Maven – Car sharing

Maven – Car sharing

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  • Current Version: 1.24
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  • Developer: General Motors Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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Maven – Car sharing App

A more connected, seamless car sharing experience. We offer two convenient services: Maven Car Sharing: Cars on demand for personal use. Maven Gig: Cars for ride share/delivery driving. WHAT IS MAVEN CAR SHARING? • Free lifetime membership. No application fee. • Low hourly and daily rates. Gas & insurance included. • Free, unlimited 4G LTE WiFi in every car. • Use a car from one hour, up to 28 days. Maven gives you access to new cars, loaded with technology. In 12 cities across the U.S., you can get a car or SUV for errands, a weekend trip, moving day, or anything else! Signing up is easy. Simply download the app and submit your driver’s license and a valid credit card – you won’t be charged anything until you make a reservation. Once approved, you can reserve a car immediately! No need to wait for an access card – everything from reserving to unlocking the car is done right in the app. INTRODUCING MAVEN GIG Now you can use Maven Gig to drive to earn money! With Maven Gig, you can rent a car for as little as one week to drive for any ride sharing service, as well as delivery services such as Roadie, GrubHub, and Instacart. Insurance, maintenance, unlimited miles, and charging for the Chevrolet Bolt EV are all included. To become a Maven Gig member, simply: • Be 21 years or older. • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license with a safe driving record. • Provide a valid credit or debit card. For more information about Maven and Maven Gig: Get in touch: or 1-844-HIMAVEN


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Maven – Car sharing app reviews

  • Terrible customer service, lost money :( 1/5

    By P0ck3t5
    Long story short, some type of glitch did not allow me to end my trip when I finished a drive-so not only did it say my reservation was late, it charged me for another 5 hours of renting a car, even though I already had ended it. That’s a lot of money, my account got suspended, and when I tried to explain everything, everyone is clueless. Worst car rental system ever. I want my money back. :(
  • Can you give negative stars? Incompetent customer service! 1/5

    By jadoreyoumore
    I signed up for an account and went through the long drawn out process of being verified months ago. However, the email address is at a job I have since left and when I asked to have the account swapped to a new email, they asked me to email the from the account I no longer have access to. When I informed them on this (again), they (again) asked me to email them from the account that no longer exists. Also, the first (and only) I rented a car, it had major engine issues (dashboard lights lit up and the OnStar informed me it would be unsafe to drive) and the CS merely said “I don’t know what to tell you.” How can they be so ridiculously incompetent? Do they not READ THEIR OWN REVIEWS?
  • Great app and amazing service! 5/5

    By MR DJ Roman
    I’ve been using the Maven app for two months now in Boston and all I can say it’s been an amazing experience from booking a renting cars on the demand to the 5 start customer service. Simple, fast and most important Reliable! 🚗💯
  • Over a month No email reply 1/5

    By CaskAskThat
    My account got suspended for an accident that wasn’t my fault and I haven’t heard from Maven member services Thanksgiving will make it a month. I provided everything they would need via email to reinstate my account on time. AND the car got fixed. The terms read it takes 3 days for them to review. But that’s a lie. No response still. Crazy....
  • Just doesnt work 1/5

    By Bbkingaaa
    My first review ever cause i felt that people had to know. App doesnt work. Website doesnt work. Is this a joke??
  • Poor app and system!!! 1/5

    By Choface72
    I was in a rush and the app simply wouldn't load anything including my reservation, the car location, or the key. So it was getting too late and I had to Uber. Even worse, I was still charged for the reservation. This is unacceptable. The app needs significant improvements. Another time, I was returning a car back to its drop off spot, and literally every street surrounding the location was blocked off for a USC vs. UCLA football game. So I couldn't reach the drop off and resulted in having to extend the time, being told we'd be reimbursed for the extended time. Yet, we were charged the extra amount. This shows very poor oversight and awareness on Maven's end. That car should not be available for use during times when the roads to drop the car off are closed. Despite good customer support, Maven is unreliable and inconsistent for a car sharing company.
  • Don’t waste your time or data 1/5

    By Aintnobody
    First off I never used or was able to use the account and they suspend my account for whatever reason which couldn’t be told to me. So for almost a week I called customer service to try and get a resolution to this problem and every single representative was either dismissive and not knowledgeable in their department or just nonchalant and short with helping me with this problem but knew how to be sarcastically helpful when you tell them that their behavior is unprofessional and disgraceful.
  • Terrible app and service 1/5

    By Keith Bourne
    My review piggy backs off some others on here to validate the truthful of this apps glitch. I go to reserve a vehicle and first my promo code error pops up saying “promo can not be applied at this time” this happened at least 5 separate occasions I have attempted. I attempt the app without promo code and then it says to my surprise my payment is unable to go through. I call and email numerous times the “member service” department but literally they are no help as no one knows anything. I was instructed to contact my financial institution, which I did. I confirmed that there were plenty of funds in my account and that there were no blocks or restrictions on my account. It was been months now since I first brought this to Mavens attention and still not only do I not have a resolution buy I change even get the decency of a call back or email. At this point I am done with Maven and I recommend to anyone else not to waste your time. Hopefully the reviews will get so low they are forced to actually respond to customers who are willing and able to use their service. Very disappointing and not worth anymore of my time.
  • The only car share app you’ll ever need 5/5

    By Chicago111112446894
    There are apps that you download for a day and apps you keep for a lifetime. I’ve downloaded and used other car/ridesharing apps before like zip car. Maven has been the best experience so far. The app needs a little updating but the service is remarkable. My car was brand new and had great features that enabled me to enjoy my ride and safely get from point A to B. I was skeptical by how simple if it. I didn’t need to speak to an agent, I simply downloaded the app, scheduled my trip via that app, and unlocked my rental car through my phone. This app is perfect for my IKEA trips and stocking my apartment for football parties and other events. You’ve earned a lifelong customer!!
  • Awesome Service 5/5

    By Porologist
    I normally don’t write reviews but I’m writing this one because I don’t understand why Maven has such bad reviews. I’ve used Maven about five times so I’m relatively new, but all my experiences went flawlessly. There is a convenient location by my apartment and the cars are all very nice with all the features they have. Making and extending a reservation is super easy. The price is fair and it’s great not having to pay for gas. It was really nice being able to get a car almost instantly when I needed one and I would definitely use Maven again.
  • Shame on you 1/5

    By Charley31a94l
    I’m an Uber driver and I can’t believe the other reviews I’m reading about this app and what my friend experienced!! This is a scam. It’s all about holding peoples money..Ride-share drivers already have it hard, so we don’t need another company taking advantage of us! they take your money and hold it for weeks and you have to relentlessly persist to get it back..technically that’s all they have to do make a profit. They call that a pyramid scheme ..!!! You get your money back after weeks and weeks but they profit by holding your money. I agree with one of the reviews they should return your money with an extra $50 for the hassle.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By James235824773
    Overall: Needs some work but worth trying, and it’s good to see some competition in the market. Pros: - Cars are nicer than zipcar - No monthly fees - Unlock with phone, no need to keep track of zipcard Cons: - Bluetooth lock/unlock through the phone app has some bugs and is a little spotty (I had to turn off/on Bluetooth to get it to work). - Customer service is friendly but kind of unresponsive (requests go into a queue and resolution can come back in days or, in my case, months). - I didn’t see an easy way to extend my reservation. Zipcar texts you to extend.
  • 😊 5/5

    By Maur331
    My experience with Maven has been great thus far. The customer service is great. Especially when i had to call for things such as leaving my glasses in the cars or something. The Maven and onStar team are very helpful and nice. Never had a problem with a Maven rep. I’ve been a member for about 6 months. And the cars are usually very clean or at least 80% of the way clean. I’ve had one bug issue though. (I live in Detroit)I booked a Tahoe for a few hours. Once I got to the parking garage I went to the Maven Parking Spots and got the Tahoe. amAs I was leaving I had to swipe the parking pass. So I grab it and bring it to the card reader and nothing so I try so many times and nothing is working. Then I noticed the card was for the parking garage #1 not #2 and since they are owned by two different companies the parking passes can’t be used for the opposite garage. So bottom line is, the Maven operator had to talk to the garage attendant and he can’t let me out, the Operator was very nice and kind but she couldn’t help very much, the Tahoe is simply in the wrong place and I didn’t bring any cash to pay the $30 parking fee. The Maven rep offered a Malibu instead, but I declined because I needed the Tahoe. I was disappointed at the issue, because I felt as if Maven should have more knowledge of where their cars are being parked. But mistakes happen So I ended up with no car, cancelled plans and $100 in Credit thanks to the Lady, so it wasn’t all that bad. Also they didn’t charge me for anything. I still use Maven every now and then. The point of telling that experience was show how something went wrong but they handled the situation as best as they could, and I appreciate that
  • The Worst - do not rely on this service 1/5

    By Gibs 1988
    I researched and signed up for this service a week or so ago. I don't have a car but occasionally have to drive to client offices for work. This sounded perfect for me since there are many cars nearby and I could utilize Maven whenever I needed a car. I planned on using Maven for the first time tomorrow and was using the app to book my car for tomorrow. My reservation kept getting cancelled so I called Mavens help desk seeking help. I was told that they could see the cancelled reservations and it was likely my banks fault. I was a little skeptical because my bank generally won't decline any charges that small. I called the bank and was told they don't have any charge requests. I figured whatever I'll just try a different card. After putting in a new card to the Maven app, MY ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED FOR TOO MANY CANCELATIONS!!! I didn't cancel anything, you did!! I called to see what they could do since now I was relying on them to have a car tomorrow, but guess what?? WE CANT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, IT WILL TAKE 5 BUSINESS DAYS TO FIX. That's some BS. The #1 thing any transportation service should focus on is reliability and Maven is anything but reliable. They're a joke. Unhelpful, unreliable, and they don't even care about it. If i was in management at Maven, I would seriously consider making some major changes if you want this venture to work out. Seems like a lot of your customers are very dissatisfied and nothing is being done about it. What a joke. Avoid this service at all costs.
  • Stick with ZipCar 1/5

    By TheReview87
    In the 10 years that I have had an iPhone I have never written a review. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app. I downloaded the app on November 11th and was instantly approved to drive that day. I saw the other reviews and notice a lot of them talked about the car not being there when they arrived. Therefore, I went to the Maven spot BEFORE I was going to make a reservation just to make sure the car was there. Taught a Lyft and paid $14 to get to my closest Maven garage. The car was indeed there. I went to reserve the car and the app told me my payment wasn’t being accepted. My American Express was the card payment on file. After trying several times it locked me out. When the call was place, the agent told me, they actually do nothing. They just provide instructions on how to use the car. Membership services, which is only available via email AND on the weekdays handled the “major” issues. As a professional business traveler this was absolutely RIDICULOUS. Stick with a rental or zipcar! It’s to risky...
  • Sigh 1/5

    By MJK440
    Lol, so bad. Should be called an app for those who want to try to rent a car but really want to spend time on the phone with customer service reps who tell you they can’t help you right now and have to submit a ticket by email that’ll be addressed in 3 business days. If you actually want to rent from Maven plan accordingly I guess. And they still owe me like 20 bucks btw.
  • Superb Service! A1 5/5

    By JoviiHENDRIX
    Great experience with these guys! Especially Bob! When I couldn't find answers he reached out personally and got things in order for me. He's one of the big bosses! So for him to take time and email me back and forth A1A+!!!

  • Great experiences -- fabulous alternative to Zip 5/5

    By Moddane
    Maven is a well thought-out and welcome choice in car-sharing. I've been a Zip user for several years now and have witnessed and suffered through the downslide into dirty cars, changed reservations with no warning, and indifferent service. I've been using Maven for about four months now and am SO pleased they seem happy to have my business. The app is slightly clunky when searching but I suspect that will smooth out over time. I also LOVE that I just need my phone -- no extra card. The usual rules apply -- 1/4 tank of gas (they pay), don't be late and leave it like you found it. Ultimately sharing is about consideration and so far, I'm super happy with Maven's thoughtful entrance into this market.
  • Overall brilliant innovation 4/5

    By eroticpeke
    Was looking for ways to get from SF to MV. Google ads shows maven. Got lucky there was a car available 5 minutes from my hotel. The car is nice and lock unlock feels fast and smooth enough. No extra hustle, overall super nice experience. But. 1. Where is the in-car WiFi password? It is supposed to be on the main screen. I want to save my data very badly! 2. Why is the launching loading so slow? Has the orchestration layer finally been out of control? I’m outdoor when first time using it. Imagine my reaction if I’m indoor without WiFi. 3. Clean up the reservation main screen! So many information but not all needs to be there. For example That two license can be somewhere called car detail or a tooltip. All I care is car image, start and end time, WiFi password. That portion of the screen is so messy. That’s all. Keep delivering new feature!
  • A shame 1/5

    By Esclown
    Signed up logged in reserved a car then the app failed my reservation was canceled and to top it off I have been locked out of the account. What part of this work?
  • My license was denied!!! 1/5

    By DC from detroit
    You guys are losing out on service because someone must have a perfect driving record for 5 years!!!!! That’s just ridiculous. It’s not many people out here that’s like that and I think it’s not fair.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Samsonpup
    I haven’t had any of the issues as described by other reviewers. The app has a good interface and there’s no issues with the cars or finding/unlocking/using them.
  • AVOID!!!!- Thieves! One is a star too many 1/5

    By :!!!!!
    I’d rate them lower if I could. Reserved a car two days ago, only to show up and the vehicle is not there. Call them, reservation is changed to one that is there, thought everything was solved. Only to find out that the reservation was for an hour after I needed it and there was no way to change it. I asked for full cancellation and refund; they refused and said they’d enter a case for “appropriate compensation”. After I mentioned the BBB, the operator hung up on me. I was never given a case number and the new reservation (unused) was never cancelled by her. I’ll be doing a stop payment/dispute with my bank because I’m getting charged for a car that I never got to use at the contracted time. To top it off, I now have to pay $50 for a missed wedding dress fitting and miss work to make it up!
  • Seemed promising but... 4/5

    By Tongtran007
    Edited review: I wrote to Maven and they promptly gave me a one time refund. Great costumer service but keep an eye on your return time. My first time using maven was good until I returned it late. I reserved it for three hours but brought it back 20mins late. Because of this I was also with late fees and late penalty of more than 50dollars. The late fee was more than my total reservation! Why can't I return it anytime and just get charge the appropriate rate. The high late fees is just another way to tip off costumers and pisses them off. I wrote to Mave Sept 30 but still no reply. I had high hopes for this new car sharing program but unfortunately its my first and last time using maven.
  • Sounds good .... sike !!! 1/5

    By 💋💋Kyss
    So I never do this but I had too. I love the idea of maven but in reality it’s horrible. I have rented from them once(experience was wonderful), then it went to trash I have been locked out of my account for months now and every time I call they tell me my account has been suspended. Wait Every month ???? Then we get a supervisor to “Un-suspend it “ and we are back to the issue of me still not being able to use their service. 😟😟🤬🤬. I guess I will just stick with the old school way of renting....
  • It would be nice if the APP worked 1/5

    By Rob La Blob
    This is the WORSE designed App I’ve ever tried to use and the customer support is worse. Maven Gig would be a great thing otherwise. I had to drive 20 miles to the rental office to complete what should be possible on the App. Many bugs! Please improve it.
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By E-CL1PP1N
    This App Is Amazing Period!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By fatmandandan
    They removed me from the service and I only got to use the car for half the time I rented it forb
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By GoWings528
    I had a great experience with Maven! Very convenient and easy to use. Love it!
  • Apps is wrong or the company 1/5

    By Amornuncadejadeser
    Just download the app I was going to give it a try, OMG I can’t sing up and it keeps saying, Error occurred please verify your Address, this app checks your Address from the DMV or what, I just move to San Fernando and can’t add my new Address or this app is only works if I live or have an address in Los Angeles, I check one of their site and is just seven minutes from where I am, bad App sorry going to use Turo instead, Bye Bye
  • Nothing but positive experiences! 5/5

    By brandon_bell
    I have no idea why this app has gotten such negative reviews, I’ve only had positive experiences with Maven. The car was great, they pay for the gas, reserving the vehicle was easy, and I didn’t have issues with them cancelling or anything like that. New users: Definitely register some days in advance before you need a car, because they have to verify your license. And also: They’ll put either a $75 hold or the charge of your rental on your card (whichever is greater) until after your reservation is over. But I thoroughly enjoyed Maven, especially with no yearly fees. I think it’s much more affordable than other options out there, with their cheapest vehicles being $8/hour.
  • 4 months later 1/5

    By ta'meeka
    Still waiting on member services to let me know why my account was suspended. I’ve contacted them multiple times and get the same late excuse as to nobody can reach member services. This is the worst rideshare app ever.
  • Wow. Just Wow (as in BAD) 1/5

    By KnowWonder
    Dear developers, I have just read almost every negative review about this rental service. You keep reading that people are infuriated with your exceedingly lame customer service regarding most aspects of the rental, and the you stupidly infuriate them more by responding to their “one star reviews” by patronizing them with, “dear sir/ma’am, we are sorry to hear about blah blah blah”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Your terribly cold and worthless responses to these people just VALIDATED why they hate this app and you as “customer service”. You really can’t see it??? Hire some truly competent PR people and AT LEAST offer an immediate refund plus a bonus of $50 for the giant hassle you just put these people through... I can’t begin to fathom your blindness in this. JUST READ YOUR 2/5 rating!!! It’s staring you in the face and you keep blindly respond so incredibly rudely and impersonally. Get some real people in there with real heart aptitude’s. Wow, just wow!!!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Bkingram
    Extremely limited availability. SUV’s in Denver do not have a daily rate option.

    By andreaneverewrong
    I downloaded this app two months ago but it did not work for even once. I had to change the plan of my entire day for THREE TIMES because the App reported errors. The last time I was able to login and try to rent the car, I was told that my account was "locked because too many failed attempt". I still had a hope then for the app to work so I called the customer service number. BUT NO. After at least 8 phone calls and 2 IN PERSON complaints over the last month, Maven was not even able to even unlock my account let alone rent a car. So, the moral of the story is DON'T USE THIS FRAUD OF AN APP.
  • Unreliable, terrible app, wildly overpriced 1/5

    By Rocabar99
    This is an awful attempt by GM. You can see why they keep losing share to other automakers. The interface is awful, the pricing makes 0 sense. You are way better off just renting from anyone else or silvercar. Its so bad its almost like they want it to fail.
  • do not suggest to anyone 1/5

    By macnazar
    the worst of the worst
  • Needs Serious Updating 2/5

    By Annoyed Ty
    I have used Maven twice for personal use. That first experience was difficult. However the second time I knew what to expect to some extent. However I am interested in using for car sharing but have to switch from personal to business use and meaning if I decide to business I can no longer just use personal. I think that Maven should update this to allow users to have the options for both.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By USMC173D
    I made a reservation about a day and a half in advance. I was renting a Cadillac Escalade (one of their most expensive per-day rentals $220 before tax). The day comes and I received notifications that it was almost time for my rental. I Uber’ed to the location to pick up the Cadillac from the car shop, costing about 40 bucks. I called Maven to ensure that the vehicle was available and ready and was assured it was PRIOR to getting onto the freeway. I arrived to find no Escalade, called Maven, was told it was actually still being used and all the way in Glendale. Maven cancels my reservation and helped me create a new one, guarantees 20% off the new reservation and sends me on my way. After I return the 2nd rental (which I also had to uber to in atrocious traffic) I find I’ve been charged for both the first AND second rental. On top of that, I never received the 20% off for the second rental! I had emailed customer service the day this all started and then followed up after returning the rental to find out what the heck was going on and, 13 days later, have not heard back. Every time I call customer service the supervisor is magically unavailable and I have been robbed of over $1,000. I am sad to say that it has come to me contacting my attorney due to the horrible customer service and the absolute ineptitude of their staff simply refunding me for a rental I was NEVER able to use because it was not there as promised. Disgusting beyond all belief. Do not use Maven. They take your money and run, hiding behind their call takers and letting them take the abuse from angry customers. I’ve even contacted the BBB of Los Angeles to hopefully have them removed as a service in our city. Heartless, greedy, despicable thieves.
  • Beware. They cancel already made reservations. 1/5

    By alexlernera4
    They canceled my reservation on a holiday weekend and claimed my card didn’t have funds, which was incorrect. I had made my reservation over the phone because the app is horrible, not user friendly. The rep at maven was unable to assist in the situation, other then sending the matter to an escalation department which I could expect a response in 2 to 3 days. They have the worst customer service which is run by on star. Which they aren’t able to handle the car share needs. They don’t have enough vehicles to rectify situations. Check the completion before renting from Maven. Will never to business again with Maven.
  • Car search doesn’t work :( 2/5

    By Joforeal
    Cannot find cars on map view.

    By NatalSwagpal
    If I could give this company/app a negative rating I would. My reservation was made 48 hrs in advance then 2 hrs prior to the trip I received an email saying my trip had been cancelled. No explanation. Then I attempted to log in to the app but MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN SUSPENDED with no reason as to why. My card had been charged $75 + $28. I called and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was placed on hold for 30 mins and they hung up on me. Called again at 10:00PM EST- was told that the supervisor was on their "lunch break". Asked where the office was located and they said THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. My money has still not been refunded and I have not been able to speak to a supervisor because this person does not exist. This app is a scam and GM should be ashamed of itself for coming up with this garbage scheme.
  • Really good service but can improve 1/5

    By Tlander25
    My experience with maven I can describe it as good with few let downs... in my case I just recently tried on Labor Day cuz it was the only one available that day( A plus) made reservation the day before an once I got there my car wasn’t there at all previous user was suppose to drop off the car at 4:00 am and my reservation was at 8:30 am so I called customer service and although could it be better the person who answered told me that they can give me another car that was at that location BUT they will charge me for the new reservation ( remember they already charged me for the first one) cuz there was no supervisor that can authorize a free ride due to the holiday and they will reimburse the money afterwards.... finally I get into the car at 10 am and when it was time to return the car I had the same problem with the app log me out and my account was blocked... had to call customer service to ended up the trip and charge me 50 dollars late fee cuz the app fault. You guys have to work with that. Update: 10/06/17 I was trying to add another debt card into my account as of today I just got an email saying they cancel my membership the reason being I violated terms and conditions of my membership.... they didn’t even try to seek a solution to the problem it’s shame that such a company treat clients like that... shame!... I’ll be taking my business to Zipcar gladly.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By James Dipolo
    Maven gig is a waste of time they will overcharge you and on top of that you won't get the insurance for your car and the customer support is useless is been a week and nothing worst experience ever
  • Cannot even sign up 1/5

    By yecye
    Worst experience ever!
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Darian Alexiss
    There are so many things I could say. First off I've used the service plenty of times and I have had an issue with them once before but at the time I felt I could push threw it and give them the benefit of the doubt. However the biggest issue is still an ongoing problem. I reserved a vehicle on the weekend, received the confirmation and everything. Then the next morning I noticed that the ride was cancelled, I checked my bank account and they still took well over the amount that was needed. I called the number provided and was told I had to e-mail member services and wait until Monday (the day I needed the vehicle) to be able to speak to someone. This was because they are closed on the weekend. Then I e-mailed them multiple times never received anything back. I had to wake up at 8am on Monday to try to get someone to help me. I didn't get a response until 2pm only stating that the would look into the problem. Also I tried to speak to a supervisor and I was told the supervisor wasn't there and no one could tell me when they would be in. I called back at 2pm and finally got a supervisor only for her to tell me she couldn't do anything about the situation. And today they completely took the money and I never got to use the vehicle. I've called back to speak to the same supervisor and she was there but she was on break so I was told to call back an hour later. So all in all they have horrible customer service, there's no one on staff on a consistent basis to help you in any situation. They aren't a reliable company when it comes to there company. They have poor communication skills, very unprofessional.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By mdj.1342
    Worst experience
  • Great Cars + Functionality 5/5

    By Ifly4fun2
    I don’t know why this has been getting negative experience has been great. The app is nice, and the cars are amazing. I rented out a Cadillac ATS 2017 with a turbocharged engine for only $10/hr, the same price as renting a Ford Focus from ZipCar! Due to the quality of cars and prices, I think this is the best ride sharing app out there (although Zipcar has FAR more locations).
  • Frequent SF User 4/5

    By BlackWolffee
    As a college student with no car in the city. I use Maven to explore the Bay Area. Cars a well kept and very clean, I love using them. The only complaint I have of Maven is their customer service. Many times I have been locked out of my account switching my bank cards and taking almost 2-3 weeks for them to respond for them to unlock my account. I’ve missed out on so many trips with this incident. However one time they did reward me with a promo code after taking 3 weeks.

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