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  • Current Version: 6.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
9,251 Ratings
$ 0 App is your live stream platform. You can broadcast your life to the world as it happens, and also initiate group video chat with your friends to hang out virtually. You can: - Group video chat with your best friends in the evening - Broadcast a particular moment (e.g. during a trip) - Show your talent or share experience to the world - Guest your fans in real time with a FaceTime-like experience - Receive gifts from your super fans * Only iPhone 5s and above is supported to use the guesting feature.

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  • Won’t let me use the app!!! 1/5

    By Hen nxlxvcbnx
    I was putting in my b day which is Nov 6 2002 and it said I’m not old enough but I’m 16 and the app says 16+ so help me
  • Hate this 1/5

    By EB282006
    Wish I could actually get in🙄 I’m not eligible and I swear I’m actually going to scream! This is the most aggravating app I have ever downloaded🤬
  • I can’t log in !!! 1/5

    By Bella mused
    I can’t log in me and my cousin tried every year it won’t work ! Please help !!!!!!}

    By CriminalCaseJ
    The app is honestly annoying me... I’ve tried to register with having a account. It says “Put in your birthday” I put in my birthday tried different years and every time it says “Your not eligible for sorry” it’s annoying I just wanna watch my cousins prodcast but your app is not making it easy to access!!!!😡 DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
  • It won’t let me log in. 1/5

    By Milky's
    I’m old enough to get this app and use it. It won’t let me log in. I even put in that I was born in the 1800’s and it still didn’t work. I’m giving this a 1 star rating. I really hope you guys fix this so everyone can use and have fun. It looks fun when others use it and I want to try it but I can’t.
  • I hate this problem 2/5

    By Bad opinon
    I hate how it didn’t let me sign in because my age🙄😡😭
  • It’s not letting me in 2/5

    By MysteryPupo
    I go to put in my birthday and it says I’m not eligible :T every time
  • WHYYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 1/5

    By Mikecarrie
  • LOVE IT!! 5/5

    By Echo_Neko1256
  • My birthday 1/5

    By One of your angry customers
    It won’t let me log in with my 17 year old self even though it says 12 PLUS it won’t let me log in you guys need to fix this because this is nonsense and I’m pretty sure it is doing it to other people to
  • stupid lively 1/5

    By tbone3345
    you lively don’t work it won’t let my birthday in
  • It won’t let me log in 1/5

    By it wont let me log in
    I put my birthday in and I’m 18 and it won’t let me log in!!!
  • Plz read this lively makers 1/5

    By Paris_Slays_Just like beyonce
    I have a musically account and I had no problem before but now when I try to log in to it says I’m not eligible when I am because I’m old enough
  • Can’t get in 1/5

    By gdbctjvsgncfj
    I can not get in I put my birthday in as my real birthday (05 I am 12) and then 1994 and still can’t get in 🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Please fix this 4/5

    By maddyxox_lol
    I love and this app but today I was trying to live stream and I was logged out, and it wouldn’t let me log in. It said enter my birthday so I did, but is said I was not eligible enough for, but I put in the same birthday as I did when I signed up for
  • I CANT GET IN 😡😡😡 1/5

    By KezYet
    This is very bad! So I just got the app and I can’t get in. I put in my age and it says I’m not eligible. That is very stupid because it didn’t do that to my friends who have it. This app is so bad I wish I didn’t have to rate it!!
  • It’s won’t let me log in! 1/5

    By Carlie_Ramey_1000
    So I downloaded this stupid app so when I get up the courage I will go live, so I put in my birthday (I’m 11) and it said I was to young so I put in a fake birthday which was 17 it said I was STILL to young so I put in ANOTHER fake birthday I was like 20 IT STILL SAID I WAS TO YOUNG I wouldn’t waste your time on this app just if your not going to be able to log in, I have seen better apps than this
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sofacornz
    This app is awesome! I give it a 5!
  • What age??? 1/5

    By @iiSolare
    I tried getting in using my regular age, 10. It didn’t work. I tried 11. Nah. 12. Nuh uh. 17. Nope. 21. Not gonna happen. I tried all ages. Even the 1700s! It still DIDNT WORK. Ugh, I hate.
  • Horeible 1/5

    By ReneeR21
    It is saying u am not eligible and I am old enough
  • Omg😕 2/5

    By vshdjfjjc
    Whoever has not of gotten this app before. Just a heads up! I got this let's say about a year ago it worked perfectly I was 10 and I put my real age and it worked. Then it erased it, and few months later I got it again. Says I am not eligible then I tried over and over still nothing and I tried my moms birthday surprise surprise still doesn't work. I used to love this app but it had gotten messed up or something. Whoever created this app please fix it!
  • Lively 5/5

    By brea kleppen
    I used to have lively and then I got a new phone downloaded it and tried to put in my birthday and it won’t let me in

    By Gvant$a
  • Dumb birthday thing 1/5

    By fjskehejsjs
    Can’t get in dumb app because of your dumb birthday thing stupid use your brain you got it for a reason.
  • Tell this person something 5/5

    By jamiah gang
    Ok musically and live is not stupid
  • FIX IT !! 3/5

    By Kitty critic
    i’m 12 but it keeps saying I’m not eligible fix it please
  • :/ 4/5

    By Tyson19088
    The app is good but I’m putting in my birthday and it says I can’t use it even tho I am old enough
  • Ryah Stevens 1/5

    By ryah stevens
    I try to log into lively and it keeps saying that I’m not eligible and it’s making me mad bc I just logged out and I used the same birthday so I would appreciate if u could explain why this is happening thank you
  • Ugh!! 1/5

    By Peyton The Best
    It wouldn’t let me get past the BIRTHDAY!! I’m not eligible it says!! I DONT GET IT SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!
  • I can’t log in! 1/5

    By val😝
    I put in my real date of birth 2007 it said I wasn’t eligible so I changed it to 1983 I was STILL NOT ELIGIBLE then I changed it to year 1 and somehow I am still TO YOUNG I was very frustrated with this because how can other people log in ? Please fix this ASAP!!😡😡😡
  • 👏I👏CAN’T👏EVEN👏LOG👏IN!👏 1/5

    By p3i2n1
    So obviously, it asks for my age. I want to be able to do live videos. but I CANNOT EVEN ENTER MY OWN AGE! P L E A S E fix this!!!!!!!! 1 star.
  • It said not eligible 1/5

    By #games
    I put my birthday and random birthdays and it said not eligible I put EVERY kind of birthday I thought of and it said NOT ELIGIBLE!!!!!!😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By TheSavageAshley
    I’ve put in my birthday which is April 27 1999 and it’s saying I’m too young? Which I think not cause I’m 18 so idk why it’s doing that
  • I’m mad 1/5

    By Jade and car
    I’m very mad because it wouldn’t let me log in it didn’t go along with my b-day so I tried another and it still didn’t budge and another and another every b-day I put in it declined
  • Seriously i hate this 1/5

    By Gamy gamer
    I have been using it and i loved it but then I accidentally deleted it and when i tried going back in to sign in this stupid app does not let me now if you could plz fix it I’d be happy, i am 13 yrs old and every time i put in my bday it says i am not edible.
  • Not goood 1/5

    By kikisqash
    I have myths app but when I try to login to do a live it’s saying that I’m not supposed to do it and I’m 12 so
  • Ok ok 5/5

    By thehackspot
    We know people say they can’t log it is the year of birth try 1981 👍👍👍👍👍
  • I can't log in 1/5

    By Siennard
    I put my real birthday and it didn't work! It said "sorry you are not eligible for this app but thanks for checking us out" I HATE THIS APP!!!
  • I can’t GET IN 1/5

    By Kmizzle223
    It Keeps saying I am not old enough to be on but I had it before so plz update for the people with this problem!!!!😭😭😭😭
  • Why Can’t I Get In?!? 1/5

    By LakeWolf123
    I Put in my Age, along with many Other Oder ages, and it wouldn’t Let me in. All the other Reviews are similar to this, and We would Like it fixes. It says “you aren’t eligible for this app”... Fix it Please! 👎
  • I can’t login!! 4/5

    By Bamagirl_1602
    Hey I am 16 and it keeps telling me I am am not eligible. Can u fix so I watch my friends.
  • Not eligible 1/5

    By 😜fun girl
    I waited a little bit to get this app and then it says I'm not eligible
  • Birthday Problem 1/5

    By XxBlueBoiixX
    You put your birth day but it says your to eligible for but thanks for checking us out but like bruh fox it please
  • It won’t work 😡😡😡😡 1/5

    By 🦋ButterflyCat🦋
    It won’t let me log in because it says my age isn’t eligible even tho I put the year as 1997 since I’m 20 and it won’t work. PLUS THE APP SAYS 12+ !!!! FIXXXX IT!!!!
  • Will not 1/5

    By Marvise
    Don’t let me in
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Jshsjakkaiqutfddfbh
    It won’t even let me sign in and I don’t even know why this app is horrible I’m suing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Glitches 4/5

    By Kinslee Erin🎈
    Love this app but sometimes it ends the live on its own and if I am paused for more than 1 minute it also ends it and starts glitching
  • It won't let me log in 1/5

    By Ofodfjndksk
    Hate it.
  • I hate 1/5

    By Cath145
    It keeps say that I’m not eligible but I am 14
  • Tells me I’m not eligible 1/5

    By Tiffanynatalie
    I can only input my age (I’m 35) and it says I’m ineligible to use the app. I’m downloading it for my daughter. I Tried another phone and still it doesn’t work. I guess I’m too old for it 😂 app comments


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