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The MailOnline (Daily Mail) app gives you everything you've come to expect and love from the world's largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your iPhone or iPad - accessible even when you're offline. Feed your daily addiction with stories and photos from all our top channels: US, UK & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sports, Femail, Science & Tech, Health, Money, Travel, and many more! See what everyone's talking about and download our app today. FEATURES: • Over 15 channels of must-read articles and photos - that's over 800+ original stories and 1000's of new photos every day! • Pre-load stories & galleries to access when you're offline or without reception - great for commutes! • Choose your region (US, UK, AU or Rest of World) to ensure you get the news most relevant to you. • Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other user's comments that you like or dislike. • Filter articles on channels by Top Stories or Most Recent • Custom Settings: Select when data and images update based on your preferred connection (3G or Wi-Fi) • Share articles and photos via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SMS, WhatsApp & Email Email us at if you have any trouble with the app or want to suggest new features for us to add to future updates. We can't reply to app reviews but monitor user emails 24/7.


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  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ezgray11
    Terrible. Any clip I want to view I have to watch a 30 second ad. Even if the video is 12 seconds long Also. Has become increasingly like CNN and MSNBC Not reporting news. Just dumping on the president
  • My source for news 5/5

    By Drew diddly
    The only source I trust for news.
  • I enjoy it 5/5

    By kona324
    Its just fun to see, this has a bit of world views that the States doesn't share.
  • Left wing rag 2/5

    By ScottK Smith
    Good articles however they delete posts that are from a conservative viewpoint.
  • Entertaining but not consistent, App 1/5

    By Jiind
    Update!!! Videos don't play, comments are bot regulated & selectively printed & it crashes more than it functions. Still doesn't work. Great content, but beware if you post a comment, often, only half of what you post will appear. It only prints half of what you type, making appear as if you posted a fragmented sentence void of punctuation. I noticed it with tons of comments posted, other than mine. Please fix.
  • Crash city... 1/5

    By TheLaLaLaura
    I did the latest update five days ago, crashes all of the time.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By mbeth83
    This app is such a steaming pile. When I vote on comments, it skips to different comments and the ones I just voted on have disappeared. The videos don't stop playing when I hit cancel. Every time they fix one problem, they create 2 more. I don't understand how it's so hard to get such a simple app to work correctly. And emailing them does no good either. Get it together DM!
  • Video does not work 1/5

    By Maxhollywood
    The video does not work in this version.
  • Fantastic news source 5/5

    By Lord Buckley
    I don't know how they do it but the Daily Mail continues to beat local news at local stories. Celebrity or high profile crimes in Hollywood where I live are routinely broken by the Daily Mail before the L A Times. They must have more boots on the ground all over the globe!
  • Censored Propaganda Machine 1/5

    By Lean6T
    Not just the app, but also the website are censored propaganda instruments. Full of celebrity garbage and political propaganda, and if you demonstrate that you have an IQ higher than a cantaloupe in your comments, your profile will be censored and disabled without warning or notification. This is basically a grocery store tabloid on your phone or device. Like many other apps out there, the app is constantly refreshed with meaningless updates to bury reviews behind current version reviews. Just select reviews from all versions to see the common theme. If you want to be measurably less intelligent in 6 months, download this app.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Bonitamj
    Love this app
  • Not working anymore!!! 1/5

    By @allycatkitty
    Here we go again, can't even read an article it just closes!!!!!!Now it's months later and it's closing by its self again could you fix this problem!!!! Ever since the last update I can't see more than 20 comments and they are the same (best, worst,oldest,newest)!! Please fix!!! I can't send a message to technical support the app just closes!!!!!
  • Constantly Crashes 1/5

    By Desertdwllr
    This app is awful! You are better off viewing this site on a computer. It constantly crashes, and if you can be bothered to tell DM what is wrong with their app, they will send you a condescending email stating they are working on it. This app has been useless for the last 6 months. I've deleted, and reloaded it, but it's still useless. The only reason it remains on my iPad is so my one star review continues to remain posted.
  • Ads playing automatically 1/5

    By jschrei5575
    Too made as videos pop up while readying even when you haven't clicked on the ad.
  • Love the App 5/5

    By L A
    Always the latest and greatest news updates. Love DM
  • Used to like this app... 2/5

    By RoxieSpodoxie
    Now it constantly crashes when filtering the comments, ads play loudly when you're trying to read thru comments, and when you do actually comment on an article it takes ages for your posts to show up (if at all). This app has gone downhill now.
  • App is ruined 1/5

    By Qwerteyyyyyy
    This once was a solid news app now it's just an annoyance. Cant open a news article without a commercial playing in the background.
  • Informative 5/5

    By Csxt
    Awesome articles and informative!!!! Changed throughout the day so something to read all the time!!! Easy to use and read and no fake news like the other sites!!!
  • Long time app user fed up 1/5

    By PriscillaQuinones
    This app has become increasingly annoying. One thing that has pushed me to delete the app is are the ads that loudly play in the background and the user has no way of closing them. They continue to play with every article that is read. It makes it so you can't quietly read the article when you're in public.
  • Addicted 5/5

    By Draganson
  • Too many adds 5/5

    By Czar1955
    Love the app too many adds
  • Tabloid 1/5

    By The Parade
    Pure tabloid. If you enjoy white supremacist supported content and fake news this is the app for you.
  • Overall coverage 5/5

    By leenibug
    My, my....this is such a fascinating, thorough collection. It's almost mesmerizing!! I love how you offer endless categories for reading. Though some are gruesome, I can skip those, yet still find ones that peek my interest. Thank you for going that extra mile" for others, like me, who want to really know what's going on!
  • What happened??! 1/5

    By Jenald63
    These ads start automatically with no video- just sound...and they are so loud! I found most of the time the only way to stop the ad is to close app. So frustrating because I have had this app for a long time and I love it but now I am thinking of deleting...
  • Always Interesting! 4/5

    By Silversparkxxxx
    I've enjoyed The Daily Mail for a while, there's always something interesting to read about. I would've given the app 5 stars, except lately the comments section has been changed or it's having some technical issues. Sometimes if you post a comment it doesn't go through at all, and even if you do get it to post correctly the whole comment may or may not be complete, have seen where comments where only partially readable.
  • Kill me already 1/5

    By 👊Jango Fett👊
    Stupid ads that blare out loud every time you open the app - can't be closed....they keep repeating.
  • Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Judges777
    Too many ads
  • Fix it! 1/5

    By getyourappfixed
    3,000 comments and you can only see maybe 10 at best. Seriously DM fix your app!
  • Comment numbers 1/5

    By Bearsmom515
    An article will say 1,050 comments while only 30 appear. Misleading much??????? Happens with every article I read. Why do you bother with updates???? Nothing is ever fixed!!!! My 6 year old could do a better job.
  • Many issues lately 1/5

    By Hardcore_Since_4
    The last few updates have rendered this once solid app, frustrating and terribly annoying. Three major issues being: 1. Comments are being cut off to show maybe about 20 maximum. For example, an article showing that there's been 1000 comments (or 50 or 199 or any number), when tapping to read them, we can only see about 20. 2. Up-voting or down-voting a comment in reply to another, does not stick. At first it appears to work but upon returning to main thread and then going back to the reply I up/down voted, it shows I never voted up or down at all. 3. The Cancel icon at the end of a video (to cancel auto-play of next video), doesn't work most of the time. And when it does work, it completely freezes the app and or starts playing a video in the background, forcing me to force-close the entire app and reopen again. This could be an advert/commercial issue not playing nice with the programming, possibly. Please fix these issues before I and others consequentially delete the app altogether. I have emailed the DM re above probs (as they ask us to do if we have any issues), but obviously they've fallen on deaf ears/blind eyes.
  • Addictive! 5/5

    By Om Productivity
    Love that I read about the things happening in my backyard from a London paper!
  • Best unbiased news source 5/5

    By Newsie25
    Best unbiased news source
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Txun
    This app is easy to use and I enjoy the stories it covers. It's a great news app to have on your phone.
  • A Must Read 5/5

    By Hamlet49
    I consider a daily requirement to be in the loop.
  • Awesome source for everything 5/5

    By Copdawg239
    Check it out and you will be hooked.
  • The worst 1/5

    By dailymail is scum
    The worst website, full of snipes against the US president. Globalist garbage. Most of the time their journalists can't string a sentence together properly. They love to feed into the 'antifa' aka 'loser' protestors who just want to destroy things. Straddling the line of 'live leak' distasteful snuff videos. It really is the pits. And if you post anything challenging the terrorist agenda you get a threatening email saying they will "contact your ISP/employer" scumbags.
  • Up to date News 5/5

    By Mojazzldy
    I check this app several times a day for minute by minute coverage of local Houston, Texas news and around the world. They provide great photos and the user commentaries gives me much needed giggles. Keep up the good work.

    By aab2015
    Today when trying to look at photos in the articles, the audio from an ad starts playing out loud in the background! This app is the best for passing Tom in boring meeting but I can't trust it now to not start blaring audio without the video being clicked on! Fix it!
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Let it br
    Very informative
  • Great info 5/5

    By ssmedoc
    Keep up the great job. All information is always correct
  • It used to be my top news source 1/5

    By H Acuna
    I disliked this apps or the news source when they become Islamophobia, and there are too many annoying adds...
  • News faster than all others 5/5

    By KBstar shopper
    You can find it all here first
  • Censorship 1/5

    By S.EsqCarrero
    Administrators permanently de-activate accounts if you express opinions that go against "their rules". This is the new modality of censorship. Not worth it anyway - cheap journalism.
  • Worst Ever! 1/5

    By Jojo marie
    They report wrong information & only allow comments they approve of.
  • Like it 5/5

    By Flubber Bubble Coconut
    Enjoy the app very much
  • Please just fix your app 2/5

    By Annoyingappssuck
    Crashes, repeatedly, then forces itself back open multiple times and continues to crash and spam my device for no reason. Removed, reinstalled-no fix. Really is inconvenient. I'd rather just check the news elsewhere, rubbish app, if fixed will reconsider.
  • Excellent format 4/5

    By Tony8$$
    Liberal bias got them too. About to erase them . Change my rating. It's a pity. Excellent and often unusual choice of news.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By iffanybiffany
    One of my favorite apps. I read it everyday!
  • Constructive criticism of U.S. News; good 5/5

    By dante's opus
    Constructive opinions of U.S. News whatever the situation that's good. They cover stories not even in the news sometimes as one reader aptly pointed out. Dissenting opinions aren't bad but can be eye opening at times.
  • My News Source 5/5

    By Vibrant833
    I love the variety of articles. Much better than US MSM. Keep up the good work!

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