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McDonald's App

Delicious McDonald’s deals are now more fun, more accessible, and better than ever. Slide and scroll your way through our newly designed App to experience weekly deals on tasty food, like All Day Breakfast and McCafé coffee. You can find nearby McDonald’s restaurants and even explore our delicious menu. Mobile Ordering will also be available in select markets. Download and register today. It’s the best way to start saving big! Legal Stuff: Must be 13+. Data rates may apply. Prices and participation may vary. Offers available only at participating restaurants. Check for Terms and Conditions and more information. ©2017 McDonald’s


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McDonald's app reviews

  • Woo 5/5

    By Andy dubyew
  • McCafe Rewards Not Available - Useless Support 1/5

    By Another_OB_DOC
    My app shows "McCafe Rewards Not Available". I've tried to get support twice by filling out an onerous in-app form. Then a week or two later I get a reply form email that asks for the same info I entered and details about my last receipt. Like anyone keeps McDonald's receipts for weeks, or that has anything to do with a bug in the app. Horrible.
  • Deals, easy, fast, what more could you want? 5/5

    By Baptistben
    I love this app. I am a home healthcare nurse and travel all day. There's nothing easier than ordering McDonald's from my phone while parked in the McDonald's parking lot while working on my paperwork. This way I can keep working and keep my patient information stays confidential. I also get good deals all week long thanks to the app coupons. I would recommend this app to everyone.
  • Good app but lots of bugs 3/5

    By Involved Parents
    App crashes and deals aren't always available, even if they aren't expired.
  • Love it when it isn’t glitching. 2/5

    By Bro It's Me.
    I love the deals and easy transactions but this app is down a lot. There have been times where it wouldn’t let me log back into the app and times such as right now where it says “we’re experiencing technical difficulties right now, please try again later”. Once this stops I’ll give a 5 star.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Autoline
    Don't waste your time. Deals? Not. Employees are clueless. Useless app. C'mon McDonalds! It's 2017!
  • Crap!! 1/5

    By CaptDee
    Never any deals, what's the purpose??
  • Can’t even login.. 1/5

    By Arcerfacey
    Every time I try logging in or creating an account I get an error message.. I originally signed up through Facebook and when the McD app opens FB it says that this app has previously been used with it, then it goes back to the McD app and says no user with that login found..?? App used to work great when it was by Mowingo.
  • Jamstar 5/5

    By Jamstar 52
    I love the app but can you do different deals i run out of eating this same one each month😫🤷🏾‍♀️ More get one free , free items more buy one of deals
  • Late-Night Misery 1/5

    By LaCamera
    Placed a late-night order using his app, which required me to pay in advance using a credit card. When I arrived at McDonald’s to pick up my food, I discovered a 16-car line at the drive-through. Because it was after-hours, I was unable to retrieve my food in the restaurant, and curbside service was also unavailable. Consequently, I was forced to wait 57 minutes in the drive-through line to pick up my prepaid order. Because I had prepaid for my order, I was stuck, unable to simply leave and go elsewhere. When I finally arrived at the pickup window, I discovered that the staff had no knowledge of my order, and were unaware of the app and how it works. It took them another ten minutes to cook my food. This ordeal was so infuriating, I immediately deleted the app, and will never use it again. In fact, I will never order from that McDonald’s restaurant again, for any reason. This app doesn’t deserve a single star. McDonald’s deserves the finger.
  • Give me my money back 2/5

    By meh...TZGC
    I payed twice (making it a total of $17.50) because my order apparently didn’t show up on any of their screens even though I KNOW that I picked the correct restaurant. I even showed them the code for the car pick up/ drive through/ and dine-in but they couldn’t find it at all. I just want my $8.75 back that I payed for on Saturday (09/16/17) through the mobile app. I love the app because of the deals but the first time I use it to order my food before picking it up kind of ruined my experience with this app.
  • Never Works 1/5

    By Upset locator user
    Whenever I try to open it it just sits on the opening sign with the logo.
  • Worst. Mobile. Ordering. Ever. 2/5

    By Richard Samul
    Difficult to navigate. Tells me I’m reopening a previously submitted order when I add items to a new order. Have to provide an arcane code through the drive-thru speaker (“B? P? T? D?”). Says it’s billing my stored credit card when I pick up, but card is either declined or info didn’t come through, so I pay with Apple Pay just fine WHICH IS LINKED TO THE SAME CARD! Seriously, this is the best you could do? Whoever designed this needs to be fired, and then you need to try again. Your competitors (Taco Bell, Jimmy John’s, Dominoes) have all figured this out. Why can’t you?
  • Not sure why everybody is complaining. 4/5

    By Marvelmeergo
    They always have no problem scanning the coupons, they always are apologetic if they have to ask someone to help as well. Only reason I'm giving four stars, is because of the occasional rude employee (rarely)
  • Amazing deals 5/5

    By RSRSRSRS0619
    The 5 stars are for the amazing offers the App has. I use a deal with every single purchase I make. The App is what brings me to a McDonald's. The only negative is sometimes there are technical difficulties and it doesn't work. Also, employees were not trained on how the app works and did not care to learn but I feel like that is improving.
  • Love the Deals, Hate the Mobile Ordering 2/5

    By Targetlover678
    I enjoy the deals and have saved quite a bit, but you can't use the mobile deals on mobile ordering. That is ridiculous. They need to fix this.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ndsfreed96
    I'll get notifications of deals but the deals are never present on the app. Always says "no deals available" 😡
  • Who dreams this €%#¥# up? 1/5

    By Wizbang Trainer
    This started to be ok, now more often than not I watch the french fries bounce for minutes on end. Last time I waited in line waiting for it to load and after 7 before me it still has not loaded. I couldn't get the deal so I went to Wendy's and got a 4/4. McDonalds doesnt have the sense they were built with. Why would I put my CC info in their app to make it less secure? REALLY! Apple Pay & Google Wallet are established programs. McDork needs to pull their head out of the sand realize they dint want theliability and protecting their customer acct info. Else they will join the ranks pf Target & Home Depot. It takes just one incident the of network files being compromised to have a brand having brand goodwill list in an instant.
  • Deals disappeared. 1/5

    By Ichiromom
    Opened the app and ordered. Before paying, deals disappeared and couldn't get the discount.
  • A great app for great McDonalds food! 5/5

    By 👌🚣
    Easy to navigate, keeps up with you...PLUS...corporate responds to your feedback and follows through. I'm loving it!
  • No google login 1/5

    By google user not eating at mcd
    If I try to login with my google account it states it can't use that social login. Try to reregister my google account and the app says it's already registered. Try using their customer support and they reply with an email that doesn't fix my problem. Their food is not worth this much hassle.
  • Works 4 me 5/5

    By Sir shark
    I don't get all the hate. I use this app for their deals and it's like magic. Pull up the deal, show it to them when you pay, get FREE burgers! Maybe ordering from the app is giving people trouble? (never tried it). But the deals are more than worth it! Game changer. This app rocks! 🍔🍟
  • Worst waste of app space ever!! 1/5

    By Cassidiasmamma
    Can't even log in. Tried to reset password and get an error message. Told log in with Facebook and guess what...I can't. It's been like this for a while now too. Doesn't even deserve one star.
  • Only 5 mile radius? 2/5

    By Raymondkn
    I love the app in some ways, but I live about 8 miles from my nearest mcdonalds and all the good deals don't show unless I drive to town? I just tried asking them about it and all I got was "it won't, unless your within 5 miles" no offer to do anything about it, I had to ask to if it can be added so I can select my home McDs I already have the nearest marked as a favorite. I then was told that "well I'll pass that on to the app team" like he really didn't care nor thought the suggestion was worth anything! I guess they really don't care to tempt me to drive the 8 miles!
  • I Love McDonalds Customer Service and their blueberry Pie is Bananas 5/5

    By Big Jew Baby
    190 Stars in my book. Much love for Overnight Crew Boo Terrance Victor Ericka International Dimples and The Del Amo BLocc Team Its Love Only
  • I want to like this. But I don't yet. 2/5

    By RudyRugebregt
    Anytime I can order food directly from my phone, I'm happy. In the store I always spend too much time searching and deciphering the posted menus. I often end up with something other than I really wanted. McDonald's App should allow me to quickly put together just what I want but I spend even more time in the app trying to put my order together. The location entry doesn't work and I find myself ordering at the last location. When traveling, this means I have to figure out what store I'm in. A real time waster. My phone knows where I am, why not use that as the default, rather than last location. The menu entry system is too complex. I don't want to review ingredients and calories before adding an item. Just add it please. Jumping back and forth between multiple menus based on meal type and my order seems unnecessary. It always ends with me back in the line. If there's a way to use coupons or specials in the app, I haven't found it. I really want this to work for me but thus far, only frustration.
  • Doesn't work often enough 1/5

    By RobinKinSWFL
    For the amount of money I, and the rest of the world, spend at McDonald's, this app doesn't work nearly as well as it should. I've come to the conclusion they have a team of five year olds programming it. That's the only reasonable explanation for why it so often isn't working. Open the app, tap on the "deals" bar, and even though I've had the app on my phone for months and used it several times a week that entire time, it wants me to register? Again? Okay, whatever, so I tap register, tap the Facebook option, and it tells me there's already an account with that info. Yeah! ME! So I tap the email registration option instead, and it tells me the same thing! Come on, McDonald's. Ray Kroc is spinning in his grave, I'm sure of it. This could be a money maker for you, and instead it's an embarrassment. 🍔🍟😂
  • Trash 1/5

    By da pro
    Doesn't work
  • Hella good 5/5

    By DoggoPupperino
    Great deals, and the egg white delight is great
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Knightt6599
    This app always has amazing savings. I use it at least 2 times a week. I even got everyone at work using it. A must have app for people on the go and a fast pace lifestyle that wants to save money!!
  • Need to add lArge coke and other menu items 4/5

    By mindloowho
    Need to add large coke as option for meals and regular ordering Bacon mcdouble not available on list.i have dairy allergy so can't get me breakfast sandwich either. Maybe in the next update?!
  • Dumb setup 1/5

    By Bl187956
    Try ordering a sausage egg biscuit and big breakfast... says can't do it because items are from different day part menus? Dumb! Also it slows down and demands that you make everything a meal for each item... super slow
  • Worthless 1/5

    By 805Family
    This app has no real value. Would have liked to have the ability to order ahead and the ability to use Apple Pay. Neither function is available. I can't even see my favorite store's menu.
  • App update 1/5

    By will700
    Use my app for free coffee drinks. Had a free one coming Went to use it and evidently when the app updated I lost all my points. Nice!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jdjiskeie
    Best app, you can save so much money!!!
  • This is horrible 1/5

    By MissChristy
    Get it together McDonalds. Seriously? Ordered on the app, not a huge order, just for 3 kids. Checked in - to our spot number on arrival (THIS is when you get charged for the food) and SAT there for 22 minutes. Employee came out and said that our drinks don't show up on their screen so needed to know what kind and what size. I told her, we sat for 5 more minutes. She came back out and explain to us but they were never trained on how to use the app that McDonalds put the parking spots in and said there you go- they don't have the staff to cover it. Take the food home and everything was ice cold. Like food that has been sitting on your table for an hour. 44 minutes from when I placed the order, I pitched $22 in the trash.
  • Abysmal. 1/5

    By FearTheStapler
    One star is too many. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Abrooke79
    I was waiting for 15 minutes because the place where you order was not responding and came to the window to say my order but they said that I would have to go to the end of the line or wait even long
  • Don't understand the negative reviews 5/5

    By J0shuak3nt
    Love the deals we get through the app. Saves a ton of $$
  • Use the Coupons! 5/5

    By Garrett Pinagel
    The coupons you get through this app are so worth it because they aren't just the usual crappy "$1 off a $10 purchase" type ones that barely make a difference. Right now they have buy one, get one free sandwiches, free medium coffees with any purchase, free fries and drink with a sandwich purchase, it's not too good to be true. They work. And I've got to hand it to McDonald's because I never usually eat there but since my friend showed me this app I eat here very often because of the deals. The new Pico Guacamole and other artisan sandwiches also appeal to me more than items in the past.
  • Should have a 5 star rating, not a 2 star 5/5

    By Winston1654
    This app is great, and in my opinion, a "must have" if you eat at McDonalds even somewhat frequently. The main things I like, and use every time I go, are the coupons in their "Deals" section. That is why I definitely recommend the app. The store locator has worked fine every time i've used it. The menu shows everything they have, just doesn't show the prices which vary by region and time of year, so that makes sense (plus if you have the McDonalds app, chances are you have a good idea of what their prices are). Also never had any technical difficulties with it, probably because I downloaded it a few months ago after they got all of that fixed. All in all, I definitely recommend trying it, saves me a few bucks every time I go.
  • Slow Web Page Loading 3/5

    By gclari
    I'm getting more familiar with the operation of this app. However, the web pages load slowly with the blinking fries icon.
  • App wants location and tracking permissions 1/5

    By Bentley_J
    There is simply no reason why this app requires location data just to show me the deals and McCafé promotions. This is obviously just a location tracking grab so they can know more about me. Please allow us to use the app without constant privacy compromises. There is no reason I can't select my preferred store and have that be sufficient. I would love to use the app to get McCafé rewards, I go there enough to earn many of them, but saving $1 here and there isn't worth allowing McDonalds to know my location ALL the time.
  • Get a ton of free stuff. 5/5

    By mcmuffineater
    How this app has gotten such low reviews is mind boggling. Do people not like Bogo coupons and free stuff? Regardless of tech issues stated from other people your still getting free food. I've never had a problem with the app and the one time the scanner wouldn't accept it the staff just took the numbers off the app and gave me the coupon anyway. I'm so impressed with this app that I'm fearful that the deals are so good that McDonald will take the darn thing away.
  • Don't get it ! 2/5

    By Erika2012
    I've been useing this app for a while a. It has great deals but every time I fill up the frappe slot an get it filled up whn I refreshed it it ends up deleted 🤦🏽‍♀️😭 👎🏽👍🏽
  • Fix the App!! 1/5

    By DRodriguez1968
    I never write reviews on Apps but I had to on this! McDonalds please update the app so it is better than to just use a coupon! I cannot place a mobile order, customize anything whatsoever and being I just went through Hurricane Irma down here in Palm Beach County, FL trying to get something to eat is everything right now. We have no electric, no cell service and obviously no mobile ordering either. A large corporation should be able to have an app that is usable as well as user friendly! And if something is not available on my favorited location then the item should not be shown in the menu! Thanks for understanding my concerns....
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By Preggy Meggy
    Nowhere on the app does it say you're only allowed to use one deal (coupon). Then you get to the window and they only let you use one!
  • App has no way to order 1/5

    By erikeric
    Even if your McDonald's has curbside pickup spots, the app won't let you order - just view coupons and nutritional info. Horrible interface.
  • Invalid deals 1/5

    By mbumb
    I allow notifications from the app, and more often than not, when it's a deal notification I might be interested in, it isn't listed in the app when I check that same day. Kinda defeats the purpose of notifications.
  • A come on! 1/5

    By McCafed Out
    I've bought dozens of coffees with this app and have only gotten 2 TWO free coffees. And that was when I traveled out of state. It's a joke. I've complained before but help. I can't even get it to tell me how many coffees I've bought. The fries just keep on jumpin! 😤

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