Manga Fox: Read Manga online

Manga Fox: Read Manga online

  • Category: Book
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  • Current Version: 1.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Thang Cao
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga Fox: Read Manga online App

Discover, Read, and Download a lot of manga for FREE. AppAdvice : The go to app for a lot of manga titles. iSource : The whole experience is fast, fast, fast. DISCOVER - Browse a lot of manga from mangaFox source,Get recommended manga based on what you read. See what others are reading and what is popular on mangaFox. View related manga of the current manga you are selecting. Specially-made viewer deliver the best manga reading experience. Reading mode: Horizontal, Vertical, and Book mode. Advanced Settings accessible right in the viewer for deep customization. While reading online, the next chapter will automatically be downloaded in the background. Download manga back to your device to read later. Support concurrent multiple chapters download. Smart speed optimize to save battery & data usage. Favorites: Manage manga that you love. Recent: Pick up where you left off from your reading history. Continuous Reading: Start on one device, finish on another seamlessly


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Manga Fox: Read Manga online app reviews

  • Extreamly unstable 1/5

    By funlunde
    While this app is amazing for reading manga, it's download function is extremely unstable and can completely stop functioning to the point were the app must be re downloaded to fix the problem, deleting the already downloaded manga. This app really needs a stability update.
  • Doesn't work :( 1/5

    By Uchihajrrry1
    Can't download a chapter because it is stuck on a page :(
  • There’s a bug 3/5

    By Jhovany Segura
    Whenever I start downloading manga it freezes and it stops, At least can you put a stop button
  • It’s great, but it has a few issues 4/5

    By Thunderclan1
    I’ll only talk about one. The spelling is pretty bad in English. There are many grammatical and spelling issues that take away from the app. This may seem trivial, but I’d still like to see an update fixing it. I’m sure the other issues have been spoken about in the other reviews.
  • Good App can work on some issues 3/5

    By mangalover1
    The App is great to watch manga but if not connected to the internet it faces problems with countless app freezing or shutting down. Not to mention that when downloading the manga it can get stuck and doesn't continue.
  • Laggy, slow to load and more 3/5

    By Chewy500
    I’m happy they made this app it makes it easier to read manga on the go but the app is so laggy even when I’m connected to WiFi. Ads will pop out of nowhere at random times. The pages won’t load so you have to wait a long time just to read one chapter.
  • Kills my battery 3/5

    By Johnn537
    This app destroys my battery faster than any other app I have. Other manga apps don’t have This problem
  • Hummmm.... 3/5

    By Lady47b
    Ok, so yes the app is good. I was a big fan of the website years ago. But this app does not have the latest updates, which is upsetting. And a lot of the books that I have tried to read the pages are blank. Not the best thing in the world ya’kno. But over all the setup is ok
  • Good lay out, but has bugs 3/5

    By chisto0x
    Good view and quick add on to favs. Chapter Tracking is good A lot of Image bugs that need to be looked at. Always 1-5 pages that won’t load per chapter
  • Meh 2/5

    By d_molisher
    I love the website, phone app not so much. some manga are hard to read, they don't fit screen.
  • Awful 1/5

    By fountaine622
    Half the pages dont even load, it skips pages so your lost at the beginning of a chapter, now it wont even allow me to use the app. Its just a blank screen. This is ridiculous, i can’t even go into all the glitches and bugs this app has. ITS TRASH🗣🗣
  • It work great but 1/5

    By Vex jussive
    There are time when I’m downloading a manga and it stop on a chapter and I can download the other manga I want so I have to delete ant reinstall the hope and hope for the best.
  • Manageable i suppose. 2/5

    By Anraleth.2
    Its really hard to get to the menu (honestly its a hit and miss for me) while scrolling, and it often doesnt load pages and skips It gets really annoying sometimes especially if you have no idea whats happened because its skipped a few pages Would recommend finding a better manga reading app but if you cant, this one is manageable.
  • I love the app but... 3/5

    By Lightlkira
    I love the app and all but when i download the mangas some of them dont download and the with the ones that dont download theres no way to stop the downloads so i can go and download other ones so if i wanna download othher manga on the app i have to delete it and reinstall it wich can b kinda annoying and tiring
  • Good, but not great 3/5

    By Pewiee
    I've really enjoyed using this app over the mobile web. Less worrying about pop-ups and more time reading! However, downside is that, for me, my pages don't go in order. I have to swipe a few pages and then swipe back to the first page just to read the chapter in chronological order, or I simply have to click the specific chapter I'm on to get the chapter to be in correct order to read, or most times I just leave it to go to another app and come back to the app so it'll be correct. Also it gets complicated/frustrating to exit/return back to home page of the app (I would have to click multiple times on the upper left screen just to get the menu screen up...) Also another feature I wished the app had was allowing the readers to see what's updated or recently added like the webpage because most of the time that's what I'm looking for, updated chapters to ongoing series. Anyways those were my two cents on this app. Surprisingly, the ads don't bother me as much.
  • Best manga reader however 4/5

    By Best manga reader, however
    Large selection. Easley the best manga reader app. It's just every manga I read one of the pages absolutely won't load no matter what I do.
  • Too many bugs 3/5

    By K-pop&manga'smylife
    It’s a great app with fairly quick updates. It does however have quite a few problems with loading pages. Many times when reading a chapter, more than half the pages will be just a grey screen and nothing I do loads the page. This would be okay if it was just one page however it’s a good amount of pages that causes you to not understand the story and isn’t worth it to keep reading.
  • Ok-ish app 2/5

    By esttorhe
    Haven't crashed on me yet. Got a frozen UI due to an ad being stuck. - Images load horrible on a fast network. When you moved to the next chapter you can see that images are not loaded on order and this you sometimes see page 5 then pages 4-1 quickly load and replace there first loaded image - When an image mid chapter didn't load there's no way to cause a refresh of either that page or the whole chapter - Search UX is pretty terrible. Having the search filters on the side menu is pretty awkward - Search is not fuzzy. If you are looking for a title and you only know part of the bands you're fried because unless you type it exactly the same the app won't find anything
  • Love but has problems 4/5

    By XxWolfieChanxX
    I majorly love Manga Fox, I used to check out manga everyday and read for hours. Keyword, used. After the most recent update, my ability to even do that has disappeared! I’m 100% sure it is a glitch I’m experiencing but the chapters to the books aren’t showing up anymore. When I click on any book, no matter how old, no matter if I’ve already read it, the page is simply blank. If I’m being honest, I don’t know if it’s a problem with the IPhone or the new update, but no matter what it is. I’d like to have it fixed soon
  • Awesome!!!🎉 5/5

    By AnimeJalaWright
    It have all my favorite anime in it!!!!
  • Pretty good! One issue... 4/5

    By 15transfusions
    I'm grateful for the app. Not all pages download though which is frustrating. But glad to have it
  • Great overall 5/5

    By Thecoolguy673
    Great app overall, lets me read manga offline and easy download, makes enjoying most manga easy
  • Hey. You there? 2/5

    By M1232
    It was alright to begin with. Some pages were out of order. Others didn't load. And pages weren't saved as bookmarks. NOW NOTHING WILL LOAD!!! This app is a quick and an easy app that has a few issues. Now it won't load. Also please don't label a story as complete when it's not. Completed is implied that the whole series is on the app. But in this case it isn't all downloaded. It's confusing. Please fix.

    By SiNgM3aLullAbY
    I have had this app before and had deleted it, I recently downloaded it once again only to remember why I hadn't gotten rid of it in the first place. The app is a joke; sometimes it will close out entirely while you are in the middle of reading, Pages won't load, chapters won't download at all, and sometimes no matter what manga I choose to read it it won't load at all!! It does not seem like there has been any significant updates to address any of the problems above since I had last deleted the app firstly over a year ago.All in all the app is extremely inefficient, and I would be better off taking the extra time to read it online, honestly anywhere but this app.
  • Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By Fishy lover33
    I tried to open at least 20 different titles and none of the pages popped up. I also tried to download some and that didn’t work either. This doesn’t make any sense. Support never responded to my complaint.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Poop and me
    One of the worst apps. It freezes. The chapters won't load. The adds are so annoying. Closes on its own. And when a chapter miraculously does load most of the pages don't load only about 20% of them!!!!!!!! I don't recommend it AT ALL
  • Blank pages 3/5

    By Maryamme
    It says that you guys fixed the blank pages, but I went to read a comic and it didn’t load at all…there was a bunch of BLANK pages
  • Love it❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Pooper 125903762699
    i get to read all the types of manga i would love to read... and that gives me a ton of things to read especially with one category im not gonna share but i truly love it. this one incredible manga app for someone like me read especially after searching so long for one
  • I really love this 5/5

    By fire lightning 0203
    I really appreciate what y'all do especially fairy tail I really love it and y'all put so much effort to make this I'm really grateful for what y'all do here 😊
  • Great 5/5

    By Candyranger1011
    I love this app and I love that you can read stuff offline
  • Jojooo 5/5

    By Pkomegafire
    Has alll the jojo this app is amazing
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Cowat
    Ok, hear me out here. I'm not sure if it's just me, it doesn't sound like it is, but almost every time I want to read a chapter there are always one or two pages, without fail, that never load. In those one or two pages I could be missing out on a lot of plot I have to fill in with my own knowledge which is hard. This needs to be fixed. Please!
  • Enjoyed 5/5

    By Happiness starts
    I really enjoyed myself
  • Not enough manga 2/5

    By Odd Dewott
    The only manga i like is Pokemon adventures and nope not there. So i searched for my friends favourite manga series being the legend of zelda four swords and that also was not there
  • 100% fun 5/5

    By Rekha601
    It's awesome
  • Boring vacation save 5/5

    By mane_fox
    Found this right before my vacation started won't have Internet save me a lot of time and frustration and boring love it
  • Great 5/5

    By Kiwivan
    Pretty cool
  • The worst 1/5

    By Jaliboo
    This app probably couldn't be worse if it tried. One, half the time the manga won't download. Two, let's say you get it to download, if you happen to be reading while it finishes, the app closes itself out and you lose your place. Three, if you navigate away from the chapter it often closes you out. Four, the set up is ugly and disorganised. Five, the search function is a joke. Six, often it won't download something, saying you're already download something else but, there's no way to cancel that download because it is in fact not downloading. Honestly, appreciate what you're trying to do here, but there's minimal effort in it.
  • This is great 5/5

    By mkoriginal
    I love this app much more convenient then using a mouse and also love the option to download thanks MangaFox
  • Completo y gratis 5/5

    By Blaze from lol
    Muy bueno!
  • Good 4/5

    By Kawaiimeatman
    It's great but ya know Ur manga disappearing all the time But I like it.
  • Good manga easy access 5/5

    By blury_eyes
  • It good and convenient 4/5

    By Greg Kun
    The overall app is functional it does its job well enough, but it has bugs like then tapping at the end of page will sometimes jump entire chapters. Other than that it's well worth it to have to read while on the go.
  • thank god for this app 5/5

    By PeroxideName12
    i don't read that often because my wallet begs me for mercy and i found this god of an app through recommendation. all of my friends say manga is just cartoons or picture books and that's childish, but if you want to know how much i love manga, i'll have you know i've downloaded 37 gigs worth of manga within two weeks using this app and every gigabyte was worth my time
  • shityapp 1/5

    By ziziguku97
    shityapp still
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Danni1136
    Better than going through multiple databases and a lot easier than reading online if you want to see the manga you where reading just go to recent
  • No landscape 1/5

    By Linuxpng
    No landscape
  • Good app 4/5

    By Unseeninja83
    It's a good app if u have space to download the manga but needs a way to stop currently downloading ones cause I'm stuck on one manga that won't load and cams download any others
  • A click bait app 1/5

    By crow_hero
    All the manga' had zero chapters. The only thing there was the cover art for the manga.
  • Thank you!!! 5/5

    By Booboobearsweet
    Bruh This is so good!!!I'm very thankful!!!!!!!!i was looking for a fairy tail manga and this app has it all for free!!!thank you!!i don't see one app that is for free and free comics for free every last one!!! I'm screaming in excitement.

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