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  • Current Version: 1.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: NAVER WEBTOON CORP.
  • Compatibility: Android
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LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics App

LINE WEBTOON - The Best Way to Read Comics, Manga & Manhwa on Mobile for free Join the largest community of comic fans with millions of readers worldwide. - Read over 170+ Featured Comics such as Tower of God, Heroine Chic, Bluechair, and Siren's Lament every week for FREE! - Discover over 7000+ comics in Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Superheroes, and more - Mobile optimized scrolling for an uninterrupted reading experience - Subscribe to your favorite series and never miss an update - Download your favorite series and read offline - Enjoy FX comics that feature sound and animation For Customer Service: Website: Facebook: Youtube : Twitter: Instagram: We are LINE Webtoon and we believe that comics are for everyone - for the tall and the short, the young and the old, the ninjas and the robots. We’re the home to thousands of creator-owned comics and continue to launch the careers of the next generation of great comic creators. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free - because comics should have no boundaries.


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LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics app reviews

  • Ad problem 4/5

    By AbyssalGuardian
    Every time I get on WEBTOON I get ads which is ok but for some reason after the ad is done playing it exits me out of the app. Plz fix this, it makes it almost not even worth getting on webtoon anymore
  • Fix this NOW 4/5

    By Kbbird22
    WEBTOON’s has become a regular service for me and I didn’t mind them putting ads at the end of chapters even if it annoyed me a bit. But the new video HBO NOW ad playing IN THE MIDDLE of a chapter is disruptive, unnecessary, and making the app crash. I don’t think ads are necessary in the first place but if they’re going to be there, don’t make them invasive and mess up your own app. Fix this bug NOW.
  • Great but one complaint 4/5

    By Sniddee
    Overall the app is great and has some really good comics that I've enjoyed (thats saying a lot considering I hate to read), but one thing I would love to see is bookmarks. Possibly add a feature that saves your last location even if the app is deleted because when deleted and come back it removes the episodes you have previously read and I've kind of stepped away from webtoon from falling behind and losing track of where I was.
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By Batman the Billionaire 💸💰
    This is one of the only apps that I believe can be for anyone. It has so many different stories, from so many genres. This app has changed my life in some many ways and always manages to cheer me up. I could go on and on about how awesome this app is, but for your sake I'll just give you some advice. Get the app. I'm sure you will not regret it. Believe me it's worth it!
  • Wowowowowoww 5/5

    By Blaaaaaaablaaaablaaaaaa123456
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Qghjkfhklkhhcdz
    Easy to use navigation, beautiful design. Great webtoons. :)
  • I absolutely adore this app. 5/5

    By stingray50567
    I love the stories written in this app. I can’t afford manga and stuff and the app is well designed enough to browse around and always find something new. This app is a treasure and so are all the artists who contribute to it and I am truly thankful.
  • How to I write my own STORY 1/5

    By firesblade
    I want to k ow why help won’t help. I want to write my own story!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By Roderick Anderson
    The first one I went on was very inappropriate and in the commercials it made it seem fine and a great innocent story it is ok for adults but NOT for kids at all
  • The joy of online comics 5/5

    By SpaceLoser
    I can’t always afford buying comics from the book store or my local comic book shop. And sometimes I get bored a lot and don’t have much to do around my house. I use to read comics on the app Tapas (which I still have) but I was always bummed that I had to keep buying coins just to keep updated on my comics. Now, don’t get me wrong I love to support comic artists for their work and I’m happy to do that by purchasing more coins for them. But I wanted to save my coins and didn’t want to keep buying coins because sometimes the coin price for one chapter raises up and it’s frustrating to see almost all the coins I bought minutes ago disappear so I can pay for a new chapter. And then I discovered WEBTOONS and fell in love straight away! I love all the new comics they have and I don’t have to pay to read them. It’s nice because I know these artists are still getting paid by the people behind WEBTOON and I don’t have to keep paying to read new updated chapters. Love so many online comics on that site and it’s a great app to spend your time there. Really enjoy it and will continue to enjoy it!💖💖💖💖💖
  • Video ad pop up caused the app to close 3/5

    By Shiofra
    Hey developers, a video ad popped up when I first opened a chapter and then closed the app immediately after it played the video or when I close the video. This is the first time I had a video ad, and I really don’t like those kinds of ads that pops up and disturbs my reading! Please fix this error. I really love Webtoons! ❤️ Thank you.
  • This app is so cool! 5/5

    By LJD28
    I love looking at amazing comics! I also like how you can choose witch comics you want to look at, great job! 👍
  • Best WebToon Comic’s 5/5

    By BatMan ♣️
    I really love this app one of my favorites by far, it hasn’t disappointed in any way and I hope it stays that way.😆Love It😍
  • Dumb 3/5

    By XxAnimalJamRocksXx ^•^
    Why isn't it animated like in your ads. This is dumb
  • 11/10! 5/5

    By Vavea32
    Everything about the app is perfect. The new update makes the discover feature very efficient. The comics are beautiful and so exciting. The best app I own! I wish I could give it 100 stars!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jessicaismad
    I love it!!! It’s free and you can read it anytime anywhere the only thing is that you have to wait for some chapters to be released but that doesn’t matter because it’s awesome
  • Crashes 4/5

    By FFoursERA
    This is app is amazing, the only problem is that I can't even really use it anymore cause every time I try to read a comic, an pops up and makes it crash. Other than that, great app.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Wolfgirl-ruff
    So I’ve used WEBTOON for a while now and I loved it so far, but recently there is an ad that keeps popping up on my screen when I’m trying to read. It doesn’t matter what story I go to it keeps popping up and then the app force closes when I try to cut the ad off. Please fix this because if it doesn’t get fixed I’m going have to delete the app. There is no point to having WEBTOON if I can’t read a story without the app closing while I’m reading.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By ZakiyaUna
    Every time an ad comes on the app crashes...
  • Love it but the new pop up ad... 3/5

    By 花火のはな
    The ads used to be at the bottom, now they’ll pop up randomly. Which would’ve been fine if it didn’t end up forcing the app to shut down whether I let the ad finish advertising or close it or try anything with it. Please fix...?
  • Sad to give it 1 star 1/5

    By Rawrmouse
    I loved this app, but now it constantly plays ads. When the ads close, it shuts the app down. I miss being able to read the comics!
  • Amazing App!!! 5/5

    By Loganatter
    Hello Game Developers of WEBTOON. I am a young artist who wishes something from you. Your app is amazing! I truly believe that there are MANY more people to discover this App. However I have a question, I would love if you would respond. I mentioned I was a young Artist, and I use this app quite often, and I’m in love with everyone’s art styles and stories. Just a few minutes ago, I had an amazing story in mind that I wanted to make for WEBTOON, sadly...I can’t. My question is, in the WEBTOON app could you please make it to where you can write your story, draw it, and publish it? I have been wanting to be able to do this for AGES. I’m sure a lot of people have asked, and I’m sure your busy, but if you could please do us all a favor and add this in? It would be so pleasing to finally be able to draw and publish on ( iPhone 7)mobile!! Please PLEASE do this for us!! I want people to be ble to enjoy my story. PLEASE...make this happen for us. Thank you.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By pastahostage
    I haven't encountered any glitches. Endless comics, I read the new WEBTOONs every night!
  • Shut down after ad 1/5

    By Hocnug
    So they updated the new app with ads. That’s fine, I get that they need to make more money, their a business. But every time these ads pop up, it boots me from the app and the app shuts down. The only way for me to read now is to download an ad blocker, which is counter intuitive to both parties. Please fix the problem and I will change to 5 stars.
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By Love 707 love jumin
    This is a really fun app! I love all the comics and everyday find new ones to read. If you are ever bored just pull up the app and see what's updated. I totally suggest getting it!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Coolness31231
    I love the graphics and how the stories have in expected turn! I definitely recommend this app
  • Love this app 5/5

    By One promplon but awsome
    The ads are fine I barely notice it and WEBTOON are great there one big problem though when will they get animated into a tv show
  • Ads 3/5

    By SmollFairy
    I didn’t used to see ads at all in the app, but now they’re appearing more and more frequently. A pop up ad even took over my screen and force-closed the app. Please fix this.
  • Doesn’t save my most recents and more 3/5

    By The Italian Raspberry
    I love webtoon and I always have, but I’m the newest update it got rid of my progress on the webtoons I was reading, even when I’m signed onto my account. When I leave the app all the most recent webtoons I was reading are gone and when I go to them it says I hadn’t even started them. Please fix this problem.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Duece907
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a great app it’s just that whenever a video ad pops up it once it’s done it closes me out the app! Do you know how annoying this is?!? I wouldn’t mind if the video ads didn’t kick me off the app but since thats not the case I’ll have to give it two stars
  • App crashes 1/5

    By zJanjan
    Everytime that stupid planet of the apes ad comes on the app crashes.
  • Ads crashing the app! 1/5

    By Pbh4dmin
    It was working fine before they added in the ads. Now the ads load randomly during a chapter. Even if I let it play through and X it out afterward, the app still crashes. Unusable! If you scroll down, there are a ton of other people having the same problem.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Wafflie
    The app has been perfect for ages, but a week ago they started showing pop-up game of thrones ads and now it crashes constantly. I don’t mind the ads as much as I hate the constant crashing. Please fix this
  • Crashes! 1/5

    By Daldalelliott
    I see this app everyday to read great comics, now I can barely keep the app open for 3 seconds before it crashes!!!!!
  • Help 3/5

    By Shciehsisja
    App was awesome until out of the blue a “game of thrones” app popped up. When I tried to exit the ad, the app crashed. Now every time I start to read, the app shows the add after 15 seconds or so, and thus closes the app over and over! Please fix!
  • Love it 5/5

    By LyokoTitan
    I highly recommend this app I don't read all of the comics in the app but there are a couple great ones to check out everyday like unOrdinary, Oh Holy, Hive, Dice, Midnight Rain, and lots more so go check it out!
  • Love it, but... 5/5

    This app is great. I’m a creator on Discover, but with the new update it kind of kills the “challenge”. All of the popular webtoons are moved to the “sort by most popular” section. Sure, that’s great, but what about the new ones? They have to manually click to see the “sort by date” option and by then they’re probably already tired from binge reading the popular webtoons. Most of the time, they won’t even click “sort by date” at all. The popular webtoons on Discover got there through the old system, where your webtoon would be moved to the top of it updated. Now, they’re at the top of everything. I like the new neat interface, but please don’t limit our only method of advertising our comic. Thank you.
  • No R-rated 4/5

    By Motahareh
    It's such a shame that authors cannot publish R-rated artboards (+18,smut...) Other than that, this app is amazing
  • Is there a way to fix this? 3/5

    By aovosheiq
    I liked the app, until this happened. No matter which webtoon I go on, I will ALWAYS get a “Planet of the Apes” ad. After the ad is over, the app will crash. This has been happening for atleast a month now.
  • Synchronization 5/5

    By amethyst_maze
    I really wish that the date from the online mode could synchronize with the data from the mobile app. It’s really annoying because I can’t trust my phone to be up to date. I’m about to uninstall because it’s really pissing me off.
  • Best entertainment app in a long time! 4/5

    By Anna010
    Without a doubt this is one of the most enjoyable apps I have ever used. From the fantastic user interface to the endless array of comics, there's nothing to hate! Not to mention the fact there's nothing behind a paywall and no ads. As a cartoon lover I can say it's nearly flawless from the reader standpoint. I'd actually love if they added a donation section in settings, because with how much I use the app I feel they deserve some love! The only issue I've run into is downloads are slow and don't work in the background, so you have to keep your phone unlocked the whole time in order to complete a given chapter download. I read most everything over data anyway though so that's minor in my book! Edit: lost a star because they started adding pop ups and advertisements at the end of each chapter. Would prefer banners, as it's a little less invasive to readers, and the option to pay for an ad-free experience. Thanks :)
  • My life 5/5

    By lLife is awsome
    So once I got this app I was attracted to it and all the fantasy stories I recommend this app should be sponsored on tv
  • It's easy. 5/5

    By 163737ehhhh
    You know if you have a great story and nice character design you are most likely going to succeed in this app. Though most of the webcomics aren't that good it's not the websites fault. Some webcomics look amazing but have a very dull or overused plot *cough* *cough* UNordinary *cough*. I don't mean to hate on UNordinary too much it is a beautiful webcomic and being a webcomic author is not at all easy. If you have a boring life and do nothing all day why not consider become a webcomic author and having no social life or free time. Great app.
  • Adds crash the app 1/5

    By Theninetailedfirefox123
    Ever since the update with adds on this app i can’t even stay in it. I click on a webtoon and 2 seconds in an add pops up. And if I close it the app is forced to crash and close.
  • Crashes with every ad 1/5

    By DWhittem
    In recent update not only did they add long pop-up advertisements, but they always cause the app to crash. I haven’t been able to read anything since this started.
  • Please stop deleting my subscriptions 1/5

    By Amistaria
    Edit: Its saying im not who i am! I have my history of things I’ve read but it’s saying my nickname is someone else's! That even though I’m on my account it’s not mine?! What the heck!! I keep going getting logged out and then it gets rid of all my subscriptions and comments! Now i have no record of saying anything and no record of subscriptions. It’s getting old
  • "My Webtoons" scrolling issue 3/5

    By Zuchan
    I really do love this app, but there is a small issue with my Subscribed Webtoons list. I follow a lot of comics so my list is really long. When I scroll down and open a comic, and exit out, it resets back to the top of the list. So I have to scroll all the way back down where I left off. None of my other friends seem to have this issue, and I didn't either until I updated.
  • New Update confusing? 4/5

    By Instagirl2121
    I kinda dislike the new update, on discover it’s hard to find any webtoon under 1k and only shows the most popular ones. Now no new webtoons will really be shown. Idk pls make it easier for them
  • Stupid Ads *edit 10/27* 5/5

    By Flwrchild95
    I can’t read any of my subscribed WEBTOONs and even if I watch the ad till the end when I minimize or close the ad it crashes the app. If this isn’t fixed then I will be forced to delete the app and I will encourage my friends to give it one star and delete it as well. *idk why that ad popped up or what made it go away but it’s gone now and I can read my favorite webtoons again. Yay!!!*
  • AMAZING APP!!! 5/5

    By sweetsavage0918
    The authors are extremely nice, they make amazing comics that are original. It is very, very inspiring. The art is amazing and..... words just simply can’t explain how much I LUV webtoon😁😉🙂😅😍

LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics app comments


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