Maven – Car sharing

Maven – Car sharing

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Maven – Car sharing App

A more connected, seamless car sharing experience. We offer two convenient services: Maven Car Sharing: Cars on demand for personal use. Maven Gig: Cars for ride share/delivery driving. WHAT IS MAVEN CAR SHARING? • Free lifetime membership. No application fee. • Low hourly and daily rates. Gas & insurance included. • Free, unlimited 4G LTE WiFi in every car. • Use a car from one hour, up to 28 days. Maven gives you access to new cars, loaded with technology. In 12 cities across the U.S., you can get a car or SUV for errands, a weekend trip, moving day, or anything else! Signing up is easy. Simply download the app and submit your driver’s license and a valid credit card – you won’t be charged anything until you make a reservation. Once approved, you can reserve a car immediately! No need to wait for an access card – everything from reserving to unlocking the car is done right in the app. INTRODUCING MAVEN GIG Now you can use Maven Gig to drive to earn money! With Maven Gig, you can rent a car for as little as one week to drive for any ride sharing service, as well as delivery services such as Roadie, GrubHub, and Instacart. Insurance, maintenance, unlimited miles, and charging for the Chevrolet Bolt EV are all included. To become a Maven Gig member, simply: • Be 21 years or older. • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license with a safe driving record. • Provide a valid credit or debit card. For more information about Maven and Maven Gig: Get in touch: or 1-844-HIMAVEN


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Maven – Car sharing app reviews

  • Great Cars + Functionality 5/5

    By Ifly4fun2
    I don’t know why this has been getting negative experience has been great. The app is nice, and the cars are amazing. I rented out a Cadillac ATS 2017 with a turbocharged engine for only $10/hr, the same price as renting a Ford Focus from ZipCar! Due to the quality of cars and prices, I think this is the best ride sharing app out there (although Zipcar has FAR more locations).
  • Frequent SF User 4/5

    By BlackWolffee
    As a college student with no car in the city. I use Maven to explore the Bay Area. Cars a well kept and very clean, I love using them. The only complaint I have of Maven is their customer service. Many times I have been locked out of my account switching my bank cards and taking almost 2-3 weeks for them to respond for them to unlock my account. I’ve missed out on so many trips with this incident. However one time they did reward me with a promo code after taking 3 weeks.
  • Making changes on reservation 1/5

    By SilvanaSilva
    The app concept is nice, but it really doesn't work. Very frustrating to deal with!
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Bostonbird
    Maven canceled my reservation mid trip and now the car is stuck in my garage. They wanted to use my car for test drives and cancel my contract. Stay far away!
  • MISERABLE app 1/5

    By Noël V
    I was on the fence due to the horrible reviews, but I figure I'd look at the cars since sometimes I like to drive around to things in style...I like to treat myself. But first off, you need to give your Drivers License information and credit card information BEFORE YES THATS RIGHT, BEFORE you can even look at any cars....and fine. Whatever, I DON'T like the idea of an app requiring that information before I've even committed to anything, but I decided to do it anyway. It says my information is invalid. Which it's not, tried it 10 different ways, won't let me sign up. Ridiculous. Not worth the trouble. Not worth even exploring since there are so many other options and if your app doesn't even have proper database retrieval, then bugger off.
  • WORST experience ever! HORRIBLE customer service 1/5

    By DollDreams
    I didn't even get to use their cars tags the sad part. I made a reservation for 24 hours received confirmation and I headed out to the station to pick up said car when I arrived. I go into the app where it tells me it had been cancelled mind you they had charge my bank card 2x!!! So I proceed to call customer service since I had made my way all the way there to see what was the issue. When I spoke to the rep she explained to me that " my account was suspended" (keep in my this is my first time ever attempting to make a reservation) I asked her why that was the case and she didn't know. So I ask her "why was I allowed to make a reservation to begin with and then charged twice for it. She tells me she doesn't know and there is nothing she can do but I can speak to her supervisor Kevin and he wasn't much help. He told me to email member services and they'd get back to me within 5 days to review the account. I tell him at this point I could care less about the account being suspended, I just want my money back immediately. He tells me there's nothing he can do bc he has to get in contact with member services himself and has no contact info for them other than email smh. Thankfully my bank was amazing and blocked these charges bc if I had to deal with maven directly about my money I'd be screwed. NEVER rent from them. ReachNow is way better and even Enterprise car sharing is better!
  • User experience is awful 2/5

    By Demven
    Can't even use this total piece of ****!
  • 👺 GIVE ME ALL YOUR INFO ‼️ 1/5

    Seriously... I just downloaded this app to simply peruse and look over options and prices... next thing I know I have to enter addresses, emails, driver's license, credit card, and more just to start using the app. DELETED. Why would I give all my info to an app I have NO idea about?!
  • No support!! Stay away! Absolutely the worst service 1/5

    By Matt 0526
    Maven's customer support doesn't exist. The agents who answer the phone are useless as they create a "ticket" for another department. Their email support hasn't responded to me in over a week. No response. Not even a reply back acknowledging my support request. Still waiting to hear from them as im due for a refund. Don't suggest using as they have no support.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Yoyo1223hdjdj
    Maven is still not fully operating. Poor costumer service and no cars. My account is pending for 2 months for license review.
  • My ride was smooth son 5/5

    By Simple Saving is key
    I was looking for a ride from my friends. Uber was crazy expensive. I only needed a ride for a few hours. Literally, under $20 and included gas. I'd say if it's in your area give it a try.
  • Epic fail 1/5

    By i88gRc2L$
    First time I tried to use Maven I found that the car wasn't at the lot (after a 20 minute walk to get there). I then learned that the car would be available for 30 minutes and the only option was to walk another 20 minutes to the closest alternative lot. So I can't actually give a review of the experience because I cancelled the trip. Disappointed, wanted to be a fan.
  • I have never written a review but I feel the need to warn others on how poor this service is 1/5

    By Guy who screwed over from lyft
    Rented a car in Denver this Sunday and there were so many issues that I will attempt to list them all. First of all the car wasn't even there for pick up which made us take a $20 Uber to the next location where there was a car available. Then when we go to the next location the reservation wasn't available for another 30 minutes because there "instant unlock didn't work"and offed no other solution than wait for it to unlock. So we waited in the 98 degree heat (which is not in even a remotely safe area). Then the issues returning the car.... As a remedy for having to go to another location because the car wasn't in the first location they offered to give us a 4am return time instead of 1am. This would have been nice had they honored it. They set it for 3am and we could not get out of the car for 30 while speaking with the rudest costumer assistant agents I've ever had this displeasure of speaking with. They finally let us out of the car however since we weren't at the drop off location they offered no remedy and told us we would be charged a fee for there own lies of the drop off time. This is the worst scam of a service I've ever felt with. Honestly unless you want to have your holiday trip ruined due to timing issues caused by maven do NOT use this service. You are way better off just ubering or using zip car. Maven if you are reading this I fully expect this situation to be remedied or I will be disputing this with the bank and telling them you are a bunch of scammers.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By matlion315
    I've used maven twice in one weekend. Needing a car pronto and this is readily available. Turo is a little more long term and requires an extensive amount of communication. Just a tip, If you're at your reserved car and it isn't connecting close your app all the way and re open. It will reload and work properly.
  • Better than Zipcar and Getaround 5/5

    By Brad Birdsall
    Better cars than zipcar. Better experience than getaround. Maven is great for quick trips or long weekend getaways. Also, save $15 off your first trip with code BRADLEY0086!!!! 🚗🚗🚗
  • Remarkably Bad Customer Service 1/5

    By yoyoyomanyo
    I experienced a number of issues when first using the maven service including the vehicle smelling of cigarette smoke and being trapped in a parking garage. I've contacted "member services" 3 times over email, twice on the phone, had two different support cases opened and have yet to have anyone address these issues. They claim to have a response time of 5 business days or less but that is a flagrant lie. Don't use this service. I'd recommend Turo instead.
  • By far the worst car sharing app 1/5

    By Ivangreen93
    I knew it was too good to be true, today I was running late for a job interview because from the start I get NO SUPPORT, my reservation got cancelled upon entering the car, 15 William Street garage in NYC smdh...I call customer support for help regarding the cancelled reservation while still driving looking to park but all I get was: my account being closed for no reason and had to return the car to this complicated location...Hopefully I get my money back and btw GM just lost a customer
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By krishna03
    This company set up a promotional event at my work and offered a coupon. I booked my first ride using that coupon and after the ride, they charged me full amount. I called them up asking why I was charged the full amount when I had the coupon. They said the coupon is for $75 and my bill was $65.10. So it can't be applied. Seriously? That was my first ride and I can confidently say that was my last.
  • Decent service in theory, slow flaky app, cars have a lot of problems 1/5

    By asus389
    The app is in theory good, but it takes too long to connect to the car and sometimes won't connect at all. I have been stuck because of problems with the maven app and or the car software not communicating. Cars all had problems even though they are low miles new cars. Customer care is friendly but inefficient. Would be a good service if they ran it better. Edit: There appears to only be one car in the entire fleet in my city that doesn't have a problem or smell like cigarettes or enormous amounts of perfume. The customer service is inefficient and difficult. Nothing is ever resolved if you have an issue or need to change something about a reservation. They just tell you to send an email to their member services team which never gets back to you.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Niki-JT
    Could never log onto the app after they took my money.
  • Horrible and over priced. 1/5

    By chrisgwright
    Who would pay those prices to rent a bloody car. Do yourself a favor and go use orbitz or Turo instead. Also the app is super glitchy and drains battery like crazy.
  • Update your App! 1/5

    By Velocityz
    Fix your app to accept ALL address I can't even create an account! I constantly get an error message to check if my information is correct, when I know it's 100% correct....SMH
  • Completely fail to work 2/5

    By KimMama76
    Registered 1 week before a trip. Only needed a car for a few hours planned my whole day around this. Customer service were really nice but could not do things for me. I thought everything was fine I got to the car it would not register my reservation. After a few calls with customer service they could not process my card by phone. After 30 mins trying to figure it out with various customer service, I was late been in the parking lot too long. Took an uber. Am missing my meeting
  • 4+ 4/5

    By Crimanles
    What the hell were you guys thinking 4+
  • Bad Bad Bad 1/5

    By adwiteeya
    I almost fee like this is a scam Never heard back from support and my promotional balance just vanished automatically
  • Cool app and unique service 5/5

    By tcallquest
    This is hugely popular and I get it with the low rates which include gas and insurance. App can be buggy but it gets better with each release.
  • #Killingit 5/5

    By Jessica Vigueras
    Here at Elements Festival with Carmen & Adam #suchagreat team & Maven #amazing! I'm so stoked to begin 😁
  • Customer Service is nonexistent 1/5

    By Moymoyyy
    I couldn't even sign up for this app bc it wouldn't recognize my drivers license. I've emailed member support twice (3 weeks apart) about signing up and gotten ZERO response. I can only imagine what they would do if I drove one of their cars and had a real issue to deal with.
  • UX 👎🏻 2/5

    By Yuri453
    Guys improve your UX, it's ridiculous to ask me to set up everything by creating a new account at my first enter. I wish to have an easier way figure out what I will get inside if the app, check prices or availability of cars, for all those points just login through fb is enough.
  • Wow shockingly terrible app experience 1/5

    By Hduhevvjjcuff
    Horrible app
  • Why... 1/5

    By Musclyman246
    Heard about this app and was extremely excited to utilize it for my next trip. Open the app and I see prices that are worst than car rental places. Then I thought ok, maybe the niche market they're looking for is hourly rentals, but even then, it still didn't make sense to me! $10/hour is fine if I'm desperate and it's long distance? But even then I could just uber! In fact on TURO you can rent out a car for $20 and that too for a whole day! So my question to the app developer is why...why create such an app without thinking all of this through! Sorry, I'm a creative director and brand developer for many companies, so I'm kinda harsh sometime with my critiques, but this was kinda disappointing. Really hope to see this app improve and change their model so they can become a direct competitor of TURO or SKURT! (Directly to the developers, check those apps out and make a better version of those please! If you need a little help, just contact me!)
  • Language problem 1/5

    By Firepiplup
    I was exploring the app before I signed up, and I went to the FAQ. It's entirely in Spanish, which I do not speak. Keep in mind, there is no language setting and the rest of the app is in English.
  • Repeat NYC User 4/5

    By Snowman74
    It's interesting to read the poor reviews. Fortunately, I have not had those experiences. I've used the Maven service several times and each time the app was easy to use. From reserving a car to ending the trip, it's simple and easy to use. One thing I'd like to see is more assurance that cars are clean and users are not abusing the cars. I recently got into a car and it smelled like cigarette smoke, ashes were riddled over the console and dashboard, and there was garbage spread around. I didn't have time to ask for a new car, but notified customer service. I'll update my review once I hear back. I sent the email a day ago. This experience won't deter me from using the service. I'll just make sure to clean the car at the start of the trip and submit the cost for reimbursement. Look forward to my next ride with Maven.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Fishesofhawaii
    The application works as expected and has a slick design.
  • Amazing app and service! 5/5

    By demarie143
    Loved everything about my experience! The app was super easy to use (you don't even need keys or a card like other services). I didn't have to pay for gas and was able to connect my phone and have access to all my music and use Apple Maps. The car was brand new and had tons of upgrades. I had a small question and reached out to them and got a quick and friendly response. I would highly recommend over other car sharing options.
  • Works as promised. 5/5

    By dmjanis
    Super easy to find and get a car.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By freezsj
    I don't know why I first can't rent the car (with error), though I successfully enter the credit card info. Later on I can't even log in. I email the customer service but got no reply. Changing password doesn't work either.
  • Want to learn more before giving credit card info 3/5

    By peper21
    I think it's important to be able to view the app and discover the benefits it has to offer before I give my credit card information. I searched around on Airbnb for months planning a vacation before I entered payment info. Learn from other successful apps.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Kshushu22
    Love how they offer new cars with tons of features! Super easy to use, love that it's all from an app.
  • It's ok 3/5

    By It's a great app blah
    It's ok
  • Cars can be missing or cancelled on you 1/5

    By turing_machine
    The app is unable to let you know that there are problems with a reservation, and you can't make another reservation. We showed up on time for our reservation only to be told the car was not returned so tough luck. GM / Maven is not set up for situations where cars are not returned. Was also told by Onstar they were talking to their manager when, in reality, all they were doing is trying to reach the person who was late by 1 1/2 hours. They then cancelled the reservation, charged us the full amount and left us hanging. Horrible product and GM / Onstar service.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Kirbymonster
    Horrible application. Couldn't even create a payment profile and then I was locked out of my account...don't even bother. Take your business elsewhere.
  • Horrible customer support and app 1/5

    By Shali_334
    Idk if the app itself is bad but as many others have stated, I was also locked out of my account randomly. When I contacted Maven, they said my account was locked and they would email customer care to have them contact me. A week later, I still had not heard back from them so I called again and got the same response. I never heard from them for another week, so I tried creating a new account. Was denied for the new account in a matter of 48 hours but I found it ironic that still, no one had reached out about helping me get into my locked account. I emailed to explain the whole story again and ask why I was denied and got a generic response a week later... still no help in regard to getting access to my locked account. I replied that I would be taking my business to Zipcar due to the incompetence of their customer care. Don't waste your time, Maven is not worth the frustration!
  • Wont accept signup; just says error 2/5

    By p... o...
    This sounds like a great idea. Looks like bunch of cars i am excited about. However signup wont let me past and just says error and to check my info. Ive checked. Ive tried three times today.
  • "Starts Now" doesn't actually mean now! 1/5

    By the_new_me_91
    When confirming a reservation time, I set a start time of now. It picked a time 1 hour in the future! One hour from now isn't now! 😡
  • Works great and the Cars of the top trim level. 5/5

    By Freeman_Seven
    It is a great service. You just have to understand how it works. All the cars are loaded with features unlike the barebone cars you get from other services. I rent cars regularly and I would highly recommend Maven.
  • Maven at Jersey City 5/5

    By logyfox
    There are only two cars in Jersey City at the moment -- both at the Oakman apartments. The two cars there were very clean. I took the Chevrolet Volt hybrid power car and it was a pleasure to drive. The mobile remote control worked fine and the process was seamless. I'm trying a whole day of renting this weekend and hopefully it will worked out great as well.
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By Great joy123568
    We tried to rent a car today but faced multiple setbacks with the app and eventually gave up.
  • Confused and unsatisfactory 1/5

    By reighns_mami
    I really wanted to use the services but never got the change but my account got lock due to me entering my password wrong then after I talk to a rep who was slightly rude was told to email member services ... got an email two days later and was informed my account was closed with no explanation I really wanted to use the service but never got the chance too I never even got to put my card info in, call back again got a more polite rep and even she was confused about why the account was closed and had to look into it and said I will receive an email in five days ... how can I get approved and denied in a matter of three days for something I never got to use over my account being lock ? If this issue can be cleared up I would still use it but customer friendly it is not at the moment

    By 4699lay
    Tried to charge me $450 for three days for a Cadilac CTS, But I rented Mercedes Benz C 300 for for $101 for the same amount of days on another app called Turo . . . . . .Long story short download Turo this app is trash and Turo is better🤷🏾‍♂️

Maven – Car sharing app comments


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