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Manga Rock App

Manga Rock is the go-to app for all your manga reading needs! HUGE LIBRARY Read thousands of manga in many different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese etc. from over 25 popular sources JUST “FOR YOU” Discover new manga, great authors, or “hidden gems” through our editorial collections & recommendation THE BEST VIEWER Enjoy a seamless reading experience & customize it any way you want. OFFLINE READING Download any manga back to your device & read later without constant Internet connection … and many other wonderful delights you will discover in the app. DISCLAIMER: Due to copyrights, not all manga are available in some regions.


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Manga Rock app reviews

  • Extremely Buggy 2/5

    By Just completely Awesome
    Almost none of the manga are loading correctly, crashes happen every once in awhile, and it's very slow. It used to be very good, Idk what happened.
  • Love it 5/5

    By chloefire102
    My friend told me about this app and u thought that it wasn’t going to be that good but now I read manga on this app everyday
  • Loading 1/5

    By Bil371
    I can read anything because nothing loads!! Can you fix this pls
  • Great manga app 4/5

    By Redsquall014
    Overall a fantastic app for reading manga. My only complaint is that I wish the app would stay open when you click over to another app or lock your phone. It's somewhat annoying to wait for the app to reopen, go to recents tab, and wait for the manga to open. Other than that it's the best free app out there.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Person1234098756
    Good-quality, free manga. Some ads, but they are not obnoxious. Love it, especially since there is a severe lack of manga in my local library.
  • Best Manga App!!! 5/5

    By IriyaTsubaki_21
    This app is amazing, you could find tons of mangas in different genres that you like. I would say this is the best manga app that I ever used! It has every single manga I want to read and it uploads new ones everyday. Thanks for creating this app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sir Lau
    Easy to use. Love how it lets you endless scroll read with certain webtoon comics.
  • Can’t find anything 2/5

    By Ariosstar
    Even with all the sources available how is it possible to not find big names like Ao no Exorcist or Kuroshitsuji?
  • Download not working and pages won’t load 1/5

    By Oohahhyeahhh0013
    I’m getting frustrated by the way this app works. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded this app multiple times thinking the download setting would work and pages would load up but no. It doesn’t. There many mangas I want to read but this app is clearly not up the par at all. Please fix these settings. When I download a manga, I expect it work. Instead the download setting doesn’t work and every time I do it, I will only download one chapter and most of the time it’s not even chapter 1! Please fix these problems.
  • Good Reader, but Improvements Are Rare 4/5

    By ViNDUA
    I appreciate this app. Multiple sources, useful UI. The updates come often enough. Some problems have remained consistent though. Perhaps they’ve never been brought up, so here’s my first review of the app in the hopes it’ll come to light. Download progress bar has a habit of hitting 100% then starting over again. Also sometimes it’ll suddenly or go all the way up to the thousands. I’m worried there are void spaces of memory being taken up on my phone due to this. Another caveat to the progress bar is that sometimes with the jumping or even a perfect run up from 0-100% the manga chapter winds not even downloading. There’s also the more often than not case where A page or 2 is missing from the chapter. I may be a special case where this affects me more than others in that I’m a sailor and go days to weeks without service, therefore can’t just load that missing page on the fly or seek another source just to read the missing page. Perhaps it’s too bulky and or will slow down the download process, but I’d appreciate a download not going away when 100% downloaded or when it can’t download the chapter. Let me clear downloads when finished or see that a chapter is incomplete from the source so I can seek another. Alternatively a way to check what is downloaded locally against source downloaded from for completeness (missing pages or even whole chapters) would be great. Chapters downloaded versus what is shown in my collection often has a mismatch of 1 or so. So am I having ghost chapters taking up space? When sources (namely batoto) do something to screw up your collection when checked against their site (maybe changing their urls a bit to fight readers from sourcing?) Manga Rock will tell you that the source doesn’t exist or whatever and close you out of the manga in your collection. This is messed up in that I can’t even go back and see what chapter I’ve read up to and what chapters I downloaded from for when I resource or choose another source entirely to download from. So I’m asking to not automatically close me off from the manga, just add in the text bubble letting me know, click through and I’ll remove the manga myself. Due to the need to have multiple sources for manga, can same manga be grouped together in the listing when listed by last read? It helps a ton when reading through and you got jump to the other source that has the complete chapter. A cross reference of manga updates would be great for when another source has an update for a manga while the source you follow hasn’t updated. It’s not so handy when it’s a matter of a day or two but when one source hasn’t updated in months while another has the updates it’d be remarkable. That’s all for now, but these are issues I’ve had for quite a while now. It should be noted that I’m a paid user (back before in app purchases I believe), in case that has anything to do with my user experience. I know downloads work differently with tokens or whatever for the free version.
  • Recommended app 5/5

    By xdragonking88
    Has all the manga that you are liking for and it’s free best app for manga
  • Amazing App!! 5/5

    By IrasakiChris
    What can I say it’s an amazing app full of free manga, if your a big otaku and can’t afford to get manga books then manga rock will help big time thanks developers! :D
  • Deleted it instantly 2/5

    By @zezo_alborai
    How should one read manga with an ad on the screen? I wanna read my manga with a cleat head and screen. And this app is annoying.
  • Good 5/5

    By UnderRated Prodigy
    Awesome app I can read all day.
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By 2Pinnz
    Hands down my favorite app to use ever! Had this app for over 3 years 💕 Not only is it a place to conveniently read manga but the way its structured and designed helps me find new manga every day and Im totally in love with it! Not only that but they have cute stickers for imessage! I totally love using them. Their customer service is amazing too! I had a problem with verifying my email and they were quick to respond and really helpful. Their new update that shows the collections, the author, other recommended works of the author is amazing 😩💕 I keep finding new manga to read and im in love with this app 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😩 I know that theres sometimes problems with loading the manga but sometimes its the other website that uploads the manga's fault bc it's probably a licensing issue. If it doesnt load and its not a licensing issue, give it a few days and the chapter should be readable 🤗 Anyways, 10/5 stars if I could 💕
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By Sutureupmyfuture82
    Constantly updating but never fixing the crash problem. This app will just suddenly stop, the screen will go black and then you'll get kicked back out to the home screen. Its too bad because this app used to be very reliable for reading manga from a variety of sources. Now you're lucky if you can get through even one without it stopping on you. This problem also happens on android devices, so at least its an equal-opportunity let-downer.
  • Batato functionality not working 4/5

    By TonyTheSpecs
    I know batato shut down but now it’s back up, but whenever I tried to add my account it doesn’t work. Could you help me out or try fixing? App is still gross though, 4 stars
  • Not downloading 2/5

    By audaieveryday
    I’ve had Manga Rock for years and never had a problem, but lately when I open a manga I only see one page of the whole chapter. the rest won’t download...I really love manga rock and want to stick with it and give it a higher review, but if I can’t read the mangas this app will be pointless. I hope they fix this problem soon.
  • Awesomely awesome 4/5

    By I would die for it
    But you need a semi good internet connection or data, because sometimes pages don't load and it's so annoying when they're at the height of tension!
  • Used to be amazing 2/5

    By WhyThooo
    Recently it’s been nearly impossible to load a full chapter of any manga, either pages refuse to load or the chapter itself seems to be unavailable. I’ve also noticed that several of my favorited manga are stuck in the “updated” section despite not having a new chapter. I will change this back to 5 stars when these problems are gone!
  • 4.5 Stars! Only 1 issue. FIX IT. 4/5

    By GN1109
    Love the layout and design of this manga app! Definitely easy to use and can store more than a hundred mangas without making users upgrade $! I really enjoy the recommendation options that updates weekly. ONE problem I experience while reading or scrolling through the mangas that is extremely annoying is how the app FREEZES and CRASHES!! It happens at least TWICE or more a day when I use this app. Please fix this problem because if I see that there’s no distractions or problems with app afterwards, I will upgrade to the unlimited package. (:
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Jojogocheer
    I mean don’t get me love the free manga but it’s hard to navigate doesn’t update regularly and doesn’t offer a lot of the things I want to read but other than that its okay :|
  • Major titles I can’t see them 5/5

    By Sony Santana
    Hi I can’t really see any major titles in the app. Specifically (Shokugeki no soma), and the like. Can someone explain to me the reason?
  • Wow 5/5

    By Richiecv2
    This app is honestly the best. I’ve always had a problem on being updated when some of my favorites mangas would update, and god it’s so common to be notified by an app but idk it really hit me. That and it’s just so user friendly, it’s honestly the best
  • I love it but it does have flaws 1/5

    By Valkyrie2.0
    Overall it's good but the updates aren't weekly so if you want to get caught up you have to go online and finish it that's pretty much the only down side about that everything else is pretty good I love that you can use different sources if you can't find a manga in one 8 times out of 10 it'll be in a different one so I give it 3 stars and another thing lol some of the chapters are posted twice so it makes it seem like it's longer when really it's just them carelessly posting the same chapter twice it bugs be and I've seen it more than once 2018 feb recently though it’s been making my entire phone freeze up every time I’m on the manga rock app so I’m officially uninstalling the worst part was reading a manga and it not fully loading oh well gotta move on someday
  • Great but Crashing 4/5

    By Clear_Bot
    I love this app, it is good for easy access to manga and it has a wide selection. The only complaint I have is that while I am trying to read a manga the app crashes. I'll read a few pages then suddenly my screen goes black and I'm sent to my home screen. I don't know if it is simply my iPod or if the app itself needs a few fixes. If this can be fixed by the creator that would be awesome! Other than that this app is 100% perfect.
  • The ads need to be looked at. 3/5

    By Krossv
    I love this app but some review on what ads get placed need to happen. For the past while now an ad will pop up without me touching the banner. Also, occasionally an ad will begin playing audio with no way to turn it off. The only way being to close and re-open the app, this is extremely annoying. I get it, ads are important to sustain yourself. I don't mind it. But this is ridiculous. I'd also like a fix for listening to music while reading manga. Very often my music will be paused for no reason. Actually the reason is probably an audio ad stopping jt. Hopefully these issues will be addressed
  • Best I know 5/5

    By Eckos_of_the_lost
    This app is one of the best manga apps out there with connections with multiple manga sources, with a HUGE selection to pick from. I love it!
  • Works smoothly 5/5

    By Whitefan6$
    Download and start reading nothing complicated. Lots of selection. Kudos to rock.
  • Practically unusable now 2/5

    By Angry Gifboom User
    I can’t even use the app anymore. 90% of the manga I read can’t load any of the new pages, so when a new chapter comes out I only get to read 1/4 of it. All of the options to fix it don’t work either.
  • Manga 4/5

    By Theresaxciel
    I love this app! I really do enjoy using it and it’s sooo easy to use. But I really do wish that there were more manga on here :( there are a few of my favorites that aren’t on here and I keep having to go onto another app to read them :(
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lilp9087
    Fantastic sight, there’s a lot of mangas on here that get me through the day!
  • It could use some work. 3/5

    By potato_otaku18
    This app is amazing and USED to work great, but now whenever I click on a manga it says its deleting and then I can never find it. Also it crashes a lot but you already addressed that.
  • This app used to be great... 2/5

    By Dee2023
    ...but as of this morning 02/09/2018, the app started crashing every time I clicked on it to open it. I was in the middle of downloading a manga when the app began to crash. It crashed so bad that it made my iPod Touch 6th Generation freeze up, and I had to reboot it in order to make it work again. I was loving this app at first; now I don’t. Something’s gone haywire with it and it needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • Rocks 2/5

    By MichaelK NYC
    So you have “earn” rocks to download and read manga.
  • Great comics, but updates? 4/5

    By aaliyahdaebak
    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Manga Rock. It has such a wide variety of manga and webtoons. The only problem with it are the frequency of updates. I would find some really good choices and favorite them, but then they rarely update compared to other websites that feature them as well. But this app is free unlike those other websites, so I can’t really complain.
  • Español 1/5

    By anuxus
    No cargan las imágenes cuando quiero leer en español su versión para iOS es lamentable en Android excelente pero en este sistema operativo no vale la pena
  • Perfect for every Otaku 5/5

    By This is false advertising
    This is the perfect manga reading app, I have ever seen. It has every genera of manga you can think of, so much manga, that it's not even funny, and the app has an overall great design and user interface. This app is easily a keeper, for otakus. This is my main source of manga, and it's excellent!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Stephanie Navarro
    Since the update I’ve had nothing but problems. I really enjoyed this app and I hope they can get it together becuase I don’t want to delete the app but if I can’t even access the manga there’s no point in having the app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By GodLucario
    Good app with a good selection
  • Almost great 2/5

    By mushfiqk
    Lots of the sources are bugged and don’t display all the pages of the chapter, which really ruins the story. And there’s currently a bug that doesn’t allow chapters to be downloaded properly. I’ll select 40 chapters to download and it’ll download only 1 of the random ones in the middle IF IM LUCKY. Lots of work needs to be done. And the licensed mangas that were removed need to be brought back, those were the best ones. This app used to be my favorite app but now it’s gone down the drain. Please fix it up
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By russellbarnett
    The app is good overall but you can’t navigate away from it for 10 seconds without having to load it from scratch and navigate back to where you left off. It’s ridiculous. Also, almost every time I load a new chapter the first page is zoomed way in so you can’t read it. Trying to scroll around the zoomed in page just moves one page forward or backward. Other than these two things the app is basically perfect for reading manga on my phone.
  • It's really fun 5/5

    By LianaPark
    I'm so enjoying read a manga on this app.
  • Quality 5/5

    By DarkOak63
    This app contains many titles that are hard to find online. It has a good UI that is easy to use.
  • Chapter still wony load 3/5

    By My name is ariana
    It is still difficult to read chapter since some wont load..:/
  • Blocking manga 1/5

    By BoredAt
    Lots of manga no longer work in this app. Time to move on.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By cummingMcGiggles
    It would be a great app but apparently they have too many source problems. Can’t load a complete chapter without some pages missing.
  • Second Review 1/5

    By Charkard
    Reading online barely works anymore, and downloads are messed up beyond belief. Find a different manga reader that doesn't try to limit you on how much you can download.
  • Missing pages 3/5

    By TijHamlet
    Okay, the option to manually find and reload the chapter is great and all, but when i'm using the app I just sort of expect that all pages should be there. I don't want to do this with every chapter I read because every other page is missing Hopefully this issue can be fixed soon. Until then I'll be switch back and forth between using the internet and app
  • All of the manga! 5/5

    By Rah-Bee
    I have searched many mangas and have not gotten a single one missing! Good job and continue adding more!

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