Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes

Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes

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  • Current Version: 3.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Jump Ramp Games Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes App

Scratch and Win with Lucktastic! Now including partner content from Hasbro, including the MONOPOLY $250,000 Railroad Sweepstakes, and daily MONOPOLY scratch cards! *** New Big Money Prize Available Now: Win up to $1,000,000 and a trip to New York City for a chance in the Lucktastic Cash Grab machine. *** Play free scratch card style games to win real prizes and amazing trips or experiences. Play different scratch cards daily for chances to win up to $10,000 instantly. You can also enter sweepstakes contests, collect tokens, and redeem them for even more chances to win. Lucktastic is a lifestyle experience on your phone. We change lives daily and offer tons of scratcher themes for you to win real money and collect tokens. Manage your full token balance at or click Manage Tokens in the app. Enter sweepstakes and contests for more chances to win real prizes including vacations, electronics and more! Want to win a Steak Dinner for 2, a trip Home for the Holidays, or up to $250,000 from the MONOPOLY Railroad Contest? All these sweeps are live right now! Lucktastic key features: WIN REAL PRIZES * Win up to $10,000 by playing our instant win scratch cards! * Redeem tokens for more chances to win * Manage full token balance at * Win real money by entering a raffle or sweepstakes contest * Enter contests to win a trip Home for the Holidays, a gourmet Steak Dinner for 2, or even a life-changing $1,000,000 FUN TO PLAY * All new daily scratch cards featuring content from MONOPOLY by Hasbro * New scratch card themes released every day including fan favorites such as Pirate Shipwreck and Lucky Stars * Now including scratch cards featuring top baseball players from the MLBPA * 100% Free to play, so play every day for more chances to win! Lucktastic players have already won and redeemed over $3 Million in prizes and rewards! With over 1,000,000 real winners — you could be next! New card games are released daily, and new prizes are added often. Be sure to keep your app updated for even more opportunities to win and redeem! Lucktastic is 100% free to download and play, with no deposits or in-app purchases. Congratulations to a few of our recent winners: * Misty R. from Oklahoma won $25,000 in The Heist contest * Angela H. from North Carolina won $10,000 * Kari H. from Illinois won $1,500 * Robbie H. from Tennessee won $1,000 * Andrea B. from Indiana won Free Groceries for a Month Download Lucktastic today and see if it’s your lucky day! You could win big! For all the latest news and exclusive winning opportunities, make sure to Like, Follow, and +1 Lucktastic! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: For feature requests or feedback, write to us at Must be a U.S. resident to play. Available in the USA only. THESE SWEEPSTAKES ARE DEVISED AS NON-GAMBLING PROMOTIONS and are intended solely for entertainment purposes. APP AVAILABLE IN ALL 50 STATES: Alabama Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming APPLE, INC. ("Apple") IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITH THIS APP, NOR DO THEY ENDORSE THIS SERVICE OR SPONSOR, ANY PRIZE REDEMPTIONS.


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Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes app reviews

  • Yup 4/5

    By Your_god_damn_mothers_goldfish
    It’s cool
  • Fun to play 4/5

    By Ciara Morgan
    Takes too long to actually cash out, but it’s fun to play.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jsbsbehsgshdb
    Great app
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By trcountrygrl
    Love the app but wish I didn’t have to watch so many ads. Plus app crashes after one certain ad plays and I have to restart it. Hard to win big prizes!
  • Alright time/gives hope 5/5

    By KingKratos2010
    It’s nice to have something free in this world that gives me hope. Just the thought of winning big on here keeps me going.
  • Lucktastic 2/5

    By adkpicklelady
    Too time consuming with no results.
  • Ehhh! 1/5

    By ThatDudeWhoStoleYourCar
    Thought was cool to earn money but I don’t have the patience to waste a year to win something. The daily rewards is broken.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By cheli81
    Been playing everyday... nothing and points takes forever to accumulate... and always the same names of winners all the time making you think that people win every day... deleting this app..
  • Love it 5/5

    By Loydslady
    Super fun, addictive
  • Loved this app until recent updates 3/5

    By JHarley1971
    I used to love this app. But since the updates, some of the game ads, like Angry Birds, get stuck and I can’t “x” out them, even after waiting minutes. I have even restarted the app; no dice. The only solution seems to be to come back later when the app restarts itself. Ridiculous. Update: Oh, I see, I have to PLAY THE GAME BEFORE I GET TO THE SCRATCH CARD!! That is a lot to ask for sometimes as little as 4 points. If I want to play a game, I’ll download it on my own. I am here to play YOUR GAME. An ad before and after each card, now having to play games, being constantly asked if I want to play new games AND having to go to a whole different site to look at rewards??? A different site, I might add, that says my Facebook account is “not verified” when every other app I use that signs in via Facebook has NO problem with my Facebook account??? What is going on? Are you just trying to drive users away? Disappointing to say the least. Update: now I’m getting 2 POINTS per card? This is clickbait! Update: Just telling it like it is. Oh, and now the app crashes. Screen goes black. Have to restart the phone. Do appreciate the slight increase in points though. Another Update: The app is extremely buggy. I also get the “Black Screen of Death”, which is only resolved by restarting my phone. I often get the message “Unlock-Play 1 More Scratch Card” (even when all other cards are already played) on the 10,000$ card, but let’s face it, the chances of me winning any actual money on this app are less than absolute zero. Two or so years and I have won a few points on cards (other than bonuses), but not a dime. Guess I’m just unlucky? The majority of bonus points on cards now are 4 per card, which is way down from last November and while I always used to earn 20+ points on the 5,000$ card, the most I have earned this year on the card is 10. Sad.
  • It’s fun but 3/5

    By Pippiepunk
    Realistically it doesn’t pay to play. I’ve never won money no matter how often I’ve entered contests or scratch my cards. Now I don’t expect to win millions but something here and there would be nice. A cash prize or vacation getaway...anything. And more bonus tokens...4 and 5 tokens takes forever to accumulate.
  • Prizes 5/5

    By Rmankillz
    I love winning such unique prizes! Gift cards are my #1. Target more specifically. Get this app now!!!
  • Interesting 4/5

    By Themaddawg1
    So far ok. Still trying to win something....
  • I made $1.50 and it’s only been five day. I got free money... 4/5

    By Leland719
  • It's Fun 5/5

    By Anicole08
    Love love love.
  • Simplistic Game 3/5

    By Keara48
    Haven’t won anything much only been playing a month. I keep scratching the cards and have been redeeming the bonus points. It does help keep me occupied while standing in lines so that’s a plus. If Win anything, I will definitely provide a better review.
  • Scam 1/5

    By quiksilver lover
    Scam it is a big scam don’t even win more than $5
  • 👍👍 5/5

    By Zeusters
    This app is like scratching or picking numbers in real life. You get two shapes or numbers and you get money or tokens.
  • 👎 1/5

    By Mrs. Rivera1
    This app will take a while for anyone to earn enough to cashout or trade into giftcards.
  • Ads ads and more ads! 2/5

    By Katamber85
    I was foolishly looking to win something but you really don’t. To scratch you have to watch an ad first and 1/3 times the ad glitches and takes forever to load or freezes. The only thing you win from the scratchers are 4-50 tokens if you are lucky. The game is not really worth it unless you have nothing else to do and are not looking to really win anything.
  • Go in day and evening 4/5

    By nonnarich1
    I found different scratch offs in the evening👍😁 I really enjoy this app. A lot cheaper than buying scratch off lottery tickets and getting nothing! At least I get a few tokens as a minimum😊👍
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Summoner Yuna11
    This app is so much fun. 😊 It’s pretty easy to save up tokens also and get cool rewards, like gift cards.
  • Lucktastic!!! 5/5

    By justinius962
    Lucktastic is a fun and exciting game and experience, you never know what surprises wait behind every scratcher. I love this game.
  • New to Lucktastic 2/5

    By V'Kiyoshi
    I would like to see some cash winnings.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Soulkillwr
  • Hours of entertainment!! 4/5

    By ster666
    This app is how I start,and finish my day:) always a fun time 😃
  • It's addicting 4/5

    By jnoore
    Even though I haven't won anything yet, I do believe that it's pretty fun and I still have hope that one day I'll be able win
  • 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 5/5

    By Silika135
  • No real Money 1/5

    By 56388255299
    Been playing for a while. $1.25 that’s all but plenty of tokens. 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • 🤷🏽‍♀️ 2/5

    By Bamitzleslie
    Barely started using it, it’s alright I guess. For now
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By melina232
    Lucktastic is 100% real and official. Not saying I’ve won anything big yet bet I have earned more than $2.00 so far. I definitely recommend this app for you because it helps you earn cash if your in need. But it’s just like that. You scratch a card and win something... it’s that easy.
  • Good 4/5

    By feenmav
    Just downloaded it. But fun so far and still learning how to use it
  • Laura Lovecchio 5/5

    By 1starshine
    It is a fun way to earn tokens. I haven’t won anything . But you never know. It’s free so why not.
  • Time passer 3/5

    By Missdaisy96
    Great time passer to also try to win some spare cash
  • This app is great 5/5

    By Kwatt18
    Its so fun
  • Only for fun 3/5

    By crazeleeann
    You don’t ever win anything but u don’t know unless you try! Keep trying
  • L 2/5

    By BaddieB23
    Too many ads

    By rivasconver
    I recently emailed Lucktastic through their Feedback tab about not being able to apply my tokens that I earned to a gift card I had chosen. I received an email that day stating that someone would be in touch in the next 24-48 hours. I waited for a full week! I was never contacted! I then sent an email in response to my wait. It has now been a full week and three days and still no response from Lucktastic! Your customer service is seriously lacking in service to the customer! As the developer I would think you would want all customers to be happy with the player experience with your app and with the people who help provide customer service to the people who play your app! I can see with the lack of response that you really don’t care about their enjoyment or lack there of with your app! Therefore, I am uninstalling your app! I would rate you and your app a negative 5 stars! Rebecca Conver
  • Ok 2/5

    By Me12be12is12
    While the app is fine, it seems that you are never actually going to win anything. The most you can hope for is eventually getting enough tokens to get a gift card, which again will take forever because you never really win any of the scratch offs. It's annoying and frustrating to deal with all the adds and never win.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Kbsmoker
    Super fun
  • Lucktastic 5/5

    By dkp1256
    Love this game but I can not get to see the current code on live
  • Luke 4/5

    By chocoluke
    Slow win but I did have prize every 2 or 3 months. Good to have it along.
  • Payout seems to be a pipe dream 2/5

    By Madhaxxor
    I’ve been at $1.50 for quite some time now. The only thing I ever “win”, are minute amounts of tokens...which will take me a lifetime to accrue enough for a decent payout. Don’t waste your time. This app seems to be a scam at worst, or simply an advertisement viewer at best. For the amount of time I’ve lost watching ads, the only winners are the developers receiving payment for those ads. Perhaps posting the odds of winning any of the games, would offer a bit of legitimacy?
  • Winnings!!!! 2/5

    By Lilly awesomeness
    I've won a whole .25 so far woooo hoooo
  • For Fun Only 3/5

    By Petahdalantz
    If you plan on downloading this app, go into it with realistic expectations. You most likely won't "Win Big". The cards that have money associated with it are all on lock down, I've one one $1 scratch card when I first downloaded the app and haven't won since. The scratch cards I usually win are the 25 tokens and 50 tokens. I'm not sure how legit the entries are, it seems a little ridiculous, but whatever. With that said, the app is fun, I don't expect to win the high dollar cards, but there is a level of fun associated with the app. I do think there needs to be a little more balance with what cards win, though.
  • Luck 4/5

    By lolobooski
    So far so good! Now if I could win!!
  • Not enough prizes 3/5

    By jacnew81
    I love to play the scratch cards it becomes addictive. I just wish they would have more cash prizes to keep it interesting
  • Buggy and rigged. 3/5

    By CAM1LL3
    It’s a good time waster but it’s obvious that it’s an algorithm. I doubt if I don’t play every day for a year that I’d win anything of substance. Also, wondering if it’s even updated since I see the same videos day in and day out. Quite a few bugs as well.
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By S County
    It’s fun to play sometimes. Although you never win, just plan to get a lot of tokens for more chances to be disappointed when you don’t win the contests you enter.
  • Lucktastic 5/5

    By Nanny!12
    Funfunfunsville to have a prayer of winning maybe a honeymoon yaaay Lucktastic is funfunfunsville just to play all the different games

Lucktastic - Win Real Prizes app comments


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