LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

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  • Current Version: 5.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LINE Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World App

Create a NEW you and decorate your own special place on LINE PLAY! Double the fun by meeting new friends from different Squares every day! Over 40 million new friends are waiting! Jump in and let’s hang out on LINE PLAY! [Main Features] 1) Create an identical YOU in 3 seconds! Take a selfie and create an avatar that looks just like you. Set your avatar as your LINE profile image that will amaze your friends! You can also use your very own avatar as a sticker to decorate images on LINE Camera!   2) Dress to impress! Get weird, get wild. It’s all you! Dream of being the next fashionista on LINE PLAY? Customize your avatar in your style with thousands of hairstyles, dresses, and makeup items. With hundreds of new fashion and interior items added every week, you can express your style however you like! Turn your room into a fun party room with BGM interior items and invite your friends over! 3) Let’s meet up at the Squares! Meet and connect with new friends from different Square zones. NY Times, Treasure Island, LINE Café, etc. Global community Squares for every themes. Come and let’s hang with new avatars from all over the globe! 4) Make unforgettable episodes at the Room Party! Invite your avatar friends to your very own room and throw a room party. Chat with friends using your animated avatar and make the party even more fun!   5) Keep a diary of your fun memories Life is more fun when you share. Post a diary and share your daily thoughts with your friends. Curious about who was featured on Today’s Best? Discover new friends from Today’s Best every day! *Today’s Best is only open to users in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand only. 6) Trendiest celebrities and characters are all here on LINE PLAY Become friends with PSY, WINNER, Astro, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and more! Visit their official rooms and connect with them even closer   7) Anyone who loves LINE PLAY can be a VIP here! Did you know that you can get Stars just by logging in every day? Collect Stars everyday to become a VIP! Get Ultra Rare items only available for VIP members! Don’t miss out on today’s log in bonus! PLEASE NOTE! LINE PLAY is free to download and play. However, some items can also be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please set a password for in-app purchases in your device's settings. Visit our official Facebook & Instagram Pages


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  • Cute game, some problems... 3/5

    By littlestnatalie
    Line Play is a super cute, little game that I found. And it’s super fun! There are so many little features that really make this game fun, it sorta reminds me of animal crossing, but way more focused on fashion and stuff. A few problems I have with the game is for one, loading the app for me is a total pain. I have to wait at least five minutes for the game to load, even when I have a stable connection. Then, I have to log back into my account, each time. Plus, the items you can purchase are really expensive with the in-game currency. Outfits will be around 7 thousand gems, and if you complete all of the daily goals, you’ll only receive around 3 thousand gems. That’s just an example. It’s a big pain to earn gems without paying for it with actual money. And completing goals can take a while. So, it would really be nice if these problems could be fixed.
  • Cute but expensive 4/5

    By angelishous
    This is an adorable and quite addictive game but to get a lot of gems or cash you must pay, the most amount of real money is around 100 dollar which is crazy expensive. I get that since it’s a free game they must have a to get money but that is just outrageous! Also the new update has lowered the amount of gems you can get from your daily quests, for example instead of 500 gem for completing the give hearts quest it’s 300 gem. Wish it was back to the old ways.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Person18849201
    Overall pretty good, plz expand the clothing and hair etc. Pretty creative already tho ( ◠‿◠ ) at the beginning u get a lot of gems... so that’s great... but eventually u end up with not that many... make a daily spinner for items, gems, and other stuff, or think of another way to incorporate getting more gems! Great job!
  • Add more squares 5/5

    By 💵❌
    Please add squares and let everyone use the square Las Vegas it’s not fair to people that can’t go these game is for everyone right?
  • Fun! Addictive! Horribly teasing! ACTUALLY INFURIATING! 2/5

    By Sashacatlover
    This game is so cute! The avatars are cute and outfits are detailed and exciting to collect. BUT. Because of the cuteness, it makes it extremely hard to resist paying REAL money- as in $100 for a freaking GAME. Now you would think- oh, then you must have the most gems/cash (game currency) you can get! NO. NO NO NO NO NO. You have enough gems/cash to get you practically 20 items. FOR 100 LEGITIMATE DOLLARS. Even now the game developers have become greedier. The quests give you less cash than before and there is now a daily quest where you get a hefty sum of cash by watching ads. As in, THEY MAKE MORE MONEY. The developers of this game are so twisted and money obsessed that the game isn’t even centered around having fun anymore. The game is less and less fun- DO NOT GET THIS GAME IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SPEND.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Jccpufkfzkhxyxly
    Love this game so much! Addicted. ❤️
  • It's fun, but has issues 3/5

    By SammieUnicorn_Summers 🦄💖☁️
    I mean, yeah the game is really fun and cute in all.... but it keeps logging me out and today it said it didn't recognize my login info. And every thing is cash. Cash is so hard to get! All I want to do is enjoy the game. I also have a suggestion: can u make a trade system? But on the bright side, the game is fun and cute and you get to make ur own avatar and meet new people. It is probably my most active social media... well it was until lineplay logged me out and not let me back in..
  • Question 4/5

    By Aplays
    Can people sign in once they first get the act?
  • GREEDY 1/5

    By iKawaiiBruh
    I used to play this game when it was actually a FREE game, adds are fine but when you start charging people to get things in game, it’s so greedy. Especially when some of the things for your avatar costs up to 200$!!! So basically if you don’t have enough money to waste it on a stupid game then your avatar is going to look like crap. Don’t even get me started on the whole “cash” deal, it’s SO expensive and most of the actually decent gachas you have to pay with “cash”. The thing that just gets me the most is the vip. You have to wait a whole freaking month to charge up your vip status if you don’t want to spend money on the game, only to have it reset in about a day and put you back down to zero. I hate this vip thing so much i actually stopped playing the game when it came along, the amount of money that you have to spend to get even a gold vip is outrageous it’s so so so greedy. I swear when the app updates, all the updaters thought about is “hmmmm how to we make even more money” which I understand but when you get to the point where it costs over 200$ to do some thing on a stupid app it’s way out of line , if something ACTUALLY GETS CHANGED then I might bump up the stars.

    By Talha7662
    So this game is sooo cute and adorable! I’m literally in luv with it! But hay, look, this game had 643 cash that’s way overpriced. It used to be like $30 but now its $100 :o! I figure this is not fair. Even like 83 cash was for $5 now its $11.99! Even the gems are way overpriced! O and don’t forget the hearts! I’m rlly upset how Cherry (staff of line play), got even more GREEDY! O, and Cherry if your reading this, please stop making gems, cash, and hearts way overpriced! And plus, ur account might be deleted but it has been PAID! LP Players, please be careful on what u spent on this game! This note is also to people who are about to download this game! I’m sorry to say this but Cherry is real greedy!
  • Why me? 1/5

    By Bdhdhdbdhsh
    Line play dose not let me go back to my old account now every time I have to make a new account and I’m super mad because I can’t play it anymore
  • Stop being so greedy😤 2/5

    By yasqueen101
    I’m very disappointed with the new update since it decreases the amount of gems you earn for quests. Also, they increased the amount of gems needed for a gatcha (2,000-4000) and cash increased too! And it already was so hard because you sometimes get duplicates and you wasted all your limited, hard-earned gems/cash. (Especially cash since you have to save that for weeks. Really important because most players don’t even buy clothes from the clothes store because the clothes are ugly. Does Line Play seriously think this would go unnoticed? I’ve heard countless people complain about low funds in the game and Line Play is just making it worse. And it is just a COMPLETE scam to get your money.
  • Some advice for the creator 4/5

    By Singing Cake Pup
    This is just the kind of game I was looking for. I wanted a fun game that is sort of like reality. This game is even better! It’s so addicting. I just have one suggestion,please please please pleaaase make an update that lets the users go to school and have many different lessons! Also please let us be able to go into the stores in the city and create our own towns for others to see. Can you make this game have an adventure mode where you can go camping or are being chased by something or parkour? Other than a few more games to do in this game, it is great! Thanks 😊
  • 😑 3/5

    By Livingdeadnessa
    Does this game EVER work correctly? Also, why is everything that’s even remotely cool cash only? And please stop telling me I have tons of notifications when I have none at all.
  • Nothing but GREED! 1/5

    By Epic_me
    Now I never really wanted to write a review for this game, but with the most recent update I feel obligated to do so. I've played this game for a good few years, I enjoy the customization of your avatar and have meet some wonderful people. So the game in of itself is fine but... there are a lot of problems. Problems that cause the game to not be fun. The recent update, as I mentioned earlier, has done something truly terrible and a new time low of the many changes they’ve had. It has screwed over every single one of its players by reducing the amount of gems(one of the in game currencies) and boy oh boy, it is the WORST thing it could have possibly done! WHY?! This game wants you to pay hundreds of dollars, HUNDREDS every month! If you DO NOT have the self control to not spend money on apps, STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS GAME! So many players have decided to boycott paying. Just a thing I'd like to mention.
  • Amaze 5/5

    By Uhm01
    Oh my gosh. So good. I love him. This is the best. Oh geez. How long does this have to be to count as a review? I’ll keep going. UHM, I been tip-tappin on my screen ALL DAY with this game. Ya got slot machines, ya got a house to put stuff in, ya got gems.. mmmmmhighfives. All in all this game is so good it might make me spit my guts out and cry about it.
  • It’s fun but... 4/5

    By Hiraku-chan
    Line play is really fun and I love playing it but I don’t instagram and Snapchat so I can’t change the name. So maybe for the players who don’t have those social media apps, let them change their names, cause I play a lot of avatar games who let them change their names and maybe this game can do the same. Thank you for reading.
  • What is this doing? 3/5

    By mACKmARS
    I would give this 5 stars if it didn’t do this, when I’m a guest if I’m not on for like 2 weeks it erases all my progress and I have to log back in. But it says I have wrong password when I know it’s right so I’ve had 3 accounts and got locked out of them all. But otherwise it’s fun and obsessive.
  • Updates Trash 1/5

    By ~Diabetes~
    It's already super hard to get cash (cause the only way is to buy it) and now to make it worse you drop the amount we get for gems. That's double bs and you know it but you money hungry tools don't care. Watch your app is going to be like all the rest, forgotten and abandoned. Idc what y'all do either fix it or don't but if you don't you're going to lose a lot of people. 🙄
  • I like it, but I have some questions... 3/5

    By ClaRhyz
    It’s expensive! why do we have to spend (a lot) real money? Why do you give duplicates in Gatchas? Why did you decrease the number of gems we can acquire daily? Also I wish you have more boy things all the cool stuff is always just for girls.
  • So I️ made a avatar about 6 months ago and this happened 1/5

    By Uejejwjwjahaikwkwksk
    I accidentally deleted the app well moving it, i wanted my old account that I spent money on. i tried all my emails and NOTHING worked it just kept saying wrong email So i gave up knowing there’s nothing I can do My old name was ブルック ◕◡◕ and i ask if you could check the system for my account :) -your most favorited app player Brooke
  • Terrible new update. 1/5

    By Savannawisdom
    I can no longer access my quests excluding the hearts! Less gems, all in all, and not the game for someone with poor internet. I’m sorry, But i quite miss the old update.
  • Became Too GREEDY Over the Years. 1/5

    By Traveler889205
    Update: The recent update decreases the amount of free gems you get daily for completing quests. You now have to watch ads to get the additional gems. Line Play only cares about their pocket. I've been playing Line Play from the first year it was available. Before they had gacha or the Line cash currency option. Over the years, this game is slowly becoming pay to play. Before there were special events and items that didn't require spending real money. As time goes by, more and more new gacha require cash, special items require you to spend $24 or more, contests and other events are also in favor of those who spend a lot of money. I understand that it being a "free" game, they have to make money somehow, but I don't think it's fair to make most new content or special features only available for those who pay. One special item required you to spend $100! This is beyond greedy. The game is cute but I don't want to spend $200 just to get items for my avatar. The gem stores, especially the fashion store have been abandoned and are very rarely updated in favor of gacha, where you risk losing all your gems/cash to get certain items. It is also impossible to get an old account back if the game logs you out (yes, the game logs you out at times) and you forget your password. This app could do much better. They are obviously not listening to feedback from the users. I may stop playing.
  • Idea for line play 5/5

    By °Apocrypha°
    Line play should make a make up shop with eyes and lips for 1K gems you guys should also remove verifying our account
  • Fun at a high price 2/5

    By 97819
    The graphics are really cute, and the dress-up aspects of this game make it hard to put down. The diary and social features are also great components that are hard to find or not just as well organized in other social game apps. Updates are frequent, but nearly every update highlights more and more how much this game is a desperate grab for money. Don’t expect your avatar to look too nice unless you’re 1) an older player w/ lots of items from before the cash system became prevalent, or 2) you throw a lot of cash at this game.
  • So good you should get!!! 4/5

    By Unicorno_squad>~<
    This game is super good!I do have some suggestions however,To start of with Line Play NEEDS TO LOWER PRICES IN GAME.There so high!And maybe a way to earn cash.Like maybe be able to get a job a Line Café.Another suggestion is to have like a way to trade items,Or trade gems and cash for an item,And maybe add like a background Category to the shop. That's all for now thx for reading and Line Play pls take some of my suggestions for the next update!
  • Game 4/5

    By Cham3r
    Great app Very cool items
  • You took our gems away. 1/5

    By SecretMustache
    Wow, you added something to give us “more” gems but take away from our other quest activities. You guys are low. Went from earning 300 for each quest and now we only get 100. 3k a day. Now only 2k 🙄 at least make the gachas less gems then.
  • ———— PLEASE READ ————— 1/5

    By JessieNessie123
    Ive been playing for a very long time and just today it deleted my account and its not letting me get back in, and I spent real money. I have worked very hard on this account, and I just lost it. One star.
  • Really 1/5

    By Livi 👩🏼‍💼+🐶=happniess
    This new update is horrible. We lost our gems in our quests. But not only that in our fruit monsters. It was 30,000 now it’s 300. I mean really if I want a new face I’ll have to watch five videos every day for 20 days. And u don’t think I want to spend that all? I remember when all the gatchas were cheaper and gems were easier to to get. Along with that everything is getting more expensive especially with cash. I’m not buying some 14$ pack of cash to spend it in 1-3 minuets. Ether turn down the expenses of the items or give away more cash. Let’s go back to fruit monsters I was playing last night and I remember that we had thirty now we have four. Wow am I not allowed to enjoy my fruit monsters now. Oh and a little something you should add is a trading system. So many people want it including me. This is another more people will enjoy line play better. Now what I had such great memories and moments on is pretty much ruined. Line Play definitely needs to change ether for the better or the worst. Sorry for the long review, Skylar
  • Fun Game But Annoying Bug 4/5

    By Lechuzita
    This is a fun game and I enjoy using it. However, I’ve noticed there seems to be a bug. I often can’t high five people in the squares. I’ll to a square and try to high five people, only for nothing to happen. The game itself is fine when this happens. It’s just the high five quest that seems to be bugged. Please fix this
  • One request 5/5

    By reviewhuman
    Line play is a great app in my opinion but I have a small request for the next update. Please add in trading systems.If we add in trading systems instead of recycling you and your friends can trade things (ESPECIALLY DUPLICATES!) and it would be amazing!
  • OMG I 💖 Line play 5/5

    By Lily pinks🦄
    I do have a few suggestions though can they make a unicorn hippie dress up set it would be so Cute! And also why do the shitzus have to be so expensive ! I mean come on! I love shitzus but! Also I love the app you should get it! I just wish they start you off with millions of millions of coins to begin or unlimited money but than the app could so U have to buy hearts to also keep your unlimited money but I’m still giving this app 5 ⭐️s since I love how you can choose Goth Hippie Princess famous glamorous different clothes. U get to choose your style ! Cute dark fabulous or insane! It’s magical not as magical as a unicorn but still magical! As donuts without sprinkles!
  • mm nope. 1/5

    By Candy654213
    seriously, this game is going downhill with every update. decreasing the amount of gems available for the player to earn from 300 gems per quest to 100 gems ?? seriously ??? most gachas are now heavily based on cash or vip platinum. it’s nearly impossible to go to vip platinum just by logging in everyday, you have to make a purchase to get enough stars. cash has to be purchased, with the exception of getting 5 cash (it was 10, but they decreased the amount as the months went by) or being one of the lucky people to get it in las vegas. it’s quite difficult to earn currency now on this game without purchasing their “special packs”. it was fun back in the day, but now i feel like they just don’t care anymore. also, please bring back the other mini games, they were much more fun than fruit monsters.
  • Overpriced & Unfair , but fun :3 2/5

    By a fellow line player
    Okay, I’ve been playing this game for 2 years. Everything got overpriced. Shoes for 400 gems? Are you serious? Oh, and not to mention, the fruit monsters trick. You guys made it from 30,000 gems to 300 gems for earning 50 friends? Please bring back the 30,000 gems reward. UNFAIR! Oh, also, only Japan and America can have access to Las Vegas square? That’s not fair to other people, in form America, but I think everyone should be able to have access to LV square. And the gifts. You made the new 2018 gifts 2,018 gems. Creative, but overpriced for some dog ears? Like, NO. And 400 cash for a tiara? WAY OVER PRICED! And the new update, 100 gems for cleaning and watering? Are you kidding? You guys are so unfair. And the amount you made to buy cash is so expensive. But, I made A LOT of close friends.
  • Lost all my 2 million medals 1/5

    By KoalaPC
    New update make me lost 2 million medals in Las Vegas.... and i spent $50 every month to pick VIP status for extra storage.....I don’t know why I do it for? Sad and angry
  • The update makes me cringe 1/5

    By benisforawesome
    OKAY SO LP WAS FINE AT FIRST, ALL GOOD. The new update is-taking away our gems, making us watch ads to get more, but it’s not even filling up the amount we are losing, ik this is old but, I want the 10c back, or atlest a face ticket. They make us pay so much moola for stuff and THE FRIUT MONSTERS THING JUST DECREASED 10 TIMES. 30,000 TO 300, REALLY? This is pretty sad, I wanna quit it rn 🙄
  • I’m so fed up by this app 1/5

    By nice meme kid
    this app is really cute, but it is becoming more and more difficult to play without spending large amounts of money. It’s really frustrating
  • New update 😤 1/5

    By IDK👎🏻
    I hate the new update so bad “Better than before” yeah that’s exactly what you said. You guys decreased the amount of gems we get for quests. In addition, to that why a Gacha ticket? Why don’t you just keep the face ticket there? For fruit mon it went to 50k to 30k AND THEN 300 ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME RN?! This is not fair to the new players who joined the game, we (as in the players who played a long time) got 50k or 30k WHY DID YOU MUST CHANGE IT TO 300 as the special prize, like how is that special anyway? But overall Lp has been a pretty amazing game, but the new update it just kills my vibes 😫
  • I love it but.. 5/5

    By x.viridian
    I love the game it’s really interesting seeing what my friends post on there.. but I feel like when it comes to gems and cash, I think we should have a bit more ways on earning those..
  • Very good 👌🏼 4/5

    By Marcy254
    I really think this is an amazing game but takes forever to save up to buy clothes and items.
  • It’s awsome but 3/5

    By Emolgi
    When you try to play it always turns of and the Gachas are much more than they used to be and if you have a certain type of phone it won’t let you do some things that you want to do but I love the games and you can’t be as creative if you don’t have as many gem so I can’t be as creative as I want to be and you allow people to say bad stuff so I don’t like that either
  • HATE the new update 1/5

    By Xinning Liu
    This app is really cute. I have to say that. But this new update is terrible, and I think most people can agree. It’s already extremely challenging to earn gems(the currency in the game) without spending money, and the gacha prices are really high. I never said anything about this before. I understand, you need to pay the artists and designers, and need to make a profit. But this is insane. The creators have lowered our rewards on quests, making it even harder for us to play the game, forcing us to watch ads to earn gems. I used to try hard to complete all of the quests, but now it seems to not be worth the trouble. These developers are just thirsty for money, and the only way we can hurt them is their wallet. If you want to stay away from bankruptcy, I advise that you do not download this app.
  • Way too much 1/5

    By Kawaii Kitty Love
    This game disgusts me. Each and every day they make more and more things on the app that cost money. Some people don't like to spend 100s of dollars on a game. Please stop making everything cost money, they are so greedy. Now, with their most recent update, they make getting free gems EVEN harder. They only care about money, not customer satisfaction.

    By Nice vs glitch
    So SLOW in loading, and I promise you it is NOT my iPad. That’s all I need to say. 😒
  • Change avatar name 4/5

    By Bays Ryans
    I like the game a lot but I can’t change my avatars name and I look on YouTube and it doesn’t work
  • LP is getting greedier day by day 2/5

    By zeyys
    after all the new update...this game is making us all players poorer. what did we get for the sudden change of the quests? other than that, the cash and gems price for the gachas, spin events, etc are not making any sense at all. u changed the gems price on quests yet u dont even make any changes to the prices of cash and gem gachas. all this time we did try our best to make LP one of the greatest game app but in return we got nothing but a very bad update from u 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Its an addictive game but.. 2/5

    By kazuna yoshida
    Am playing it for almost more than 3 years and before there were no cash no animated auras or music etc. but it became more materialistic and everything depends on money if u look more rich u get more hearts u get more friends u have bigger house and invite more friends and finish quests faster and all, i buy cash now and then but i still feel its way expensive even if u get some cash at the end of the month but too little, by time passes we get less gachas that uses gems others are all in cash thats really sad :( What happened recently that the game ask me to update it but when i move to app store the update button doesn’t show so u will not be able to play the game for a while :( am starting to dislike it
  • Bad treatment of players 1/5

    By Disappointed wg
    update 5.7.0 is horrible. greatly reduced gems, unsightly video ads. LP is going downhill.
  • Nice game 4/5

    By 中文chinese
    I don’t use line the social media but I use it so I can log in to just play this game! It’s fun and I can talk to people, dress myself and decorate my house, I can even get a pet.

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