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Maven – Car sharing

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Maven – Car sharing App

A more connected, seamless car sharing experience. We offer two convenient services: Maven Car Sharing: Cars on demand for personal use. Maven Gig: Cars for ride share/delivery driving. WHAT IS MAVEN CAR SHARING? • Free lifetime membership. No application fee. • Low hourly and daily rates. Gas & insurance included. • Free, unlimited 4G LTE WiFi in every car. • Use a car from one hour, up to 28 days. Maven gives you access to new cars, loaded with technology. In 12 cities across the U.S., you can get a car or SUV for errands, a weekend trip, moving day, or anything else! Signing up is easy. Simply download the app and submit your driver’s license and a valid credit card – you won’t be charged anything until you make a reservation. Once approved, you can reserve a car immediately! No need to wait for an access card – everything from reserving to unlocking the car is done right in the app. INTRODUCING MAVEN GIG Now you can use Maven Gig to drive to earn money! With Maven Gig, you can rent a car for as little as one week to drive for any ride sharing service, as well as delivery services such as Roadie, GrubHub, and Instacart. Insurance, maintenance, unlimited miles, and charging for the Chevrolet Bolt EV are all included. To become a Maven Gig member, simply: • Be 21 years or older. • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license with a safe driving record. • Provide a valid credit or debit card. For more information about Maven and Maven Gig: Get in touch: or 1-844-HIMAVEN


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  • Super easy 5/5

    By 6603cak
    Really easy. Surprisingly easy, actually. I was approved within two hours. Took a mid sized car... had to follow the signs in the garage, but found the car. It had plenty of gas, seemed clean and didn’t have any funky odors... like a recent rental car I used. Will probably use again next weekend and maybe try. A Cadillac.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Shonte J
    After my first experience with Maven a month ago when trying to reserve a car & was unsuccessful; I was going to give up the app all together. Reading the reviews as well can deter you but I have always been one to try out things for myself first REGUARDLESS of how bad someone else's review may be. I'm glad I did! I enjoyed my reservation. The car I had was a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox; it drove very smoothly! The location(Union Ave MTP-Brooklyn) was very friendly just make sure to check in with the attendant before going to get the car. They won't give you the car key until after you have successfully gotten into the car using your phone to unlock the car. I will definitely do it again!
  • Love Maven! 5/5

    By Jillian7710
    I’ve been using Maven in Boston for the past few months. As a previous zipcar user, I’ve found Maven much easier to use (no extra card needed) and the cars are infinitely better in style and cleanliness. I always hated driving around with the words ZIPCAR plastered all over the sides of the vehicle, I like that Mavens vehicle branding is subtle. I’ve never once had an issue with the app. Zero times. I’m surprised to see some reviews saying that the app is difficult and glitchy - don’t let it deter you for trying Maven, I’ve found every experience with Maven to be fantastic!
  • Worst App and Customer Service 1/5

    By MachineLearningSF
    They have poorly constructed data management which makes using the service next to impossible and the issue is compounded by customer service that never responds via email as required. The call center people can literally do nothing to help you and it’s not their fault, it’s Maven/GM’s fault.
  • Great potential. Hardly dependable. 1/5

    By Jose Z.
    If this services worked smoothly it’d be incredible and competitive amongst car sharing services. However, it feels like any time I use it there are system errors, app errors, bad customer service, horrible UX, and only hourly increments. In an immediate world, waiting an hour to reserve a car seems like way too long. Nice try GM but you’re trying to play in the wrong field. Stick to big trucks and dealerships not tech and user experience.
  • Not ready for prime time 1/5

    By Sammystyles
    I reserved a car in my building’s basement (very convenient) four days ahead. Was so excited to get out of the city for a long-awaited day hike with a dear friend. After an hour of error messages and calls to three different “Maven advisors” (all of whom were lovely but powerless to actually help me) I was forced to give up and cancel the reservation, without ever having opened the car door. The system is really buggy and doesn’t seem ready to be open for business.
  • On way service unreliable 1/5

    By arberx
    While the roundtrip service is fantastic. One way rides are confusing inconsistent and not accurate.
  • Stay away from the service 1/5

    By kompot
    Charged me $218 for no reason- they confirmed I returned the car on time but charged 200 fee because in their system the car was not locked - trying to prove that but customer service said they would escalate my case. Instead, they just closed it. STATUS UPDATE after 4 months: it’s been a while since I opened the case - I got a response that my claim is denied because they lost the case when I contacted my financial institution for a claim - but bank sent me a letter saying that they are denying my claim )) Now I forwarded the letter to maven to show them I did not receive a refund - still no response. Customer support has no power over the e-mail customer service - hard to get to someone who would know the case status... BAD!!!
  • Look elsewhere 1/5

    By Armsellini
    Clunky, buggy app and very unhelpful customer service. Lots of issues with credit card recognition (incorrect charges, claiming negative balance when there was none), and no ability to help me when I called.
  • Absolutely No-brainer best car sharing service!! 5/5

    By R_Nicca
    Whats not to love the convenience of finding the hub where a rental is, the luxurious fleet of cars you have the options of, & the absolutely absolutely BEST customer support team!!! Onstar is soo helpful with anything you may need!! You pay as you go so no long term contracts or membership fees, absolutely comes in handy when you need an extra lift or quick errands. Maven literally has helped in so many ways LOVE u guys!! PS*Thanks 4 comin to the Chi too!!!!
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Dee Reis
    Just used Maven for the first time today(02/09/18) and so far so good! Haven’t had any problems. Though, it wasn't as cheap as I was expecting since I looked around for many stations and none of them had the $8/hr car, however, with my $15 credit it wasn't so bad. Got to the parking lot and the valet assistant brought the car over, he had the car key on his hand and said that i had to open the car with my phone, i tried it and it worked smoothly so he gave me the key as well and i started using the car(Chevy Cruze) which was very clean, easy to drive. It was nice that the car is CarPlay compatible and already had the USB compatible with the Apple port. I didn't use the wifi but saw that the car has 4G LTE WiFi signal. They also have a credit card inside the car in case you need to put more gas. I rarely write reviews and I was a little scared to try out the service based on most of the negative reviews but overall i had a good experience. Yes, I would use it again but depending on what you need it for it may not be worth it(price wise) it ends up being $17.50/hr with tax. This review was not sponsored by Maven nor I received any incentive to do so. I just felt compelled to write because I felt like the business may be hurting from other people’s bad experience but for me so far it’s a 5-star rating.

    By disgusted chels
  • Maven literally saved our anniversary! 5/5

    By jessiLerms
    After our initial rental car plan fell through due to credit card requirements, my husband found this app and it literally saved our anniversary. We were close to taking a bus 3 and a half hours to our destination but Maven saved the day!!! The process was amazingly swift, making sign up, car reservation, and payment a breeze. We made it to our anniversary getaway in an hour and a half! The parking attendant was very kind when we came to pickup and drop-off the car. I love the tips the app had to offer, which made our trip stress free. Thank you so so so much for this. We will definitely be renting more Maven cars soon after our first lovely experience!
  • No customer support 1/5

    By yetAnotherGuy42
    I emailed their support 4 times, got an automated reply that someone would get back to me soon and never heard back.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By Jobbbbba45363
    Poor customer service, rude customer service reps, cars typically smell like smoke or weed. Will not be renting again.
  • Poor execution of a good concept 1/5

    By Brooklynite '94
    When I found about Maven I thought it would address all the shortcomings of the car sharing services I had tried before, including zipcar and car2go: the price seemed to be right, as well as the promise that a simple app would unlock a car and the drive planned. Unfortunately this was not the case: the Bluetooth connection with the iPhone did not work despite numerous tries and calls to customer service (I was also referred to OnStar for support) totaling over 90 min in 2 attempts to use a car earlier today. Very disappointing (and costly; you will be charged for a reservation) experience. Not ready for prime time. Hopefully some whiz kids / programmers will figure out how to have a seamless car sharing service!
  • Better than zip car, very easy to use 5/5

    By ManofChicago
    We don’t own a car but occasionally we use a Maven car. Diving a Cadillac for $12/hr is unbeatable and fun. I like that I can lock and unlock the car using only the app. Reservations are usually available a day in advance and there are a few locations within 3 blocks of our house.
  • Please read!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Meetygf
    At first i was having a great experience there was an issue with gas card not working which was fixed. I had faith in maven And actually was looking forward to writing a positive review but then they ruined it. I extended my reservation several times i was charged and then all of a sudden my last extension was declined by my bank due to suspicious activity maven still extended my reservation even though my card declined which i called bank and got fixed well guess what one day they just shut the car off saying my last extended reservation was declined no notice or anything me and my 9 month old got stranded in the cold i live in Chicago And it wAs freezing our things were stuck in car a stranger paid for us a taxi home it was the worst experience ever
  • Renter beware 1/5

    By Frorelli
    The cars are nice enough and the locations are convenient but Maven is a very poorly run operation. Their competitors offer nice convenience features such as reminders for when to have the car back, credits if the car you rented is broken or out of service and they know when you’ve returned the car. Maven offers none of these things. The worst of it is that they make you manually check out when you drop the car off. If you forget (easy to do if you frequently rent from other companies), they are happy to let the meter run. This will cost you more than $225 PER INCIDENT. Think twice. This company isn’t ready form prime time and you will pay for their shortcomings.
  • Cars are great App Needs serious work 1/5

    By Zipusee
    The Cars are all brand new, well 2017s with lots of technology in them. However the app is awful, it always logs you out if you haven't opened it within 24 hours. It can never find your location and the loading time to find a car is infinite. In addition if you do make it past all the hurtles to rent a car they company doesn't provide Fastrack which gives you access to express lanes in California which is provide with all ZipCar. And the worst of the worst is that although you set your time for use you still have to go back into the app when your done and exit out of the vehicle. Even though they all come with GPS and can tell when the vehicle is on. I didn't know this the first time and was charged over $300 for an hour rental because I didn't go tell them I was finished even though I used the car for 35 minutes. Maybe they'll get it right one day hopefully soon.
  • Good experience, poor app 4/5

    By Jaena Rene
    My experience with Maven was great. Seamless almost, but the app was super finicky. Super slow and would take forever to pull up car options. The app definitely needs improvement!
  • Absolutely horrible service!!! 1/5

    By Meg804
    I used their service for the first and last time. I picked the car up at Union Station in DC. When I went to return the vehicle, the parking lot at Union Station was blocked off due to an emergency. There are Maven spots in my apartment building so I decided to just go and return the car there. A Maven rep had been to our building a couple weeks prior and told me you can return the car to any location, not just the spot you picked it up at. This turned out to be incorrect. When I tried to end the trip I kept getting an error message. I called their customer service and explained the issue. They said I might get charged a fee for returning the car to the wrong place. I told them that because it was impossible to get into the original lot, and because a rep told me wrong information I should not be charged. Their customer service I guess has no control over any fees and couldn’t help. I then sent FIVE unanswered emails to them and called three separate times to talk to someone with no answers and no help. Save yourself the time and struggle and rent a car 2 go or a zip car.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By CarantRivero
    After some trying I’m finally on board with Maven here’s hoping all goes well
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Rebecca Barton
    I have loved using Maven's car sharing service. It is super convenient to be able to reserve a car when I need one. Maven's cars are also a lot nicer than Zipcar's. 10/10 would recommend!
  • SCAM 1/5

    By Mayela 😊😁👍🏽
    No car at the location when being reserved and being charged, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NO REFUND
  • Apparently they don't want money 1/5

    By stablegenius
    For months I wanted to try maven as an alternative to car2go. I signed up and apparently there was a glitch with my account and the system won't recognize my password reset. I've reached out to their customer service on 6+ occasions and they don't respond. Get it together
  • Great service, awful app 1/5

    By sd39
    It’s almost live the developers didn’t even test the app! Awful user experience. When you do get through the atrocious booking process and reserve a car, it’s great
  • All mine 5/5

    By harks91
    Love it!
  • Need changes 3/5

    By Ajtachick
    Our building had Enterprise car share which was great. You could end your trip early in a 4 hour rental and get money back for the 2 hours you didn’t use it! Not with Maven. Sure you can return your car early but you are still charged for the full time you rent. I live in the complex where the car is, it is a nice convenience, but this group is not my favorite.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Stuffen421
    Easy app to use and understand. Easy customer service, very polite and friendly. Will use their services again. Great technology in car.
  • Went back to Zipcar! You will too eventually 1/5

    By Dietk
    I was very excited when I initially saw the Mavens in the same parking lot I normally reserved my Zipcar’s. Seeing the nice newer shiny cars, I was lured away to this app and started using them religiously. Everything seemed fine and normal at first but then a lot of crazy stuff started happening and I was not happy. Firstly, they initially charge your card 75 dollars even if you’re only reserving a car for an hour. Then, they upped their prices slowly over the weeks I was using them. (They used to be cheaper than Zipcar now on average they are a dollar or two more. Yes not that crazy of a price jump but that adds up over time!) Putting all that aside let’s talk about their customer service! WORST I’VE EVER DEALT WITH! Exclamation point, done! The app doesn’t even use their own customer service, they clearly just use OnStar which means the customer service has NO AUTHORITY to do anything other than give you coupons towards % off future rides! I tried dealing with them over an outrageous gas charge and got no where! I once used a car for 4 minutes (long story short it was an emergency errand) and they charged me 75 dollars for returning the car with less than 1/4 of a tank. I tried explaining how I only had the car for 4 minutes and that clearly it was the person before me who hadn’t filled up. All I got was excuses and policy agreements back. No attempt to make a customer happy! The FINAL straw came when I reserved a car for an important meeting I had to attend and went out to not only find the car not there, but a nonMaven car parked in its spot. After 20 MINUTES of dealing with customer service, I got a discount to use the SUV I did not want to drive. The kicker? When I came back the car I initially wanted to reserve was back but the unauthorized car WAS STILL THERE! Despite all their warning signs about immediate towing customer service did NOTHING! Their best response was to just have me park it at another Maven lot a few blocks away! That was NOT what I signed up for! All said and done I just couldn’t take it anymore. I never had any issues with Zipcar, their customer experience was by FAR superior and I went back to Zipcar. My warning to all of you is that you might be lured in by the shiny new cars, but you’ll regret your decision in the end. I know I did!
  • The app fails 1/5

    By PSB1956
    My experience with Maven is this: New cars Overpriced car rental Incomplete instructions for pick up of car Poor customer service design Slow response time for refunds Poorly trained customer service professionals Will not use again
  • Good app, better features than some competitors 4/5

    By Il_Fabbro
    The weakness of the service is not the app - its features are generally excellent and easy to use (although searching could be made easier). What keeps me from renting more often is the low numbers of vehicles and locations in my area (SF). The locations which exist are concentrated in business districts.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By RudyDelRecords
    Maven is the best renter car app, you don’t gotta deal with no one. You just go the locacion and open the car with you phone and head out to enjoy the car.....
  • Maven is the best 5/5

    By everybodyhatesKRIS
    I have by far had the best experiences when in comes to Maven, it’s so convenient. Never had an issue with picking up or dropping my cars off. The cars are always clean and neat when I get them. I would definitely recommend it
  • So simple! 5/5

    By I love Maven!
    I am obsessed with Maven. It makes running errands super easy!
  • Great service 5/5

    By De3dee
    We used the service during a trip to Denver and had a wonderful experience. We had to call customer service for a small hiccup with starting the vehicle (push button plus maven's own technology) but the rep resolved the issue quickly right over the phone. We were able to add more time when needed and was charged the exact amount we were billed. Will definitely use this service again!
  • Not Going to Try This App at All 1/5

    By StreetSol
    The reviews alone scare me to even want to download this app, this is what I love about social media, You can be fully warned before working with this startup company who doesn’t have their act together! No Maven for me.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By fatmandandan
    They removed me from the service and would not return my support calls, reply to my emails, or respond to my Twitter message. This company has the worst customer service and support that I have ever seen. I don't normally leave reviews, but maven deserves it. The app doesn't work half the time, and no error messages are ever displayed. Avoid this service.
  • Impossible to log in 1/5

    By kc8egq
    My password got locked didn’t seem like a big deal to fix correct? Wrong the password reset email comes and you get the reset link which seems like a good thing, but I tried three times and still can’t log in. There is a number to call about your password being locked. I called twice and four weeks later I still can’t login. The girl on the phone was nice enough promised to look into the issue. Don’t bother to download if a simple thing like logging in can’t be done correctly the rest probably won’t work correctly either.
  • I still haven’t been able to rent a car. LoL 1/5

    By Jalmaani
    So, I first tried to signup for the account to use while I was in Chicago for a trip. Before I even got to use my account, Maven had it frozen due to some error about my credit transaction. By the time it would’ve been resolved (five days, I would already be back in LA. I tried to use it again for an upcoming event to shuttle around my family visiting for a few days, but they had again locked up my account due to inactivity. How often do you think I’ll rent a car that you need to lock up my account. It will again take five days to unlock my account and do about of nonsense to get it unlocked, but by the time I sort this out, I would’ve already rented a car and taken my business elsewhere. Good luck, GM. Hope you’re able to sell cars better than you can rent them.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Deqinwu
    Not sure why the bad review from others. Unlock car is easy. Gas and insurance taken care of makes it a breeze.Customer service line is fast and efficient and professional. Car in great condition. Thanks guys.
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By rohitChawla
    Have called multiple times. Met their representatives personally as well. Still they can't even approve my account to use. What's the point of providing a service that's of no use to anyone. Disappointed.
  • Worst experience ever! 5/5

    By Micha3l Chen
    Locked my account for no reason (even the people at customer service doesn’t know why it’s locked). Wrote multiple emails to the support team since people at customer service doesn’t know how to unlock my account. Never heard anything back. I just checked my account, it’s still locked.
  • They deleted my review 1/5

    By Cece31159
    So here it goes again DO NOT RENT FROM THEM THEY ARE THIEVES!!! I rented a car for a few days. On the day that I had to return the car, they locked me out of my account for some unbeknownst reason... if you read the other reviews you will see that they’ve done this countless times to others. Well locking me out of the app on the day that I had to return the car was a huge problem because you use the app to lock, unlock and have full access to the car. And not to mention you need to press “end trip” in the app to return the car. I got on the phone with them multiple times to explain the situation and the degenerates over the phone acted like they had no idea what I was talking about or what I should do... only repeating the same phrases “there’s nothing I can do you have to email member services and they get back within 5 business days”. HOW is 5 business days supposed to help a situation that needs an immediate answer. “Member services” never responded to any email that day. THEY ended up taking out $335 late return fee because they lied and said I returned the car a day late. They also lied and said the car smelled of smoke and they are trying to charge me an additional $150 fee. Not happening. I called my bank and had them block all future charges from this merchant. Oh yeah and don’t reply to this with your generic responses about emailing you to resolve this. I’m just writing this to warn others. STAY AWAY!!!!
  • Wrong insurance 1/5

    By Gleddon
    I got the Malibu this morning and rode for half an hour the vehicle was practically unbraked, I returned to Maven and the vehicle was changed by the Cruze, I got the Malibu insurance, I need it corrected because I'm with the Cruze vehicle. attached) and I need the correct insurance to work I already sent this same email 8 times and they do not answer me, I have the car that needs to work
  • Worst App of All Time, Use Turo Instead! 1/5

    By Dr Manhatten
    God awful experience. I filled out an intrusive amount of information only to find out that my application to use Maven’s service was “declined” 9 hours later. I guess they don’t admit members with speeding tickets that are >2 years old. I guess I’ll never know since they did not state specifically why I was declined. I’m not an expert, but I’d say a good rule of thumb for starting a company is to not turn away paying customers. Not surprised at how terrible his app is considering they were born out of GM (ie not a true startup). For the love of god, please use Turo instead which was a delghtful experience.
  • Love love love Maven (in Chicago) 5/5

    By Nicksan00
    It seems that Maven experiences are somewhat city-dependent.... Speaking for my experiences in Chicago I love Maven and will be cancelling my Zipcar membership after 6 months of testing. Yes the Maven app is clunky, but I've never had an issue with it or their customer support. More importantly, the quality and the cleanliness of the cars is top-notch. Cars are fully loaded with the latest tech, leather, etc. Overall I'm very happy with Maven.
  • Very unprofessional Phone Support 2/5

    By Class Is Served
    I decided to get a Weekly Rental a few months ago and I had the same exact issue with the App saying I am not Authorized. I contacted phone support and the Rude lady on the phone (same one every time) said, “you cannot have any tickets you are denied”. Ahh Why??? My account is active for my Uber account no problem there and my record is clear. And then She hung up on me.
  • HottyToddy 5/5

    By Blue mustang 12
    Check this out, I rented a car from Maven for the first time today. Then on my way home I took an Uber and the driver works for Maven’s Gig. Wonder what they’ll do next????

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