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  • Current Version: 3.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Marvel Unlimited Comics App

Get Instant Access to over 20,000 digital comics with Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service. Members of Marvel Unlimited can now experience over 70 years of Marvel's greatest comics like never before - with our patented Marvel smart panel technology, and the ability to read up to 12 issues offline when not connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Start reading all of your favorite Marvel digital comics including Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Black Panther, and more! Not a Marvel Unlimited member yet? No worries! You can preview every issue in the archive and read select full issues for free to explore the benefits of Marvel Unlimited before you sign up!


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Marvel Unlimited Comics app reviews

  • Getting There 1/5

    By Chasemania
    Update 3.0.4 App seems to load much better and front loads current page and data as needed. Now it doesn’t save my current reading list correctly. If I read issue 13 of a comic and finish into issue 14 it still shows 13 on the main page. Can’t use the app now without losing place. Shame, it was almost perfect. Btw please add double page spread view, all other readers with marvel have that.
  • Great service but the app always crashes 1/5

    By Morrow Marcus
    I really love this service but the delivery is terrible. Currently, the app has been down two weeks and it's frustrating because I'm still paying monthly.
  • Content: A+, User Experiences : C- 2/5

    By delveccio
    There are so many things they could add to make this app and the overall user experience better. First, I still encounter bugs. Specifically, when reading an issue offline, sometimes duplicate issues are created. So I’ll have 3 copies of the same issue, taking up slots in my 12 slot offline library, and removing one removes them all. Second, features like cross-device syncing, custom reading lists, or the ability to follow certain series’ would greatly improve the experience overall. I love this service, Marvel, and even parts of App. It just seems like there are marginal improvements that could be made that would make We fans even happier.
  • My favorite App! 5/5

    By Haddude
    If you love comics and Marvel, this app is usually amazing. I purchased the year subscription and have access to unlimited comics and can download up to 12 at a time to read on those long flights. The team is constantly updating the app and squashing bugs! I’ve interacted with them a couple times on issues and they’re always responsive (albeit the response is slow). Still - I can’t live without this app!
  • Great Service, Horrendous App 2/5

    By JordansInternship
    Let me just start off by saying that Marvel Unlimited is a great deal if you love comics. But if you plan on doing a lot of reading on a tablet or your phone, you may be in trouble. This app has too many problems to recount: painfully slow loading sometimes, frequent crashes, the infamous "3 page bug", and a clunky UI that makes finding and exploring titles difficult. Which is truly a shame, because I know Marvel has the money and power to make this into a great app, but I've had this service for almost a year now and it hasn't changed in the slightest. Download at your own risk.
  • Extremely Frustrated 1/5

    By Kalikkamar
    Have been using this app religiously for quite some time now, at least 7 months, if not longer. While I love the selection, and the ability to read what I want when I want, it is increasingly (even more so recently) hard to use. There are many times when pages just plain won't load, and show no sign of loading, adding comics to "my library" is painstaking, and unnecessarily time consuming, and now I only load three pages of my comic at a time. (May be an error with my account, will edit). When this app is working, I love it and use it frequently, but as the bugs get worse and worse, and the functionality shows no sign of improving, I tend closer and closer to ending my subscription. I'm at the point of begging... please do a little housecleaning on this app. It's a great app, and I'd love to use it more if I could depend on its proper functionality.
  • Everytime the app updates it gets worse 1/5

    By Dash Stryker
    This is legitimately - I write this after much consideration - the worst app I have ever used. This includes apps I have tried, found to be terrible on one use, and deleted. App crashes. Comic title pages that won't load, forcing me to delete the app, redownload it, sign in again, and redownload the 12 offline issues I always keep - because it would be pure folly to trust that the comics I want to read will actually load when I want them to otherwise. The app was almost working somewhat, barely, reliably - until this last update. Now, the app freezes every 15 pages or so, forcing me to restart it - or it crashes on its own. I have just - for the umpteenth time - deleted and redownloaded the app, and now I can't even sign in! It kills me that this is the app I have to use, for what is an INCREDIBLE and awesome service that is wonderfully priced. The Comixology app, the Marvel and DC apps, all work so beautifully. I get that Unlimited has a different purpose, but PLEASE stop updating this app and give us a completely new and *functional* one!
  • Good idea but... 2/5

    By Linusinajar
    Marvel Unlimited itself is a fantastic service but this app is just a disaster. The GUI is sharp and search works well, but maintaining a reading list is cumbersome due to a combination of bugs in the My Library feature (titles are duplicated, wrong books are added) and some non-intuitive design choices (can't add or track a series, app does not remember where you left off). There are some technical issues as well. Frequently the app fails to download a particular page. This happens on both WiFi and LTE. On the iPad version I frequently lose the ability to exit out of the book I'm reading or pull up the menu. There's some random hanging of the app as well which can be annoying. The solution in each case is to force-quit the app. Which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the design choices above that make it so difficult to get back to your book. All in all, I have had to restart the app maybe 20 times over ~three hours of reading (on both iPad and iPhone). The content is incredible and the images are high quality. But ultimately, it's not worth the frustration and I won't be renewing after my first month ends. Hopefully Marvel will consider hiring a dev team to build the app to a higher standard.
  • i'm going to have to unsubscribe 1/5

    By Stephen de Jesus
    i can't use the app. nothing loads. you can see comics listed, but the covers never load, let alone the comic pages. it's beyond frustrating and at this point it's just a waste of money
  • Great for the price 2/5

    By Sbcg79
    Great for the price, can't beat the unlimited amount of reading material that is available. Comics don't load as fast or parts of it only show (min of about 1 to 3 pages at a time). When you log on to your account, you can't pick up where you left off (ex. If you read a comic on your phone then switch to finish in tablet. You will have to wait while it loads and then flip thru it until you get where you stopped) same goes if you go on the computer.
  • Was good before an update or two ago 3/5

    By Joe hankdank
    It used to be so good now every few pages the app becomes unresponsive and then crashes. In order to keep reading I have to literally close the app every four flips or so... please fix and make this app good again.
  • All but broken 1/5

    By resin007
    This latest update promises to fix a bug (wrong titles appearing in your "currently reading") but it immediately manifests anyway when you open the app. Oh well. This is yet another update that makes things worse. It crashes less I suppose, but it still duplicates titles, spamming them left and right and with the wrong date on them. Horrendous.
  • Problems with update 2/5

    By Antonio Bandalero
    After the update the currently reading section doesn't update. I've read several issues of spider man and iron man and it still shows that I am reading an older one. I now have to go to the browse section and scroll down after I look up the series I want. Please fix this issue and I would be supremely satisfied once again.
  • Can't even subscribe from app is this a joke 1/5

    By Natasha Grayson
  • If only it worked 1/5

    By Dmorg1984
    If this app would work it would be one of the best out there. Way too many bugs and times it simply doesn't work. Can't even sign in right now. Really sad that such an awesome thing doesn't work. I'd happily pay five to ten times more for it if it would just work.
  • Just not working... 2/5

    By Lumaniak
    I have used this app for years and loved it. I don't know what has happened recently but this app is now glitchier than ever. Issues are not downloading when they say they are; only a few pages load after the comic has been "downloaded". Also the app will often say that I do not have a membership. Hopefully this gets resolved quick, I just renewed my subscription and this is just not worth it.
  • Mixed Review 3/5

    By FIR3ANT
    The 3rd ⭐️ is for the basic concept. A Netflix for comics. Fiscally a great deal but the app is so buggy I have to reinstall every few weeks. I'd give a higher rating otherwise. I wish DC did one of these so you had some competition.
  • This version is more broken than ever 1/5

    By kndoubleu
    This has always been a flawed, buggy app. But this version has an especially exasperating bug where it believes hat your subscription is expired after every issue you read. The only way to get it to fix itself is to delete the app and download it again, which is annoying for the login process, but also because it deletes your data for previously read issues -- data that honestly shouldn't be stored locally. No idea how this app has been this bad for this long, but it's an embarrassment.
  • Love it 5/5

    By randomAFRICAN
    Paid for the year subscription and so far it's been decent, the app is a bit clunky to get around but it's provides what it says it does.
  • Super buggy 1/5

    By jonacs2
    They finally filled in a gap of Wolverine comics this week, but if I try to download any of them the app crashes. Logged out, uninstalled then reinstalled but nothing fixes the problem. But at least it's only $70/year. :(
  • I really need to stop updating apps... 1/5

    By Orphan King
    Only one item shows up in each of the categories in the Browse tab. Comics marked as read on one device does not register the same way on another. Please fix.
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By YoungTeach
    What is the point of having this app if it doesn't work. Downloading for the last time and then ending my subscription.
  • Like the twilight zone 1/5

    By Ad hater1234
    It is ridiculous that I have to delete and reinstall the app after nearly every update because it knows I am subscribed but acts like I'm not. Why? Why can you guys not fix it? You know it is a problem so fix it!
  • So close 3/5

    By Drukling92
    Marks comics as read, which is great. But it's device specific. A comic marked as read on my phone does not get marked as read on my tablet. Please make this feature account based and not by device.
  • Endless crashes, failures 1/5

    By anumma
    2017-09-02: Every update breaks the app worse than before. Now it lags: when reading a comic, I swipe to advance, and it may respond to the swipe 20-30 seconds later…or freeze and crash. Who develops these disastrous "updates"? - - - REVISED: I have to delete the app, w/ all my data, & re-install _weekly_…or else it only shows first three pages of any comic! And others report same here & on Twitter. This app is a nightmare for users and an embarrassment. - - - Obviously, the content is amazing. Now, about the app: It will crash the first 2-4 times I launch, & some other times while using it. Books will fail to load the first few times I try to load them. Sometimes this crashes the app, sometimes not. No other apps on my iPhone ever crash, ever fail. This app fails more than it works. When it works: amazing content. Obviously.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Cheap Whino
    Not worth it. Great potential in what it wants to provide. It doesn't provide it though. No fun.
  • Love it when it works 2/5

    By JBA321
    Have been subscribed to unlimited for over two years now has always been slightly buggy and slow but never to the extent it has been for the last few weeks. My issues have been when streaming issues I am missing multiple pages that will never load try closing comic and reloading, comic usually will load some pages it didn't previously but usually still missing anywhere from 4-8 pages. Don't get me wrong I love unlimited but this has really made the app very frustrating to use. Trying to download app again to see if this helps any. Marvel needs to get on top of these ongoing issues and get them fixed.
  • Doesn't even let me sign in 1/5

    By Zeptil117
    Just repeated error message saying try again later
  • It's a love hate relationship. 1/5

    By Ozzie Q
    For what you are paying a month this is the most valuable app out there. Thousands of Marvel titles at about a year old or more at your disposal. When you think to buy five comics a month today costs $20-$25 dollars a month, this app gives you the ultimate savings with great content. Now there are technical issues, Downloads for comics freeze up in the middle of reading where I have to close the app completely for the night, also app constantly crashes when I'm removing and adding comics to my library after I've read an issue especially. Can I live with the kinks? I am for now due to the value of the content, I just hope things can be fixed so I can really maximize my enjoyment and be able to suggest this app to those who never read comics and want an easy introduction to the medium.
  • Broken by Latest Update 1/5

    By KR Knight
    Since the latest update, I can only read three pages of each comic.
  • Subscription not recognized 1/5

    By Anetix101
    This is my 5th download since the app decides not to recognize that I purchased a year subscription (won't be doing that again). This is RIDICULOUS, Marvel. To have such an issue with an app based on reading comic books, months after they come out, has solidified my decision to cancel my subscription and just move on.
  • Bad 1/5

    By CptBalding
    Had this app a few years back and it was great. Not sure what's happened since then but I tried it again and nothing will load. I hope they fix it because this is a great concept.
  • Like drinking crack through a razor wire straw 3/5

    By chaotefeuer
    God I wish this app would work. If it were any other app, I would delete it and swear never to mention its name ever again,but I'm hooked on marvel comics like a crackhead, so I put up with the slow loading, crashes, blank pages, and lock ups. It's so frustrating to be in the middle of an awesome story and have to perform voodoo rituals in order to continue. Some nights I do just close it and quit in disgust, but I'm always back the next day trying to use it.
  • Embarrassment for Marvel and Apple 1/5

    By kankle_king
    The app does not function - period. iPhone 6s with latest OS and it just loads indefinitely on the main screen. How did marvel think this was ok to publish and why did apple approve it?! This was supposed to be an easy way to get digital comics but Street maties the seas be calling!
  • Offline mode. I wish 3/5

    By Similacra
    When I get a comic in my offline folder and it appears to download. When I am really offline it still doesn't work.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Twijoel
    Still buggy. Comics are listed twice or not at all. Crashes and does not load some comics.
  • August 28th 2017 update 1/5

    By Cheeseman@@@
    The app continues to be agonizingly slow. As an example, to remove 12 comics from offline takes 10-15 minutes. About just as long to add 12 more. This slowness is all through the app. I have the latest OS. Latest Iphone and iPad. 100meg low latency connection. Performance is just the same across all devices. Deleted the app and reinstalled. No difference. Every Marvel update I hope it gets better but remains the same.
  • Was great, now terrible 1/5

    By McFonzarelli
    No response from customer support. I've been a subscriber for 2 years now, app says I have no account, unable to read my offline issues, can't access anything in my library. Paid in full in March. App worked perfectly until the last update.
  • Great content, buggy app 2/5

    By Fun9876789
    Love the content, but I end up having to restart the app several times every time I try to read something.
  • New update is no bueno! 3/5

    By blakebowser
    The new update has introduced a lot of box to the app. Comics I have only looked at the previews for that show up in my recently read queue. I passed to reload every time I tap away from it. Sometimes panels go black one flipping through the pages. Will update to five stars when the new update comes out, because otherwise it's a fantastic app that I never have trouble with!
  • Super buggy 3/5

    By f0rd
    I definitely love this app and use it all the time, but this version hasn't been great. It'll say I've read issues that I've only just looked at. Really screwing up my recently read que. love this app, but please fix
  • Broken app. no response from customer service 1/5

    By Faaaaat Guuuuuuuuuuuy
    This app has been broken for over a week. Comics are unavailable to read when offline even though they are stored locally. Monthly fee debited this morning and app says I don't have an account. Zero response after 2 tweets and 1 polite email.
  • Good 5/5

    By Tiny iron hulk
    Good!!!!!!!!! (Kinda)
  • App is horrible. 1/5

    By Jasonk518
    I have to keep signing out and signing back in to read full comics. Otherwise it will only let me read three pages. Also when trying to sign me back in it keeps making me reset password.
  • Can not read offline 4/5

    By Dudette-123
    Like the app but the last update will not let me read downloaded books offline with no internet
  • Excelsior 5/5

    By Lrtemple
    Cannot say enough about this app. Truly... marvelous. I am having so much fun reading these comics and definitely getting my money's worth out of the service. Smart panels really enhance the experience. My only complaint is the way My Library works. There should be an option to add an entire run to My Library. And it'd should be more organized, with folders for each title. It'd be nice if you could add/remove several books at once too, like if I wanted to add a run of ten issues or something. Also, is there some way to subscribe to a current title so it's automatically added to my reading list? Thank you, Marvel.
  • Great way to have access to 10k+ comics 5/5

    By BB1971
    I love this app. It's been freezing up frequently since the most recent update, so I hope a new one comes out soon. But even with that, I love being able to binge on comics at a lower cost.
  • Great access, need to fix bugs 2/5

    By GTWells
    Love the ability to access so many comics, but there are so many constant loading bugs that it makes the app extremely frustrating.
  • App Broken 1/5

    By dsfresh
    Comics do not load and do not download, complete and utter rubbish of an app.

    By Artamis prime4

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