Lifesum – Inspiring healthy lifestyle app

Lifesum – Inspiring healthy lifestyle app

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 8.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lifesum AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lifesum – Inspiring healthy lifestyle app App

Your personalized health and lifestyle guide. Lifesum takes your lifestyle goals and health data and creates a plan to help you live better. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscles or just be healthier, join millions of people using one of the App Store's best Health and Fitness apps and discover how changing your small, everyday habits can transform your life. *Best Health and Fitness Apps - 2014/2015 App Store* *Best Apps - 2013 App Store* *Editor's Choice - 2014/2015 App Store* 1. Get a personalised roadmap of how to change for the better 2. Build a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your needs 3. Learn how to eat wiser 4. Get exercise tips so you train better 5. Get motivated 6. See your progress 7. Live healthier and happier 8. Invite your friends and have your own community Lifesum integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Lifesum. For extended features such as specialised diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Withings, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership. There are three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions, 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription and 1 year subscription. 3 months cost $21.99 
6 months cost $29.99
 12 months cost $44.99 Should you choose to subscribe to Lifesum Premium, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out and you can manage it from User Settings in iTunes after purchasing it, and you'll also be able to cancel the auto-renewing subscription from there. Terms and Privacy Policy:

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Lifesum – Inspiring healthy lifestyle app app reviews

  • Judgmental app 4/5

    By Viraneh
    Cool app
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Madd!!
    I love the app and I'm a premium member. I can't give it 5 stars. I eat more than 4 meals a day and there should be an option to add meals. I normally track what I eat in the most fitting of the 4 meal options. I would much rather see a true representation of what I'm eating per meal.
  • Eh... 2/5

    By Trillbits
    Kind of confusing at first. Didn't use it that much, pretty much forgot about it. All it's good for is tracking calories... I thought it was pretty crappy that you had to pay just to get a weight loss plan fitted for you. :/
  • Love it 4/5

    By alexia anne
    but the app keeps crashing when i am trying to take the test ):
  • The best! 5/5

    By rMac18
    Tried a lot of others. This has been the best for me.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Janda in
    Really good features. I found out about this app threw my favorite YouTube channel. Bramty Juliette. I love this.
  • Haaaaaaan 4/5

    By Krixoxo
    Bramty brought me here 👅 but I like the app, I now know I don't eat healthy !
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Avabrilliant24
    This app is so great and easy to use. I would definitely recommend, it never fails to amaze me!
  • Sick of it crashing 1/5

    By mp7611
    This app is no better than many of the free ones. I paid for the year subscription and wish I had not. Emails to the creators remain unanswered. Not worth the price.
  • Does the job 5/5

    By Joshappleby
    Easier and more satisfying to use than My Fitness Pal.
  • MyFitnessPal wannabe 1/5

    By Æpic
    It is way prettier than MFP, that's for sure. Not sure if it's easier to work and navigate since I've been using MFP for over a year now, but it wasn't too tough to figure out. My problem is that 1) to lean out it had me eating too few calories for my output level and had me eating 50% Carbs/30% Fat/20 % Protein (anyone that tracks macros knows that's way too little protein) and 2) I couldn't customize my macro goals.
  • I love it!!!! 5/5

    By CeyonceRose
    Awesome!!!! I was using the weight watcher app and cancelled my weight watchers for this app and it's cheaper and very effective through the app
  • Great App...needs some improvement 4/5

    By pauldav1d
    I think the app needs more customizations. More potential to add meals and snacks and not conform to only 3 meals and a snack!
  • Work Around Needed for IOS 10.3.1 3/5

    By cbldavis
    Let me start by saying this app is the best visual food diary apps developed. No other app comes close to what they have done. The point of a food diary is to want to use it to become more aware of what your eating. Lifesum has accomplished this for users. At this time the app is ill for anyone with Apple iOS 10.3.1. To log food you need to enter the food and then to exit click on the "x" in the upper left corner. If you click on the "Done" button or "+" button the app will crash. Once this is fixed I will change the rating to five stars.
  • Love/Hate 3/5

    By YeslekEyak
    I love all of the features of this app. It really has helped me keep track of everything I eat & do. EXCEPT IT KEEPS CRASHING & I CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE ON THERE ANYMORE!!! FIX YOUR GLITCH. I PAID PREMIUM. COME ON ALREADY.
  • Fun and encouraging! 4/5

    By foodie206
    This app encourages you to be more fit, happy, and healthy!
  • wish it worked better with Apple Watch 3/5

    By ctief
    The app works great on my phone but since I upgraded to premium it has stopped syncing with my watch. Frustrating!
  • Great App Overall 5/5

    By Kels_Belles
    I have found this app to be very helpful. The only complaint I have is the lack of recipes for certain diets, and misinformation listed when scanning foods. Other than that it is great!
  • Mostly good. When it works. 3/5

    By ericsisk
    I really like this app, but very recently it has either arbitrarily stopped including data from my Apple Watch or iPhone, or went crazy with too much of the same thing (I.E. doubling my steps, etc.) This throws everything off. If it gets fixed, I'll change my rating. I would go with another app, but this has the best interface out there.
  • Looks Great, Works Poorly 1/5

    By Ishmael47
    Edit: it's quite lovely when this app decides to just completely not sync with Apple Health anymore! After miraculously working properly for a few days in a row, it just ceases to sync. A reboot doesn't help. Force closing apps doesn't help. Lifesum's Help steps do not help. The last step is for me to send Lifesum a bunch of screen shots of the app not syncing? Huh? What, you don't believe me? The burden is on me to prove to you that your app doesn't work? Thanks Lifesum. This is what I get for giving this app another try in the hopes that it improved. That app is gorgeous. It's also functionally a flop. It's really sad that the "Gold" version (paid) is actually still worse than My Fitness Pal's FREE version. I wanted to like this app really badly but sadly even the premium paid experience just isn't up to the standards of the competition. What's wrong with it? Sorely lacking nutritional information. Dead wrong nutritional information. Locking key features behind a pay wall, when it doesn't even get the main objective of the app correct (nutrition). Wrong and pointless food grading, considering dietary needs vary. Even the barcode scanner can take a good 5 seconds longer than My Fitness Pal's nearly instant scanner, which gets annoying fast. Bottom line: a gorgeous app with very little substance. Maybe over time Lifesum's functionality will improve, but right now it's subpar and every meaningful way.
  • Would've given a 4, but the app crashes 3/5

    By lazyqueensresident
    I paid for the premium version of the app, and I feel like that should give me more weight (no pun intended) to my criticism. The positive part of the app is that it integrates the Apple Watch and the tracking feature works well. I could have gotten that from the free version however. The paid version gives you a few recipes and a bit more nutritional information about your food. The app is designed to make tracking an obsessive behavior, which is great for those trying to achieve their health and fitness goals. I can certainly say that I am much more aware of my diet now that I use Lifesum. What makes me give a relatively low rating is that the app crashes frequently across all of my devices (which run the most up-to-date software). This is super annoying and gets in the way of easy tracking, which is the whole purpose of the app. Pleas fix!
  • App had recently started crashing... often. 3/5

    By 4evershopping
    The app was working fine, apple issued their last update, and the app started crashing!!! App was a 4-5 star, now it's crashing but I can still work with it, so giving it a 3 star. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Save your money and go with MyFitnessPal 1/5

    By Gexaethbca
    After a short test run, I decided to purchase a subscription (splurging $50) so that I could enter my own recipes (otherwise, you can only enter a maximum of 2). Lifesum doesn't have a website so all ingredients have to be entered on your phone-- it's a hassle, but I could deal with that. What I can't deal with, however, is the total lack of structure. Anyone can enter anything, and then you'll have to weed through it all when you search for foods. If you try to enter a zucchini, for example, you'll get 50 different entries.
  • Really good but... 3/5

    By Lalamnb
    This app actually helped me lose some weight and become mindful of what I'm eating, which is great... except most of the features can only be accessed my buying a membership, which I hate. I don't have the money to do that, and I'm sure others don't either.
  • Easy and fast to use! 5/5

    By StephS24
    Every food that I've scanned with their barcode has registered, so that's definitely a nice feature! Everything is quick, easy and accessible! It's super easy to add workouts and different exercises. I'm really loving this app!
  • Worst app EVER 1/5

    By KupcakeK2
    They asked me for my weight so I wrote it in. Then they asked me for my goal was, I typed it in and they said that the number was invalid. I definitely don't recommend this app
  • Miss the grading system 3/5

    By ARYliz
    I love his app BUT I preferred the ABCDE "grading"; it was easy to read, great for motivation and less infantilizing than the smiley faces.
  • crashes constantly 1/5

    By dradarb
    i can't get anything done in this app because it crashes 30 seconds after opening it. i have tried apps like this before and was excited to try a new one but i can't even log anything before it crashes. please fix the issue
  • Awful User Experience 1/5

    By tcarp14
    The app is not user friendly, there is no support number to help navigate it, and they don't have near as many restaurants as my fitness pal. Don't make the same mistake I did and waste $24 on their premium membership.
  • Keeps Crashing 2/5

    By girlyrita13
    I just downloaded the app last night and really liked it - it worked great. Today I tried to open it and it keeps crashing - every time I try to open it. I'd love to continue using the app, but when it won't stay open for more than 10 seconds, it isn't usable. :(
  • Good 4/5

    By Nilhz
  • Paleo Paleo PALEO 3/5

    By MikeLo131
    Needs Paleo food. Better known as the caveman way of eating. Won't subscribe until they add it. Gotta say it's an awesome app.
  • It's okay. 2/5

    By Monstaballa
    Helps keep me on track with my diet. I just wish you didn't have to pay month by month for the app, or else I would probably pay for it. Also, it has been crashing a lot lately.
  • Love it 3/5

    By TumbleN
    Been using Lifesum for a year and it makes a huge difference! Update: latest version is crashing after adding an item and going back to main list - will update back to 5 stars once fixed!
  • Clear 4/5

    By Queenlotus
    Concise and colorful
  • Great App 5/5

    By ShesAnewGolfer
    The only thing I can't figure out is how to custom add food could be user error...other than that...great app!
  • Love the free version. Wish it wasn't a monthly pay app. 3/5

    By So cool$$
    I would most definitely buy the app if I didn't have to pay monthly for it.
  • Great, but... 4/5

    By NoonaTeaaa
    Beautiful design and you can see your macros easier than other apps. Simply wished I could synchronize with my FitBit without upgrading to premium which is the biggest downside for me.
  • Up -sell City 1/5

    By missjeanbrodie
    No use even getting it. Constantly asks you to upgrade. App is designed to just get to you buy upgrade. So annoying to have buttons on every screen saying,"hey loser, why don't you upgrade?!? How about now? How about now?" Oh, frowny face- you ate a cookie. Upgrade to premium to get rid of that cookie weight!
  • Duplicating entries 3/5

    By ryanalvarado
    The latest updates have introduced bugs that duplicate food and exercise entries making the difficult to accurately use.
  • Recipes 5/5

    By 5stars LOVE IT
    I wish you could add your own recipe or add one you found on Google. Instead of adding all ingredients individually. That way next time you make your own recipe it will be there already. I hope that makes sense. Overall, it's great. I really like it, I didn't know how my cup of coffee with creamer added up to 200cal in the morning haha
  • Love the app!!! 5/5

    By MissShellyBee
    Has helped tremendously in staying on track and losing weight. Love the barcode feature!
  • Missing Customization 4/5

    By Charlotte1231
    I would love to give it five stars, but it needs more meal options. I eat 6 times a day and smaller portions later on in the day. But this only has the option for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. I love have beautifully it's designed and how easy it is to use. Also, I love the smiley face ratings, so cute! I would gladly pay for the year subscription if it would allow me to customize my meals and their calories a little more. Great app for someone just looking to track easily and get healthier.
  • Great app, highly recommended 5/5

    By El topo99
    Easy and to the point.
  • Very helpful app 4/5

    By Rapowell64
    Makes tracking my meals easy. The only problem I have is the extra features cost way to much
  • App rating 5/5

    By Kreese97
  • Great app 5/5

    By Beherenow123321
    Very easy to use.
  • Love It!!! 5/5

    By musicboy83
    I love this app! It's everything I was looking for and more.
  • A little misleading but good overall 4/5

    By APinks9088561
    I'm a health nut who fell off the wagon and desperately looking to get back on so I will admit I'm a little more critical than the average user. Overall, it's great. However, I wish there were more opportunities for customization without having to pay so much. Also, confused as to how eating an apple for a snack is off track, especially when it also gave me the goal of eating 3 servings of fruit a day, tracked by icons shaped like apples?
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Darth1642
    Easy to use, beautiful design.

Lifesum – Inspiring healthy lifestyle app app comments

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