MDLIVE: Talk to a Doctor 24/7

MDLIVE: Talk to a Doctor 24/7

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  • Current Version: 4.0.11
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MDLIVE: Talk to a Doctor 24/7 App

The all-new MDLIVE Mobile App 4.0 makes connecting with a doctor fast, easy, and convenient—from anywhere, anytime. In addition to medical and pediatric care, MDLIVE also offers behavioral health therapy services and psychiatry. The average wait time is less than 15 minutes to consult with a state-licensed, board-certified physician averaging 15 years of practice experience. When to use MDLIVE? • Instead of going to the ER or an urgent care center for a non-emergency issue • During or after normal business hours, nights, weekends, and even holidays • If your primary care physician is not available • If you don’t feel up to driving to a doctor’s office • If traveling and in need of medical care • To request prescription refills when appropriate.*   Non-emergency conditions we commonly treat: Acne Allergies Cold / Flu Constipation Cough Diarrhea Ear problems Fever Headache Insect bites Nausea / Vomiting Pink eye Rash Respiratory problems Sore throats Urinary problems / UTI Vaginitis And more! Behavioral health: Addictions Bipolar disorders Child and adolescent issues Depression Eating disorders LGBT issues Grief and loss Life changes Men’s issues Panic disorders Parenting issues Postpartum depression Relationship and marriage issues Stress Trauma and PTSD Women’s issues And more! Can I use it for my children? Yes. MDLIVE has pediatricians on call 24/7/365. Please note, a parent or guardian must be present during any interactions involving minors with our online doctors. Also, see our symptom checker to find more information in regards to any current medical condition you may have. Copyright © 2017 MDLIVE Inc. All Rights Reserved. MDLIVE may not be available in certain states and is subject to state regulations. MDLIVE does not replace the primary care physician, is not an insurance product and may not be able to substitute for traditional in person care in every case or for every condition. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEA controlled substances and may not prescribe non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. MDLIVE does not guarantee patients will receive a prescription. Medical consultations are available by interactive audio on-demand 24/7/365 or by video 7 days per week from 7am EST to 9pm EST or by scheduled availability. Behavioral consultations are by scheduled availability. Healthcare professionals using the platform have the right to deny care if based on professional judgment a case is inappropriate for telehealth or for misuse of services. MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registered trademarks of MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without written permission. For complete terms of use visit MDLIVE does not replace the primary care physician. MDLIVE is not an insurance product nor a prescription fulfillment warehouse. MDLIVE operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states. MDLIVE does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEA controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. MDLIVE physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services. MDLIVE interactive audio consultations with store and forward technology are available 24/7/365, while video consultations are available during the hours of 7 am to 9 pm 7 days a week or by scheduled availability. MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registered trademarks of MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without written permission. For complete terms of use visit 120115 *Prescription Policy: Prescriptions are issued only when clinically appropriate for the symptoms described. No controlled substances may be prescribed and the availability of some prescriptions may be restricted by law in some states. For complete terms of use visit


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MDLIVE: Talk to a Doctor 24/7 app reviews

  • Great experience using this app 5/5

    By ayeeeeetaytay
    This was the only virtual site my insurance company accepted. The doctor I spoke with was thorough l, listened to my symptoms and provided me with the necessary meds to get me on the road to recovery. Would definitely use again.
  • Beware when using! Ripoff. 1/5

    By Falconman2125
    This application clearly states that it will address many different behavioral issues such as depression. I have a current, non classfull prescription (Zoloft) needing to be refilled. The dr said she could not refill this. Talk about a huge waste of money. It was the same cost as a walk in clinic would have been not to mention the added benefit of actually walking out with my prescription in hand. I wish I could give this a zero star rating. Horrible service.
  • It’s worthless 1/5

    By Gossamerjohn
    First, they don’t tell you how the process works once you set up the appointment. When you call them different people tell you different things. Then a recording calls you and asks you to press numbers on your phone but it doesn’t recognize the key entry. Finally, if you need a referral they cannot give you one.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By KyleCA
    Complete waste of time. Called for sinus infection because we're flying soon and was told to take an OTC decongestant. I guess it makes sense they can't diagnose you over the phone, but what's the point of paying if all the do is send you to the pharmacy for OTC? Now off to urgent care. My company has been pushing this service, I'll definitely tell people not to waste their time and money and just go to urgent care.
  • Bad Experience 1/5

    By Junior916
    Hoped to use this app to confirm flu diagnosis, get prescription for Tamiflu and avoid trip to urgent care. Three hours after doctor was supposed to get in touch, received prerecorded message that I was in queue but still no doctor. At 1:30 am, received a call from a nice lady asking when I’d like to reschedule the appointment, which scared the daylight out of us. Asked to get my copay refunded and she said no problem but it would take 24 hours. Drove to urgent care the following day and got my meds the old fashioned way. Wish I would have been informed immediately that the doctor could not “see” me as promised. I would have made my way to UC that same night.
  • Paid $$ for WebMD Diagnosis 1/5

    By andreaninetoes
    The Dr read info about my illness off of a script and it wasn’t personalized to me. The only question he asked was “Oh so you have (illness)?” Then his soliton was to “take Advil.” I would have been better off reading WebMD and saving $$. 100% would go to quick care next time even if it takes forever.
  • Glad I’m not going to die soon... 1/5

    By boardr247
    Experience 1. I’m having sleep issues and want a sleep study. Insurance requires a consult first. Should be easy over the phone since there’s nothing my regular doc can do to look at me. Does MDLIVE help? Nope. Experience 2. I call last night around 9... around 12:30 last night they call and I haven’t been seen. Reschedule for 8 this morning. It’s 8:30 and I’m about to get on a call with our CEO and expect the call then... Just go to the doctor. This doesn’t seem worth it to me. Nothing is quick or easy.
  • I thought being sick was the worst, until i tried this 1/5

    By Zmanlive
    worst thing ever invented. I called in the morning, got an appointment for 6pm, 5 minutes later says doctor cancelled, called to reschedule for 6pm. waited 45 minutes in the “waiting room” got a call, says they cancelled again. Get back on que... still waiting.
  • They lied 1/5

    By ABC123XYZ1900F9
    Sent my info, submitted 2x. 3.5 hours later still no call and submitted a “request” - customer service said I had missed a call - my phone shows no calls, my phone was with me - and I’ve triple checked my number in their system to ensure it’s correct. - feeling like it’s “take the money and run”.... and still haven’t spoken with anyone. Worst part is - I was lied too - my phone has great service here - and not even a “missed call” on my phone. Thanks for lying to me about he attempt.
  • Jason Daniels 1/5

    By jd3480
    I gave it a one star because I had too. This app has not worked since day one and is a waste of time!!!
  • Dr's orders: Go to an urgent care center 1/5

    By alexxxxxxxffffg add fg
    This service does not solve the problem we want it to solve. I was charged just to be told to go visit an urgent care center. Waste of money. Not effective. Will not use again. $49 Charge. 2hr wait. 0 resolution.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By cnbcruz
    This was my first time to use this service and I feel like My consultation was rushed and I was looked over. I had already spoken to my PCP earlier within the week and was told to come back if my symptoms weren’t any better of if I felt worse. The Doctor I spoke to seem to rush me through the consultation and didn’t seem to really care. He said I had a sinus infection and it would clear up on its own. I only used the service because my PCP is closed on the weekends and didn’t feel like driving to an urgent care facility.
  • Had me fooled 2/5

    By _SincerlyTee
    I have used this site twice the first time it took me less than an hour to get and consult and what I needed to feel better. This time I used it I didn’t get a call back for almost 3 hours called the representatives cause there 24/7 stayed on the phone for 20 minutes for no one to pick up ! Had me fool ! If it’s an emergency do not use !!!!
  • Horrible App and Customer Sevice 1/5

    By M.A.R. Mich
    I’m extremely ill with a sinus infection.... Spoke to three customer service representative that needed to go back to training had a supervisor call me accusing me of being racist and that I didn’t keep my appointments with the doctors instead of asking me what was wrong first.... I received two phone call from doctors that I couldn’t understand.... One of them hung up on me and I’m not understanding how this makes me racist.... This company charged my CC before I received service..... This company needs to focus on customer care instead of charging a customer for services they can’t provide..... by the way I’m Hispanic... that’s how much of a racist I am.... Rip Off company and I’m not stopping here!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Acyoxy
    It took 2 hours to be called back after requesting an appointment and then the doctor was rude. Use Dr. On Demand, they are much faster and I’ve always been helped and not disregarded.
  • Real Quick 5/5

    By Gwantak
    My wife had some sniffles and she spoke to a doctor within an hour of requesting a consultation. They sent the prescription and she picked up right way. Two hours done.
  • Still waiting on a call back... 1/5

    By Dpinlp08
    Been waiting for hours for a call back.. I feel like I’m actually at the doctors office waiting to see one.
  • Great Service! Easy to Use! 5/5

    By Mowglie2318
    My wife, mother, and I have all used MDLIVE a few times and have always had an excellent experience. Mobile app is user friendly and so are the doctors. I’m already recommending to other friends and family.

    By Marlins gurl
    This app will change your life. Amazing, didn’t have to leave my couch. This is a game changer
  • Really? 1/5

    By AdamSessions
    It’s been over 4 hours and nothing! Just a calling every other hour saying a call is coming. I’m glad all the pharmacies and stores are closed so I can get a call at 3am the this is going, telling me good luck till tomorrow. If I had the money I would go to the ER. At least I’d be in after 3 hours.
  • Really 1/5

    By Should of been done
    Waited 7 hours for a call back for a physician to tell me to go buy DayQuil and cough drops, I’m sick hello no shiyt I need medication
  • It’s been 8 Hours and Still no Consultation 1/5

    By Patient in Tx
    I submitted a consultation request at 9:30 am CT, it’s now 6:00 pm and still waiting. I’ve talked to multiple support specialist all with the same scripted reply and no timeframe of when I can expect to speak with a Dr. Do yourself a favor and don’t use MDLIVE.
  • Not what I hoped 1/5

    By Srj12000
    I could have made an appointment, driven to my PCP, and been back home in half the time I waited to get a call back from MDLive. Not worth the hassle.
  • Long wait to bee seen 3/5

    By liza1787
    I was retuned a cAll from the dr after 2hrs and 30 min of requesting an appointment over the app. The call was quick yet it took over an hr and a half to get the perscription over to my pharmacy. I just didnt like the fact that i had to call twice to check when i would be reciving the call and another one for the perscription status. Other than this and the long wait time. It is a good service.
  • Working service 5/5

    By Guanglei1025
    Just had a consultation by using this MDLIVE app. It’s very convenient. I have nothing to complain.
  • Better than urgent care 5/5

    By cheesedoodles116
    I get sinus infections at least 4x’s a year. Last night I spoke to a doctor and had my husband pick up my zpack from the pharmacy without having to leave my bed!
  • So much easier than seeing a doc in person 5/5

    By mamakittycat
    I have used MDLIVE twice, and both times were great experiences. The first time was for a terrible sore throat. I was sure it was strep throat, so I wasn’t sure if they could treat it. But in about 5 minutes, the doctor confirmed it was strep and sent a prescription for antibiotics to the pharmacy 4 blocks from my house. I couldn’t believe it! The second time was for a UTI — exact same experience. Getting treated for these things without it eating up my whole day felt like a miracle, and the doctors didn’t rush me AT ALL. They were both happy to answer all my questions (I had several, but it still only took 5 minutes from start to finish). I don’t think I’ll ever drive to my doctor again unless i absolutely have to.
  • Fast, better than PCP 5/5

    By S1ghts
    Got connected to a doctor way ahead of the estimate. Was able to take care of my cough immediately when my in person doctor told me he couldn’t see me till Monday (today is Friday).
  • Convenient! 5/5

    By atomsq
    Easy to use app. I was able to choose between a phone or video call. You describe your symptoms and could even upload pictures if needed. After the request a doctor called me within 5mnts.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By m4st0r
    I’ve scheduled over 10 appointments for my family including myself and I have saved so much of my time. No need to spend all day at the doctors office. I’ll be using MDLIVE as much as possible before I see my PCP
  • Very useful app, love it 5/5

    By JeffreyWho
    Very clear workflow to see a doctor. I got my doctor connected in 15 min. Much earier than seeing my PCP and wait in the waiting room for 1.5 hours. Yes, my PCP let me wait 1.5 hours even I arrive at my appointment time. :(
  • Great app 5/5

    By Customer12356
    I love using MDLIVE! Great app and a great service. Recommend to everyone
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By captn dumbsgit
    Submitted 2 requests, got 4 automated calls over 4 hours and some email stating some Dr would call me. They Never called. Not sure what country they are using for doctors as well. I’ll be filing a complaint with my insurance company. This is BS.
  • Horrible Experience 1/5

    By JAsvan70
    You will wait and wait for hours. They take your money upfront and you are literally left wondering if you will get to see or talk to a physician. I clicked video chat but waited forever and finally it came up with a message saying “All our doctors for video chats are busy..Would you prefer a phone visit?” So I clicked yes like a sucker. You can’t get back to the video chat after doing so you are stuck sitting by the phone hoping you get a call. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By Amber97378
    Took 5 hours to talk to a doctor. Doctor said was just a sinus infection. Only prescribed Flonase. Went to a real doctor the next morning and was diagnosed with the FLU.
  • Dreadful 1/5

    By lwellsnyc
    If you are sick, go elsewhere! I had ping-pong telephone calls going with them for over 6 hours...ending at 2 AM! And still no Dr. Full disclosure: One call came through, after waiting 3 hours, but my phone dropped the call and when I IMMEDIATELY called back I was put back in line and ‘supposedly’ expedited. That was at 10 pm. At 1:54 a supervisor woke me, but I was still in the cue. Good grief! This morning I went to the Amwell app and was ‘seen’ by a Dr. In less than an hour. Really!
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By Me111222333oryou
    I made a request yesterday at 5:20 for a Doctor. Since this was listed on the back of my ins card I thought it was legit. But by 7:50 I hadn’t heard from a doctor so I called to cancel and get my money refunded. I went to sleep. At 9:15 I finally get a call and the doctor doesn’t Rx anything just gives suggestions. When the phone rings and you’re asleep you generally answer without thinking or I would have just declined the call. So this morning I called again to try to get my money refunded. The rep said he could see where I requested the cancellation but it will have to be reviewed to be determined if I can get a refund!
  • Great app and service! 5/5

    By Beach and waves
    Very very satisfied customer.
  • No more hives 5/5

    By nesspro
    My daughter was just a few days from her due date and broke out in hives. She called Mdlive to set up a consult and was treated so kindly and attentive. She absolutely loved using this service! Prescription sent directly to pharmacy and hives were gone within 12 hours! No waiting in an office or ER!
  • Excellent experience 5/5

    By CEM561
    Really great experience. Registering was a breeze. The functionality of the app was top of the line and intuitive. Speaking to a doctor for my eye irritation was both thorough and easy. Will definitely be using them again.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By cnd2146
    Absolutely terrible service and a waste of money. I waited 3 and a half hours for my consultation. When I finally talked to the doctor she told me I needed to go to an urgent care for a stomach bug. She did not give me anything to get me through the night, she did not give me any medical advice and she did not help me at all. She would cut me off mid sentence and could not be bothered to help me in any way. I paid 40 dollars to stay up all night and be told I needed to go to urgent care which is where I would've gone anyway had it not been for this joke of a service. So now on top of the money I'm going to spend on urgent care I just threw away 40 bucks for no reason.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By GoBlue222
    Had an appointment. Of course they billed my credit card immediately. I was online at the appointment time. Dr did not show up. Said he could not get in. No way to re-establish connection. Tried to setup a call based, but got no call back. Dr quit responding to messages. Called tech support, waited to talk to a human for more than 10 mins. Then got booted and when called back got “All circuits are busy”. Terrible service, no call back, system hardly works, except the part where they take your money, that seems to work instantaneously. Still waiting for my copay to be returned. NO SERVICE WAS RENDERED.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By BigMex1985
    The service I received was poor based on lack of communication from the doctor that I was speaking to instead of taking time to listen he jumped to conclusion and diagnosis and ends the call I personally would not recommend this service to anyone. Also I had requested video conference but they rejected and ended up calling instead I don’t understand the point of giving an option one they don’t want to video conference especially for a medical when a person needs to be seen
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By DrewTingley
    Wait time is long and the visit is a waste of $40. I pay a copay to see a dr to get prescription for sinusitis or strep throat and I was concerned how this would go without a typical exam or a culture. What a joke he gave me a recommendation of stuff I was already doing. What a waste!! I am traveling by train and bus over the next few days, at a minimum he could have given me an antibiotic to boost my immune system through the rest of my trip... absolutely the worst forty dollars ever spent, felt duped... would have felt better watching free dr mom
  • Christmas morning 5/5

    By Peinetree
    6 am on Christmas morning they got me in 10 min or less, had technical difficulties because the app. Store would not let me download the app, but they stayed with me on the phone and found a pharmacy that was open worked around my technical problems which I could not believe. I am a believer and so super grateful.
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By Zephyrus411
    The advertised 15 minute or less wait time is BS. Yesterday, I waited over 30 minutes then called customer support. They said the average wait time is 90 minutes and than it would be another hour wait time!! I told them I wanted to reschedule the following day. They asked me what time, I told them 10am. They said someone will call me at 10am. The next day I waited by my phone. 10:20am came around, no call. I called customer support. They said my name was merely put into the queue at 10am and it would be about 90 minutes until someone called me back. I promptly asked them to cancel the consultation and refund my money.
  • Never works - always have to call them 1/5

    By allCAmama
    This app is a waste. We repeatedly have trouble with it, and the three times we’ve tried to use it it has never worked as it’s supposed to. Each time we’ve had to waste a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with them. This time, the rep told us the app would work if we deleted it and reinstalled it. Nope. I’ve never seen a service that is supposed to be so convenient cause so much work.
  • Waste of time. No follow-up 1/5

    By to wear a coat or not
    They messed up my appt 3x. Then video wasn’t available. Spent over 3 hrs on the phone trying to speak to a dr. What a joke. I’d rather go to a regular office.
  • Best customer service I’ve had in a very long time! 5/5

    By Bayturtle
    Best customer service I’ve had in a very long time! Very responsive and helpful staff and doctors versus some bad reviews I’ve read here. No more dealing with going to the doctors for normal things and waiting for days if not weeks. Highly recommended!
  • Not working 1/5

    By jsmack14
    I love the service and convenience of MDlive but this app will not let my log in with my credentials. I had no problems logging in online but could not use this app even after multiple attempts using the same username and password as the website.

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