Manga Reader - ZingBox Manga Reader and Community

Manga Reader - ZingBox Manga Reader and Community

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  • Current Version: 7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ZingBox Co.,Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Manga Reader - ZingBox Manga Reader and Community App

ZingBox is a free manga reader app for iOS which provides the most amazing manga reading experience. You can read manga in a clean and easy-to-use interface. It supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode. Read all your favorite manga here and download them unlimitedly! - Absolutely Free! All manga on ZingBox are free to read. All features in ZingBox are also free. - Unlimited Download Unlimited download and one-click bulk download! - Best manga reading experience  Supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode! The following are the exclusive reading channels for you: Favorite- Collect your favorite manga and follow the latest updates. Recents- Find your recent reading list here! Downloaded- Supports offline reading - Original Comics/ Original Fiction Read original manga written by popular manga authors for FREE! Exclusive, original manga of different themes will be updated daily! Also you can find novels adapted from manga here – have a deep going experience of the stories! - Easy to track your reading history Smart sync of your reading history will give you a wonderful reading experience! - Clean and easy to use interface ZingBox is a modern stylish manga reading application, it’s easy to control and you won’t miss anything! Still have questions? Please send us an email to

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Manga Reader - ZingBox Manga Reader and Community app reviews

  • The best!! 5/5

    By 41inuyasha
    This is the best and easiest app to use for reading and finding manga. The only thing I wish they had. Was if they putting a completed tab on the sides side you can track all of the manga you have finished! Hint hint. Otherwise this app is one of the greatest things ever created 😍
  • This is an awesome app but... 3/5

    By Naruto13dragon
    This is a great app to read manga. I love reading on this app. I found a few new favorite manga on this app. Although I love this app I find it difficult to be on. Sometimes it's slow on updating and admins rarely reply to messages when you email them. There are also a lot of people who "troll" on this app and it gets annoying at times. To the point where I wish I could block certain users from seeing my comments or replying to my comments. I also don't like the fact that they added an ad for when you exit out of the manga. Even though this app has its flaws, I still like reading on it. There's so many things to choose from.
  • Not true 4/5

    By Nicole_ms
    It says "Unlimited Stories" but actually I've searched something's ( that r actual manga ) and it said "No results"
  • Great but 3/5

    By Shadow Dino
    It's good but for certain manga, the app crashes or the chapters are mixed and pages are everywhere
  • Perfectly Perfect 5/5

    By Nomnomluv
    One of the better manga apps out there, I'm looking forward to using it more often. 👏👏👏
  • Takes up too much space ?? 2/5

    By Tsunamethyst
    The app is actually 20-30MB but when I download the app and log in it eventually takes up about 300 MB on my phone ??? I don't actually download any content bc I always have internet connection so I'm confused
  • The bomb 5/5

    By Randy20;)
    Ayyyy this app has a great format and with so many choices of manga to choose from you'll not here any complaints from me until I catch up to the newest chapter of Jojo's bizarre adventure!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Manga freak 90
    I've tried many other manga apps and nothing comes even close to the variety of manga that ZingBox has and I love even more that can change manga apps with the different sources 💕💕💕💕
  • Was amazing but... 3/5

    By linmelda
    It was working great but out of the nowhere it started to direct me to the App Store for other app downloads and eventually kicking me out of the app itself. I have been reading on this app for a long time and I want to keep reading on it. Hope this gets fixed.
  • Genres sources are broken. 3/5

    By Chancebandet
    Fix that.
  • Best Manga App Ever...But 5/5

    By ILoveBeingLyric
    This is the best manga app that I have come across. It's also the only one that I have kept using for so long and I don't plan to stop using it. Although, one of the biggest problems this app has is unrefined users coming on the comments section and terrorizing people on their personal reading choices. I can ignore them, but they are starting to really get out of hand and honestly they need to be dealt with as soon as possible. I don't know if any of you have been notified of this problem, but if you want this app to remain as great as it is you'll need to pick and choose what comments you allow people to put on here. In all honesty, simply taking away the comment section in general will fix the problem all together. It's sad that this may seem to be the best remedy for the problem at hand, but it's the only way for everyone to enjoy themselves to the fullest and not having to try to reason with a disrespectful person who has nothing else better to do than cause problems for attention. We at least should be able to report them.
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Cynthia.xo
    This is the best app for reading manga so far and I'm really comfortable with it. Not confusing nor annoying to use. It has the manga I want to read and several sources. You can favorite many manga as you want and have infinite downloads. Although, there is some flaws such as broken pages and features that readers may want that aren't there. There's even a community but you don't have to look at it nor discuss in it. There's also ads that may annoy people but I still enjoy using ZingBox (but ads do serve a purpose for ZingBox!) An app may not be perfect but ZingBox definitely gives me life. I can read the manga I want and discover many more!
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By LA loca x3
    I love this app because it has a bunch of Manga, it's very convenient to have. 100% recommend
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By SmollFairy
    No complaints here!
  • Awesome but... 5/5

    By ChuChu1001
    It is an awesome app! But when I sometimes try to download a series of chapters, it won't let me. That is the only downfall for me. Other than that, it is great! The variety of sources, genres, and series is awesome!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By BalancedBore
    Everybody should get this amazing app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By A2MC3
    I love this app, and use it all the time, but my only issue is the comments. I mean I love going from page to page and seeing other peoples comments and seeing their thoughts, and jokes, but recently people have been leaving comments spoiling things for other readers, so I think their should be a way to block or report those comments without turning off comments altogether. But over all I love the app and have recommended it to many of my manga loving friends.
  • The app is awesome but... 4/5

    By Sydster317
    This is a really useful and great app but I just wish it would have the manga on it more up to date. The manga on it is up to date but these updates have not been showing up on ZingBox lately.
  • Wow! Just wow! 5/5

    By Maidoor
    I ultimately love this app! This app provides so much! I used to read mangas online which was really hard because you had to press next and everything! But this app has eveything! Totally recommend if your a fan of manga! 10/10
  • I Hate ADD's 3/5

    By nigthcaster
    Good till now, but i hate the adds....
  • Reojpg877 4/5

    By reiiiiiixxxx
    Love this app! My all time go to app for manga. It is super easy to use and has almost every manga I could think of. I love how much bl there is and other things i enjoy however there has been a problem recently where the app is not updating recent releases for the source Mangago (which is my go to) ! I also would be super grateful if there was a feature that showed mangas that are my tastes from the searches and favorites ive made! This app was 5+ stars when it used to update fast, unfortunately I am using a different app to get my manga fix. ):
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Jarvilar
    This is exactly what I was looking for and more! Let's hope it lasts...
  • Hmph 3/5

    By Handy-DandyM8
    I like the app, it's good, but the problem is that whenever I log in, I can't because it says that I had it wrong when it was the correct password.
  • U must download it now!! 5/5

    By Itati_panda
    I really love this app !! I read so many manga and I talk to some other people that are interested to read mange like me. Also I love how's it free... thanks!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By LockedX
    It is an amazing app for manga readers but I wish there was a way to search multiple tags
  • Zing 4/5

    By Scilla EX
    Pretty good, except for the adds but there bearable
  • Mangago source is broken? 2/5

    By Listaficionado
    Newest review: I almost proceeded to pay for premium version when Mangago (the source I'd chosen) stopped updating a few months ago. After waiting to see what happens, the updates seemed to have returned, though in very limited capacity. Now it has stopped updating again for weeks! It's hard to stick with an unreliable app; if I have to go to an alternative app, I might as well just use that app, right?! What a pity, since this used to be the best go-to reader for the Mangago source. Old review: This app has the potential of being one of the best manga-readers out there...if not for one critical issue: the 'Search' function is broken! Once the developers get that fixed, this is a solid 5-star app! ***UPDATE: 'Search' function fixed, thanks! Back to 5-stars!
  • Good 5/5

    By Jdbebdhxjxh
  • (╹◡╹)♡ 5/5

    By Wolflover101123321
    Tons of AMAZING options!!! Truly an amazing app, and definitely worth your time. I am a manga lover, and adore having hundreds of choices right at my finger tip. A fun community of manga enthusiasts surely does add to the quality of this app! I spend a lot of my free time reading off of this app. You can even publish your very own original manga! I recommend this to anyone that enjoys all sorts of manga!
  • ❄️❄️❄️ COOL❄️❄️❄️ 3/5

    By Mini Moo 3/5
    I like this app, but it still needs work. Wish the page fit the screen, and turning was a little more fluidly. As for downloading, now that is where it gets weird. I down one book but then I have to download the same book again just for missing chapters. Even chapters need to be numbered better. It is way confusing.
  • JUST WHY 1/5

    By Hc lrxdylcldpy
  • Need to restart app to get out of Ads 1/5

    By Commiesalami
    The apps ad provider prevents you from exiting out of the ad and just floods you phone with attempts to go to the App Store. Don't use this app!
  • Best manga reader 5/5

    By Miss_ivx
    I've been using this app for probably 2 years. At the VERY least! I would/will happily pay for it too tbh. My only critique would be the fact that I went from android to iPhone and noticed a huge annoyance. Every time I enter the app for the first time that day I have to change my reading style from left to right into right to left. Also, it starts from the beginning of the chapter instead of the page I left off. Neither of the problems occurred on my android. I will continue to use the app. Just REALLY hope this is resolved for iPhone like it was for android.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Meme_517
    I love the app I love it I love it I love it I just really wish they have a kind of but in that kind of blocks people who are being very distractive because it's a dare like the mean comments that I do not feel comfortable with at this point. I get you hat you have the right to express your opinion but sometimes it's it's not right. I use it every single day I would read my mom that I do OK then I recent comments and you're OK but then yesterday I got to this one comment where is just completely yet I did not like it at all and I really wish to block this person from my account. Just a recommendation. But I do love this app I do I love it thank you for making this app I would enjoy it thank you
  • It's amazing! 4/5

    By AnameSirHamilton
    I really do love this app and how it lets you choose your language, but the one thing I don't like is how it won't let me publish my own comics on my phone. Other than that it is super fun reading everything!
  • Great app 5/5

    By What a girl kayyy
    It's a good app but I would like it if they could fix the gender bender section because when I press it nothing pops up
  • Love this manga app 3/5

    By Labdean
    This manga app is great but recently, I've noticed that certain genre tabs don't work. Even though the genre is shown on manga, the tab says "end of list" when ever I open it, this is happening in, as I know of, gender bender, martial arts, school life, and one shot. It may be more. Not sure if others are having this same problem, but it's really annoying. Anyways other than that little issue, it's great! Who knows my problem may be on my side. Also would really like a search filter.... I recommend!!
  • Really Good 5/5

    By Havgs
    it has everything you need and want related to manga, the #1 app for this, best thing ever
  • zingbox 5/5

    By zainababbas441
    I really love this app and I have read all the new mangas 💕💕
  • Umm... Help 4/5

    By ShadowGameZYT
    So... I have a problem. I love the older version of this app (it was awesome) but, a lot of time when clicking on a genre it say," No List" mainly on the gender bender genre Switching the source does nothing and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still doesn't work :/
  • I love it! 3/5

    By Melkormorgoth4
    I love using zing box. It is the best manga app out there. I used to even love participating in the comments section. However people now like to go in now and spam comments. They'll put like 40-50 long comments in a row making it impossible to read the new comments. If there were a block option then that would be great and would make it the perfect manga app!
  • Pay for ad free? 5/5

    By SourMentos
    The app is great but I think that it would be better if you have the option to pay to remove ads.
  • More manga 1/5

    By KI11ER26
    I have a few apps for manga but this is the only one that spams ads and closes out the application at same time so in other words this one's getting on my nerves.
  • AppStore 3/5

    By Tundjjvdbjjc
    Every time I go onto a manga to read, the app redirects me to the AppStore. When I exit the AppStore and go back to zingbox it does it again this happens for three or four times for the same manga then the app restarts I don't know what's wrong with it
  • Ads ruined this app 2/5

    By Steelierelk
    This app was good initially, but the ads began getting too intrusive. They would open the App Store repeatedly, no matter how many times you closed the App Store.
  • Almost a 5 2/5

    By Chaka£khan
    I loved the original app it was my favvvvv, but I made the switch to the upgraded version. It's not my favorite anymore I still use it but, it's hard to know what is updated the main page barely changes some of the titles I read on the old app are unreadable on the new app. Some titles say there was an update and there really was not. I have changed the source Several times. What does a woman have to do to get her manga fix. Ok so I keep trying different sources that are offered and still no luck I hate that it says 20 chapters and it really only 18 or that some title can no longer be seen even when I go back to my original source. I miss the old version
  • XOXO Fav app 4/5

    By It's almost a 5
    It's is a must have app. I really love this app and it's always updating with all the new manga. You have to have it. But I would love it even more if I could keep all what I read in a different than my favorites. If isn't not favorite manga I don't want to keep in there but I also don't want to lose it. So I would like a file were I can keep my recent but it won't disappear after a while. Yet it still a must have app, if you love manga. You won't need any other one apps.
  • Good app 2/5

    By .,,.,.,..,
    this app is good but it forces you to watch video ads randomly while ur in a manga
  • Magnificent 5/5

    By Vbmydxv
    This is my favorite manga app ever!! It lets you download manga so you can read without wifi. It updates regularly so you will never run out of manga to read. I am surprised at how well this app delivers the manga output. Great app!! 10/10
  • Good app 4/5

    By Shark 0-4
    It's good in general but there's still some bugs and need some fixing. I'll go to a certain manga and the app would close itself, please have a look at this.

Manga Reader - ZingBox Manga Reader and Community app comments

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