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  • Current Version: 1001.31.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Lyft Driver App

Download Lyft Driver, the app created just for drivers. __ Whether you’re paying rent, saving for the future, or could just use some extra cash, drive with Lyft. WHY LYFT? FLEXIBLE HOURS Driving with Lyft is an easy way to earn money whenever you want. $200 MILLION IN TIPS, AND COUNTING Passengers are encouraged to tip in the app — and you keep the whole amount. HAPPY PASSENGERS The Lyft community is full of friendly people, passengers and drivers alike. ONE EASY APP Whether you’re checking local demand or working towards a bonus, the app has everything you need to earn more. ___ For Lyft drivers, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.


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  • Great but need navigation update 5/5

    By 4yr member/1yrMacdill
    For those of us who have iPhones we need a Lyft update to add the option of using”Apple maps” for navigation so it auto loads and we can use then on our onstar cars that have Apple car play
  • Keeps forcing to update 1/5

    By Oksit
    I don't have to update your goddam app every time. Dont force me to update ,you idiots!!
  • Can’t hear the directions. 3/5

    By la_chiikii_chula <3
    I have an iPhone 6s. The new transition from Lyft to google maps it’s flawless, but now I can’t hear the gps directions.
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By Ebrowne321
    This driver app is horrible...I tried picking people up at their “location” and was told on numerous occasions that’s not where they were...and one person I tried to drop off was taken to the wrong place because A.) she either put the wrong location in or B.) the Lyft app decided it was where the location was...either way I’ll be using Uber for the foreseeable future as this was my first and last day driving for Lyft...I’d rather be awake for my own colonoscopy than drive for Lyft ever again
  • Crazy drives for pick ups 2/5

    By willyb676
    Want to drive 25 minutes to make $2 after expenses...Lyft is for you!!! Making to much money doing airport trips on the other rideshare service? Don’t worry...Lyft undercuts so you’ll only make half to 2/3 what you’d expect! Seriously. They want drivers to act as a philanthropy.
  • They keep improving 4/5

    By VaDriver
    I have been using Lyft for about 3 months now. It has some bugs but they patch frequently. So far I enjoy driving and have no major complaints about the app.
  • Going to News! 1/5

    By Sidanee
    ************UPDATES****************** 11-15-2017. The email link App developer provided DOES NOT WORK. I’m using Twitter. Waiting on a response. Was 28 in airport queue but received “you lost contact with move to a better location”. Hello??!! I’ve been parked in the queue lot for 40mins!! I was #28 now for the fourth time I’m to the back of the line at #62. 11-16-2017, No response from App developer yet via Twitter. I went from #28 in airport queue to “you lost connection” and now back of the line at #66. This only happens when I’m at the airport. 11-17-2017. STILL No response/help from Lyft. I dropped off at Airport(MSY) and was placed #26 in the queue but ONCE AGAIN “lost connection” with their system and kicked to the back of the line at #40. 11-18-2017. Sitting parked in airport queue lot when I got down to #22 in line that dreadful message appeared “You have lost contact with the Lyft system. Please relocate to an area with better network coverage.”. Now I’m number 59. Just wasted 35 mins waiting for a ride. Lyft just added at least another hour’s wait. *Still no word from App Support.* Also, not only did the email link not work but the website link goes to their GENERIC FAQ page which I could not locate a solution to my issue. Just submitted 58412236 via in App Support request at 10:45am on Nov.18,2017 Nov. 18th- revived a copy and paste of their generic FAQ. NO HELP! I replied and told them I tried their suggestions and guess what?! THEY IMMEDIATELY COPIED AND PASTED THE EXACT PREVIOUS FAQ EMAIL!! Useless and garbage. Tech’s have no clue but to copy and paste. Not one single sentence was changed. They will not help you in your time of need. Nov22. I received a call to pick up in Orleans Parish to The MSY Airport. According to Lyft it’s a minimum of $33. I received this pickup during a 50% Prime Surge. I only received $22.38 which is what I always get. I should’ve received more with The 50% Bonus Prime Surge. NONE of The Support team or email team can access my account as they claim “It keeps freezing up!” I AM GOING TO WWLTV News as Lyft is clearly skimming off the top. ANYONE who drives in the New Orleans area please contact WWLTV after Thanksgiving cause we’re getting ripped off. Lyft has been deleted! If you want to lose money go with Lyft! ***************************************** Two separate times I’ve had scheduled pickups. I followed the instructions to a “T”. My Scheduled pick ups disappear and was “redispatched” to another driver. This cost me $33-$38 times TWO. I called help and was informed it’s a known issue and received “Sorry”. I’ve won Car of The Month and made a lot more profit via their competitor. Lyft is taking AWAY my time and money. Gave it another try(October 9th). While waiting in The Airport Queue Lot I get logged off or lose connection. I keep going from the 5 drivers ahead of you to 25 drivers ahead of you. Lyft is wasting my time! **Today, 10-16-2017. I was waiting in the queue for an hour. I received a dispatch to passenger pick up. The writer failed to show after 10 minutes so I canceled. Lift put me right to the back of the line instead of securing my position or immediately dispatch in another passenger. That means I just waited two hours to make five dollars at the airport. November 14th, so far I’ve been logged out of Lyft app while parked waiting on the airport queue 4 times and put to the back of the line. Used Destination-Mode: The app dispatches me 4 Miles in the OPPOSITE direction(Interstate Travel) and for a rider who’s destination was my original starting point and only received ($5.89) for a total 8 miles of travel. In the meantime my friends using Uber were coming back from Airport runs ($23). I was warned. I’m done!
  • So-So 3/5

    By brunoisontheinterwebs
    Far better than Uber but the app still needs a lot of work.
  • Bad for Premier cars 1/5

    By LAfilmExaminer
    It’s too bright at night and they don’t have night options. Constantly send error message that it lost connection. While I have full internet connection. The fundamental problem of this app is every time I open it the error message pops up that GPS can't get your location and I live in LA and then it accept the log in. This could show the car in a wrong place and riders cancel the ride while I'm block away from them and make me drive fir nothing. Other problem is the same that old one. The dashboard menue is extremely slow no matter how fast your internet speed. Above all they can't do what uber do, make it easy to switch account from lyft premier to regular lyft if you drive upscale cars. As it stand it is a slow and annoying 7 steps process while it should be one quick switch. In destination mode it impose a road that you might not take so the possible call come from their imposed route vs just set the destination mode and get anyone that goes through toward that direction. The only plus side of this app is that now we can use the other app as a riders and get an idea of how many cars are around to avoid cars cluster area.
  • $800 coupon: RIDE784 4/5

    By travellovers❤️🏍
    First of all, if you haven't taken a ride yet make sure you use the coupon "RIDE784" to get $800 off your first rides!! Enter it right before you request a ride. Go to the Payments tab in the app and enter the coupon there. Might as well try it out since it probably won't cost you a thing!! The app is simple, easy to use and intuitive by design, giving you important info like the driver's face, phone number, and car make and model. It's amazing how quick and seamless the entire process is. A car comes to your door within minutes of pressing a button!!! The drivers are real people, they are very polite and their cars are clean! Some even come with complimentary water, gum and candy! Even if you want to charge your phone, a lot of drivers have phone chargers at your ready!! Lyft is definitely cheaper than your average cab. After all this, I don't see why you would ever use a yellow cab again. Even if you want to get a black car on the occasional night out, it's still cheaper and more convenient than hiring your own private driver. The customer support is also fantastic. I got overcharged on one of my trips and I didn't have to say anything more than a short comment on my driver feedback to get a full refund. I'm very happy and I hope Lyft continues to exceed my expectations in not only the app but customer service! I also prefer Lyft much more than other competitors, mainly because they have so much more supply and cars are always just a few minutes away!!!!
  • App & Driver related 1/5

    By MountainLife
    Airport queue - I keep losing my place because the app is not staying active in memory on my iPhone 7+ or iPad mini 4. Uber and Lyft are the only apps open and I don’t use my phone while queueing. YouTube has the ability to resume after hours or a day of being suspended in background without having to refresh so it’s possible to fix this. Communication - All communication Lyft related should be via push notifications of the app instead of text message/email. I'm a causal driver and it's annoying to receive these things daily and multiple times throughout the weekend. Some sort of vacation or away mode would be ideal. Destination mode - I find it frustrating to constantly be signed out of destination mode automatically. If the app is out of focus or suspended this makes more sense. Power zones - Adding power zones at the last minute is causing me to drive less and less. By the time you've decided on percentages for the day/week I've already made plans and decided driving is not economical.
  • New update is garbage. 1/5

    By RachaelAA
    Before this update you got paid $5.00 for no shows and it didn’t affect your acceptance rating. Not only do you waste time, you get punished essentially for someone not showing up.
  • Where is scheduled pickup tap for iPhone 10? 2/5

    By 天下同福
    Please add the scheduled pickup option and Amp setting for iPhone 10!!!
  • Networking Issues 1/5

    By Scott_Davidson
    Version 1001.31.3 knocks me out of the airport cue then gives me the "You lost contact w/ Lyft system. Move to better network coverage," message.
  • Icon color needs to change 2/5

    By AFineLion
    The icon is really distracting and needs to change. I liked the blue Lyft icon that used to come with the old beta. The new icon makes me not want to tap on it, and it looks too similar to Google’s icons. White icons have come to mean “a utility” to me on the iPhone. Please make this a different color, and go back to the Lyft text logo or something completely new. The thin, circular wheel is not a good mental icon for a Lyft driver for some reason, even though it seems like it would be. A car with a pink-purple rainbow or something would be way better!
  • Cannot filter ride types !! Frustrating!!! 3/5

    By Crassic
    I have done everything they have told me to do. My vehicle qualifies for Lyft, Lyft plus and Lyft Premier. And they sent me a screenshot of the active vehicle page, inside the driver dashboard and it looks different from mine!!! Mine DOES NOT have a ride preferences tab to filter ride types. I’m using an IPhone 7 plus. Please get this fixed!! I am so frustrated!!
  • Don't bother waiting at the airport 1/5

    By Dro152
    Constantly says poor network connectivity, refreshes and sends you to the back of the line. Garbage
  • NEW DRIVER?? want $250 free? 5/5

    By flashy3
    juss use this code VINCENT23870 and you’ll get a free $250 off the bat!! its a win-win situation! WHY NOT?
  • Earn More 5/5

    By Jellal...
    SF Drivers Make Up To $32 Per Hour. USE CODE - AKASH119859 ( For bonus upto $2000 )Sign Up Now! Drivers Earn Tips. Set Your Own Hours. Be Your Own Boss. Applications Now Open!.
  • $100 extra for signing up 5/5

    By Opote
    Use code BACKFLIPSD or 100 extra for 5 rides when you sign up
  • POS app for a POS company! 1/5

    By NotoriousPZN
    Lyft is a company full of SCAMMERS! If you need help with ANYTHING there is no contact number! You have to send an inquiry. But don’t expect to get a response... EVER! Oh and that sign up bonus, don’t count on it! It’s not gonna happen. Also, the “scheduled rides” are actually scheduled rides! They are a play to get you to stick around a certain area WITH NO GUARANTEE!! Save yourself the headache and SWITCH TO UBER!!!!!
  • Doesn’t automatically switch to navigation and vice versa 3/5

    By Shane6973
    This same app in the Google play store works much more seamlessly than this Apple version. This version doesn’t switch between navigation and driver app automatically. I have to manually do it. And it also doesn’t prompt me to drop off the passenger when we have reached their destination. Very clunky and distracting!
  • Seems to need updating every week 3/5

    By David H in AZ
    I hate that you seem to have to update it every week or else it won’t work.
  • Mised ride 3/5

    By Huie61
    Half the the time it says I missed a ride but didn’t get a notice please fix this please make it work with apple maps way more accurate you need to update the app to 11.1.2 for blue tooth to work it’s still on 10.0
  • Long drive for very little 5/5

    By cheap ride
    21 min ride to drive 4 blocks for $3.90 Not worth the gas
  • Rentals 3/5

    By AfroIndigoMe
    I appreciate the opportunity to make money with driving for Lyft. But the support is hard to come by. It’s been 5 days and no one has been able to get me into a rental!! I’ve reached out to Twitter @asklyft and NO ONE has responded 5 days later!! Also Facebook, messenger, email and through the app; NOTHING!
  • Issues signing up 1/5

    By Kandake92
    It will not send me a verification code every time I click resend , I never receive anything. I've even tried the other option when they call you, but the call will hang up before I can answer it.
  • Ok compared to Uber 4/5

    By Nibbler666
    The app does regular updates though it lacks a fair few features. To get ahead of the market they need to be wiser and fairer to riders and drivers alike. There is many holes in the entire system that riders are constantly learning through social media to obtain free, but illegal rides. Many false claims against drivers creates an unstable market and costs many drivers their livelihood despite the attempts to reduce this. Lyft will say that a driver needs to document a ride if in doubt about anything before the next ride. Issue is many drivers automatically get the next ride without this opportunity. Therefore leaving a void. Lyft needs to address this as urgent. Lastly as a full-time driver, the policies in place via the app leave little in the way of appeals or the ability to avoid being falsely lowballed. Lyft needs to get on top of professional and fair support. If you have yet to ride with Lyft - here is the opportunity to get free rides LEGALLY!! Use promo code NIBBLER666 DURING SIGNUP. The amount varies depending on the market, but rest assured it will earn you FREE LEGAL RIDE CREDITS! Uber has a similar program, so again if you have never taken a ride with them, or on both cases know a friend or family member who hasn’t, here’s your free ride with Uber - UBERSAFEFREERIDE Want to drive with either and earn huge sign on bonuses, no matter if your full or part time, use the same codes. Only YOU CAN WIN! Stay safe, and be fair! It’s the only way Lyft and Uber can proceed....
  • $50 easy money - "LYFTD500" 5/5

    By HappyBear🐻☺️
    Apply this code 💵 "LYFTD500" 💵 once you register.I've become a much happier person 🤡 since Lyft came into my life. Everyone so far has been amazing, it's always such a pleasure using Lyft! Never had any problems using the app. Keep up the great work! Quick , convenient, reliable Lyft is really quick, reliable and convenient. Pick up is less than 5 mins most times, no need to carry cash, always get nice and clean car . Drivers are very professional. The program is simple, simple to operate and intuitive by design, providing you information like the driver's face, contact quantity, and car brand name. Is actually amazing how quick and seamless the complete process is. A car comes to your door within occasions of pressing a button!!! The drivers are real people, they are incredibly thoughtful and their cars are clean! Some even feature complimentary water, gum and candy! Although you may need to charge your phone, a lot of drivers have phone chargers at your ready!! Lyft is certainly less costly than your average taxi. In reality this, I avoid understand why you would at any time use a green taxi again. Even if you need to get a dark car on the periodic night out, really still cheaper and more convenient than hiring your own private driver. The customer support is also fantastic. I acquired overcharged on one of my trips and I did not write anything more more than a brief comment on my new driver responses to obtain a full refund. Now i am happy and i also hope Lyft continues to exceed my expectations in not only the software but customer support! I actually also prefer Lyft much more than any other competitors, for the reason that they have much more now supply and autos are simply a couple of minutes away!!!!
  • Lolololololol 2/5

    By Ribinger
    Driving for Lyft is a joke.
  • Need a lot of improvements 1/5

    By Rami az
    As driver for lyft i use the app very often and the app needs the following : 1. Navigation inside the app like Uber ! 2. Need real time traffic when the rider requesting a ride ( sometimes the app said 5 mins and on google maps 10-15 mins) 3. When rider requesting lyft should show the distance in miles for the driver. 4. Adding Riders when the driver already giving a ride (lyft should show the rider rating for the driver) 5. The rider real name (not a litter) sometimes we driving close to concrete and events and so many people. 6. I had a bad day with lyft ( the requests where 15 - 20 miles away using Express way) and I don’t get pay for it !!! And that keeps going 7. Also the five minutes tile the charge the rider it’s not fair Sometimes we get to rider and then cancel and we get nothing . At the End I’m very disappointed with lyft app comparing with other apps. Thanks
  • Denied 1/5

    By Kayla82
    I have never had an accident, and only one speeding ticket for going 9mph over speed limit(following traffic), and I was instantly denied to drive with Lyft. I have no criminal convictions, and nothing that would flag me for any reason. Whatever ... it was an instant response as soon as I finished the application. No one views anything that fast.
  • Lyft company not car about there drivers 1/5

    By Orince
    I’m driving for this company from last 7 months but from 2 months I’m having issue with the app when I stand in airport lot my number jump and I take pictures and show them after that they send me email Don't worry, I'll make sure to forward this to our engineering team in order to be looked into and do something to fix the problem. I understand this is not the response you'd like to hear but I can assure that our team is doing our best to constantly improve the app and hopefully, remove this kind of issue. Again, we appreciate you taking the time to report this app issue to us. We wish you nothing less than good experiences with us moving forward, Should you have further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us again. Cheers, ​John Lyft Support Representative I get this mail almost 20 time but the can’t fix a small problem and they running a big company after that I call them and explain everything the lyft guy told me you leave the airport a lot ? I said so this is my answer from 2 months our engineer team working on this they working from last 2 months I send them all pictures proof what time I enter what’s my number when my number jump but this COMPANY REALLY DONT CARE ABOUT THE DRIVERS I DID 1850 rides safe rides my rating is 5 star and they don’t respect me like
  • Great improvements 5/5

    By Nmatt101
    Loving the new update - the integration of google maps IN the Lyft app is so helpful. I’m not switching back and forth between the two, and it automatically changes my route when a new passenger is added to my Line rides. SO much easier (and safer) than having to manually update my route while driving. Having both in one also prevents the issue where Google tells me to drive to an exact point for an address while the Lyft app correctly shows me exactly where the passenger is standing in reality. Sometimes there was a disconnect between the two if I wasn’t on top of it and flipping between them, and it would mean my passengers had to walk slightly instead of me being able to pull up right in front of them. Thanks for the update, I think it’s going to make both drivers and riders much happier!
  • 🤞 4/5

    By FJR1986
  • A waste of time in Columbus Ga 1/5

    By J-Hustle
    When you drive for Lyft in Columbus Georgia area the fare is so low that it’s a waste of time and money. I drove some one almost 10 miles just to make a little over 7 dollars. It’s like 75 cents a mile and other places like Auburn it’s a $1.56 a mile. Do the math it’s not worth driving in certain locations. I have a SUV and it take more than a couple of rides to even get $20 dollars. So sad. The rate need to go up Lyft in the Columbus Georgia area.
  • Fast cash when paid customer service on decline 2/5

    By twalk63
    Enjoyed driving with the company until recently. Customer service definitely on the decline. Nice passengers mostly. My only issue was getting my door handle ripped off on my personal car. Lyft responded promptly to my pictures and emails.Stating I would get $250.00 shortly. Check that night nothing. Next day same that weekend $150.00 after send email after email. Sent entirely too many emails asking what happened to the rest of the funds people gave me everyday of the week. Agent said he didn’t see it processed and I ask for higher level rep he said he was the supervisor and he was it. I said you know why it was split he said I’m not payment department. ok can you transfer me? He said you know what hold on and hung up. 5 more emails to be told I will have to wait until Monday. Maybe it’s the Atlanta market. The San Diego reps just got things done. So we will see what happens can’t risk drunk kids tearing up my car and I have to pay. Lyft come on your not the other guys.
  • Destination settings joke 1/5

    By Sulols67
    Yo no estoy contento contigo. Tú appo no es bueno! Recently, as in the last 5 or six versions, the app times out with no warning, specifically the destination function-says I have “used” it six times. I got one trip only.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By DCBK1
    Apparently no one at Lyft reads these reviews. The only response you get is the same bot telling you to go to Twitter or Facebook. I don’t use Twitter and have never been able to post on it and the one time I did no one answered. I see I’m not the only one with the same problems, putting in a destination I have been directed miles out of my way and now that you can only use it 6 times a day the app says we can find anyone going to your destination and shuts off after 10 mins into the ride. In an hour ride you can use all 6 of you slotted rides.Not to mention the fact that you have to re-inter the destination manually. This can be very dangerous when you are on the highway and can’t pull over. Other issues include wrong pick up locations on the map, the app not ringing when I am on another app. So many missed rides I always get the low acceptance rate on my phone. Paying weeks after you have completed Promotions and not even acknowledging the promotion is completed. The horrible thin line used on the app for navigation, and constant cancellations. I had several customers cancel after I wasted time and gas driving to them and I was standing right in front of them.
  • Can’t upload at this stage??? 2/5

    By bree714
    Why it doesn’t let me upload a profile picture
  • make it accessible with apple maps... 3/5

    By Chuaxela
    i want more options on the navigation because people complain about google maps and waze taking them “on streets they never usually go down”... idk how to get around this i’m thinking maybe using the apple maps might help?
  • What a joke 1/5

    By shomij
    They deactivated my account for no reason I call them and explain what happened They always care about rider feedback I tell lyft the rider smoked weed in my car And messed my car , etc etc When I explained this to one of lyft representative he say my account shouldn’t get deactivated. My account will get resorted within 24 hours I wait more then 24 hours nothing I see Then call them back one of rude person answers he’s not even ready to talk He say there is no way get my account restore He trying to hang up the phone on my face. He’s not responding my talk anymore. He just say anything else anything else Then he hang up! What a rude customer service Can you believe they only listen one side statements! LYFT stop hurting us like that . Be fair with driver too. We do efforts more then rider O more thing it’s been two weeks now I email them They don’t respond my email yet Omg
  • Constantly have to reinstall 1/5

    By Craftsm1
    App does not work half the time. I can drive for 2 hours without a single request. Only thing I have found that helps is deleting and reinstalling.
  • You're making negative money 1/5

    By Legsta
    Lyft is trying to make the prices so low the drivers barely make anything anymore. Switching to Via and coming back to Uber.
  • Improvements Needed 3/5

    By Cycletom
    Nice up grade however only giving it 3 stars. Integrated navigation is good but needs the following. 1. Automatic Day/Night mode. 2. Have the ability to review what the next few turns are 3 not provide enough time to confirm destination before switching to navigation. Once improvements have been made will update my rating. Lyft Driver
  • Driver mistreatment. 1/5

    By Familyman1990
    Lost my main source of income because 5 riders decided i drive too fast. After working 2 years and maintaining a 4.9 star rating lyft decided to deactivate me. Because of 5 riders out of the 200 i meet every week. What the hell am I supposed to tell my family? Im sorry i cant support us because 5 people complained? What the hell type of company treats its drivers this way?

    By UslSuspect00484
    The reason they created a separate app for drivers was so the passengers didn’t see all of these reviews on the other app. By the time you calculate the depreciation of the vehicle, gas money, and how much you are putting your life at risk on the road, you’d be better off looking for coins in vending machines. It’s a terrible company, a terrible job, and you have been warned. I have almost 2500 rides and this job has gotten worse with every single one of them. Stay away!
  • Rider's rating and comments 3/5

    By Rusho
    1. You really need to add rider's rating and comments for the driver in the app like Uber instead of sending just an email at the end of the day. 2. The location of the cellphone lot in Dulles international airport (IAD) is over accurate, If we park right by the fence inside in the lot, even sometimes near to the fence, the app can't exactly find where the car is parked and take it as out of the que zone, which is wrong and needs to get fixed.
  • $400 bonus. 5/5

    By fabul0uz
    Use referral code Irv24 and get a $750 sign up bonus.
  • Lyft Line 3/5

    By musycmyme
    I’m not understanding this Lyft Line. How is is possible that an original ride is 15 min. Then a line is added which is about 11 mins away. Now you headed to drop the first ride off and it’s now 12 mins away. Then the second is 9 mins from there. And lyft gives you chump change. Then they take 25% of that. Lol. This is crazy.

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