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Look App

LOOK — the perfect combination of live video and text messaging Just tap a button to send live video messages to your chats and groups. -- FACE TO FACE MESSAGES Talk instantly back and forth with your friends. SUPER GROUPS Add channels for any subject. LIVE VIDEO Press start and share what you see in real time. TEXT ON YOUR LIVESTREAM In a place you can’t talk? Tap the T to type on your Look. LOOK AWESOME IN CHATS Swipe to add amazing filters or draw. GIFs Millions of GIFs -- search and collect your favorites! EMOJI REACTIONS Respond quickly to messages with any emoji. CHAT CONTROLS Mute specific chats or groups. Delete Looks anytime from all devices. SAVE ON YOUR DATA PLAN Looks use less than half the data of a video call. COMMUNITIES OF ANY SIZE Works with massive groups. EVEN WITH GRANDMA Easy to use and perfect for everyone you know. FREE AND UNLIMITED Chat for as long as you like. LOOK is always free Love, Team Look


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  • Do not download this app 1/5

    By Swmini07
    Do not download this app. It will access your contacts on your phone and spam them with a link to download the app. I made the mistake of clicking the link when I received a link from my daughter and the Look App has spammed my phone contacts without my knowledge or configuring the app. Shame on you Apple for letting this garbage app past your QA and onto your customer’s iPhones 🤬
  • Keeps sending my friends text messages 1/5

    By AM Roxie
    This app is constantly texting my friends saying that I invited them to join even though I didn’t. Super annoying and not cool. Fix this please, I’m deleting your app because of it.
  • DONT USE 1/5

    By jsjsksid
    sent a message to all my friends and family and hacked my contacts. DONT USE!!
  • Look - you are evil!! How can I sue your your rude and invasive face???!! 1/5

    By Beyond offended
    Without my permission Look accessed all my personal and professional contacts and sent everyone an invite to join Look. They even used my teenaged daughter’s full name in the message!!! How is that even legal?! I’m so embarrassed! Someone tell me how I can sue them!

    By Bfhdjdhd
    The app sent messages to EVERYONE IN MY CONTACTS that I invited them to the app. It sent to people like my aunt my grandma my mom and people I haven’t talked to in years and I had to explain. DONT get this app so this doesn’t happen to you
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By mattysissel
    Sent invites to everybody on my contacts list without me knowing this
  • Sends messages without permission 1/5

    By GUP Norris
    Awful as soon as you download and sign uo every person in your contacts gets a message saying they should join and it’s not just a message it says your first and last name you used in the app so if someone you aren’t trying to contact to join an app say and employer or family member or coach they will get a message with your name saying you sent them a request when you really didn’t it extremely embarrassing and shouldn’t be allowed
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hello is g
    Sends messages without u knowing
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By Geography genius
    This apps texts your contacts to join without your consent

    By Just Your Average Genius
    This will send out a text to all your contacts telling them to download as well. Don’t download.
  • Spamming app do not download 1/5

    By Mari1103
    Got an invite from friend and so I downloaded the app...just for them to go and spam message ALL OF MY CONTACTS saying I’m inviting them to join. I did not give them permission to go and do that! Beware and don’t use this app!
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! 1/5

    By Daaaadill123
    I got a text from a friend of mine saying I should download this app, only it wasn’t from her contact. So, out of curiosity I downloaded it to see what it was. I made an account and allowed it to see my contacts (assuming it was to find people who also had the app so I could chat with them). I didn’t know what the point of this app was so I started exploring. All of a sudden a bunch of people started messaging me on the app, and I though it was weird because I started out with just two. They all were asking me why I told them to get this, but I never sent out a message to them telling them to get it. Then I started getting texts from the actual messaging app asking why I sent them the message, so I explained it to them again. I looked at the reviews for the app and it seems like everyone else has the same problem as me. I’m so angry because this is a waste of time and an invasion of privacy. Now I have to spend time explaining this to EVERYONE IN MY CONTACTS. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It won’t recognize my phone 1/5

    By bjhorsegirl
    So I got the message to get the app from my best friend..I downloaded it and tried to set it up..it kept saying my phone number was invalid I did it over so many times and it won’t work.. my phone exists app!! I swear!!
  • Crap App 1/5

    By CKees
    This stupid app basically hacks your phone and then sends out a message to everyone in your contacts even if you tell it not to.
  • It literally spammed my contacts 1/5

    By lovestoparty6
    Got a text saying one of my old friends wanted to chat with me on this app so I downloaded it and then suddenly 10 people were asking me why I spammed their inbox asking to down an app. Do not download it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mr.Awesome and Humble
    I have never written a review before now but this app deserves a zero star. It sends unprofessional spam to all of the contacts in your phone without any warning. It has caused a lot of problems for me. Do not download this app and hopefully it will be taken down soon. I wish I could give zero stars.
  • Contacts. 1/5

    By Cjmitt7
    As soon as you allow the app to gain access to your contacts it sends them a text saying YOU referred them and that YOU want them to join the app. I didn’t even know it send the text until my phone started blowing up asking me about the app. Please don’t get this app.
  • Please read; PSA: 1/5

    By Artist1227
    Don’t get this app, it’s just a spam app. All it does is spam your friends and family to download the app. Even if you don’t try to invite ppl it invites them automatically. This app is a waste of time. Instead of wasting your storage on this sketchy app, just stick to regular messaging or download another app that doesn’t spam your entire contacts list. I got this app because I kept getting invited not knowing that this whole app is basically a chain so more and more people get it. So now that you’re aware of this, tell your friends, family, or anyone who has this app that this is just to spam people. Please do not download.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Look is horrible
    It sends a message to your friends to get it if you let it get your contacts never get this app it’s horrible
  • This is gay 1/5

    By colewarner22
    It send an invite to every one of my contacts and even my grandma got it I want to murder this app
  • SpyWare - This App Blows 1/5

    By J-Boogie_69
    This app sends an invite to everyone in your contacts without your knowledge. Shady app, very shady app. Do not sign up
  • Terrible 1/5

    By AMAn32170657
    I opened it up once and invited all my contacts please fix this it is really bad

    By MAP-Richie
  • Virus? 1/5

    By Crazycatladyxoxo
    Please stop stealing numbers from my phone and texting them with my name in it saying I want to invite them to this app. This is ridiculous!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Cghhcfhv
    It's a scam.
  • Remove from App Store 1/5

    By dylanpass
    This app is almost as good as FaceTime or Skype, but then spams all of your friends and relatives. Apple: please remove this from the App Store. Thank you.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By pugs1208
    I don’t normally write reviews, but I’ll take some of my precious time to leave a one-star for this ridiculous company. Just stay away. It will send something to all of your contacts without you giving them permission to. Horrible. I don’t care how good the app is, it should be pulled from the store. What a sham.
  • Pure trash 1/5

    By Hugh Munguswha
    This app is so boring. There is nothing fun about it and there’s an app that does the same thing better. It’s called snapchat. Also if you click “allow contacts” the app sends invites via text message to literally everyone in your contacts. In a nutshell, don't download this terrible app.
  • Spam app 1/5

    By womads
    Spam! Plz someone stop this developer and app to spam peoples contacts!!
  • Don’t spare yourself 1/5

    By pilarsadams
    What is happening? Why are all my contacts getting invites from me when I invited non of them? I will be deleting this app and I suggest never downloading it
  • CONNER4262514 1/5

    By Oh?heyitzevil nubs
  • spamming your contacts 2/5

    By acherdya
    i got a few requests from my friends and decided to check it out, not knowing what i was getting into. i got the app and later all of my family and friends were concerned and thought i was hacked because they kept getting texts from a Californian number about me from the app. after that they all said that people they didn’t even know also sent them requests and so on. i later deleted my account and deleted the app. but i still got more requests, it gives u an option to block the number so i did that. in the next few minutes i’m getting more requests. i keep denying them and so on. i can not tell you how upset i was with the turnout of the app and hope that they later fix it. don’t worry there are many more great apps out there so just keep looking for more and don’t get this app.
  • This App kidnaped my child *Not Clickbait* *Emotional* 1/5

    By 92736;($;$:$2)?;$33
    My child got this app due to a text from his crazy uncle. The next day he is gone. I check the app and last conversation I see is............. buy your merch at Loganpaul.com/shop.
  • Do not download!! 1/5

    By Like really?smh
    I got a message from a friend and I clicked the link because I was curious what that app was and it sent a text to everyone in my phone!! Do not download I even clicked do not send still did it anyways!

    By Nm45gt67!
    I didn't even get into this app before it sent everyone in my contacts an invite. DO NOT download this app and DO NOT let it access your contacts whatever you do!!!
  • Don’t download it’s a scam. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ 1/5

    By TDeter97
    I got a text from a friend telling me to download this app and he told me he didn’t send the text. Don’t allow this app to access contacts it will spam people in your contacts for advertisement.
  • It’s spam😠 don’t fall for it 1/5

    By itsme2023
    A few days after I downloaded it, I started getting calls from random numbers which didn’t happen to me before. They also sent literally EVERYONE in my contacts a request from a random number saying that I sent it even though I 100% did not. That was really embarrassing and it even sent requests to my grandparents that started with “Yo Grandma” or “Aloha Grandpa”. Just don’t do it.
  • This is pissing everyone off 1/5

    By Tolkienazi
    See title
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Apaps77
    THIS APP IS FRAUDULENT!!! Do not get this app they use your information to promote their business, plus it isn't useful. I received a request from someone and thought they needed to contact me so I downloaded this app... but come to find out the person didn't actually send me a request. The app did it on its own. Then after setting up my account they did the same thing to me and contacted the people in my address book without my permission. I repeat do not get this, download a different app for chatting.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By chacenew
    I got this app and it sends a notification to everybody that is in ur contacts that you invited them to get the app
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Viewer49
  • Sends to all of your contacts 1/5

    By Whansen99
  • Don’t download!! 1/5

    By mikaylarachelle
    This app spams all the contacts in your phone without you knowing if you open the app! So frustrating!!! Deleted right after

    By Ben Olshaker
    I got a message from a friend telling me to join so I did. When you sign up it asks if it can access your contacts I said yes not thinking much about it then at school the next day (I’m still in school) a bunch of people asked me what is look I responded with it’s funny you ask because I just downloaded that app last night. Then I got texts and people coming up to me in person asking why had I sent them an invite to this random app, “I didn’t send an invite”. I thought to myself did it send an invite o my mom and Dad too. Soon after I connected the dots and figured out it sent an invite to all of my contacts when I pressed “Allow Look to access your contacts” Take my advice don’t download this app and if you do don’t let it access your contacts.
  • Furious! 1/5

    By Hlgrose
    I am beyond angry about this app. I installed it because I got an invitation for something that I didn’t know what it was for. Next thing I know all of my contacts are getting an invitation!!! I did NOT approve this and will be reporting you to Apple
  • DO NOT GET 1/5

    By patdom119
    Got a message inviting me so I checked it out. As soon as I gave the app permissions it sent an invite to everyone in my contacts. This caused an extremely embarrassing incident and lots of explaining. DO NOT GET ALL IT DOES IS SPAM

    By Nicole creel
    this app sent a message saying MY NAME to all of my contacts telling them I invited them. even my work contacts. TOTALLY unprofessional and I DID not give them the access to do this. this is the worst marketing strategy ever. will never use this app again. it was deleted off of my phone with in 5 minutes of downloading it because that’s how long it took for 5 of my contacts to send me a screen shot of the message they received, asking me why I sent them this. I AM VERY VERYYYYYY UNHAPPY. DON’T GET THE APP
  • This app will SPAM your contacts with invitations without your consent. 1/5

    By Smo3237
    This app will SPAM your contacts with invitations without your consent. Don’t get it!
  • spam 1/5

    By Gkdikdk
    Y’all are retarded if you actually think everyone getting sent messages is a coincidence
  • This App is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Jo_mama 1438467
    Do not download! They will hack u and send messages to everyone in your contacts.

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