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McDonald's App

Delicious McDonald’s deals are now more fun, more accessible, and better than ever. Slide and scroll your way through our newly designed App to experience weekly deals on tasty food, like All Day Breakfast and McCafé coffee. Also, find a nearby McDonald’s restaurant and explore our delicious menu. Download and register today. It’s the best way to start saving big! Legal Stuff: Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2016 McDonald’s

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  • Huh? 1/5

    By chunchisnothappy
    Is that his the only fast food chain app that can't be use to place an order and pick up later? 2017 here and y'all have to move along with it!
  • Awful Update!!! 1/5

    By Erock808
    This last update has made this app non-working!? I try to open it up, but after watching the French Fries wiggle for a couple of seconds, the app crashes! I've tried deleting it, reinstalling it, rebooting my iPhone, etc. Just can't seem to get it to work!?
  • App is a scam! 1/5

    By Baseball Scout-CA
    Buy 5 McCafe drinks and get one free??????? I bought 12 over last two weeks and it doesn't log any in. Still shows I have five to go. Worse part is-the cashiers don't tell you it didn't work. They scam the barcode and hand it back. But all it does is go to a signal of communication and then time out. Found this out when I went in to the restraint one day and saw it happen. This app is a scam!
  • Prices 2/5

    By Amazing game but needs a fix
    When I'm seeing these "deals" I would like to see the prices also on the menu
  • Don't bother downloading. 1/5

    By Guido1972
    When I first downloaded the app last fall it was great. This has not worked at all for months now. I keep stupidly going back. I'll order two Big Macs because I have a bogo deal only to be told it's invalid and they the employee just says sorry there's nothing they can do. There's been far too many instances of it not working and no one seems to care.
  • FIX YOUR APP 1/5

    By ThegreatestthugthateverLIVED
    App crashes every time I try to load it. Why does one of the biggest companies in the world have such 👏 a 👏 bad 👏 app 👏
  • Too slow 1/5

    By GungaDan
    This app takes WAY too long to give information. The bouncing fries progress icon just continues bouncing for ages before populating deals, locations, etc.
  • TRASH. 1/5

    I tried signing in with my email, but apparently there's already an account with my email. Tried resetting the password, "Please log in with a Facebook account or Google account." I gave them my app permissions, which is total bs. I apparently have accounts linked to my Facebook and Google? But it won't let me reset my password or sign in with them! THIS APP IS HORRIBLE.
  • Surprisingly Useful 5/5

    By PublicNuisancee
    I go to McDonalds almost exclusively because of this app. Lots of free food. Not sure why there are any complaints here
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Emailsb
    Just terrible!
  • Keeps Crashing ~ Unusable 1/5

    By NerdRage
    Yup. Tried turning phone off and on again. Deleted and reinstalled. Still not working.
  • Missing 1/5

    By Plc677734
    Where the keyboard???
  • Former customer 1/5

    By Eating elsewhere!
    It almost seems pointless to complain but I'm beyond frustrated with the McDonalds mobile app! I've complained twice previously and it accomplished nothing! I use so many apps on my iPhone. Yours is by far the worst! I'm often standing in front of the cashier at the restaurant and I can't place an order. Why?.....I have to wait and wait and wait for the app to load and then be able to access the promotions! It takes far too long!! I stopped buying fries because I'm completely sick and tired of seeing the jumping fries on the screen! Enough with that! Then there are times when the only thing that comes up are my McCafe drink promos. Nothing else! Then there are times (like today) when it'll specify (at the top of the screen) that if I buy a Big Mac, I'll get a free fries and drink but there's no barcode made available for this promotion! That's ridiculous! This app is truly pathetic and needs to be maintained by people that truly know what their doing and what the customers need and want (primarily speed and accuracy). Even with ongoing updates, it's gotten worse, not better! If your intention is to frustrate and anger your customers, you've done an excellent job!!
  • Cheaters. HORRIBLE APP!!! 1/5

    By arnoldte
    All of a. Sideen the buys i made Desapear!!! BS.
  • Come on. 2/5

    By zlane8
    This app used to be great, but the new layout killed it. The app is slower than ever now, and the deals have gotten increasingly worse. Occasionally you'll come across a good deal, but other than that don't waste your space.
  • App is a Joke!!! Free Coffee Scam!! 1/5

    By beachboy42010
    This is the worst app I ever seen from a multi million dollar company obviously they don't care about it or there customers. The deals will vanish and will only show the $1 large fry coupon. Then if your lucky enough to even get the deals you better open them 5 minutes before getting in line or you might not be able to use it at all. That's how long the app takes to load the coupon after you click it. The mc cafe deals will vanish once you almost get to the free on and starts over fresh. I have yet to get a free coffee from this app.
  • Same as everyone. Awful 1/5

    By Shadocat716
    Used to be good, but the dancing fries need to go. Simpler is better. It was perfectly fine before but now it is just too slow.
  • Not even worth one star 1/5

    By Keljo4532
    The only reason I downloaded this app was for the Mccafe rewards. I downloaded the app and all it tells me is that rewards are unavailable. Big waste of time!
  • Not as convenient as other fast food apps. 1/5

    By dansram
    Unlike the Taco Bell®, White Castle® or Subway® apps (or most other "Fast Food" apps), you are NOT able to pre-order food items, pay and then pick-up when you get to the McDonald's location. Although, they do provide "deals" through the app, it provides a QR code that you present to the employee; it doesn't make the app as useful as Taco Bell's®, White Castle's® or Subway's®.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By Bilvia
    This app is really bad. I would give it no stars if I could. Whoever took over this app and changed it made a huge mistake. I can't find the nearest McDonald's to my zip code like I use to with the other app. When I type in my zip code it states no restaurants found. There may not be any in my zip but it use to still tell me the nearest locations along with the deals. I no longer go to McDonald's because I can not find the deals in advance. Good job app developer for pushing customers to other competitors.
  • App crashes! 1/5

    By Visrael84
    Current version of the app does not even open! It just crashes every time! I was not able to register my purchases or use my coupons!
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By TLK1109
    This app use to be good, they advertise in the stores that you can use their app to get punches for the McCafe drinks but it's no where in the app, it used to be there prior to the last couple of updates but that has since changed making the ones that did use the punch card on the app lose all their punches, and they give you nothing when you've contacted them about it . Also, they used to have great deals for all participating Mcds now you get 3 deals for the location nearest you and the deals aren't worth having.
  • Change it😡 1/5

    By baddazzjoy
    I just added this app last week only because of the mccafe rewards. I am on week 2 and I am already disappointed. So far I have purchased 3 coffees and I only have 1 stamp. I am close to deleting this app and just go back to Starbucks. It's sad cuz I really love the mochas. And since I have downloaded this app, I swear I've been to McDonald's more last week and this week than I have been in months!! Please fix this issue cuz I actually love the coupons that come with!!!!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Beasty_vg
    Ridiculously slow and I can't even log into my account anymore
  • I'm so glad I got it for now 1/5

    By Ickdmjvfgucdgvjkvfd
    App does that much better not just the way you do that and you have the same problem as well it's not just a fun game and I love you more then it does. What, what, I did!
  • My dad is a little bit late 1/5

    By GreenGrass37217482
    My dad is a little bit late at school lol I can't think he is going on the weekends I don't know if I am a good dad or dad I just need to him to go back home and dad lol I don't know want him a little bit weird sometimes I just need him a bit weird sometimes I just need him a bit late lol he is always the one to me and he he likes to my heart.
  • I Love It! 5/5

    By Ppl101
    The app is great! Whenever I use it, there's always great deals and it saves me money! It's perfect!!
  • Great UI, McCafe not available 2/5

    By daprezjer
    Saw this app on a TV commercial highlighting the McCafe card. Thought, OK, you got me McD's. UI is great. Nice work on that and fun bright visuals and good branding. But, the only McCafe box says "McCafe is not available." I have no idea what this means at the moment. Is it not working right now? Do I need to sign up somehow? Do I need to be at a store to be able to use it? No idea. Will try at a store later, but at a minimum improve the text here please. Because its useless to me right now.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Peaceteakush
    Can't access deals. Takes to long to download. What's the point of having coupons advertised if you can't access them
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By 808Rich
    This app is horrible! I've reinstalled a couple of times in hopes it would remedy the poor performance. Currently it won't load and is defaulting to Spanish. Previously it worked intermittently but now not at all. I have tons of apps on my phone and this is the first for which I've written a bad review. The (non)performance of the McDonald's app is appalling.
  • Ruined by Updates 1/5

    By aesoarx
    I'm not sure what went so wrong with the updates, but I can't even log in anymore. Deleted the app because it's such a pain trying to get it to work with no results.
  • Why does McDonalds deceive the public 1/5

    By Mainedel
    It is impossible to use an offer and track a coffee purchase. What is the sense in putting the coffee purchase in the app if you are not allowed to use it. Local McD says it's an app thing not a store policy. So McDonald's get your stuff together
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Pooopynipples
    Just awful !! My rewards just disappears .. I have tried 3 times to receive my coffee reward thats 15 coffees and every time I get to 5 coffees the apps just takes them away!!😡😡
  • Can't get app to load 1/5

    By Meme29393
    The app won't even load for me anymore. Every time I try to go into the app, it automatically shuts down! Please fix!
  • Missing menu items and nutrition information 1/5

    By ApplePieCrust
    Unfortunately they do not provide information for all menu items. I want a company that isn't afraid to provide their information.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Fried Pickle
    Could not register. Kept saying could not verify. Once registered app would not load. Bad app rated F
  • This app makes me horny 1/5

    The dancing fries speak to me. Their bright blue eyes and their soft blonde hair. The fluffiness of their innards when you bite into the crispy crust and their sparkly salt flying everywhere like the drops of water hitting the rocks from a water fall. This is what inspired me to get this app. It's a crappy app, the end.
  • ☹️ 1/5

    By Review5848374
    App logs you out all the time and as of the latest version you can't log back in on older devices, making the app useless
  • To long to load 1/5

    By Pyrsky
    Lose the dancing fries. Slow. Used old version all the time no problems.
  • Slow, buggy and inconsistent. 1/5

    By LoLo60929
    The app is incredibly slow still. Booting, loading pages, etc. It crashes an estimated 10% of the time I use it and rarely functions properly on the McDonald's wifi network. The Buy 5 Get 1 Free scanning is incredibly inconsistent and probably only loads my scans half of the time or less. The deals are fantastic but the app is hard to use...
  • Wish I could give less than one star 1/5

    By Chris Liserio
    When this app first came out everything was great. Since it's update I can't even log in. I keep getting an error has occurred type message. Worst app ever.
  • One star is too much 1/5

    By alisonc21
    Haven't been able to open this app on my iphone6S for about a month. It opens up for a second then crashes. The previous version of this app was so much better and faster and easier to use.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Rondabassplayer
    Since I usually get at least a coffee almost every morning at McDonalds I was excited to use this app. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment though. I soon discovered that use and understanding of this app varies GREATLY from store to store. On at least three occasions I've seen my Mcafe " punches" simply disappear! I would anticipate a free coffee and after waiting too long for the app to launch and load I would discover that my previous purchase credits had simply vanished! I really wanted this app to work so I contacted support.... another disappointment.....I'm not willing to spend more than a few minutes responding to a lengthy auto tech directive for the sake of 1 or 2 free coffees per week. This app misses the mark by a mile! Bottom line is There is a Dunkin Donuts at the same location as the McDonalds I usually stop at and they have been getting more of my business because of my frustration with this app! GET IT TOGETHER McDonalds!! Oh and maybe consider explaining to your employees how the app works!!!
  • Works great 5/5

    By Boristien
    Go to McDonalds about 3 times a month and I always save a buck or two with this app! I like how they've increased the variety and amount of deals! Very few glitches as well - Awesome restaurant app with high quality, tasty food and way better prices than anyone else. Keep it up!
  • No rewards available w/ new phone 1/5

    By anahi711
    For a company so rich they can't have a good app. After getting a new iPhone rewards are not there 😡
  • Mixed Review 3/5

    By X-Generation Dude
    McDonald's app rating? 5 stars! But current version? 2 stars. The version previously was awesome! Straight to the point! I loved it. But now I get on and it's flashy and complicated now and takes longer to load. Sometimes flashy is good, but not for a McDonalds app. Please McDonald's, keep it simple! Thank you.
  • Go back to stickers 1/5

    By What a farce
    App deals are great but not everyone has a smartphone. Return to using stickers for McCafe. Managers and counter personnel need more app training.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Agawam Rick
    Downloaded it, tried to login with FB and it said email taken. Maybe I forgot I had an acc.? Nope. Okay let's try gmail login. Guess what happened? - I'll help, same thing - email taken. Fool me once... I didn't even bother checking; I just deleted it.
  • Slow and doesn't work 1/5

    By Weebeaks
    It's slow to load, freezes, and has login glitches. When it does open and show coupons, when I try to use one it doesn't take anything off at the register. At this point the employee usually acts as if I'm the one in the wrong. This app is truly horrid. With as much money as this company makes and how huge it is, I would anticipate using an app that is decently coded.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tom Maloney
    You're giving me no deals! Time to go to Burger King - they like my money.

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