Logos: Bible study and reading

Logos: Bible study and reading

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  • Current Version: 5.17.1
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Logos: Bible study and reading App

The free Logos Bible app is designed and built for deeper Bible study. Read, study, and share your insights from wherever you are. The Logos Bible gives you access to incredible tools and Bible study content right from your phone or tablet so that you can learn and grow on the go. READ YOUR FAVORITE BIBLE •The Logos Bible app includes access to many of your favorite Bible translations, including ESV, NASB, NLT, NKJV and many more. •You can create your own reading plan or use one of ours to build healthy habits and spend more time in the Bible. •Use visual filters to change how the Biblical text is displayed, and quickly compare translations to deepen your understanding of God’s Word. PERSONALIZE AND SHARE •Use the Logos Bible app to highlight your favorite verses and attach notes to specific passages. •With built-in sharing, you can quickly share your new insights with your church, friends, and family over your favorite social media platform-- including Faithlife.com. A BIBLE STUDY LIBRARY •Creating a free account gives you access to a carefully curated collection of books and and Bible study resources. Your digital library includes well-known devotionals and commentaries to help you dig deeper and learn more about God's word. If you own a Logos Base Package, your theological library is synced across all of your devices. TOP FEATURES: •NOTES—Attach your thoughts, comments, and questions to any verse or book. •HIGHLIGHTING—Mark the words that matter with fully customizable color and text options. •BIBLE WORD STUDY—Learn more about any word by examining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references. •PASSAGE GUIDE—Get a detailed, verse-specific report including commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, and media resources. •TEXT COMPARISON—Compare any verse across up to five translations with visual and percentage indicators of difference. •SPLIT SCREEN—Delve into any secondary resource side by side with your preferred translation. •SEARCH—Find every mention of a word or phrase in every resource in your library. •SOCIAL SHARING: Share Bible verses to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Email •Audio Books: Listen to the Word wherever you are.


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Logos: Bible study and reading app reviews

  • Can't Read Bpoks Without Internet 2/5

    By AureTanJr
    Good app when there's Internet.
  • Best Bible app 5/5

    By Wes Fletcher
    Updated 2: the issue is fixed. This truly is the best Bible app for serious study. Updated: I've tried to purchase commentaries and study notes in the store section of the app. Both purchases were unsuccessful, yet I was still charged. When I called Logos, I was told it was an apple problem. This app should get 4 or 5 stars easy. But, due to the fact you're charged for purchases that you never receive, three stars is the absolute max I can give until this is fixed. I've tried nearly every Bible app on the market and this one is by far the best. Some things could be more intuitive, like switching between Bible versions, but overall, this app is fantastic!
  • Definitely made the right choice 5/5

    By Danny Haas
    Logos is so powerful, there is a bit of a learning curve learning to fully utilize it's vast array of features and tools, but once you jump this hurdle, it is absolutely amazing!
  • I would recommend this app to anyone. 5/5

    By Nikymonica
    The best tool to study the Bible.
  • Invaluable Tool 4/5

    By McGrooter
    I still find myself a little stunned at just how much this app does. I wasn't expecting the seamless access to all my Logos resources or the in-depth research tools for the Bible. Really sets the standard high. I only gave 4 stars, however, because the Lookup feature doesn't show results (no information found) and you have to do a complete word search, which takes longer.
  • Logos Bible App 5/5

    By Emmanuel Taylor
    A great way to view the word of God to receive understanding and revelation. It will truly be a tool to help guide you on your journey to heaven. But remember you have to be a doer of the world as well. Praise the lord Amen!😊😁✅✅✅
  • Awesome Bible 5/5

    By Zenzo73
    This Bible is very easy and helps a lot with deep meaningful explanations
  • needs better accessibility with voiceover 1/5

    By sjlarose
    Several years ago Logos Bible study softwaare opened up the world of biblical studies to me as a computer user who is blind. I hoped that this app would allow me to access select resources on the go using my IPhone. I can select and download them, but I can find only a blank screen when I attempt to read. As with the new desktop versions, access for blind users seems to be gone. I am highly disappointed. As of September, 2017, I cannot access any screens at all using voice over. This is a very sad thing for me as a very dedicated user of logo software since 2007. I hope that this will be remedied in the future.
  • Four out of five 4/5

    By The Doctor with soul!
    Beautiful access, comparisons. Great for teaching, study and reflection. Would love apocrypha available and would pay extra for that service!
  • The best bible app ever 5/5

    By dukeluke40
    So many features and free stuff. Logos gives away so many free books it's insane. Just get the app already.

    By PTSR2012
    Offers resources you will not find in your local ministries, or Colleges for that matter. It is great to having views one holds true, and opposing views in one data base for a balanced study.
  • A gift 5/5

    By I do aerials
    Logos Bible app is amazing. I can access any verse or chapter in seconds, and have dozens of different editions at the touch of my iPhone screen.
  • This app is a serious app 5/5

    By Carlitos' iTunes
    This is not your average app. It's not a game. If your serious about studying His Word, you can't go wrong with this app. Great job LGOS STAFF! May the Lord be magnified!

    By chavagon
    Es una herramienta súper eficiente. Tengo aproximadamente 15 años usándola y no dejo de dar gracias a Dios por Logos.
  • Powerful bible study app way too complicated. 2/5

    By not1lost
    I would suggest doing something more simple for copy and past verses; the way it is it's very confusing and not easily apparent as to what to do to copy a passage, very frustrating; so frustrating I can give this otherwise awesome app; only 2 stars... I have A LOT of money invested in Logos$ nevertheless much less expensive even FREE Bible apps work much better! Fix this mess so it's easier and obvious how to do things with a touch, it is a touch screen system... Then I will revise this review back up. Thanks for your work in this otherwise great bible study tool.
  • Excellent Study Program!! 5/5

    By Benjammighty
    Outstanding App! I am very appreciative of the wealth of info at my fingertips and the ability to download to the phone/tablet makes it perfect for on-the-go study. Highly recommend from the novice to the seasoned Bible student!
  • Worth every penny 4/5

    By combat infidel
    This is great software and I enjoy using it I would like to see in integration with Apple Pencil allowing users with the Apple Pencil to write notes on the pages themselves
  • It's Good, but... 3/5

    By G. Lee B.
    I really wish it had live links when I type the scriptures in my notes, like the Olive Tree does. There, when I type a scripture I also have the option of clicking on it to go to the scripture. That's awesome! 9/3/17 - Lately, it has not been going to the correct scripture that I've selected. I selected Job 1:22; it kept going to Job 12:22.
  • Best Bible Study Tool Ever 5/5

    By PastorStephenLuna
    If you're looking for a Bible study resource that will grow with you, this is it. As you advance in your biblical studies you can also add to your library and software capabilities (for an additional cost). Whether you are a young-in-your-faith learner or seasoned and studious seminarian, Logos will be a wonderful resource. This tool is a great blessing!
  • Is great 5/5

    By Marwicho 09
    One of the best Bible app Great job you all God Bless you
  • Logos mobile 4/5

    By DcnAlex
    I am a catholic priest. I use the full computer Logos for research all the time. I use the mobile app for on-the-go research. For that, it's been perfect.
  • Best Bible app 5/5

    By Vkocob
    Great app. Very very useful i love it!!!! Awesome that such a manifold tool is offered at no charge! Thank you and God bless.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Mjac555
    I have been looking for a bible app that has more than highlighting with color. This has so many different ways of highlighting verses I am amazed and it's free!
  • Logos keeps improving 5/5

    By shofarkid
    I am asked if Logos is worth the price. I reply that it is not inexpensive, but I am amazed that believers are willing to spend thousands on "carnal toys," but unwilling to "count the cost" when it comes to Scripture study. The reverse interlinears are where I spend a lot of time daily, and wouldn't want to be without them. For example, these indicate instantly in the Book of Hebrews when the word "covenant" is inserted in English while it is absent in Greek. This changes the context entirely, which is actually about the change from the first (Levitical) priesthood to the second (Melchizedek). This leads to a multitude of errors, which Logos helps correct. The new Lexham Analytical Lexicon of the Hebrew Bible is a Gem, and updates the 1890 scholarship of Strong's to 2017. Don't miss out on this one. Is Logos thee best? After over 16 years of nearly daily use, I can thankfully say, "Absolutely!" Dav!d Jude 3, 4
  • So glad 4/5

    By Concon282836194
    So glad I have this on my phone it is easy to use and helps me to stay in the word
  • Great Resource! 5/5

    By Matthewd1213
    The app works really well! So many great resources for Bible study. I am having my students use it this year at school. Also like the split screen option for referring to two resources at once.
  • Logos Bible App 5/5

    By Linas31
    This is one of the best research and resources for studies of the Bible, I would highly suggest the various sources and tools readily available on this App!
  • No Dark Mode for Scripture Search/Menus 4/5

    By Gimme- a -Break
    I love the app but how come if I have my Bible reading at to dark mode, why I am blinded by white background light when I search for a new scripture? Shouldn't the entire user experience be dark mode if I have it selected in the menu.
  • Seeing the Light 5/5

    By FatDad53
    I have been so impressed with Logos 7. It has revolutionized my study of God's word! The ancient language word study tools, commentaries, and historical research features are a rich trove of technical tools. I feel like all the study I have done previously has been handicapped by the unavailability of these tools. I look forward to my daily studies with excitement!
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By kgb99a1
    Such a blessing!
  • Logos apps are quite a blessing! 5/5

    By Sarah and Juancho
    HIGHLY recommend; however, you can't use the language tools as much. Maybe this would be something to work on. Great app though!
  • Great Bible Resource 5/5

    By Brad Wasson
    This program/app allows a wealth of Bible versions and resources on the go. It allows me to sync the resources that I purchased for my PC based account as well. The best app, worth your time to learn and utilize! Love It !!!
  • Great Resource 5/5

    By Shadron Calisti
    Logos is a fabulous app. It's got the goods for inquiring minds. It's collection of books is compelling.
  • Wish I had found Logos sooner! 5/5

    By Sandra Boucher-Bessent
    Logos is extremely helpful in accessible that it houses so many easily resources. I love the way I can personalize the home page and everything else to meet my personal devotional and professional study needs.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By MobUnit
    Love the app. Have shared it with family members already. I like the free books we are able to get. God bless you
  • My library and IPhone 4/5

    By Snave89
    I have logos 6 it has a wealth of information. I am still learning how to process and use it to fit my specific needs. Even with the training videos it is not that simple on the things I want to accomplish. My library has books that are not relevant to my academic studies. Then the ones I really need are offered at a separate price from my package the package I am still paying for which I thought had all the top study books. My professor look at my library and said it would be perfect if it had more of your number one added commentaries. On my IPhone I am still trying to get to my bible with the interlinear style to download my illustrations and bible comparison side by side. Overall it is system full of information.
  • Gracias 4/5

    By Dmsme
    Es buena la aplicacion para el cel.
  • Good 4/5

    By jrourk
    Good but interface is complicated. It's a massive app for what it can do, just a little difficult to navigate properly. One question I've always had about landing page, is why doesn't the news load on it like the desktop site?
  • Excellent for reading the Bible! 4/5

    By cooldaveg73
    Great way to capture verses. Wish there was more save features for particular sections.
  • Bible at its Best! 4/5

    By Hupago
    Great tool and resource. Well worth the money you spend. I do wish it made bookmarking easier.
  • Power App 5/5

    By mark4Jesus
    This is a very powerful app. The study tools are many. A word study can be accomplished, this is the only Bible app I have found that can do that. The more I use it, the more study tools I find.
  • Aplicación 5/5

    By Grhotrod1965
    Muy buena aplicación. Si, lo recomiendo a mis amigos siempre.
  • The Best 5/5

    By X-Squad
    No better tool for studying the Bible!
  • Learning 3/5

    I'm still learning how to use it.
  • All Devices 5/5

    By Shazbach
    It's too awesome that my books are on my iphone7plus, laptop and tablet!!! As a bi-vocational pastor, I can study anywhere!
  • Comment 5/5

    By cam11421
    Un excelente recurso para aprender mejor acerca de Dios Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, además de su pueblo Israel, nosotros su iglesia.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Ccarthel
    Best Bible app I have found and I think I've tried all of them. I love it!
  • The best 5/5

    By Pastor Blythe
    This Bible software is by far the best on the market. I know it's a little expensive to start but oh so worth it. I have had the software since 2001 and it just keeps getting better and better
  • Very smooth 4/5

    By WoodsterKS
    All I require this provides
  • The Scripture Picture 4/5

    By Pam4k3c
    Today I tried to view the Picture with Scripture. It won't show up. I did a hard restart on my iPhone. Then I tried to report a problem through the Help center on the App. I went to the Faithlife Website for help but couldn't find any. I deleted the App and Downloaded it again. The Picture with Scripture is still not showing up I tried all the steps again, except deleting the App again. My settings Do allow pictures for this App. I love this App. I'm only going through with making this Review in hopes of getting help with the issue. Thank you.

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