LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 4.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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LastPass Password Manager App

LastPass simplifies your digital life. From your LastPass Vault, you can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes, and more. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you. Get started today for free and join the millions managing passwords with LastPass — you’ll wonder how you lived without it! NEW TO LASTPASS? Download LastPass now and get started, completely free. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free. LASTPASS PASSWORD MANAGER FEATURES: AIRTIGHT PASSWORD STORAGE - Store all your usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts securely in your LastPass Vault - Sync all of your passwords and logins across all your devices for free - Anything you save on one device is instantly available on any other device you use - Use TouchID to access your Vault AUTOMATICALLY FILL IN FORMS ONLINE - Automatically fill in your name, address, credit card info with Form Fill - Instantly log in to websites using saved passwords and TouchID GENERATE PASSWORDS - Create secure passwords using the built-in password generator - Set custom password parameters like length, capital or lowercase letters, symbols and numbers - Set passwords to be pronounceable ADVANCED SECURITY PROTECTION - AES-256 bit encryption keeps your passwords and notes safe - LastPass never has your encryption key – only you know your password - Optional PIN code, TouchID, and offline options - Get notified about important security issues and risks when they happen - Multifactor authentication ORGANIZE AND SHARE PASSWORDS - Organize sites by folders in your Vault - Safely and conveniently share passwords with others - Log in to Safari, Firefox, and Chrome extensions on your personal computer EMERGENCY ACCESS - Plan ahead and give trusted family or friends a way to access your Vault in case of an emergency - Accept or decline Emergency Access requests to your Vault LASTPASS ENTERPRISE CREATED SPECIALLY FOR BUSINESSES Business owners can download LastPass to secure their business and share passwords safely among employees. - Add and remove employee accounts from the Admin Console - Simple, secure sharing and storage of passwords among team members - Configure security policies to restrict access and set requirements - Active Directory integration for automated user provisioning - Learn more at With LastPass, your passwords are safely stored and accessible across all your devices. Use LastPass for password protection, document storage, or workplace security. Our Vault can handle it all. Download LastPass today!

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LastPass Password Manager app reviews

  • iPhone app does not save - Premium User 1/5

    By MusicMoviesApps
    Sync issues
  • Recommend 5/5

    By Tilod
    Works as expected. Like it.
  • Freezing 3/5

    By Madcatshopper
    I am very happy with this product, but since the last update, the app freezes after I login, and I have to try several times before I can login to a site in my vault. Please fix so I can give it 5 stars.
  • My lovely password assistant 5/5

    By kzinlatt
    LastPass work great for me. I love LastPass.
  • Bring back letters on pin input 1/5

    By Mmmm...mmm
    Bring back letters on pin input. You guys are a password company right?! Lol bad move.
  • Good but needs more work 2/5

    By BradAz79
    Long time customer here. App needs some work though. When I use the browser the l/p auto fills but continues to reload constantly and I can't continue. Please help
  • Can't get support within the mobile app & Touch ID barely works 1/5

    By TJ Block
    I tried to leave feedback and couldn't, so I have to do it through a review. Please fix the mobile app so that the login works regularly with Touch ID. Every time I want to access the app, I have to type in my master password, which, frankly, makes your app more insecure if anyone is watching/tracking my keystrokes. After I enter my master password, again, nearly every time, Touch ID will work for about 1/2 a day until I try to access it again. I then have to enter my master password again. I could be overlooking a setting within the app, but I can't leave feedback within the app. All around, this is frustrating . . .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By kjhilltx
    I have used this app for 4 years.:.2nd to none!
  • A-Mazing 5/5

    By Sole4Sole
    I'm blown! So awesome. Thank you for protecting myself, my family and our businesses! Must have.
  • Difficult to manage 1/5

    By KbarUpIt
    Can never figure out how this app works. How about a simple "user manual"? I found the "crypt me" app much easier to use. I'm done with LP.
  • LastPass works great 5/5

    By Billybob 1138
    I've been using LastPass for over a year and it has changed my online life for the better. I had been writing passwords on postit notes or sending them to myself in emails. Not very secure and very disorganized. LastPass puts everything in one easy to use location. I have organized my passwords by topic and everything is easy to find.
  • It's good to manage many password 5/5

    By prafulbusa007
    It's not easy to handle many password at our own and therefore, it helps to create and remember complicate password for user. Makes it easy when you know how to use it.
  • Very useful 5/5

    Last app integrates with the computers and mobile devices. Functionality is as desired. No issues over the last 3 years of use.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By axelgreaser
    Last pass has simplified our passwords...I just had to upgrade when the time came. Our family is all set! Yeah!
  • Starting to like this ... 4/5

    By BrianGGG
    At the start of this year LP was too clunky for me to include in my day to day processes. Now things are looking up. Very useful. Still some quirks on windows but getting better.
  • Great service 5/5

    By dfrobison
    I have used LastPass for years. The product keeps getting better and better. It's great to be able to have unique long passwords for every site and have them kept safe and secure.
  • Use it every day. Nearly flawless 5/5

    By cammaram
    I'd go crazy remembering all my passwords. This works wonderfully on phone and desktop computer. Apple and pc. Premium well worth the modest fee
  • Love It 5/5

    By isaacwcolyer
    Comprehensive, no problems w/syncing across devices & platforms, ease of sharing, great value, well worth the price.
  • Sorry 2/5

    By Imkindadumb
    To complicated for me lost a password to favorite site and couldn't find a way to ask for my passwords or even my master password but the bigger issue losing my passwords to site, I will probably take a course and change my rating if I figure it out so when I do hmu for help peeps if ya need it
  • Ugh! 4/5

    By Jgh40
    Latest update messed up previously seemless iOS integration with passwords. Please fix. Love the app!
  • It's good but!!! 4/5

    By SavageCause
    I have used this app for a while and across multiple platforms. It's not terribly expensive and it saves your passwords; just like it claims to do. I only find that the set up for active use becomes a mess see my apps don't auto password unless I use the browser. Furthermore when I review the setting thru the app or thru any browser it seems a little difficult to reference the information in need to know so I can confirm my security is to my level standing
  • LastPass is great 4/5

    By T. M. Morehouse
    LastPass is a great tool and a must have in today's digital world. It works great on computers and is even better when you also secure your account with the Yubikey from Yubico. It works on all major internet browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera) it works with many devices (iPhone, iPad, Andriod etc) I don't know how I ever lived without LastPass. Now the only reason I give LastPass 4/5 is because I've noticed it randomly logs me out on my mobile device with Touch ID so I have to reenter my email and master password. LastPass, fix this glitch and you've got yourself a 5/5 app. ***UPDATE*** One feature I would like to see added to the website/mobile app is the ability to log out from other locations. Being able to go to the mobile app and log out from the desktop if you don't recognize a login etc. or from a desktop log out from a mobile app remotely
  • Works but buggy. 3/5

    By Destro_4
    So far everything I have tried to do works pretty good up until you try and generate a password. If you try and change some of the value to generate a password the app just crashes. All I wanted to do was change the number of #s in my password.
  • Messed up my whole password system 1/5

    By 1nancynurse
    This system was a waste of money and time for me. After doing as instructed it worked for a couple of passwords but I could not get into sites until I got rid of lastpass. Your experience may be different.
  • Best PW app I've used 5/5

    By Rkc0817
    And I've used a lot. Not sure where these issues of don't work and crashes are coming from. Works like a champ for me. Couldn't be any easier or more convenient. Syncs across all devices automatically. What's not to like? I recommend it. The chrome extension is excellent.
  • Eye candy instead of useful. 1/5

    By bobluck
    Prior to logmein LastPass was head and shoulders above it's competitors. Now it seem to be unsupported abandonware. Sure updates are frequent, but the desktop world has been neglected.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By pjo59
    I love this app. I'm not sure why this app currently has a three star rating. It consistently works flawlessly for me on my 7plus, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, and any browsers I have added it to. I now have 16 character, complex passwords for all my logins that I don't have to remember! I feel way more secure now and it's so easy. Highly recommend!
  • I've Moved On [No longer reliable...] 1/5

    By lunarvision
    *Update* Moved on to better password apps. Got tired paying for LastPass when it doesn't work right. *Update* Auto login for websites no longer works. (I enable and save, go back and it's disabled again). Touch ID to unlock app doesn't work right. The new browser buttons at the bottom cover up Gmail's features. Constantly prompted to (re)save website logins already saved in the Vault (creating tons of duplicates). Still no page zoom. Etc, etc. This app is a disaster. What is going on at LastPass?! Will not be renewing my paid membership. Very buggy. Buyer beware.
  • Defeats the purpose 1/5

    By magnum6
    When you set this up, you have to create a master password that is so complex, that you either have to write it down (inherently insecure) or risk getting a character wrong and being locked out forever. The latter happened to me because I refused to do the former. So, I am forever locked out of LastPass unless I create a new email address and create a new account. There is no "reset" once you setup the account. I guess it's secure - no one, not even me, can get access to my account. Worthless
  • Care about security! 5/5

    By Gjp426
    No software is going to be without bugs or vulnerabilities, but in every article I've read that related to a LastPass exploit it's obvious the team tackles it right away and treated it with the utmost importance.
  • Extremely useful tool, no more sticky notes 5/5

    By Razzwell
    I've been using this app along with their Firefox web extension for about two years. I primarily use the web extension and then have the phone app as secondary means of access or for the occasional login from my phone. I am a huge fan of it and recommend it to anyone that has too many passwords to have to deal with. I haven't had any issues with their service. Being a web developer, I spend a good amount of time storing, resetting, and hunting down passwords. Lastpass totally fixed that for me. I can create a password as complex as the app or site will allow, categorize it for later retrieval, add any sort of secure note to the record, and then I can forget about it :D
  • Lack of Support 1/5

    By EliotJ2
    Minor issues become major for two reasons: 1. Support staff is completely unable to assist. The first thing, I just figured out on my own. The second is ongoing. If I as a novice can outsmart these "pros," how can I trust them to protect me? 2. Support staff bizarrely can't comprehend reports. Half of my communications with them are along the lines of "No, I did not say that. Would you kindly read what I wrote. It's very clear." If I have minor issue with other sites, they don't bother me much. However, a company entrusted with such sensitive information as LP is different. I expect near-perfection. I can't even get basic competence.
  • Fingerprint login is not working 1/5

    By GAD11
    The fingerprint login has stopped working since the last update. Super annoying!!!
  • Feature and function requests 4/5

    By i6ix
    A couple of things would make this much more useful to me: Please make the organization better on the phone app. Scrolling to the bottom most section I created takes a long time, and since Work starts with W, scrolling to those... You get the idea. Why not allow collapsing or jumping directly to sections? Next, also to help me organize: allow the addition of multiple username and password blanks into a single record. If you are an admin of anything you know the pain of having a few different usernames as you go deeper into the system. And why isn't the notes section of a login immediately viewable? There's no designator at all for wether or not something lives in there. So I find I'm constantly expanding the advanced section. Lastly, the import needs work. I recently switched from 1password. I honestly am missing 1password more than I'd imagined but it doesn't work everywhere I need it to reach, and LastPass does. So I need you to up your game. Overall, a great service and I'll be happy to write a friendlier review with more shiny stars if you can fix these issues. UPDATE: thank you for your response. I look forward to future versions.
  • Update epic fail 1/5

    By sirhcm
    Latest update WIPED my touch password and have no clue what it was. Thought the touch password and the saved passwords was the answer to my organization. Now I have a locked account and no options.
  • Great! 5/5

    By The Biker
    I've never used a password manager before but this one is amazing. It does cost $13/year for the pro version, which is absolutely necessary for the app to be useful. But $13 isn't much to avoid using the same few passwords on all your accounts. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone. It also works on the opera web browser which was a plus for me.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Antnygirl
    Doesn't work, doesn't even remember my main password
  • Does what it says it will 5/5

    By StanAtl
    I switched from DashLane because it became over complex. LastPass generates and saves passwords and that's all I need it to do.
  • Beware free trial lasts only a month 1/5

    By JN-T
    I downloaded this app based on positive reviews from on free password managers. However, it wasn't until after inputting my data that I noticed the free version expired in a month. After all the time it took to enter data I was reluctant to start all over, so I spent the $12 to purchase an annual subscription. Maybe it's worth it to have the convenience and security, but I am a reluctant customer and feel scammed.
  • Fingerprint touch support never works 1/5

    By Kumartian
    TouchID has failed since last few updates. It never works anymore and makes you manually enter your password instead of use a fingerprint to remember it. This decreases security when others are near your phone. Company clearly does not test their apps.
  • Great App But Premium Plan is little bit Expensive 4/5

    By Mr NML
    Actually I love this app.But slow loading whenever I touch their categories.I hope you will fix that.Premium version is little bit expensive.I really want you to change your Premium price.
  • Now I Can Remember My Passwords! 5/5

    By Piggy2475
  • Asome for logins 5/5

    By Supergrade21
    The best at keeping your passwords and usernames safe.
  • Such a relief to forget all those passwords 5/5

    Listened to a Reply All podcast about usernames and PW and how dangerous it is to use the same ones over and over. I can use really hard PWs and not worry about remembering
  • Upset 1/5

    By Penner01
    I have add for several years. All of a sudden the password hint would not work. I am getting errors messages that I don't have software to reset password and I can call no one and need to recreate a new account and start over. Well with kind of service don't even start with this app. Use one with 5 stars not 3 star average.
  • Great solution 5/5

    By Don't mess with Ryan
    I am an IT guy for a business and I have tried every imaginable solution for keeping track of passwords. This is the best one out there. The app works great, ignore the bad reviews . The only tough part about LastPass is that you have to commit to it and trust it but I have had 0 problems and I feel way more secure.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By old hill boy
    Have been trying to use LastPass for several weeks. No SUPPORT! No Help! Sure will not upgrade to PRO under these conditions. Tired of wasting time so, the hell with it.
  • Sales Tax 1/5

    By Frankey059
    They will charge you Illegally on Sales tax where you do not reside just because your IP provider is showing you in another town.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Rich23568$)
    Works perfectly after last update!
  • Can't get in 1/5

    By Chriscox11
    When I first signed up I was able to login with my thumb print, but now the app is requiring me to login with my password and I can't remember it. I've tried account recovery without any success on multiple occasions. Very frustrating.

LastPass Password Manager app comments

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