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Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader

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Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader App

Discover, Read, and Download thousands of manga for FREE! AppAdvice - "The go-to app for thousands of manga titles" iSource - "The whole experience is fast, fast, fast" DISCOVER - Browse thousands of manga from 24 sources, in 7 languages - Get recommended manga based on what you read - See what others are reading and what is popular on Manga Rock - View related manga of the current manga you are selecting READ - Specially-made viewer deliver the best manga reading experience - 3 reading mode: Horizontal, Vertical, and Book mode - Advanced Settings accessible right in the viewer for deep customization - While reading online, the next chapter will automatically be downloaded in the background DOWNLOAD - Download manga back to your device to read later. - Support concurrent multiple chapters download - Smart speed optimizer to save battery & data usage OTHER GOODIES - Push Notification: get instantly notified when your favorite manga has new chapters - Favorites: Manage manga that you love - Recent: Pick up where you left off from your reading history - Continuous Reading: Start on one device, finish on another seamlessly - Manga Rock Cloud: backup & restore all your data for multi-device usage DISCLAIMER: Due to copyrights, not all manga are available for US users!

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  • Cool 5/5

    By Zizzylay
  • Love! 5/5

    By SeΓ±orita rukiruki
    I love this app!
  • Review 4/5

    By Wolfboy Kurosaki
    I really enjoy this app, the only thing I don't like is that the Apple version doesn't have everything the same as the Android one... I love this app though... :'(
  • Unbelievable for anime/manga fans! 5/5

    By John Llerid
    Unlimited mangas, for free. How dare you say something negative?
  • Best manga app 5/5

    By Niggapow3r
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Andrewwashere
    I get to read all the manga i want to for free. I love manga rock.
  • MangaRock 5/5

    By BlackBadge#1
    Great App. Can't find anything that compares right now.
  • Omg 5/5

    By Kikimike
    I love this app it has all my favorite manga's all in one place. The different sources are definitely a plus
  • Easy 5/5

    By Chugging huh
    It's good and easy to play use
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Hyuibfhhdsfjjdsjgs
    Has a lot of different manga does have adds but not too many. Pretty good quality and not too glitchy. Has some slight glitches here and there but not too bad. Only on one manga I have read so far does it have a lot. Others are just here and there. But to be expected with a lot of manga.
  • Meh 3/5

    By The walking blue elaphant
    Freezes a lot
  • Recommendation Section Needs Work 3/5

    By Gunthar B
    The latest update devotes much needed attention to the constant challenge of finding some new manga to read that is appealing. Unfortunately, a lot of the titles recommended in each "Because You Read" section are just duplicates of titles in another "Because You Read" section. It shouldn't be difficult to program to eliminate this flaw. The duplicates should go into a general recommendation category, while the unique titles related to only one already "Because You Read" title would appear only in that title's recommendation section. It would also be better to list fewer recommendations in each "Because You Read" section. A Top Ten would be plenty. There are already tons of options to choose from in the general list. If the reader wanted to be overwhelmed with options, that section already exists.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Just1derek
    I really like it. Thank you 😊
  • Manga 5/5

    By Karoko-chi
    I love it
  • Reader 5/5

    By Vasa5142
    Love the app.. need more mangas on this...
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By H:&:$$:$/$
    Amma go continue reading my manga now just honestly this app is the best app for mangas!
  • App 4/5

    By Dbrick1954
    Good app I enjoy reading.they are quick to fix problems.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Nathonian Neweean
    Awesome sources and features
  • Good reader 5/5

    By Lololololol0l
    It supports good websites, it tells when new manga updates happen. The gem part is a bit weird, but quite understandable. I recommend this app. However recently there was this changing to a new server thing that is quite bothersome and made the app non functional, they did fixed it however if this keeps on happening it might cause problems.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Nejiret
    I've used this app for years. What's always brought me back is the image quality and the search system used. It's extremely difficult to find an app that offers both. But, there are a couple problems that need fixing. 1. Battery draining. 2. Freezes a lot. (This is a recent issue, though, so I expect it will be fixed soon) 3. When you finish a manga, it tries to show you related ones for further reading. This function doesn't work too well, though, as most of these aren't actually anything like what you've just read. Otherwise, this app is great. And it is getting better. They've fixed quite a lot recently: 1. Pages failing to load. 2. Randomly skipping chapters. 3. Popups forcing you off the app repeatedly (until the app closed itself.) 4. Slow downloads.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Laura_chan1🐸
    Great app!!
  • Overheating and freezes 1/5

    By Gvimg
    Disgusting overheating and battery drainage. It also freezes when my phone overheats.
  • The Wheel is Rigged!!! 4/5

    By Msup321
    Dont get me wrong, the app is astonishing, and none can compare to MR! But the "Lucky wheel" has claims to have opportunity for other prizes, but has always only landed on the 1-2 Rock zones. If you can, try to balance the fairness just a bit.
  • Manga Rock 5/5

    By MrSgtSmileyFace
    Good af
  • Good 4/5

    By Azngamee
  • Keeps freezing. 1/5

    By ucphan1109
    Don't know what's going on but since the last 2 recent updates the app keeps freezing and crashing. Absolutely hate this. Wished I hadn't updated it. The older version was working perfectly fine.
  • Best app 5/5

    By LoyalCustomer1523
    All my mangas are loading and I'm satisfied. Best app, just get some gems by wasting time waiting and u can start downloading manga for offline use.
  • Great app, however 1/5

    By lmpreza
    I've always liked manga rock, it's been a solid reader, good interface, easy to use, fast, great filtering options. Lately they've been adding micro transaction features and the latest is a "lottery wheel" where the only thing you win is an advertisement played on your device. 4/10 of the slots are ads and you will land on them 100% of the time. There is nothing lucky about this wheel. I understand they likely have a lot of free users and need to monetize in some manner but I paid for this app a long time ago and I find it very annoying that I have the choice of turning off my notifications to avoid having daily alerts to spin the ad wheel, or leave them on and get spam notifications along with ones for my manga updates. Not cool, not a basement studio, not cool.
  • Love it lol 5/5

    By Minatothe4
    Awesomeness in a can lol
  • Love it 5/5

    By Adblh
  • Love it 5/5

    By Miguelpep
    Great I love it
  • Great App 5/5

    By StaticLion99
    Unlike a few of the other reviews I've seen, I haven't encountered an overheating or battery issue. I've been able to read manga continuously for hours without a problem. It's a great app for me to read manga on.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Denice 31
    I get to read all the great manga and it updates regularly but depends on the manga you read. They always have something new to read and you can saved the ones you like in your favorite. If you get this app you won't be disappointed.πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

    By Craftimir
    I love the user friendly software. And I love all the chapters!
  • Worked well for awhile 2/5

    By Tridis
    While the phone overheating and power consumption while using this was annoying it was still a great manga reader. Read though all of Berserk and was halfway through Gantz when every 5 or so pages the app would lock up and not be responsive till I closed it and reopened. I've moved on to ZingBox now which is much less visually appealing but it works great.
  • Simply put..... 5/5

    By Cieminy
    This is the best app I have ever used. I'm going on 6 years with this app (if you include its previous iterations). The only issue I really have isn't even really a problem with the app. Occasionally you will run into issues where manga from a particular source isn't loading. For those of us who follow manga month to month, it gets frustrating. However, that is a problem on the source, so really it's not a deal breaker for me.
  • Best Manga App on the Store 5/5

    By 1/000
    Totally worth the download
  • Enjoyable 4/5

    By AdriCortez96
    It's a great app! But it needs to be fixed in the accuracy area. The chapters are not completely up to date on most mangas, but it does contain a lot of them. It definitely needs some upgrades for the error pages.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Licht6854
    Fun if you enjoy reading manga sweet
  • Freezes to much 3/5

    By LameFishy
    Everything runs great, but the app itself freezes too often and often results in crashing and force closing .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By zR x Skillz
    So much manga 😍
  • The best manga app 5/5

    By tristanisme
    This app has it all more for English readers than anything. The manga that are released are updated in a timely manner and the selection is abundant.
  • Doooope 5/5

    By Crystal Simms
    Long time customer, if there was a donate option I would definitely donate towards authors! I would definitely donate whenever I read something great
  • Where's the favorites? 4/5

    By Mangalover96
    Overall, very satisfied with the app. It is the best manga reader app there is, but my small complaint is where is vampire knight and black bird. Some of the really popular mangas aren't on here anymore. I had it on the old version before the update but now it's gone. Is there anyway to bring those back?
  • I enjoy it, but just one problem 4/5

    By kisaluu
    See, I enjoy this app quite a bit, but there's one crucial problem with it. Not only does it make my phone overheat, it also rapidly drains my phone battery. For example, say my phone is on 50% and I use Manga Rock for around 8-10 minutes. My battery goes down to around 30-40%. So the amount of time I actually spend on this app is less than it would be if the whole overheating and battery draining weren't an issue. I recall seeing an update saying they fixed this overheating problem, but the same thing is still happening, unfortunately.
  • Best app !!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Geebakaaa
    One of the greatest manga app ever!!!!!!
  • Nice 5/5

    By YukiMegi
    Love it 😍
  • Manga Rock 5/5

    By Gaiterhero livefan
    My personal opinion of the app is very high by that i mean its really really good.Iv been using this app over 3 year.I haven't found a app with this much MANGA and active updates so far.I recommend people should get the app if the like MANGA.πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ”₯
  • #1 manga app 4/5

    By Divayoyo132
    This app is really easy to read and has my favorite genres of manga. Although it would be nice to have a reading and not currently reading selection in the favorites section to make finding the manga u want to read/ want to start reading more easier to find other than that I love this app. I love the app free version even more because it takes away the ads between the pages that where kinda annoying. I also like how you can download manga so u can read it even if u don't have good service.
  • Crash and burn 1/5

    By Kaizen2911
    It crashes as soon as I tap on any manga to try and read them. Plz fix asap

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader app comments

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