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Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

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  • Current Version: 3.3.110
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lovestruck Choose Your Romance App

Lovestruck is your portal to the greatest interactive romance stories! Your happily ever after may just be one choice away! Choose your romance across multiple series, each of which was created to put you at the center of the action! You’ll get to decide who you want to fall in love with from a wide selection of unique characters! Current series available are: HAVENFALL'S FOR LOVERS: Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Life in a small town seems so simple until your sister goes missing, and the only ones willing to help you are supernatural beings! Trusting a monster takes bravery and courage, and maybe just a little bit TO LOVE & PROTECT: When you're the First Daughter, love comes second. One minute you are a normal college student, the next, you are the secret love child of the President of the United States! When you are attacked by your father's enemies you are assigned a Secret Service team to protect you.But who's going to protect your heart from them!? STARSHIP PROMISE: Discover a galaxy of love! When your home colony falls to enemy forces, you're forced to seek help from an unlikely crew of... space outlaws?! There's no shortage of danger as you fight with them through the universe to save your colony. But the further you go, the more you come to realize that in space, love is limitless. SPEAKEASY TONIGHT: Welcome to the Roaring 20s! After one too many wild parties, your parents ship you off to your uncle in Chicago. You soon find yourself deep in the glamorous but dangerous world of the speakeasy, filled with illegal booze and hot jazz and even hotter romance! LOVE & LEGENDS: When worlds collide, do hearts follow? Downtown Chicago disappears after lightning strikes and is replaced by... is that a castle?! Apprehended and accused of crimes you didn't commit, you're left with a choice. Tie your fate to one of five fantasy heroes, or perish. But soon enough, it's not just your life on the line - it's your heart. ASTORIA: FATE’S KISS: The fate of the world will change with just one kiss! Gods and Monsters living among humans can be a dangerous matter... Good thing your agency exists to keep them in line. With big dreams and an even bigger heart, you aspire to climb the agency's ladder until one day five mythical beings ask for your help! GANGSTERS IN LOVE: Falling in love with a gangster is a dangerous choice… You're leading an ordinary life in sunny California when suddenly you get kidnapped by LA's most wanted gang! Thrown into the extravagant life of these stylish but dangerous gangsters, you must choose one of them to watch over you...but who can you trust? Living in the gang's world isn’t easy, yet in the face of all the shootouts and explosions, an undeniable attraction begins to form… CASTAWAY! LOVE’S ADVENTURE: Is it love, or survival? You’re a journalist hired onto a special cruise ship by a reclusive millionaire with unknown motivations. You think everything is going great, but when the weather takes a turn for the worse, your dream job becomes your worst nightmare! Now you’re stranded on a tropical island with nothing but your wits and 5 sexy strangers.You’re trying to focus on survival but things start to get heated… are these feelings real or is the island sun getting to you?


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  • You must get this app!! 5/5

    By JanetHawkins7
    This app is my favorite app I have very come across. The stories are amazing and the characters are all unique! I totally recommend this app to everyone!!
  • Game 4/5

    By Seume Cliasen
    It's a lot of fun
  • The app is amazing, but… 4/5

    By Imanda Likon
    Okay, this app is like, the best romance app I’ve ever seen! There are scenes, there are interesting characters with completely different personalities, but the thing that bugs me I mean, one of these REALLY should be changed, the amount of time you have to wait for tickets, or the ticket limit, seriously. If this game wasn’t very interesting, fun and high quality, I’d delete it just for that. Also, like I’ve seen suggested before, I’d just like to put out that we should be able to redo stories, and maybe choices alter endings? Do they already? I don’t think so.....but regardless, I love this app. Signed, An amazed customer <3
  • Problems but love it 5/5

    By puppy lobe
    I downloaded the app yesterday and I’m loving it!!!!!! But I have to update the app I dont know how!!!!i went into the App Store but it says no updates
  • Amazing game but expensive 4/5

    By Stone100413
    This game is addictive suspenseful and lets you fantasize but if you truly want the whole story you have to pay
  • Best Game in this genre hands down! 5/5

    By LadyAndTheGame
    I have played countless other games in this genre, including Choices, and this game just offers players more. And, when you purchase in game items you don’t feel taken advantage of; which I’ve come to learn and experience as a big deal. I love all the different story lines that have been added. I particularly like Starship Promise, Gangstas in Love, and Speakeasy Tonight. However, I’ve played stories from all of the story arcs and I love all of them. I would to see like a Sherlock Holmes type story, or even a historical romance and I’m talking like with dukes and duchesses :)

    By Slbrown19
    I am absolutely obsessed with it. I love that you can save the pictures, the stories are so well written and I love the characters. I love that there’s always an lgbt option. I absolutely cannot wait for more chapters of my favorite stories 😁
  • Fun but... 4/5

    By Ian Somerhalder is life
    It’s fun to read the stories but this ticket things is killing me. It physically hurts when they say no more tickets and I have to wait hours until I get 1😭😭.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Lovestruck_Lover
    I am absolutely loving this app especially Gangsters in Love. It’s my favorite one! I would really like a season 8 on Chance tho... Plz don’t leave me hanging I need to get more episodes and also on ash maybe too but especially Chance Bc he ended the gang and I need to know more!! I’m now On Aurora season 1 and I’m loving it!! Myself might be bi so it’s perfect that there’s some les and straight stories. But like I NEED another season of Chance PLZ! If you do I will be so thankful! I’m already thankful for the app bc it’s opened up my eyes to everything and now I can’t stop playing! But I don’t like haveing to wait 3 hours for the tickets and that it takes forever to get more hearts and I think you should like give us a dialy or weekly heart(s) and make the wait for tickets shorter like an hour or something like that and I also love how there is those beautiful pictures that really set the seen! There so beautiful! But plz try to make the wait shorter and give us daily or weekly heart(s) plz
  • It's so cute 5/5

    By deth chanXOX
    This app is the best thing that has happened I love reading now the love and legends Sayers root is so cute and amazing your character is so pretty I loved it it was so cute, heartbreaking, and exuding at the same time i cryed because something was so hart filling I love this app and I recommend love and legends Sayers root it is so cute get this app Love, Sydney Bennett
  • Love, but purchase system... 4/5

    By Easyibeasyi
    Loooove Voltage’s games. They are well written, and the art is well done. My only issue is the hearts on top of the tickets. Do the math and to do a few chapters and choices that require hearts, can get expensive pretty fast, and I don’t want to spend a fortune. They need more ways to get hearts without spending $$ or waiting forever to get enough to play your choices.
  • Tickets 4/5

    By None of ur business 🐸☕️
    Love the app but the ticket waits are unnecessary, sometimes I wait two hours and only get one ticket. There should be a way to earn free tickets in exchange for watching a couple videos or something, other than that I love the app.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By JocieArie
    I Love it, amazing! But when is the next season of Love and Legends Reiner coming out?
  • Love Struck 5/5

    By litature18
    I love this game, right now I’m on Hades and what it is one of the best romance novels I have played, and believe me I’ve played them all! Haha, if there’s anything I would suggest is to make more romance for guys, oh and thanks for the free tickets!
  • Support your old paying customers. 1/5

    By Shadeew0lf
    I paid a lot of money to buy a bunch of the character stories, including sequels, his POV and several spin-off stories per character in the old stand-alone versions of these games. They no longer work now. At all. I e-mailed support and they basically told me I’m SOL and I can shell out again for it all in this app. It feels like a massive scam to me and I will not purchase from this company again unless they give access to the old content back to people who paid for it. It’s awful business practice.
  • Lovestruck 3 stars 3/5

    By Alexandmatt02
    It’s a good game I love fantasy stories so I was intrigued but the wait time is a bit much when you only get 1 ticket
  • Omg 5/5

    By Camifun
    This is amazing. I find myself waiting and checking to see is the tickets have refilled to read again. I’m on Love&Protect and it’s so cool.
  • Good but.... 3/5

    By Sorelle673
    The app has been freezing up on me, and I just got a new iPad. Plus the new story with vampires and werewolves have super expensive heart usage. 24 hearts for one small speech line is ridiculous, specially since you don’t get many hearts for the price. 10 hearts I can deal with but 20+ is just stupid when there are multiple passionate lines.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dhhjdsvnkvd bllbxzsf
    I’m in love with this app
  • Normally 2/5

    By leahbugs
    Normally I love the app. But today it’s not loading at all. I have signal and the app is updated to the latest version...anyone else having these issues?
  • The app isn’t working :( 4/5

    By PGJH7890
    I recently downloaded this romance game and I love it. The stories are amazing! But this morning it stopped loading. It said there was an internal error and it hasn’t been working for 2 hours :(
  • pretty great 4/5

    By kdinwhwj
    this would be a 5 star rating if I didn't have this problem but O CAN'T GET ON THE APP!!! There's like a system error or something and I can't go on it :( besides that the app is pretty great liveir and the stories !
  • Can’t play 1/5

    By Littlemermaid88
    I’d have given less stars if I could. Since downloading the app, I haven’t been able to play it once. I get a pop up saying an internal error has occurred every time I open the app.
  • Great game but recent update won’t allow me to play anymore 4/5

    By Rachael223611
    The most recent update has made this game unplayable for me. It shows an internal error and won’t load the game. Hopefully this is fixed soon. I’d hate to have to delete the app.
  • Very easy to lose hearts accidentally... 3/5

    By Awa00
    by tapping along reading the story and clicking a "hearts" choice without meaning to. Other apps let you confirm your choice before moving on. Considering how difficult it is to get any hearts in the first place, it's frustrating. Some of the stories are definitely better than others. App also has “internal errors” frequently.
  • Awesome but needs a few tweaks 4/5

    By AC-DC lover and unicorn lover
    I think it should be a little easier to get hearts and tickets cuz I've got the worst luck ever and I've been stuck with 16 hearts for a months and I don't think that u should have to wait 4 hours until u get 2 tickets and I think u should be able to get more than 2 cuz one time I waited a week to see how many tickets I could get and when I came back I only had 2 tickets and I was so mad I almost deleted it but I didn't so please fix these problems cuz they get really annoying
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By $kittles1
    This game should have rewards five days a week to reward people for playing Lovestruck. On four days you get what looks like hearts that aren’t tickets. And on the fifth day you could earn a ticket.
  • Stumbled upon it and fell in love 5/5

    By Cristina (Crust)
    Okay, I’ve tried a few of these kind of apps, but this one I stumbled up on Tumblr and I’m so glad that I did. I got hooked so quickly! I started off with CastAway! and now I have a crush on freaking fictional character(Serena). Lol I found apps that touched upon LGBTQ storylines, but not like this app. It’s so good. I love that they even incorporated a gender neutral character and they come out in more than one storyline. It’s just a really great app and I highly recommend it. I just wish they would add more to CastAway! I would love to have more time with Serena😉 lol
  • The Best 5/5

    By Tee11299
    I am so loving the app. It has great stories & I love the interaction you have with the stories. And I also enjoy being able to express my sexuality, but the 2 hour wait for tickets is a real downfall. I'd say make it to where you're not limited to just two tickets or make it a shorter wait time. Besides all that it's the best!
  • Omg why would u leave me hanging 5/5

    By Browny1470
    I spent more than $20 on this game I love it so much will be coming up session for me but I’m saying chance of story for the the thing and I really want you to come out with a season eight because it kind of just leaves you hanging somewhere where it’s like OK what happened why did he say this to him then why would they disband the game and attacked anyone reading this who is in the middle of that but it’s kind of frustrating because I really really want to know what happened and I can’t and it kind of makes me upset because I love this game so much
  • My thoughts of the heart 3/5

    By HONESTtruth🧐🤓🤫
    I think the app is awesome and the stories as well But something that they need to work on is The hearts. They barely give us a chance to earn any unless it’s with a Facebook account and we only have one, especially how most of the sequel stories cost around 14-40 hearts. It’s impossible to even have ten let alone 40 by the end of even a year worth of playing unless u open multiple Facebook accounts. They have to do something like if you finish each episode you gain a heart or watch a video gain 5 hearts. Especially in the text choices which cost around 30 that’s absolutely insane!

    By String11278
    One of my top five favorite apps! 1.WEBTOON 2. Steamy 3. Lovestruck 4. Hop 5. Episode
  • This game is AMAZING 5/5

    By Sommar1032
    I love this games so much. Out of all them my all time favorites are medusa and aurora James and Aleta bellerose and the rest of the girls. 😍 You got to keep coming out with aurora she is amazing and hilarious. I really wish there were more of Medusa.
  • Why is it missing a star? 4/5

    By Beloved490
    First off, I never write reviews. This game deserved one. Secondly, this app is more like a small Blockbuster of romantic TV shows than a game. They call it a game so you can see minimal animations and have sexy pictures throughout the stories, and mostly so they can make money off in-app purchases. Otherwise, I’m pretty certain these stories would actually do well in the videos section or the ebooks section of the App Store selling for $1.99 each lover or something. Each story has episodes and seasons, and each episode costs one “ticket” to watch, and certain numbers of “hearts” to interact in certain ways with your chosen lover. PROS: the storylines are honestly good. I consider myself a novel connoisseur (of all kinds: classics, thrillers, romance, historical fiction, etc. I’m a John Steinbeck fan, personally), and apart from the small sprinkling of grammar mistakes (and some only a grammar nazi like me would really mind), the stories are well-written and thought-out, the plots are engaging, the characters well-developed, and you really get to feel like you’re in the story if you pick one with whose protagonist you really connect. The developers seem to also actually read reviews, too, as I notice them implementing some of the suggestions a ton of reviewers leave, so that’s what keeps me reading for now. CONS: as every other reviewer has already written, for a “game”, the developers are stingy as hell. One “ticket” takes an average of 2 hours to generate. There is no option to watch ads to regenerate tickets, and you max out at 2 (meaning it will stop regenerating tickets once you’ve regenerated 2 of them). This wouldn’t be so bad if the episodes weren’t each only about 3-5 minutes’ worth of reading, and if you didn’t have to pay another ticket to reread the same episode again (if you wanted a refresher or something after 3 weeks of waiting for a conclusion to your story or whatnot). Tickets start at $1.99 for 5. That’s like needing to pay $1.99 to watch 15 min of your favorite sitcom, and you need to keep paying that money to rewatch it in case you miss anything. “Hearts” never regenerate, and that’s where the greed shines bright: in order to get some of the real romance part in your relationship with your chosen lover, you need these hearts, and your only real option is to purchase them if you want to use them at all (see bottom note to devs for explanation). It would be fine if all of these romantic scenes were somewhat optional (some of them are: you get a choice between a pretty outfit for 28 hearts or the same one you’ve been wearing all three seasons for free; or your love interest asks if he can take you home since you’re tired, and it costs 28 hearts to say yes, or it’s free to work ‘till you drop), or if it cost only a couple hearts to choose the more romantic route in the story, but when your love interest is asking you on a first date and you have both expressed passion and chemistry for one another and it costs 28 hearts to say yes and it’s free to say no, that’s when it starts feeling a little messed up to me. So the fact that I still gave this game 4 stars means I think it’s still worth keeping around to read my stories every once in a while. I did pay for the initial “super deal” pack that was $2.99 after being on the edge of my seat at the end of one of my episodes, but that kind of deal seems like it’s not coming back anytime soon or at all. So to the developers: I hope that you will understand why so many reviewers leave the same begging reviews. We genuinely love the stories and the interactions. But you will probably lose a good number of us (especially us Asian-Americans who don’t know how to wait but also won’t spend money on in-app purchases) if the cost of hearts to engage in romantic endeavors doesn’t go down or the number of free hearts available in the daily spin doesn’t go up (you can’t seriously think 3 or 7 POSSIBLE hearts per day with a 2/20 chance to get them is actually appeasing the reviewers’ cries for more free hearts). My sincere, serious question to you developers is: what is so wrong with letting users watch ads to get tickets and hearts? If you do this, I guarantee every other “Choices” and “Episode” user will also come running to your app because you will be the only app of your kind that does that, and then you will make millions more than if you force users to just outright pay for the content in the stories. You will be adored by millions. You will be the #1 app in the App Store. You’re welcome (cue The Rock as Maui). If this review and other reviews only incentivize the developers to keep being stingy and rely on the richy-rich-rich to pay to fully enjoy the game, then it’s back to ebooks and romance novels for my fill of this crap. A lot of the romance books at the library are just as good if not better than these stories. It’s just nice to see pictures every once in a while. We’ll see what happens with this game on my phone in a couple months. Also, what happened to free hearts after finishing episodes?
  • Tickets and time 3/5

    By SSS team
    I love this game but I wish that it held up to 4 tickets and a shorter time between tickets was available such ever hour and a half instead of two and a half.
  • Money guzzling! 3/5

    By @2k15_way
    I Love this app, i log on to it everyday. But i wish hearts were easier accessible, i cant just pay $2 every time i want to get on the main characters good side. I can't do that in the first place. I would definitely give 5 stars if the hearts were easier to get. All i want to do is get on chance valentine's good side and its kinda impossible when i have 25 hearts but need 26 to choose the better option. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME PEOPLE CAN'T USE MONEY ON THESE GAMES! LOWER HEART PRICES OR MAKE IT EASIER TO ACCESS HEARTS!
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Www.sup
    The tickets take to long, but story’s are great and some of the faces the characters make are funny.
  • Tickets.. 4/5

    By FemaleNinjawizard
    I honestly love this game but it seems like games like these make you wait 2 hours long, just to get only one or two tickets. That, or you have to buy more tickets. Please fix this issue. I’d prefer to watch 5 ads then to pay honestly XD.
  • Gangster and love 5/5

    By leeaira@
    I love the game My favorite character is yoyo and I love chance I think they should have a Nother baby but this time I want to read when she pregnant not like them telling the story and I want to read it when she and the hospital when she find out that she pregnant and when she about to have a baby and I don’t want the baby to grow up so fast I really hope put it in your game Thanks for Making a the game
  • Love it 5/5

    By Je11ybeanz
    I love it, but there’s gotta be someway else to get hearts, like something! Beside buying and luck.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By QueenNellieee
    i love this game. the stories are so captivating and good. it’s worth getting. i wish you earned tickets faster though, but nonetheless it’s great
  • Love it but the tickets 4/5

    By Crystal_246
    I LOVE this app but the thing that bugs me is that why is the max limit to ticket 2. Why can't it be more so that we can save up more because some people can't buy tickets. And even after I wait for 2 hours I sometimes get only 1 ticket. And also why do we have to wait for 2 hours why can't it just be 30 minutes or 1 hour. Each 30 minutes we can get a ticket. It would be amazing if you could do that but I doubt it cuz I get it you need to make money but......... the tickets are the ONLY thing that is bothering me!!!! Oh and also when we finish a season if we want to go back to it why do we have to give more tickets!!!! Why!!! I really liked the first season of "Love and Legends" with August and I want to reread it but I don't want to waste more tickets!!! 😡😡😡😡 Can you please make it so that when you finish a season you can reread it without wasting more tickets!! Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By TheFlyingBrick
    I can't even get past the load screen, it just bombs me out every single time. And it's been like that for months! I've redownloaded it and that didn't fix it. I've already shoveled some money into this app and now it's unusable, which is a massive disappointment.
  • Splendid storybook romance! 5/5

    By Caretaker of wee plants
    With a few racially diverse and LGBT+ characters, this app’s narratives definitely stand out. The attention to detail in the designs is amazing. Despite a lack of visual movement, the story transcriptions are dynamic and fun to read. The romances are fun and believable, and mutual respect and consent is weaved in seamlessly. I’d DEFINITELY recommend any of the various genres or storylines, as well as the many attractive guys, gals, and nonbinary pals that the viewer gets to know.
  • Could use an improvement. 4/5

    By KSmith2306
    I’m in love with this game! So much action, and the art is absolutely amazing! Just one thing that’d I change. I think, if we’re going to wait 2 hours, we should get more than a single ticket. At least give us 2 or more. I nearly think it’s a waste of time to wait. In all honesty, I’d give it 5 stars if you were to change this! Thank you!
  • Great content 4/5

    By torpedogamer
    I definitely love the stories, but the app has had some glitches for a while. After certain ads, the screen will go black and the only way to fix it is to completely close the app. Also when the app is running, certain functions of my phone completely stop working, like the control center and notifications menu won’t open, and neither will multitasking. The app is totally worth dealing with these issues cause the stories are real good, but since I use the app a lot, these glitches are causing me some trouble
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Metola18
    I love how inclusive this game is with all the stories. I also like how you can play the stories for free if you can't afford it otherwise.
  • Hate it. 1/5

    By Nobuchan7756892
    Literally just installed this piece of crap so I could leave a negative review. I hate seeing ads for this trashy game; honestly I want to puke every time I see it. :/
  • Best romance game ever 5/5

    By liladoesfanfics
    To be honest, I fell in love with the game and think that this is so far the best romance and anime-ish game so far. I have no complains, I just love this. Though sometimes the need for the hearts make people bit edgy XD Still, love this app sooooooo much!! Also, check the Medusa, Cyprin game routes, they are awesome(Though the Astoria fate kiss game play is overall on of my favorites)!!!
  • Great but having problems 4/5

    By I'm a normal person
    The game is great and all but ive been have a problem with the app for 4 days. The problem with this app is I open it then the app closes by its self and returns me back to my home screen. Please fix problem soon.

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