Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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  • Current Version: 1.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Andrey Pryakhin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Last Day on Earth: Survival App

Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive as long as you can. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun. Instructions for survivors: Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 5, iPod touch 6th Generation, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or newer. KEEP CALM AND CRAFT! Improve your skills and and craft more deadly weapons against zombie walkers and other players. Knock their heads off! BUILD A SHELTER! Build a strong base to protect your life and belongings from walking dead attacks and other survivors. Craft and place traps to take captives and make them regret stealing from you. ENEMIES EVERYWHERE! You are alone against zombies and other players who want to steal your resources. Dominate and control this cruel post-apocalyptic world. Hunt or be hunted. CHOOSE YOUR SURVIVAL VEHICLE! You can find a lot of useful stuff to create your personal zombie survival vehicle. Don't miss the chance to ride a Chopper through walking dead hordes and post-apocalyptic landscapes. OVERCOME DIFFICULTIES! Wild animals, hunger, thirst and cold can can kill you faster than a walking dead army. Hunt animals and prepare food over a campfire, collect water with rain catcher and kill other players to get their supplies. Feel the spirit of true survival! EXPLORE NEW TERRITORIES! Search abandoned military bunkers and survivors’ bases in order to find and take the most valuable resources. Craft survival vehicles and take a trip to abandoned city ruins. You can travel to distant regions and build a shelter wherever you want. JOIN A CLAN! More powers, more opportunities and more chances that you won’t die today but someone else. Claim territories with your clan and make others work for you. COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER PLAYERS! Use the chat, information is the second most important resource in this world full of walking dead hordes. In 2027 an outbreak of an unknown zombie infection wiped out most of the world’s population. Life was draining away from people but the pandemic was turning them into hordes of the insatiable walking dead. Stay alone or team up with allies - you’re the one to choose your path in the world full of chaos. Use any ways you can in order to survive. Welcome to the real zombie apocalypse! In Last Day on Earth every your decision matters, every your mistake can be a fatal one. If you fail, you’ll have to start all over again. The nature will try to finish you off as quick as a zombie or another player. Be careful with choosing allies. Today your partner has saved you from death and tomorrow they can shoot you in the back for a can of bean. Download and enjoy Last Day on Earth - a new free zombie survival game today! Follow us for the latest news and game updates:


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Last Day on Earth: Survival app reviews

  • Great game 5/5

    By Blitz!
    Some player tips. Take your time killing and getting resources, crouch and sneak attack to deal more damage. Get some gardens going as soon as you can. Don’t die while out collecting resources you can’t get your stuff back. In bunkers you can collect your stuff back when you die but may have to kill the zombies that killed you first If you die at your base you can collect your stuff back Some improvements would be to add multiplayer missions and bunker raids
  • Good game but... 5/5

    By oozingice
    Hate how when you die you lose everything you was carrying. Besides that it is awesome I keep installing and uninstalling because I love the game just every time I die and lose my stuff I don't see the point in playing. Especially after you buy stuff and then you die and lose it.
  • Best game 5/5

    By Maddog undertaker
    I like this game because it’s challenging there would not be a game without a challenge and the updates keeps making it more and more interesting. If you want to be good, you have to patient so I think this is really the best game ever.
  • Great game but need some fixing 4/5

    By great game but needs fixing
    Fix the realism on running and walking if u can run that fast you walk somewhere in 6secs you can walk somewhere in 3mins and fix glitches I bought something and the game stoped working
  • Update issue 1/5

    By MayhemXXIII
    Game needs mass improvements! It keeps telling me it needs updates but when I go to App Store it says it don’t need update but will not open! This is a frequent issue! Last 2 updates been like that! Another issue is materials! Some key items is still not released making it a major pain to build certain things! To make matters worse recently on purchased item boxes rewards downgraded from 3 to 1 items, but price did not change! This game is nothing more than a money grab! Not worth the time to download! Wish I could give-⭐️ for review!
  • Don’t buy in-app-purchases 1/5

    By Grassgrinder
    When I bought an in-app-purchase the game stopped opening, it would crash every time
  • ... 2/5

    By Killerghost324
    I just bought something fm
  • Please make sure we got what we paid for 3/5

    By gracieha
    Dear Andrey Pryakhin, please stop being so greedy! The purpose of any game is to give people a good time, not frustrations. It’s ok to make an item “extremely rare” as long as that item isn’t required in order to proceed further in the game. What is the point of leveling up while you’re still stuck right where you are? In my gaming experience, a rare item means that if you kept playing the game you’d find it in time ( a long time), or if you paid a lot of money for it then you’d get it. But you are not selling items in your game, in fact you’re only selling the chances to get those items, which is just a fancy way to say people are getting robbed, yeah the people who have been supporting you. This is the first game ever that I have to write a review for. I don’t write reviews. I don’t do the whole tell-us-what-you-think thing. However I still give you 3 stars to thank you for your effort of creating such an interesting game, and I hope that you’ll take my feedback into consideration.
  • Fun but pay to progress 3/5

    By _Cooper04_
    I like the games idea and the building is good but I hate the awful timers the farming is ok but I hate that you have to wait to get to other locations couldn’t it have been like you walk there yourself and can chop down a few trees and pick up some rocks and stuff while your heading there? Cause it would be way better if it didn’t have the awful freemium feel maybe one day someone will make a good building game but until then... I’ll tolerate this 😕 maybe make it to earn like 10 coins for watching a add I mean cmon no way to get coins for free. I’ll wrap it up here but please add some new ways to get free stuff or maybe lower the travel times to like a tolerable 5 minutes
  • Stop stoping on the the coin for the free box 4/5

    By Chuby duuu
    Well I’ve been playing for like 3 months already and I like the game a lot. I just have one problem why does the free box only stop on true coin I have not received a free gun or even a melee weapon what’s up with well that’s all I got. Great game by the way enjoy it 🤤
  • Pay to win scam game 1/5

    By Ladiesman720
    I understand games need to earn money to exist. This game is infuriating. If you need a weapon boost you can buy a crate and get a chance to win something good. Then you will sequentially get the worst item in the box until you buy enough boxes to run out of bad options and actually get something good. This happens every time. It gets really old. My favorite is when you do this to get a gun. You get killed and the game glitches out so you can’t retrieve your gun. This game could be epic, but I feel they are cheating the gamers with excessive “pay to win”
  • Stop downloading! 1/5

    By Erfanmk
    This game is only fun at the beginning. After that you will find that no matter how much you search, you will not find the tools you need to upgrade. The only way is to spend money and the other thing is that the game requires a lot of tools which you won’t find and that makes the game so frustrating! So in my opinions it’s better not to download it from the beginning.
  • No progress 1/5

    By Sventre665
    I’ve been playing this game for over 3 months, but I’ve barely made it to level 39 with well over 3 hours of gameplay per day. I’ve never seen any of the engine or actual chopper parts, so neither the chopper or generator are even close to being finished.... The leveling items make no sense. Why put the communication towed so low in level when it requires the advanced forge to make the titan ingots.... your character is as fragile as a feather with no difference between a level 1 character and a level 99 character if there is no armor or weapons... skills or perks need to be added in order for a better feel of progression. Due to the extreme need for crafting this game is solely based on monetary progress... if you wanna win quickly just throw money at the game till you’ve got everything. Not a game worth playing if you don’t have lots of time to gather resources and craft...
  • Needs multiplayer 4/5

    By MrBoulom
    Hurry with multiplayer please and pvp. This game would get 5 stars from me and more notoriety.
  • Its a very good game but... 4/5

    By Sasanok
    I really like this game but some materials its really hard to find like gas you have to pay money to get that much gas. Some games like clash of clans had this kind of difficulty but if you want to play for free you can , but this game will put you in dead end but i really like it and i want to be a little easier for people like me. Thanks for your good game 👍👍

    By Krimson Kross
    This game is absolute crap!!!! Level 40 and not enough stuff to build the chopper... no where even F***ing close!!! AND when you go into a bunker, get killed, the stupid thing that killed you is right at the door.. to kill you AGAIN!!! This makes all your stuff DISAPPEAR!!! GONE!!! Game is specifically designed to make you spend money and nothing else!
  • Multiplayer = Money $$$/5 Stars 4/5

    By Xerxes IV
    I’ve been playing this games for days now and I can see that the only problem with this game is the lack of multiplayer and the AI survivors. For example, I would finish killing 5 zombies which brought me down to about 30 health. Then an AI survivor came out of no where at 100 mph and shot me with a pistol then ran off. The AI system needs to be taken out and add multiplayer in. Then maybe will this game deserve a 5 Star and my money.
  • Love this game, BUT! 5/5

    By Blah3124
    I’ve been playing this game since it came out yet I’ve never found the chopper tank, even during the 5x rate at army bunker. Can y’all add a 3rd floor that drops it or bring the planes back!
  • Let's get some new features, yeah? 2/5

    By Ozymandias97
    Love the game but I feel stuck. I've been grinding away trying to compile all the components I need for my ATV, Chopper, and even just my FIRST generator I need. The wall to climb is so high, you need hundreds of pieces you can rarely find, just for items that haven't been released in-game yet? No access to Bunker Charlie? No multiplayer interface established? No ATV transmission at the very least? I can't justify grinding to what looks like a complete stopping point, soon coming, even if I am only about level 45. I understand the loot box system, even if I do immensely disagree with it. Your implementation of it however needs work. The supplies you can buy, Engineer parts and the like, do not equate realistically to the money spent to obtain them. Throw us a bone here. This game has a lot to offer but the grind is getting mind-numbingly tedious.
  • Good 5/5

    By Gunshots mandude
    I bought the expect pack on the limited and when I got it I kicked me out and won't let me back on if it's a bug please fix it
  • Finally!!!! 5/5

    By Zen master007
    I like to grind build stuff upgrade others and zombies!!!!! Perfect game for me.
  • Great 5/5

    By Awesome boy 35667775433456
    This game is so addictive its great They need to have updates every major holiday and have like special items you can trade to the dealer for special armour and weapons
  • Do Not Download This Game 1/5

    By KT47040
    This game is great at first until you realize that you need to spend money to progress in the game. I purchased quite a few things in the game so I could survive. But when I recently spent money to buy some of the things in the game, it crashed. I deleted it and tried again, only to have it crash. I repeated this several times until I finally gave up due to the app crashing over and over again.
  • Sweet game, minor changes to make it a top-tier 4/5

    By Jvesf
    I've had this game for right around 3 months. I'm no where near the highest level or having everything unlocked. That's the beauty of the game-- WORK FOR THE REWARD! I see all these negative reviews on this game and after reading the comments it just seems like to me that guys are just looking for an easy game to boost everything up to their max level-- This is NOT that game. Take the time, enjoy working your way up through the ranks. A few things I'd do differently or changes to the game if I had a voice would be 1. Make it easier to find parts you need to progress in the game. The watch tower needs a generator to work. So I unlocked it, had the materials to build it, then once it's on the ground you need a bunch more other materials to get it up and working--- not a huge fan on that aspect of the game. 2. Make it an option to go to where the horde of zombies are and fight them off so they don't attack your house for 24 hours. Other than those few minor details; I LOVE the game and will be playing for as long as the game is in the App Store.
  • Update 3/5

    By Hahshahahb
    I’d love to get oak trees
  • Issues since recent update 3/5

    By LinneaMarie1984
    I’ve contacted the programmers but get a generic response. Ever since the update when I go to open the game it crashes on the load screen. I have plenty of space and ram on my iPhone so that’s not the issue. I had also just did a vehicle purchase for under 5$ right before the update that obviously I was charged for but now have no access to.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Maestro13us
    I've been really enjoying this game. But now with the last two updates the game crashes and closes each time it starts loading. Is this a bug needing to be fixed?
  • A few ideas but good game 5/5

    By glitch head
    I think this game is great (it is very time taking) but that’s why I love it I have a few suggestions though. When you chop down a oak tree please make it give you three wood instead of two. And my second suggestion is a cool feature. When you press the auto button can you make a option to choose certain materials for you character to go for it would be a easier collecting process if you did that but anyway good job it’s a great game!!!😃😃
  • Incomplete game... 3/5

    By Netsa2000
    This game is ok but they constantly change... also the game been out for a while now and there is still so much you can’t create like repair station cause the haven’t created the items to make those things... I took a 6 month break hoping that they would have everything in place... nope still got a lot of glitches and still have a lot more things that you can’t do... the game is pretty much incomplete
  • Decent game 2/5

    By Moyle70
    I’ve written a few reviews for this game. This one is mainly just about dying. If you’re wanting to play the game, or have not played much, one thing to keep in mind is that when you die and go to retrieve your tombstone, (all the items you had before you died) make sure that you are equip to handle the situation when you arrive. If you die again before you collect your items, you will lose them. And can only retrieve the items you have on you during your most recent death. This is really stupid, especially when you’re far into a bunker and die. Makes the game not so fun to play when you keep losing your weapons and gear. Hopefully this is changed in a future update so you can collect from any tombstone you have.
  • Epic game 5/5

    By jaximilon
    Awesome plot and gameplay, id recommend it to any strategy gamer. But recipes and drop rate of important items should be looked at. The chances of rare items in the purchase menu too. Other than those minor things its an amazing game.
  • Potential 3/5

    By FredGsanford
    Chopper drop rates are terrible, too much grinding.
  • Great game 4/5

    By big fan of flying
    Awesome love the game and the Recent updates BUT this free box that we have been getting every hour is pissing a lot of us off. Me and a few buddy’s all play it now while we are deployed to help pass some down time but the spinner needs to be fixed. It does spin and when it slow and should stop it says nope tick tick tick coin. When it should have stops 2-3 spaces before . Please make it a better spinner.
  • Play it for a while 5/5

    By Gunnerk5
    Great game if you can actually put in the time and be patient. Awesome how they keep updating and adding things. Been playing awhile now and I am still intrigued
  • Update plz 5/5

    By Detajcb
    I love the game but I have a few complaints I hope you will fix first of all trees because once you mine trees in your area they don't grow any more so plz make a update to fix that Secondly I died in the game and tried to find my body but it doesn't pop up on the map so plz fix that and thirdly is traveling because I was walking to a place and I meant to walk to a different place but I couldn't cancel so I had to wait until I got to that place and I had to travel again so plz make it so you can cancel while your traveling and the last one is can you make it so you get energy quicker because I waited a hour and got back on and only earned like 7 so please make so you get like 5 every 4 minutes and that's all the things I'm asking for so good luck and I hope your day is amazing...1 week later ok so I've been playing this game for about two weeks and I'm already at level 18 And when I scroll down it looks like I don't really have long way to go and I know this game has been out for about two months so I guess I shouldn't be complaining but I hope you guys add a ton more stuff in the future and you'll be able to be at level 497 or something like that and also on the thumbnail it shows a guy with a dog but I don't think you can tame dogs in it so could you plz make that feature and if you did than I didn't know that and the last thing I have a little problem with is the camera angle it perfect amazing have a nice day catch phrase (happy birthday)...some time later.Ok I’ve been playing this game for a while and I saw you, guys added a new event and it’s impossible I’m serious theirs like 20 waves of zombies and only 5 bombs. It destroyed all my weapons (tin can with nails,crowbar,hammer,bat,clever,matchete,reinforced shirt,swat leggings,shoes,dad hat,5 bombs,& a katana)also if you don’t know what event I’m talking about it’s the ship wrecked one not the one with that one guy who gives me stuff for killing zombies no no no the hard one bye....Ok I’ve been playing this game for about 5 mouths and I’m on level 56 but I have one question how come u add the radio tower at level 28 but can only get Titan ore at level 56 me and my sister were like “what?” Then I looked it up and u need the reinforced furnace which u get at level 56 so could u fix that so u can get the radio tower on level 28 and not have to wait until u get the furnace because that’s messed up
  • Fun but 5/5

    By Chuckie the Wood tick
    This game is awesome I love it so far but when I try to get anywhere like bunkers or a tower I am always getting attacked by a horde of zombies why make it so hard I lost everything ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the last bunker I went to plz make it a little easier to get into them
  • Spin n win 3/5

    By Hudcer
    Great game it’s really fun and u enjoy it BUT I spent a whole day one the free box and I got the worst prize every single time please fix this bug or I will give u a Lovett review BUT the game is great the graphics are awesome just fix the spin n win please I will greatly like it and will be eternally great full thank u creators. BUT for the people who want to get it do it it is a great game
  • Good game with too many stupid gimmicks, don’t buy anything 1/5

    By drewbie.X
    First off, this game is still in its beta phase. Don’t spend any money on it. There has been no word from Kefir guaranteeing you’ll be compensated when the game officially launches. It would also be wise to expect to lose all of your progress when it does, because it’s likely that they’d wipe the servers so everyone starts off at the same stage at launch. There’s a lot of potential for this game, but there are a lot of really poorly designed mechanics in the game that haven’t, and likely won’t, be addressed. First, The Big One frequently appearing in red zones. It’s killable, but not with what you bring just to farm resources and materials. If you see him you’re forced to run and waste the energy you spent not only running to the location, but also running to another location, and then again running back to reset it. That uses about half of your energy that would take about 4 hours to recharge. And if you’re unlucky enough to encounter him twice in a row, you don’t even get to play the game, and then you have to walk 12+ minutes each time between zones unless you’re willing to fork over a couple dollars. Whoever thought this would be a good idea needs to get out of the game development industry, like yesterday. Second, you hit either a paywall or grindwall trying to get the chopper fork or gas tank. Without completing the chopper, you can’t take the generator to the watchtower and access the northern areas to farm materials (copper ore) for the Acid Bath or Gunsmith Bench. You can gamble on a loot box to try to get them, but some players have mentioned they’ve spent upwards of $100 until they finally got it, for a game that is still in beta. Some players have been playing for roughly six months and still haven’t found the fork or gas tank, while others get it immediately or find so many that they destroy them to make room for other items. Third, there are so many ways to exploit AI pathing in the Bunker so you can hit them without getting hit yourself by standing on the other side of a wall. The sad part is that you HAVE to use these exploits in Bunker Alfa or else you’re going to burn through all of your weapons, armor, and resources in a week or less. Finally, content updates are few and far between. Kefir is extremely vague about when they anticipate a particular feature they’ll be teasing will be released. Community interaction is almost non-existent. Update 1.6.10 shows winter/holiday themed content in the preview above, but none of it actually exists in the game yet. No one knows when they’ll actually implement it. They really need a dedicated community manager.
  • Help 3/5

    By CravenFour57
    This game is good but when I try to load my old progress it just stays stuck loading please fix then I’ll give 5 stars
  • New parts 5/5

    By Ashley arias
    Still waiting for parts for the motorcycle:/ also had weather in the game like real snow, rain. Etc
  • Glitches but an overall good game 4/5

    By Ultimatesupes
    To start must say it’s a very good game to play and the designers seem to listen to issues and glitches posted. That being said there seem to be two glaring ones that irk me. One - the game tries to be basically realistic as it eating and drinking to survive. Raising crop, zombie lore, etc. So how come a game generated human attack you along with the zombie and infected creatures. In the game all humans are attacked by the infected but the infected will fight side by side with a game generated human and then all leave without attacking each other? A major glitch in keeping it a realistic rpg. Secondly - some parts needed to advanced are impossible to find. I have been playing since July 2017 and have complete parts for TWO choppers except “chopper forks”. There are none, and I have cleared the alpha bunker 8 times and claimed at least 8-9 green, yellow and red military footlockers and still none. As well as bought a couple packages. This to me is almost a game deleting glitch as if we’re stuck in this one area in begins to get repetitive. I’ve even dumped approx $70-80 in the game and still in one area. And most of the pop ups now are chopper missions which require a chopper. Hopefully this can be addressed soon.
  • Why does the free box always give crap ;-; 3/5

    By Johnnytest
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By aileencita19
    You should have a female character and you can pick a male or female I have no trouble playing as male but their should by a woman
  • Great Game! 4/5

    By Terffderg543478!
    Fun Open world survival game with light RPG elements. It is a little slow to start, but it’s refreshing to see a well polished game without constant ads and pay to win mechanics. You can buy weapon packs and speed up your run speed with cash, but this game still feels very playable without paying extra.
  • I can’t get my game data back 5/5

    By Almighty Rahh
    I got a new phone & I’m trying to transfer my data but it’s making me start over
  • Money grabbin badgers 4/5

    By J.Vaughan
    Have had a few issues with in app purchases and am constantly wondering why my dead body lays in the bunker with all my rare items. Hate my life when my energy is gone and I can’t watch another god-friggin 30 second advertisement for a minuscule boast in traveling.
  • Last $ in your wallet 2/5

    By IceIze5
    This game has so much potential. Unfortunately, this developer choose the pay to win model. It’s really too bad because I would have paid for the app up front but instead I’ve paid nothing. Next!
  • Well????? 3/5

    By $pimpslow$
    Ok so I have been playing this game for months everyday. One of the best games I have played. Well since the new update I lost some things so really made me mad. Also I have emailed the game owner about an issue I had and never got a reply. Don’t understand why and it’s been a a couple of weeks so I would rate this a five if I could get my problems fixed. But all in all great game. Would recommend to everyone. Just wish they would get back to me like they say the would.
  • Fun but.... 2/5

    By Funny kitten girl
    It’s fun but everytime I play I have to update it like ALL THE TIME
  • There is a bug in bunker Alfa 1/5

    By Mr. Lato
    Something went wrong after the new update with bunker Alfa. All zombies damage increased more than double and frenzied giant becomes too fast that I cannot beat him even with guns. Plz fix this ASAP

Last Day on Earth: Survival app comments


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