Logos: Bible study and reading

Logos: Bible study and reading

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  • Current Version: 6.0.7
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  • Developer: Faithlife Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Logos: Bible study and reading App

Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans. You can save any book or Bible for offline use. Get up to 95 free resources when you download the app and sign in, and do better Bible study with exclusive Logos Bible study tools. Read your favorite Bible translations: we have a variety of options including the NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more. TOP FEATURES: • TABBED BROWSING - Open as many resources as you want side by side. • REFERENCE SCANNER - Take a picture of a church bulletin or handout using Reference Scanner and the app will open all the verse references. • LIBRARY - Downloading this app gives you access to 36 free resources to kick off your Bible study. • NOTES - Attach your thoughts, comments, and questions to any verse or book. • HIGHLIGHTING - Mark the words that matter with fully customizable color and text options and return to them at any time. • BIBLE WORD STUDY - Learn more about any word by examining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references. • PASSAGE GUIDE - Get a detailed, verse-specific report including commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, and media resources. • TEXT COMPARISON - Compare any verse across up to five translations with visual and percentage indicators of difference. • SPLIT SCREEN - Delve into any secondary resource side by side with your preferred translation. • SEARCH - Find every mention of a word or phrase in every resource in your library. • SOCIAL SHARING - Share Bible verse images with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Email. • AUDIO BOOKS - Listen to the Word wherever you are.


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Logos: Bible study and reading app reviews

  • Great! 5/5

    By JUAN3:16
    Is a blessing!, very need it for minister and every person who wants to have a serious studied of the bible.
  • Great Software 5/5

    By DaveMV52
    I really like the new the multi-page feature and the change from paging the text to having continuous scrolling. I enjoy being able to have access to so much of the Logos capabilities on my iPone.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Pauly 22
    Always have my Bible with me on my phone. Kind of weird because I am used to a physical Bible, but remember it is still the word and the word is it!!!
  • Whoa what a fantastic update 4/5

    By Jayrhall12
    I am blown away buy the most recent update. You can tell that the dev team over at faithlife have been very, very hard at work. Way to go guys! I really think that they have unleashed a lot of power to he mobile platform with the concept of tabs. They are bridging the gap from desktop to mobile. My only recommendation would be to fine tune and tweak this current iteration to make every thing from the Bible scrolling to the menu opening up and everything else buttery smooth. Also, side note: I would really like the ability to make it so the menu did not come up any time I scroll up in my reading. Like if the menu was hidden while scrolling up and down, and then appeared if I simply tapped on the screen. The way it is right now feels a little clumsy because I’ll scroll up and the menu will come down and cover up the text that I was trying to see. Update: the new navigation pop up when scrolling up is much improved, but I guess I’m still left wondering why it can’t just be activated when the screen is tapped. Maybe I’m missing something? I still feel like it’s a bit intrusive because sometimes I want to scroll up a ways, but I do not need to access the nav menu, so it just gets in the way. I would at least like the option to tap for nav bar. All that to say, I appreciate the update on the scrolling up because it is a lot better than it was, so thanks!
  • The best online Bible software 5/5

    By Logos user15
    I have used several online Bible software and none compares to Logos. It is great to have your library with you all the time. It is also great to access your library across various platforms. This is the industry standard.
  • Best Bible App 5/5

    By MrsCookieD
    I own the Logos software which I will disclose. It was thrilling to see an App that gave folks the Logos experience in Bible reading, study and so much more. Love it!
  • Great app, but a minor complaint... 5/5

    By Gfdsaj
    Hello, I really like the app but have noticed in the last week or so that the widget in Day view on iOS (when you swipe to the right from home screen), showing the verse of the day, doesn’t update without my accessing the verse of the day within the app itself. This may be an iOS issue, not yours, but it would be a great fix if that could be addressed. Thanks!
  • Improving but not very useful 2/5

    By Arazonan
    The app is improving but it is my least favorite bible app. Two main issues are a lack of a coherent design philosophy that makes the interface inconsistent and confusing and sloppy implementation of the features that do exist. I tend to buy duplicate copies of Logos resources in olivetree if I want to use them on mobile. If bandwidth is available the web version of Logos is far superior no crashes much more functionality. Latest annoyances other than crashing are the inability to access tablee of contents or index in csb bible notes with out going to gen 1:1 or rev and manually scrolling. Inability to switch book to book in commentary sets. Olive tree does all these so I have to purchase more duplicate resources. By the way I would have posted these comments as feedback elsewhere if you had a method of providing feedback (your forums appear to not be actively monitored).
  • The Logos 5/5

    By ElderMan1
    A very important study tool that everyone should employ. I like the commentary and all the free resources that are offered. I wish I could justify buying all the software.
  • Unreliable, starting to use other bible study apps... 1/5

    By Dedicated Podcaster
    Highlighting Not working !!! Why hasn’t this issue been fixed ? Also why can’t I use this app Offline ? UPDATE THIS APP AND FIX YOUR BUGS
  • iPhone review 3/5

    By Original Zydrin
    While I have had my love/hate relationship with the desktop version, mostly because I have been slow to engage the digital revolution, the app on the iPhone crashes frequently. Also I am missing Sermons that I have written. The interface is good, but I would like to edit and improve my messages as things come to me. Unfortunately, I can’t because not all of them show up in the app!
  • The Logos Bible! Getting better but can always improve. 5/5

    By samraix
    The dev team is awesome. They are really working hard to making this app a great study and resource tool. The app is getting a lot more user friendly and easier to study. It is not the desktop app but it is getting there. I use the app more than I use the desktop app. The one thing I would love for the dev team to work on would be the note taking functionality. The app makes you leave your reading and takes you off to a different screen. Would it be possible to have notes in a tab? Also it would be nice to know when you created a note so you can reference back when you created it for reference. It would be nice to have the note with the date on the side of the note. Other than that this app surpasses every other bible App in the App Store when it comes to bible study and accessing a huge library of resources. Nothing else has the tremendous amount of resources as Logos does. You have to try it to believe it. The Logos team just keep out doing themselves. The app keeps getting better with every release. Do not hesitate to get this app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By J2Chavez
    This is absolutely the best resource I have ever owned!
  • Love the new mobile app 5/5

    By mward038
    Love the new tabbed browsing. Makes a massive difference.
  • Great devotion 4/5

    By Whamazon
    Love the way the devotional ties in the scripture reading. Each one is challenging and inspirational. I also love how they end with a thought provoking question.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Blkbrs
    I love Logos Bible Software, especially after the recent update. However, one feature I wish that they had was to use your finger or stylus to circle and make your own notes, like annotating in a real book. If that feature was available, the app would be perfect. Logos is a tool that I would recommend to any Bible reader and can honestly say it has enhanced my Bible study greatly.
  • So difficult to link screens now 3/5

    By Sundulos
    Some tasks have become more difficult to accomplish
  • so nice 5/5

    By xm01300434
    so nice
  • So Insightful and Resourceful 5/5

    LOGOS opens up a world of information for study or pleasure for persons without access to printed or digital theological literature and research tools from academic institutions or from public sources. Both access and presentation in LOGOS are wonderfully thorough and well conceived enhancing the experience of discovering the richness of God's word.
  • Keep "beholding"! 5/5

    By Dj Willoughby
    "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God"! Romans 10:17 Faith is of God. Growing in faith is of God, through His Living Word. What a blessing to be enabled to see Him, by seeing His Word! Logos has made this more and more possible. I have studied God's Word many years. I am so grateful. I can't read Hebrew, and my Greek is rusty. The helps are invaluable for understanding it better!!! I’m so thankful for this blessing. Keep up the good work!!
  • Spanish versions 3/5

    By NAzareo1975
    Great app but needs more spanish versions of the bible and cross reference in spanish!
  • One major change please!! 2/5

    By Jesusisforreal
    Before this update I would be able to do a split screen and have my passage guide on one half of the screen and then click on the resource and have it open in the other half of the split screen. This saved me so much time in sermon prep. Now when clicking on the resource, I only have the option to open it in a new tab and have to continually sort through all the tabs, which has not been nearly as effective. Please bring back the ability to open a resource in the split screen mode and not only in a new tab!!!
  • Reading Plan Problems 1/5

    By optical4
    Reading plans do not work with the CSB and you have to select reading plans multiple times on the home screen for the resource to open.
  • Great 5/5

    By Isaac Maxson
    This is another good bible app to have.
  • The Best 5/5

    By RevAlandres
    Simply put... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOGOS! Hands down, it’s everything you need to study the word of God. THE BEST!
  • Single best Bible resource available 5/5

    By obiwanpike
    There are many great Bible softwares available; but none can match the power, usability and massive resource capabilities of Logos.
  • Bible Study 5/5

    By I love catstac.
    This app is great for bible study.
  • Exelency 5/5

    By Rcastro901
    I have to give you 4 but probably you deserve 5 , 😄 well I give you 5 Well deserved
  • Latest update is a downgrade. 1/5

    By Up4miles
    The most recent update appears to have removed functionality without data access. Without the data access the program will not allow quick search of new verses and only remains where you previously had data access. Please fix it.
  • Love this app! 3/5

    By LinzTX92
    I love this app, but don’t like the new update where it opens up new pages to switch versions.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Carlitoelpeluche
    This is by far the best software for people that take the study of the Bible in a serious way. The amount of resources you can have access to is incredible, Bibles, commentaries, daily devotional, articles and Christian books.
  • Logos Bible search is better than another Bible app which I will not name. 5/5

    By Lvlarrrs
    Logos Bible search is better than another Bible app which I will not name.
  • Logos Bible 5/5

    By harrypowers
    Excellent app—thank you...
  • Still broken 2/5

    By blargdfsdfasdfasdf
    Copy / paste on the iPad is still nearly impossible as I can never select text.
  • N8mac 5/5

    By N8.mac
    FANTASTIC update! Truly a blessing to those of us lay teachers with limited time. This app multiples my efforts and keeps my entire library at my fingertips throughout my workday. The tabbed browsing is sooo intuitive and easily understood. Wonderful job!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By stupid nickname
    I’m not looking for much in a mobile Bible app. This app is disappointing. I want to search for a passage with only a few words and then go to it. Once the search clutter is cleared and an actual Bible verse is displayed, tapping the verse only brings you close to the correct passage without any highlite to identify it. Also you must be online to search even within a paid for downloaded Bible version. I have tried to get answers from the help line but all they say is use the tutorial then ignore any further questions. Would not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Logos-Scholarly Excellence 5/5

    By 😍JesusSavedMe😍
    Novice or professional, a better Bible knowledge resource does not exist. Everything available in this program has been cross-referenced for ease of access. Study and sermon preparation is expedited with in-depth materials that can be denominationally oriented. Pricing is designed for every budget need. Best of all is the ease of operation.
  • Great 5/5

    By Beefrty
    Love it
  • Greatest App Ever 5/5

    By Big Boi 7745
    Love the convenience of this app! Never crashes, I can pick up here where I left off at on my desk top computer. Works great for Pastors and teaches!
  • One recommendation 5/5

    By Leavealegacy82
    Great update. My only recommendation is....we need to have a close button on each screen without having to click the multi tab button at the bottom. Each time I look up a Strong’s number it opens a new page and I have to click the button on bottom to open the area to close the tab. Just put a button on each screen like what the windows computer has and that will save a wasted step in the process. Thanks for the great app.
  • Excellent resource 5/5

    By HankHen
    So far I enjoy the simplicity and resourcefulness of this app in all it offers. Very convenient and full of The Word, it's refreshing to have handy.. I'm already greatly blessed having it and blessing others too. Thanks so much to all who put it together! Praises utmost to The Lord Most High for every blessed provision made for us to live at liberty to serve God and in abundance!!!
  • Good bible study app for original language students 5/5

    By Scott Reader
    *** edit after last update *** This app is awesome after the last update! I can’t think of anything I would change in terms of the app functionality. Parallel reading makes it easy to switch between resources with the swipe of my finger. I can link resources so I only need one bookmark for my Greek and Hebrew reading respectively ( I keep an English translation in parallel for reference). These 2 pieces of functionality really bring this app to life for me. The mapping between Hebrew words in bus and the gloss is still very shotty , and I don’t have this problem on pc, so it would be nice if they could fix that. Otherwise it’s about as perfect as I could reasonably expect it to be. This isn’t an actual problem, but I would personally prefer if the add favorite button was more quickly and easily accessible. *** end edit *** I like the app. I use it for PC and for IPAD. The IPAD app needs to be better thought out. User's should not have to make 3 clicks to do a quick look up on a word. That should either be done by holding finger on the word (like the mouse hover in the computer app), or we should be able to simple click on a word and get basic info on it. THere should be a similar function for looking up words in the dictionaries. As of now, there doesn't appear to be a way to pick a list of dictionaries for looking up words in specific languages. If I click on a word, or if I select "search" for a word, it should pull up all my dictionaries for the language I'm working with, or at least I should be able to set those up ahead of time. The support for languages other than greek and hebrew seems to be limited. Many Syriac words and UnPointed Aramaic words are inproperly indexed. There are also a lot of Hebrew compound words that don't provide the correct lemma. This should be fixed as soon as possible. I really appreciate both the pc app, and the ipad app. They are tools that I use for my time with Our Lord Each Morning. My learning of hebrew, greek, syriac, aramaic, and latin have been helped tremendously by the Original Languages pack. I do wish that the original languages pack did include some resources for learning Ugaritic, Akkadian, Latin, and Syriac (at least a syriac old testament with dictionary). I also wish more extra biblical resources had been included in the original languages. Why do I have josephus in english but not in greek? I had to purchase the apostolic fathers in greek separately. I don't think this makes sense for a package called "original languages" pack. the customer service is wonderful. People are always prompt and friendly. The sales guys aren't too pushy, but they make your options clear. I like everybody that I've worked with personally.
  • Greek helps 3/5

    By uhl03
    The Greek helps are much lacking. There is not much different between this app and many other Bible reading app.
  • Used to love it... 1/5

    By darthbader
    This used to be a powerful tool for Bible study and even note taking during sermons. Unfortunately the new tabbed version, while easy for new users, stripped out all of the shortcuts that made it useful for power users. Everything now takes much longer and is distracting to others if used in a church service because you find yourself constantly changing between tabs. The swipe up on a verse shortcut is a killer to lose as it rally slows you down. Wish I could go back to the old version or get some shortcuts added back. Some examples: When in read mode you can no longer quickly get to the study tools for a verse. I used to swipe up on a verse and get a menu to directly access these tools. Now I need to select them from the top or bottom menu which takes you to a new screen but only for the top verse on the page, not the verse you want. You then have to browse to the verse you want and its not on the same screen as the verse so you can’t see them together. This is way slower, more painful and less useful. When I select change resource it only lets me select items from the library. However in the tabbed screen when adding a pane you can selected between the library, tools and documents. So I have to go to the tabs, close what’s in the right pane, select what I want and then go back. Super slow. When I select my reading plan it puts the reading plan in the right pane. There is no way to change this to my notes or a commentary without going to tabs, closing the reading plan and then browsing to what I want. Super slow. The back button used to just take me back. In the tabs there is no way to have two difference passages open that both keep their commentary in sync with the passage. The commentary on both will be linked to the first passage or not at all. So what’s the point of having multiple tabs then? Overall it seems all the shortcuts are gone. You can access everything with lots of steps and lots of swapping between screens.
  • Tabs are nice, but hangs/quits 2/5

    By Dtsdude
    I like the feature of having tabs to switch between. I also like being able to split the screed in each tab. However, notes still need a lot of work. Anytime I add a note that I have created on one of the tabs the app completely hangs and quits. Once it gets in this state the only way to recover is to completely uninstall logos and reinstall it.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Tonycomer316
    This app has provided solid tools for helping me mature in my faith and learn good things about the Word of God and the Christian life.
  • Pastor Matt 5/5

    By Iron Shepherd
    It is a powerful Bible study tool right in you hand. I am amazed at the level of research I can do when Bible questions come up at unexpected moments and I'm nowhere near my library.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By TechDroid
    The best app I have ever used. I don't know what I would do without it.
  • Works great 5/5

    By IJAMS Runner
    This has more than I could ever get around to. Always have a library with me
  • Great cross references 5/5

    By General563
    The text is interspersed with cross references to other scriptures and translation footnotes that you can easily pop up, but then return to the original text. If you really want to follow a cross reference, you can easily bring up the verse(s) in context for further study.

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