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Lyft Driver App

Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. __ Whether you’re paying rent, saving for the future, or could just use some extra cash, drive with Lyft. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $200 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. HAPPY PASSENGERS The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.


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  • Meh 3/5

    By echonectarine
    Pretty much every time I go online I have to do it and redo it 2-3 times. It can’t detect my location it seems. Also quite often, if I set a destination, it won’t actually take me towards me destination. And I swear there’s so many times it doesn’t log me off when I feel like I logged off, thus messing with my acceptance rate.
  • MOHAMMED584051 5/5

    By H.h.d
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  • A few suggestions 3/5

    By bass4Him
    Overall the app has been getting better. However, here are a few ideas to consider to improve: 1: Lyft Line: I would like to see Line either limited to the number of miles that can be driven per ride or completely optional to opt out. In more suburban areas of the city, riders request Line to save money to travel 10, 15, even 20 miles. I personally can’t afford to take someone that far in my Premium car. I recommend Line be limited to 5 miles. If that isn’t reasonable, then I would recommend allowing me to opt out of Line rides until I am within the heart of the city. (Denver) 2. Google Maps Integration: Every time I drop off the first passenger during my driving time, the integrated Google map doesn’t reset. It remains zoomed into the area and I lose the tracker off screen. I can manually increase the view of the map but it doesn’t adjust to my location until I accept a new ride. 3. Lyft Line Map: Countless times I have had to turn around and drive up to 3 miles to pick up an addition Line request. If I’m already heading towards the destination of the original passenger(s), I shouldn’t turn around. It’s very frustrating to the first passenger(s).
  • Zero respect for vet drivers 1/5

    By Kushmeifyoucan
    Driver for 8 mo now. I’m convinced that they prioritize new drivers. This is my only source of income and I’m in college trying to grind it out. I’m either in school or driving and I’m still gonna go broke. Thanks for all your help Lyft. Need to go to direct competitor to help with my source of income. Never wanted to go to uber but y’all don’t respect your older drivers at all cause you know they’ll go online. Gives 500$ incentives to my father who never drives to give 5 Rides to get the bonus. HEY IM GOING BROKE HERE I COULD ISE THAT INCENTIVE. BUT NO IM A VET DRIVER WHO DRIVES ALL THE TIME SO I DONT GET THOSE KIND OF NICE INCENTIVES. But hey , as long as Lyft is banking y’all don’t care.
  • bullsh** 1/5

    By bigmike0
    every updates just to keep the app updated in the store, nothing changes
  • Time to accept a ride 4/5

    By tiredofstreaks
    Give us drivers time to accept a ride! We should get at least 15 seconds to accept a ride. Make it an option to see the location of the passenger we are picking up and to their destination. Do not lower our acceptance rate if we do not accept a ride.
  • Needs in app navigation 3/5

    By Treyboy5
    Great app but because I am required to use google maps and lyft together really slows my phone down. So some times my clients are just waiting on me to get directions because my maps is still loading. GET AN IN-APP NAVIGATION SO USERS CAN USE YOUR APP MORE FLAWLESSLY. Uber does great with that.
  • iPhone 5 Help 5/5

    By _________Jackie112787xoxo
    From Lyft Help Center website: Drivers: If you're driving with Lyft, use IOS 11 and Android 7 or higher.
  • Unethical Disgusting Company 1/5

    By Snapchat Executive
    1. Lyft enables drivers to commit insurance fraud (if you tell your insurer that you’re a driver they will cancel your policy) Lyft knowingly hides his information from drivers and does not disclose it 2. Lyft values its rider community above its drivers. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT DRIVERS AT ALL. The app will prompt drivers to accept unprofitable trips (example: a trip that takes 5 minutes but has a 30 minutes unpaid pickup time). The company’s userbase is far too small. Which is why 80% of drivers also drive for Uber 3. Lyft cares about THEIR profit ONLY. They have continued to increase their commission and further exploit their drivers. 4. Lyft does not provide expense calculators. Why? Because they do not want drivers to realize how little money they make after vehicle expenses and depreciation. Drivers lose $0.535 per mile driven, yet Lyft again does not disclose this information to drivers in order to further exploit drivers who do not do the math 5. The company furthers their exploitation by running strategic promotions that are not profitable to drivers.
  • Inaccurate pay 2/5

    By Khalat3001
    Developer needs to fix the request distance, sometimes you will get requests that’s over 15 minutes drive without pay, Lyft only counts when you pick up the passengers. It’s not fair for drivers. Overall Lyft drivers re getting under minimum wage after taking all expenses. Developers needs to update the app that calculates based on how far is the driver from the pick up, if is more then 5 minutes drive then passengers needs to pay more.
  • One suggestion 5/5

    By Machtvereint
    Is there a possibility that the Lyft Driver app could have voice commands added to it because sometimes it is difficult to accept a ride while I am driving. I think that is because I am left handed. If, for example, a ride request came up and I could just say something like “accept” and the app would accept the ride request that would make things a little easier sometimes.
  • Lyft is good but believes riders 1/5

    By المسمري ابو عينها
    You believes riders more than drivers drivers doing the best and lyft get upset if drivers gets 3 stars or lower and lyft don't let you know who's giving you stars same time like uber app drivers so good people driving in snow no body say thanks and thy not respond here
  • Loses connection 1/5

    By bratok69
    This app loses Connection every 30 minutes or so, and you get a text every time. Tried deferent phones, providers and settings, same result. And support is totally clueless.
  • App is great but always technical issues 1/5

    By Georgesijo
    In the app you can see always 10% extra or 100% or more than that. If you trust the app and start driving you will never get that much money. Same time if drive in uber app you will get full promise money. I don’t know who developed the app like this always 10 to 20 ( 10 to 15 miles ) minuets drive to pick up a passenger for making $3 ( one mile) to come back to home sport driving back another 20 miles. Your average car millage one gallon 18 to 20 miles. Gas price about $2.95 . I don’t think any driver can make profit. Basically you spending $6-7 on gas to make $3 . What is the point? If you call Lyft customer care they want screen shots for the prof. While driving how I can take screenshot? Technology is so advanced we know about the future and past what happened but Lyft driver app have no clue.
  • Desperate company lies to stay afloat 1/5

    By Jimbo Kennedy
    Uber is no angel, but Lyft still owes me the $1000 sign-on bonus they promised. I’ve given 500 rides with Lyft and 500 with Uber. I have never had an Uber passenger insult me or damage my vehicle. Lyft passengers, on the other hand, seem to think they’re above basic human decency. Not all of them, of course. Uber May be an evil corporation, but Lyft is a desperate lying, thieving startup.
  • This app is really bright. 3/5

    By Shamalam a ding dong
    There is a big need for a night mode. This app lights the inside of my car.
  • Not receiving alerts 4/5

    By GrabASnookie
    Hello. I can’t find a way to submit bugs for this app. I’m operating an iPhone X 11.3 beta and I am not receiving alerts when operating Lyft driver in the background. All notifications are on. Twice tonight I reopened Lyft and received a message “ missed rides”. I’ve always being able to run Lyft in the background and never missed a ping.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Jilted buyer
    You’ll destroy you car for nothing.
  • Such app Zero star 1/5

    By Akim's
    Zero star
  • Totally worth it! 5/5

    By Mike Strip
    Great customer service, a bit of a grey area when auditing the mistake recently with “over 2 minute cancellation fees,” but other than that very solid. The possibility of cancelling a Lyft line request due to your vehicle having maximum occupancy might be a good option to ad (larger passengers sometimes take up more room.) I also wish there was an option to not accept rides where users don’t have a profile picture because it could be a scam, police entrapment or a fake account. I’ve given hundreds of rides and all have been safe and worry free.
  • Navigation issues 3/5

    By RonC137
    Driver app generally works good but could be better. Used with Google maps. Navigation sometimes a problem when Google maps gets stuck in “preview” mode. Kind of hard to figure out where to go and keep eyes on the road at the same time. Problem seems to happen more in areas with bad wi-fi reception. Especially a problem when on a “line” ride. Can sometimes get it into “navigate mode” if restart “navigate” several times. Could it also be because I’m using an iPhone 7+? Also, while in navigate mode, it’ll say “you have arrived”. But your passenger could be 100ft away. Switching back to driver app will get you closer to where the passenger to pickup is supposed to be. But having to interact with the phone while looking for the passenger and driving in traffic is a problem.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By spankur
    I’m a Lyft driver and this app is frustrating to use. It’s very glitchy and crashes during rides. Delays the process of picking up and dropping of the rider! I pray it works well when I am using it.
  • Lyft 2/5

    By Best bass fisherman alive
    Issues with bonus for missed rides. Never shows ride or makes a noise only shows missed ride losing out on bonus pay seems a bit one sided on that issue. Would be nice if it at least gave me that choice to miss the ride instead of just saying I missed it when it never showed on app. Very strange that it can be heard when it says I missed ride but not when ride is sent, I’d take every ride I can get I assure you but I have to see it first. Have isolated solo Lyft app without anything on the unit now we will see and will update review thanks. Great driving for Lyft if I don’t miss rides with it.
  • Rip off the driver only works for them 1/5

    By Zakask
    A big ripoff app 1.the driver don’t get paid for the distance he drives to pick rider up no matter how long 2.the driver ends up only with the half of the fair they charge the rider 3.don't get paid for the waiting time if there is more than one stop (That happened to me i had waited for 1/2 hour didn’t get paid a penny for that wasting my time )
  • iPad 1/5

    By Dale9276
    Come on people it is 2018. Why don’t you have a app for the iPad. Get with the time’s. People like to use their tablets for gps part And all so your insurance you have for your driver deductible of $2500.00 is nuts. That’s right people you drive for Lyft and get in to a accident you have to pay $2500.00 to get your car fix. Uber insurance deductible is just $1000.00. That tell me Lyft don’t care about their driver as much. And this last week getting the power driver bonus if $60.00. When I toke my last two rides for the night I was setting at a 91% rating and they cut me down to 89 so they would not have to pay me.
  • Won't Accept My Vehicle! 1/5

    By DoggyDiva
    Sorry; long review! I'm in Metro Detroit, and I just used Lyft. The young man who drove me suggested I apply for Lyft as he said my SUV is in great shape. I've already applied & Lyft wouldn't accept my vehicle because it's a 2003 but Uber will. I just need an inspection to get started with them. My delay is that I'd rather drive for Lyft. I was hoping he could help me out. He spent quite some time trying to help get signed up as he said they are a great way to earn extra cash! It took forever to find a phone # to contact someone since the link to locate the state's requirements for vehicle age is broken. We wanted to see if we could get an exception. We finally located someone who said he couldn't help me even when I stated that Uber has already accepted my vehicle. He stated the only thing I can do is keep checking to find out if there are updates to the vehicle's age. I asked why I'd do that if I was driving for Uber since Lyft won't accept me, so he replied if I have this kind of attitude, that perhaps I should just stay Uber! Even after I repeatedly said I'd prefer driving for Lyft! Since the link is broken, it's nearly impossible to find the phone # to contact anyone at Lyft, & this man was so rude, I guess I'm driving for Uber. What a horrible experience; & its too bad because the driver for Lyft was so nice and I was looking everywhere to put his referral code in my application so he'd get something for taking so much time for his assistance. So, he gets nothing & I have a bad taste in my mouth for Lyft. Not only for driving for them, but for using their services in the future!
  • Don’t stand behind their drivers 1/5

    By ProudParrots
    I worked for Lyft for a month and quit!!! It’s not all cracked up of what it’s supposed to be!!!! You get dinged for the smallest of infractions and theirs no way of redeeming yourself!!!! One you can’t PLZ everyone and Lyft expects you to adhere to each and everyone!!!! You’ll get raving reviews and than you’ll get a jerk in the car and they’ll lie and write a horrible review about you with things that ARE NOT true!!!! There’s NO WAY of redeeming yourself!!! It’s really upsetting!!! When you go to support they smile in yourself and say everything to pacify you!! You get off the phone and things are the same as it was before!!! When a rider gets out of the car and you don’t review them they get an automatic 5 stars....if the psngr doesn’t review you you get no nothing they have to put in a star which many don’t.....LYFT JUST DOESN’T STAND BEHIND THEIR DRIVERS!!! For instance you RELY HEAVILY on navigation and if it acts up and you take a wrong turn you get dinged for something out of your control!!! They expect you to wash your car after each ride and vacuum!!!!

    By juliodasilva
    As a Driver Full time and more than 5000 rides I have to tell that LYFT is going in the wrong way. The power drive mode changed a lot it’s parameters. It use to be 105 rides and now os 150 for less money. The cancellation policies also changed and are unfair and do not work in its majority of times. We have to stop to call them in we never know if we really get paid. Waiting times between rides are also bigger than it’s bigger competitor.
  • Need underage cancel option 3/5

    By Krabit17
    Too many kids are taking rides alone on Lyft. There needs to be some sort of a cancel option for underage passengers. Perhaps you could have us wait 5 minutes for the timer to run out, click no-show, and select minor. This could in turn send a flag to your center and have the account suspended for 24-hours while research is done. This would prevent the passenger from immediately requesting another ride. There should also be an option for this when asking for help with a ride. This would probably cut down a lot of calls to your center. Another thing to consider is if someone is a no-show and we have canceled the ride as such, if they ask for another ride we shouldn't be paired with them again. This creates a bad experience for both customer and driver. The customer expects us to know your policies on rates and always ask to get it refunded when I have nothing to do with that and tell them so. They get upset and have a bad time with the ride and usually rate us low which affects our rides (customers may not want to ride with a 4.0 driver). If they request again, they should be paired with the next closest driver instead of the same one that wait for them for 5 minutes, called them with no answer, and was in the way out of the area. Not a good experience all around.

    By Jacob SAIGe
    I was deactivated permanently due to a riders complaint that had no evidence, did lyft ask me to share my side of it? Or to do something to let me prove my innocents? No they threw me away like nothing while these riders keep spreading more lies. I constantly pick up drug addicts and drunks for this company since IEHP pays for there methadone clinic visits, have not hurt the safety of any passenger or allowed any narcotics in my vehicle or in my body yet I was also discriminated based on my small size and adhd-bi polar, which I have been like this since starting here. Which riders discriminated against me with the company making me feel discriminated against as well. I countless times a day am forced to pick up riders who smell of marijuana or just really weird and unsafe being around all day type of people. So please go with uber trust me they will treat you better then Lyft and offer you more work to!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mikey3906
    This is such a horrible app, it never works correctly, crashes, location problems... I could go on. The fact is that this company has hired people who have obviously never coded before and it shows in this app. I know if I were to turn in something this flawed and inefficient I would be fired
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Kajjers
    The app was great but I’m no longer able to see the map with the rider’s location prior to acceptance on iPhone X
  • gps 4/5

    By Kiki says die
    Please add the “maps” app for Iphones to your default GPS systems. Google maps has not been working properly the entire month ive been doing this and its getting really annoying.
  • Split 4/5

    By Dread Lord CyberSkull
    It’s good that this has been split off the main app. There are a number of good focused features for drivers. Now here is what needs fixing: • More feedback options for a ride without having to go to the help screen. • Allow Apple Maps or add CarPlay support. • Make more feature of the dashboard in-app instead of loading a webpage. Sometimes that page breaks. • When dealing with multiple stops, have the next stop dialog box show the next stop instead of the final destination. • Make it easier to flag issues with cancelled rides after the fact. • Put the lost property form in the app instead of the help page. • Use hands free prompts to play notification sounds.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Gilbert Mondoux
    App is super glitchy Customer service is non-existent Lyft will always side with the passenger when there is a conflict They provide a very poor experience considering all the money they take out of your earnings
  • Use DRIVENOW1300 to earn a whopping $1300 bonus when you sign up! 5/5

    By Drivenow1300
    $1300 bonus when you complete 350 rides in 2 months. Easy as pie if you hang around the bars and clubs. $1300 ON TOP of your earnings! Sweet! Just enter DRIVENOW1300 into the referral code box on the sign up page on and you’re good to go! App is generally good, connectivity has issues and could do with better in app navigation but overall I don’t have any complaints. The PDB is really hard to get through, and deters drivers from taking long rides. I do t know why it doesn’t do it per ride or per mileage. Would make so much more sense.
  • App issues 1/5

    By Hosam 14
    I am 4.9 driver with over 3000 rides in less than a year After all that I can say lyft app has many issues The most frustrating one is that lyft app doesn’t assign the closest passenger specially in the prime time While I am surrounded with at %200 prime time payment Lyft sends me a ride way out side the prime time area with no prime time payment and I have to drive at least 10 mins and 1 mile to do the pickup That’s a waste of the me and feels bad for the driver when he waits for a good payment ride All that happens in Manhattan the busiest place on earth Very disappointed
  • Pink on Peak 5/5

    By KvinDF
    No! Why is the pink on peak times gone!? 😩 Pretty good app by the way. On Google maps side it would be cool if we get the speed limit on the Lyft app
  • All BS 1/5

    By RaZz2050RSLover
    First of all, lyft needs to stop saying make $35/hr on their every ads. No way you can make around $15/hr. Their customer service is the worst of worst ever. And they need to stop cheating on driver and rider. Taking more from rider and giving way less to driver.
  • Unintuitive 1/5

    By kewlgyeno1
    This app is so unintuitive and hard to use. Also need in-app navigation. Need more details on individual charges and trip details. Maybe take a lesson from the Uber app.
  • Night mode would be nice... 3/5

    By TreeLizard386
    This app generally works really well. I only have 2 complaints/wishes. It would be wonderful if the app switched to a darker color scheme when the sun goes down (similar to Waze) so that the phone isn’t blinding in the dark. I turn my screen brightness almost all the way down and it’s still too bright. This is a safety concern more than anything. I don’t want to use waze because my gps gets weird with too many apps running at once. At least make it an option one would be able to turn on manually if it’s too much trouble to program in the switch to be automatic at sundown. It would also be really cool if the map just stayed the direction your vehicle is facing so that you can tell which side of the street the address/passenger is on when not in navigation mode. It’s exceedingly confusing to have the map flip back and forth from N-S-E-W orientation to real view orientation.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Lilprincs001
    I just started driving for Lyft 2 weeks ago and so far so good!! I’ve had all pleasant experiences and the app is very user friendly!

    By Jesse isCheeks !!
    So I drove for Uber and always used my iPad mini for the app. Tried downloading the LYFT DRIVER app for my IPAD just to find out THERE ISNT ONE!!
  • App is crashing 2/5

    By KellyK376
    I have tried to get someone to call me for the last couple days because my app is continually freezing and/or crashing. My service is fine, and I have plenty of access to data, and I have reinstalled it a couple times now. Is Lyft starting to add features that are bogging down the efficiency? C’mon guys, I have not had an issue with this until recently.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Nunungo
    Muy bien!!!
  • Not enough money 1/5

    By Brandon Hobgood
    In my area there is high demand for rides and no hot zones. There could be zero drivers online besides me. And I’ll still get paid $5 for a 20-30 minute ride. No thank you lol. Find another idiot who wants to waste his gas
  • Needs IPad support 3/5

    By Mo yahya
    I use iPad with the uber driver and it’s scaled to work very well. The lyft driver app does indeed work with the iPad but it looks as though it’s emulating a cellphone screen and it looks downscaled. There needs to be native tablet support for the app. iPads do ship with mobile data. I have LTE unlimited in my iPad with no data caps. My cellphone dash holder can hold an iPad Pro 10.5 inch which I use for uber and works very well. Please update the app to have a tablet mode please.
  • MICHAEL34790 5/5

    By mchavi
    This is a really great way to make quick fast money! It also very user friendly, and the best this about is I can get quick access to customer support regarding a issue. The express pay normally takes up to a hour to hit your checking account. Sign up through my passcode and you’ll receive a bonus! Good luck! 😊✌🏾
  • Lyft driver app 1/5

    By JBC the one
    I can’t see the red zone on my app
  • Issues with this app 2/5

    By Producerflie
    I would have a 100% acceptance rate if it wasn’t for the constant freezing I get with this app. It drops rides randomly (not cancellations, the rides just disappear from the app). It loses connection while I have full bars on LTE. I have emailed support multiple times about these issues and they refuse to acknowledge that these issues happen. The only way I have found to get it to work somewhat consistent is to delete and redone load the app on a daily basis. My acceptance rate takes a major hit every time one of these issues occur.

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