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The MailOnline (Daily Mail) app gives you everything you've come to expect and love from the world's largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your iPhone or iPad - accessible even when you're offline. Feed your daily addiction with stories and photos from all our top channels: US, UK & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sports, Femail, Science & Tech, Health, Money, Travel, and many more! See what everyone's talking about and download our app today. FEATURES: • Over 15 channels of must-read articles and photos - that's over 800+ original stories and 1000's of new photos every day! • Pre-load stories & galleries to access when you're offline or without reception - great for commutes! • Choose your region (US, UK, AU or Rest of World) to ensure you get the news most relevant to you. • Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other user's comments that you like or dislike. • Filter articles on channels by Top Stories or Most Recent • Custom Settings: Select when data and images update based on your preferred connection (3G or Wi-Fi) • Share articles and photos via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SMS, WhatsApp & Email If you allow it, and ONLY if you allow it, MailOnline can access your location to deliver you detailed weather reports. Email us at if you have any trouble with the app or want to suggest new features for us to add to future updates. We can't reply to app reviews but monitor user emails 24/7.


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  • Strongly liberal biased US articles. 1/5

    By Black flag
    I’ve had this news app for ages years and have enjoyed its reporting. However since Trump was elected President the reporting has shifted strongly to the liberal left.
  • No audio when playing videos 2/5

    By Aerial Vision Productions
    The app is fine for the most part, but I get no audio when I play videos. I don't have that problem in any other app though.
  • Daily Mail or Daily ads, you decide 1/5

    By Quart low
    The Daily mail use to be the second app I opened every morning to catch up on what was happening in the world. Recent changes now throws a video ad that plays in a 4 second loop with no way to kill it off. Between the recent censorship of comments and the constant barrage of ads, DM is soon to the Dido of the online rag world.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Bearsmom515
    Upside down question marks in the comment section can’t be fixed. Amazing that I get a E-Mail that they got complaints about a comment about a hair style and wouldn’t publish my comment but they allowed a guys comment indicating he’s loading his gun and is ready to blow people’s heads off!!!! Do your proof readers who create articles with major issues make comment decisions? Unbelievable!!!!!!
  • I was banned for no discernible reason 1/5

    By carfl
    I have been a devoted daily mail reader for many years and have had a username for the last 15 months. Only a handful of my comments were considered too controversial to post. My last comment was not inflammatory at all. Go look at my comments, I had far more likes than dislikes, was active commenter… And I get banned for what reason exactly?? Because I’m not a far left liberal?? This is not OK. I did not break any laws or say anything so awful but I should have been singled out and banned. I wouldn’t recommend this app nor this company and if they don’t realise it was an error and reinstate me, then i will look forward to the day they go bankrupt. Their censorship is ridiculous!!!!!! There is no freedom in silencing voices that fall within the parameters of your rules. User1448
  • Too Hot to Handle 1/5

    By mhpdfp
    App causes my iPhone 7 to go in meltdown mode. Something terribly wrong here. Seems to happen when any video is played. Have to reboot in order to stop the overheating.
  • Sigh 1/5

    By NYCgirrrl
    I used to read Daily Mail stories in the app regularly. I would check it a few times per day! Now it runs so slow that I can swipe to a new story and still finish the first story before the app actually catches up.
  • Censored and Low Quality 1/5

    By DoobieCakes
    No way to view responses to comments or likes on your post. But that’s not as bad as the censorship! EVERY STORY that includes any type of minority has comment moderation! I think DM moderators are racists. Let people discuss! Geez.
  • Enough ads?? 1/5

    By Ratcheeze
    Glad I'm not the only one complaining about the ads. I understand ads supporting a free app but these are brutal. Update: Ads still horrible, some I can’t exit out of, have to restart the app.
  • Was good 1/5

    By Somebodyknows
    What a shame, it used to be a great app now when you're trying to quietly look at news articles random ad videos pop up and play at full volume.
  • Trash 1/5

    By World Hiking
  • Meg 1/5

    By Hsudbdjsjsbsbx
    Love the simple layout. It allows a lot of articles at a chance but the news is right leaning and sexist a lot of the time.
  • Character Glitch 3/5

    By gxs88
    How am I supposed to win internet arguments if I can’t use quotation marks?! Look, you gotta sort this mess out. Do you have any idea how ridiculous I look using *asterisks* or UPPERCASE WORDS in place of quotation marks? As soon as the Brits see stars and screaming, they immediately deduct 50 points from my expected IQ. They already see that I’m an American so I can’t afford to lose any additional credibility, you guys! Please fix the glitch. I quite enjoy arguing with those lovable Brits and have no desire to find a new platform. Just to be clear, I’m referring to the bug that changes apostrophes to question marks and quotation marks to upside down question marks. It’s maddening. My iOS is up to date and my comments are not the only ones affected. I see comments full of those ridiculous question marks every single day. I do hope you sort it out soon. Thank you kindly.
  • I used to love the Daily Mail 1/5

    By Guydickinson728
    Unfortunately the Daily Mail has sold out to the progressive far-left...even though their base is far more right-leaning. It’s just a vicious barrage of attacks on Trump and mostly from uncorroborated salacious lies. The Daily Mail is literally click bait, they trash Trump and sponsor the Kardashian’s while at the same time covering up REAL NEWS for mostly smut and lies. I used to be liberal but news like the Daily Mail and its propaganda has turned me into a conservative, a back-handed compliment you could say. READ DRUDGE REPORT & DAILY CALLER, REAL NEWS!!!!
  • Ads away 1/5

    By Connie Ann Garner
    Like this app until Ads started popping up....
  • Biased News 1/5

    By Ed on the deck
    If you hate Trump and America this “news” feed is for you. Used to be a good source of news, but has gone downhill over the past year.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Moohyt
    I like this site, but for the last week or so I cannot open it on my iPhone 8... please fix this?
  • Where to Begin? 5/5

    By newpatsy
    OK - so this publication is bit too right/too Trumpy and tabloid on occasion. However, they cover big stories, odd stories, scandals, Hollywood and do it with more pictures than any American papers. I read it everyday. A wonderful guilty pleasure.
  • Need spell check !!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By anti-dailymail
    Almost every article has several misspelled words , sometimes so bad you can’t make sense out of the article. Also another issue most of the articles are misleading and facts are altered. Can’t make comments on articles, they read through them and choose what they want published. If they don’t like what you are saying or correcting the facts in the article they will block you from making comments even if you follow all of there rules/policies. But they will publish others comments that use profanity, vulgar language about other users or about the person in the article which is against their policies?????? Seem like over the last year or two they are leaning left and have liberal agenda to alter facts and take away your right to have a different opinion.Also when u try to get in contact with them they won’t respond to you.
  • Trump Hating App 1/5

    By BaldBoomer46
    Useless disgusting Trump hating site
  • App Crashes, unusable since last update 1/5

    By Br0wne
    App Crashes, unusable since last update, no way to contact support, removing from my device.
  • Not much better than the National Enquirer. 1/5

    By RuggedNutz
    DM loves to manipulate comments and so much fake news about Trump, not worth your time.
  • Love this APP if but for 1 BIG problem :( FIX IT ALREADY!!! 3/5

    By GirlyGirlTR
    Love this news app - love it so much basically use ONLY it. But and this is a HUGE BUT Once I scroll through the top stories whenever I try to load more stories they load for a few seconds, and then just jumps back to the Last story in new and it is as if I did not even load any of them, this is very annoying and not worth keeping the app. Fix this issue please ASAP
  • Great source 5/5

    By gardener26
    When a story breaks, the Daily Mail always has the details first.
  • Too many deletions 1/5

    By Abel Cain
    They censor and delete so many comments that go against their agenda. Seem to have become very anti-Trump instead of just presenting the news and letting people comment on it.
  • Scrolling issues 1/5

    By Brandymich
    Bumps me back up to the top over and over again when I’m scrolling articles. So annoying!!!!
  • Pop up ads redirecting 1/5

    By Wthomas86
    Used to be a great app. Now they have these ads that open up in safari without even clicking. Taking you out of the actual app and into your browser. If this isn’t an App Store violation then it should be!
  • Stop redirecting my browser 1/5

    By mnaylorphoto
    The nerve of this app to keep redirecting my browser. Pop up ads are annoying enough but to take me out of the app just to show me an advertisement is ridiculous. Fix it
  • I just want unbiased news 2/5

    By --nicknameistaken--
    There are almost no unbiased news sources any more. I’ve been a reader of DM for some time and appreciated the reporting - no spin, just, ‘here’s what happened, here are the sources.’ Lately however, the stories have taken a sharp turn left. I don’t want to read a columnists’ left wing or right wing spin. I just want the news as it happened. Put some equity back in your reporting so I don’t have to dig for a new news source!
  • Interesting 5/5

    By Nikkiamcclure
    Decided to go ahead and download app after months and months of clicking on their click bait. But it's not click bait. I love it.. 😘😝
  • I’m leaving 1/5

    By JOHNRMcManus
    Too many horrible ads ! Treat us like stupid animals!! Bye Bye
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Bluesnafu7
    Why does this website repeat the same thing paragraph after paragraph? Its very annoying. Still need a “Save for Later” button so the reader can come back when they have more time to read the article of interest.
  • Crash test dummies 1/5

    By sixgunsam79
    Seriously though, this app crashes more than good old Windows 95 and Windows Vista combined. Between all the ads and crashes, this app should just be called The Daily Fail.
  • It’s horrible 1/5

    By Concerned Dad!!!!!!!!!!
    Doesn’t load correctly but what do you expect from Daily Mail.
  • Ad Annoyance 1/5

    By sunshine2478
    I used to love getting my news and top stories from the Daily Mail app. But now, there’s the most annoying add that pops up about every thirty seconds about the Detroit television show. I’m deleting the app on the sole basis of the annoyance of this advertisement! I’m not sure who decided it would be a clever advertising trick to blast the ad so often over the stories being read and on the opening of the app, but they need to be fired.
  • Disturbing Ads 1/5

    By PattiBrockwell
    Recently, while scrolling through the top stories, ads for something called "Boy Love" have started appearing, featuring a cartoon of two boys who are about to kiss. This is not something I want to see. If these types of ads continue, I will delete the app.
  • Adverts Adverts Adverts 1/5

    By Tobster3
    I can understand the need for advertisements, however with this preview of the new releaseDetroit, surely after I have viewed it once I should be good, right? WRONG!!! I had to close the same preview 13 times in less than 60 seconds, after watching the full video. APP DELETED!
  • Dark Theme 3/5

    By sawman13
    Please an an option for Dark Mode. Also an option to make the text in the colums larger.
  • Stunning articles always 5/5

    By My Tmobile
    Wen I want a good laugh I tune n2 MailOneline to make my day. It has stories from all walks of life and on point
  • Depressing app! 1/5

    By One4skiing
    Deleting this app all negative and depressing news. this app reports on nothing positive- good bye
  • I used to love MailOnline not any more 1/5

    By Raven Dark
    I used to love MailOnline, not any more; it’s horrible. From articles riddled with typos to the annoying redirects to safari to issues with not being able to comment it boggles the mind why these issues haven’t been resolved. I hope the app can be restored to its former usefulness at some point.
  • Was good 1/5

    By Denz3r
    As of yesterday, keeps crashing to desktop upon opening. Random video ads trigger while scrolling articles. Inline article ads are way too sensitive to accidental clicks.
  • Was hoping the latest update would help 1/5

    By _Lilith
    Nope, it doesn’t. I’m still getting that irritating redirect to my safari browser. Now it happens when I open the app. Not consistently but enough to wonder how this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. I’m on a iPhone 8 Plus, running iOS 11.2.
  • Auto diverts to spam 2/5

    By Dester Wallaboo
    This app has had this problem off and on for a long time. Well, apparently it s back again. You will click on a story. And shortly after it loads it suddenly pow open your web browser and sends you to some ad spam. I should add that the same thing happens even if you are in the comment area. No thanks.
  • App keeps forwarding me to some betting site 3/5

    By tempestCH
    App keeps forwarding me to some betting site
  • One Word...Socialist 1/5

    By HateLebron
    This is where the nazi loving dicks of the wold go to find there Propaganda! I know such a big word for everyone. It true listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. And there ur learn real news and truth
  • Crap.. 1/5

    By La La2012
    Crap ad ridden crap
  • Good Stories but. 1/5

    By GC_K9
    I used to like this app. It’s a good news source covers a lot Stories the other news giants don’t touch even small town America stories. I rate it a one star because of the obvious racism that’s allowed in the comment section. I replied to one of those said comments just stating how racist that comment was. The next day I received an email from Daily Mail stating I was banned from posting comments. It’s the 8th December go to the app read the comments on the story about the cop being found not guilty for killing Daniel Shaver. The first comment is racist. But Daily Mail is ok with it otherwise these people would be banned.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Lizzie_merp
    Has been crashing since yesterday afternoon. Won’t let me go past the load page
  • No ads pls 1/5

    By dragonrain
    Please stop automatically sending me to ad-tracking spam. I already deleted another news app for doing. Do not make have to drop this one too. Fix this. If i want to look at an ad, i will click on it myself. Stop automatically send me to it.

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