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Novation Launchpad

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 6.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Novation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Novation Launchpad App

Want to make and remix music? If you love electronic music, you’ll love Launchpad. Enter an inspiring world of music creation and remixing on your iPhone & iPad. Launchpad is the number-one app for making and remixing electronic music. The new real-time tempo engine allows you to change tempo at any time. Ableton Link allows Launchpad to sync with other apps, devices and computers. “A brilliant concept” - Music App Blog "...literally one of the most fun things I’ve messed around with in a long time..." - Sonic Scoop “Endless possibilities” - Rekkerd Create music instantly by combining beats, basslines, melodies, vocals and FX loops. The pads are synchronised so you'll always be locked into the beat. Launchpad comes with eight soundpacks to get you started, with fresh new soundpacks available from our store to satisfy your musical desires. Free, easy-to-use DJ-style FX help you make every tune unique, with options on iPad to expand your boundaries with enhanced Performance FX. At any time, capture your performance and share it easily. For advanced music makers, import your own sounds with the Audio Import add-on to start making new tunes. Sync with either Link or MIDI-compatible apps, and hardware to Launchpad on iPad for the ultimate sonic experience. Making music has never been so inspiring. Key Features: • Make music instantly using a colourful multi-pad grid • Trigger up to 8 loops or one-shots simultaneously • Play with eight free soundpacks, and discover more in the soundpack store • Keep your tunes sounding fresh with frequent new soundpacks • Make every tune unique with Performance FX, including Stutter, Autofilter, Gater, Delay, Stopper and Flanger* (iPad only) • Share your creations on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Audiocopy and email. • Use your own sounds with Audio Import* • Create remixes by editing pads • Connect and use with Novation’s famous Launchpad hardware (iPad only) • Send your sounds to an Audiobus-compatible app for further tweaking • Sync MIDI-compatible apps and hardware to Launchpad* (iPad only) * In-App Purchase Other recent features: • Launchpad Soundpack Sharing - Use your purchased soundpacks in our Blocs Wave music app • Edit Pads on iPhone - Create your own new remixes • Import your own sounds on iPhone (requires In-App Purchase) • Multi-colour pads - Keep track of your sounds by colour, with hardware support added for Novation's Launch range • Real-time tempo changing - Change tempo while playing, at any time • Ableton Link support - Jam in sync with your other apps, devices or Ableton Live • New Flanger FX and Stopper FX - Fresh new additions to the effects library* (iPad only) • MIDI Sync output - Connect Launchpad to external hardware synths and drum machines* (iPad only) • Full-view mode - Show pads alongside either filters, volumes faders or FX (iPad only) Novation Launchpad is compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus . Supports iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10. For more support enquires please visit: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


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Novation Launchpad app reviews

  • It's very good. 5/5

    By Ben E1101
    Really think outside the box. Incredible for live mixing. Clearly intended for EDM but is applicable for anything. You have to try and push this app to its limit to fully appreciate it. iPhone version way better than iPad version. It renders recordings/exports at better quality than a 6s can possibly put out. It's a great app.
  • Must get 5/5

    By 4Mus!c
    Epic sounds just a little restraint because of not a lot of free sound packs
  • Killed my Battery! 1/5

    By seadogfl
    Open in the background, killed my battery! Drained 70% of my battery life in one day. Make sure you stop it after use! DELETED!
  • A BIG FAN!!! 5/5

    By A BIG FAN!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By andrewcoolman
    My friends love the music that I play and also my friends play this game to and they like it to
  • Dang. 5/5

    By Wouldnt recommend
    Check it out. no other words necessary
  • I have a problem 4/5

    By Crazy_B_YT
    I mean it’s a good app, except for one thing. I can’t connect my launchpad MK2 connected to this stupid iPhone 5s! It turns on when I connect it but it doesn’t light up and respond with the app! 3 words. I HATE THAT! I can’t find the midi sync I/O so I can’t use it can you please help. Ampify Novation Pleaaaase!!!!
  • Love it.. 5/5

    By Rhythmmaster420
    Make you feel like a pro, from the start.. inspiration
  • Good stuff! 5/5

    By alambert83
    This is great for someone like me who just wants to mess around in their free time and try to learn something. I'm having an absolute blast! I'm sure if you know what you're doing you can get even more out of it. For a noob like me it's an awesome way to dip your toes into the world of beat making. Can't put it down!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By TheKid_Himself
    When you import samples the playback speed doesn't reflect file BPM. So your samples speed up or slow down. Other wise the app is great.
  • I Love Launchpad! 5/5

    By chazatlas
    Launchpad is one of the absolute best music production apps available! It's the easiest to use, has the best sounds, is expandable and the support goes above & beyond to help you.
  • I'm Proud to be BruhMonJee 5/5

    By Pusskake
    It's impossible for me to sit down, shut up, and learn. If learning was School Oriented or Music Oriented, I had soooooo much trouble with it. Even tho I was considered talented, I felt stuck and became depressed knowing I had the ears of a Fully Loaded Musician that could play anything. Launchpad made the usage of my Musical Ears easy to use and I'm proud to create track with this App and call myself BruhMonJee. 5 Stars ✨ - BruhMonJee (Gamer - Entertainer - Reviewer - SoundCloud)
  • Great App But.... 3/5

    By JWygant
    This is a great app and fun but that is all it is fun, it has absolutely 0 production value and NONE of the features of the physical units which you would expect see in an app such as this, especially with it being named exactly the same, but so far as I can tell, you cannot connect it as a MIDI device to your DAW, nor assign samples to the pads to trigger sounds in the DAW, or anything else you would think that it would as a launchpad. In the end this app does a good job of mimicking the real thing, and the sounds included are decent, but this is definitely not what it appears to be.
  • Add individual pad fx assign options to iPhone 3/5

    By TreesInEden
    Please add individual pad fx assign options like on the iPad version of this app. .
  • Old Love 5/5

    By Zebraengine
    New way to launch music, makes making music effortless.
  • Add more music styles 5/5

    By mommy mess
    A great f***ing app! It feels empty without hardstyle. I would for you guys to add hardstyle, and add Aphex Twin in the artist tag
  • Great app but missing export features (Ableton) 4/5

    By justMW
    Great app and even better along with the other notation apps, which are total gems! Deducted one star because it seems to have very limited export options, don’t see an Ableton export option. Would love to see a few more pro features like that added, but it’s def a keeper in the iPad arsenal.
  • Absolutely amazing 5/5

    By Vaktovian
    I never write reviews, that alone should be testament to the fact that I love this app so much. I have so much respect for the creators, it seems like every app nowadays wants to shove an ad down your throat every five seconds. In the good hour I was messing around with it, I didn't see a single one. Several sound packs are free and the ones that aren't are very reasonably priced. It's high quality audio, there's a very handy "tips" page to help you get started, and it's extremely fun making a beat of your own. Five stars, you guys are awesome.
  • Woooowwww 5/5

    By oposum2000
    One word : AMAZING !
  • Love this app 4/5

    By anthony xe butter
    I like and loce this app i started to do youtube on this app and i have 6 subscribers and why 4 stars well for a person that does not waist money on apps well thats the down side i feel like we as a comunity we should get every thing from the start and thats my strong opinion so yeah
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Njannel
    An easy way to make sick beats.
  • Recording artist master audio engineer 5/5

    By Wolfbanging
    extremely easy to set up compared to the big ones I think I like this actually better because it actually sounds better works a lot easier very user-friendly and very easy to understand once you figure out where you were running up to the sound sound of generalized them in groups and mission preview
  • So much fun 4/5

    By Rockers133
    It calms my anxiety as well as keeps me entertained for hours! But I feel like there should be more free packs
  • Bal is good🐞 5/5

    By part of the logang
    Bal is gud
  • HELP!! App won't let me post to Soundcloud!! 3/5

    By brass08420monkey
    Please help! Every time I try to upload my recordings to SoundCloud- it says “Oops! Something went wrong! Error: Http: 422 I really wanted this to work :( Please help!!
  • Best app in the whole world!✅✅✅✅✅ 5/5

    By Deznuts gotty
    Best App in my iPhone 📱
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Caracalla17790
    I got this app cause I like dj songs it turns out it is awesome it's so good and easy You should definitely get it
  • Dig it LARGE! 5/5

    By Roctor11
    Whether I simply get bored at the airport or have a good song idea, Launchpad lets me sketch - and it almost always surprises me with the outcome because of the breadth of sounds and sources combined with the "limitations" of a Key-Structure box. Nice challenge that, thinking outside the box… I am smiling! I would like to see chord/key changes within the song - perhaps along the lines of arranging per measure ... Song structure... picky, picky. I adore this!!!
  • Great sound! 5/5

    By Dan_Nguyen
    This is a great app I have ever found. That's what i'm looking for. I love it.
  • Needs Fixing On Iphone 5s not letting me upload my recordings it keeps saying an error message 2/5

    By zeeeeeeenith187
    I Love Every Aspect Of This App..Though I Do Think It Needs more Features Like Adding effects like Reverb,Delay,Phaser,Chorus,Flanger,etc...Also There Has Been A bug Recently On The Launchpad app On My Iphone 5s Apple Iphone when i try to upload a Recording To Youtube Which i have done successful many times in the past is now started saying Video Upload Failed: "The operation couldn't be completed " Every time i try to upload it fails And Its So Much Of A Bummer Please Fix It !!! please Im Running On The Most Updated firmware on both iphone & Launchpad ( error 400.)
  • So much fun. So much room for improvement 4/5

    By Schmittymcgoogle
    Spending hours playing with this app. It’s amazing. Slightly tedious to select each pad’s sound. Only able to clear one pad at a time. Could use an option to select as many as you want and then clear. Maybe a more streamlined was to look up sounds would be nice. Just takes a long time to set up a new board. Still super fun though.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SomeoneInTheRockies
    Best music app for iPhone period. Get up and playing high quality arrangements with simple to use interface. Awesome
  • Edm class 5/5

    By Diddydongdoer
    Nobody will ever truly know how much I love this app. I have a class in school called ‘Electronic Dance Music’. We exclusively use this app and it’s so lit.
  • Gets creative juices flawing. 5/5

    By DJ Zoot
    As an old DJ and producer, I enjoy this APP’s creative content. It’s simplicity in use is a plus for new music creators and producers .
  • Lit 5/5

    By Crunchyroll and punchyourhole
  • I love it ! 5/5

    By Cory Stardust
    Dope little sequencer !
  • All Novation apps are ill... 5/5

    By InkJetFuel
    ...and I can't wait to try out your hardware next. Shot out to Dibia$e. I really only have one request: Please, (please, please), allow all of 'em, esp. Launchpad & Blocs Wave, to sync projects across all my iOS devices, (via wifi, bluetooth, LTE whatever)—in the background. Spending gobs of time setting up my joints on my iPhone while running around the city... and then having it all show up on my iPad when I perform that night, would be theeeee' killer feature. Better than the next 10 sound packs combined ;) Thanks Novation.. now back to the beats! PS. A Launchpad trigger system for stage vocalist on the Apple Watch would be crazy ✨🔓👀
  • Joe Solo’s Secret Weapon 5/5

    By Joe Solo Producer
    As a 24 million selling producer and public speaker on the music industry, I give Launchpad my strongest recommendation. So fun, intuitive, and easy. And Most of all-Launchpad SOUNDS pro.
  • Ugh. Love the app, 1/5

    By Jonnie Sparkel
    But at the moment when I try to restore my previous purchases to my iPhone 8 plus the app just crashes, and that’s no bueno. Tried uninstalling launchpad and even blocs wave just in case and re installed with no success.
  • Great music, fun and easy to use! 5/5

    By Kutabear
    I make jams just for the fun of it for myself and share the best ones with my friends. Hip Hop, Space Trap, and Dubstep are awesome!
  • Great stuff 5/5

    By Navyseal21
    Great suff but i would love to see the app offer the same light show that the hardware offers Hopefully you guys know what i mean Like when you hit a button a row of buttons light up or somthing like that Somekimd of light show on the buttons would be cool
  • Cannot restore purchases. 1/5

    By jayPhantom
    Purchased most of the sample packs on a previous iPad that was stolen. When I bought a new one and tried to restore purchases it crashes every time.
  • Easiest well made Music app 5/5

    By bhwD11
    Notation kills it again
  • The store 2/5

    By feintballer
    Very good but the store will not let me get sound packs for whatever reason I like and I use this app daily
  • Best made me buy one 5/5

    By DD Amanda
    It’s very good that you need to buy one if you keep on wanting to do this.
  • Novation did it best! 5/5

    By DarkRothCo_
    I am verrrrry impressed with Novation and they’re amazing dedication and work they have put into the Launchpad and Blockwave. I have been making music and creating different sounds for years but I have to say this is the greatest app I’ve come across! Thank you Novation! Let’s see more awesome work!
  • Very nice app and it’s free 4/5

    By Kevin Michael Miami 1
    Nice free app. I really like the fx they offer and the fact that I’m able to import my audio to the pads to be able to work my own tracks. Nice job guys.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Anxious22
    One of the best apps in the store! I am a music lover and I can be very creative with this app!
  • Good 5/5

    By Donnie8
    Usefull & Creative
  • Oooooommmmmgggggggg 4/5

    By CAKElord47
    This game is amazing. If you like music and making it you will love this game!!!!!!!

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