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PASS IT ON Mercari is a treasure trove of beloved, new-to-me thrift—from handbags and shoes, to boots and jackets. Buying and selling on your mobile phone is easy. Upload an image and start selling in seconds, or search for something new right away. There are no surprises and no catch—just millions of products to choose from. It’s easy to sign-up via email or Facebook. BUY THINGS YOU LOVE • Discover items and brands you love at amazing prices • Hundreds of new items uploaded every minute • Save your favorite items to revisit later • Buyer Protection Guarantee INSTANT SELLING • Quickly snap and upload photos directly from your phone • Simply add a description and set your price • Post and get discovered in minutes • Create your shipping label in the app EASY TRANSACTIONS • Convenient in-app messaging • Fast in-app payments • Real-time order status updates


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  • Bad !! 2/5

    By Emily Vangg
    I’ve been selling some so long and I got scam a lot !! Buyer lieing that item came as not describe and never receive !! Mercari is SUPER slow at replying back. I hate the customer service. It’s very poor. You have to wait 2-3 days for them to reply. So annoying !
  • Great App 5/5

    By Angeliaxoxo
    Fun to use! Love it on the iPhone 8 Plus. Was cool but not as easy in early iPhones. Loveeeeeeee the offer buttons & great sellers! They have really cleaned uptake platform. Happy!
  • Can be better 4/5

    By Malmal85
    It’s great but 1) It needs to hide sold items, why are they still available to view in a search after being sold? 2) Please allow buyers to be able to bundle and purchase without having to go through seller.
  • Bias support team! 1/5

    By Jasminesreview
    This app was good until I posted one Purse and listed it as faux purse. There are soooo many girls on here selling fake purses and lipstick and trying to actually say it's real! I wasn't trying to trick anyone I clearly stated it was fake and they banned me from selling. If you're going to enforce one thing enforce it to everyone! Don't pick and choose who can stay and who can't! Especially when I'm a trusted seller with over 120 good reviews! Just be careful what you post on here because they find a problem with everything! They flag and suspend you for everything! Now I'm fighting trying to get my balance and the money I earned since they revoked my usage and suspended my account!!! BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APP!
  • Customer Support 4/5

    By Adventure Time lover01
    If you had an issue, you can send a message through the support pages and they will answer within a day, and if you are quite upset, a real person will respond.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Pegs32
    Love this app!! I haven’t had one bit of trouble with purchasing, and I just had an issue and they resolved the issue in one day! I’ve purchased many things and I love that I have the support of admin on every purchase! I love the picture taking feature when you have to discuss an issue.. 5 STARS from me!
  • Good app to buy from, but not to sell 3/5

    By kingjamesxiv
    Probably the best thing about Mercari is that it’s easy to manage/navigate and also what I like is that you can see how many times people have viewed your post and you could also get likes on the item you post which shows you how popular your item is. Also I like the deals they do for sellers I appreciate that a lot. Now that I got that out of the way, the reason I’m giving this app a 2 star rating is because it takes far too long to receive your direct deposit. I shipped an item on a Friday and the item was delivered on Tuesday and the buyer left me a rating the same day. By Thursday I still hadn’t received the money from this transaction so I decided to contact customer support (big hassle finding their #) the representative informed that the direct deposit wouldn’t be processed until the following Monday. So basically I didn’t receive the money until a week AFTER the product had arrived to the buyer. Extremely frustrating
  • M 3/5

    By dollcrazy8
    I have bought many things on Mercari & the app has changed for the worse: 1. You can't track shipping 2. When you purchase something, it goes back to homepage instead of where you were shopping, so you have to start over again 3. When you are scanning through your likes, if you click on something, again it sends you back to the top instead of where you were looking. Mercari, you are an amazing app. But as a continuous shopper, you need to fix these things before people like me move on.
  • Banned account for ZERO reason 1/5

    By Jmaxizzle
    I buy and sell on Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, Grailed, etc. Recently, I saw a really good deal on some shoes at Mercari. I’d purchased things through them before with no issue - in fact, I was a regular customer. Everything went smooth all the way through checkout. I was even billed $250 for the shoes on my PayPal. Suddenly, however, I received an email saying my account was permanently banned and all transactions would be canceled. OUT OF NOWHERE. Not only was I banned, but my wife was also banned by association (we share the same physical address). I reached out to Mercari and received the most scripted response ever. I reached out to them on Facebook, and received another scripted response. It’s absolutely insane what they are doing. Look up “mercari random bans” to see how terrible of a problem this is. Before this happened I’d have gave them some stars, but now I seriously want them to implode (more then they already are). C’mon Mercari - reach out to me and all of the other legitimate customers you have outcasted because of some crappy string of coding. If you can’t handle this right, you need to sit down - you’re not ready to compete with the big boys. Until then, you’re a joke.
  • YouTube 1/5

    By Faking hijack
    This app makes me want to Kill Myself. Everyday it comes up on my YouTube videos and that’s not even the worst part, after the ad is done it doesn’t skip to the video for me. It makes ME press “skip ad” do I can watch the video. #pieceoftrash.
  • Mercari international 5/5

    By @Natalie_sartorius101
    Dear Mercari So far I want to tell u that this app is good and it’s really not bad like some of the other apps like u can actually sell and buy stuff on this app and I want to ask u if u can kind of fix some bug fixes and update more cool thing on it and I want to thank u cause this is not a bad app it’s a way better app so thank u for making this incredible app 😇😍😘 cause I’m in love with it because I can buy something’s that cost way more cheaper than in reality so thank u 😇
  • Annoying glitch 1/5

    By chim sauce
    I got a spam message from somebody so I didn’t even open it and deleted it right away but the notification doesn’t go away so I have to constantly check if it’s a REAL notification or not. I didn’t open the message so I guess it still has a little “1” and red dot on the selling tab and it’s just annoying because there’s no way for me to open the message and just get rid of the notification. I already reinstalled Mercari but nothing happened. The notification is still there but no message. Also, I listed a Louis Vuitton pen and I got a notice that I did something wrong? I guess they detected it was bad or something which it isn’t. It bothers me because I’ve seen a couple reviews saying they got banned or suspended for a stupid reason and if this is what’s about to happen then this app is just terrible. They should actually check and not suspend just because a brand item was listed. I do understand it’s for protection for BUYERS but I don’t see protection for sellers. Also, It’s not allowing me to list anymore. I listed about 6 items this morning and I wanted to list another one right now but it doesn’t allow me to put the pictures in at all. This is probably a glitch. I do like the app for making extra money on the side but I just don’t like the significant flaws. Please fix & i’ll definitely 5 star
  • Poshmark is better. 1/5

    By MommaWydiiia
    Download Poshmark better app!
  • Review 5/5

    By Mattamonster
    I REALLY love the upgrades recently made. Makes communication much easier! Now if we could just decrease shipping costs LOL!
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Hill1024
    I’ve been using this site for a few months, and I liked really much, but then if I need to speak or contact a customer service, that’s another history; is extremely hard to try to comunícate with then, I sent a lot of messages but they don’t reply right away, another thing , they canceled my account because according to them , I had multiple accounts, which I didn’t know , it looks like someone else was using my name or address, in my opinion I think they should contact me first letting me know about it and give me the change to investigate and resolve that issue and if I don’t take charge of that in certain specific time, then proceed to close my account, I’m very, very frustrated and I think is not fair to me after I had a lot of good feedbacks and followers, my account be canceled for something that I didn’t even know that was happening. I would like to know if there is a way that I can speak to a customer service staff.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Subscribe to Adit da savage
    I tried to sell a Gucci backpack, but it has been a few months and nothing has been sold while this app claims to sell things super quick.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By floralchicgirl
    Love this app. I always end up selling all my items. You must have patience because not everything sells within the same day. Maybe some do but others take a while but still worth it. I end up selling and with the money I make I always use to buy items on the app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By LindseyY07
    App is good for selling items. Some features could be easier like bundling items. Also, shipping is a bit expensive. Overall good.
  • Issues 4/5

    By linda
    I've been using mercari to sell items and have been doing pretty good . I'm liking it so far but lately after the latest update every time I try to check on anything I get a white page displays nothing and it won't let me do anything I have to close and reopen the app to get working again which is so annoying and it happens often. I would also love if they could add a bump or share feature instead of having to repost the same item over and over .. ofcourse without having to pay to bump an item which is kind of ridiculous if we did .. That would help tremendously with our sales because items get left or forgotten after they've been siting there for a while . Other than that I appreciate that we're not getting charged a high % fee on our sold item. Thanks and i hope to see that feature in upcoming updates..
  • Horrible support team 1/5

    By Rpatterson7
    I do not recommend this app , it has the worst customer service and support team ever, I misplaced tracking number by mistake then I found it and submitted it even got a rating and review from buyer even had buyer contact support to confirm receiving package still to no avail did they release my funds . Whoever is in charge of HR needs to be fired matter fact the whole support team needs to be fired !!! Your all fired !!! The most incompetent employees ever ...... WARNING DO NOT USE THIS SITE AT ALL TRY OFFER UP OR POSHMARK OR LETGO MECARI IS TRASH
  • Not perfect yet 4/5

    By larrylarrington
    I'm not going to say what is good about the app because you can see that in other reviews. Here's what I don't like: The thing I hate most is the misuse of categories. If I search "iPhone 6" and I select the category "cell phones and smartphones" I should only see iPhone 6 phones. Not a bunch of cases and chargers. It's really annoying. Also, I think it's time to lower the selling fee. I mean come on, admit it, you've made tons of money from sellers. Even if you lower it just one percent I'll be happy. Sales shouldn't be only for buyers. For example: do a holiday sale where any decorations can be listed with half off selling fee. Or the day a new phone is released make phone selling free We should be able to post more than 4 photos We should be able to send clickable links in messages We should be able to copy messages to the clipboard We should be able to transfer our balance to PayPal
  • Ap not worth the time 1/5

    By Food stain
    Don’t you’re waste time !
  • Great 5/5

    By Hjemetson
    So easy ! I have sold on eBay 15 yrs !! No more this is the best !!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Asapcruz
    This is the third time this app has suspended my account. It said it deletes accounts that have “suspicious payments” but doesn’t have a customer service to talk to or anything. I usually use my balance from selling things so I don’t usually use my card, I feel like that’s what is the suspicious payments. But I can’t tell them that because it doesn’t have a customer service it’s all done by machine.
  • The app is great 5/5

    By lightboiz
    Love us wing it super fast and a lot of great people
  • Will not let me verify my card 3/5

    By Nonstopcracker
    I was able to purchase items before and then it started asking for me to verify my card. It won’t show up the verification purchases on my statement
  • Resisting 3/5

    By Estella N.
    Please allow the ability to easily relist an item without having to create a new listing from scratch! EDIT: I do not have the ability to use the method described in the answer when I am trying to relist a sold item because I have another to sell. It is not deactivated, but sold.
  • Love my boots 5/5

    By Sexxyraven
    The purchase of my boots was the very first purchase on here. My boots for like brand new and I am so thankful that I found them to be exactly what was listed as the description. Most going to continue to purchase from this vendor. I love my boots! :)
  • App is trash 1/5

    By TH3 T3ARIST
    Dumb concept and isnt easy to use.
  • This system stinks. 2/5

    By krad69
    The only benefit to this app is it sells nice things. Hopefully you run into no errors, because there is no one to help you at all. The site decided my credit card needed to be checked (I understand and appreciate the need for security for both the seller and the buyer). I had to leave the Mercari page to go check my credit card statement to get the small charges that were made to verify it was me. When I went back to the site, the page was gone, I have not be able to locate anyone to help me and no internet assistance. During this time I have had 5 sellers put the product on home for a short time until I fix the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. K. Radisch
  • Great 5/5

    By Kaitlinwl
    Mercari has really great service and fast shipping. Whenever I have a problem with a seller they are helpful with making my shopping experience great!
  • Petty sellers reporting my account 1/5

    By Whatsupbruh805
    This app could be so much better for sellers if we didn’t have to wait for the buyer to rate the transaction nor wait a week sometimes almost 2 weeks for funds to be released/deposited. I understand why mercari chooses to do this but for serious sellers looking to make extra income this app just Isn’t the place. I think after 10 successful selling transactions funds should be available right away. I read an article (not sure how accurate) that mercari makes over 100 million if that’s true why isn’t their better customer support instead of waiting for an answer back through email/Twitter? Why not provide an actual phone number for mercari users to contact? I was just beginning to like this app until I had my listings started to get removed which I’m POSITIVE are being reported by other sellers because I find it ridiculous that other sellers on mercari are selling the same thing yet my listings are the ones getting removed??? I find it pathetic and petty that sellers are afraid of a little competition by sellers that know what does and doesn’t sell 🙄
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kristinthomas(;
    I love this app! It’s my go to for buying and selling. It’s quick and you can negotiate with sellers as well. The shipping in inexpensive and quick. Highly recommend
  • Great for selling, app needs more tweaks 3/5

    By KC75257
    Great way to sell items, reliable, i wish you could easily move your already taken pictures around without having to delete and re-add and crop all over again. Makes for a pain if you didn’t choose the right picture for the display picture... I feel like you should be able to make your profile of selling items much more personalized by allowing the seller to move how the products they’re selling show on the screen and in what order. Aka lowest to highest or just customizing my own profile.. should also be able to be informed that once you put in any CC info, it’s in Mercari for X amount of years. Delete the app and they still have your info. and last but not least Mercari should have a reliable CONTACT NUMBER not just help support via the app. This makes it difficult to wait for a response if there is a problem.
  • Love but could use a few improvements 4/5

    By xxjennybearxx
    I love how everyone is protected and how easy it is to just print the label and mail out the items you’ve sold. Only suggests I have would be to be able to create bundles from buyers to make it easier on the seller if someone is interested in multiple items. Also, the only negative thing is not receiving the funds right away.
  • New update still has the same bugs 5/5

    By Mataucam
    It is November 21st and your update yesterday still has all the same bugs, and there is another one in the selling section it keeps going back to the top of the list. It's super annoying when I'm trying to edit and it won't let me!!! You still have bugs in your editing and messages. Please fix these bugs, it makes editing very hard. And please let us know how many stars equal great and how many equal good? Just go back to how everything was before your last two updates
  • Customer service not consistently helpful 1/5

    By jammielpn06
    I have been selling and buying for a little while now. At first when I was sent a chipped dish mercari was great about the refund process. Then the post office shattered a dish and they basically told me that I would have to send everything back to get a refund even though I sent them a dozen pictures unless the seller agreed to refund me. Then a seller never sent a package and I still have not gotten a refund a month later. I asked for one and waited because it said it would take up to 5 days. Time went by and nothing. So I messaged again and was told the first "agent" forgot to finish my refund so I'd have to wait another week for the refund. Lastly someone asked me how to get hold of me to sell something. Instead of that person getting a warning that it was prohibited by mercari to do so, I got warnings for it for days. I kept telling them ok I get it. I wasn't the one who asked but ok. Please stop sending me warnings? What did the support do? Not once but twice send me the warning in a message as a response to me saying please stop warning me now I clicked "I get it" 4 times and it's still popping up. Not once did they apologize to me for not warning the person who messaged me. Nor did they apologize properly for their mistake at mishandling my money. They offered me a $2 coupon for holding my money for a month. Thanks mercari.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By CarBabe21
    I have been using this app for almost 3 years and it has been improving since I first started back in the beginning of 2015. Customer support has improved and I have not had a problem go unresolved on here. I am a professional seller and I have made it my full time job by the end of 2015 and it was possible through this app. I sell on other platforms but Mercari is the only app I make most of my sales on. The seller fee is no problem and people shouldnt complain I don’t know any app you can sell for free that you can ship nationwide so offer up and let go don’t count, and the fee is really not that much compared to Poshmark which is 20%. As far as people getting suspended or banned from using the app thats your own fault for failing to comply with the apps rules and regulations or policy people need to start being more responsible using any app. When I first started using this app, im not joking, but I read everything from terms of use, to prohibited items, tax returns, policy and the buyer and seller guide. I learned a lot which some of the info actually helped me. And for those who get scammed again your fault I've never been scammed on this app or any app thats because I use common sense and if you think buying big name brand items like Louis Vuitton or Gucci for 80% off is a real deal then you’re always going to get scammed be smart and buy from the retail store and if you know anything about the product then you should be able to spot a fake and if you dont know anything about the product then ask questions and for pictures people seriously its not that hard to try and make sure the product your buying is legit and if you still dont trust the seller then dont buy simple as that no one needs a Louis Vuitton purse anyway just get one at discount store or something you dont need fancy stuff just get whatever works for less $$. Jesus saves.
  • Need a few more features 4/5

    By Send me diamonds
    I love this app! Only things I wish they had as a seller & buyer, are a reserve/hold option, and a bundle option.
  • Small problems 2/5

    By EpicLovely
    You do get receive the things you buy and it gets delivered pretty quickly. But PayPal should be an option because I dislike the transferring on here.
  • Ornaments 5/5

    By Amrivas7
    The cutest things EVER love them Thank You so much ❤️🎅🏼
  • Password 2/5

    By Yvetteqt2
    I've been trying to log in my account but I forgot my password. I tried resetting my password about 10 times but I never got the link sent to my email. I've been trying for the last 4 months. And you won't let me create a new account bc my phone number is already registered. Hmmm
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lilCoffeBean
    I love this app
  • GREAT!!! 5/5

    By xsunkissedxx
    I’ve sold so many things but I have a few suggestions: When you are selling things and you have multiple options of that item there should be an option so that you can choose different options such as: 4oz or 6oz or 8oz. Or size: 0 or 2 or 4
  • Love yet Uncomfortable 3/5

    By Rezmanz
    I recently downloaded this app about a month ago and let me tell you. I love this app I have to say, I buy just about everything lol, yet I am uncomfortable its so weird how you carry a conversation with a seller and just like that it says Merc administrator has deleted your message. It’s kinda creepy like if someone is reading your personal stuff (thats what it feels like). Makes me feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE lately. If it wasn’t for that it would have 5 ⭐️.
  • Very immature App 1/5

    By Coco Mashay
    Poor communication, app is very undeveloped. Needs a lot of work.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By sleepin_beautii
    Love the case came pretty fast!
  • Lot of scams 1/5

    By Jdrocks!!
    Watch out!!! Full of con artist.
  • Won’t let me login 1/5

    App won’t let me login-says my login info is invalid. Use the same login info on the website and I’m logged in within seconds. Can’t ship purchases from the website though so how the heck am I supposed to send these items out?!?! Fix this!
  • Love the app, needs improvements 2/5

    By samjz
    Update: Where is your contact number and/or email???? I cannot find it anywhere on the app. I received an email from Mercari about a postage due from the post office. You have threatened to suspend my account if this happens again. I have no idea what you are talking about nor do I even know what item you are talking about. I NEED to speak with someone from customer service to discuss the issue, but I can’t find an email or number anywhere. I tried replying to the email I received, but I got an email back saying it was a no reply email address. How am I suppose to fix this issue if I cannot talk to anyone about it???? ———————————————————— I like this app and I sell a ton of stuff on here, but it needs some improvements. • Why are buyers allowed to give a poor rating to the seller without giving ANY explanation. And why as a seller am I not allowed to be able to defend myself? Please fix this. Seller's should have the right to know why they received a poor rating and be able to defend themselves. • I also wish there was a way to receive payment other than direct deposit into my checking account. Please make other options for payment available. • PLEASE FIX YOUR PICTURE QUALITY! my pictures look great until I upload them to a listing. The quality becomes super poor and makes my stuff look horrible and discolored!

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