's. Please fix! It would also be helpful to show pictures of group instructors, not just their name. Often times you go to a class that you like and you didn't catch their name, but you remember their face.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By gone green
    There's nothing exciting about this app.
  • Works great for me 4/5

    By Viperfsixteen
    For what I use it for I like it
  • Class schedule not updated 1/5

    By Ichiromom
    Why bother using the app if class schedule is not updated daily. I complained to the receptionist, then they said it's done by the corporate. I have to call the location on the day of to see who is teaching it or if the class is really on. Ok last few weeks, when I push "Favorite" icon, I get kicked out.
  • Need Apple Wallet Card 2/5

    By v换个好景不长
    Please add apple Wallet card PLEASE
  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By R.K.K 1234
    The older interface (from couple of years ago) was better. It would at least work efficiently. This new interface is weird, clunky, freezing half the time. Please fix the glitches asap!!!!!
  • Hours 3/5

    By Unlucky Genius
    Wish it would show the hours for my area. Just stick it on the app somewhere. Hell I'd even take a notification that tells me the gym is closing in two hours. That'd be fantastic.
  • Favorites Crashes On iOs 3/5

    By RP- Pasadena
    The Favorites section was convenient to list different class schedules not only in your home gym but from other LA Fitness gyms you select as well. Clicking on it now crashes the app on an iPhone running iOS 10.3.3.
  • Need improvement 2/5

    By Oneofyourmember
    I saved 5 La Fitness locations in the favorite tab. But when I click the favorite tab, it signed out all the way by itself.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Ralliart1985
    App on iwatch crashes every time .
  • Can't open personal training section 1/5

    By Jilian L.
    Rarely works and when it does it's extremely slow
  • Unable to create a password 1/5

    By bobbiestav
    I'm unable to create a password even though I'm using the letters, numbers and characters that are approved. Please fix this problem so I can create a mobile account
  • Improvement Needed 3/5

    By JennLeeRI
    I too mainly use the app for checking in and signing up for Spin. At the very least would be nice to be able to arrange the home screen so the membership card is prominent. I have a problem with "find a class near me" as instead of using my location (RI) it defaults to LA - so I shrink it down slide across the country zoom in and 50% of the time it finds my local club. Time is money people.
  • Only needed if you go to spin class 1/5

    By Adam36741579
    LA Fitness requires you to download their app to reserve a spot for spin class instead of showing up early or on time. Completely unnecessary attempt to get their useless app more downloads
  • No passbook integration 1/5

    By daniellee2
    The main point of the app is for your membership card. It takes way too long to access in app. You can't add the pass to passbook. The Kroger app did it right.
  • if only used as membership card - fine, otherwise not so great 2/5

    By indygreg
    Pulling up my membership card works for me every time I use it - and I only have my phone with me so it is great. My issue - and it is not small IMHO - is how unbelievably terrible the reserve a fitness class part is. I spin once or twice a week. At least one of those is with my wife. Classes are basically never avaiable 24 hours in advance. And when you get closer, say 18-8 hours away, it is a crap shoot. Sometimes it says you can reserve when 24 hours in advance (even though it is well within that window). Sometimes it gives you a blue link to register that actually does nothing. And it sometimes will dissapear once it is there for no reason. Eventually the link stays there and works. And it is random. Like this morning - my wife got into the class around 9:45. I have yet to be able to.
  • app stopped working properly 1/5

    By Ewcia!
    I cannot schedule or cancel training, it is not responding. This happened this month. I called and was advised everyone complains. Please fix this
  • Constantly crashing, ridiculously slow 1/5

    By Freezycold84
    It's amazing that a company that makes so much money off of me could put out such a low quality product.
  • Efficiency 2/5

    By Estraodinaire
    The app is fine. It would better if the member card was visible upon opening the app. I imagine that's the most widely used feature of the app. An even better option would be allowing users to put the member card in their iphone wallet. It would allow for the least amount of touches/clicks to access the primary feature of the app.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By pondergirl
    Horrible app, inconsistent and faulty, also just heard that trainers get points against them when we "checkin" to the gym for a training session through the app, bc it rarely works. It constantly freezes up, won't let you reserve for spin classes half the time.
  • Great team !! 5/5

    By tenspeedy
    Awesome team !! The young man at the front desk is very helpful, and always kind and friendly 😁 thanks for making me feel welcomed !!
  • Uhgggg 1/5

    By aromanig
    In order to sign up for SPINNING, one must use the app. However, this app tends to freeze and the customer is unable to sign up for SPINNING therefore cannot attend a spinning class if the spinning class gets full. It seems as if the app does not have enough capacity to handle all the traffic that comes through
  • Impossible to reserve a class 1/5

    By Am3dz
    This app has made it impossible to get a spot in a class. The app freezes when it is time to reserve and stays frozen. You can close and re-open and it's the same thing. I hear more and more people say they are willing to switch gyms because they can't reserve with LA Fitness app.
  • Nothing APP 1/5

    By Rsbthree
    Pretty much does nothing except get me in the door. Be nice if it allowed record keeping of machines and weights used in one's local gym.
  • People need to learn to read 4/5

    By FabMama84
    I keep seeing people complain that once they use their phone to show their membership card, that their cards no longer works. Can you people not read?? When you click on membership card on the app, it tells you that your card will only be linked to one device. And that your plastic tag WILL NO LONGER WORK!!! Don't complain about something, if you don't take the time to read what the app says.
  • Unwilling participant 3/5

    By DanSnyder123
    I am writing a review of this app because I'm avoiding emptying my dishwasher. Thanks app. I am using the app, however because I have no other way to get into my club. Some desktop website related glitch left me with a tag that wouldn't work. So I got a number written on a piece of paper transferring me the information of my true tag number which I would have to enter into this app if I wanted to gain access to the club again. So I am not using the app because it is a beautiful work of art free from bugs and with excellent graphic design. No. I am using this silly app because I have no other way to enter club pay to train at. I imagine I will be able to use the app but I write software for a living. The app could use an update. It's kind of disgusting but it works usually.
  • Clunky App 2/5

    By MPalll
    I guess it's better than nothing.
  • Not a 24hr fit app 1/5

    By JMArcuss
    Uhm take a look at 24 fitness app and be better then that...use some common sense in better developing the app and if you need help my company can help..
  • Very sub par 2/5

    By house hookah
    This app should be so much better as LA fitness has a fantastic opportunity to get great feedback from its user base and fix the ui and add features to allow to customer to upgrade add services, monitor work outs and even better manage classes and attendance Such a a shame
  • If there is more than one member STEER CLEAR 1/5

    By Matthew_paul02
    All I needed this for was to replace the need for my card. Unfortunately I don't know my buddies credit card or bank info. Useless. Typical gym bs
  • Features do not work 2/5

    By NARock
    How about the ability to retrieve receipts as the option implies. Yeah, I can check in, and find clubs, but how about a listing of my receipts for employer reimbursement.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ramloq
    Very minimal functionality. Why not enable to use app and existing key. Using this as your key disables key card.
  • Good app 4/5

    Good app but if I may make a suggestion, they're needs to be a basketball sign up on the app so ball players like myself will know when people are playing. Too many times I go to my local LAF expecting to play ball but don't see anyone there. They're has to be a better way.
  • Needs an update 2/5

    By mikedinaz
    I'll echo what Leninmaster said-- I used my phone once to check in and now my membership card does not work. Always have to use app now. How about a wireless checkin? For such a big company you'd think they would want a better app. Looks really old.
  • No Way 1/5

    By M Lydi
    Don't waste your time you can't create or log into your account
  • Needs update STAT!!!! Now!!! 1/5

    By pepito506
    Half of the tabs or tiles stopped working. Can't book my personal trainer sessions anymore. Needs an update NOW.

LA Fitness Mobile app comments


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