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MADDEN NFL Football App

KICK OFF AN ALL-NEW SEASON WITH OUR BIGGEST UPDATE EVER, INCLUDING COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENTS, PLAYER LEVELING, ENHANCED VISUALS, AND OUR FIRST-EVER STORY MODE. Be the G.O.A.T. in the greatest Madden NFL season yet. Become the GM of your favorite football franchise and handpick a team of stars and legends. Train with the best as Tom Brady takes you through his favorite drills and provides tips on building an unstoppable team. Compete in Tournaments, win the Super Bowl, stay up to date with the real NFL, and play through the careers of current football icons. It’s all here, it’s all fresh, in Madden NFL. BUILD YOUR ALL-PRO TEAM Choose your NFL franchise and take over as GM. Stack your squad with current stars and Hall of Famers, then level them up with rare Super Skills. Complete Daily Goals to earn valuable rewards that upgrade your roster. Even combine cards and items you don’t need to power your best players, unlock new skills, and more. DOMINATE IN WEEKEND TOURNAMENTS Prove yourself and rule rivals in all-new Tournaments. Earn tickets when you go hard in challenges throughout the week – the more you get, the more chances you’ll have to compete. Climb the leaderboards to gain bragging rights and pro rewards based on your rank. CONNECT TO THE NFL 24/7 If it happens in the NFL, you can play it in Madden NFL. Recreate big plays, jump into real-world matchups, and follow the latest rivalries in real time. Get notified about Live Events as they happen and head into the game to score big. GO FROM LONGSHOT TO LEGEND Play as football greats as they rise from draft hopefuls to league legends in Madden NFL’s first-ever story mode. Hit the line with fresh chapters each month, delivering distinct stories and challenges. Make meaningful choices that determine your path and unlock unique rewards to boost your team. Your Madden NFL season starts now! User Agreement: Visit for assistance or inquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Contains advertisements for EA and its partners. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Collects data through third party ad serving and analytics technology (See Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends.


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MADDEN NFL Football app reviews

  • CAnt 2/5

    By Russ-231
    I cant use an App Store gift card to buy mc
  • The best 5/5

    By Onlyodizzle
    Great game just wish you could connect to Xbox madden
  • madden mobile 5/5

    By arlinda1
    madden mobile is an awesome game and never lags
  • The bots are 3/5

  • Great game 5/5

    By koleigukmole
    It is so awesome to play you can play really fun games.
  • Awesome 1/5

    Amazing game. Keep it up EA!
  • Purchase unsuccessful. We will try again later 4/5

    By Jj19394039/8;9-0&;"
    Every time I open the app or try to make a purchase this is the message I get... PLEASE fix this!! My team would really benefit from all the flash sales!!!
  • Very upset 2/5

    By epoch3276
    Today I got a 100 ovr Harrison Smith and went to trade him in for a new player and instead it gave me Toty tokens please give me back my Harrison Smith I am very upset and worked super hard and thank you
  • Good game but fix one thing 4/5

    By Lobbob2001
    It’s a fun and addicting game but recently it has been crashing on me while loading the game and I was wondering if you could fix it in an update
  • Ooooooof 5/5

    By Micro Miks
  • Love Everything 5/5

    By TheRedNeckofSouth
    I absolutely love this game the toty event was challenging but rewarding with wentz and AJ, only thing I am severely displeased with is that I will lose my 93 Ovrall lineup when football season. Hope I can win back my Carson wentz in legacy events. Oh and please take Brady off the screen so I will not have to crack up at the symbol of the franchise every single time I play.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Mick1r15h
    It’s fun! Complaints are that there is too many things going on for a newbie to understand. There is no global to ask questions or recruit players to join your league or to join their league. Matchups are the biggest concern. Im rated 76 and I’m constantly matched up against 90+ players. My league is the same way, we get matched up against leagues 20+ points higher than us. Other than that it’s still a football game that is fun.
  • they need to make a mlb and nhl mobile 5/5

    By xo savage
    Ea has done great with these mobile games but what i really want is a baseball and hockey mobile game also
  • game is fricking horrible 1/5

    By Jer m s
    This game is one of the worst I’ve ever played. Nothing makes sense, the games are actually rigged, and it glitches the hell out of everything. Whenever the other team passes to someone covered by 5 people, guess what? HE STILL FRICKING CATCHES IT. But when the player does it, INTERCEPTIONS GALORE!!! The play suggesting is crap, and whenever someone on the other team is absolutely smothered by the player’s team, they get out and still get a touchdown. This game is an insult to what EA can do, and I’d play the regular Maddens over this pile of crap any day. The logic is absolutely outrageous and it seems like EA’s entire knowledge of football got wiped out when making it. I’ve gotten numerous headaches from playing it and almost even threw up, which crossed the line. If you have even a quarter of a brain, don’t get this game. It’s not worth it.
  • Auctions 3/5

    By Redskins master
    I bought a RGIII when he played for the redskins but he has never shown up, please fix this also add penalties
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By Jalt2121
    Good game.. when it worked
  • Update 3/5

    By Closborbon
    When are y’all going to update the game so that everyone can get there Longshot rewards I completely finished it and I haven’t received any of them for some reason
  • Please fix’s I love madden 2/5

    By vikinslover
    I woke up one morning ready to play Madden mobile and when I tried to login in it crashed I tried t logging in three Facebook and it still crashes I even reinstalled the game please please fix ASAP I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MADDEN MOBILE
  • I like but... 4/5

    By LittleBilla54
    I like the game but I feel like they could have done more like make a mode where you can make your own guy and all that.
  • I want this a lot... 5/5

    By Spirit_Guy222
    Show other teams records in season mode. Plus who they played that day. Also make head 2 head in real time.
  • AMAZING GAME but some dislikes 4/5

    By TheFoxSaysPvP
    I love this game and played it for 1 year and around team ovr 90 Dislikes I concern 1:H2H madden master challenge is nearly impossible for some players including me 2:Why is 12k madden cash $100 that’s too much money (or too little cash I may be wrong) 3:Some packs that need 10k cash for (green dollars) need money from dollar costing madden cash That’s all hope it helped :D
  • Amazing! Just one problem... 4/5

    By Allstar buccaneer
    I love everything about this game just a few days before super bowl LII Madden would kick me out! I always try to reload it but it never works. Please create a update fixing this and I would like a developer response to see that it is being taken care of. Thank you!
  • Can’t Login 3/5

    By Filaman0225
    Whenever I try to login it just says unknown error I uninstalled it and reinstalled the app and it does it again every time I try to log on. Please fix this bug this is my favorite game
  • This is good but 5/5

    By vinnvvdcxeheg
    This game is good but you have to make the best update ever I am about to delete this app if you do not update It and maybe if you could do trades with other teams and people THANK YOU.
  • Xl quick sell 1/5

    By bossmode10
    I got a xl quick sell pack and I got 26k when my friend got 71k and and we both got higher coins in a large quick sell
  • Poor 1/5

    By An11secmustang
    This year has some great options like training and coaches. Here is the issue; coaches don’t matter b/c of the gameplans...NO difference noted from the last 3 years there. BUT, the gameplans don’t work either! 5 elite gameplans with 100% counter chance and none have ever stopped anything. The training doesn’t matter either. My 100 rated QB has been intercepted 15 consecutive games by 70-78 rated defenses and my 105 rated RB can’t run 2 yards against those same defenses. Last year I spent over $6000 and didn’t mind b/c I LOVED the game. This year I have spent $1000 and $879.97 has been refunded by Apple (thank God) b/c the support refused to fix the issues. The ideas were great but the ability to make them work was kindergarten at best. Well, the ability was probably there but no follow through. Poor job this year.
  • This game is rigged 1/5

    By harpzilla
    Every time I try to pass the ball it never can get to them
  • Great 5/5

    By madmobe
    I am so eddicted I have spent 200$ and pulled 5 100 overall
  • Decent game but needs work - a lot of it 2/5

    By Supercole123
    League play is good. Special events are good. Season is good. H2H is terrible. Too many times players that are 8 to 10 OVR above another player are not only stopped by lower player, but crushed. This is especially true with dbs. No way an 89 cb or safety should be able to cover a 102WR. Once, maybe, but not three or four times I a row. Yet it happens all the time. H2H is unbalanced and favors pass defense far too much. What is point of training or buying a high OVR player if one 10 OVR below can stop him virtually all the time - even in a one on one situation. Too much fanfare and nonsense when opening packs and rewards. If I hit the button once, open the pack immediately. Stop all the flashing, unzips, and multiple button pushes. Pairing in tournaments and H2H is poor. I am level 52 and 92ovr, but am routinely paired with players 94 OVR and up and lvl 65 and higher. Ridiculous. Match OVR and level. Servers crash too much. EA needs to fix their technical support game. Too many timeouts and delays.
  • Bug 5/5

    By DingoAteMyKids
    When I’m trying to open the app it says it is loading bu then it just keeps crashing an I tried restarting the app but it just won’t load plz fix this
  • Make gronk better 5/5

    By the next best game
    Make gronk better in season I lost because he can’t catch same with Julio Jones and fez brant and make seasons more easy plea That will make the game better
  • Unfair, pay 2 win. 1/5

    By Ilikesomthingsthatstartwiths
    I’m gonna keep this short and simple. This games unfair as hell, when the opposing team on season is making their mind on a play they don’t waste one single second on the clock. That can be dyer in a close game. The opposing team is miles better than you, you’re 90 rated running back can’t truck or juke. You’re quarterback is completely inaccurate, wide receivers hardly catch the ball (90 rated). This game is ok until the 10 season in season mode, past that delete, save yourself the heartbreak and time.
  • The game won’t boot 4/5

    By 1 op123
    Lately the game hasnt been letting me in. Itll load half way then crash. Ive tried deleting it and redowload but it didnt work. I love this game truly and i want to play it. Can you guys fix this bug
  • Adam Theilen is a butt this game is horrible i would rather play true skate or sandbox and color c 1/5

    By Canelamae
    wide open last play drops with no one guarding him EVERY person on madden has not dropped a wide open pass no one in a 10 yard radius DROPS IT

    By Amanwb
    madden mobile is the only thing that makes me happy while playing
  • Madden 5/5

    By Motherof3!boys
    Madden is amazing it is so amazing that I rated it 5 stars
  • Won’t start 3/5

    By jimmdog1
    I have had the game for a while but now it won’t start
  • Fun but too pay to win. 3/5

    By PugSpinner
    My main problem with this game is that it’s so pay to win. And the madden “cash” that you buy is super overpriced. It gets me so frustrated that I don’t pay money and have a pretty bad team. If you’re playing you’ll constantly run into situations where you will preform a “big hit” on a scrawny man with a huge man and the scrawny one will hold onto the ball, but then it’s the exact opposite for me. The passing is terrible as well, as the AI will pass the ball and catch it with no option for you to contest it leaving them wide open for a touchdown, which they make, but then my players won’t catch a ball when they’re wide open. And the stamina thing is crazy as you can play like 6-10 games will full stamina then you have to wait another 8 hours before you get it all back. The game constantly crashes as well, you’ll constantly be playing for it to crash randomly. I really wish that they could add more events that we could do for free and get better players.
  • Server issues are gone; 2 requests 3/5

    By 098Drift
    1) Tournaments are frustrating and becoming unfair. If my counter chance isn't at 100% on nearly every play I choose, my passes are somehow overthrown or the receiver makes a catch out of bounds. It doesn't matter if I'm up against a 95 OVR team or 88 OVR team. I played against an 88 DEF but their safeties were so fast, as if they had 100+ speed and were stronger than they really are. I understand the point is to earn rewards and victories, but if the NPC rosters are given an unfair advantage, then it's unfair to players as well who spend hours trying to get tickets. By the way, regarding tickets, I noticed that the more tickets I save up, the quicker I lose them since saving 31 tickets for a tournament a few weeks ago. It is only when I have 1 or 2 tickets left that I somehow grab easy wins over high OVR opponents. 2) Stats for Individual Players. It would be fun to have individual stats for players on our rosters, which give this game another real life feature. If stats for all players isn't possible, then stats for skill position players would be perfectly fine.
  • Best Year So Far... 4/5

    By Jdog 2201
    This is the best year of madden mobile so far. The only issue I have is the matching up in tournaments. I just spent 45 tickets and only got 14 wins mainly because my 92 off 93 def was paired up against people that were way better, like a 95-95 or a 95-97 or so. If the matches could be more evenly matched, then it would be 5 stars.
  • New glitch and player ratings don’t really mean too much 2/5

    By Nick987558
    I completed all of the daily events but the only one that still shows is the one that says to complete them all. It shows that I have only completed one of the daily events when I actually did all of them. I have a rb whose overall is over 100 with speed over 100 but he can still get hawked down by a lineman. My 90+ receivers with high catching ratings almost never make a catch. Many times on head to head, almost every one of my plays are countered. When a play is countered that shouldn’t mean that their whole defense is automatically in the back field. Offensive tackles are basically useless on most season and head to head games because the ends run right pass them.
  • Unfair Gameplay 1/5

    By Johns Fam
    The game pairs you up against others players and team that you have no chance of competing with. What fin is it if you cannot win?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Beastrage03
    Best game ever give me free stuff
  • Tournaments are too hard 1/5

    By Dabest23
    Make the tournament so we can play equally matched teams so we don’t always lose
  • hi 5/5

    By Captain Awesome💩
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rmac12
    Awesome game😁
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MNTmaster
    Just amazing! No other commentary. Edit: Now I have been playing for 3 months now and the game is still great, I've just verified some minor changes that would greatly increase the enjoyment of this game. 1. You should be able to pay a fee to un-train players to make them auctionable again. Here is my suggestion for the fee. 50-60 ovr. should cost 1,000 61-70 ovr. should cost 5,000 71-80 ovr. should cost 15,000 81-90 ovr. should cost 30,000 91-95 ovr. should cost 50,000 96-125 ovr. should cost 75,000 2. You should be able to throw the ball out of bounds to avoid being sacked like quarterbacks do in reality. The suggestions are in chronological order depending on how important I believe they are. The main reason I have made this edit to the review is because I had a 93 OVR. Dan Marino. I trained him one level to 94 and realized that he was way to slow for my liking so I was going to sell him when I remembered you couldn't sell trained players. His value is over 300,000. I payed exactly 340,000 for him. Now I can't get that money back even though I have 80,000 in the bank. If I spent all of that, I would still get 260,000 so I would love if you updated it to fix that. Don't get me wrong, I still love your game.
  • 0 star 1/5

    By Pulse user2
    Too many issues to list. EA greed! Don't waste your money on this POS trash company.
  • In app purchases do not download 1/5

    By gametime9
    Waste of money and a waste of time. App support was useless.
  • Great game but crashing a lot. 2/5

    By Ivan0000
    Great game but it crashes a lot and I can’t but a pack from the store.

MADDEN NFL Football app comments


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