Memrise: Language Learning App

Memrise: Language Learning App

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  • Current Version: 2.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Memrise
  • Compatibility: Android
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Memrise: Language Learning App App

Best of 2016! Unlock your language learning superpowers with Memrise! Join over 15 million people worldwide, explore new words and phrases and learn how to speak, read and write in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and a host of other exciting new languages. With next-generation mobile learning, a rich variety of games, chatbots and over 30,000 native speaker videos, Memrise provides an innovative approach to foreign language learning. Download today and start speaking like a native! Top 5 Reasons to Download Memrise: 1. Courses expertly created by a dedicated team of linguists and language specialists 2. Beginner and advanced content designed to push the boundaries of learning technology 3. Native speaker videos for language learning in context – no actors, just real people! 4. Chatbots to help you sound natural and hone your conversational flow 5. A variety of games to help you learn and practice, including Speed Review, Listening Skills, Difficult Words and Classic Review Best of 2016! iPad App of the Year - Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Learn useful, real-life language skills on the go. With local accents, practical grammar skills and rich content, Memrise has all of your language learning needs covered. Download today and start a conversation with the world around you. MEMRISE PRO Enhance your language learning journey with Memrise Pro! In addition to all the content in the free app, Memrise Pro paid subscription provides access to an extra set of games, chatbots and an offline mode for the ultimate on the go language learning experience. Pro offers: * One-month subscription for $8.99 * Three-month subscription for $18.99 * Twelve-month subscription for $59.99 * Lifetime subscription for $179.99 Once purchased, subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off in your iTunes. Account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the payment period ----------------------- Your learning journey with Memrise continues in: * Facebook: * Twitter: * Instagram: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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Memrise: Language Learning App app reviews

  • Good but 4/5

    By ratingcrib
    The pop up ads are annoying when I mess up or just get out of a lesson
  • Oh my god this is amazing 5/5

    By anime girl 46
    I love this app and I love anime so I’m doing Japanese
  • y not 5/5

    its a great app install it helpful
  • awesome! still improving but super awesome 5/5

    By Mick Sawatzky
    really nice app for learning words in your target language when you don't feel like "studying". It makes it fun and convenient. It would be nice however to skip the words that I already know, but as of November 21, 2017, you cannot, it forces you to study the words you are do you know by heart.
  • so far so good but... 4/5

    By littleblackkittykat
    great app but after the last update the app will crash suddenly. happened 7-8 times during the course of one level. never had this happen before. this is a good supplement for studying what i'm learning from a textbook. offering multiple suggestions for memorizing words and letters is helpful. will definitely continue with this app as a study companion.
  • Sentence 2/5

    By mahnaz1976
    It would be so good to show how the words could be used in a sentence by giving an example.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hanthusam34
  • Okay... but heres what i dont like. 3/5

    By Mia (^u^)
    This app is very useful, and I keep finding myself redownloading it. But I recently found a bug, where on the explorer mode, the camera seems sideways and it gets the objects wrong. It could be because I am on a tablet, but I hope you fix this bug soon. Also, I just got to a certain level in learning Chinese, and it won’t let me go further unless I purchase this over expensive pro membership, which is.. what, 60 dollars a year? I would like if you changed some things, and thank you for reading this, if you do, Memrise.
  • Great learning! 5/5

    By Brown_eyed_mess14
    This particular learning app is worth the money! It has given me the practice and ability to use words into phrases for everyday use. Very complimentary with Pimsleur and Duolingo.
  • Yay for Memrise! 5/5

    By samn_311
    It’s fun to use memrise! If you go to the website you can find and semi compete with friends and/or family members. It really challenges you and keeps your memory for words, alphabets, and phrases strong daily. It’s extra beneficial to go Pro. But, that’s personal opinion. The benefits are 10x better with Pro in my experience.
  • Love 5/5

    By vesaaaaaal
    Love it
  • Engaging and fun 5/5

    By mekosmanes
    I already spoke very beginner Japanese. So this app helps me fill in the blanks in conversations. I love how you sound it you, spell it out and start to learn kanji. The game aspect of this app also keeps it light and fun. Highly recommended
  • Learning Spanish 5/5

    By Caostar
    I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish! Memrise lets me do it in a convenient and fun way on my phone. I get so into upping my levels that I can forget about time being on the app. It’s been a lot more helpful to me than my two week attempt to take a community college course in Spanish so far. I’m starting to understand the bits and pieces of the language and I’m on level three currently.
  • 100% useful 5/5

    By My videos in YouTube
    I just got the app and I already am learning a lot idk about the other languages but with there korean system it’s great and who is BTS army
  • LOVE IT😍 5/5

    By poppyscotty
    This app is amazing! It has definitely changed my life. It's not boring at all like other apps because you have a thing called a ziggy and you grow your ziggy the more you learn!
  • No explanations, bad translations 3/5

    By Uspsjandi
    I am on the level 4 of the spanish mexican course. The program has terrible spanish to english translations and offers no real explanation for the verb tense change conjugations. I will be deleting the app and moving onto something else. I would like to understand what something means and how it changed, not just memorize it but not understand it. I like the program only for the vocabulary words, but other apps serve the same purpose. The “chat bot” is also a joke- it is only a tool to gain marketing information about the end user (you). After I filled it out once with false info, no other chat bots have come up. I paid for the app for 1 month. I would not pay for a year for it. I would only do the spanish mexican course for maybe the first 2 courses then switch to duolingo
  • Memrise 5/5

    By Angel NM
    Это прекрасная программа всем рекомендую!
  • Not worth the price 1/5

    By Jhujg
    This app used to be free, but now it is not worth the price. Imagine paying $60/yr or $9/mo to learn vocab on an iPhone app. Not worth it in my book. Even worse, they do not tell you that the app is no longer free. One day I’m using it, the next I’m sent all the way back to level one with pop ups saying I have to pay to learn new words. If you want to learn how to say “yes” or “no”, by all means download. Or, if you are one of the few people that want yet another subscription on your credit card, this is the app for you!
  • Stress-free language learning 4/5

    By Hunter Holder
    I’m using Memrise to learn German right now, and I’m about 10 lessons in so far. I was using Duolingo to learn, which was pretty decent, but this app feels much less stressful and doesn’t make me feel like I’m taking an extremely long test. I don’t feel afraid to get something wrong and fail out, because I can just keep trying, which I feel is a much more effective way to learn. The one nicer thing about Duolingo, though, was the variety of ways to learn and the questions for each lesson. Those are mostly behind a paywall in Memrise, and it makes sure to constantly remind you about that after every lesson you complete. It’s not extremely annoying, but just do know that the app is fairly limited if you don’t pay.
  • Up, up in the SKY!!! 5/5

    By Grettz of North Dakota
    Next to Rosseta Stone's. Easy to learn and very creative creator of this App!!!
  • Not for sissies 5/5

    By Knockknock
    Two days into this and I am enjoying the challenge
  • Updated for iPhone X 1/5

    By chrishkane
    Use to be a good app seems now I spend more time force closing The app then using it. Whenever it has video in less app completely freezes and doesn’t crash just completely becomes unresponsive. 1 Star for knowledge base and lack of ease to reach out to sippprt.
  • not good 1/5

    By Liddlebabiigia
    they said words wrong.
  • Learning Hebrew 5/5

    By Vamprichealer
    It's a great free app to learn a language, but I wish the audio was both louder and cleaner.
  • Not for already advanced intermediate levels ! 1/5

    By CanUletmewritemycommentplease
    I am very disappointed by memrise. I bought a yearly subscription hoping to improve my spanish a lot by learning vocabulary. I went directly to the most advanced level (the 7th) and what do i learn ? The meaning of "desde", "hasta", "estoy pensando en hacer"... seriously ? This is what i learned when I started spanish from scratch. The metholology is great (the flashcards system, the fact you have to listen, write etc) but this really is only for beginners. Same goes for the korean and the english classes. Not worth the subscription, i would even like to get a refund.
  • ❤️ 4/5

    By Allyjojolarge12345
    I love it I just wish it was less expensive because if it was then I'd get an membership
  • Using alongside Minna No Nihongo 4/5

    By Jmaxizzle
    I study at Columbia and am finishing up second year (i) of Japanese. This app is good for memorizing vocabulary, though it has limitations. For example, it doesn’t display the Kanji for a lot of the words in the Minna No Nihongo decks. I haven’t seen furigana in this app yet either, which would be helpful regardless of your Japanese level. Exposure is exposure. With that being said, it uses its own SRS method and it seems pretty helpful. It’s much less monotonous than Quizlet or Anki. I use all three though, and I suggest you do too. If you’re at the very start, I give this app 5 stars for its assistance when I was learning kana. Definitely worth a try either way.
  • Memrise is lit! 5/5

    By Dani loves dance👯💃🏻
    I just want to thank who ever came up with this lit app, because I am a 7th grader, who is currently learning Spanish 1-2. Since I hadn't learned Spanish intro in sixth grade, I was a year behind. And all thanks to this amazing app, I am now a top student in my Spanish class, and sometimes know things such as vocabulary and ways to talk to people before hand. So just a quick thank you to whoever came up with memrise, because it has really helped my Spanish fluency, and just making Spanish something 10 times more fun for me!
  • Works better than other apps 5/5

    By Jcraxycaptain
    Other apps have issues with corrections where you get the answer exactly correct and still marked wrong, preventing u from continuing unless u press can’t read or hear right now. This app doesn’t have this issue nor does it prevent progress. I’m loving this app and hope to learn more than one language. Good luck to me (haha) and others that wish the same! We can do this... finally we have the right help. PS: get a dictionary for side study to improve progress, a little extra helps lots.
  • I really like this app 5/5

    By JasonAce13
    I’ve wanted to learn Japanese for a good long while now and this app gives me the ability I need to learn and refresh my memory any time I need. The only complaint I could maybe have is that it doesn’t have a better way to learn kanji but I think that’s more of a complaint with the language than the app. Anyways, I’m very happy with my pro membership and will continue to use this app in the future. Other things I like about this app: - Unique learning approach: Some other apps make learning the language feel like a slog, but I like that I can take my lessons in custom-made small bits. - Speed review is both fun and effective
  • Unbelievable 5/5

    By Adripersaa
    This dictionary helps me to learn German
  • Great for learning vocabulary 4/5

    By Lordlordly
    This is a really fun app for learning vocabulary. I also really like the extra features, like Learn with Locals and Listening Skills. To properly learn the language, this app would need to be better about teaching grammar rules. For example, it seems that verb conjugation is simply meant to be picked up. Also, please give us the full keyboard for writing longer responses. It’s hardly a test of memory when there are just 15 or so words that have to be put in the right order. Lastly, when using the full keyboard for the spelling section, there needs to be a confirmation that the accent marks are correct. Overall though, a solid, enjoyable app.
  • Used to love it 3/5

    By onthesun
    I used to love memrise, but now I have to pay to move on to any further courses past the first lesson? No thanks. I don't know if this is a bug, but if so please fix it.
  • Great app as easy to use... 4/5

    By EmBattle
    All eye prompts for money are a bit annoying though. But overall, very good app. You won't get much use out of it without paying however.
  • Memorizing.. 5/5

    By krahslucas
    One of the best for memorizing new languages.
  • Kana keyboard covers answers on iPhone X 1/5

    By robertbenjamin
    On the iPhone X, while typing Japanese, the Kana keyboard (with nine cells of ひらがな) covers the input field making it impossible to see what you’re typing. Would love it if this was fixed.
  • Stunning 5/5

    By Tjfm2456
    The app is a little complicated so it can be difficult to get used to, but it’s absolutely stunning, both in visuals and technique. The space-themed adventure to learning language is a unique, fun, a creative approach to teaching. You earn points through lessons to level up and evolve a little alien monster, and you make a flower bloom by learning words! The videos and real life voices are also a huge help. The app does have paid features, though it’s hardly as pushy as other apps—it’ll occasionally ask you if you want to upgrade to their paid plans, but you can easily dismiss it with a single tap and it won’t bother you for another while. And though I haven’t tried it yet, the camera feature is fascinating—it’d super useful if you’re on a trip and you want to know how to say something! Overall, fun and super cute app—I’ve already learned a ton! And it’s great to have apps like this when big apps like Duolingo don’t have the languages you want—and frankly, I might prefer this one!
  • Fun way to learn 5/5

    By UnderTheFigs
    Learning Russian from scratch pretty fun! Great just want hebrew
  • Full featured and enjoyable 5/5

    By Lavrakas
    This app is rich in features and makes learning so easy, especially with native speakers.
  • ITS GREAT!! 5/5

    By 03cale14
    I found this app by watching YouTube and it came up as an add! I thought it was boring like Doulingo! But no! It's amazing I really hope you think the same! 😐Not the other app thing though😐
  • Great ...except sexist 4/5

    By Mansalad6
    This app is sexist. I’m not saying it’s bad — it’s not. On the contrary, I’ve been using the Spanish course everyday for months and I find it a wonderfully designed, gradual, yet highly effective learning tool and I like it a great deal. HOWEVER, I’ve started to notice that when the app tests me with multiple audio choices, there’s usually both a male and a female voice to choose from. The female voice is NEVER the correct answer. I don’t mean just not as often — I mean NEVER. This not only creates a shortcut that can deter learning by teaching the user to pay attention to the sound of a voice rather than the actual words being spoken — but it also is subconsciously teaching the user that a female voice is inherently wrong and not worth listening to. Look, I’m not trying to ruffle anybody’s feathers or point fingers. It’s very likely an honest mistake. This is simply an excellent product with a serious flaw which I urge the designers to fix immediately. Thanks, for listening.
  • Superb 5/5

    By Sergiu Mazilescu
    Smart and done with care 👍🏼
  • Great for all levels 5/5

    By Matryoshkan
    I’ve been using memrise for over 5 years and it’s perfect for reviewing a language you may have been learning in the past and need a refresher on, and great for learning a completely new language
  • Thumbs up! 5/5

    By Keenankidsmom
    Enjoying it very well! Help teach correct spelling as well as pronunciation. Just a small daily intake and not too much heavy study!
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By diddoh
    I have the pro version and it’s really help with learning vocabulary. My only issue is there is an major glitch when having to select which audio file is correct. All three are the same.
  • No GREEK??? 1/5

    By gr8female
    Greek is the root word to so much ch of the English language, how do you not have it as a choice?!?! Very disappointed!!
  • Big problem for IOS 5/5

    By erfan371374
    Please add search icon for ios users I can not search any book with name in list of books But android has this feature Pla fix it
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Jazzoday
    It’s hard to find a language learning app for asian languages like korean, japanese, chinese, etc. but this app does that and more and makes it very fun to study. videos of the foreigners speaking is the best, and some of them are funny!! Im taking Japanese courses and for the “これはわたしのいぬです” video, it has the cute old man and the dogs with little wigs 😂😂. This app makes studying fun and motivating. ありがとうございました、メムライス!
  • Best ever way to learn 5/5

    By AmandoFoSho
    This App is one of a kind. It allows images hearing and language to combine. This is wonderful. Hearing the same word tested by the app allows learners to remember on their own.
  • It's great 4/5

    By Qeushduj
    I love memrise I learn sosososososo much although I wish I could change my level easily

Memrise: Language Learning App app comments


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