Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff

Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.15.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff App

Mercari provides a hassle-free and secure way to buy and sell new and used items such as electronics, jewelry, women’s clothes, shoes and more straight from your mobile device. Join a community of over 10 million shoppers to buy used items for sale or promote your own products in the Mercari online marketplace. Download and start searching for cheap products today! Mercari Features: Shop Used Products - Search or browse new and used items in 100s of categories like books, vintage items, electronic gadgets, clothes and so much more! - Communicate with other sellers & buyers directly from the app and view each other’s ratings before making a sale Create Free Listings - Snap a photo of your items using your phone's camera and start listing. You can even add some cool filters to make your product stand out in the marketplace - Describe your items, add a price and choose your preferred shipping options for each product - Share your listings through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell your friends about your sale Track Your Sales - Track your shipments with notifications to know when your item has shipped - Every step of your transaction is secured digitally, and our customer support team is there to ensure your sales and purchases remain safe. Sell your used clothes, gadgets and other products while buying cheap items from other sellers in the Mercari marketplace. Download and start selling today! Here are a few words from some of our users: "It's so easy to use, you can sell things even if you are busy!" "I was able to purchase clothes I've been wanting for really cheap! I'm obsessed with this app!" "Great way to earn money while cleaning out your house!" "You can shop safely on Mercari because they hold your money for you until the item gets delivered!" ---------------- Want to give us feedback about the app or need help? From the app menu, go to Help Center > Contact us.

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Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff app reviews

  • Mercari 5/5

    By Pierre Klutse
    Is an great app . The promotional $2 commercial at the moment is great really allows you to give the app a try.
  • I had hope, but it's just not a good app... 1/5

    By eDeevo
    Made two initial buys for ~$20 each, and both were shipped promptly and arrived exactly as described... unfortunately, the last five orders have all gone the same: I order/pay, a few days pass, the Seller cancels order, & there's no way for me (the Buyer) to even rate the Sellers (which would likely be negatively, for wasting my time & not *actually* selling me what they were selling)... it just seems there's a giant problem with the way the App allows buying/selling (that means all I've ended up doing is waste my time even looking for things to buy in it... can't say I'll keep looking)...
  • Use this code for $2 off any thing HTREHR 5/5

    By Alexiscattings49216
    HTREHR Use it for money it's free
  • Very good app to use from the start! 5/5

    By Flower jj
    It's awesome
  • love it but.... 4/5

    By Nataliad555
    this app is great but I really hate how the only way u can get credits is for other people to use ur code like it's hard if ur not popular.not everyone's gonna use ur code I think they should think of a new way to get credits
  • Honest Overall Mercari Review 4/5

    By Music'sInspiration!💙❤
    It is a great app. I do all my shopping here for cheap prices, yet you have to beware of scammers, which you will know by the ratings or if none. I have not had a problem because I stay aware and make sure of who I'm dealing with and so far, PERFECT and love everything I have been receiving. I would say that now it is still a great app but it added the 10% fee which is horrible, not a big difference, but miss when you get the full amount you sell your products for. Prices also went up due to it. But Overall, it is a great app and you just need to stay aware and find the best deal you can. It is fun and addicting as well! I love doing my shopping here as well as another app.

    By Susannahkuei
    It doesn't work in Australia and it's so sad seems like a great app y'all should make it available in Australia 😭
  • Not great! Poshmark is way better 2/5

    By QueenB131
    I downloaded this app thinking it would be like the app Poshmark (my favorite app). It's nothing like that. Support takes forever to respond to your inquires and they often delete listings if you have a prohibited word in them such as "sold", "traded" and others. I now only use Mercari if someone on Poshmark will sell something for less through there. I don't care for this app so I will probably continue using Poshmark since their support gets back to you quickly, there's showrooms and boutiques you can shop, and you can follow people and your favorite brands. It seems like Mercari is only in it for the money and not their customers, unlike Poshmark where they actually care about their customers and respond quickly (being friendly as well) whenever you have questions.
  • Cute app 5/5

    By DoloresHaze💕
    I like this app but I have a few problems with the app & buyers. 1. I hate that you can't tell what a buyer rates you beforehand. 2. The buyers complain about the stupidest things ever. They'll give you a bad or good rating if you: don't give them free extras complain about being late even though it's not the sellers fault
  • Customer service the worse 1/5

    By Drama queennn
    Even do I have a store in that app I'm still not happy when u sale things it's ok but when u buy it is totally disaster if the item ands up being fake or not matching with description they still do noting and u lose the money there costumer servisse is not even worth one star. Not to mention most of the item is fake if u search Chanel brooch all is fake or any other items not cool if they going to work like this and keep money from the ppl who wants to do business it is very wrong to trade your clients like that ...
  • A++ App 5/5

    By Yohualtlahuiz
    Love this app and shopping on it! Frequent updates and very practical!
  • sign up invited code is ZQNKEA 4/5

    By MSFT Adjewa
    This is a good app it isn't great but you can work your way around it. You can get a lot of free and authentic stuff and the seller get's real money so it's a win = win situation. Although the app may have communication problems you may have to figure most stuff on your own. A main tip would be not to rate a seller until you've received the item you purchase and it's how it is described and works nicely, don't let the seller rush you into rating them and giving them their money because it could be a scam and you need to try out the product first. As always enjoy the app and taking precaution.
  • Love it!!! 4/5

    By ChristineLat
    Despite all the negative feedback this apps been getting lately I love it! Recently was sold a fake item and requested a return and they were pretty fast! Processed my request in less than a day and sent me a return label. A day after it had a been delivered all my money was back in the original place. Love that they made that so easy and very grateful for their help-I would've been out $120 without them! Only thing I will say is that even though I told them it was fake they didn't do anything to protect other buyers from purchasing these once the seller got it back which is a little concerning. All in all I do love this app and unlike other apps they don't take commission and they have multiple options for shipping so you don't pay $6 when you don't need to and have the option of making it free shipping. Love it!
  • TERRIBLE customer service 1/5

    By Terribleappterribleservice
    Today I went to look at my account and noticed money had been missing from my account. I then messaged their customer service so I could get the money back and all they wrote back was "sorry, I cannot help you with that! Enjoy our app!" Seriously?! Enjoy? Enjoy getting my money taken away?! No! Then they proceeded to end the conversation so I couldn't even respond to their message! RUDE! Needless to say I am deleting this app and telling everyone I know to avoid it as they steal money from their users! Do NOT use this app unless you want them to take your money!
  • Mercari 5/5

    By Juan98rdz
    It's great! I love this app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Yuruuuuuu
    Great app safe
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Kmac0710
    Great app! Easy to use and has a ton of different ways to search and shop!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Bababababoo
    Super easy and simple way to sell. I recommend this to anyone who has various items they don't use or want anymore, everyone's looking for something here.
  • Vape dab kit 5/5

    By Rocknbrunette03
    Awesome I love it and it came super fast.. def but from this seller
  • DON'T DO IT!! THIEVES!! 0 stars 1/5

    By B.B. 33
    Thieves!! Don't do it! They let the buyer control rather you get paid!! Meanwhile the buyer is walking around wearing your items and you have zero money!? And they don't wanna help you!! It's like dealing with two thieves! The so called customer service and the buyer!! Just go on back to e-bay! At least they're legit!!!!
  • Scams 1/5

    By Slash1150
    Almost every item is fake. Sellers want to be rated before you ship the items so they get the money. Avoid this app!!
  • Horrible! My account was "SUSPENDED" for nothing! 1/5

    By Lilymg
    So I have bought and sold on the app with no problem. I even deposited the money I made into my account. I made two orders from different sellers. I was awoken at 3am when my phone went off. I woke up and looked at it. When I saw that they had "suspended" my account due to unusual activity I was confused. It took me a while to figure out how to contact "customer support/ service". I had to send them a picture of my ID. Once I did that they wanted a picture of something recent with my address on it. Mind you I had already had items sent to this address and sent from this address. So I sent a picture of my power bill showing the address in question. I got a message that a "specialist" would review and contact me in the order it was received. It's been nearly a week and nothing. The money was refunded to my account 2 days later and I can use the app. I can't comment on the sellers post to let them know what happened. And I now have a credit I can't even use! I was so upset as the items were limited edition and I can find them else were for the price I got on this app. If you have another trusted app stick to it. ***update*** I sent their customer service or support team another message asking for an update. Shortly after I received a message that the account had now been unsuspended and could now use the account. The items I wanted were no longer available. So I found another seller who had 2 of the 4 items I was looking for. I ordered the items and I'm now waiting on them. I gave this app another try simply because of the price the items were sold at. Sellers can afford to list their items for less because they are not being charged a fee. I'm a big Poshmark user, but the items are already pricey and on Poshmark sellers are asking for a crazy sum. Use Mercari at your own risk.
  • Awful awful 4/5

    By Lalala898
    Please read the reviews. They scammed me.
  • Horrible selling app 1/5

    By gdjxjsm
    This is a terrible selling app. When someone purchased your item, they have to give you a rating in order for the money to be released to you. Some buyers are fast with their ratings. But some buyers are ff'ed up and rude. If I can post the message she sent me up here I would. Worst app. Doesn't even have a seller protection. So many random scams trying to comment on your listing and somehow removed it. Also, you can't sell used authentic makeup but there's a whole bunch of people selling new fake makeup. I'm a Sephora VIB and didn't even know there's a naked 5 palette but apparently Mercari does.
  • Great BUT, need a different payout option 😡 4/5

    By LNxLegend
    I freaking love this app except for the fact that I have to do a direct bank deposit, I'm not giving my account number to ANYONE, pls make it so we can use PayPal or something else at least, i BEG you.
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Nichshsjsjjsjsjsn
    This app is amazing! You can sell and buy. When you sign up it starts you off with a free ten dollars! Now that's awesome. :)
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Bear 7774
    I just started selling and buying. Everything is going great. I would recommend this site for great deals and cool stuff.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mari91s
    Great app to sell and buy and the best part is that they dont charge you to sell :)
  • mediocre 3/5

    By Porquie pine
    use my code for an 80$ bonus: XTWEGM
  • Love This App 4/5

    By Fudupwithdis
    Such a great app but I wish I was able to delete and edit listings more easily.
  • It's addictive!!! 5/5

    By Lil fire cracker
    Watch out you'll be come a Hoarder.. Lol I love it!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Fashionteam
    So far no complaints
  • Great! 5/5

    By Dre vidal
    Love it
  • good but.. 4/5

    By Princess J Misfit Forever
    never got my order that i placed a month or two ago ):
  • Better than eBay 5/5

    By guitarmaestro
    Seriously. I prefer this over eBay as a seller and a buyer. Sure, ebay is a (much) bigger market, but mercari is pretty solid. I love this app and so far I haven't had any issues with it, both as a buyer and a seller. Plus, you get $2 if you invite someone! So.. here's my code! LOL ZRTHRP
  • Great App Overall!!!! 4/5

    By Mercarian!
    I love the app and its purpose but the thing is, the lowest price is 3 dollars and some of the pricing are overpriced because people cannot lower them and i also have a problem with that because as a customer, i would like this certain item and to find a great deal, it would be a miracle. But quantity to the price is difficult to balance. So that's all that bothers me, overall, it's a wonderful app and i would definitely recommend ^w^
  • Easy to sell and buy 5/5

    By Penny1921
    I've had fun buying items and selling it's so easy. I've had really nice sellers. I had a couple of issues and the sellers fixed it right away. This app is great. I haven't had any problems. There's lots of items from every department. Some have really good deals.
  • No customer service, shipping could be better 1/5

    By MJ864257899532
    $3 shipping changed to $4. 0% seller fees changed to 10%. Can't view new listings by favorite sellers anymore. Can't view more items from 1 seller in case I'd like to bundle. 0 customer service.
  • 👍🏻 5/5

    By Isack7500
    You can sell and buy On it, and has many features to help you out!
  • It is a good concept 4/5

    By miraherszon
    Love the concept, the only thing that i wish would be different it's the fact that you cannot return what you got in a easy way.. I understand security, but we still have to deal with the Fit issue...
  • It's lit 5/5

    By Chris456601
    I guess
  • great app 5/5

    By Chandeliers
    I got my game and it works perfectly. As long as you look at the reviews for sellers before you buy you'll be good to go.
  • Bad! 1/5

    By Ddholly
    I got the app, found an item I liked, purchased the item, the seller then contacted me to tell me it broke so she could not send it (I had already been charged at this point), I contacted the company to let them know what had happened and asked how we can cancel it and ask what I need to do to get my money back, 2 days later I haven't heard a word from them! No reimbursement, no customer service have replied, (I have wrote them SEVERAL times).... Very disappointed! I would not recommend selling or buying through this app!
  • Food 4/5

    By Laurnsnskx
    I haven't had but a few problems and mainly were the sellers! Other than that I do like this app to sell and buy.
  • love this app 5/5

    By Julia KK;)
    i use it all the time it great!
  • Love! 5/5

    By bug218
    Great way to get a little cash for the stuff you no longer need and don't know what to do with!
  • Rate 5/5

    By Frecklebunny999
    Great App
  • What's trash to one is gold to another 4/5

    By Rocxer< real name by the way
    An app that can help you get rid of trash you own, Mercari. You have your own products want to get them out there? Mercari. So get listing!
  • Add my code and get free stuff jus got my make up in the mail today 😊 5/5

    By luvinaniyah13
  • Great app 5/5

    By Alyfbaby
    I love this app good for buying and selling stuff !

Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff app comments

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