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  • Current Version: 3.41
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Little Caesars App

If you love pizza, you've come to the right app. Sure you'll see some tasty photos, but you can't eat a picture. It's easy to locate a nearby store and check out our menu of goodness. Find what you want, then come and get some HOT-N-READY® Little Caesars pizzas, wings and Crazy Bread®. Whatever it is, your order will be ready as soon as you come in. If you want to make your favorite pizza, you can do that, too; then order and pay (These features now available in select, yet growing, areas). It's the easiest way to pizza! ®


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Little Caesars app reviews

  • What’s the point?? 1/5

    By erinshines
    With pizza in such high demand these days, along with the great quality & pricing Little Caesars offers, you would think the app would be efficient or helpful in any way for its customers. As I wait in line out the door in Dayton, TN (that still has 5 others in front of me before I can actually be inside the door of the location) I ponder to myself the genius thing of downloading the app! Every pizza place has the app to preorder & options to customize Domino’s, Pizza Hut, even Papa John’s!! After wastfully spending the 7 min of downloading & creating my account..FOR WHAT?!! It serves zero purpose!!!! I can’t pre-order, customize even place a darn order for inconvenient to have such a franchise that can’t keep up with the technology to provide these services to your loyal customers and provide much faster Service, being that you provide such a small area to wait for your order, no matter how fast the wait is the crowds can be unbearable. I truly hope that you can dedicate some time to make this franchise more valuable for yourself and you’re busy customers trying to feed their families. If you’re going to actually take the time to invent an app why do something so half grade make the app worthy of being able to be downloaded and used or don’t offer it at all.
  • Won’t get past the terms and conditions page. 1/5

    By Lc3257899700
    Well God bless the rest of you fellows who got past the terms and conditions page I can’t even get there. Looks like Junk to me.
  • Money black hole. Not supported by all stores. 1/5

    By bynines
    So, I’m standing currently in my local Little Caesar’s, where my food was supposed to ready a bit ago, and I’ve just been informed that they’re “not setup to take online or app orders.” So where did my money go? Who do I even call to get it back? This is absolutely garbage customer experience/service.
  • The saga continues ... 1/5

    By cpwoody
    You can now order and pay for food in the app. Pretty cool 2012 stuff, right? Except they forgot one important detail. Once you actually get to the store they will have absolutely no idea what you ordered - no record of the order (until they dig in their transaction history) and it won’t be ready. I was told they were getting lockers in 3 weeks that the food goes into and you just enter a code and Shazam! Except, right now it’s a 10-15 minute ordeal ... which is absolutely awful customer service for a company that has been in business since the beginning of time.
  • No crazy bread!! 2/5

    By hgates06
    I’ve used the app three times now. No issue other than the second most popular item on their menu isn’t available for purchase via the app. Crazy bread is not listed. Our store also won’t accept payment via phone since the app came out. I realize this is new for Little Caesars, but come on developers! Add crazy bread on here! Not the crazy combo but the bread by itself.
  • Best Mobile Pizza Ordering EVER! 5/5

    By Creative Guy
    Outstanding interface for ordering a custom pizza. Simple and intuitive! Now, add a loyalty program and we’ll really be in business!
  • What a joke 1/5

    By 44490'
    No way to save payment information, really!!! LC get your act in gear or people will find a Pizza Hut close to them.
  • Won’t let me order 1/5

    By Pogoli
    What’s the point??? The store can’t handle a computer? Independant places can handle it... hell dominos has it down. Shameful and embarrassing for them
  • Where is the menu? 3/5

    By Sam2011!
    The menu should be at the top of the list to make quickly accessible in and food ordering app. I can’t find it! Incredible. And we I tried to make a comment in the app. They requested all the same info I used to set up the app in the first place - name, email, phone number. Really poor design. The good news is the pizza is Good.
  • Functionless App 1/5

    By SyntheticHuman
    This app shows a menu of what you can buy and a store locator. Beyond that it is useless. There is no way to place an order but they do have an area to review past orders placed within their app, which seems really strange. I get the impression, with the lack of functionality and missing photos, that this app was released before it was finished.
  • Software glitch 1/5

    By Rob4TIDE
    Portal works fine. Order a pizza, 15 minutes later, pizza ready to go. The portal, however has now notified me 27 times that the pizza I just finished is ready. Just a software issue but super annoying. Oh look, another email, and then another. 2 cam in while I typed this.
  • Took away online ordering 1/5

    By KnugsXbox
    The latest review took away online ordering. What’s the point of the app if I can’t order food from it?
  • Cannot Order 1/5

    By Clixnix
    The App Store image shows order buttons. But I cannot find any anywhere in the app. What is the point of the app if you cannot order. Yes, I have an account and am logged in. Would give this zero stars if possible.
  • Horrible rollout 1/5

    By Cabais44
    Store locator works great, but told by my closest store that they won't take coupons off my phone unless they're printed. Not even an option to print them from the ap. Was told by rep that they hope to get better in 6 months to a year. Recommend waiting, this isn't helpful at all. ***post update*** got rid of those pesky coupons. Absolutely no reason left for me to purchase from your stores. Guess your back to being the 20th option for pizza behind frozen from the grocery store. DELETED
  • Didn’t Work 1/5

    By Endkdn38284!;&
    I tried putting in an order and there was no official button to actually confirm the order, so i was not sure if it even sent the order. We got to the little caesars thinking the order was placed, but our name wasn’t even on the screen.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Maegan W.
    Every time I’ve ever tried to use this app, it won’t let me create an account or find any stores, no matter how I try to search for them. This app is a waste of storage on my phone. If my local store switches to no longer taking phone orders, I’ll be switching pizza stores.
  • Options 2/5

    By McQuainJ
    How am I suppose to add/remove toppings if the app doesn’t offer it? The veggie doesn’t come in deep dish?!
  • Limited ability to order 2/5

    By Steve in China
    Your app will not allow me to order a thin crust pizza with any toppings. It only allows me to order a thin crust cheese.
  • Wow. As disappointing as the pizza 1/5

    By menion95
    I was assigned to order a bunch of pizzas from LC for a party. Downloaded the app and set up an account. Would not let me order despite trying multiple times. It told me to call the store. When I called the store the gal just laughed when I told her the app wouldn’t let me order. Good thing we have lots of other good pizza places around here.
  • No way to order! 1/5

    By Albano5566
    I can't order using this app. If another reviewer is correct, only a few states have in-app ordering. I wouldn't have bothered to download this thing if I'd known that ahead of time. It's useless.
  • App doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Tfosson
    It’s stuck on the screen that wants to email me the privacy docs! It has emailed it to me three times now and won’t leave the screen no matter what I do!
  • Cant order 1/5

    By JD Jaydeep
    What the heck is this? I cant order on the app. This is ridiculous.
  • It doesn't work 1/5

    By PA Man
    App just doesn't work. Downloaded the app gave it my email to pass the privacy screen. However it is stuck there can't go any further 😞 Total waste of time.
  • Cost more to customize your pizza order 2/5

    By Ecjrmom
    If you want to order a custom pizza, it cost more than what it does if you call or go in and ordered it
  • Horrible app!! 1/5

    By blkdevil20
    The app kept crashing after I tried to place my order. When I logged back in, it would no longer apply the promo code. I ordered from somewhere else.
  • What’s the point 2/5

    By SammyDee32
    Used the app everything went through told us the order will be ready at this time. Well when we went to pick it up. They don’t make your order until you show up. So what’s the point if you still have to wait for the pizza to be made..
  • Great app 2/5

    By william lund
    Except when the order isn’t even started when I go to pick it up. The communication from app to store needs to be upgraded.
  • Terms 1/5

    By Rx1girl
    Can’t get past your terms and privacy screen
  • Why..? 1/5

    By LVNeptune
    Make an app you can’t order through. Stores tell you to use the app to place ahead time orders. App doesn’t let you place orders. Fail.
  • Make sure your local store knows about the app 1/5

    By R.C.R.Q.
    We ordered thru the this app and it informed us that our meal would be ready around 8:50. We arrived at 9 only to find out our local Little Caesar’s doesn’t know anything about online orders. So we had to reorder and everything.I don’t understand why they would have them as an option is they “haven’t been taught that yet” ???
  • Worthless !! 1/5

    By VenUs413
    This app won’t allow me place an order ! This app is worthless !!! Don’t waste your time to download this app !!
  • Little to nothing 1/5

    By Family Man2
    This app is worthless!! You can’t order and schedule a local pickup!!! Look at Papa Johns and learn how to create a good user friendly app!! I keep buying from your competitors!
  • Fix this app 1/5

    By Snnfcniaoakdnnrn
    Still can’t customize a round pizza
  • Total Garbage! 1/5

    By Newbloodzzz
    This app is completely pointless. All it is is a menu, you can’t order from it. Don’t waste your time as you can get the exact same experience just using your browser instead. Why would a company go through the time and expense of developing an app that does nothing?
  • New app I get it. 1/5

    By Zemnes22
    But if your employees don’t check the orders and make the pizza, don’t have me wait there 28 minutes without offering me a soda or something. Tell me it’s a signal problem. Bull. Fine, offer me something while I wait on your mess up.
  • Missing features 1/5

    By david.hold
    So how do I create and order, Save my payment info, Save favorite items?????
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By laurent155
    Why do I need an app that won’t allow me to order?? I don’t need to see a menu and then be asked to call the store to place my order. DUMB
  • Working well 4/5

    By johncom1
    Working well now. Pay with Apple Pay.
  • So bad it’s sad! 1/5

    By Badrail
    This app is worthless! I want PIZZA!
  • Still has issues 3/5

    By Kelbwl
    I’ve tried to order a custom pizza and the thin crust and deep dish will not allow any toppings to be added, it just showed max topping at a cheese only. The website menu shows a deep dish 3 meat treat and this is not an option on the basic app menu.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By wjgreeneiii
    What’s the point on having an app when you can’t place an order?
  • Can’t order through app 5/5

    By Yelrihs86
    I downloaded this app to try to order online. Not even an option. What the point. I can look up the address and menu by looking online. Don’t need this app
  • updated app, now it can't cinnect to server 1/5

    By Superpod wow
    If I can't log into the app, I can't buy the pizza. This is a fairly glaring screwup. Not that I really enjoy the pizzas all that much, but the app makes it convenient to purchase them, they are close by, and cheap. this app has very little to offer, but if it fails completely, what is the freaking point.
  • App worthless.. 1/5

    By Brainiac70
    Can’t logging to fix you password, there’s no way for someone to help you to change it password.. and always server not working.
  • A Truly Useless App 1/5

    By spinach4s
    This app is horribly designed and barely functions, it is completely unusable.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By kramlegan
    App is unusable. Press buttons and nothing happens most of the time. The store closest to me has “Order Now” greyed out.
  • Dumbest app ever 1/5

    By Albus Percival Wulfric Brian
    You can’t order food via this app. What’s the point?
  • Why even bother? 1/5

    By Lunch Duty
    So, I can’t even place an order on this thing? Why is there an order history tab then? How much are the people designing this app getting paid? Will you hire me? I’ll at least add sound effects so the app accomplishes something. But I’m deleting the app and you should too.
  • Fire whomever developed this app 1/5

    By JeffreyTucson
    Worthless app
  • Can’t customize 3/5

    By SerpentHawk
    Defaults to pan pizza. Canopy swipe to change crust type as indicated in help. Love that Apple Pay is accepted.

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