LOCAL NOW - Stream Your City

LOCAL NOW - Stream Your City

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Weather Group, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LOCAL NOW - Stream Your City App

If it's happening in your city, it's happening on Local Now! All of the latest updates on news, weather, traffic and so much more are now in one convenient app. Start streaming your city and you'll never have to wonder what's going on around you ever again! Local Now is a streaming service powered by leading content providers such as The Weather Channel, AP, Foursquare, and Stadium to give you all the information you need to stay connected to your community and get you through your day. Whether you are trying to get the kids ready for school, are trying to get yourself ready for work, or just want to start your day with a dose of local knowledge, Local Now has you covered. Local Now also allows most users with cable or satellite subscriptions to live stream The Weather Channel 24/7. You will be prompted to select your TV provider at the time of login.


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LOCAL NOW - Stream Your City app reviews

  • Providers 1/5

    By RareBlooded
    The most common provider out there, used my millions of people, isn’t even supported. I am an XFINITY customer and I can not even use this for my own personal gain even though I see many advertisements about this all the time on The Weather Channel through XFINITY. Not cool LocalNow, you lost a potential customer.
  • Can’t watch without cable provider 1/5

    By iPh0ne_3GS
    I can’t watch the live stream without my cable provider which I’m living a cable free life so I will just go back on YouTube and look up “weather channel live” and stick to that.
  • Local now 1/5

    By gedaleg
    Very frustrating to use. To many commercials. Rate it a 1
  • Definitely need to add DirectTV Now support 3/5

    By Metalskij
    Gotta got it! Please!
  • Localnow app 1/5

    By Idiot 22
    Terrible,wish there were a way to rate negative stars. Stops,saying they are on commercial break,doesn't restart. Had to exit,tired of waiting. Useless b.s.!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Great idea, but . . . 1/5

    By Cachehog
    Not local at all. The nearest supported city is 70 miles away, with different weather conditions. The app is pretty much worthless to me right now.
  • another avenue to force feed advertisements! 1/5

    By Videomaned
    No thanks. Waste of time
  • Loved it Through hurricane Irma!! 5/5

    By kathyonmarcoisland
    This app was amazing during Irma 7 days ago!! We live on Marco Island and we evacuated to Naples Florida. We got to Naples, but after watching the weather channel there, we then quickly decided we needed to keep going further north to Jacksonville. We drove over night 8 hours and we were able to watch the live forecast with the track of the storm as we drove!!! It was great. We are now back on Marco Island!
  • City 1/5

    By Joekardel
    Could not get Myrtle Beach as my location. Insisted on Florence, which get totally differs weather. Deleting app.
  • Needs an update 3/5

    By smk9578
    It's a great option to have but the location services need a change. The only choices are always or never. I'd like the option of "while using".
  • Glitchtastic 1/5

    By Megzzzzzzzzzzzzzhggshjdudbeh
    The feed freezes so frequently that the app is useless.
  • simple and very current 5/5

    By macrends
    works great for me. I'm with Cox. The live stream vs live TV is only delayed a few seconds. I think this app is great
  • Bad 1/5

    By Whitewings 21
    It asks for zip and it shows you something entirely wrong.
  • Not Local 1/5

    By peterz549
    This app had Lots of ads but nothing local in my area. All I got is another app with the Weather Channel.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Boxer mom1
    Cannot access
  • Highly disappointed 1/5

    By M. Kevin Pruett
    You have to login with a cable company our TV provider do not like absolutely hate our parent Lee there is a charge on this because you only have a 30 day free trial do not get
  • Very Poor 1/5

    By CameronOrrkids
    Not really local. Closest city is over 100 miles away
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Brrsw34
    Why do I put in my zip code if it will not pull up my area
  • Vital Resource 5/5

    By Jason AKA Future TWC Producer
    Has potential to save many lives during dangerous weather -JH
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 77Cobra
    Not user friendly at all. Constantly having to sign in. Easier to stream the Weather Channel directly.
  • Just one thing... 3/5

    By Hurricane Crazy
    The stream works fine but i wish that it could give you hyperlocal streams + streams for Puerto Rico. Other than that its pretty ok.
  • Requires cable provider 1/5

    By Ktr____
    Requires cable subscription to be useful.
  • Why? 2/5

    By NicoBlueNRG
    Disappointed, because if you wanted to watch the weather channel, than you see "enter your cable service provider" and your Dream is to be a meteorologist, this app is not for you, you will wish the local now app did not exist!
  • Junk 1/5

    By crew/chief
    Not user-friendly, endless aggravating advertisements, and does not get "to my community" as stated! This app is junk, I am removing it!
  • Great Info on local news and weather 4/5

    By pwcinpc
    I just discovered this app and will use it often as first choice for updates.
  • Charter Spectrum not supported 1/5

    By MrJoeRocco
    Largest cable provider in the country doesn't support this app. Don't bother.
  • 1 Channel, poor user interface 2/5

    By Tom78D
    Streams 1 Channel of aggregated, localized content. App keeps switching from landscape to portrait whenever a control function is performed. Very distracting.
  • Not local no casting abilities 3/5

    By bubbleblower
    Was hoping to cast to cast this app to my outdoor tv but there is no such utility. This is in Tampa and not close enough to accurately tell me the weather in Redington Beach. I hope this gets fixed soon. The concept is good but still has a way to go
  • Will not load. 1/5

    By Jd42106
    I downloaded this today and will not load. Waste of time
  • Fantastic Weather Application 5/5

    By Little Jimmy Wonder
    A little bit of patience pays super big dividends on what information you have fed back to you.
  • It is awesome 5/5

    By Don't feel
    It tells you alerts that you don't know
  • Bad 1/5

    By NVcajun
    Did not work. Waste of Time.
  • Stuart J 1/5

    By Stukimfor1
    Nothing but commercials, nothing about the weather. Either news or commercials but no weather.
  • Too limited 1/5

    By MIZZOURob
    There are too few choices and can't find anyplace within 60 miles of where I live, and I don't live in the country. Time to delete this app due to can't use it.
  • Not really local 1/5

    By jbowlby
    Weather 100 miles away really doesn't interest me very much
  • Great app, great info all in one place 5/5

    By jklamerus1324
    This app offers a great way to get local info, weather and traffic in a quick little package for people on the go! Excellent for anybody looking for a concise look at what's going on. Video/sound quality is excellent and I haven't come across any issues with buffering. I'm excited about where this app is going and its potential! It's certainly a lot easier to whip out your smartphone and get a quick recap than it is to find time to watch local news.
  • Not really local 2/5

    By Buffer76
    Only does major cities, not local locations.
  • San Diego "Whale's Vagina" 5/5

    By juicegetdamoney
    One of the few apps I can actually get local news on with my Apple TV. Weird.
  • No Xfinity, No Sound Source Option 2/5

    By Kewlwm
    Can't use Xfinity account, can't choose a source for the sound when charging in car. You end up with no sound unless you disconnect. Would love it if these two things weren't a problem.
  • Doesn't list my provider or location 1/5

    By Proud Southern Belle
    Waste of time to download if your provider or location is not listed...please fix this and I would try again
  • No captioning as required by federal law 1/5

    By nziemer
    Which app with the local streaming video it's not have close captioning as required by federal law. They 21st-century Communication and Video Accessibility Act signed into law in 2010 by President Obama, has not been complied in this App yet. Please do so because 34 millions deaf and hard of hearing citizens can benefit from this in emergency situations and moment to moment weather events.
  • Good info, fast! 5/5

    By SpursFanTX
    Perfect for those early morning commutes or trips to the airport.
  • No go for Comcast / xfinity customers 1/5

    By Jnachod2015
    The fact that this app requires cable tv provider login, from a participating provider is LAME. They should want as many people as possible to be able to see the video content in the app ... more eyeballs means more ad dollars, but no. Some fat overweight CEOs want another way. This app is not for cutting edge live sports or movie content, which might actually be worth paying for. Rather, this app is for the sensationalized weather forecasts (such as winter storms that have names) that you can get for free in many places. The pay tv industry is doing everything they can possibly do to irritate people and this app is no exception.
  • A long time coming! 5/5

    By Errlyriser
    I've been waiting for this to happen. So far, the app seems to be working really well. It's nice to be able to watch AMHQ on the go. Keep up the good work, developers!
  • Town 1/5

    By Unsatisfactory40
    This is not a good app, does not take my location, it gives weather from 50 miles away. New Jersey is actually on the map !! It would be nice if it was shown with upcoming storms !!
  • Not so good 2/5

    By Geo-maniac
    Won't take my location, it's off by about 70 miles, and won't switch between portrait view and landscape. Not sure about the quality of information because it won't let me switch locations. When the bugs get worked maybe it'll be better.
  • Best Apple TV app 5/5

    By rodlebod
    Great for office lobby tv.
  • Not even close!!! 1/5

    By Jameyg72
    My local news, sports, & weather is 70 miles away???
  • Pointless 3/5

    By RobertoC-PR
    I already have Comcast and their Xfinity TV app lets me watch The Weather Channel, but on the go it only has the national feed (no Local On the 8s). I was expecting Local Now to solve that problem, except it also requires a cable TV subscription, and Comcast is not supported. What's the point of this app then? Why even bother?
  • Did like it... 2/5

    By NMTreeWhisperer
    Key word: DID. It is, rather was, good. Let's you stream TWC. Issue: constantly signs me out so I have to log in with my provider. Come on TWC. Have the guys at WU build this for you, they will do it better. Also, make it so local on the 8's isn't in another section of the app. All you guys need to do is make a version of STORM for appletv and add a section where you can stream TWC.

LOCAL NOW - Stream Your City app comments


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