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Logic Dots 2

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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ayopa Games LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Logic Dots 2 App

If you love solving ingenious puzzles, you need Logic Dots 2! A uniquely fantastic combination of Sudoku and Battleship, it's easy, addictive and logical to play. Place dots on the grid to make shapes and solve each puzzle. This award-winning puzzle sequel is simple and logical, but increasingly challenging. Each brain-twisting Logic Dots 2 puzzle consists of a blank grid surrounded by numbers. Players need to find hidden dot lines and now shapes on the grid, making sure each row and column contains the indicated number of dots. This massively-anticipated sequel builds upon its acclaimed puzzle-board predecessor, the #1 puzzle-board game on the App Store with almost 1 million players in a week - incredible! There are no time limits or move limits, and hints are freely given in some puzzles to make them easier on players. Beware though - as the game progresses, deduction challenges become increasingly devilish. Only true ‘Logic Legends’ will make it to the end of Logic Dots 2! - USE LOGIC TO WIN: Place dots in the grid to create dot lines and shapes to solve each logic puzzle. - BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION: Gorgeous, colorful levels are now even more of a treat for your eyes. Logic Dots is color-blind friendly as well! - INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE: Logic Dots 2 sharpens logic deduction and improves cognitive skills in players. - NO PRESSURE, TAKE YOUR TIME: There’s no time limit and no move limit. Take as many goes and as much time as you want to complete each puzzle! - RENOWNED FRANCHISE: Logic Dots 2 is made by the lead programmer of the original Logic Dots, Logic Traces and hit puzzle game, Tiny Thief! - UNRIVALLED DEPTH: Over 200 unique and increasingly complex brain-teasers provide many hours of intellectual challenge and fun. Yet more new level packs will also be released in free updates very soon! - COMPLETELY FREE: Play all the way to the end with no in-app purchases required! - LEARN AT YOUR PACE: Seamless tutorials for players of any ability level. - COMPARE AND COMPETE: Your game score, Game Center achievements and leaderboards will show who’s the most logical of your friends. Surely it’s you? - FEEL FREE TO MAKE MISTAKES: Any logic errors can be corrected with unlimited undo’s! - HINTS IF YOU NEED THEM: If you get stuck, tap on the hint button and you’ll be puzzling again in no time! As always, your amazing support and positive feedback is always much appreciated. We are working hard and will release new level packs in free updates very soon. Have fun!


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Logic Dots 2 app reviews

  • This is great 4/5

    By WVSkier
    I was surprised by how enjoyable this is. It has a clean interface and is honestly somewhat addictive Edit: I’m taking a star back because I’m tired of “skipping” the tutorial every time I’ve open the app. I’ve seen it. Go away
  • Can’t get to 11x11 4/5

    By lsmittz
    I love this game! Unfortunately I can’t get to level pack 11x11, I’ve unlocked all packs. Am I missing something?
  • I payed for the full game, but 11X11 is not there! 1/5

    By Usernames are Stupid
    I paid to unlock the full game. I beat level 10 and it said I could move onto 11. But 11X11 is nowhere to be found! I have been RIPPED OFF! I want a full refund.
  • Love it but disappointed 3/5

    By Nmdb4
    I absolutely loved this game. So much that even after having to watch a TON of adds to keep playing I still loved it. There really were a lot of adds tho in order to keep playing. What really disappointed me tho was when I beat the 10x10 board and when 11x11 wouldnt come up I purchased the unlocked version and still nothing. It sure didnt mind charging me for it tho which is a huge bummer.
  • Pay to Play 2/5

    By Quesupo
    The game itself is fun. Nice challenges. But once you get to the third round (6x6 puzzles), you're forced to unlock them by spending hints. You either have to pay money or watch ad after ad after ad to keep playing. No thanks.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By avander2
    Great game but I did solve a puzzle but it didn’t accept it. The game says there’s multiple ways to win but it wasn’t accepted. Please update solutions as you update the app. Again this game is great and addictive and I want others to enjoy it as much as I have!
  • Tutorial 3/5

    By SSkitten
    It’s a great game, but every time I open it, the tutorial plays again
  • Where are the rest of the levels? 2/5

    By GeniusEAK
    Great game, but nothing happens after completing level 10
  • Pay to even advance 1/5

    By Bfte16
    So I enjoyed the first part of this game and loved the challenge that it brought to the table, but now after the free packs, you have to pay to play further. Very disappointed and won’t download anything from this company again, I’d rather have ads than to be forced to pay to unlock the rest of the game
  • Addictive game 5/5

    By Mispot23
    It is a good time killer and keeps your brain active.
  • My new fave. 5/5

    By telly.cia
  • Level 24 1/5

    By spilbee
    One of the levels won’t advance, even though I’ve solved it multiple ways.
  • Free for 2 packs or 60 puzzles 2/5

    By jacob567navy
    Greedy devs
  • So relaxing and wonderful. 5/5

    By Feramors
    I absolutely adore these puzzles. Picked it up on evening last week and have lost track of time playing. And, for whatever reason, it has a very calming effect on me. I finished the 10x10 in a few days and even going back and replaying the puzzles greatly appeals to me. This is one app that I will never delete from my phone.
  • Not free 1/5

    By ImlikeYo
    There’s not a single level you can play without paying $3 How are you supposed to know if you even like the game.. BS
  • Solved the puzzle but 1/5

    By Karmsa
    This could be a great little puzzle game, except when there are multiple ways to solve it doesn't always recognize all the answers. There is a point in the tutorial that say all correct answers will solve the puzzle. After 10 minutes of game play I have already solved 3 puzzles (all numbers on the grid turn grey) that didn't recognize my configuration (dots at the top remained white even though mine matched)
  • Great game!! 5/5

    By dimar61
    Absolutely love this game! It's a more interesting version of Nonograms, in that you have to look for specific shapes as well as filling in the correct amt of spaces. I like that it's colorful too!
  • More than 1 solution but game won't recognize them 1/5

    By Railwiki
    Very frustrating- only a couple levels in and there are MULTIPLE solutions to the puzzle and the game won't recognize any of the others except theirs. I don't want to have to keep scanning through every possible solution to a puzzle over and over until it finally hits on the one that they programmed into the game. Bad code. Deleting the game.
  • Fun! But... 3/5

    By RebeccaNichele
    Definitely needed some user testing before launch. Ex usability errors: -menu navigation doesn’t work as expected -tutorial should not show at startup every time
  • Sideways 2/5

    By WhileDo
    All the text is sideways, which makes it really hard to read.
  • G 2/5

    By 1FineScorpio
    It was fun until you clear an entire board and you would think it unlocks the next level, BUT IT DOESN’T!!! You have to use all of your hints to unlock the next level or keep playing the same level over and over again. What a waste!
  • Obnoxious NOISE!!! 1/5

    By PkirkC
    Obnoxious noise that refuses to STAY OFF ruins EVERYTHING!!!
  • Good game 4/5

    By rparkhill
    It’s a fun game, but I finished the 10x10 pack and there is no 11x11, even though it says I unlocked it and I haven’t maxed points. I’d like to be able to keep going.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Bean Taquito
    This game pretends to be free. After you complete the first (boring) 2 level packs you have to pay to continue. Scam. Don’t waste your time if your IQ is over 100.
  • Nice copy of the Paint It Back game 4/5

    By TimDawgz
    This game seems nicely done and well polished except for the occasional crashes for no obvious reason. It's irritating but not irritating enough for me to take the time to bother opening up a case and sending a bunch of info over only to be told that "someone" will look into it and get back to me if any more info is needed. Nah,...I'll keep my 20 minutes. For those of you who don't know and like this concept then I suggest you try out a game called Paint It Back. It's almost the exact same concept except you get to "paint" pictures so it's more satisfying at the end. I love that game so this game is well liked by someone like me who enjoys puzzles.
  • And another one 3/5

    By PreviousBBUser
    That doesn’t sync between devices. I hate progressing on my iPhone then picking up my iPad only to redo the levels I just did earlier.
  • Entertaining but Too Easy 3/5

    By Lmtb5784474
    This game is fun to play and it’s good, but it is way too easy to figure out the puzzles. The answers are literally at the top of the screen on each level and all you have to do is draw the shapes they give you.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Zaphoophius
    Great game
  • :) :( 5/5

    By aappeees.
    This game hurts my brain
  • Could be good 2/5

    By JFerg1955
    Fun game centered around ads! At first you see them to earn clues, then the clues don’t come to you. Go through 3 levels and then, cut off! Too bad, nice concept!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Alex_hicks05
    I love this game already finished all of the 10x10 can’t wait for the rest to come out
  • Great game but... 5/5

    By Master2Player
    Where’s the 11x11 and 12x12 packs? Great game, but I do not enjoy only having 1470/2269 points! 😅
  • forced ads 1/5

    By musikit
    game = 5 stars forced ads = -5 stars
  • Fun until 6x6 3/5

    By Fastturtle135
    This game was really fun, I enjoyed it and was looking forward to keep playing... but once I got to 6x6 I realized to progress I had to use hints to unlock more levels. I watched a video to get 15 and unlock it, but the next day when I went to play again it said it was locked. I have 0 hints and can't play any of the levels I unlocked using them.
  • Challenging and fun 4/5

    By Ugh. Just ugh.
    This game is so fun! And you need lots of brain power. The only downside is that there are lots of ads.
  • Fun but I’m not paying 3/5

    By seanzy11
    I ran out of levels. I now have the option of watching an hour of ads or buying the whole thing.
  • Gerat app 5/5

    By jacob155
    I love this app, it gives me a nice challenge at times which I like.
  • Works ok 3/5

    By Kahunaluna
    I like the idea of the game but it says there can be multiple answers for the levels, yet they don’t all work. This is using the shapes given and the number grid, both matching what is supposed to be correct
  • Won’t Unlock Level 11 3/5

    By Miss.MapleSap
    Having fun and got through Level 10 but it won’t unlock 11...
  • Hints & packs 3/5

    By Devryn
    It’s kind of dumb that you have to use hints to unlock packs
  • Too Easy 1/5

    By Nina8307
    So you only get 4x4 and 5x5 squares for free. Those are so simple to beat. I beat all of them in leas then 1 hour, no hints are needed in these games. I am going to pay for the larger squares because I am afraid they too will be simple to beat and then I won’t want to play. Waste of time and money is you upgrade.
  • Good, but not realistic 2/5

    By Ashleyeve!
    If you’re actually into the logic behind it, this game will make you want to pull your hair out. The game is looking for a specific pattern rather than any pattern that will fit the criteria, logically. It’s frustrating and not a very good game.
  • Please change the hints problem. 3/5

    By nourtney
    I like the game but I don’t like that I have to watch so many ads between packs to unlock them. Why don’t the ads that play during the gameplay earn hints or earn more hints for completing the previous pack. I earned 8 hints for completing a pack and now have to watch 12 ads to unlock the next pack. I know I watched several ads while playing the levels with no hints earned.
  • Great until your hints magically disappear 3/5

    By NWGirl05
    So, after reading some comments I figured out that you can get a free hint to get you past the first set of levels to progress to the next. I’m now at level 7 and again need 15 hints, I only have 6. I have never used a single hint!! Where did my other 9 go?!?!
  • Some issues 3/5

    By drFra
    This is a fun game. My only complaint is that there are a few puzzles where there are clearly more than one solution but you can not get credit unless you find their exact solution. I would have rated this a 5 otherwise, it’s just that annoying to solve a puzzle and then not get credited.
  • Vkl66 5/5

    By vkl66
    OMGosh! My newest favorite game.
  • A bit easy 3/5

    By mommabeaf
    The shape of the dots’ outline are given to you at the top of the screen. So, needless to say, it makes it pretty easy without really having to think. With that in mind 3 stars. It wasn’t much of a challenge that I was hoping this game would be.
  • Can’t Continue 1/5

    By SsnowSnake
    Despite the claim it can be played for free, I got to level 7x7 and do not have enough free hints to ‘buy’ the next level. So I went back to previous levels to earn more hints. Except I cannot increase my score, not free hints, by replaying puzzles. So it’s either pay or bye. Well it’s bye for me. I don’t pay developers who make false claims to get me hooked, then force me to pay.
  • Way too easy 2/5

    By GBNYC
    Like Nonograms, sort of, but with lots of extra clues to make it very easy. Should be good for younger kids, I guess
  • Fun 5/5

    By Dude that enjoys reddit
    Fun little game, easy and relaxing

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