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Mercari App

THE FAST AND EASY WAY FOR ANYONE TO BUY AND SELL - ALL FROM YOUR PHONE Shop and sell everything from fashion to toys, sporting goods to electronics, jewelry to shoes. All the brands you know and love. With over 100,000 new and previously loved items listed each day, you never know what treasures you will find. ANYONE CAN SELL * Use your phone to sell - and earn money from - the unused things around your home. * Listing is fast and easy - just snap a photo, add a description, set your price and your item is connected with the millions of people shopping on the app. * Listings are free - a flat 10% selling fee is only charged when your sale is complete. * Ship with ease - we’ll email a trackable shipping label to you. Just print, package and ship. No meetups. BUYERS SAVE * Discover millions of new and used products from brands you love at amazing savings. * Hundreds of new items for men, women and kids uploaded every minute. * Buyer Protection Guarantee - payment is held until the item is delivered and the buyer confirms it is as specified.


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  • Great App 5/5

    By MrsMott1219
    Great App! Makes buying and selling super easy!! Most sellers are quick to reply and answer questions. All around easy process! Highly recommend
  • ❤️ Mercari! 5/5

    By CA3459
    This app is great for shopaholics like myself! Great deals on new or gently used clothes and accessories! I got a brand new Kate Spade for nearly 50% off! Or if you’re looking to make some 💰💰💰 you can sell your own stuff! Definitely recommend this app!
  • Mercari 5/5

    By connie46
    So far, everything I’ve ordered has been on time and as advertised. I’ve had no problems.
  • A Good Market For Sellers And Buyers 5/5

    By HeatMcGee
    No one likes fees but hey Mercari gotta make money too. I’d appreciate if there were other means to deposit or “cash out” than a bank account, but still a great app.
  • OK app 3/5

    By Song345
    This app is good to sell cheap items. I have been there for about two weeks, my total sales is almost $300 now, but only few of my funds are available. I can only earn money when customers receive and rate me, and have been waiting forever. First, USPS first class mail is terrible, sometimes take a week to get delivered. Then once the customers receive items, they just F off, no bother to rate and my funds are being hold. Three days off holding fund is a lot of time, the company can basically use that money to put in saving and earn interests. Sound familiar? They have good and bad sellers. Some are very nice. But some cheap skate lowball me like asking for free stuff. When I put my items for few dollars with free shipping, get lowball? That’s a give away.
  • 😊😊 5/5

    By Precious414
    I love Mercari!!
  • Poshmark’s boring cousin 2/5

    By Onelove2490
    Honestly Mercari is like a restricted more annoying version of poshmark. They don’t allow emojis If you live in CA you can’t purchase anything with your sales balance They don’t allow “posters” for sales, specials etc or meet the seller Their design is childish and not the easiest or most relevant to navigate All in all if you’re kind of tacky and don’t care that much if your items sell or want to use your sales balance in CA, this might be the place for you. Otherwise, I recommend poshmark 100%
  • Viewing 5/5

    By hopin92
    More views easy to use
  • Has potential but 3/5

    By iSeeUseeMe
    The app for buying is great but every time I try to sell an item it says that I cannot list in my area. Also it will not let me verify my number every-time I put in the exact same number they send but still it says it wrong.
  • LOVE it! 5/5

    By Love Poshmark!
    I have been using Mercari for about 3 years now and I would recommend for anyone looking to sell their stuff online to use this over any other application! They are constantly improving and updating their features and there is a huge platform of buyers that will buy your stuff. I have also had such great luck with buying items as well. Definitely recommend if you're looking to make a quick buck!
  • Love this app but... 5/5

    By TheBattleBearPlayer
    It’s extremely easy to get scammed but luckily Mercari’s support team always finds a way to refund your money! 😘 But something that truly bothers me is the selling fee... it’s wayyyy too high! Higher than eBay and Amazon! A 10% fee to sell is extremely outrageous. If anything (at max) it should be a solid 7.5%. Please listen Mercari and reduce the silly expensive fee! It’s truly hard to make any profits with that thing!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Blacout69
    Great app so far. As long as the people stay honest and don’t screw it up.

    By Hercules2002
    I saw this app a few months back and i thought it looks great , most reviews are great . and most of the rating are by the company people themselves . I started selling items on their app. I had made about 40 sales all of which went great and i got 5 out of 5 stars for . Then i received a 1 star for 1 ORDER . That is all . Then Mercari suspends my account , freezes my money and then asks for my Social Security Number and my State ID. I won’t give my SSN to just some company . They have stolen more than 1,000 dollars from me . DO NOT SELL OR BUY THROUGH MERCARI . It is a fraud company and they will scam you .
  • My FAV App To Buy/Sell 5/5

    By N.Daypatt
    I was hesitant at first as I never heard of Mercari, but I soon found out is a great app to buy and sell items. I love how buyers can post pictures and descriptions, you can set your own prices and Mercari has Customer Support that is always available to assist you. They protect each buyer and seller! I’ve bought and sold on this app, and never once have I felt cheated! Love, love, LOVE Mercari! :D
  • Scammers 1/5

    By guy.that.got_scammed
    I downloaded this app and spent at least 50 dollars. Before I even get a confirmation my account was “suspended” for no apparent reason and no money has been refunded. I contacted them with no response. Use this app at your own risk!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Day040800
    Never gave me the option to use an invite code 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Got screwed and they will not even try to help 1/5

    By skeebo88
    I sold a tV and DVD player on this site and I was a very big seller and buyer. The buyer for my DVD and TV lied and after a month finally admitted she received my items. She then proceeded to say they were broken when they were packaged and wrapped correctly. I asked Mercari to please ask her to verify and send photos to find this buyer selling my items on eBay. Thy would not even ask her for photos! This is not a way to treat customers and be aware that items over 40.00 should not be sold on this site due to no response and no help from the app owners!
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Brittxm
    Mercari is honestly my savior!! I’ve been out of work and if it wasn’t for Mercari, I wouldn’t have made all this extra money! They keep improving the app too, so now we get paid quicker and stronger sellers get noticed more. You can also promote items daily and search for amazing deals for half the price! I’ve bought boutique clothing and UGG boots for 50% off regular prices! Definitely a must-have!!!
  • Easier then Ebay! 5/5

    By Bellaboosmummy
    My friend suggested the Mercari app to me when I mentioned that I sell items on eBay, I’m very pleased with the app and I find the layout is a lot more simpler than eBay it’s a lot easier to message people too!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Twinmama30
    This is a great app for both buying and selling items. Very easy to use
  • Very poor customer service 1/5

    By king daemyns cards
    I have been on this site for over two years with a perfect rating of 420 but they have on several occasions canceled my sells after they have been mailed out because I didn’t have the tracking updated they are crooks and would not recommend to anyone ever seller beware
  • Mercari 5/5

    By Pltbhbcp
    Updates save time and increase visibility Rules are strictly enforced Customer support response rate timely
  • Mercari is a great app 3/5

    By mariahkraus
    Mercari is an awesome app, it makes everything super simple for shipping. Easy printed shipping labels, direct deposit into bank account, ratings on buyers/sellers to assure you that they are trustworthy. The only thing that is giving this app 2 less stars is the fact that recently the seller fee has gone up another 5%, making it 10%. The reason I started using this app was because the selling fee was lower than all the other similar apps... now I might rethink using Mercari.
  • Meh.. 1/5

    By Justapro
    im trying to make an account and i have 2 gmails and both are already in use and when i made another gmail it said i cant use it because my device already has a mercari account so its horrible
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    By karlyyann
    Shittiest customer service ever. Someone failed to show huge rips in an item I purchased and mercari denied my return because the item was listed as “fair”. No close ups of rips or written in the description. So now I’m stuck with something no one would even buy. Worst customer service service!!!
  • Great Service 5/5

    By akani318
    Thank you for the great service! Highly recommended!
  • Very User Friendly - Great App! 4/5

    By KellansMom21512
    Hello! Love this app and how easy it is to use. My only suggestion would be to add a search function within a sellers page. If I go to a seller I am following and want to find a specific listing I have to scroll thru everything until I find it. Some people have SO many items listed. Having a search would be so much better! Other than that everything about this app is great! Thank you :)
  • Horrible Buyer/Seller Protection 1/5

    By anonymous4527
    This is a horrible site. I was scammed out of an item I sold, and got no response when I emailed customer support. Then I tried to return a damaged item and apparently didn’t respond quickly enough to a request for more information because 24 goes later my case was closed and the return was denied. So both as a buyer and a seller i experienced tremendously poor customer support. Not worth using such a horrible site. Stick to the ones that back their products and protect their customers.
  • Too many fees 1/5

    By emmsmariee
    I started using Mercari several months ago and have enjoyed both buying and selling. However, with the new update to the structure of shipping, it’s not worth it to continue trying to sell. Before, it wasn’t a huge issue to have Mercari take out 10% of the sale. At least then you were still making some sort of money out of the transaction. However now, shipping prices come directly from the seller. Before this restructuring, the buyer would pay for the shipping, on top of the price of the item. Once the sale was completed, the seller would then receive the amount of the sale minus ten percent. But now, more money comes out of the sale, leaving the seller with little to no return on the transaction. For example, if I list an item for $10 with a $5 shipping charge, the buyer pays $10. But after the deduction for shipping and then the 10% transaction fee, the seller is left with $4. How is it even worth the time to sell things on your site if you only get less than half of what you thought you’d be making on the item. In my opinion, you should save your time and sell on a different site like EBay or LetGo.
  • Coach bag 5/5

    By Rickey 1532
    Packaging was awesome!! Beautiful bag. Thank you!!
  • Seller 5/5

    By Nick6746454helpp
    Great company to sell items with
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lindyo999
    I have been a buyer and seller since beta release. I have watched this app grow from the beginning. I am impressed with the enhancements the app team has made lately. There is both buyer and seller protection. This is an ideal platform for buying and selling.

    By JM girlfriend
    Shopping on Mercari is wonderful. The staff is always there to answer any questions & to resolve any issues....quickly! They have some really great sellers! :D p.s. I’m hooked ;)
  • Great app 5/5

    By Anthony Salomone
    This is an amazing platform to sell/buy on. Very user friendly. I've been an online seller for 3+ years and this blows eBay and amazon out of the water.
  • Item lost! 1/5

    By Chiquita toast
    I shipped an item and it got lost in transit, the buyer got a refund but mercari said there’s nothing they could do about my package. I shipped it with a label from mercari and I think I should’ve gotten help to get it back or gotten my money! This happened a month ago. Every time I contact support they just say “sorry we don’t cover that”
  • Not a great customer service and seller protection . 1/5

    By 타임리스다
    Customer help is not good like Ebay And you dont get seller protection like Ebay . But they still take 10% like ebay. And this apps does not give you many information when you have trouble with transactions with buyer. Better stay with ebay or amazon. I prefer Ebay more ~
  • Great APP 4/5

    By Irv2fast
    Great App! It does have some bugs here and there that need to be fixed! For example, some items might appear like they are for sale. But when you click on them to see pics it says SOLD.. Another feature that would be good is maybe an option to keep your filters permanently on. Even if you do a new search. I only like to see things for sale not the sold products for example. So I filter that every time. Lastly I would update the app so it can support horizontal view on a IPad! Just a few recommendations I think would make this app a 5 Star!!
  • It’s Fantastic!! 5/5

    By Louie113343
    I absolutely love this app! It’s has the best quality items for a very low cost. I will be keeping this app and buying forever!
  • Great App to Sell and Buy 5/5

    By kat lafontaine
    Overall it’s a great app. The only think I’m having problems with now is that when I first open up Mercari the I total start up every time take about 3 minutes to load photos; then has no issues loading faster after it’s been opened. But if I close out of the app and go back into it, again the initial start up takes 3 minutes. It’s frustrating.
  • I need to talk to someone from customer service 1/5

    By jennyscloset
    Terrible site for a seller . I created my account just a few weeks ago . And I have sold several items and I have all Great Ratings . And all of a sudden my account was deleted because they said I had a previous account in which I hadn’t ever had and account. I tried several times contacting customer service reaching a dead end . They keep saying the same thing over and over . I’m gonna be reporting this site to the BBB. I need to talk to someone on the phone not through the app
  • Great app!!!! 4/5

    By luluxxE3xx02
    App is easy to use & a fast way to make money, I just wish you could transfer your balance into a PayPal account.
  • People are not honest at take money not ship ur item 4/5

    By Loonie plays black ops
    Not right take money from some one that buys from u and don’t ship and say they are honest that’s a lie to me she needs not to be not on here for that
  • Kathleen Duncan, Buyer 5/5

    By KDuncan n FW TX
    Excellent Services. This was the first time I participated with this site and very pleased with the seller and site experience.
  • Debi 5/5

    By Debi Watson
    I’ve been a user of this app for roughly 3 years. It is a fantastic site for new and slightly used items. Customer service is great. They actually listen to ur issue and fix it! I’ve only had a couple of issues! Love this app
  • Awesome app for selling and shopping 5/5

    By ihsanthefresh
    You never know what you’re going to find! Support is awesome. Great way to sell your previously loved items. I sell my toddlers clothes and shoes and it has been working out great. Keep the buyer and seller safe and quick transfer of funds to bank account . Try it ! It’s free =)
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Nicolen17
    UPDATE: Mercari responded here telling me to contact them. Total waste of time because they sent me the exact same response as before. Wasted my time trying to get through to them again! Incredibly disappointed with customer service. As an honest seller, I feel I have been treated poorly and dishonestly when the USPS has made major mistakes and headaches for me. Mercari refused to release funds for 5 sales and over $100 in items that had confirmed delivery to my customers. That is criminal! Disgusting and despicable. Poshmark just gained a customer.
  • Must have 5/5

    By BestGrammy8
    I love this app. It’s easy to search for items, & you can contact the sellers. If you have a problem, it’s easy to contact the company to get it resolved quickly.
  • Seller be aware 2/5

    By justanotherseller
    I won't denied Mercari is a good platform if you are a serious seller, just be aware that any day out of the thin air you will receive a message saying your seller privileges have been revoked, for x or y reason, without providing any proof. Just imagine having 900 plus items listed and the poof gone.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Cre8ivli69
    Great app with easy to use interface. One improvement overall would be the ability to hide Sold items at anytime, easily. Who wants to shop a page full of sold items ever? So far I see you have to enter a specific Seller’s closet to hide all sold items. I’d give a 10 ⭐️ review for that change.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Hautenaomi
    Please don’t sell with this app.. Be aware that when you sell your goods, mercari will act as they don’t have any fault for not depositing your funds. The only way of payment is direct deposit to your bank.. I will explain what happen to me, I must have asked them to deposit 5 different times before they got it right, I had my number right too. Routing and checking account right. must I say they charged me $2 every single time., so frustrating to have to check them on this issue.. Another problem I had with them was, I got my privileges suspended for asking for an email or for asking if a seller wanted to trade.. Mercari kicked me off the app and took my money.. I had $50 and they just took me off and kept it. It seems as that’s how they make there money.. instead of helping buyers And sellers, they worry more about catching people and stealing their funds one way or another $2 for each deposit that takes 10 Times before it’s done right. Be aware that they will wash their hands and say they have no fault bc they only have control to send it, and not if the bank doesn’t accept it. you have to check with your bank to see if it’ll go through.. another problem I inquired by them was, I fed ex a package and wasn’t able to comunícate with the buyer bc they revoked my privallages Of using the app, so the buyer canceled the package. I had already dropped it off.. mercari approves the cancellation and said it was my fault and they wouldn’t t be covering for the loss.. basically I lost the merchandise and I lost my money!! Please don’t use them.. you might think it’s an inexpensive was to sell unwanted stuff, but they will bite you.. use eBay or Poshmark I highly recommend either app.. stay away, at all cost.. I have had the worst customer service by them..

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