Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff

Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.13.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff App

Mercari provides a hassle-free and secure way to buy and sell new and used items such as electronics, jewelry, women’s clothes, shoes and more straight from your mobile device. Join a community of over 10 million shoppers to buy used items for sale or promote your own products in the Mercari online marketplace. Download and start searching for cheap products today! Mercari Features: Shop Used Products - Search or browse new and used items in 100s of categories like books, vintage items, electronic gadgets, clothes and so much more! - Communicate with other sellers & buyers directly from the app and view each other’s ratings before making a sale Create Free Listings - Snap a photo of your items using your phone's camera and start listing. You can even add some cool filters to make your product stand out in the marketplace - Describe your items, add a price and choose your preferred shipping options for each product - Share your listings through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell your friends about your sale Track Your Sales - Track your shipments with notifications to know when your item has shipped - Every step of your transaction is secured digitally, and our customer support team is there to ensure your sales and purchases remain safe. Sell your used clothes, gadgets and other products while buying cheap items from other sellers in the Mercari marketplace. Download and start selling today! Here are a few words from some of our users: "It's so easy to use, you can sell things even if you are busy!" "I was able to purchase clothes I've been wanting for really cheap! I'm obsessed with this app!" "Great way to earn money while cleaning out your house!" "You can shop safely on Mercari because they hold your money for you until the item gets delivered!" ---------------- Want to give us feedback about the app or need help? From the app menu, go to Help Center > Contact us.

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Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff app reviews

  • Read the fine print! 1/5

    By boomapow
    This app is a trap! You get reported if you try to have a professional conversation with someone and if your item gets reported by their system they delete it! They also take 10% off the money you made selling something! DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP!!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By shaster22
    This is a great, safe way to get a good deal and to sell things for fairly cheap!
  • mercari 5/5

    By The Girl Who Wants Fonts
    great so far, although i wish i could be paid immediately
  • I do not recommend it 1/5

    By djdjffjjfjjffj
    I do not recommend it, it charges a lot for each sale. After depositing your money, you charge more, besides that they block you for anything, they charge you for about $ 10, they only give you $ 7, apart from the deposit
  • Awesome 5/5

    By JaxLovesHamilton
    Use my code YSKJGA for $2 FREE. Amazing app, super fun to use and great deals.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By BabygirlPap
    They have the worse customer service. They don't help you out with anything and they will suspend/ban your account for any reason. Any reason as in it's whatever they think and not true. It used to be fun until they started charging a fee to sell. They need to get their act together.
  • Horrible update!! 1/5

    By Assffff
    I have over 700 postivie feedback, but after the update NONE of my listings are showing up on the front page. I rely heavily on my listings to show up on the front page for sales. I have not sold anything since the update since my listings are not showing up. No likes and no sales. There is a way to contact customer service, you just have to click a million things. But customer service is horrible they will not help you! I'm not the only one that this is happening to, me and alot of selected unlucky sellers.
  • Zero stars for zero protection 1/5

    By Kazumi08
    My review is long, but please do read it. I have used this app for 9 months, and now it ends on a total sour note with a rather sketchy story. I have to agree with some other reviews-- at first it's great! I made about $200 from cleaning out my closet in the first few months. As a buyer, several times I have seen counterfeit products listed, mediocre customer service from sellers, and I have purchased items that were packaged horribly. Sellers aren't always the greatest, and immature, unprofessional teenagers are abound. Mercari customer service generally responded very slowly. Then my items for sale (ex/ brand new makeup with seals intact) kept getting marked as "prohibited." They were taken down and were used as strikes against my account. 3 times I messaged customer support WITH PHOTOS to prove that my items met the standards. Each time they just returned a generic response, reciting the rule they believed that I violated. Yesterday I emailed them directly with the same photos asking for an explanation & to have the strikes removed; today they messaged me in-app to tell me that my user privileges have been revoked. Interesting, right? There is no out-of-app support email provided, just one on their desktop site for "business" inquiries. I did email it with a complaint... and now my account will be closed. My account has 188 excellent/good ratings, 0 bad. I have experience selling online. I have sold on poshmark, eBay and etsy. Mercari, I just asked for fairness, reconsideration, and an explanation but I was provided with none of those. You have failed users in so many ways, including the "protection" that you tout.
  • All I can say bad 1/5

    The app is horrible they take away so much money from sellers you sell something for $5 and only make $2, not to mention how the customer service is HORRIBLE I have been scammed by buyers 4 times and mercari has just let them.
  • Don't waste your time. Pick eBay instead. 1/5

    By Kitty_kit_kat
    There aren't any actual customer reps who care about what happens, and sellers can mislead their item in their listing and use no description and when I get the item I just have to deal with it because I don't have time to be running around to the post office. Sellers can also be rude and comment on your items that other people see to try and slander you, based on a poor or not poor rating they deserve. Plus they charge a 2% commission on things you sell once you sell it. Stay far away.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Alexis1437
    I love buying on this app. Much preferred to Poshmark. Use code SNRZGJ for $2 off your first order when you install. :) Happy Shopping!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By cat😻
    Amazing app.
  • Good App. 5/5

    By RachelInsco
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By BaddUNCGgrad
    This app is crappy. I received fake Beats by Dre. I had rated the seller prematurely because I was so excited that my product had already been delivered and I was unable to obtain my money back for this faulty item. I tried sending messages and nobody responded . This app is a complete rip off!
  • Jam master 5/5

    By Jamesthensme
    I love the app to get a bunch of cool things use the come EVUNBM to start yourself off with a couple of dollars
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Chuchupuli
    I like their 3 days return policy and safeguarding payments.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Dwill1026
    Best buying and selling app to me I have made so much cash by selling and found pretty great deals buying
  • Very good 5/5

    By Cishdnjsna ahahsb
    I love this app
  • THIS APP IS A JOKE!! 1/5

    By Hunta4255
    I sent my clothes that I pay for and try to decently sell on this app. I sent all 3 items under one tracking number which I didn't know you couldn't do. But the buyer clearly rated the one under the tracking number and one that wasn't under that tracking number but one of the items i still sent... then didn't rate the 3rd item!! I got banned for requesting MY money from my clothes!! This is ridiculous!! You're banning a frequent user (me) from the app because I didn't get money for MY clothes when the buyer clearly rated the other item that wasn't under a tracking number. You should be banning the people that are stealing from me!!! Not me who has been a seller on this site for quite some time!!! You let a user steal my money and this is outrageous!
  • Good App! 5/5

    By Jenjen1102
    Easy to use! Great for shopping!
  • Good for sellers 5/5

    By Honey bunch with almonds
    Very good App if you are a seller
  • Great but needs the following tab back 5/5

    By fredy9629
    I would like to know when a seller adds something so it would be great if you added it back like you had before. Also, implement a notification when a seller posts something new, that would be great. Now I cant even get to the sellers I was following before to see if they listed anything new. Thanks. Great app by the way. You should give coupons like the end of the year one more often.

    By Moe tb
    This app allows sellers to sell replica items. It's sad because this use to be such a great platform to buy/sell unwanted clothes and now it's just for a bunch of scammers. Don't be fooled by the cheap make up guys. IT'S ALL REPLICAS FROM ALIEXPRESS.. please fix this problem.
  • Great online resell shop 5/5

    By BrotherofNations
    I love this app!!!
  • They deleted my account and said my cards were fraudulent! 1/5

    By TaraKit22
    I had been on Mercari for over a year, buying and selling all the time! One day, I got an error message out of the blue whenever I tried to buy anything. This happened with more than one card, so I contacted customer service. They were rude and kept telling me my cards were high-risk and had fraudulent activity, which they do not. I kept telling them I've tried multiple cards and that the problem persisted, so in exchange they said they "talked with their supervisor and determined I have been using cards that are fraudulent and not in my name". All my cards are in MY name. They then told me my account has been suspended indefinitely, pending deletion, when all I wanted was help. So now I can no longer use the app because all of my cards are "fraudulent". This place has the worst customer service. Oh, and note when I used Apple Pay instead of going directly through the app, my cards worked fine. But they then sent me the message after I got the Apple Pay up and running. So no, my cards aren't fraudulent, they just don't know how to deal with technical problems. All their messages are scripted and repeat themselves. I am so sad I can't use this app anymore.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Bitchnug
    Good thanks yes
  • Me encanta 5/5

    By SaraAlas
    Al principio pensé que no era una buena aplicación por comentarios de las demás personas ! Pero decidí probarlo y me encantó súper recomendado
  • Love this app 5/5

    By VapeQueen99
    Love love love it hate the new fees but still an AMAZING app
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Keykey3000
    Bought a lot of awesome stuff on here for cheap! I'm happy I got the app 😊
  • Great 5/5

    By Gbckcdjccjhbhvbhkxkxkdhbhfh
    Great app for deals my friend
  • Much more complicated and pricy than similar apps 1/5

    By Choosingfire
    Great idea, poor functionality. The fees are less than others, but you have to pay to direct deposit your money, so it's all about the same. The app layout is too complicated, there are way too much fake items and it's overall just a crappy version of Poshmark. I'll never sell from this app again.
  • Online mall kiosk 2/5

    By Gdubbs3059
    A few months ago I would have rated this app a bit higher, but now that they take a percentage of your earnings with every sale and service is garbage, 2 stars is the best I can do. The site is loaded with cheap crap, and a lot of it. People are rude and cheap, constantly trying to lowball you even when your listed items are cheap. Worst of all though, customer service is horrid. If and when you get a response for any problems, they are simple copy pastes of general guidelines with no help whatsoever. I have had people give me negative reviews because they didn't read a description correctly or failed to look at the pictures, and customer service will not do anything about the unjust ratings, leaving it up to the person who left it to change their mind and request to change it... Sounds ridiculous? That's because it is. Countless times a buyer will not rate after receiving the goods and you don't get your money until they do. You have to wait days before going through customer service, that then takes another couple days to decide if you get your cash, all the while, the buyer has what they ordered. Not worth the time and frustration.
  • Total scam 1/5

    By Michikoomalaond
    This site is probably the most unprofessional selling platform ever. The staff is very uneducated, rude, and childish. They do not help you, and will wipe all of your funds from your account for no reason and then tell you "Ha-Ha" I literally have a message from support team saying exactly that. My account is still in good standing and I've never gotten in trouble with them, I'm actually one of the only people who will take the time to read all terms and conditions and I know for a fact I did not break any rules, yet they still took my money? I don't understand. This site doesn't take commission to make money, but they do make it in other ways by stealing it from randomly selected users. Many others have posted stories similar to this but I figured they were just mad their accounts got restricted but I should have listened and never even used mercari :( consider yourself warned.
  • App isn't working 3/5

    By L.Gehrett
    I have an issue with a transaction I want to send a message to the administrator and The app will not allow me to send any messages!
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Cowgirl696969
    I have been using this app about six months and haven't had a problem until now and I can't get ahold of anyone to try to resolve to the problem. They could care less about helping me or the seller I bought the product from to get her money. I'm highly upset and disappointed in the customer service and care. Will NOT be using it again after I somehow figure out how to resolve the problem.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By CLV55Y
    The app itself is ok. Lost of possible scams though. I was scammed on this app and ended up with a shattered iPad. No phone number to call and customer support is the worst I've ever seen. Just beware when shopping on this app.
  • CHAT!! 4/5

    By Bdjsnsmnbdjgehjs
    All it needs is a chat!! Lemme tell ya something Mercari support: it gets really frustrating when someone wants to pay you MONEY for something under certain conditions and you have absolutely no way to get back with them.
  • Love it, some tweaks! 4/5

    By 🐔🐔CROSSY ROAD🐔🐔
    When you get the app, make sure to use my invite code "ADQDAU" for $2 off your purchase! You can then tell other people your invite code, receiving another bonus $2 for every person! I love this app. I love selling, because it is very simple, and the buying is very simple as well. Although this app is amazing, there are some flaws. 1- I find the "SOLD" sign annoying. If I am searching for an item, I don't like seeing things that are already sold, because what is the point? I recommend to either remove it, or have a separate tab for the items you have sold. 2- I personally don't like that you have to constantly be listing items, I wish you could put one item and say the quantity you have available. 3- For the reviews, put the item the person bought next to their review. 4- Shipping is a bit expensive, maybe you can have a separate option for shipping that is not a minimum of $4. 5- PLEASE decrease the 10% interest rate. Please make it ~5%. Overall, there are tweaks to be made, but I love this app!
  • Rickety App with Bad Customer Service 1/5

    By Pony_Danza
    I have bought 10 things on this platform and have a great user rating, but when I needed assistance Mercari wasn't helpful. Pretty annoying. I use other marketplace apps that work better
  • Great! 5/5

    By Tifinately
    Love it!

    By Riza805
    I've been selling on this app for over a year now with more than 3,000 Great reviews. Recently after the review, I noticed my likes went down to 0 every day when it use to be at least 30 likes before the update. A lot of I know I'm not the only one affected by this because a lot of popular sellers has already made new accounts so that their listing can be seen again. It seems like mercari disabled our(popular sellers/listers) listings from being seen or posted on the front page. I don't want to end up creating a new account like the other popular sellers so please fix this as soon as possible.
  • Shittttt read 1/5

    By Ushxgv
    Peace is Shittttt ChArge 10% f that Should be free like before or 1% not 10 Half of my money went for there assessss
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Cherrie V
    Great App for shopping! :)
  • Mrs b 5/5

    By Britts dashit
    Love this app it's amazing
  • Pure genius 5/5

    By Jonah ste
    When you sign up use code KJUMMJ and u will get 100$ free I promise it works just try it u will b thrilled
  • Terrible app. No customer service, it's all bots 1/5

    By Syed Kash
    Terrible app, they charge a 10% commission. eBay charges 10%. This app is no where on the level of eBay. Customer service does not exist, it's all robots LITERALLY. So many spam bots also.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By FunSizeBaddiE
    Good quality & very nice shopping app . I like it bought a few items & didn't disappoint at all . Easy to use and very convenient and nice stuff as well for a good price 👍🏾
  • Great app 5/5

    By Beebreand
    Great app!
  • Love this site!!! 5/5

    By Maymay86868686
    It's super easy to use and the best part is that they help u with returns when the item is not as expected :)
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Keke101196
    App is great haven't had any problems with the orders I've made an they don't take long to come

Mercari: Shopping Marketplace to Buy & Sell Stuff app comments

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