Manga books - updated daily

Manga books - updated daily

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  • Current Version: 1.7.16
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Meng Du
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga books - updated daily App

Faster download to your phone HD Content reading Most popular manga in the world updated daily Highlight features -Chapters update everyday -Professional categories and ranking list Free! Faster! -You can read content anywhere and anytime you like without network High Definition! -High definition pictures and load smoothly -3 reading models: Vertical reading, read from left to right, read from right to left -You can read the latest chapters Features -Multi-devices synchronization: you can read the content you collected and synchronous reading progress in multi-devicesafter you Log In. -Data saved in cloud: all the content you collected will saved data servers forever Please tell us if you have any suggestion for


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Manga books - updated daily app reviews

  • Great!! 5/5

    By Aquariusdarkheart
    Love the app now i can easily read mangas on my app on the go instead of bringing the actual books with me and its so easy to use! Tho one thing and idk if this is a new bug?? But like, before when i was reading it would save the chapter that ive read and can easily resume a chapter. On bleach ive read up to chapter 50 but now when i go back to the manga and hit the resume it resets me all the way back to chapter 35 whats going on???
  • Main bug fixed 5/5

    By Yourlocalweeb
    The main bug was fixed! The manga reading app is now back to its full glory! I love how quick they resolved the problem!
  • A lot of dumb things 2/5

    By Chewyness
    There’s a lot of dumb things about this app for 1. There’s no way to sort your favorite manga list, not alphabetical not by Newly updated, nothing. I started using this app cause it didn’t have adds but just like all the other apps every “update” adds more adds .. never any fixes just adds
  • The change is way bad 1/5

    By agmt1678
    What happen to the other manga and why is the new not english!!!!!!!'!!?????? !!
  • What happened?? 2/5

    By Jasie Cat
    I used to love the app since it was one of the best manga apps out there but it recently just changed to one source which only has very limited manga..none of which I want to read. I lost all the manga I saved and downloaded. I hope this isn’t permanent and I hope it gets changed back to how it was before
  • Fewer manga 4/5

    By game cusher
    Well I was looking for the categories and there are less and one source can someone please tell me what happened oh yeah I love this app
  • Odd 5/5

    By T-bee 10
    I’ve had this app for at least three months now and I used to usually read off of all sorts of sources that have up to 20,000 mangas. Though today I logged on and the only source I could read off of was U17, I don’t even know what that means and it only provides around 24 mangas. Can someone explain this? This was one of my favorite reading apps.
  • It’s great but.. 5/5

    By musicalabby
    I really love this app!! It has all different sources, categories, etc. but there’s just one thing that bothers me, right now when I tried to change the source there’s on U17 and it’s pretty annoying! All the other sources just disappeared and so I deleted it and installed it again but it’s still the same, and then i remembered that all my favorites got deleted .. please fix the source thing!! Please! I love this app but it’s been glitchy since yesterday! When I was reading a manga it kept exiting the app and now today all the sources are gone expect U17?!?! UGH, pls fix that, this app is my favorite!!
  • Something wrong 1/5

    By Hnbutt
    Now I don't complain but when all of the sources but can is gone I get made pls help Thank you It happen again can you pls fix it
  • What happened to the other sources of Manga? And I can’t read the ones in my favorites. 3/5

    By trevw888
    I don’t see the other sources anymore and only see the Chinese source. I can read Chinese, but I would like to be able to read the other sources.Also, I can not view the ones in my favorites. Please fix.
  • It won't give me enough sources 2/5

    By stacey1045
    I am not sure how it totally works, but I only have one source upon opening. So, until it gives me and English one that has the mangas I want, I will put low stars.
  • Great app, but has issues. 2/5

    By Mr.BunBuns
    It’s a great app that works very seamlessly, and have great quality. It also has a large collection of manga to read, and for the most part works perfectly. I have however had multiple issues. When I’m trying to read manga with large chapters it’ll kick me out the app. Also my source will change from something like Mangabox which has thousands of mangas, to U17 which has like 14. Besides that there are times the chapter i want to read never loads!
  • Bug 4/5

    By Whdjdhbrs
    I greatly love this app and would rather read on this than any other app, but recently the only source it would give me is u17 and I can not change to anything else. U17 only has 24 manga in it and I still have my favorite and downloaded manga. I tried to reinstall this but it doesn’t work. Please fix this
  • Pretty awesome 4/5

    By Mulan0313
    I’ve used mangastorm for years, but a friend told me about this app. For the most part, it’s a better source for Manga. However, I have been having an issue in the last couple days. The only source I have available to me is U17. I read that it was something that had been fixed? I’ve been keeping up with the updates so I’m not sure...
  • Help 1/5

    By Beast123$
    Why is there only one source to choose from? It doesn’t even have the latest manga updates ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the second time this has happened so I’m reposting this.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By Isherwood5o3
    Really good game, but i wish it didnt delete chapters after opening them and closing out, or by going back too many pages. Makes it a little inconvenient when im over seas for a few weeks without internet and the chapter im on deletes itself and i need data to refresh it. Be much better if all chapters i downloaded would stay on my phone until i delete them myself.
  • D 5/5

    By Young Vadar 18
    Great app for manga lovers.
  • Do It 5/5

    By More spider-man
    You like manga. You download.
  • Good for what it is 2/5

    By aturnaround11
    I love the app but there are a couple problems with it such as when you’re reading a manga Some of the chapters do not work in most cases the higher you go the chapters will stop working
  • 👍 5/5

    By Please take your time reading
    I think the app is good. The app is weird right now. When I finish reading chapter one, it should've load chapter two but instead it says it's the last chapter. Then when I click chapter two and finish reading it, it goes back to chapter one. Can you please fix that. I didn't have any problem with it before.
  • Nothing will load 3/5

    By My name is ariana
    I went out of the country for vacation and now none of my books will load. A deleted it and got it again but I still wont work.
  • Great 5/5

    By Pugsly uglsly
    Everything works
  • What happened 5/5

    By H3rmez
    Why so limited now there used to be so much to read now like nun please go back this was the only app that would work on my phone to read manga
  • Providers 1/5

    By MuzacB14609
    It only has one provider, and I had the app before and it had tons of providers but this time it only has one
  • Ummmmmm what happened?! 1/5

    By Awesomeblueangel
    Ever since the update I have been getting connection issues which is fine for me, but day after day all my chapters cannot reload or it was like it never exist. Even the sources disappeared too. I was like getting weird things happening to me. I am not sure if it is a glitch, but I hope they fix the issue soon.
  • 4.5 UPDATED 4/5

    By Anthonny Lomeli
    Love this app but sometimes the sources disappear and it automatically goes to Chinese and only 17 titles other than that this app is beautiful and I love it just wish it didn’t glitch like that anymore I reinstalled the App hoping the sources came back but only the U17 source is there my favorites are still saved and the old chapters can be seen but none are updated and the source is the only one to be seen please fix it I love this app
  • best app i ever used 5/5

    This is app is great in the sense of manga.The great reliability of the app and the use of many manga sites is a nice feature.The one that i prefer is the main one selected cause of the apps auto select.One feature i would like is to have on this app is a way to view when a new chapter comes out by date or time of upload.But it has these feature already there as in the notification of a chapter upload and its good itself but to see when or time of upload or just the manga chapter of uploaded would be nice.The core of the app is wonderful i have used this app for the first semester of my school as a way to stay entertain during the day.Since it has many sites to view manga from the options are endless and there might be a few bugs they are fix in a next update of the app.Well i would recommend this app to any one who's a fan of manga.The ways to find a manga is easy enough search a genre from many category like adult,action,horror,adventure,scifi,and many more, or just search the name of a specific manga you want to read but if it isn't found just try a different site.Well these has been my review of the this wonderful, well designed app and its maker or creater should be pride of its simply yet beautiful app. P.S. \[*<_*]/ hentai
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Chuckles1990
    If you’re reading this you should know that this is an amazing app i covers many genres and is totally worth the download For years I have been looking for a manga called bokura wa Mina kawaisou I was searching online for months until I found manga reader and all I had to do was search for the manga in the categories and I found it with ease. The app also keeps a constant stream of new maga coming and I’ve been addicted to this app for awhile now and I want to say thank you so much 😊
  • I love this friggin app😘😍💖😜😝😘 5/5

    By salty chick123😘😜😋💋
    I really really really love!!!!!!!!!!this friggin app it's soooooooo!!!!!!!!amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!😝😝😝😜💋💋🎊🎊💖💖 its love at first sight💖😲😜😜💍😭😍😘😘😋😜😝😛😻😻💋💋
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Sakura eevan
    There are so many mangas! I spend problems most of my day on this app reading!
  • Amazing, minor issue 4/5

    By Yeeee :)))))
    This app has been amazing for me since the first day I got it (Couple of months ago). However, since this last update, a couple of the slides won’t download or the whole chapter. And it becomes kind of hit and miss on which mangas I pick. The main manga is I’m a Loser. It wouldn’t let me read it until the 15th chapter.
  • Please fix app 3/5

    By Beahtallgamzerz
    Please fix app, when I ho on it it just says loading error!!!
  • The app has crashed 3/5

    By Keke18273729191976
    The page won’t load :(
  • It’s really great 4/5

    By Arthritis22
    You can download any manga you want and read it anytime! I have spent way too much time reading manga on here and the best part it’s that it’s FREE!!! The only problem I have with this is that sometimes the app will close randomly but apart from that it’s a solid 5*s. Hope this helps you 😁
  • Pretty great just small problem 4/5

    By Where_is_nowhere
    I like it pretty much so far but then again I’ve only used for a week. However I have experienced a slight problem with the ads. Now I don’t really mind the ads in the first place As they are *now* but, whenever I try to read manga in the right to left configuration(or vice versa) the large ad at the end of a chapter always covers the last couple of pages or so. I don’t know if you can do anything about that but it would be helpful if you could fix it.
  • Good 4/5

    By Stellyin
    Great app, but I agree with the other reviewers that the gender separation does not help. In fact, separating genres by gender only makes it more confusing and more difficult to find things that I’m interested in. I agree that a good way to fix this would be to allow readers to select genres which interest them and then list titles from those genres? Edit: Thank you to the developers for their response and professionalism. I look forward to future updates.
  • Not working 5/5

    By IZ2308
    I LOVE this app but some of the comics won't load and I restart the whole chapter but it won't work even after I do that.Ao could you please fix that?
  • Add vietnam source please 5/5

    By ThanhTan111
  • Best app for reading manga 5/5

    By Motahareh
    Thank you so much for this app!!!
  • Downloads not loading w/o WiFi 4/5

    By ѕнєу💜
    I love this app but, when I downloaded mangas to read offline, it won’t load. When I’m connected to the WiFi is the only time that it works.
  • Good so far but needs improvements 3/5

    By adspade
    App crashes frequently No way to permanently disable ads Arrange favorites in alphabetical order Also ads block the last page of manga which is very bad.
  • Crash 2/5

    By JohnPaulF
    The app used to work fine, but after i updated it it started crashing all the time even though the update was supposed to stop that from happening. Also, even though i download the manga its still doesn't load some of the pages
  • Good but many crashes 2/5

    By Sushirollrae
    I loved this app. I had. No issues with it and I would spend hours on it daily but suddenly I was reading a manga and then it crashed I didn't think it was a big deal so I went back on the app and every single time I use the app it will work fine for about two minutes and then it will just crash this happens every time and I don't know what to do about it
  • Crashes 2/5

    By suga_agustd3
    It keeps crashing, I don’t think you guys fixed it all the way or something but it’s annoying.
  • Recent Update Crashes App 2/5

    By Vip808
    Other than that, it’s pretty good app.
  • Crashing. 5/5

    By ItsDemiO_o
    My app is crashing every minute with this new update. It was okay before now. Will change once it’s fixed.
  • Didn't fix crashes 4/5

    By Nani530
    App was working very fine with out any issues untill recent update.. can you please check this
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Tedeguchi
    I really like the app but it keeps crashing a lot when I’m reading and the update said that it would fix that 😕
  • Fustrated 3/5

    By Wowsupercuteandalittlethick
    I love this app because I can read my favorite manga's when ever I like!! But.. BUT . For some reason the app keeps kicking me out while I'm trying to read. I have restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled it , and I have even tried waiting to see if it will work again. But nothing seems to be working! Can someone please fix this problem or tell me how to fix it ! It's so frustrating to be in the middle of reading and it just shuts down .. like seriously help!!!!
  • It keep crashing with the lastest update 1/5

    By Katsukami213
    It was going good for about 3 moths until this last update happened and now it crashes every chapter please fix

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