Mercari: Buy and Sell Things You Love

Mercari: Buy and Sell Things You Love

  • Category: Shopping
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  • Current Version: 5.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mercari, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Mercari: Buy and Sell Things You Love App

WHERE LOVED GOODS FIND NEW LOVE Shop and sell new and used items such as fashion, shoes, beauty, jewelry, electronics, books and more straight from your mobile phone. FOR SELLERS - Snap a photo, describe your item, set a price, and post for FREE! - When your item sells, simply use our trackable shipping label and ship the package with ease - If there is an issue with the transaction, Mercari will act as a mediator to help protect you FOR BUYERS - Browse your personalized feed and discover items you'll love - Search for specific items from hundreds of categories - Shop with Buyer Protection Guarantee: payment will not be released until delivery is confirmed WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT MERCARI "It's so easy to use, you can sell things even if you are busy!" "I was able to purchase clothes I've been wanting for really cheap! I'm obsessed with this app!" "You can shop safely on Mercari because they hold your money for you until the item gets delivered!"

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Mercari: Buy and Sell Things You Love app reviews

  • Stellar app 5/5

    By Ovamom
    Really really enjoy this app awesome features and even better customer service very quick to respond and are always in favor of what's right
  • So many bugs with the new update 2/5

    After struggling to get my app to work with the new update I finally deleted the app and reinstalled it and it now works! However the new update has a lot of bugs. When I search for specific sizes it still shows all sizes and if I try searching items from a specific store it still shows me items from any store. This is frustrating when trying to find a particular item.
  • IDK MAN 2/5

    By doze_db
    This app's kinda sketchy.
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Glitter29
    I have been buying and selling on Mercari for months but since the latest update the app will no longer even open on my phone. It just crashes every time I try to open it. I have had to deactivate my listings because I can't manage my sales from my phone.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By just gonna leave this here
    They suspended my account for no reason!!! My daughter wanted some outfits so I bought them and the lady found a spot on the outfit and tried messaging me( doing the right thing) and I could not message back to tell her it was ok!! Thy canceled my order and she messaging me telling me she understood and how rude I was for not messaging back!!! I told them not to cancel it and I can post the message to prove it !!! I will not be using this app or recommending it I have a very upset toddler 😒
  • Need to try it out for yourself 5/5

    By Teen Artist
    Use KPFFGQ for free 2 dollar credit, it can knock down the price or help out on something you want. Now to the review, Mercari, is a treasured app for me. There's of course, pros and cons but on my end the pros outweigh them. Every seller I've interacted with was very kind, fast shippers, and honest about the state of their stuff; I've never had an issue with anyone nor with anything I've purchased. I will say that you do have to be vigilant and check the ratings of everyone, after all people can be grimy no matter what but counterfeit stuff has been tackled a bit as I see way less of them. Still, always double check and be wary of the electronics unless it's for parts. Another con would be no one at the same address as you can have an account currently so if you see anything someone you know would like it'd be best to just buy it for them on your account. Mercari also doesn't allow trading, I'm not too bothered by that but that could be a potential con for buyers and sellers you can bundle items though. The current update seems to be giving people some problems to on start up so you may have to redownload the app. Customer service could honestly be better as the people behind it all need to be a little more involved but they do respond, it's an ongoing process to go from okay to great. Ultimately you need to try the app out yourself, it may not work for others but it might work for you.
  • The coupon is not working 1/5

    By hellowfellowearthlings
    The coupon is not working

    By Hannah Holzer
    They suspend people for no reason when most of the time it's not even their fault. Improve this app and get some costumer service that will listen.
  • Mercari code 5/5

    By Working mercari code
    Use code ZVFMAS to receive $2 when you sign up. No purchase necessary just free money.
  • Suspended for getting people to join 1/5

    By Lobobur
    I had no issues with the app, I actually really liked it at first. I texted multiple friends and got my family members to join, all of which I sent my joining code to. My mother tried to buy something with my card, it would not allow her to so she went and grabbed her own card, which was no big deal. The purchase was confirmed and all was well. 30 minutes later Mercari cancelled the order and suspended my mothers account. I was scrolling through my own account then tried to like something just to get a pop up saying my account was suspended. I messaged them to see why I was suspended and ask why I was not notified. I also asked if it had anything to do with my mother trying to use my card. I later get a reply saying my account is revoked because I used my code to create multiple fake accounts lol. All of my friends or as they would like to call them "fake accounts" will NOT be recommending this app to anyone.
  • Good overall but.. 4/5

    By CourtneyDelynn
    The update is hard
  • Mad 1/5

    By Franke18
    I can't even get my credits that people use and I have a lot and they won't show and I can't use them please help me with this
  • WONT OPEN 1/5

    By Lil_red4601
    It shows I have a notification, but it won't open! It shows the loading screen for 10 seconds, then just closes!!

    By Lrooolepnggfffcfffjjsg
    I Don't understand why people hate this app, it is easy to use and honestly better than selling from ebay.
  • ANNOYING 1/5

    By ConnyStyles
    their customer service is terrible! I've had this app for a year now and both me and my sister share the same address but use separate accounts. After a year, we got a notification telling us that both accounts will be deleted! I was so upset because I've had over 40+ ratings and I love buying from the app! I've never once had a problem and when I tried to contact them, they just sent the same message over and over again! Super disappointed! Just a warning to anyone that has more that one account with the same address! I can't ever use the app ever again! :(
  • Sold 1/5

    By Beepbeeepboopbeeppee
    Delete the postings that have already been sold! Waste of time and annoying to scroll through a search when things have already been sold!!!
  • Shady company 1/5

    By Oatmeal_cupcakes
    You will get flagged for saying trigger words but there is no list as to what you can't say. Sometimes accounts will be closed without warning. Accounts will be closed and money will not be given to the seller. I've seen people get scammed through this app because they will always side with the buyer. People will purchase, use and return. Purchase and return empty boxes to seller. There is no customer service phone number and can't contact through the app. You have to go on fb and hope you get a reply. There is a fb group called, mercari help & scam reporting (us only, no deleting post), where people go for help among users and there are plenty of examples of the type of scams this "company" allows.

    By VenomSn4ke
    I am in desperate need of help with this app. Anything I try to do it constantly says "authorization failed" It does not allow me to view any listings, or log in, or sign up, or just do anything

    By CookieSmash12
    This app is so annoying you can't get away from it! On TV I saw an AD, in the newspaper, ad, on YouTube AD! STOP ADVERTISING SO MUCH!!
  • I dont like it 2/5

    By chxcsohxpstxr
    I dont like the new layout. Very confusing and the old one is waaaay better. When you try to refine your search, it doesnt work because i put size s and m but it still show the sizes larger than that. You cant even search up the brand anymore and have to manually scroll through. Customer service got worse too. My buyer hasnt rated me in almost a week and i contacted customer service. They responded but after 24 hrs i contacted them and they never answered back for 2 days. I want my money. Despite all these bad qualities, im going to still sell on this app because i have been doing so for over a year.
  • Been a longtime seller on this app 5/5

    By QAT46
    I've been selling on this app for well over a year.This app definitely has its problems but if you have the capability and experience to navigate the app it's an awesome way to make money!! Patience is a virtue!!
  • Bad update 2/5

    By deztiny1998
    I like the new look of the update. However, listing just became slower because you ant select multiple images at once like you used to be able to. Also, searching for items became way more difficult. You can't type in the brand you're searching for, and it takes forever to scroll to the ones you want.
  • Where is customer service?!) 1/5

    By Charity085
    I like the app minus a few things! Like you can't send someone a picture while messaging if they want to see more pics of something your out of luck! No way possible to do it. You can't ask for email or number for more pics! Now let's get to the real problem... BEWARE, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!!! I realized this when I emailed them about a girl who canceled an order because she ordered the wrong size by mistake, and even though I had already packaged it and dropped it at a location where the post man was scheduled to pick up.. Mercari just let her cancel the order without contacting me!!! As per their rules, they are suppose to contact me to make sure it wasn't shipped first. And it was against their rules to let her cancel!! Buyers are not allowed to cancel just because they had a change of mind! Well apparently they are, Mercari just won't tell you that. And I emailed about a week ago and received one email only stating reasons a buyer can cancel an order.. and I replied "my buyer did NOT meet any of that criteria" and never heard back again!! Such a joke. I'm surprised there aren't a million small claims suits on this company for breaking their own rules! Better be careful because I see many law suits in the future if Mercari doesn't get it together!
  • Should support landscape mode for iPad 4/5

    By Jaykun
    Esthetically looks better than the last version. Loving the picture quality now, however I just wish I could work in landscape mode. I'm sure this will be back as a 5 star app in no time once you work out the kinks :)
  • Really ??! 2/5

    By bell_01
    This app worked great got me a lot of buyers but I had mentioned instagram for something and it suspended my account for 24 hours and it didn't explain why then a week or so later I had forgotten and accidentally said instagram again and I have been suspended indefinitely so just be careful about what you say
  • This last update was a downgrade ! 2/5

    By 200+ Feedback
    I know you've already received lots of feedback, but this last update was really horrible. As others have mentioned, the picture thing is awful… And I am having issues with something as simple as changing my listing price ! Ugh so frustrating, I wish I could go back to the original. Please make these improvements ASAP As I have not sold a single thing since this update came thru.
  • It's still down and needs more support how was it updated? Doesn't even work 1/5

    By clinician209
    Doesn't work at the moment
  • Bring back the old app: 1/5

    By Rachelep352
    the old Mercadi was much better. I got used the the random new items popping up. The old Mercari was a 4 star app. This new updated version is not even a one star. It's hard to sell on this new one. I think everyone is frustrated and over it. Perfect time for someone to come out with a new app that listens to customers needs!!

    By Nicolemercy
    I can no longer open the app at all! It was updated and now I can't open it at all makes my phone freeze and app closes/crashes! Seriously fix this!!!
  • Hard to use 3/5

    By Dadebator
    PLEASE allow easier bundling and easier filtering through someone's store.
  • Horrible Update 2/5

    By Meatysmom2
    I've contacted Mercari twice, with no prevail. I finally When to their FB page to try and get assistance. Since the update, I am no longer able to access the App from my IPAD. This is how I buy and sell my items. Also wasn't able to post anything for sale from my Edge. Always post from the edge, Pics are way better than the IPAD. I'm kind of just stuck. Also we need to be able to SHARE our items to the feed. I NEVER see my items on the feed???????
  • No Landscape, only Portrait view . . . 1/5

    By MovingtoFB9876
    for the iPad app. Terrible. I'm not fond of other updates either other than the exclusive use of one mail service.

    By DeAngelisaD
    I did absolutely nothing to get suspended for and all of a sudden I can't buy things, can't favorite things, can't even chat with people because of 'unusual activity' ?? On top of everything, they CANCELLED ALL MY ORDERS ! Now I can't chat and tell the people I bought from why it got cancelled and I have to wait 24 hours to get my account review over with ! Even AFTER the review I have to wait 5-10 days to GET MY MONEY BACK AFTER MERCARI CANCELLED MY ORDERS. So thank you for letting me miss out on all the things I bought because I'm sure in that 5-10 days, that I'm waiting on my money to come back, it will be already bought. One star is too much, I wish I could give it 0.
  • hate it 1/5

    By Honeydah
    i hate that you can't create another account in the same phone i lost my password and now i can't have an account on my phone !!

    By Hhhdf hhhjvfy look
    I love this app! The customer service is great! If you great screwed over they refund your money back
  • Use Depop or Poshmark instead 1/5

    By JackRabbit 101
    This app was okay at first, but now I realize that it's definitely not as good as Poshmark and Depop. This app charges $2 to deposit something that is less than 10 dollars, which is ridiculous. Depop and Poshmark obviously take a cut of your listing (barely anything) while Mercari takes $2 just to deposit money into your account. Along with that, you can't even talk about other shopping apps without getting a strike from Mercari. I tried to message a buyer about the same item on a different app and I used the word 'Depop' in my message and the app deleted my messages because I'm not 'allowed' to speak about other shopping apps??? Another thing, I like to self advertise that I am dropping prices on my items but if I create a listing stating 'Send me an offer on my items' Mercari will delete it immediately since self promoting is bad??? Will not be using anymore.
  • This is robbery 1/5

    By Goqss
    They updated the app and it's just like a robbery. You selling your items in very cheap price and they taking almost all amount. I'm not gonna use it anymore.
  • Update needs improving 1/5

    By Thisperson78
    I like the some things about the look of the new update, but so far that's about all I've found that's an improvement. * When uploading pics you can now only load one at a time, which takes so much longer when you want to post 3-4 pics on your listing *The app takes forever to load when it first opens * The filter function is awful. For example I tried searching by size, selected Medium, yet half of the listings I looked at were any size but Medium. Filtered condition to only show New, yet still had items in Good or Fair condition showing up. * The main screen should be customizable, I don't care who the top sellers are, or things that were recently purchased. I would rather see items that I might be interested in. I Hope there are many fixes/improvements in the works!
  • Sign up issue 1/5

    By Neesa Ana
    It wont let me sign up and an "authorization failed" message keeps popping up
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By BH9461
    This app used to be okay. Was a pain to load, but it actually worked. Now my account doesn't even show up on the app. It's just a waste of space. Just use mercari in a browser...way better than the app that doesn't allow me to do anything. Deleted.
  • Unhappy with tracking system, or lack thereof. 1/5

    By Tadpole Lover
    Mercari needs to fix a serious problem when it comes to notifying buyers/sellers of package delivery. Right from the beginning my first purchase said my packaged was delivered to my front door in Idaho. I live in WEST VIRGINIA, no where near Idaho. Thankfully, I did receive my package about 2 days later. But the tracking and notifications are wayyy off and I know it's not USPS' fault because I've tracked many an item directly through them with no problem. Next, I'm selling an item and say, yes "I shipped it" and literally THE SAME FREAKING DAY just a couple hours later, it notifies me and the buyer that the item was delivered. They live in CA and again, I live in WV. Obviously it was not delivered. It take 3-4 business days for any package from across the states to make it. I now have to wait for it to actually be shipped and hope that the 3 day minimum for receiving their package doesn't expire and I lose this transaction. I'm very upset about this, it needs to be addressed and fixed immediately. This is probably my last transaction on this app.
  • App update is rubbish 1/5

    By Thereallhg
    PLEASE FIX--- no sense in using this anymore otherwise. It's not a problem of UI change but the functionality and convenience of listing has decreased. Used to love using this app and it took my preference over competitors but now it's just frustrating to use and listings and visibility settings are ugly.
  • Please try the app for yourself! 5/5

    By Whatsup45
    I've started using this app recently so I can't say whether or not this update is "worse" but I find the app super easy to use! I posted stuff I wanted to sell and within the first day, people were buying! I even bought something myself! It was easy to communicate and it's very simple to use! It's sad to see it getting bad reviews and discouraging people from a pretty efficient app! I would definitely recommend!
  • They cancelled 1/5

    By Hiorturyuebfj
    I wrote to Mercari telling them my tracking number wasn't working after 8 days. They cancelled my order and didn't even ask if they could. It was for an iPhone 7+ and I already spent tons of money on getting things for that phone.
  • Used to Love it 1/5

    By Sones827291
    I used to love Mercari, but with this new update I absolutely hate it. It's hard to navigate and is very confusing. I'm going on vacation and I wanted to deactivate all of my listings at once like I used to do but now I had to go and deactivate each one individually. Very disappointed and if you're thinking of trying this app don't even bother, go download Depop or Poshmark.
  • Customer service 5/5

    By lizg 22
    I must say, I was skeptical at first about the customer service at Mercari and if they would be hands-on in resolving my issue. They solved it with ease and were very polite and apologetic. I went into the issue thinking I would never use the company again and I am coming out of it singing their praises. Customer service is everything! Keep it up Mercari!
  • Mercari's new update: APP WILL NOT OPEN!!! 1/5

    By 2005Wrangler
    I just received the lastest update for the app today, and I cannot even open the app. What happens is when I open it, the 'introduction' page pops up & then freezes and then ultimately crashes & shuts down. After multiple tries, I still cannot get it to even go to the main page without it crashing.... PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • Update has rendered app defunct 1/5

    By Chicagoenne
    I updated the app and now it is non functional. If you click, only the opening screen- can't get past that at all. Can't buy, can't shop, can't list- epic fail. Sad because I had LOVED this app! Now useless.
  • Try let go!! 1/5

    By Dead Amazing
    Hard to log in and a lot of the supreme and yeezy items are fake! It's just horrible

    By B_henry1
    I've used this app for a while and never was annoyed until recently. I had 3 direct deposit request waiting to be processed. They go through on Mondays. WRONG. They didn't go through yesterday (Monday) lies. Why have a "hell center" if it takes a day to answer? Where's a real person I can talk to instead of getting automated messages of information I already know? They don't have it. They don't give a sh*t about sellers. And what's up with 7 day to get my money processed? I just don't get it. I hope this app goes to sh*t! F*ck off Mercari. Ban me because I'm done with you anyway.

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