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Mercari App

PASS IT ON Mercari is a treasure trove of beloved, new-to-me thrift—from handbags and shoes, to boots and jackets. Buying and selling on your mobile phone is easy. Upload an image and start selling in seconds, or search for something new right away. There are no surprises and no catch—just millions of products to choose from. It’s easy to sign-up via email or Facebook. BUY THINGS YOU LOVE • Discover items and brands you love at amazing prices • Hundreds of new items uploaded every minute • Save your favorite items to revisit later • Buyer Protection Guarantee INSTANT SELLING • Quickly snap and upload photos directly from your phone • Simply add a description and set your price • Post and get discovered in minutes • Create your shipping label in the app EASY TRANSACTIONS • Convenient in-app messaging • Fast in-app payments • Real-time order status updates


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  • I HAVE AN IDEA!! 1/5

    By Cece Le
    I have a suggestion. Mercari should send a email notification to sellers if they have a message from a potential buyer. There are so many incidents where I have a question about an item and I get NO RESPONSE! Also one more thing! I would be nice to have a sold button option that covers up all the items that have been sold. It's so frustrating to have accidentally click on an item that is sold. Makes it's very hard as a potential buyer.
  • Not at all good prices 3/5

    By Jamiewarbler
    People in here are selling their items overpriced. I've seen items from dollar tree for 5 dollars plus shipping. Lots of scammers. As a seller I never had an issue. I had a couple of problems but they were fix by Mercari.
  • Mercari 1/5

    By Jennyvest00
    This app is horrible. Yes you can find a lot of different things on it but the return policy is absolutely ridiculous. If an item doesn’t fit they won’t let you return it. Some times sellers won’t respond to you after you’ve bought it and then they never send it. Yes you get your money back but it’s still frustrating. I have had nothing but problems. I don’t recommend this app. I wish I never heard of it.
  • Not A Efficient App 2/5

    By LaLa Robinson
    I just think it is not as quick or useful as it is advertised. I joined to make some quick extra cash but altogether the process to ship, wait for delivery, wait for rating, then wait to have the money transferred. It's a long process for a few bucks. Personally my experience selling went well but again it's a long process. The YouTube ads made this appear quick and easy, but it is a rather delayed week and a half process. Letgo and OfferUp just work better and faster. I wouldn't recommend as a means to make extra cash. It's more than I bargained for.
  • It has one big flaw 4/5

    By Mr. O Avenger29
    The Sold items need to disappear after theyre sold. I hate looking up listings and have all these sold items and having to scroll to find an unsold one. It should be an easy fix but it gets annoying after the first two searches
  • Current update NOT seller/buyer friendly 1/5

    By MiAK47
    BRING BACK THE LIVE FEED, and create an in app sharing feature! Sales have taken a huge dive since this feature is gone! Now buyers who would not normally be looking for certain things wont ever see certain things ie; impulse buyers. I have talked to many other sellers who are experiencing the same problems. LETS ALL START MAKING MONEY AGAIN, Mercari, fix this problem.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bella.icx
    I couldn’t even sign on to my own account and when I tried to sell an item the app constantly froze and glitched. The category froze as I tried to choose a category for the item I was planning to sell.
  • From a buyer 3/5

    By Teee.
    It would be nice if you could filter the seller's items.
  • Sylviadau 5/5

    By sylviadau
    Great App. I really enjoy seeing what people want to sell. Very easy to use. Thanks

    By Alisha_mariefangirl
    1.customer support is machines they should get a phone number for support 2.takes FOREVER to get your money from what you made 3.selling feee takes way to much from you 4.they suspend your account if you talk about meeting in person 5. they suspend you for NO REASON 6. Very hard to sell unless you sell for DIRT cheap 7.customer support takes FOREVER to respond 8. You can’t offer a lower price without getting blocked from the person 🙄 9.shipping is way to high it could be lower 10. They ban you for having more than ONE ACCOUNT 11. Customer support takes 1 day to respond to your message even though it is urgent and also I am seeing before this app was rated a 3.2 ans now a 3.5 because only the people that have had the app for 1 week are reviewing it IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE APP DO NOT RATE IT YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL GET WORSE IN TIME 12. Also I have had complaints from customers saying that the coupon isn’t working even though I reduced the price the coupons sometimes don’t work 13. 4 boxes to take only 4 pics to upload isn’t enough there should be AT LEAST 6. 4 is NOT enough 14. I know I have already said that it takes forever to get your money but I didn’t explain so if you want to transfer the money there is a selling fee 🙄 which is $3 and if you don’t transfer it on Sunday but on a Monday you have to wait exactly ONE WEEK for them to only start PROCESSING THE PAYMENT then you have to wait another FIVE DAYS to get your money so TWO FRICKEN WEEKS TO JUST GET YOUR MONEY
  • Please fix the like option 4/5

    By lizziemarie123
    I love this app but the latest update has prevented me from seeing all of my likes. I also thought I’d say I love the private message option!!
  • They took my money.. 1/5

    By Daycam2014
    I am a seller and a buyer. I have sold many many items on this app. The app is suppose to protect buyers and sellers throughout the transactions. They suspended my account because I contacted the customer service asking where my refund was for a purchase I made, and the seller sent me the wrong item. I told them I was fine with mercari credit, and they said it was already in process of going back on my debit card, fine, that’s great. Then time passed and customer service then told me I had to contact my bank to see if they need to release the funds back on my card. I called my bank and they said nothing is in holding and they were gonna open an investigation and ask for inquiry from the app. The app then tells me it’s suspending my account because they need to send an inquiry to my bank. WELL YEAH! You are holding my money and my bank has no record of it even being in process or trying to give me back the money. It’s the people of mercari’s fault and they are making it seem it is myself, or my bank... will not be recommending anyone else to this app. App deleted! Very disappointed in mercari.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Damnyounickname
    It's an amazing way to declutter! Plus, you can find some great stuff pretty cheap.

    By nmcraven
    **update** Mercari suspended my account by mistake. I had to contact them through Facebook in order to get this resolved. I first contacted them through their Facebook app and also private messaged them through Facebook. We were then going back-and-forth through emails to try to get my Mercari account reactivated. It took a couple days, but they finally reactivated my account. Prior: I believe Mercari just suspended my account indefinitely due you too my bad review. Today10/14/17, I messaged Marcari to ask them why they deleted my account. When I went into the app I saw I had a message, I clicked on it and nothing was there. They also state when they delete accounts they send you an email, and I never got one. Today they also deleted all my listings for sale. I'm tired of Mercari sending notifications several times a day. Just because I clicked on something does not mean I want to buy it; please do not send me notifications on this. ***Update fraud on Mercari's part*** All of my items were listed well before the November 21 deadline. They had stated that if you list prior to November 21 2016, your items are not subject to the 10% sellers fee. I have hundreds of items listed for sale on their site, and I just sold something and they took out 10%. This item was listed three months ago and Mercari had changed it to the listing date of only four days ago. I do not trust this app anymore. They are committing fraud to sellers to make money for the years that they never charged a sellers fee. Flaws: On your app $4 shipping = only 8oz, when in fact w/USPS it = 1lb. If you accidentally enter the wrong shipping amount and after someone buys your item, there is no way to update the shipping through the app, you're just simply screwed. I have sold many items over the 2 years of the beta version. Buyers low ball you already and us sellers can't afford to have 10% taken away...time to move on to another selling app :-(
  • Great Site to Buy and Sell 5/5

    By Ladiddle
    I've been using Mercari since November 2016. I have had much success as a seller on the site, and I've been able to declutter items I no longer use. I have also made pretty good purchases at decent prices which you can't beat. I highly recommend! Great alternative to eBay.
  • Works, no works 2/5

    By 94kizzy95red
    Many likes to this app but far more pains than anything. It’s often a day or more late in letting me know a package has been delivered, after it was really delivered. Looking up items is glitchy and often pulls up items not even close to what I am searching for. The app keeps freezing up in the middle of a chat session with a buyer or seller. Often not letting me hit the back arrow to fix my spelling. So many problems.
  • I would give no stars if i could. 1/5

    By Mapirnc
    My account was deleted bc i told someone where i got an item from? lol everybody download poshmark or something else cause this app is the worst. Some people get their account deleted and NEVER get the money back that was on there.
  • Way too long to receive funds!! 2/5

    By holly1218
    The amount of time that a transfer of funds takes once you sell something is BEYOND outrageous. I wouldn't have sold it if I didn't need the money. Won't sell anything on here again after waiting this long for my funds!
  • If i could give one star i would! 1/5

    By Kimbev69
    Been on here only a month and the way they treat sellers is worse than any other app! You wait 4 DAYS from confirmed delivery date to force a rating then an additional 24-72 hours if it falls on a friday so now its a full week to get your funds, the buyer has your item, has used it for a full week BEFORE YOU GET PAID! Show me any retail location that this is ACCEPTABLE? Also you get messages from little kids looking for free stuff that bait you into arguing or i guess they think haggling over the price! I was scammed by one who kept sending his mailing address getting me warnings! Then the obvious third world country customer "theydontfriggencare" people who think "friggen" is a bad word so ban you for not kissing their butts! Oh yeah...the buyer leaves a RATING YOU CANNOT SEE therefore to get your funds released you must leave them one and after you do then you see the buyers and if they weren't thrilled with your item or the equal value free gift or the free shipping I personally offered they leave mediocre or bad reviews...yet you waited a full week while they ignored your messages to please rate you so you can wait an entire week to transfer YOUR EARNED MONEY into YOUR OWN BANK because mercari ONLY TRANSFERS ON MONDAY
  • Offline Transactions 1/5

    By John sanner
    Mercari pings offline transactions because if you don’t want to pay their fee, then they will suspend your account. Also, if you sell something it doesn’t turn that earned money into cash, only “mercari credits” which you can only buy from Mercari from. This system is completely biased and broken.
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By Gabby Havis988210477000
    This app is okay. The Girls does not have a category for pajamas and pants. That really bothers me. It makes me want to sell it on another app. There needs to be more specific categories and more of them.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kzm0
    Add feature to sell more than 1 item at a time ? Not a complaint, just something that will simplify a lot of ppls lives if they have > 1 of the same item.
  • Log in 2/5

    By ayy_its_bre22
    After using this app for a while for some reason it kicked me out. Now I can browse but if I want to message or buy something I have to log in and every time I try to log in all it says is email and pass word not valid. And I can’t create another account because I have to use a phone number and my phone number is already signed in with the other account.
  • Omg 1/5

    By Pete101397245
    If I see one more ad of this on YouTube I’m breaking my phone.
  • Transactions cancelled? 1/5

    By Iaidhievdihshdb
    [UPDATE] I've been stressed out due to this app. I have to contact USPS and that takes away from MY TIME. I most likely won't be using this service in the future. The customer support isn't that great they can't do much. I'm not just a seller... I have classes and a job, you think I have time to go to the post office or wait on the phone for hours so USPS can pick up? No! Honestly I can have mental breakdowns due to stress and this app is just adding onto it... gee thanks. My transactions have recently been canceled for no reason, not sure if this happens to anyone else. For me, I get the order notification and am going to ship out the item them I find that my transaction has been canceled and it hasn't even been 3 days?! I ship most times out next day but this happens very frequently and it's really annoying because I constantly have to contact support... this has happened to me about 3 times now. Please fix this issue ASAP.

    By Cjrnslejdickrnvirn
    Over a year ago I was blocked off of the app, I've never been able to get back on since. I can't create a new account or anything, this was my favorite app, I bought so much stuff off of it. I wish I could use it ☹️
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Cheiswaidishot
    Ok first off I’ve had this app for 2 years and then your custmer service became crap and now I hate this app and also you suspended me for no reason at all I hate this app and I will never use it I repeat to all people do not use this app
  • Overall great site 4/5

    By Iluvmickey
    Being able to get actual customer service is impossible. I usually have to go through FB and write a comment under one of their posts. But great site and easy to use.

    By SopHIA<3123
    You guys need to realize that not everyone has a checking account so it really annoying when you can deposit it into your bank need to add other pay out options for your next update you guys been sayin that you will buy haven’t... you should add PayPal, checks , bank accounts etc **** PLEASE ADD NEW PAYOUT OPTIONS FOR NEXT UPDATE
  • Grabing steals !!! 5/5

    By Photo300
    Perfect 5 star
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Pickoski13
    You know honestly I love this app I have purchased so much stuff on here and not once have I had a bad experience. And to masks it so I don’t have a bad experience I don’t purchase from sellers with bad ratings or anything like that. Also if you do have a problem with a purchase the Mercari team is awsome at helping figure out what is going on and they respond back fairly fast
  • Deleted my account 1/5

    By naziiia
    They deleted my account because my sister made one we live in the same building but different apartment and when she made hers they deleted mines thinking it’s me because of the same address I guess I told them and they didn’t tell me anything just deleted because they think that’s the only option I would never recommend this to anyone this will waste your time !!!!
  • Issues 3/5

    By Suzy515
    App doesn't load when opened, can't see any items. Please bring back editing photos as well.
  • Dislike 1/5

    By Curry3425
    I Dislike this selling app it’s been 6 days since I Ship item and it’s been 4 days since deliver and I still haven’t received my payment , please don’t waste your time and sell in offer up or let go or market place and don’t deal with delay payments.
  • Worst Online Shopping Experience Ever 1/5

    By Missmichellie
    This app is a complete joke. I ordered an item and two weeks later I get a 'notification ' from Mercari, not the seller, that my transaction was cancelled because I requested to bundle items, which I didn't. I only ordered the ONE item and never had any communication with the seller. And there's no way to contact Mercari or the seller. Waste of my time. Deleting this app as soon as I hit send!!!
  • Mercari vs Poshmark 4/5

    By Star2428
    I love Mercari more than Poshmark because you have an option of either selling your items by free shipping or customer pays shipping I love that they have that option. I also love how you can communicate with buyer or seller on private message. Usually if a buyer asks a question I then added on my description Incase somebody else asks the same question. Ive sold more stuff with Mercari due to the free shipping option than on Poshmark. I would had given a five star if Mercari added more slots for pictures. But overall I started liking Mercari more.
  • They support scammers 1/5

    By jdksndjenc
    Horrible customer service!!!! Rude snowflakes work there. Sensitive eyes. Side with the scammers and make me deal with the scammers instead of taking ownership of them doing business with scammers. Poor working model: stand by the scammers and criticize the lawful users. After two weeks of not getting my item they threaten me! Yes me because out of being ignored by them and the scammer for days, they have the nerve to threaten me cuz I called the scammer a potty word! What are we, 12!? Users BEWARE!!!!!!

    By Clearyyyyyyyy8552
    PLEASE FIX THIS APP !!! I used to love it but you guys made it so unattractive to sell on here anymore. You take too much out of my profit to the point where i dont sell expensive things on here. If i want too sell something for 85 i have to price it almost 10 dollars more and now i am selling less of it because nobody wants to pay 95 for it!! Make the commission cost more reasonable please.
  • New Account help 3/5

    By Taijgraham
    Umm can ya can yu help make a new account I deleted my old one 😬
  • Love it 4/5

    By Tishie182
    Just a few things I would love to make it better. A way to rate and/or review sellers who bail out on the sale and stop responding to you. And a way to view your listings that shows the break down of how much you are making
  • No other app like it! 5/5

    By KennyDaBlack
    Like the title says! Easy to use and there are a lot of good bargains! Selling is quick & easy like their ad says; just print the label & ship it.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By Chevyryder93
    This is a fake site they allow people to post items that are counterfeit when you ask for a return they act like it’s the buyers fault
  • Update disabled most functionality 1/5

    By Cybertheria
    Since the update I can no longer list items for sale, update existing listings or email customer service. You got to be kidding! Who goes live with an untested app update? Running it on IPhone with IOS 11. And using it on my older IPad running 9.5.3 it takes a full 5 minutes to load, but at least it is still functional once it loads. Ridiculous.
  • Very pleased with this App 5/5

    By @carocarola
    Great experience selling since 2015. Customer service improved a lot. Check seller/buyer reviews before your purchase and always keep good communication with them.
  • Useful & user-friendly 4/5

    By Sexasaurus Zepp
    To me, Mercari is eBay for the budget-conscious millennial. I've both sold and bought items on Mercari and have only had good experiences. They do take less sales commission than competing apps, which is nice. However, it can be less organized (there is a lot of crapoli being listed on Mercari that should be going straight to Goodwill, if not the local dump) and less convenient to search (for example: clothing size has to be entered for each and every new search).
  • It’s Ok 3/5

    By Wsw3836
    Would be better if you could talk to a live person when you need help.
  • Great app for Purchases! 5/5

    By Lagartosu
    So far, I have been using this app for a few months now and it has been going great! I love purchasing Lularoe clothing but don't like the retail prices. I like that there are lower prices on this app and I still get the same brand new clothing! I love the filter options for size, type and free shipping option, offer option and message seller too. I've bought 20 dresses and they all ship and receive everything so quickly! Really enjoying and LOVING this app!! :)
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Justintime2kill
    The buying and selling with other users is fine but the company running the app has the absolute worst help center/customer service in existence and they send you pre written auto responses that don’t answer your questions. Retrieving the money from your sales is also incredibly difficult. Do yourself a favor and use Poshmark instead!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By CarBabe21
    I have been using this app for almost 3 years and it has been improving since I first started back in the beginning of 2015. Customer support has improved and I have not had a problem go unresolved on here. I am a professional seller and I have made it my full time job by the end of 2015 and it was possible through this app. I sell on other platforms but Mercari is the only app I make most of my sales on. The seller fee is no problem and people should complain nothing is free and the fee is really not that much compared to other apps like Poshmark 20% is a lot. As far as people getting suspended or banned from using the app thats your own fault for failing to comply with the apps rules and regulations or policy people need to start being more responsible using any app when I first started using this app, im not joking, but I read everything from terms of use, to prohibited items, tax returns, policy and the buyer and seller guide. I learned a lot which some of the info actually helped me. And for those who get scammed again your fault I've never been scammed on this app or any app thats because I use common sense and if you think buying big name brand items like Louis Vuitton or Gucci for 80% off is a real deal then you’re always going to get scammed be smart and buy from the retail store and if you know anything about product then you should be able to spot a fake and if you dont know anything about the product then ask questions and for pictures people seriously its not that hard to try and make sure the product your buying is legit and if you still dont trust the seller then dont buy simple as that geez no one needs a Louis Vuitton purse anyway just get one at discount store or something you dont need fancy stuff just get whatever works for less the cost.
  • Cute concept; not so great execution 2/5

    By 4ubz
    I love the idea of easily being able to buy and sell items WITHOUT having to meet in person, however, for people who are younger and have PayPal/Visa cards, it’s EXTREMELY hard to pay for things without using a debit or credit card. Even when you have valid gift cards and a LEGITIMATE PayPal balance, it refuses to allow you to pay with that. For this reason, I can barely pay for anything unless it’s with my Mercari balance, which takes forever to load.

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