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McAlisters Deli

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 6.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Snapfinger, a Tillster company
  • Compatibility: Android
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McAlisters Deli App

The McAlister’s app places the hospitality of our deli right at your fingertips. Just like in our restaurants, we offer what you want how you want it. Now it’s easier than ever to get your McAlister’s favorites through our app – check back regularly for rewards as our way of saying thank-you for being a loyal guest! New McAlister’s Rewards! What are McAlister’s Rewards? They’re our way of saying thanks by sending you a little something extra. Each month we’ll give you a special offer just for having our app! But, the more you use our app the more we are able to recognize you as a loyal McAlister’s guest (meaning even more rewards!)! Order On-the-Go or scan your phone in-restaurant to start your rewards journey! View our menu. If you can’t find something to enjoy here, you won’t find it anywhere. Pick one of our favorites or create your own meal. Soups, salads, spuds, sandwiches—it’s all here. You can even “Choose 2” and get any two entrées together. Place an order for when you get there. You can plan your meal ahead of time and customize everything to your liking. Take it to go or eat it here. It’s all simple, fast and convenient. Find a nearby restaurant. Quickly locate the nearest restaurant to you. The closer you get, the more you’ll be thinking about one of our handcrafted sandwiches, gorgeous salads, soups or spuds. Get special messages and be the first to hear about deals, new special menu items and more. Contact us right from the app. Let us know how we’re doing or what we can provide more of what you want. We love hearing from you. McAlister’s goal is to bring the love and comfort of good food to your neighborhood. So we want our app to bring the same smile to your face as our sandwiches, spuds, soups, salads, desserts and Famous Sweet Tea. Enjoy!


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McAlisters Deli app reviews

  • What about cash paying customers? 3/5

    By holcombk4
    I entered an order for my husband, daughter, and myself just to get to the end and not have an option to pay cash upon pick up. Disappointing. The app and ability to customize the food (we have allergies and diet restrictions) was very easy and user friendly, just disappointed there was no cash option.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Stoshx
    Unable to use rewards because the app says I’m not at a McAlister’s... while I’m sitting in the restaurant.
  • Useless in the restaurant 1/5

    By Jb8
    We thrilled to see we had two free items in the app. Then we got to the restaurant and it was a mess. I opened the app and signed in before entering, but apparently the app only works if you log into the WiFi at the restaurant. What? You actually have to open a browser, check the tiny box, wait for it to go to the McAlister’s site, close the app and reopen it and freaking sign in AGAIN and then we tried to redeem an award for tea, finally got it, but can’t get the free cookie on the same ticket. Or at least the manager couldn’t get it to work, so they just gave us a cookie to avoid us standing there fiddling with it for another 5 minutes. What a horrible app. I hate having to sign into these little apps when my phone uses fingerprints to sign in most apps. Did anyone who created this app even try it as a customer? If they did, then they certainly have a different idea of easy than I do. That bar code scan thing was so much easier than this rigmarole. I really don’t need free stuff if it’s that hard to get.
  • What a disappointment 1/5

    By PanTX57
    I don’t like writing negative reviews but am doing so in hopes that the developer will fix this one. I’ve used the app a long time but today I can’t login w/ the app saying invalid user name/password. Tried resetting the pw & it doesn’t send me the email to do so. There’s little point in having a rewards program if the customers don’t have a way to get credit for purchases.
  • Lack of Payment Methods 1/5

    By Jake_K10
    Would be a very helpful app if it allowed you to select payment methods other than “Credit Card” when checking out. Adding “Cash” and “Gift Card” payment options and re-adding a “Reorder” option would get the app 5 Stars.
  • Payment method 2/5

    By CJS Bravo
    Recent app update deleted all previous order history. That is kind of annoying. More importantly, why are users now forced to save a credit card? Used to be able to enter a card for each transaction. Also, why is Apple Pay not a payment option? Should be an available option in an app for iOS devices.
  • Get Rid of the App 1/5

    By John in Midwest
    I like McAlisters but the app is terrible. Doesn’t work well and the rewards are no good. Used to earn free meals and teas with the punch cards. Now getting nothing except a cookie that’s not on my diet.
  • Rewards are a pain and are yet to work. 3/5

    By Jeeplvr7
    Ordering works good and I haven’t tried to earn rewards when ordering online yet, however trying to earn rewards while in the restaurant is an over complicated process that hasn’t worked after two separate visits. Change it to scan a barcode like every other restaurant app.
  • Can’t pay cash if using app 1/5

    By Dawnmshell
    I don’t like having a credit card on file and it charged every time I use the online app. Why isn’t there a “pay at window” option or “pay cash” option like there used to be??
  • Bring back the old app format! 2/5

    By I Heart Tips
    This new format is confusing and makes it harder to customize items. When I click “no lemon for me” in the iced team section, it shows up on the order screen as “remove no lemon for me.” So confusing... And the option for pick up time is ridiculous. In the past, when I would select “now,” it would be ready in 20 minutes. Now, the soonest I can have my order ready is in 35 minutes?! The new format definitely makes me less likely to order McAlisters when I’m looking for something quick... and McAlisters is our go-to place when we don’t want to cook at home. 😒
  • Hate new app 1/5

    By hville79
    I can’t get my order to go through, I’ll get my order done, and it kicks me back to the home screen, and prompts me to “go to the closest store”. If I wanted to go to the store and wait for my food, I would never have downloaded the app in the first place. Please fix this, I like y’alls restaurant.
  • Can no longer place order 1/5

    By SusanC89
    I don’t have a log in. I could still choose “reorder” and place my old order all the time. I order for 4 people and I don’t want to go through SO MANY OPTIONS every time I place an order. So the app updated. I can no longer use “reorder.” I put in my whole order, went to pay, there’s no longer a CASH option. Have to do credit card. Fine. I find my credit card. Put it all the info. Order never finalizes. The “continue” button is grayed out so I can’t press it. Exit out of that screen. Entire order is deleted. What is the point of the app if you can’t place an order???? Bring back the cash button and remove the million steps it takes to place an order. The old version was completely fine.
  • No good 1/5

    By Sweettuph
    Can’t pay cash at store, no pick up window option.. old app was better
  • New app is horrible 1/5

    By sttcharl
    Bring back the previous app where you can pay at the restaurant
  • 2 suggestions to fix 3/5

    By Amy_dub
    I’m glad the rewards program is finally back, 8 months after it was suppose to come back. However, there’s 2 suggestions I have to that cause headache when picking up your order at the restaurant. 1. Instead of only offering the removal of lemon wedge to your tea, there needs to be an option to ADD lemon to your tea, because the restaurant never puts it on the tea. Even when I add it to the order notes, my tea is always without lemon 😕 2. Put the child’s drink on a separate line instead of listing it under the child’s meal. The child’s drink is forgotten every single time because it’s not on its own line.
  • Great app until the newest update 2/5

    By Artscool
    I used this app all the time to order and it really saved me time. Just tried to place an order and it says my McAlister’s doesn’t have an item I ordered. A half a chef salad and veggie soup (which they have everyday)?! Why do I find that highly improbable? Also, the “reward” of soup and salad for $6 gives you an online or counter option but then says “Oops...doesn’t work for online”. I hope they can fix this quickly because it could potentially be as good as it was WITH rewards again.
  • Login doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By jamesjones_55
    The new update broke logging in. Even a password reset doesn’t work
  • Not good 1/5

    By dbn66
    Downloaded the new app yesterday and tried to redeem my free tea that it showed that I had and there were issues with the code going through. Luckily the employee was generous and redeemed the free tea for me. Tried to order online today and got all the way through to the last step and then it said “oops we cannot process your order”. Two strikes in two days. Not a good start.
  • New update 1/5

    By L-sebas
    The new update doesn’t work well and does not give option to pay at store during pick up. I used the app to order at least once a week before the update, I won’t be using it at all now unless payment options go back.
  • It was trending... 3/5

    By Unnameddd
    I downloaded this because it was the #1 trending app for the day. The food pictures look delicious but I don’t see how this app applies to me since I’m just located near any of the services. Also I see it’s not optimized for the X. Definitely lost a star for that.
  • Don’t work! 1/5

    By 👎👎👎 boring!
    Bring back the punch cards, you can’t seem to get this rewards thing working
  • Great update. Doesn't work 1/5

    By Willy3232
    Good job on the new update. Doesn't work.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Why:(:(:):);)
    App doesn’t work half the time
  • App update doesn’t work 1/5

    By mehappy
    The latest update causes the app on iPhone to go straight to the App Store when opening.
  • Great Restaurant App with freebies! 5/5

    By AGSax
    Love ordering ahead and having my meal ready to pick up as soon as I arrive at the restaurant. So convenient! Plus, McAlister’s Deli has a new rewards program available only in the app and I got my first reward just for downloading. My favorite sandwich restaurant just got better and more convenient with the release of this app.
  • Thieves. 1/5

    By Ex Tsum Tsumer
    Do not use this app to order and pay for food. I placed an order that was mistakingly sent to the wrong store, I called within 2 mins to have the order sent to the correct location. I paid on the app, but because I went to a different store to pick up, they made me pay for it on site as well. Now, Mcallisters refuses to refund the payment that was taken on the app, even though everyone acknowledges it was taken in error. I have talked to 6+ people between the local and regional offices. They lie to get me off the phone and then nothing happens, they will not refund my money.
  • Can’t Order What I Want 1/5

    By Anonymous100000000000000000
    When I first got this app, I used it every time I went to a McAlister’s. Now, with the removal of basic sandwiches on the menu, which is all I order, it’s useless to me. By “basic sandwich,” I mean I can’t order a pastrami on rye on the app, which is about as basic as you can get. It would be okay if the restaurant just didn’t allow it, but they still do, you just have to call it in, or order at the counter and wait fifteen minutes.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Docprepper
    For the past 8-ish months the app opens to a screen with a photo of teas and that’s it. No loading icon or anything. Also, I guess they don’t scan anything for rewards points anymore, so it’s kind of a useless app now.
  • No Tea Club 2/5

    By K&K1331
    I was told at the counter that they are no longer giving out Tea Club punch cards and that I would have to load the app. However there is no way to track ice tea purchases in the app.
  • No rewards section 1/5

    By Doancupcake
    They claim that there is a rewards section when there isn't.
  • App 1/5

    By Terry0111
    There is no rewards section to claim your free cup of soup. The app is not user friendly.
  • Reward? 1/5

    By pixietwin
    Signed up for app months ago as well as email. Received an email that there is a free cup of soup reward currently. Went into the app and nowhere can I found anything about rewards. So when the email says download the app and check your ‘rewards’ for the free cup of soup —-where am I supposed to look?
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Beeronastick
    Kept arguing with me about how me wanting my food now was sooner than possible. Then it wouldn't let me change my time and then it just crashed.
  • Nice can’t get my order right... 2/5

    By bryanwadeallen
    I have used this app twice to order dinner. The store has gotten my order wrong both times.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Sharpo68
    The app is very frustrating, it constantly gives a timed out error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, took off WiFi, etc. nothing works. It’s unfortunate because I really wanted their food today!
  • Why involve Google? 1/5

    By rowdyangel
    I’ve used this for quite a while with no issues. Today it sends me to Google Maps to Find the location I want to order from. I don’t want to have to sign into another App to place a simple order.
  • Easy to do 5/5

    By NandNMom
    Just used the app for the first time. Had no problems.
  • No support 1/5

    By Happilee97
    My password is no longer recognized. I clicked the “forgot my password”, was sent the email to reset my password, but when I clicked the reset link in the email, the snapfinger web page to reset passwords was missing.
  • Limited items in new update 1/5

    By abbiemarie822
    We used to use this app weekly, but since the newest update, it is almost worthless. Only limited menu items, and I can’t figure out how to order a custom/basic sandwich. Even when you try to customize “featured/menu” sandwiches, not all of the toppings are listed for substitutions. Can’t always swap mayo/spicy mustard, etc. The web browser ordering is the same way. Please go back to the old format.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By greenmacbookpro
    This app is absolutely terrible. When I place an order to pick up for today I get an email telling me that I can pick up the food tomorrow. I go to the restaurant and they tell me they can’t change it. Really what kind of app like this gets released before being thoroughly tested? This honestly makes me want to never go to McCalisters again.

    By Ipod412785053
    Apparently this app still lets you place the orders after 9pm and charges you for it yet McAlister’s stores will not receive the order until the next day at 10:30am and then you’ll have to call and cancel for the previous nights order. Too much of a hassle. Another thing that needs improvement is that it does not let you pick the store location. One last thing, it doesn’t let you pick your sides either.
  • So laggy 1/5

    By ButtercupBish
    Takes forever to complete an order! Constantly giving a timed out request warning, it’s incredibly frustrating.
  • Needs massive work 1/5

    By jkbond646
    This app is very broken and that's unfortunate for a restaurant that has wonderful food. It is very cumbersome to order and the reorder feature has never worked for me yet. I have to go in and place the same order each time which wastes my time. Tonight I actually ordered from somewhere else because the "make your own deli classic" option was completely missing altogether. Please fix!
  • Yum 5/5

    By 1dstan
    Good good
  • App makes mistakes 1/5

    By ReviewfromCraig
    I used this app once and it worked great. When I went in for a second time, it changed my time to the next day at a completely different time. The staff at the store was very cooperative, but I will never use this app to order again. Call instead!!!!

    By IxZOMBI3xI
    This app literally doesn’t work, you will get one item in and it will load for 5 minutes plus AND THEN have an error message saying the app timed out. I refuse to eat at this establishment until they fix their products.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By kwellis
    This app continually errors out and doesn't work. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and tried lots of different fixes, but it just times out. Nice idea, terrible app.
  • This app is very poorly put together for blind people to use with voiceover. 1/5

    By Brandon armstrong
    If you were blind, you need to write a review about this app, telling this company very clearly and no one certain terms, but this app really need some work for voiceover users. You can login just fine, but when it comes to doing anything with in the app itself, such as ordering, you just can't fly don't do anything. Your phone just sits there in the screen does not change. This company really should get it together and redo this app and design it better for people who use voiceover. I am very disappointed, since this company has excellent food, and I would like to use their app very much to order my food, but yet since I am blind, and use voiceover to read what's on my screen, I just flat out cannot do it. This app is getting a one star rating until this company will actually get off their butts go into the app, and redo it and fix it for voiceover users, why don't you go to the Apple Accessibility website and read about VoiceOver before you actually make this app? They practically hold your hand and guide you and how to make VoiceOver accessibility possible within your apps.
  • App cycles 1/5

    By Skinjdub
    The app does not allow you to reorder and nothing works when trying to order.
  • I wrote a review in error! 5/5

    By Halcyonian
    Yesterday, I wrote a review stating that the app would not let me order - it wouldn't do anything when I pressed the order button. Upon opening it today, I now see that it didn't work because it was too close to closing time for the restaurant! I'd like to apologize for that error, and the app works beautifully.

McAlisters Deli app comments


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