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Novation Launchpad

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Novation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Novation Launchpad App

The original Launchpad — Make & Remix Music. Enter an inspiring world of music creation and remixing on your iPhone & iPad. 8 free soundpacks included. Hundreds more available, updated weekly. Launchpad is the original number-one app for making and remixing electronic music. Instantly combine beats, basslines, melodies, vocals and FX loops into new creations. Layer DJ-style effects to chop and change your sound. Record your performance and share it with others. There’s never been a better time to make music. // MAKE & REMIX MUSIC Instantly create and remix music. Use the world-famous Launchpad grid to trigger loops and sounds from a huge professional library. Launchpad is always locked to the beat, so you’ll never go out of time. // EASY TO USE DJ-STYLE FX Free, easy-to-use DJ-style FX turn every remix into a creative performance. Advanced options on iPad further enhance your remixes. The pro DJ-style effects include filter, gater, stutter, stopper, flanger and delay. // INSPIRING SOUNDPACKS, UPDATED WEEKLY Launchpad comes with 8 remix soundpacks to get you started. Hundreds more are available in the store, with new ones added every week. // PRO FEATURES COLLECTION For the advanced or adventurous, the Pro Features Collection for iPad add-on lets import your own sounds, use all the extended FX features and sync easily to other apps and external hardware. Connect the world famous Launchpad hardware to your iPad for the ultimate sonic experience. At any time, capture your performance and share it easily. Features • Make music instantly — Play a multi-colour grid of amazing sounds • Perform like a DJ — Easy to play loops and one-shots • 8 free soundpacks — Nearly 400 sounds included. Discover hundreds more in the store. • Artist remixes — Remix Legendary tracks from UK Record label ‘Ninja Tune’ • Weekly releases — Professional remix soundpacks released every week • DJ-style performance FX — Make your mixes unique with powerful DJ effects • Share your music — Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Audiocopy and more • Build new remixes — Craft new and unique remixes from scratch • Create your own remixes — Craft your own remix by combining sounds from your library • Reuse soundpacks — Launchpad soundpacks appear automatically in Blocs Wave Advanced Features • Real-time tempo — Change tempo at any time, with real-time audio stretching • Blocs Wave export — Easily send your Blocs Wave projects to Launchpad • Audio Import* — Supports Dropbox, AudioShare, AudioCopy and Airdrop • Advanced performance FX* — Enhanced Stutter, Autofilter, Gater, Delay, Stopper & Flanger • Launchpad hardware — Integrates with Novation’s Launch hardware (iPad only) • Ableton Link — Jam in sync with your other apps, devices or Ableton Live • MIDI sync output* — Connect Launchpad to external hardware synths and drum machines* (iPad only) • Audiobus Support — Use any Audiobus-compatible apps to extend your music-making setup • Bluetooth — Supports Bluetooth speakers and headphones *In-App Purchase For more support enquires please visit: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:


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Novation Launchpad app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By Rigorey3
    Please make an option where you can go back and re mix your own creations
  • Listen up novation 4/5

    By dj-FR3D
    Also other than the iPhone having midi sync it would be great if it had volume controls in the mixer ,and to also solo tracks with the launchpad hardware and maybe a user function (like unipad)
  • Good, could be great though. 4/5

    By Strizbiz
    What would make it great is being able to export separate stem from a recording, and also when importing from Blocs Waves, being able to add launchpad samples and loops.
  • Good with some minor problems 4/5

    By its sarex 5000
    This app is probably the best launchpad app out there. The sounds are amazing and you can share your songs. The only problems I have with it is that I wish the record button was easier to get to as it is annoying to have to tap a bunch of buttons to record. Also I would like it if it was easier to tell if you turned off a pad and it is cycling off. The color for when it is cycling off is too similar to the color for when the pad is on. Other than that this app is the best.
  • Great App!!!!! Would recommend! 5/5

    By Infarno
    I love the smoothness of the sound and just everything about the app itself, this app has helped me get farther and have a sense of better sounds for my Bachelors in Music Production. I just wish it could have a point or game currency instead of pay-to-play type of thing, and had more packs and ones that are made for EXACTLY one genre instead of it kind of being mixed, but nonetheless, great app mad by great developers!
  • Good, but.... 4/5

    By QuickSilver Lopez
    I’ve had the app for years now. I have always enjoyed it, however now that I got back on it after such a long time. I noticed that they removed the titles for each section that identify what each section of each pack is. So I don’t even know what I’m using at all except for the colors and rows that separates them from each other. Other than that, there is nothing to help tell them apart or know exactly which section does what.
  • Music is not own 5/5

    By Younoussa
    Just one thing I don’t liked this apps because every song is other people so cannot users so that’s is not good I’m like why you have to buy something and you cannot use owners that is not fair so please guys try make things better please or is a great app than you
  • Love it but 5/5

    By Myles Koontz
    I love this app. I am not a successful producer, at all, but this app is awesome. The loops and synths are great. I only would like it if you made it free to import sounds. I work with GarageBand to make some of my songs, and I would love to be able to import things I’ve made. I understand you have to make money somehow, but just giving you some feedback. Otherwise, great music app. I’ve made 2 songs using this, and from peoples responses to them, they’re way better than my GarageBand songs, so you beat apple, and that’s an achievement! 👍
  • Battery Drain Bug 1/5

    By gotted
    For the last few days I was wondering why my new IPhone 8 Plus’ battery was decreasing so quickly. Turns out this app was sucking up 40% of my battery in the background. Uninstalled. Please fix.
  • New updated deleted songs 2/5

    By Tweetydoo•••
    Old songs could not be restored unlike earlier versions of app very disappointed
  • Nice 5/5

    By Sabump
    Smooth thing to make songs with friends and family. Hooked to an amp and a good time.
  • Still crashing when the app opens 5/5

    By Ultra Mario Records
    Fix crash bugs
  • Come on devs PLEASE!! Why? 3/5

    By WEKIV
    I know you mean well , but why come close to ruining a good thing? I hesitated to download the update for NUMEROUS reasons. But the reviews said the labels were back. WHERE? Do I have to turn them on? Can’t find a setting. And what happened to the BEAT SLICERS? . They NO LONGER STAY ENGAGED . I now have to keep my finger on it? WHY? I don’t like to gripe . Especially about a free app. But I’ve bought a lot of Novation products and I WAS USING this app daily. Now I don’t want to even open it. Very very sad. It seems from your responses that you are listening . Perhaps in the future I would suggest taking some surveys from users before making such radical changes to a perfectly good working platform. Can someone at least tell me how to get the labels back? I’ve upped my review from 1 to 3 because of the prompt developer response to my questions . Thank you Devs for listening. I found the Fx lock . Now please bring back the labels to the phone and I’ll make it a 5. (obviously not just for me but for ALL phone users) The smaller screen does not make it any easier to remember what is what. And we know they’ll fit as they used to do so perfectly. Please treat the phone equally. I happen to use Launchpad on both devices but find myself starting ideas more often on the phone. Continuity is paramount. Last but certainly not least : WHY on earth did you BURY THE RECORD BUTTON UNDER ANOTHER MENU? Hiding the RECORD BUTTON FROM THE MAIN SCREEN makes no sense. WHY? It seems that whomever made and/or ok’d the changes to the main screens intuitive and efficient layout was MORE CONCERNED with minimalist design APPEARANCE THAN WITH FUNCTIONALITY.

    By combo ninja
    It it so good
  • IOS upgrade jams us all up, again 5/5

    By Cooldaddysuprememasterkilla
    What’s up my peeps, it’s me again, your biggest fan and serial complainer. Thanks to another pointless upgrade from the deep thinkers at The Apple hive mind, launchpad now no longer loads and crashes before pulling up. Any sage advice on this? Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Making sweet jams on yawls apps and hardware is the highlight of my day, do me a solid. In solidarity, Roger. Update: Seems to have resolved, cheers Update: copy that my dude, downloading. Thanks as always for the prompt response. Novation4Life
  • One minor glitch! 4/5

    By Bantrac
    For some reason I can’t get free or payed packs. Regardless I love the app and it’s amazing to help me get inspiration, I just wish I was able to actually get the packs in the app that I’m fond of, thanks for the countless hours of fun and inspiration
  • Just awesome 5/5

    By Dumb as Rocks
    Well designed, super fun. A must have for any fan of technology and music
  • Fun but 3/5

    By Davis Rogers
    This app so so much fun but there is one small problem they took out the feature where the beat would delay before starting which they should have kept because now I can only play one sound and have to wait till I can play multiple sounds.
  • Awesome, but (pls read) 4/5

    By etoproxy
    This is awesome 👏🏼 It’s intuitive, sleek design rolls in with its easy (but still requires skill) method. I use this for all my music productions, and I am very satisfied, except one thing... I bought Import your Own Sounds, hoping I could use my Apple Music and import from there. Pls add this in a new update. Thxxx for reading
  • Love 5/5

    By AnimeLover2500
    I love this app
  • Something very wrong 1/5

    By wizman228
    I am having a hell of a time getting the app to load at all. I select it and try to open only to have it go to the icon over and over. it just won't open and after many tries it works. Only to have it not open next time I visit the app. I think this all started after an the most current update and/or after buying the new flanger fx. I don't want to rate it down because I love this app and use it all the time but right now something is very wrong. Same problem for me as soon as I loaded latest update. App won’t open on iPad or iPhone
  • Getting frustrated 3/5

    By Krging
    I do like the app, but when you switch to edit a pad, there are little options available, such as changing the key of the pad. Once your done editing, its a real puzzle to get back to the original screen, i have undo any edit to back up...
  • It was the best app I had until this update now it’s total crap 1/5

    By THE ROZ
    It was the best app I had until this update now it’s total crap.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Andrewjosephtacvarez
    This is amazing
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By kurtismichael
    This is a great app! One thing I like extra is that it plays when u not on app. Plz tell me if this happend to u or u think it’s a glitch.
  • Crash on importing 4/5

    By 95sina
    iPhone 5s is what I got The whole app is great, but it crashes and jumps out when I wanna import any music I made in block waves to lunch-pad
  • Good App 5/5

    By Undertakerulz10
    But I’m having some issues when it comes to sharing. When I preview the song before sharing it on Facebook, there’s no audio. And when I try to share it on Messenger, it can’t connect (and I’m connected to WiFi). Would appreciate it if those issues can get fixed soon.
  • Will kill your battery (UPDATED) 5/5

    EDIT: Thanks for the response. I realize now the error is on my part and I apologise for the review. Gonna leave my original up in case anyone runs into the same issue 🤪 (ORIGINAL) Make sure you kill the app when youre done, or it will eat most of your battery in about half a day. Battery usage was at 53% for this one app from the time I unplugged (8ish) to right after I finished work (3pm). NOT ok!!!
  • ბეგი 5/5

    By zazabegi
  • Perfect 5/5

    By louiskoko
    Perfect app

    I LOVE THIS APP! I have made every single purchase, and I love that I can think of a melody and actually find exactly what I was thinking of! I highly recommend this app for beginning DJs and mixers. P.S. I am not an AI bot that left this review, for any skeptics. -Unchilled
  • Best of the best 5/5

    By Gore Bunny
    I can simply load any of my sounds an it works perfect, or I can buy an infinite amount of sound packs the app is a super robust construct, I use it and I really love it
  • So much fun 5/5

    By ModemmeX
    It’s better to jam out than fade away - I make some beats in between life. It’s so fun with this app. Love the sounds. Easy to use straight off or customizable. High quality soundz!
  • Great, however.... 3/5

    By Likely XO
    The app is great to use when making some beats. However, the problem is that there not that many samples that's for free and it's getting boring to keep using the same sample. There should be some samples for free because already I have to pay $15 for the whole package of unlocking the pro editor for the sounds.
  • Features removed 1/5

    By 1Chony
    Not happy. The older version was better. Pls give us back: - home-page tempo view - iPad stay awake - easier access to projects
  • Severely disappointed with dramatic changes 3/5

    By Former Obsessed Fan
    While i encourage new potential buyers to explore, as someone playing with this app for the past three years (or more) I’m grossly disappointed with how dramatically you have redefined the layout, which i imagine I’m now beholden to learning with no going back. You have needlessly changed layouts to a completely different orientation. It has not made it sexier, or sleeker, or brought a more friendly UI— it is obtuse, unclear, and has rendered useless the familiarity and workflow i had with great software that i willingly blew a lot of money on soundpacks for. If i sound excessively disappointed, it is because I’m a mediocre musician at best, and my forays into launchpad were my most rewarding experiences in music making. i own hardware synths (Volcas) that, we’re the manufacturer to rearrange the buttons so as to make it completely unrecognizable, i would find abhorrent. That you would do that simply because your customers buy software is distressing. You’ve taken my money and now bait and switched me to something that is (to some, not me) more aesthetically pleasing, at the complete cost of functionality. i really do not see myself learning how to use this new layout with a fraction of the ability i cultivated on the old layout, and therefore, wonder if I’ll use this much more. It’s honestly a tremendous turn off. I’m sure i could learn with great effort (and time that i sadly don’t have), but it is not appreciated, and causes pause to give you any more of my money by investing further into an app that i have no meaningful say in the changes of. i truly have sang the praises of this app for years to many people who’ve downloaded it and spent money. I’m guessing at the moment, but since I’ve more soundpacks than i can recall, I’ve no doubt spent over a hundred on this. You’ve rendered the product i have emphatically invested in useless. I’m personally, presumably done spending money in-app, and very sadly, don’t see myself using the app unless it reverts to the last interface style. Truly disheartened. Thank you for the once very enjoyable product it once was, and give consideration to reverting to that.
  • 👍👍 4/5

    By Echogaming101
    You would think, “dang it, this app looks cool but it turns out you need in app purchases.” Nope. It’s awesome.
  • It’s coo 5/5

    By brinlog
    But Can you imagine to be in your phone
  • I loveeeee it 5/5

    By Stefimom09
    I love it because I get to make remix and songs it’s so much fun you should get it no joke and I can not stop makeing songs!!!!!!!!
  • Version 6.3.9 was better 2/5

    By Tuc panda edits
    This new design and everything together doesn't sit right. Older Version was far more better in my opinion. 6.3.9 was the best, it was overall better and easier. Now it feels like I'm playing a game more than making music, it's confusing and I didn't like it when 7.0 came out. Please return to the older version on this it was so much better and it hurts to have to write because I'm been here for so long.
  • Launch pad 5/5

    Amazing just needs more free soundpacks
  • I love launchpad 5/5

    By yodude274
    Hi dis is da best music app I’ve ever used
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Wuiwuwui
    Just can’t stop playing
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By HP Laptop 420
    i want my money back from in app purchases. the app updated and i lost all the sound packs. kinda made me mad too. i bought like 6 or 7 packs
  • Major question 4/5

    By Gstpierre
    is there anyway to get the sound pack that is from the studder fx demo video? thanks
  • Honestly, easiest app ever for great, copyright free music 5/5

    By Silvrrwulf
    I know nothing about music, except I love it. Launchpad lets me create the perfect soundtrack to my iMovie films without fear of the dreaded YouTube or Facebook bans. Easy, accessible, and customizable, I go back to this again and again. If I can bang out a soundtrack in 5 minutes, anyone can.
  • Sooooooo good 5/5

    By FTOTable
    I made some sick music
  • So much fun 5/5

    By DancingDean
    I love it
  • Delay effect 4/5

    By halation777
    The delay used to have eight different timings (now only four) that could be locked or held. Please bring that back! (Cannot find “lock” in settings)
  • Nice app 5/5

    By tastowe
    I loved the music apps

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