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At Medium, we are creating a network for writing that enables people to make an impression on others. To make them think or change their minds. To teach them something or connect emotionally. Where the quality of the idea matters, not the author’s qualifications. A place where conversation pushes ideas forward and words still matter. Read: The best reads tailored just for you. You'll find a curated blend of human and algorithmically curated stories ensures you always have something to dive into. Plus, dive into Series, a new type of story that can be added to over time and unfolds card by card with the tap of your finger, available exclusively on our app. Write: Switch from your phone to your tablet to your computer, seamlessly. Write wherever inspiration strikes. React: Highlight a particular passage that speaks to you, or clap for it to share the piece with your followers. Join the conversation by writing your own response to a story that moved you. Through our new subscription, you can upgrade to become a Medium member. Unlock a new layer of Medium: one with exclusive stories from top writers, audio versions of top posts on Medium, a supercharged offline reading list, and more. All for $4.99/month. Your Medium membership will automatically renew each month, and you will be charged $4.99 through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly cycle. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings up until 24-hours before the end of the current period, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions? Feedback? To get help, visit


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  • Absolutely amazing! 5/5

    By Yasipk
    It’s full of inspiring and functional articles about almost everything and the good thing is most of them are science based! I’m getting addicted to read at least one or two articles a day 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
  • Medium is time well spent 5/5

    By Mariochampion
    For a couple of months now I ve replaced 90% of the time I would have spent on Facebook, with actually useful enlightening meaningful reading -- both for skill development and a kind of deeper journalism meets editorial opinion insight. It's one of the best tech decisions for personal happiness I ve made in years.
  • Worth a read and write 5/5

    By bwarburton
    I know I shouldn’t spend time reading just because They are writing, but the stuff on Medium is better than Twitter. Or Facebook
  • Deleting my series and using app for text only (if at all) 2/5

    By Reader1718
    The image upload problems are persisting and many of the photos aren’t on my phone anymore, and you can’t upload images to Medium from your computer! Booo!😡🤬😠👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 I will be using this app less often now and not doing any more series unless they’re words only because of this major problem! Shame on you for not fixing this after having multiple complaints about it!
  • Medium is Large... 5/5

    By Even A Blind Squirrel
    Great app. One day I’ll probably figure out how to use all its various features.
  • So good 5/5

    By Novaferon
    If you are interested in understanding those around us, or improving ones self you must use Medium
  • Meaningful Suggested Articles Makes Medium Essential 5/5

    By spw5235
    So often, I am recommended movies on Netflix or "suggested" articles on countless news websites. I found that the vast majority of such suggestions are wrong and unhelpful. I'm not sure how Medium does it, but they do it right. While not every highlighted or suggested article fits my needs, they are closer to achieving this goal than any other company I have come across. I have learned an incredible amount about web development using this app. It has become an essential resource for my job. As a result, it will be the first application I install when upgrading my iPhone.
  • Best long form blogging platform, and community, in the known universe. 5/5

    By eAgent
    Medium saved blogging. I've been active since Typepad was cool. And was finding Facebook a little funky for long form content. Medium has an intelligent approach to your content. It's beautiful. And the communities are less walled garden. More open forum. You'll also discover, like Quora, a one-degree of separation from almost anyone you admire. That's a surprising benefit. I hope it remains quality. So far, it's my daily read. Update August 5, 2016: better than ever. The platform has become the toto spot for my crew to inspire and learn. Yeah! Update: November 5, 2017: Medium is only getting better. The only thing lacking is effortless import of content via search results (for both commenting and curation). And series don't yet work on iPad. Otherwise, it's perfect. Still.
  • A gem mine for readers and writers 5/5

    By Jorgeobh85
    I never knew this app existed until I stumbled onto it in the App Store. I must say this app is amazing, and as it says it in the title: a gem mine for readers and writers. It’s amazing and worth getting. I use this every day and the ideas I get from the writers are truly inspiring and worth writing into my personal journal for my personal growth and productivity. Definitely worth upgrading and becoming a member. If I could suggest one thing the the creators of this app and website please make a night mode where the tex would be inverted from white & black to black & white similar to how iBooks does. Other than that, Medium is amazing and I hope my work is publishing here. Keep up the great work!!!!
  • Read This, Medium 3/5

    By Stylist plus numbers
    I really enjoy reading on Medium. The community is surprisingly studious, curious, and open-minded compared to most other internet comment sections, and the estimated read-time at the top of every article and comment has surely spoiled me (I really notice the absence of this lovely feature when reading elsewhere). But the platform desperately needs at least a couple of important tweaks. Readers have access to only a few "exclusive stories" per month if they are not a paid subscriber. I am not a subscriber for several reasons, one of which is that I have found that most of this exclusive content isn't worth reading. Writers who believe their work is truly important want everyone to see it, even (and sometimes especially so) those of us living in poverty. I tend to think that many of these authors guaranteed pay by Medium know that their work isn't good enough to get them by on donations alone as it does for the talented authors who make their important work available to everyone. Having said that, there are a few exclusive stories I'd actually like to read, and I hate that Medium doesn't consistently make clear which ones are exclusive. In some places they do, and in some places they don't. After you've clicked on one of these stories, you simply get a notice that your tally of available exclusives for the month has decreased by one. I've accidentally clicked stories (usually due to device lag or a finger slip) I have zero interest in to consequently lose a chance at reading something I might actually like. After reading an article, redirects to related articles are listed at the bottom. Sometimes, I click on one I'm partially interested in (maybe just wanting to know how long it is to decide if I want to dedicate that amount of time to an only slight interest, or maybe to read a paragraph or two to see if its good enough to keep my attention) only to find that I've lost yet another of my month's allotted exclusives on something I likely won't even fully read. These redirects at the bottom of articles are not labeled as exclusives, so that surely needs to be fixed, but I don't think this is the only necessary fix. A yes/no prompt absolutely needs to be present before moving on to any exclusive story, preferably at the bottom of the first paragraph or whatever other arbitrary spot Medium decides gives the reader a fair idea of what type/quality of article is to follow. Any time a non-subscriber is directed to an exclusive story, this type of warning should pop up letting them know that this is an exclusive and giving them this option of whether to continue reading and use up an allotted free exclusive story for the month. UPDATE: With Medium's new email format, exclusive stories are no longer explicitly denoted in any of the suggested content contained therein, worsening the problem described in my initial review.
  • Great service 5/5

    By appleknocket
    Try this app.
  • "I don't have time to read" YES YOU DO! 5/5

    By rick flaire
    This app provides a beautiful selection of articles and thoughts by authors who are amazing. Lots of information and key concepts to be learned. Very simple easy reads, no excuse not to... Invest in yourself and enhance your future by getting yourself into medium!❤️👨🏻‍🚀
  • Skip your morning news and read some Medium articles instead 5/5

    By hsjsksjsj
    I love everything about Medium, from content to execution. It's the greatest start to my day. I've been a paying member for some time now as I would love to support the people working on this beautiful resource daily. Keep up the wonderful work!
  • Member Preview 5/5

    By Quellz
    I’m about to get a premium account soon but yall playing us with the little member preview star. I constantly waste them cause i look at the title and just click it. great app tho
  • My review is left at the glovebox on Falcon Heavy toooo 5/5

    By drkxzc
    All I can remember is Medium is getting better and better.
  • Medium is AWESOME! 5/5

    By ADDAppADDict
    Outstanding selection of experienced and beginning contributors, as well as everything in between. Medium has an a a wide variety of topics from numerous and varied viewpoints that there is something for everyone. If you're like me, you'll learn, interact & be inspired to contribute to the content. ;)
  • Cannot sign in from OS TABLET 1/5

    By BarabaraB
    What gives? Cannot get in
  • Can’t sign in. 1/5

    By Ray.1988
    Can’t sign in. Fix it.
  • Thanks! 4/5

    By Foreverfocused
    So glad to do referred to this platform. A friend commented that there needs to be news about the news to process the unending stream of content. I think that medium is onto something.
  • App with Good Content 4/5

    By flyWhy
    The Medium app is a little hard to navigate on occasion, but that comes from having such a broad selection of content. Most of the content is pretty high quality, although it may have fallen off a little with growth. Paid, exclusive content is easily worth it.
  • Highly recommend! 5/5

    By Doesitmatter3
    I love this App! I read articles from it every morning. It has all the topics that I want to read about and I really feel that it is helping me improve all areas of my life! Thank you to the creators and authors! :)
  • Dark Mode? 4/5

    By david_bob
    I moved from Android to Apple for the first ever and recall this feature was available on Android. Is there a Dark Mode for the iPhone app, or am I just not looking in the right place for it?
  • Must login to read 1/5

    By Jck384837472
    There's no reason I should need to create an account just to read articles. And then on the website, there's the unavoidable floating "open in app" button. No no no.
  • Solid 4/5

    By Snknknkno
    Great app but movement towards paid and limiting reading is inconvenient
  • Good, but your link is broken 5/5

    By Lesiva2
    The "Rate us on the app store" link is broken. This happened with iOS 11. Needs update, preferably to Apple's new SKStoreReviewController! Medium is great!
  • Horrible iOS Publishing Platform 1/5

    By witless fool
    No control over title, subtitle, publishing timing, etc. Allows you to jam text in and projectile vomit it out to the world. I use medium bc it’s free and it’s supposed to be a journalism platform. Though the more I use it, the more I hate it. I’m likely to just head back to
  • I really enjoy the essays and news! 5/5

    By BlueJSmith
    I have several cable news & newspaper apps on my phone, but I frequently find myself selecting Medium when I need something different and interesting to read. Good stuff.
  • Browser wins again 3/5

    By Shhehxhjsj
    Guys, why on every iphone I owned ( from 5 to 7) browser is faster and has no lagging on scrolling?
  • First rate, check it out 5/5

    By webzilla.
    Wish I could give it six stars!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Cjmilitia
    Perfect for me.
  • Great way to connect with other writers. 4/5

    By GRPNV
    The diversity of highlighted articles is sometimes lacking. Of the 40+ topics / authors I follow on Medium, I regularly see articles that are very similar. I'm not sure if that's [my] user error, or if some algorithm only provides "trending" articles.
  • Enjoy reading medium 5/5

    By SaltyCompadre
    Becoming more and more the best blogging platform
  • Truly disappointed 1/5

    By Syberiyxx
    The scrolling isn’t smooth. iPad 10.5
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Bebrntnnrntdnr
    I love how every link I click that has anything to do with Medium automatically opens in the app, and if it doesn’t, it is just one more “open in app” click away.
  • I can’t sign in 1/5

    By A|IanTsiolkovsky
    I downloaded and deleted medium app three times, I couldn’t sign in... it told me..”Error.....,the request is timed out “??? .....WHY??!
  • A necessity 5/5

    By ShawnSfr
    Unlike most apps, news or social media, Medium is an intellectual necessity! Learn how to launch a product, read both sides of a political argument and see just what’s going on today, Medium has it all.
  • What I've been looking for 4/5

    By jseo04
    This app compiles all my interests into one database and has me scrolling for an hour straight every time. I've learned so much in just a couple weeks of having it.
  • Wealth of information 5/5

    By WPTomazin
    I can't find this type of information anywhere! So thankful for medium!
  • Worse than the mobile site, and blocks its use. 1/5

    By Matt554367
    The mobile site has a top nav menu that allows me to skip to different sections. The app only allows me to see whats in the echo chamber of what their algieithm recommends for me. As long as the app is installed, I cant login to my account on the mobile site. (I use email login.) So the app has to go.
  • So much content 5/5

    By Robert326
    I'm not sure how they did it but more and more google searches bring me to medium pages.
  • The best! 4/5

    By Meltoids
    Medium is my go to reading app! With that said, I do wish it would save the highlights made. I know they can be saved as an image but it would be nice to have them in a list or something. Also, landscape view would be great too.
  • Series cannot add cover photo 2/5

    By Buckeyefan123
    I cannot add a photo to my cover card on series, only thing I see wrong with this app but that is a major issue
  • AI journalism at its best 5/5

    By Stephen Chalk
    I'm in because you market so well. Diverse writers and topics with easy navigation. Your advertisers will be thrilled. I feel so freeeee!
  • Nice articles, would read again 5/5

    By stepchud
    It lets you read the articles. 👍🏽
  • Good so far 5/5

    By Irisbrooks
    I haven't been using medium for long, but I have enjoyed it. Easy to use with lots of great articles on anything and everything.
  • Sencilla, útil y entretenida 5/5

    By Omarsantamaria
    Si te gusta leer y contar historias, Médium es el lugar ideal.
  • Needs dark mode, font choices 4/5

    By eggimage
    Dark mode, preferably like Wikipedia’s grey theme. Needs fonts choices including San Francisco
  • Great all around 5/5

    By 6+4+3=2
    One place for great writers to publish their articles, build an audience, be found by those who are looking for authors and writing that have actual substance, and connect it to your other favorite social media sites if you want (twitter and fb). There's filters to find what you want to read about and how you want to it. It's easy and reliable. Like the sun. 😊 P.S. The release notes are fantastic! Love the stories in them.
  • I LOVE MEDIUM!!! 5/5

    By Pyeito2
    You have something important to say, but you may fear that it will inspire an unwanted reaction from someone. The last thing you want right now is a conflict, but not speaking your mind could lead to an internal conflict, and that may be even worse than confronting someone who does not agree with you. If you go into a conversation armed with the words you think are best, and you have a solid strategy, you will feel more confident in delivering your message, and it will be clear. Say what you have to say.
  • Great app 5/5

    By alewiahmed
    One of the best apps to find amazing ideas, perspectives and content.

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