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LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime

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LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime App

Unlock and ride bikes anytime with LimeBike, the leading bike sharing app! Use our app to find a LimeBike near you in cities and universities across the nation. Find a LimeBike nearby whether you are headed to work, class, or a night out. Scan the QR code to unlock and ride to your destination. Lock the back wheel to end your trip. Our dockless model allows riders to park anywhere. No need to return the bike to a designated dock! For only $1 for every 30-minute ride, you can get where you’re going faster and cheaper. All students and faculty members ride for just $.50! LimeBike Features: Travel Anywhere with LimeBike - Local transit not getting you there fast enough? Travel anywhere, anytime with LimeBike! Find Nearby LimeBikes - LimeBike uses your current location to find bikes, making your trip fast and easy - Open the app and see the bike nearest to you on our map - Tap on a Lime slice to see your exact walking time and distance from the bike! Scan the Bike & Go - Each LimeBike is equipped with a unique QR code - Use the app to scan the code to unlock your ride - Remember to bike safely by always wearing a helmet! Park & Lock - Done with your commute? Just lock the back wheel at the nearest bike rack or designated bike parking area, making sure not to obstruct traffic. LimeBike is currently located in the following cities and universities: Ride Around Your City - Seattle, Washington - Dallas, Texas - South San Francisco, CA - South Lake Tahoe, CA - Key Biscayne, FL - South Bend, IN - Greensboro, NC - Imperial Beach, CA - Washington DC - Alameda, CA - Aurora, CO - Miami Shores, FL - North Bay Village, FL - Malden, MA - Silver Spring, MD - Los Angeles, CA - Charlotte, NC - Scottsdale, AZ - Plano, TX - Arlington, TX - National City, CA - Durham, NC Find Bikes at Your University - University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN) - St. Mary’s College (South Bend, IN) - University of Washington (Seattle, WA) - Holy Cross College (South Bend, IN) - University of North Carolina, Greensboro - North Carolina A&T State University - North Carolina State University - Arkansas State University - Guilford College (Greensboro, NC) Enjoy your ride for a fraction of the cost with bike share. Stop taking slow local transit and start traveling to your location in style using the faster ride share solution, LimeBike! Download now and start enjoying your commute! Don’t see your city on the map? Let us know by voting on our website!


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LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime app reviews

  • Buggy app 1/5

    By Flying Disc
    Update: still no refund after waiting for more than 10 business days since the initial refund process took place. The customer service said that I should expect to receive my refund after 7-10 business days. You guys just wrapped up series B funding! I know you have $$$ to refund! I have been using LimeBike for more than a month now. The bikes are sturdy but the app has been extremely buggy recently. I was charged three times for the monthly membership and have yet to hear back from the company about a refund. It seems that their tech ops is overwhelmed with tickets and their system is disorganized. Until they fix the problem, one-star for poor app and slow response. As far as the bike goes, it is heavy but well-built. It also has gears, but since it is heavy, you can not go very fast and it is rather hard to ride. Once in a while, a runner will pass me while I am riding in the fastest gear...
  • A whole new level to North Park 5/5

    By Davidafg
    North Park just said by to uber and hello to fitness. Please send us more electric scooters and ebikes!!
  • Bikes don't work and refused refund 1/5

    By wevegotthejazz
    Put money on my account, went to use a bike that was showing available on the app. QR code wouldn’t scan. After entering the bike code it said it was unavailable for maintenance. No other bikes nearby. Emailed support twice over the past 12 hours asking for a refund with no response. BUYER BEWARE
  • No more uber for me! 5/5

    By Water_is_poison
    Love using this service on my way to the bar
  • Battery 3/5

    By Getweird771
    Would be nice to see scooters that have battery life while logged in so if the battery is dying you can head towards a fresh one. Also a phone holder would be nice
  • Perfect for spring! 5/5

    By koates89
    So much fun for a nice spring day!
  • Good 4/5

    By AdamPaul2
    App showed I was still riding an hour after I locked it tho
  • Good idea! 1/5

    By Harvey Lime
    Neat idea, but people abuse these bikes like no other. Here in Alameda every other one the brakes are loose or the shifter is funky or the seat catch sags.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By AAA525
    Took Bart from Fremont to Fruitvale station and, since I did not drive my car to the Bart station, I was able to use the Lime Bike from Fruitvale station to my house in Alameda (roughly 3.5 miles away). The cost was next to nothing to use the Bike, and I was able to get my cardio out the way without going to the gym today, lol. This is an amazing alternative for quick and easy transportation around the city, plus it's eco friendly.!!
  • Explore Your City! 5/5

    By chineset8kout
    What a great service and it’s super convenient if you live in a Limebike city!
  • Fun 5/5

    By Ratmfoo
    Fun fun
  • Super fun and convenient 5/5

    By Vdunvalfan
    Thank you so much for putting these awesome bikes around Burlingame! Really convenient for a quick trip to the grocery store or even to just bike around in the sun :)
  • Way easy! 5/5

    By ummmhmmm
    Parked my car to take a ride and it was awesome. The app worked quickly and got me peddling in no time. The QR scan option didn't work but not a problem since you can easily enter the bike code and be on your way. Loved it and will do it again!
  • Super easy and cheap 5/5

    By Xteethx
    Lived in San Francisco for five years and rode bike to work for the first time with lime bike. Super easy to unlock and pay; more reasonable rates than competitors. Super convenient that you can leave anywhere!

    By Kubes3
    This is such a great idea. It makes traveling across my campus to my classes so much easier and faster! Love it!!! 😄
  • Fast, efficient and smart. 5/5

    By Turistacurioso
    Incredibly easy to set up, easy to use, environmentally friendly and so convenient. Only wish there were more and more bikes near me! Try it!
  • ⚡️⚡️ 5/5

    By Julio-sahn
    The new electric bikes are so, so awesome.
  • To all whom speak of noisy rides 5/5

    By Jozxqk
    These bikes are very vey good, the reason they are noisy is because the tires are solid, not pneumatic..
  • Worth the $ 5/5

    By SAMcNames
    I love this app!
  • Annoying green bikes 1/5

    By justcraig
    Your service is creating problems in my neighborhood. Bikes are left all over the place.. I had three bikes in my driveway left there by teenagers. If one of these bikes are left on my property again I will throw it in a dumpster. You can’t just drop off your products in neighborhoods and not have a place to store them.

    By TheGadgetinator
    I would like to be able to see lime bikes when I scroll out of my area on the map. If I’m going to a new town I want to be able to see if there are line bikes ahead of time. Please add bike path routes on the map.
  • Trip started in app, but still locked 1/5

    By Soosoo1987
    I used the app for the first time today and it didn’t work. After scanning the QR code on the bicycle, the app indicated that my trip started, but the bicycle remained unlocked. It has been more than 3 hours. The trip duration in the app is still ticking and it does not allow me to end the trip though I didn’t manage to ride at all. I tried to call the hotline, but no one is available. It would be outrageous if I am charged any 💰.
  • What a great and amazing idea 5/5

    By newengland
    I heard Miami shores was having a meeting to terminate the use of these lime bikes all over the neighborhood Didn’t think much till I took the dogs walking threw FIU and there was about 6 of them just waiting for me , I pulled out my phone dl the app and scanned a bike it said 1st ride free .. ( cool ) thinking I’ll never use it again not knowing how much it is to ride .. we went for our walk returned the bike as another someone was looking to get in one I asked how much they charge he says $1 an hour I’m thinking I pay $10 in Hollywood hmm.. I have an Airbnb and what a concept if I can provide my guests a bike I don’t have to maintain for such little money or no money for me who would complain about $1 ? So now I’m going to look for a couple to leave in front for who ever is in the mood for a nice bike ride cheep
  • Cool 5/5

    By Mid 20s mom of 3
  • Like it so much 5/5

    By amsjjdjdjdid
  • App has improved 5/5

    By Izj6
    It looks like a lot of bugs were fixed recently. Unlocking now works reliably and map location appears to be more accurate. I hope bike vandalism will not kill this great service.
  • Easy, convenient, cheap 5/5

    By Tacai24
    The bike was at a conference and I decided to try it. Nice bikes, easy to download and use app, no hassle, and it was fun. I'll use LimeBike again.
  • Genius 5/5

    By Random Dude88
    This idea? WOW! I love it. It actually works with 0 problems.
  • Convenient bike ride 5/5

    By Lime Rider Roger
    Had to pop into my local bank branch and instead of a long walk I tried out limebike. A very convenient setup, I located a bike right outside my office using the app and unlocked it. I adjusted the seat and made sure there was nothing wrong with the bike and sped away. Used another limebike to get back to my office. Instead of an hour away, it took me half the time! Thanks Limebike!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Tashaaaa lopezzz
    Using it to work every morning
  • LimeBike 5/5

    By Nawang Yama
    Saves lots of money for me and I can ride it anywhere at anytime
  • This is too good to be true 5/5

    By Fydudufuhfucyxgxufyxuxicucycyx
    I have been in Berkeley CA and seen the ford bikes and really wanted to ride one. I know that you have to have clipper card or something like that which I don't have. Also I have issues riding on the street. Luckily, recently in my town, lime bike appeared and I was shocked when I first saw it. The first thing I noticed was the no dock system and the brain of it was the app. I thought maybe the dock was still being built but I read more on it. It had no docks. I hooked up my card to it and now getting from school to home and from home to school is easier than ever thanks to LimeBike. I also like the feature where it tracks your calories burned so there's no need for an Apple Watch or any of that. I love going on rides and this makes it so much easier.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By supersaiyan3
    Really love riding this in the city, hopefully they get more scooters to meet the demand
  • Very cool 5/5

    By CFMorpheus
    Convenient and fun!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Maggie CT
    I have been using this app for a month or two and it’s not a bad app. However the customer service is non existent. Sort of. If you are reporting a broken bike they will get back to you within the hour. However if they double charge your card they will ignore you for 3 days and counting now. I’ve received multiple emails and texts saying ‘just a moment’ or ‘someone will be right with you’. I even talked to a customer service rep who asked for my account info and said ‘One moment’. That was 2 days ago. I have been emailing them and texting them since and now it seems they have elected to completely ignore me. This company will steal your money and then ignore you.
  • Such a smooth ride from point A to B!! 5/5

    By Gfesdtgg
    Limebike's innovative system is truly amazing, and fun!
  • Disappointed with the experience:-( 2/5

    By Cgwils
    I loved the idea and used the service for over a week now. Unfortunately, my experience was eroded by a few things: 1) the app doesn’t stop recording the time when you lock the bike. It takes a few attempts of stopping and reloading before it shows the timing is finished. The app has other issues as well but they’re less important. For example, it usually records a shorter route than the real one. 2) Suddenly without notice, I found all the bikes replaced by electric ones. And those have a different fee. I wish they bothered sending an email alert. 3) Billing is horrible. More than once, the app told me “welcome to your first ride / first electric bike ride. More than a day later, I found I was charged x3 4) No phone for customer service. I had a question, but all there is is recorded messages. 5) Emailed customer Service two days ago about a few questions I had. No response yet. I guess you guys lost a customer. And one who was going around telling his friends about you. Hope you can fix your problems fast!
  • The best thing that ever happened 5/5

    By Chipmunklover
    LIME BIKE is like Jesus meeting Fergie. Its helping me get to and from free charging stations for my all electric vehicle. Because im on a serious mission to run EXXON out of business. Heres to $9 gas prices! Thank you LIME BIKE. if god had a bike hed chose like bike. Christ went to heaven and came back on a lime bike.
  • Key biscayne 5/5

    By newridee
    Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Amazing Bikes 5/5

    By Miracle my cat
    Me and my mom wanted to ride around the lake and we thought we would rent LimeBikes since the first ride is free. The app is really easy to use and so are the bikes. It didn’t take us long to figure out how to unlock the bikes. The bikes are really smooth riding, although they were rattling a lot and it was quite uncomfortable when we went over bumpy areas. They even have a bell and gear changes. The only thing I don’t like about the app is the inaccurate mileage. We rode 8 miles around the lake and my app said we rode 0.5. Besides that, the bikes are a really cool concept and I love how you can find them all over town and you can leave them anywhere when you’re done riding.
  • My first ride turned out great! 5/5

    By SaulSauce QR YT
    When I was cruising in Dallas TX. We saw one of the bikes and theirs a QR code in one of the bikes scanned. Installed and scan again. And ready to go! Now I remember how I last ride any bikes.
  • Map to find bike doesn't work well 2/5

    By Dormdweller
    The bikes are super heavy and take a lot more energy to ride, but for a short leisurely ride for an hour, is quite sufficient. Especially great is you can adjust the seat height, unlike vbike which is useless. The problem I have is when trying to find a bike. It seems to show a bike in the area when zoomed way out but when you zoom in all the bikes disappear and never reappear. Sometimes some pop up, other times no. App needs some work. Also rode a bonus bike the first time and got a free ride, but then the next time I went into the app, no free ride.
  • Great Ride 5/5

    By Maich
    LimeBike is an easy solution for getting around campus or town. The process is simple and safe.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Anita oh
    It's fun and healthy!!!
  • Bikes 4/5

    By Gbevhh
    I love it the only thing I hate people are so rude throwing down the bikes in the ground after used them I love in Dallas I wish u could fine thoe se people that drop the bikes on purpose from pleasant grove
  • Good idea if bike was where they said it was 3/5

    By zippppy123
    I decided to try this last night so I walked towards a bike on their map but it wasn’t there, so I went to another nearby bike on the map and it wasn’t there. I looked pretty thoroughly in each spot and could not find the bikes. I don’t know if they were stolen or their map doesn’t update.
  • Best ride ever! 5/5

    By NSSpeed5
    So nice to ride,needs to be in every city!!
  • Reviving my Childhood Love of Bikes 5/5

    By Gandalf_vs_Sauron
    Brought to my apartment complex & on the first sunny day, my best friend & I jump on the nearest bikes. Really easy to use once you get the app downloaded (quite intuitive/user friendly app) & first ride was free! Great for anyone who doesn’t like cardio. But bring a drink that closes completely because there’s no cup holder! Ack!
  • Thumbs Up from Walnut Creek, California 5/5

    By Tech Monkey
    The LimeBike Service just arrived in my neighborhood this week. I went out for a test ride and they are super cool! The app is easy and convenient!
  • Apple Pay? 1/5

    By Aparatei
    Why no Apple Pay???!!!

LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime app comments


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