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$ 0 - live video streaming App is your live stream platform. You can broadcast your life to the world as it happens, and also initiate group video chat with your friends to hang out virtually. You can: - Group video chat with your best friends in the evening - Broadcast a particular moment (e.g. during a trip) - Show your talent or share experience to the world - Guest your fans in real time with a FaceTime-like experience - Receive gifts from your super fans * Only iPhone 5s and above is supported to use the guesting feature. - live video streaming app screenshots - live video streaming app reviews

  • I'm sorry:( 5/5

    By HelloImAvery
    I just heard a lot of reviews that someone killed him self I'm sorry but faithslays please delete her account I'm so sorry but people say that he shot him self I thought it was true I'm so sorry 😭 I'm sooooooo sorry I love it! Sorry about before 😭and could you delete this comment plz and don't send anything back
  • Ok... 3/5

    By aranza44
    So lively is kindof annoying cuz it never really tells you accurate numbers and stuff, but thats ok, i understand. The reason i give lively 3 stars is bc in one of the new updates its saying that you have to put your age and thats stupid. Everyone knows five year olds use musically anyway. I tried logging in to my cousins ipad on lively and we out like year 1995 and stuff like that and it still didnt get me in. Finally like last month im logged in, but ya have to fix that!!!!
  • CMON 1/5

    I loved this until they put a age limit it's stupid and I wanna live stream
  • OMG!!! This is bad! 3/5

    By 💖Stephanie💖
    I was on live a couple months ago when I had reported this more than 10 times. A teen boy was I his room trying to be all cool with this gun that he had, and he was pretending to kill himself. Than all of a sudden his fingers started to slip from the gun and he tried holding onto it tighter and he pulled the trigger and shot his head! The worst thing was, was that his family members were outside playing and talking while he was upstairs in his room with the door locked, so no one could get to him right away. So he had died right in front of everyone who was watching, which was hundreds of people. This app is making people do crazy things, and making people trying to get them to like them and impress them. His user name was yrn.mj....
  • Comments😡 1/5

    By Airhead2.0
    Every time I go on someone my comment won't show up!!!! So fix this NOW!!!!!!!!

    By Liza Who Farts Rainbows🌈🌈
    I accidentally deleted so I downloaded it again I typed in my name and my sisters birthday cuz it's 12 and up and she's 14 so then it said something and like I didn't make it in so I said that's weird so then I typed in my moms birthday she's 34 and it said the same thing then I typed in my grandmas birthday she's 56 AND IT SAID THE SAME THING!!!!! So I deleted it then downloaded it again and typed my sisters didn't work then I did my moms STILL DID NOT WORK so I just deleted it forever now my fans think I am a liar cuz I told them I would go live so whoever made YOU NEED TO FRICKEN FIX THIS YOU GOT EVERYBODY MAD!!!!!!!!
  • Questions 4/5

    By 21 Lil Boat
    How do u collab
  • It was bad 5/5

    By Gasser at
    I was not watching but I heard about that kid who killed him self on that's y I deleted it and now I can't get in
  • Ummmmmmm 1/5

    By Alex💋🤸🏼‍♀️
    This is a great app but I got a new update and now I try to log in and it does not work. Please have another update to let it work
  • Umm 3/5

    By Doggy.gabsters
    I downloaded it and a couple months later I go back on it and I have to make a new acc 😒 and I still have a musically acc so can you help solve this problem
  • fix this!!! 3/5

    By 0001chloe0001
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE but it will not tell me who is on my! it'll say 2 online but it will never tell me who joins!!!! FIX IT NOW!
  • Guesting problems?! 😡 4/5

    By Elona L
    I love this app a lot!! But whenever I try to guest someone it comes out blank and now I can't guest people anymore. PLZ HELP AND NOTICE THIS!!!
  • I HATE IT NOW 1/5

    By @itzjustkhiaa
    Can't collab!! Many people send collab requests to me... BUT when I TRY to answer it says " device not able to collab " . WHYY?? and I can't quest people !! This app is UNFAIR !! DONT download !!!!
  • Add guesting for all devices 4/5

    By itz_sashaaa
    This app is so cool and fun, but I want to be able to guest ppl on my IPad mini. My friends want to guest me but can't. Plz make guest available for all devices and not just phones, cause it will make me & tons of other ppl happy😊
  • Cool but nah 5/5

    By Bella&gigismommy
    This is a fun app but it is not that fun iPads should be able to guest people not just phones
  • HELP ME IN ORDER TO GET 5 stars 4/5

    By Alyss🔔
    Ok here's the problem I wanted to sign out of my acc so my friend could go on and when I tried to log back in then it said What's your birthday? I put it in and it said this:Sorry looks like your not eligible for come back again! I wanted to do for my fans! You guys need to do better honestly so plz help me log back in
  • Birthday issue 3/5

    By §&$Kenzie$&§
    So it says you have to be 12 and it tells you to enter your birthday when you open the app. I entered my birthday and I'm 12, it told me I wasn't eligible for the app so now I'm confused. PLEASE fix this.
  • How do you collab..? 5/5

    By Kittykween101
    I love this app!! I love meeting people and sending gifts, but I would like the app to have it to where you can get coins for free by watching a video. I don't know how to collab!! It's so frustrating! It says that there is a whole section for it, and I didn't see it. I thought it would be in the "other" section, but nope.. I don't know where it is!!! 😂
  • Why we can't go to someone's 1/5

    By el traviezo
    Like last week I was trying to get new fans but there are only crown users. if you are reading this change the it was before
  • HELP 5/5

    By ElaiTheBoss
    Ima say to those people who are complaining about the situation with when you download this app and you have to put your birthday and it doesn't work here's the solution to that problem to have it work] put as your birthday 1/1/1 and it will work trust me I did that and it worked...FINALLY
  • it wont even let me download 1/5

    By okgirl309
  • Nothing wrong with it 5/5

    By fabulouskylie
    Love it I use it when I want to go live and it tells me friends IB musically I'm going live so yeah
  • I can't put my age at all 2/5

    By O cant put my age in at alll
    I tried to get this app because I love using it on my phone but on my iPad it asks for my birthday when I try to put it in it wouldn't work so I put it t a super early year like 1845 and it still didn't work
  • CAN'T GET IN!!!!!😭😭😭 1/5

    By Frustrated😰
    I have been trying to get in for the past 3hours and I can't login to and I have a deadline 😡. I'm very frustrated with this I had the same problem on but I eventually got in and I can't on so I hope this gets fixed soon Signed: frustrated
  • The video group chat 4/5

    By Nice good baby ideas
    I wanna interact with my friends and the people I know on the video group chat I used to be able to do that but then somebody would Do a group chat and it wouldn't work I have my notifications on and everything but it just doesn't work😡🙄😩😩
  • Sound 5/5

    By Itz_dais
    Anytime I comment and I send the comment the sound just stops idk y but fix it

    By Toby&Sky's#1Fan
  • I HATE THIS 1/5

    By Sjones0622
    I had to delete musically for this
  • LOAD 3/5

    By Motobrett
    It take forever to load but it's worth it for the app

    By catsmagic8
    Musically is taking all my storage and I can't download
  • Slimey.Oreos 4/5

    By swimmerlover21
    Follow me on @slimey.oreos!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Debi Olcese
    It Can Live Stream And Do Everything It Shows It Can, But It Would Be Cool If When A Ended And You Click On It Will give you A Choice, Do You Want To See The Replay, With A Yes And A No
  • Don't got 4/5

    By dont got
    It don't go the collab button
  • Good and Bad 3/5

    By Stephanie.💩
    I love this app. It's a great way to meet new people and to interact with fans. Except since about 2 months ago when I went on one of my friends live I commented something. It didn't go through. No one on the live saw it except me. It's been happening ever since. Another thing. I tried to join someones live and it said I was blocked my her. I texted her on SnapChat and she said she didn't block me. I was like ok it's probability a glitch. Then about 1 week later I tried to join someone else's live and it said the same thing. It keeps happening on everyone's live. It's been bothering me so much. Please fix!!!
  • It is great but.. 3/5

    By mayaasandoval
    When I try to sign in it doesn't let me I put everything correctly but it doesn't let me in. I Switch my password five times then I put it on the sign in it doesn't let me
  • Good! 5/5

    By squishy art
    It's a good app
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Dylan325625
  • Old user 2/5

    IT won't let me in anymore it would kick me out I deleted it tried to get it back and it won't let me get it anymore 😡😡😡
  • Why Lively?! ;-; 1/5

    By Random_Artist
    I was trying to group video chat with my friends but they couldn't join. We all tried starting it but nothing came up! If this is a bug or something, please try to fix it.
  • Good👍🏻 5/5

    By Jujugirl2310
    its an easy app to use and I 💖 THE NEW COIN DROP FEATURE!
  • Can't record mobile game 4/5

    By -,- So . .
    4 stars but I can't record a mobile game for some reason can someone plz help me
  • Birthday problems 1/5

    By Eltonawrsome
  • Guesting 3/5

    By Surveyor78
    Plsssssssssssssss put the guesting back☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
  • Why cant 5s do collabs 3/5

    By dufnehd
    I like going live and all but why cant iphone 5s do collabs on lively. It seems like you just completely dropped 5s
  • Great but collab...sound dosent work 3/5

    By TheFlashGirl870⚡️
    I go to collab ON LIVE.lY with my friend, and THE AOUND DOSENT WORK!!! Please fix this
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Kaylen greyis
    First are you still love this app and go live all the time I do coin drops then after doing a lot of coin drops and earning coins I was so into it I don't know what happened. But it just started telling me on blocks by every user. I'm not even blocked by any of them some of these users I don't even know it's so stupid.
  • Awesome but.. 4/5

    By glittersparkle101
    I love but I want to be able to record any game from my phone.Also I want to be able to guest people.Thanks.
  • ♥️♥️ 4/5

    By heyimderpy
    i love lively. and it's really fun to do even though nobody joins my broadcasts. but there is 2 issues. 1. sometimes the comments do not go through. 2. it tells you that there is people on the broadcast but it doesn't tell you who they are. but other than that the app is wonderful!
  • It will not let me in I put my birthday in and it didn't let me in please fix the app 1/5

    By athompson726
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By Bunny lover 8
    It's an amazing app. I love to draw so I love to draw live for people! It's also just amazing. But if it buffers it takes so long to come back on. - live video streaming app comments

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