Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Not A Basement Studio JSC
  • Compatibility: Android
19,360 Ratings
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Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader App

Manga Rock is the go-to app for all your manga reading needs! HUGE LIBRARY Read thousands of manga in many different languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese etc. from over 25 popular sources JUST “FOR YOU” Discover new manga, great authors, or “hidden gems” through our editorial collections & recommendation THE BEST VIEWER Enjoy a seamless reading experience & customize it any way you want. OFFLINE READING Download any manga back to your device & read later without constant Internet connection … and many other wonderful delights you will discover in the app. DISCLAIMER: Due to copyrights, not all manga are available in some regions.

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  • New update 5/5

    By Cieminy
    I'm not running into any major issues with the new update. Light and dark doesn't really bother me. The biggest issue I have is it seems like having poor service (either WiFi or cellular) seems to affect loading a lot more than average.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Pikeruru
    The one and only way I read my manga! Hands down the best app out of all of them! I've been loyal to MangaRock since they first came out.
  • Still the best manga app out of the ones I've tried 4/5

    By XdaikuroX
    I have personally not encountered any issues so far with new update, and while I don't personally like the new theme, it's nice to have options. Cheers.
  • 😒 2/5

    By Ren1803
    For some reason I can't restore my purchase even though I updated to premium almost a month ago and the app keeps closing on its own after being open for only a few minutes
  • App ads 4/5

    By SlendeyArmstrong
    The App Store opening ads are getting worse it seems... the more I read, the more App Store opening ads pop up, and I mean they literally open up the App Store without my permission. I can't read most of my manga because of these ads forcibly opening my App Store and closing out my manga rock app... I'm getting sick and tired of it, and it just feels like my phone will get a virus from the ads forcing my App Store to open... I've tried 18 times in a row to open my manga app and it keeps forcing me back to the App Store. Please fix your ads so they cannot interrupt my reading experience, nor any other. -Sincerely, an iPhone 5s user.
  • Best I have used 5/5

    By Nyanlia82
    No matter what other apps I try I always come back to manga rock. It's has a great selection of manga and many manga websites to search from. Also the filters are super useful for finding manga based on genre and/or completion. It can even give you notifications for updates on favorited manga, show you manga based on ones you've already read... the list goes on.
  • Pretty decent 5/5

    By Zephire23
    Black or white doesn't really matter to me. This is still one of my most recommended apps. Good job design team. I haven't really had much problems with exception to some mangas telling me that they couldn't finish loading on the app and asking whether or not I'd like to load it in a browser. "Blood lad" specifically.
  • There's something wrong 1/5

    By Unicornian🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
    The app keeps crashing and the old app was better. Crashes and bugs definitely need to be fixed
  • New update 1/5

    By citrinebunny
    I wish they included licensed manga because I have a lot of ongoing manga that has been licensed. The new update made a new problem for me. Now when I read manga it crashes and doesn't remember the page I was on. Also, when I access the app, a pop up comes up and asks if I want to be redirected to safari. The filter and edit chapter buttons became harder to access. The download speed also became much slower.
  • Battery drains fast 5/5

    By Little lamb jo
    I love his app...had it for years but the recent update has caused my battery life on my iPhone to drop from 100% to 70% in less than 30 minutes. In an hour it's down to 39% . I use this app a lot so it's sad I can't read as much as I use to bc I have to save my battery. I hope this gets fixed soon Other than that.... this app has great manga options. It's easy to read...and I love I can save my favorites.. ( I have over 700 favorite mangas) Edit: This new update looks great but it still drains my battery fast. It sometimes freezes and crashes but I think it'll get fixed soon. Even with all the app problems this is still the best place to read manga 💕
  • Almost working 5/5

    By IzekiasNotelien
    Using iPad Pro 10.5 Refresh is not working and on every manga has pages missing... Update: reset catalog fixed it, in account settings
  • Pretty neat...but a minor set back for now 4/5

    By RachJ94<3
    Really cool app. I haven't had any trouble with the app so far. I love that I can look at different sources.
  • Invasive ads ((mostly fixed)) 4/5

    By DeputyRAGEmode
    (Revisited) with in town days the app and the team running it have managed to push out a hot fix and for the most part most the ads have stopped redirecting me. The team also released updated notes apologizing for the issue, and are working on a permanent solution. I have sense bumped up the review rating to a 4 from a one. As I see that are actively trying to make the app better. This review would be 5 stars even with the broken links in half the sources but with the new update the invasive adds are ridiculous. Even 5 minutes I get redirected not only once but up to 3-5 times in a row to different apps and ads.
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By HeavyHitter117
    This is a great app. Reliable sources, consistent updates, and the people in charge of the app listens to us if we ever have problems. I would recommend this app to anyone who enjoys manga and quality.
  • Conflicted... 4/5

    By AnimeeLoveer
    I don't know if I actually like this new update or not, but I can tell you that the app have add variety more of things. I feel that it also improves the app even more. However, their downside is that with the new things they add, that slows the app down quite a bit.
  • Crashes, Freezes, Loading Errors 2/5

    By Visual(usual)
    In the midst of using the app, I find that it tends to freeze when I try to scroll, crash as I'm reading, and have page loading errors.
  • New update screws with notifications and already read updates 1/5

    By tremblant
    The new update tags everything new and it keeps it in the update page after you've clicked on it or read 'em no much point for it now and it opens the App Store twice evrey time you open it
  • I liked it 3/5

    By Janiely
    It's better than some other apps which is nice
  • 👏🏽 5/5

    By Mememememrmemrm
    The best manga app!
  • K 5/5

    By Renxjen
    Its pretty easy to use
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ivana-sama
    Great app, worth buying the full version
  • Cannot open some of my download 3/5

    By AdrianzhangdxAZ
    I cannot open some of my download file. It is fine 2 days ago, than suddenly I cannot access it
  • Coolio 5/5

    By Duh_hana
    It's pretty good and has everything I search for. Easy to use👍🏽
  • It good, not great 3/5

    By JustCJ
    I like the update, but I don't like that the Reading option setting and the filtering doesn't apply to just the latest updates. So I can't filter out older selection from the latest. Please give the previous version back with the filtering options for all and latest option buttons.
  • Not updating 1/5

    By Dee legend92
    I like this app until the new update came along the new chapters are not updating
  • Latest update, not really... 3/5

    By grace k
    Latest updates are not showing up when you sort by latest update. The work around that is shown does not really fix the issue. You have to fish to check which manga has the latest update.
  • Nice but needs bara yaoi 5/5

    By Xaznjohnx
    It's pretty good, but needs a bara yaoi section
  • Best Reader App 5/5

    By Andreraul
    I enjoy comics, I enjoy manga. I've used several reader apps. This is by far one of the best ones I've had the pleasure of using!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Puertorican Warrior 25
    I just want to thank Not A Basement Studio for their hard work in making such a great app for us manga lovers for me it's a 10 out of 10 perfect app for me, keep up your hard work and again thank you so much.
  • New update! 5/5

    By Caila The Great
    The new update was a bit scary at first, but under further investigation, the app has so much more now for manga loves. While I still like the look of the black app face, the inside mechanics of the app more than make up for it. Manga Rock is the only app for meeee~~~!!! ✌️😜
  • The Previous One Was Better 3/5

    By Gusya413
    I like it but the darker colors are better and I'm not getting any last updated manga for days now it's like it stopped working. ........
  • Amazing 😜😝😛 5/5

    By Flutter fairy 2016
    This is the best manga app ever..
  • bugs? 2/5

    By VC103221
    same as everyone else, this is the one manga app I always use, but the pages won't load and when I go to see recent updates it's been the same for the past four days, on top of that it's the same on all sources except, you guessed it, the new Manga Rock. c'mon now, really?
  • Won't update manga 2/5

    By Moob 2.0
    Been 2 almost 3 days with no updates manga please fix
  • Hate new update 3/5

    By Random App User🦊
    I liked it a lot before but I can't see any new updates from the sources. Since I found a lot of the manga I currently read by looking what was new it really disappointed me. I also don't like the new custom search filter system, I thought it was better before. However I like the overall layout of the app and think it's pretty easy to navigate through.
  • Update 4.0 2/5

    By nhulli
    So I've always loved this app every since I got it maybe about a year ago but this new update has many faults. The mangas aren't updating properly and I think there's something wrong with the "latest" section. The app crashes every other chapter and though the ads don't really bother me that much, there has been a considerable increase in them. Anyway, once the bugs are fixed, the app will properly go back to its former glory.
  • Free 5/5

    By awesomeguestgamer
    Best free app
  • Does not update manga 1/5

    By Sons Of Liberty85
    Ever since I updated the app none of the manga updates. When I tap on latest updates it is the same stuff from 3 days ago. I've had this app for a while but I might switch to another if this is not fixed soon. Also I like the way the app use to be before they went to white. It crashed less and was easier to use
  • Ehhhhh 3/5

    By I Am Not Animomunus
    It crashes most of the time I try to read
  • Needs major improvements 2/5

    By KittyPink0
    Crashes almost all the time and pages won't load.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Northgate81
    I love the new update. It looks so much better. And everything works perfect. Love it!
  • Page loading and some UI problems 3/5

    By rogerlam1
    The app is pretty solid and enjoyed many hours of reading. I just had to deal with the annoying bugs like resume on new update never goes to the new chapter. Lately through pages has been either extremely slow to load or I have to use Asia VPN location for it to even load. I don't even know why I bother reading on my phone anymore. Please get your network fix!
  • not that amazing where it matters 3/5

    By Harboreum
    the interface of the app is great but nothing actually updates since manga rock updated. I tried different sources to see if manga recently added new chapters, but the app has been showing me the same ones since Friday. A lot of pages don't load or stay in the process of reloading for a very long time
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Aynumi
    The latest updated doesn't work at all & neither does the filter now. Was this even tested? Just cause you are changing UI doesn't mean break everything.
  • love the update ! 5/5

    By kxisooajsnaoapalansjzn
    the new format is great && the tabs to show new manga updates is so useful
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ebanks13
    Used this app since it started love it and they definitely have a huge selection ofcorse due to licensing they don't have a lot of the big names but they have tons of good reads
  • Was a Great App 1/5

    By The King Karp
    This specific review is because the most recent update. They were a solid four or five stars until now. The app misses downloading pages constantly and won't even try to download them again, the latest updates only shows the exact same mangas and never change (even if your favorites have new chapters). And a lot of basic things they messed up just because they wanted a "new look", my suggestion is to wait until the app has a better quality/functionality instead of wanting to look pretty.
  • It's not working 1/5

    By Mai Tien
    Nothing is updating
  • V frustrated 2/5

    By Aiyandi
    ever since the new update, the front "for you page" has been bugging out for me. on some launches it will show "because you read..." recommendations, which i do like, and other times i am stuck with huge boxes advertising this new "source" thing they are trying to do. The cosmetics are not my problem. i just find it's harder to "discover" new manga with this issue.
  • Like the old version better and support team is as reliable as EA 2/5

    By Ghost chief
    So if you are reading this you're probably seeing how every one hates the new update and ya I've been using the app since my jr maybe sophomore year about 4 years ago and it's had it's fair share of problems but was a solid app but now it's all over the place and right before the update they had as support called it a hiccup with the latest tab not refreshing and i was told yesterday (3 days after my report was sent which is a good response time) that the error had been fixed and that if it wasn't refreshed wait an hour and it should be good well I waited tried and repeat so i contact support saying that I emailed them earlier about the issue and there fix didn't work to my surprise a couple hours later i recive an email that states: On our previous email, we asked you to “Pull to Refresh” and that wouldn’t work afterward, you may need to wait for an hour. So if you're listening not a basement I waited your hour multiple times so why not actually fix your problem instead of being like ea and not listening people hate the new design and how clunky it is and don't say it's fixed if I'm able to see other people and myself saying it's not

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader app comments

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