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LINE reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you’ve never thought possible. With over 600 million users worldwide, LINE’s constantly expanding platform will continue to provide exciting new experiences and convenience. LINE’s New Features Make Group Calls with 200 People: Try our group call feature with members in chats. Keep Your Things Close with Keep: Store messages, photos, and videos in Keep and share them easily with friends. LINE’s Main Features Free voice and video calls: Use your PC or smartphone to keep in touch with friends and family both at home and abroad, or hold a business meeting on the go! Instant messaging anywhere: Conversation is just a tap away. Spice it up with LINE’s exciting collection of stickers or send pictures, videos, and even GPS coordinates to let your friends know what you’re up to. A full-featured social networking service: Post your day-to-day activities to your Timeline or comment on your friends’ posts. Group chats: Share important information with your co-workers or talk about mutual interests with your closest friends. Find new expressions in the Sticker Shop: The world’s largest collection of stickers features famous and unique characters from around the world to let you express yourself just the way you want to. Stay informed with LINE official accounts: Connect directly with your favorite celebrities and companies by friending their official accounts. Make international calls with LINE Out: Make international calls to mobile phones and landlines at competitively low rates. You can even call friends who aren't LINE users (available in certain countries only). Get connected to new apps: LINE provides a gateway to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life. We recommend that you use LINE with iOS versions 8.0 or higher with an iPhone 4S or above. For more information about LINE, check out our official website.

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  • line team ! please !!!! 2/5

    By Ashkan 181
    Quality of voice message is AWFUL !!!!!!!!!! and when i share a photo from my gallery , it not shown on my timeline
  • Notifications 3/5

    By Shalz2599
    I'm not getting any notifications from who are not in my friend list .. if they comment, mention , or like to my posts .. .. fix this as soon as possible ..
  • Needs iMessage app 5/5

    By Niiko88
    Been using this app for years now and it absolutely amazing, but would love to use my stickers in everyday iMessage conversations
  • Coins 1/5

    By PsykoDino
    If you have iOS, and you at some point want to buy a gift for a friend, forget coins. Coins don't matter. Bought a gift for a friend, using coins, and found out that I couldn't send it. Why? Because I needed to go on the browser, and buy it. Do my coins transfer? No. Even though they are the same, value wise. So don't bother with coins. Forget it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By wanbih
    I can no longer login
  • Issue with notifications 2/5

    By Kikidoll74
    Love using line, but very frustrated about the notifications issue. I'm not getting any line notifications if the app isn't open. This just started happening after the last 2 updates, since 5/18/17. Please fix this as soon as possible. I've tried everything; checked line & phone settings & did a hard reset. Nothing has fixed this issue.
  • Crappy Customer Service 1/5

    By Mousey425
    I have been trying to get help with my account. However, when they respond it's basically an cut/paste information. They don't even bother to respond and try to help. I have email several times but nothing so far. I will be trying to get help one more time. If I don't get better customer service. BEWARE YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING HELP!!!! 😡😡😤
  • Broken app 1/5

    By GomiYashiki1969
    The process for backing up data is counterintuitive and tricky. If you get a new phone or have to reinstall the app for whatever reason there is a very high likelihood you will lose all your chat data.
  • It's a so-so messenger 2/5

    By beebler26
    I use it because I live in Japan and everyone else does. While stickers are cute and features are decent, I don't see it being a superior messenger. One of my biggest issues that I've had for a long time is that I get no alert of a message received (yes, I've checked settings). The UI also seems like the company isn't quite sure what their main service is. It does the job though and it's been convenient at times. In all though, it's just an average messenger and if you're in a social community where not many use LINE, there's not a big reason to jump on.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Rubidium
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling this app on my Apple Watch, but all I get is a screen saying that I have no unread messages. I cannot navigate to a screen that shows past or open chats, nor can I start a chat from the lone screen available to me. I would really appreciate it if LINE could make this app work properly...
  • Works on only one decice 1/5

    By DJS1017
    Totally lame. They don't know what the cloud is. It works on only one device. If you want a MODERN chat app, at least get Facebook Messenger, which works on all your devices simultaneously. LINE is unbelievably bad. UPDATE: I decided to try the iPad app today because one of my friends on Japan uses only LINE and I need to stay in touch with her. The iPad log-in screen doesn't work at all. Literally does NOTHING, just keeps looping over and over when you tap "LOGIN". I didn't think it was possible to be worse than their iPhone app, but they proved me wrong.
  • Not have a coin add on my line. 1/5

    By Bigjaaaaaaa
    I add balance for 150 coin but noting appears.
  • Please 3/5

    By Nicholasjsjjs
    If top up line pay can use line coin
  • Exceeded chances 5/5

    By Eddiefaw
    I had used it just fine but while trying to find a friend it said I exceeded my limit of chances to find friends and to try again later! It stayed like that for a month. There shouldn't be a limit of chances to find friends on a friends network.
  • Sticker bug? 4/5

    By ebyun916
    The adorable Coco stickers that I've been using forever suddenly will not send after the most recent update. Please fix this bug!
  • Constant Crashing 5/5

    By thisisaweirdgameee
    Thank you for fixing the issue so quickly.
  • Love LINE, but want access to all stickers. 4/5

    By Senorita TacoMal
    The stickers really add a lot to my conversations, but I wish they weren't region-locked.
  • Notification Center notifications disappearing 1/5

    By Broken Renege
    All of my line notifications in the Notification Center now seem to disappear when I open the app.
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By Ivette~
    After reinstalling this app it constantly crashes no matter what I do.
  • Still can't login 1/5

    By App Seeker
    This latest version does NOT fix my problem. I cannot log in - I've changed my password, I've downloaded and re-downloaded the app. Please help!!
  • Constant crash 1/5

    By Fiugcktyctkuf
    Using iPad Air 2 app won't open crashes before it opens, tried resetting my device reinstalling app several times, nothing seems to work needs fixed quickly.
  • Sign up process 1/5

    By Paracord gi
    I tried to create an account, but it was not possible because I cannot receive texts on my phone and do not have Facebook, therefore I found this app not to be user friendly for people using iPods.
  • What the hell!! 1/5

    By Linh.126
    I've kicked out every time I open this app. And my chat history are all gone.
  • Line today 4/5

    By Fai10
    You guy have feature for line today nothing to do on the timeline you know it annoying
  • Eliminaron los mejores iconos 2/5

    By aaronfox55
    En la penultima actualizacion y afirmandolo en esta nueva version, eliminaron los "emoji" o las mejores caritas... 👎🏼👎🏼

    By Kshzhqnzhhs
  • Worst comm app ever 1/5

    By RatSnatch
    If you forget your password, they don't email or reset. They tell you to go in settings and change password. Problem is that settings is after login. So if you forget your pass, you can never use app again, even with a full reinstall.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Reyes.2014
    You guys and your app are complete crap
  • App crashes upon opening 1/5

    By user129938318
    Can't open app. Tried to re download but same thing happens
  • Please fix the black screen problem 2/5

    By Kooaksbtheinwbsckvknshsue
    I don't know if it's all iPhone users or just me, but in the case that it's a common problem for all iPhone users; when I'm on an audio call and try to use my phone, the screen blacks out several times even though it is unlocked. I won't be able to do anything during this time, even tapping my phone screen. It flashes on and off and it's very frustrating, but for some reason it doesn't affect the call. If this is a common problem, please fix it. I have been using line to talk to friends for so long and even prefer to use it over the main messaging app.
  • More free stickers and themes. 4/5

    By Caroline Guzman
    I can't believe you guys removed the option to send paid stickers as a gift to other users. I'm very happy that finally Sailor Moon theme came out I was waiting for it forever. You should improve Line Out to more countries, should improve the quality of the free calls and video calls. Also you should put all paid stickers in the suggestions keyboard.
  • Please change text background back 1/5

    By LicaChan
    I CAN'T SEE WHAT I'M TYPING With a purple theme you can't see what you're trying because the letters appear in black Change the background of textbox back to grey THIS IS INFURIATING I have to adjust to 100% brightness when I type
  • Bug 4/5

    By Ajb05
    I got a friend request from somebody I didn't know do I went to delete it but it crashed my app! Please fix this!
  • Uses too much battery. Option to remove timeline 1/5

    By owbert
    58 minutes screen time with 2.5 hours background usage killed 12% battery. Facebook messenger and iMessage used way less. Give option to remove timeline.
  • Needs a person in charge of the group chat rooms 1/5

    By kate932011
    There needs to be a person you is in charge of the group chat room so not just anyone can kick ppl out Randomly logged me out and keeps saying error when I try to login
  • Notifications dont work 1/5

    By Bof👃👀
    Recently my notifications do go off unless im using the application.
  • Worked great 5/5

    By Sexy_kitten
    Just used it to call London. You have to specify the country of the number you're dialing.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tal1119
    Worked great at first (about a week) then crashed constantly, password never saved and quit working, and made you verify your device over and over. Despite deleting and re-installing more times than I can count I give up. HAD potential but huge disappointment.
  • Makes my keyboard weird 4/5

    By Jmac dude
    Since the latest update, when I'm typing messages it'll capitalize or duplicate letters. It only happens in this app. I could also do without the notifications about people changing their profile pictures or new stuff being in the store. Besides that it's a decently good, nonbroken app on my iPhone 6.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By misssflufffy
    The app keeps crashing even though it have the latest version. Please add: Gifs Custom tones Recall function
  • A few possible features 3/5

    By tayhampy
    There really should be admin positions for each group. Also, give admins the right to delete any posts in the "notes" sections of a chat. It's annoying when people post irrelevant things, or posts become outdated, and no one else can delete them.
  • App no longer working 1/5

    By Ollie420
    After update I can no longer use the app. Am getting an error message telling me to update when app is up to date. I would delete and reinstall but I don't want to lose very important messages and stickers I paid for. Guess I'll wait until the next update. Bummer.
  • Admin controls 1/5

    By Cjack0314
    You really should be able to have admin controls on this app. For someone to easily go in and delete people is not ok. Please add Admin rights. Update 4/30/17 Still no admin rights! But the new app provided by Smule called Band does have the app. I'll be pushing people and groups to join that. At least over there you don't have to worry about someone nuking your room
  • Relays are terrible 1/5

    By natoumi
    Please add something under settings to toggle them on/off entirely
  • 为什么无法注册 1/5

    By northcamel
  • Message notifications not showing 3/5

    By Moniccaab
    I love this app, but recently I've noticed that I'll not receive any notification of new messages when the app is closed despite my notification settings for LINE being on. As a result I'll open up the app after a few hours to 5-30 new unread messages and I'll be like 'oh dang, Line, why didn't you tell me this'. I'm concerned because many of the messages I receive are important and time sensitive. I really love this app and would like to continue using it, with notifications that work, please!
  • Isabel 1/5

    By Murillo1953
  • Relays are cancer 2/5

    By AustinB76
    So many vulgar pics on the timeline now and there's no end to it
  • Line 5/5

    By jeffersonyumang
    Very good app
  • Nice 5/5

    By babakjamshidi

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