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Mercari App

THE FAST AND EASY WAY FOR ANYONE TO BUY AND SELL - ALL FROM YOUR PHONE Shop and sell everything from fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes. All the brands you know and love. With over 100,000 new and previously loved items listed each day, you never know what treasures you will find. ANYONE CAN SELL * Use your phone to sell - and earn money from - the unused things around your home. * Listing is fast and easy - just snap a photo, add a description, set your price and your item is connected with the millions of people shopping on the app. * Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee is only charged when your sale is complete. * Ship with ease - we’ll email a trackable shipping label to you. Just print, package and ship. No meetups. BUYERS SAVE * Discover millions of new and used products from brands you love at amazing savings. * Hundreds of new items for men, women and kids uploaded every minute. * Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until the item is delivered and the buyer confirms it is as specified.


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  • Bad run for your life 1/5

    By runn fasttt
    This app were great for sellers. Now, it’s terrible, they charge you shipping cost and the buyer shipping cost, which they deduct from your Earrings after the get they’re 10% which the 10% isn’t bad. After I complete my transactions, I will no longer have anything to do with this app! THEY ARE A COMPLETE RIP OFF!
  • Who created this app? 1/5

    By FxlseGod
    This app is horrible, I apparently created an account a long time ago when I first headed about this app, but whenever I click forgot password, I never receive an email. I try to create another account and it says my email already exists..,so I used a different one but then my cell is apparently already in use. But that doesn’t matter because the app still doesn’t send any sms nor password resets. Please fix this issue somehow.
  • New update 4/5

    By RestlessSinner
    I love this app! I go on it at least 2 times a day. It’s very easy to use and I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s hard to find apps like this, I’m so glad I found it, this is my number one trusted selling/buying app. I love using mercari label because it’s easier but I’m disappointed with the new update, sometimes they block out the other shipping option which is annoying since I have my own scale and if the 0-1lbs is block, I would have to pay extra for the shipping. Just wish they change it back to where we can choose all the time without blocking it. Overall, it’s still a great app!
  • I Use It 3/5

    By Draw_something_addict
    This was my go to app until they started charging fees. I still use it but it could be better. They’ve now changed shipping prices which they should have just added instead of completely changing it. Keep the $4 and the $6 shipping with USPS. ADD the others as options.
  • New update still has the same bugs 5/5

    By Mataucam
    It is December 12, and your update today still has all the same bugs, and there is another one in the selling section it keeps going back to the top of the list. It's super annoying when I'm trying to edit and it won't let me!!! You still have bugs in your editing and messages. Please fix these bugs, it makes editing very hard. And please let us know how many stars equal great and how many equal good? Just go back to how everything was before your last two updates, please you didn't used to have these bugs.
  • My sister 2/5

    By Desir G
    You stole her on time she name kathiana desir for a iPhone you take the money and don’t send it to her
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By FuryoftheSound
    Good app, but I should be able to look at tracking inside the app/website instead of opening the email. Also, if the person I bought from NEVER SHIPPED I should be able to still rate them a negative review despite the transaction being canceled.
  • Pretty nice app 4/5

    By mercuryhour
    I honestly like this app, it’s a great way to sell unwanted items. The one thing I don’t like however is the rating system. Unlike most selling Apps, who release funds instantly exactly 72 hours from time of delivery if a buyer has not rated, mercari makes you go out of your way to request a rating at the 72 hour mark and then wait another 24 hours before you can contact them for them to release funds. It’s alot of hassel for sellers. I also don’t like the payout system, again, most selling apps let you request and process direct deposit immediately after funds are released, where as Mercari only processes direct deposits on Mondays which is really annoying especially when you deal with buyers who don’t rate. It can take forever to see the money in your bank from a sale. It’s for that reason I honestly tend to try to sell more so on other apps like poshmark. If Mercari changed those two burdens on sellers, the app would be perfect
  • Pooor poor customer care 1/5

    By mecari is horrible
    They do NOT protect their buyers by any means , a person name “ cooplay “ sold me a child’s toy yo-yo phone that supposed to light up and make noises and do things of that sort , I bought it thinking it was new , item got to me damaged and broken , it was 20$ and I tried to return the item , the seller was very rude and then blocked me , once talking to the help center they told me that they would send me a prepaid shipping label to return the item and get a full return back , all they did was complete the transaction and give the seller their money , they did not send me anything to my email for me to return the damaged item , I never got my money back , the seller got the money and blocked me with no help , damaged item and out of my money , sad thing I bought this for my child for a Xmas present , so Do NOT BUY From “ COOPLAY 172 trade street Lexington KY “ they are a scam artist and fake !
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dndjfhndjdhd
    Great app to buy & sell on. You can start your own online boutique basically. Love this app
  • Update 3/5

    By ~~~~~~-------
    The new shipping options are great, but the suggested pricing is very frustrating. I have items that under 1 pound, but because the app thinks it’s heavier, it will not let me choose the 0-1 pound shipping option, and sometimes not even the 1-3 pound. Therefore, it’s forcing me to overprice my shipping by a LOT which is extremely frustrating. Good idea- poorly executed.
  • Mercari new shipping 5/5

    By Abukhara;>
    The new mercari shipping is suggesting a weight that is more than 3 pounds on something that is less than 1. This is a ‘suggestion,’ though it is not letting me change it. Please fix soon!!
  • I am addicted and in Love 5/5

    By RedRoyle
    This website is amazing I just discovered you and I am hooked the way you take care of it all the order the checking in the policy wow some knowledge def went into this site! Thank you for making my Christmas shopping easy omg my life is so much better with a newborn I'm so thankful for you guys!
  • Love this app but.... 5/5

    By Ashorttermfan
    New update today to reduce shipping costs... it did NOT reduce USPS shipping and in fact raised up their up to 3#s tier to $7 from $6. Posh is not competitive with their shipping at all and now Mercari's 1-3# @$7 is even worse than Posh...that's way too expensive!! Sales are going to be reduced bc of these shipping costs for everyone and less incentive to buy from Merc. Thank you for raising the $4 tier weight from .8 oz to 1# at least, but please go back to $6 for 1-3# to be competitive!!
  • New Update. 1/5

    By Nica0905
    Before this update, the app was great, really. You could sell and only 10% of your earnings were claimed by Mercari for their services, the shipping fee wasn’t extracted from your earnings. Now with the new update you sell and the shipping fee now gets extracted from your earnings. Selling a shirt for $9? Subtract 10% then $3.80 for shipping. Nice, now you’re making $4. Before you’d be making $8.10, total rip off
  • OKAY way to sell 4/5

    Good way to sell & buy but payout system is kind of annoying. Having direct deposits once a week is a little inconvenient and it’s also annoying having to wait for a buyer to rate for funds to be released, sometimes they never rate and you have to wait even LONGER for funds to be released and if it’s not by Sunday, EVEN LONGER. I’m sure mercari gets their cut right away, though.
  • Hate this update 1/5

    By ocanon
    It forces you to use their estimated shipping weight when selecting a shipping option even though it is wrong. They grayed out the other options.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Jnetsowet
    Simple easy and fast way to earn money love it made sales fast
  • Update lies 1/5

    By Jc1325
    Update says it made shipping cheaper, but instead it made the $4 rate only be used for a SMALLER weight. Sneaky way to try to raise prices on customers. $4 rate covered up to 1lb before and now it only covers up to .5lb. Bad business
  • Love it!! 4/5

    By srlassor
    I’ve been using this app over 2 years now and it absolutely Love it!! I’ve seen it grow a lot & I’d love to see a drop down bar to add options for the items. Lots of us would benefit from that and make it easier for us to sell our inventory. I have over 1600 sales and I promise I have made my share of mistakes and the support team is always understanding and sees me through. PLEASE add a drop down option menu!! 😃
  • Was ok.. not fond of shipping change 3/5

    By A&E3214
    I like that shipping options have changed, BUT.... I listed an item that is under 1lb but it won’t allow me to chose that as an option?!? Why? It doesn’t make any sense. Are you limiting it by category? All items in a specific category don’t fall into certain weight classes. This needs to be fixed!
  • This could be the end 5/5

    This app was my go to app to buy&sell items when I mean go to I was obsessed I left eBay OfferUp AliExpress 5miles I mean all for this app until I’ve made a mistake yes I admit I made a crucial mistake (hey we humans!!) my mistake was I’ve sold something to a buyer an I shipped it to the wrong buyer my concern was at least I know I made the mistake but at least they should’ve contacted the buyer which is a current buyer and seller on here to tell them that I’ve shipped it to them by mistake and if they actually wanted the item that they would have to make correct payments or return the item because they have proof that it was delivered to them But their response to me was basically was we understand you made a mistake but can not help you out in this situation because you’ve made the mistake not us ..😮😮what a shame I really thought this app was unique because of the great reviews but I guess once you’re human and made a mistake you’re on your own
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Slippers2460
    I’ve been selling on mercari and ebay for years now, I have been quite upset with mercari in the past because it seemed they had robots for customer service but they have since changed that. It can still be difficult to get ahold of someone for a particular problem because they want you to try getting an answer from their common issues section. But there has been improvements. My issues with this app is the type of people it attracts and not being able to post photos in the message sections. I have a 100% rating on eBay with over 400 sales, I’ve never had a negative or even mediate review but on mercari I’ve had a few goods and one bad simply because the person doing the review is not following rules or is simply just young and immature. I think they should make a few more adjustments and be more proactive in who they allow on their site and this would be an excellent site to buy and sell on.
  • Great selling app 5/5

    By NickyG143
    I love Mercari. I sell quite a bit on there. I appreciate the seller protection they offer. I wish we could get paid faster instead of waiting on Mondays. By then, the deposit clears in my bank by Tuesday. I also would love it if we were able to add more pictures. It allows only 4 uploads but it’s not too bad .... for something’s I list (like bundles) I like to add as much pictures as possible so they know what they’re buying since we can’t swap info or pictures through messages. But overall, I LOVVVEEEE this app. I appreciate this app and I will ALWAYS use this app! I love Mercari!
  • Dumb system 1/5

    By PONEHS!
    No real report system, I enjoy being scammed while they have no repercussions
  • Soldbylorrie 5/5

    By soldbylorrie
    Love this App. Simple and easy way to sell items you love. The items find a new home for for the buyer to love. Love how the Mercari Team takes care of their sellers and buyers as well. I will continue to buy and sell on Mercari.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Woakaamak
  • Great and easy app for selling 3/5

    By princessxash
    I’m not sure what all these bad reviews are about — I wonder how many are fake to tear down the competition (like seen on Amazon reviews). Anyways, I’ve been using the app for 6 months and haven’t had a problem buying or selling. Everything has gone relatively smooth so far. I did receive a fake item, knockoff One Teaspoon sports found on Ali for $15 and I paid $70+! (so beware of higher end items) but I was able to send it back with proof and received a refund without a problem. The app does have some issues here and there, like EVERY fairly new app does! I will admit they need a better quality assurance team but they do listen to your feedback that you can submit through the app and I have seen improvements gradually over the months. - 1 Star for only processing balance transfers on a Monday. Please please process them sooner! - 1 Star off for automatically counting cancelled transactions that a buyer requested, against the seller.
  • Shopping 3/5

    By Jana Huron
    I am enjoying the shopping but I am not enjoying all these extra little $1.23, $1.00 fees that you are taking out of my account! I don't understand this confirm thing!😡
  • Best selling app 5/5

    By Moorea0620
    If you are looking to sell or buy items I recommend this app for you. You can even choose to pay for shipping or get free shipping.
  • Great Finds! 5/5

    By pristine0210
    I really love how you can communicate with a seller or buyer. Makes shopping more convenient when communication is involved.
  • First time experience... excellent 5/5

    By gg07gigi
    Enjoyable to shop on. Quickly pulls up what you are seeking. Will recommend to friends
  • Overall Great App and Community 5/5

    By Fun times 3
    I sell on a few apps and found that users on here are genuinely better buyers. There is not as much haggling and low balling. The fees are not ridiculously high (only 10%), and they offer discounts to buyers to help you make a sale. I also sell on Poshmark, and they gouge you with a 20% selling fee which makes it harder to sell because you have to list your prices higher to make up for the commission they take from you. The only complaint I have as a seller is that I would like to be able to offer a way for buyers to purchase multiple items (bundle) so that I can offer a deal to sell more items at one time.
  • I think I might have a helpful suggestion 4/5

    By PrettyLana
    Okay so, first I want to say I really like this app, and great job. I love how I can contact the sellers to buy things I’m shopping for, ask questions, and delivery is quick. However, are there some things that could be changed? Hopefully. For instance, I bought this product that I wanted to get for Christmas, and contacted the seller. The seller says I can buy it, but they’re out of town at the moment which is understandable. When I buy it, it automatically charges my account, which sort of makes sense, but the problem is, the shipper hasn’t confirmed the delivery yet, why? Because there out of town, and haven’t delivered it. I trust the seller because I asked questions about it before I bought it, they answered, and they have great ratings from previous buyers. This indicates to me, that they aren’t scamming people out of there money. My payment is via PayPal which leads me to my suggestion. My suggestion: I was wondering if Mercari only charges the buyer’s account when the delivery is confirmed by the seller, but still label the listing as sold? Kind of like how when I have a free month subscription on Netflix and they charge the PayPal once the month is over and the paid subscription is about to start, or like at an auction when the highest bidder gets the prize and the auction guy says “sold!” , but they haven’t paid until the auction caller-person confirm that they’re getting the whatever’s inside storage locker(when they’re about to actually buy it, and the auction is over). I know about the cancellation policy, but because I trust the seller, and a lot of people liked the listing, I’m afraid to cancel just for this item to be bought by someone else, or the seller turns out to try to scam me, but takes down the listing or says it’s shipped, but isn’t and leaves me with no way to get a refund back. I hope you understand, thanks so much for such an awesome app. I literally shop on here everyday.
  • Great concept poor execution 1/5

    By mrdidntgetpaidyet
    App take forever to payout your money. It’s been over almost two weeks since I’ve sent my item out and still have received no payment
  • Great app needs minor improvement 4/5

    By Divinebeauty43
    UPDATED REVIEW ORIGINAL IS BELOW Now I still like this app however I’d love it even more if mercari had more pay out days then just Sunday. So if my buyer receives item Sunday and doesn’t rate me till Monday I have to wait until the next Sunday to transfer my money to my bank which also takes 3 days. I hate it. I also hate how they charge a selling fee now that was the main reason I loved this app, but I understand they gotta make money somehow too right. I love that they always have coupons which is nice. And customer service is usually good 9 times out of 10. A seller gave me a negative rating because I wanted my money back, which mercari took forever to approve, so I just let her keep the money and kept her broken item she sent me. And she left me a negative rating and they removed it for me which was nice! ORIGINAL REVIEW Now I usually don't write reviews but I really love this selling. A lot more then poshmark because I get to keep ALL of my earnings! I've sold about 4 things so far and bought about 4 as well. Thankfully I haven't ran into any problem buyers or sellers because there are some but that's anywhere you go. eBay, Amazon, poshmark. You can rate your experience because someone chooses to not be truthfully or what have you. But I love it!!
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By AceDeals01
    I haven’t made a purchase in months using the app, the only things I have done is report people asking to be text, emailed or the most recent “message before buying”. A way to filter sellers with feedback would be great and help avoid running into scam listings. Add the ability to send/receive pictures in messages and the ability to have deposits be sent to Paypal. Also that “we miss you, here is a 3% coupon of your next purchase that i’ve been receiving is laughable”
  • Some things can be changed. 5/5

    By Rose Garcias
    I love the app I don't see myself selling anywhere else but I do hate the fact that a person has to rate you in order to get your funds. Some people don't rate on purpose. Why do we have to wait 3days for a rating before you release our funds? And the hassle to contact you guys too. It should be atleast 24hrs after being delivered that you release the funds . It's only right . And anther thing is the super long direct deposit. Truly does take forever . Hope you guys fix those two things and I believe everyone would be happier!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Uberfluberhabenschramen
    Have bought and sold many items on this app, very good customer support and wide selection of things to buy!
  • Mercari is flea markets what wiki is to encyclopedias 4/5

    By Goin for it all3233
    Mercari is cool perfect for homebodies constantly getting rid of old useful stuff. They have good customer support and email ship labels to you. Constantly have improvements to the site but can we get at least a 5th picture slot when posting? Maybe even video? But my only dire request is to allow us shoppers to sort by the sellers ratings. And maybe even have a rating appeal system. I mean I don’t have those problems lol but ppl seem to complain about unfair ratings a lot
  • Mercari better than eBay 5/5

    By NostalgiaGalleria
    This could be debatable but to me, since I sell used trading cards, I get more traffic on Mercari than eBay. The other advantage on Mercari, you have direct communication with the buyer/seller and not going through email. The disadvantage is the shipping fee to the buyer/seller - there’s no regular mail option. It has to be resolved somehow. Other than that, all is well.
  • Amazing app Great deals 5/5

    By Agonz23
    Great app for not only the best deals as far as price, but a awesome way to make extra money by selling things as well. Thank you Mercari
  • Simple way to sell 5/5

    By Hizqu33n_d
    Very easy to sell items you no longer need but are in great condition, or to search great finds that you want as gifts, for yourself or can’t find in a local store! Huge fan :)
  • It wouldn’t let me delete 1/5

    By RoHall Subscribe
    I posted something as a joke that I was going to delete right after. I clicked on to the items that I was selling and they weren’t there and hour later I got a message. It said that my account was suspended. Then they banned me. I deleted my account and try’s to sign up again. It wouldn’t let me so that’s the end of Mercari for me. I hope you will never have the same problem as I did.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Brit bratt1292
    I love this app! Great items that are cheap and affordable!
  • Great 1st Experience! 5/5

    By SPOTM Fuller
    This was my first time using the app and it was awesome! My item sold and arrived to buyer quickly. The label made things super easy!
  • No. 1/5

    By Yolanda lady luvin
    They suspended my account for absolutely no reason and I am so angered. I tried contacting Mercari and "the server was full." Just stupid, and annoying.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Bella look
    I have fallen in love with Mercari!!
  • Buy at your “own risk” 3/5

    By happymercer
    Customer “Support” is one of the worst I’ve encountered... enforces strange policies and doesn’t back the buyer FIRST (like Ebay, my fav). I disputed a cigarette odor in an item once and was told there was nothing they could do to assist as odors are “intangible”— how about backing your buyer! If you’re so greedy as to insist on not authorizing a return due to “intangibles” then you’re bound to lose a lot more money in non-returning (scared off) buyers.
  • depop is better 1/5

    By fckkinh
    they monitor messages and prohibit any mention of other selling platforms or options. The direct deposit function takes a long to process as opposed to instant payment on depop (when helps towards shipping).

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