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  • Current Version: 2.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Lezhin Entertainment
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons App

【YOUR FANTASY. OUR CONTENT】 Lezhin Comics publishes the highest quality webtoons and Korean Manga (K-Manga, Manhwa) and brings them to you every day. Experience the hottest new titles from legends to enticing new artists! Bringing you a large library from G-Rated fantasy to romantic BL (Boys Love) and GL (Girls Love) themes, our content is your fantasy. Free episodes of the hottest webcomic titles are published daily. There are even binge-worthy premium features! Signup for an account in seconds, then experience our vast library of smash hits like “Something About Us”, "At the End of the Road" and "4 Cut Hero." 【Features】 • High-Quality, HD Comics • Easy-to-Manage Library • Free Weekly Webtoons • Huge Premium Library • Simplified Episode Sorting • Convenient vertical scroll 【Customer Support】 email: help@lezhin.com url: http://www.lezhin.com/en/help


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Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons app reviews

  • Can you fix your app I can’t see anything 1/5

    By WinJules
    It’s bad everything is blank
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Meowko gaming
    It makes you buy coins so you can get into the lock ep I thought this app was going to be cool but I guess not
  • Why the money?? 3/5

    By Littlerain777
    The comics in the are very good but I wish that you don't have to waste money to read the comic, why can't it be like WEBTOON
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By ShatterRealmYT
    it’s one thing when you make comics/videos or something online and ask for money just to watch/read it. but there’s already better apps than this which don’t charge any money, not to mention they have more users, more stories AND more actives ways of finding said stories. at the least have an event for free coins or something! otherwise? this is the worst app i’ve actually seen on the app store. -_-
  • Looked good at first 1/5

    By John31133
    There are two problems between the app and the website that made me want to uninstall and uninstall. First, not all of the comics that are on the website are on the app. For example, one-room hero and sextealer are on the website and not the app. Two, after I downloaded the app and signed in with my account i can’t sign into the website version so that I might actually have a chance at reading these hidden comics. This app, despite the prices, could be great if these two problems were fixed or didn’t exist. I mean this app has been up for a while I would think that I would at least get to read the comics I want if I was going to spend ten dollars on coins.
  • Good comics but... 3/5

    By Phoeyu
    The comics are superb however to unlock more chapters you need to spend momey or reli on other people. Points are also basicly useless if u cant use them to get new comic chapters, many people such as my self dont have a credit card at age 14, therefore their should points should be able to get converted into coins, this not olny makes comics easier to access but it also brings in many more people. I hope you guys take into consideration that many readers dont have a way of getting coins.
  • dear god 5/5

    By Sarorthien
    oh my god the comics are so good but they’re so expensive! on the website, on the app, i thought there was some kind of free coin thing like Tapas has. listen here cause this first year college student is going to tell you a thing. you provide quality content. the art, the plots, the originality is astounding. but other apps find the same things for free or way cheaper than you guys. i understand that you have to pay creators but a lot of them have publishers and are planning to publish their stories in page form and people are planning to B U Y them. i don’t see why the webcomic has to be so expensive. WebToon has free comics, with art just as beautiful, and plots just as original. what makes you so confident that people won’t stop using your business? Ive spent a great deal of money on webcomics and i work at Target like....Tapas? they have reasonable prices. they have free coins during events or for downloading sponsored content. the creators are earning enough money but their popularity will dwindle in number as years come because the economy is crap and people will not pay for things that they can get somewhere else for free or at a cheaper price. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  • Bleh 2/5

    By Rosyposy34
    There are one star ratings more than any other....that should be a red flag. Seriously, the coin issue is huge they need to fix this
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By P Dough
    It has decent content but is way to expensive. This app should have ways to earn coins. Some apps i’ve seen give you one coin for every episode you read. I think they should have that option. Or at the very least, you should be able to watch ads and gain free coins.
  • Can't pay 4/5

    By kawaiiashley
    I love the comics but I just can pay for coins
  • Coins 4/5

    By Pink Flower 101
    The app is good but the only problem is that i don't know how to get coins other than buying them and I don't know a lot of money so this doesn't work for me. I think that after an comic it should give you a coin or two if there are two comics together. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN FAST.👍
  • Great 4/5

    By FuZZYDICE11?
    While I do agree that it’s expensive in the extreme there are comics that you can’t get else where. My only real grip is the censoring, I’m paying to read the comic I don’t want it censored!
  • I need money 2/5

    By Romasah
    I need real life money to get coins to get comic episodes...
  • Its really good but, annoyingly expensive 2/5

    By harry lays
    I was reading a comic called a guy like you but i only got to episode 3 because it asks for coins and i cant get one because i dont have any money on me im not a adult yet so could you please let everything be free 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Tf really coins!? 3/5

    By Uqhehdbnbhfjdkfahajs
    Really coins the app seems good but the coins I have to pay for coins just to unlock a few episodes.....like could you at least put in ads so we can get free coins...?
  • It said it was free 1/5

    By Pandabros
    The advertisement said it was free
  • The coins 1/5

    By MusaruEndo
    I think there should be a way for people to get coins without having to spend money. You should be able to watch ads or something to earn coins, because not everyone want to spend money of a comic.
  • Love and hate 5/5

    By Ayaelyon
    I’ve easily spent 1000$ on here. I love the BL comic you provide. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. The coins go by to fast. Thank you for making the Risqué stuff available on IOS.
  • Toooo much money 1/5

    By Mafiamaddam
    Wayyy too much moneyyy
  • Lower prices and maybe more coins 3/5

    By Isla Violet
    All the comics are amazing but the price for coins is too unreasonable. Only 17 coins for $5? Each chapter is 3 coins and 17 only works for about 5 chapters, it’s like $1 for each 1 chapter with 2 coins leftover. It’s way to expensive
  • Glitch?? 3/5

    By Bacon is awesome!🐷🐽
    I downloaded the app so I could read a comic more easily than on the website. I got the app and the comic wasn't on it? For some reason I can't read it on the app only the website
  • way too expensive 2/5

    By Motahareh
    I have to pay so much money only for a few chapter lower you prices please
  • Can you get more free coins ? 3/5

    By lil*^*
    I know you can get free coins from the gift box but you only get about 3 coins for I don’t each month. Can we get more free coins like maybe each week?
  • Good stories, OUTRAGEOUS PRICES 2/5

    By FallenAngel29
    I love what I have been able to read, but with the prices of coins I cant go further or finish any story... I wouldn't mind adds if it meant I could actually read and finish stories!!! 🤬
  • Expensive 2/5

    By JimmyofBlah
  • Love it but 4/5

    By Gabriela Golightly
    I love this app soooo romantic but I think you should add a way to watch videos and get comics for free
  • Why the hell am I️ spending real money 1/5

    By 💋😘rarity💍💎
    Do you really want to charge people real money for your comics That’s a complete rip off this is so stupid All I want to do is read a comic and not pay money for it And have haft of the rest of the chapter unlocks That makes no sense Just have all the chapters unlocked If you want to have people pay sell an actual book and not ask for point that I will have to buy over and over just to read the next chapter I don’t have that money nor do I want to spent my money on something so unnecessary...
  • Why I don't like it 2/5

    By Alliemay242
    It's a fabulous app with great content but I don't have money so I can continue the series I want to, and to buy the comics seem like a waste of money when I can go buy comics somewhere else cheaper.
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By Soul7227
    I’ve downloaded this app about 2 times now because of the interesting comics but I can never read all of them because they are so fricken expensive. The comics are the best things I’ve ever read but the coins cost way too much.
  • The comics are good 2/5

    By SwankyBoy257
    But seriously money? I prefer webtoon its way better and free.
  • Love comics but not the price 1/5

    By Kiraismydog
    This app has some of the best comics I have ever read but the fact hat I have to pay $150-$30 to just read the episodes really puts me down. Lower your prices by half and then you’ll get more 5 star reviews.
  • Way to expensive 5/5

    By crystalhellow
    I feel like if they made it free I would like this but of course they want money
  • Awful 1/5

    By sunnyspots
    1) It’s expensive as f*ck 2) Handful of comics featured are incredibly harmful and romanticise and sexualise things such as rape and abuse and/or treat male/male relationships as something for straight women to get off to (ex: Killing Stalking).
  • Too much 1/5

    By TheArtisticMinecrafter
    I really want to continue reading this webtoon but since I don't have many COINS I couldn't. It's way too overpriced for a webtoon. Maybe in the future they can add in ads for free coins?
  • 😑 1/5

    By Hdbhh
    Weelllll welll it cost ALOT OF MONEY for comics here!! Guess webtoon is the best choice😝!
  • Make it free 2/5

    By Tinytocagirl
    Soo... You need coins. To get coins, you pay real money. For a comic. Compare this to webtoon. Guys really. Get webtoon. All comics r free. And the stories are mind blowing. Here are some suggestions on what to read: Super secret, lookism, my giant nerd boyfriend. Hope u have fun reading them!!!
  • (revision)—pretty good app 4/5

    By Llamperouge3
    Thank You! Idk why it wasn’t supporting iOS before on some comics. But they were able to do something that fixed it a day after submitting by review. That was the main reason why I had rated you 2 or three stars before. The only other problem I had before was the price in which I said “ Your coin price is a little high. I know the writers need to make money. But I think people would be willing to buy more coins more frequently if you lowered the price” I struggle to buy the coins for the books I really want to read. Also if they were cheaper people might be willing to buy to support the author rather than give up and read on manga here, manga fox, and mangago. Overall this site has a lot of amazing stories on it with great art.
  • Just horrible 1/5

    By Bobadaprez
    Like come on man I kno we have to pay the creators and all, but this is sort of a ripoff unless ur Donald trump or some rich guy
  • I love and hate this app 3/5

    By Malia Gen
    This app, hands down has the best comics I’ve ever read, but the prices are unbelievable, I think I spent 35-40 dollars in real money just to afford the comics. It’s way too expensive and there are other methods to make money on the app. Obviously with the badish ratings that you are getting, you aren’t getting money for the app. But if more people download the app because there is good ratings, you guys will make more money. You can promote other companies with ads but you definitely have to lower the prices for the coins because one comic page can cost 3 coins leading the money to go by really quickly. Lower your prices and raise the amount of coins you get. You guys have a bunch of comics that people can’t even read because they are so expensive. Please take this into consideration because there is only so much money your consumers can have to pay for these comics.
  • N o fix it n o w 1/5

    By Ilovekuroo
    S t o p Give me H&H Roman company before I kms I just want to read and I can't fix it please u h o e I m angst rn and fUCKdkdjdj it's ur fault in anGsT u ahOgr
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Anaksnwlsm
    Why must a comics app cost money to read comics? And if so, why cost so much? I would rather recommend just installing the line webtoon app instead.
  • Rip offs 2/5

    By It so LAGGY
    The stories are good but the prices are ripoffs. You have to buy coins, which are ripoffs, to read stories which is pretty unfair to me. I would’ve given a one star if the stories weren’t good.
  • Add ads for free coins?? 5/5

    By Solol_blank
    We could say that ads does give money to people. Why not just add ads for like a few ads for like a few coins but don't be too much like Crunchy roll
  • I mean, It's a good app. 3/5

    By Super Uber cute
    It's a pretty good app and the manga is decent, but it won't let me sign in, it doesn't have most manga I have found being advertised on it, and it doesn't have a fast search engine and sometimes even won't search subjects.
  • Maybe make is a monthly member ship? 2/5

    By ChucklingSkeleton
  • 🤭🤨 4/5

    By Ltl devils
    It’s hard to sign up,I don’t get how to put in my DOB (Date of Birth) halppppppp
  • 알림좀그만오게하라 3/5

    By 드헉
    똑같은알림이 몇수십번온다 알림끄는기능은어디잇냐
  • But... 3/5

    By 3nchanted
    I love this but on the pc, it's better, 101% better.! Just go on the pic and read these comics... 😅
  • Why do I have to pay!?? 2/5

    By Dance10139
    I lOVE this app but why do I have to pay for everything? I really just want to read all the amazing comics with out the waste of paying( WEBTOON is totally free but with limited bl) so please give us a way to finish our comics without paying:(
  • Great but expensive 2/5

    By -0.0~
    I understand that they have to pay the creators and I’m all for that. Especially since the stories are all really good. I have no problem with that. However the prices are completely outrageously high. Normal manga that you would buy at the store doesn’t even cost this much.

Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons app comments


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