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  • Current Version: 2.7.7
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  • Developer: Lezhin Entertainment
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+++ New webcomics everyday! +++ - Not your everyday comic. Released everyday. - Enjoy webcomics with our latest app (supports iOS 9). #READIT #NEEDIT 【Free Episodes Unlocked Every Week】 Come back every week for new free episodes! 【Free Sign Up, Free Content】 You can view free content without signing up. However, to use Coins to purchase episodes or to sync across devices you need to sign up to Lezhin Comics. - Sign up in just 3 seconds! Enter your email and password and you're good to go. - You can reset your password at any time. 【Payment support】 - If you experience payment errors, please contact help@lezhin.com and we'll get it fixed immediately. - Customer Support hours: M~F 10:00am - 6:00pm (KST) - Lezhin Comics Customer Support: help@lezhin.com 【New Comics Every Day】 We curate the highest quality content and bring them to you every day (5:00am PST/ 4:00am PDT). Come back every day for something new, 365 days a year. 【Exclusive Titles】 We bring you exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry! We have something for absolutely anybody - from office workers to students. Experience the hottest new titles from the giants to crazy, new ideas from the up-and-coming writers and artists. Only on Lezhin! 【Free Episodes】 We provide free content everyday. Whether you're into romance, horror, action, or even something queer, come back everyday to check what we're offering for free. 【'Unlock All' Feature】 Tired of having to purchase one episode at a time? We've added an 'Unlock All' feature which allows you to purchase all paid episode with a single tap. If you're in for some binge reading this feature is for you. 【Save and Read HD Quality Comics】 All Lezhin Comics are available in HD image quality. Collect your favorite picks in 'My Library'. Experience comics in crisp HD on your smartphone. 【Manage 'My Library' / 'Recent' List】 Manage your Library and Recent list by editing/hiding your viewed comics. Read too many comics to keep in your Library? Just leave your favorites and hide the rest. 【Episode Sort Order】 If your reading a new comic, sort your comics in order of release date. Or if you want to view the most recent episodes first, sort by most recent. 【Purchase Coins】 You need coins to purchase paid episodes. Check our Coin bundles in our 'Purchase Coins' menu. The more Coins you get, the better the deal! 【Webtoons for everyone】 We procure the highest quality, G-rated content for our iPhone/iPad app. For questions concerning comics that are unavailable on the app, please refer to our Announcements or Customer Support FAQ. - Lezhin Comics Official Blog: social.lezhin.com - Facebook: www.facebook.com/lzhncomics 【Customer Support】 email: help@lezhin.com url: http://www.lezhin.com/en/help

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Lezhin Comics - Premium Webtoons Everyday! app reviews

  • All the bl 4/5

    By Lilmisnicole
    Ok so I love the bl comics but it's not fair that we have to pay over 100$ just to see a few more chapters of the comic you should lower the prices then besides that I love the app so much a lot of the comics almost brought me to tears . Good job 👍🏼👍
  • killing stalking 1/5

    By idkkitty
    it's literally the ONLY reason I downloaded this app I can't seem to find it when I search for it, so I guess I'll just go back to reading it on mangafox
  • I love this app soon much, but... 4/5

    By That one customer
    This is one of the greatest ape I've ever downloaded but I wish you could at least watch ads to get points. I'm broke😂 and want to keep reading but don't have any points. Just thought that I would point out that there should be other options for gaining points.
  • YALL don't get this if you want to read killing stalking 1/5

    By sangwoos.basement
    aight so based on the reviews most people tried getting the app for Killing Stalking (so did I). it's not even on the app. I suggest using the mobile website from Safari/chrome or if you'd like an app to read this manga on, try mangabird. This app seems kind of ok as it is, but I would still prefer the actual mobile website.
  • Limited material 1/5

    By Phomiach1
    Obviously I came for Killing Stalking. I was disappointed, I still like the app, just wish it was more like the website.
  • wow 1/5

    By lolkpopandanime
    so many people got this for killingstalking (even i did) i felt my hopes go down the drain tbh... but i can still read killingstalking on the app online...
  • Dammit apple 1/5

    By Chickenjdjdjdjdj
    Can i please read my questionable manga in pease I DONT CARE HOW GAY AND ILLEGAL I HAVE TO AVOID TUMBLR CAUSE I HAVE READ CHAPTER 14
  • won't download 1/5

    By Gummibears2029
    so i got this for killing stalking bc i've been behind on the latest chapters and i've heard this app mentioned a few times online so i decided to give it a try. but, it won't even download onto my phone. every time i press the button to download it, it says that i already bought it and it's downloading now but it's not :/ even if i did happen to get the app it seems that people are saying it doesn't work anyways
  • ☹️ 2/5

    By Kanekiwaifu
  • Boiii 1/5

    By aubmit riview alacazam
    I came here for killing stalking and I can't find it im sad now
  • A fine app but not very useful at the moment 3/5

    By NeonGreenCat
    If you discovered this app in hopes of reading Killing Stalking you're out of luck. I downloaded this app because it allowed me to pay using App Store money, which I come across as gifts far more often than regular money. However, being a website whose most popular content is in the R-18 section, it's app needs some sort of allowance for adult comics. Maybe a mature content switch or filter.
  • Apple is annoying 1/5

    By Amane Lisa
    I came here to support the Artist of Killing Stalking and Apple is not letting the story appear. I find that really annoying they need to fix it ASAP
  • Great! If only Apple didn't limit content 4/5

    By Katainthedark
    I love this app because it's fairly easy to use and has most of my favorite webcomics, for those that are rating low due to not being able to see certain content (Killing Stalking fans), please understand that mature content is limited by Apple. You are still able to support Lezhin via browser until Apple changes this policy. Despite that this is still good for reading and my only complaint is the limitation of coins that are bought on the app.
  • Great App but........ 1/5

    By exoluckyxoxo
    This app was supposed to have the same number of webtoon she as its website but it doesn't. I can't find one of my fav webtoons (Killing Stalking).
  • Doesn't have all stories 1/5

    By Rinny_02
    For some reason I can't find the comic I wanted the app for (Killing Stalking). What the heck?
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Fix it or refund me my $20.00
    It's ok, I love reading people's work it's like WEBTOON, but it's pretty expensive for coins, $4 just for 21 coins is a bit to much in my opinion, other than then it's ok I guess, just the money problem that's all, I don't even see a 0.99 option so eh.
  • Well 3/5

    By Donaldtrumpsass
    I love love love this app but it would get so much more if you could read without the coin stuff I really dislike that otherwise great
  • Cant purchase coins on iOS 2/5

    By MangaKJD
    Forever stuck loading the coin purchase options on iOS.
  • AWESOMENESS!!!!! 5/5

    By S_A_M:D
    I love this app it has many great stories and I love the coin paying system!!! There just one little problem, I would love if you guys would make a Lezhin Plus app for iPhone because you have it advertised on the iOS app saying you get 10 free coins and such plus access to mature content on the app that's nice, I mean don't advertise something on one app that you can't get on that system. It's that simple. Overall it's a good app.
  • Honestly 3/5

    By Sem Athis
    The stories are great but I really can't afford to buy everything on the app and it just pisses me off that I don't know how anything ends
  • Please fix this.. 3/5

    By Nadoodleydoo
    I really love the app and all but I haven't received my coins for logging in daily. I was hoping that I could buy the next chapters of a comic I am currently reading. I was also thinking when a new chapter is uploaded we get to read the next comic of where you left off. If that makes sense. Please work on this....

    By (Un)pretty rapstar
    I love the webtoons on this app... But it won't update!!! It would say that it's updated on the home screen but it's locked after I go on the page with each chapter. And I also never got coins for free.
  • HELP 3/5

    By SWAT Superior
    How do I change it to english I would love to read some of the manga's but I can't read it
  • No free coins 2/5

    By JDC&MDFV88
    Never received any free coins despite signing in daily
  • Good reader, good manga, limited by Apple 4/5

    By Dr. T (also)
    Most of the content is pretty good. Don't understand why mobile purchases and web purchases are not completely interchangeable (mobile works for all, web only for web). Reader is easy to use. Apple won't let some content display in app, so you may need to go through the website to get full content (come on, Apple, you know enough about me to know I'm a grown up. Who are you protecting? My kids can use the web better than I can, so if they're on my phone, they can get the stuff anyway). Oh, and you can't use gift debit cards to buy coins, why?? Otherwise, pretty decent app with pretty decent manga.
  • don't download it 1/5

    this company supports feminazi groups
  • With a distorted feminism. 1/5

    By AshyGrey
    This is a group of disgusting artists. You must respect your royal readers, anyway i'm leaving.
  • 메갈 코믹스 아웃 1/5

    By Riderjun
    최소한의 상식없는 작가들이 너무 많이 모여 있는곳. 트래픽으로 인한 광고비 저차 아깝다!
  • Bad User Interface 2/5

    By Sillysassa
    Though the app seems beautiful at first, it's usability is very limited. There is no menu to access certain settings that are available on it's competitor's apps. The path-finding design needs work. Overall, I love the idea of having to earn andor pay for coins to read chapters, I understand that it brings in more revenue, and the authors/artists deserve every penny they get. This is the only Webtoon app that seems to understand that. Where it fails, however, is making the app user-friendly. The developers advertise that you get free coins daily by signing in, but that is a lie. I've been signing in everyday for two weeks, and I still have 0 coins.
  • No English 1/5

    By དHaku/Keiཌ
    I like the service and all but I would like to use the app instead of the website. However, the app does not support English.
  • 다운받았는데 일본어/중국어로 되어있어서 깜놀 1/5

    By Dustnmyers
    바로 삭제
  • Help 1/5

    By Stockmen2me
    No English add English
  • ❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 4/5

    By shannara02
    컨텐츠도 좋고 서비스도 좋지만 가끔씩 만화 로딩이 안되고 일본어로 바뀔때가 있네요 😂
  • 도시때 일본어로나온데스까..? 1/5

    By SolomonOh
  • 미국에 사는 한국인인데 영어도 아니고 한국어도 아닌 왜 일본어로 나오죠? 1/5

    By Vcxzfgncdss
    분명 앱 이름은 한국어로 잘 나오는데 들어가면 일본어로 나오고 로그인도 안되고 왜 이러는 거죠 다시 다운 받아도 계속 일본어로 나오네요
  • 언어설정 1/5

    By Chyl89169
    다운받자마자 일어로 되있는건 무슨 상황?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 일본어? 1/5

    By arielskoo
    업데이트했는데 죄다 일본어로 변경되었네요 고쳐주세요!!
  • 뭐야 이게 5/5

    By Anonymous Personn
    이거 다운로드가 했는데 열었는데 일본언어 밖에 없었다...결국은 삭제 했지. 핵실망이야...ㅉㅉ
  • Getting better... 5/5

    By p_nut
    Hope English would be soon...
  • 일본어 2/5

    By Oiytefh
    한국인이쓰는 한국말로된 만화 앱에 결재가 일본어라는게 말이되나?... 뭔소린지모르겠어서 돈을못쓰겠어요ㅋㅋ 그리고 왜 가격이랑 코인수가 컴으로할때랑 폰으로할때랑 다른거죠. 값도 엔화라 내가 얼말 내는건질 모르겠어서 찜찜해서 돈을못쓰겟네요..😂
  • 일본어로만 나오는데 좀 어떻게 해보세요 1/5

    By 0__0ring
    지금까지 레진에 계속 돈 써가면서 만화 봐왔는데 앱 자체가 일본어로만 바껴서 아무것도 할 수가 없습니다 도대체 뭐죠 이게
  • 언어설정 언제 해줄꺼에요? 1/5

    By ABUMtech
    저기 아이폰 영문에서 일본어 나오는거 수정 좀 하시면 안되요...? 예전에는 한국어 잘떠서 썼는데 이제 일본어만 뜨니 못쓰겠네요. 언어설정 좀 바꿀 수 있게 하면 안되요...?
  • 언어가.. 1/5

    By 공부안하고 이거한다
    미국사는데 갑자기 한국어에서 일어로 다 바꿔져있네요...리딩리스트도 다 없어지고...빨리고쳐주세요
  • 언어 1/5

    By Hahejdbsjs
    언어가 갑자기 일본어로 바뀌였내요 왜이러는지... 어이가없내요
  • 아ㅏ-- 1/5

    By Gandas
    이거 업데이트 맞나여? 업데이트면 뭔가 더 좋아야 되는데.. 그게 아닌가? 일본 독자들 위해 만든건 알겠지만 왜 엡뎃 하면 바로 일본어로 설정된건지.. 아니면 다시 한글로 설정하기 쉽게 영어로 하든가. 그리고 만화 읽을때 뒷부분에서 계속 튕기고 있어여.
  • 언어+코인충전+최근본서재 1/5

    By laziestoaf
    1. 일어를 한국어로 전환시키는 게 어려운 일은 아니었지만 애초에 언어 설정이 저러면 안 되죠. 2. 한국어로 바꿨는데 왜 코인충전 페이지는 일어로 뜨죠? 게다가 미국에 살아서 달러로 충전해야하는데 옌으로 뜨네요? 코인 바닥나서 빨리 충전하고 싶습니다. 고쳐주셔야죠...? 3. 최근 본 서재에 제가 즐겨 찾던 웹툰들이 다 없어졌네요. 다 찾아 보려 해도 최근 본 서재에 저장되지 않더라고요. 이것도 고치셔야 할 문제 같습니다. 여러모로 이번 업뎃 굉장히 실망스럽네요. 레진에서 웹툰 읽는 게 나름 일상이고 낙인데 정말 불편합니다. 참, 맨 위에 허구한날 뜨는 붉은 로딩중 배너도 없애주세요.
  • 언어설정 3/5

    By 마마라망
    업데이트 정보에 언어설정이 가능하게되었다고 명시되어있네요. 앱을 실행하고 제일 아래에 있는 설정 한자메뉴를 누른다음 제일 아래에 있는 언어선택을 누르면 한국어로 변경 가능합니다. 일본어를 모르는 사람은 당황할 수 밖에 없는 업데이트입니다 레진.
  • 업데이트 빨리 바꿔주세요ㅜㅜㅜ 1/5

    By 미쿡보살
    미국 사는데 갑자기 업뎃에 일본어로 바뀐건 뭡니까
  • 언어가 이상해요 1/5

    By Karstark9
    한글이 안나오네요 기록도 다 지워지고.. 빨리 고쳐주세요
  • 일본어? 1/5

    By Julierocks0421
    지금 미국 시는데 요즘 웹사이트 들어가도 그렇고 막 일본어로되어 있네요. 웹사이트는 로그인 하면 한국어로 바뀌던데 앱은 어떻게 하면 바뀌는지 모르겠네요. 이 앱이 한국앱이니까 한국사림들이 쓸수있게 기본 언어를 한국어로 바꿔주세요. 일본어를 전혀 몰라서 쓸수가 없네요.

Lezhin Comics - Premium Webtoons Everyday! app comments

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