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  • Current Version: 1.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Gram Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Merged! App

From the folks who brought you 1010! Meet Merged! The exciting, free and addicting block-merging puzzle game prepared just for you. Merge blocks to get higher scores and eliminate blocks from the grid in fun and addicting puzzle gameplay that will truly test your brain. Merged! Features: SIMPLE PUZZLE GAMEPLAY • Place three dice blocks with the same number and color next to each other to merge them horizontally, vertically or both. You can also rotate blocks before placing them on the grid! DON’T BLOCK YOUR PATH • With limited space, merging will prove to be difficult with totally random blocks! Test your brain and improve your strategy. DON’T STRESS YOURSELF • Unlimited continues and no time limits mean that teasing your brain will be fair, not stressful. PLAY AGAINST FRIENDS • Connect to Facebook and challenge the world to a series of logic games and addicting puzzle action. Test your brain with quick and addicting puzzle games and enjoy free gameplay and content, with no time limits in Merged! Got any questions? Just contact us at


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  • Very laggy 2/5

    By Liv_38
    I would pick a block up and it would wither go back to the bottom or lag and way too many ads
  • ❤️ this game! 4/5

    By mistressmarguerite
    I usually don’t take the time to review games but this little gem is a great one! It’s always fun & I’ve never had an issue while playing! Well...perhaps some irritation while playing-entirely due to my incompetence! I suggest you try it out! It’s free so what can you lose?
  • Very laggy 2/5

    By Wetrooster18
    Don’t get me wrong on my rating, I like playing this game. It’s just that as your points start to pass 800, the game becomes laggy. I’ve gotten all the way past 2,500 points and at that point, the game was almost impossible to play. You had to wait 5+ seconds for the numbers to flip just once, the way the numbers move under your finger makes you want to check your configuration settings to make sure the touch screen is working properly. It either moves way off the grid, or doesn’t move at all.
  • Awesome, except... 4/5

    By wolfecal
    My favorite all time game except it really lags after you play for a while.
  • Wish I hadn’t updated! 4/5

    By Vader Ryderwood
    Such a great game, I’m totally addicted BUT: Now there’s even more GLITCHES than before. 1. I can barely drag blocks to my chosen spot. 2. Sometimes blocks won’t flip. 3. Often it crashes and have to restart. 4. Definitely slower than before. 5. Restarting the app or my phone doesn’t seem to make a difference. Come on guys!!
  • A good game but the ads! 2/5

    By PhillyBoy
    I understand the price of free games is wading through the ads that pay the freight. There’s a limit to how many times I can watch the same ad for how long. I reached mine. It just isn’t good enough a game to warrant such long wait times.
  • GLITCHY & SLOW!! 2/5

    By justagirl13
    I really like this game and it’s very addictive but it is glitchy and slow. Sometimes it just freezes up and you can’t continue! Deleting this app as I read the reviews and tons of people are saying the same thing. Additionally some people are getting malicious software and disgusting pop-ups and I do not want that on my phone!
  • Love the game hate the glitches 3/5

    By Brittneyk86
    I could play this for a while but get frustrated with the lagging out.
  • Good game, too bad it glitches 2/5

    By FunintheSun224
    I love this game but it slows down and freezes completely. I have to shut the app and wait for a few minutes to go back in, sometimes that doesn't work either. It would be nice if they would fix this.
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By Wayne-Griffin225
    I love this game, however the advertisements are horrible. They will just pop up right in the middle of a game and alert all you coworkers that you are playing a game in your meetings.
  • I love this game except for the glitches 4/5

    By GramEPx7
    If Tetris and dominos had a baby it would be this game. I love it. I totally would have given this game a 5 except for the fact that it frequently slows down so much during play I have to close out and go back in or it freezes completely usually on ads. So I was looking for a paid version to hopefully avoid at least the freezing up on ads. I have had to shut down my phone completely a few times. I got a friend playing this also and they have the same problem. Please fix the glitches!
  • Fix it! 2/5

    By PlayerPlayer311
    I love this game. Totally addictive. However, it is constantly crashing and freezing up my phone. And there are just too many ads. It’s like watching ads and occasionally playing the game in between. Very annoying. Fix it!!!!!
  • Great, but..... 3/5

    By DanielsMom09
    This game is super addictive; I could play it for hours. My only gripe are the glitches. I’ll be playing and all of a sudden my screen would freeze or the screen statics. Last night it froze so I tries to do a force restart and I thought my phone was broke. The screen was black and it was stuck with just an updating wheel. After 12hrs I was on the verge of sending it in for service but it popped back on. I’m playing it now and it is still glitching. Please fix this cause the game is great
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By nowherenum2
    I hate this game because of the ads the ads are so annoying! Why does there have to be ads? All you want is the money because one of the only ways to get rid of the ads is buying something so all you want is money!
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Urrmm
    If you play for longer than 5 minutes it starts to get glitch and become extremely slow. When I first started playing it forced closed itself and made me start all over. Very frustrating. Fix these bugs.
  • The first problem I notice... 4/5

    By R3mAst3R3D
    Is the lag because of the ads. It might be a me problem but it’s annoying. Also my game crashed, again, because of ads.
  • Constantly Freezes 2/5

    By White Unicorn Magic
    This would be my favorite game if it didn’t drag and constantly freeze. It’s gotten worse the more I have played it.
  • Stalls my iphone x 2/5

    By kcj1978
    This would be a great game if not for the numerous ads and the fact the it keeps stalling to the point the it freezes my Iphone X.
  • Love this game! But the ads are getting worse. 3/5

    By Bunnierin
    This game is relaxing and awesome. But the ads used to be annoying and now there are so many it is frustrating! They are long and almost twice as many as there used to be. Now, I only play this when I’m out of lives in other games because the ads are a hassle. So disappointing.
  • Memory leak 1/5

    By Immisorator
    Whether it's an actual memory leak, or just poor programming, the longer this app is open the more unresponsive the entire phone gets. And I'm just ignoring the ridiculous amounts of ads cause I've gotten over that cause I like the game. But when my phone locks up so much that I have to close the game? Not cool man. Not cool. You do all these "bug fixes" but can't fix that?
  • great BUT... 1/5

    By Edg2012
    i like this game very much but... it starts as a very relaxing game but then gradually becomes stressful. the ads are annoying but i know with purchase they will go away. i do not trust purchasing because the game freezes, and what could be a quick relaxing game turns into a long, stressful “wait for the game to unfreeze so i can place the next block(s)”. the last game i played the game froze AND froze my phone. i had to reboot my phone. since i deleted the ap. unfortunate.
  • Also frustrated 3/5

    By Michellemoolah
    This app overheats my phone and there’s an annoying lag in the graphics that makes it take forever to rotate the tiles. I hope they fix it soon because this game is awesome
  • Merged! Virus 1/5

    By Abbixel
    I was in the middle of playing merged! When very explicit and offensive pornography started playing through the app. I had to turn my phone off to be able to delete the app. Download with caution.
  • Pornographic ad. Deleted your app 1/5

    By Kmkin144689
    Pornographic video ad
  • Buggy 1/5

    By SwitchShift
    The underlying gameplay mechanism is fun and interesting, but the app is plagued with tons of ads with confusing close mechanics, and, perhaps because of the ads, frequently crashes. The crashing is so bad that background apps (for example audible, stitcher, npr one, etc.) will crash as well.
  • Freezing app 2/5

    By UtahKathryn1
    I could really enjoy this game if the game wouldn't keep freezing and kicking me out. Sometimes it also starts getting really laggy and I have to wait about 15 seconds before I can turn the piece or move it. Also the amount of ads I have to watch between each games is a little excessive.
  • Crashing constantly 1/5

    By Scarlett.Letters
    The last week or so.
  • Merged was hijacked 5/5

    By abandongal
    I’m extremely frustrated because a stupid little face keeps appearing whenever I click on merged and nothing I do makes it go away so I can play the game! At the bottom is a message to download this app at the App Store. I did try downloading the merged again, but “it” won’t let me. Grrrr!
  • Disgusted. 1/5

    By Johnlock Is Real
    This was a fun game but...that all changed very quickly. I was participating in a school play and while I was backstage and I downloaded this app to kill time. While I was playing, a pop-up ad came up and it was absolutely disgusting. Incredibly graphic. I was just lucky that the other children around me didn’t see. I feel somewhat embarrassed writing this because it’s not really my style to leave bad reviews, but I felt that this story needed to be shared. I’m guessing that it was a bug, so please get that fixed.
  • Mucha publicidad 2/5

    By Vy_Eve
    El juego en sí es bueno, sin embargo tiene demasiada publicidad. Por eso lo desinstalo, es desagradable tener que esperar a veces hasta 30 segundos para volver al juego. Pésima forma de querer vender sus juegos.
  • Merged 2/5

    By MorahLanie
    Very entertaining, but it freezes every ten games or so.
  • Viewing ads more than playing game... 3/5

    By Chrissy1003
    This game has potential. It looks like I won’t get far and finding it though because every time you change levels or anything else you have to click through one, if not two ads. (does really annoying ads too, that you can’t exit out of until it’s completely over). I’d possibly consider spending $.99 to remove the ads. It’s a shame because it could have been great.
  • Addictive 4/5

    By CaroleBriggs
    After getting frustrated with the ads freezing the app, I bought the ad-free in app purchase for $1.99. Worth it!
  • It’s fun🙂 5/5

    By anonymous booksor
    Merged is a fun game. It’s a good numbers game to play when you feel like it. It’s also fun to try to beat your high score. So... fun game. Always have a happy smiley day.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Project107
    The game used to be great with a positively fluid UI and great smoothness throughout. Now, the ads bombard the player, even to the point that dragging blocks gets laggy and sometimes aren’t placed where you let them go. The ads and/or some other introduced issues have made it a 5 star simple game to a 1 star unplayable app. Such a shame too, I really enjoyed it when it was in its infancy and working.
  • I love it. Cut the ads tho 4/5

    By zachhasswag1
    I love the game but there are SO MANY ADS. Please fix.
  • Good but not good 3/5

    By Finn the 🐶
    Love the app but to many apps after one level you have to watch a ad so if you want this app you have to watch 100000 ads good luck😬😅
  • Glitchy now 1/5

    By Avery_georgia
    I LOVED this game. Now it drives me crazy. Don’t even want to play it anymore. Game is glitchy, slow, and delayed. Please fix
  • Used to love this game... 3/5

    By Cheryle1024
    Until it recently started to crash and I don't receive the bonus points. Crashes every single time I play for the last month and if it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm deleting it.
  • Merged 5/5

    By Gailr422
    Great addicting game but the game freezes so often and the game becomes very sluggish to the point where it just freezes. Very frustrating!!
  • Merged could be better if . . . 5/5

    By Dutch Burford
    I’d like to see a larger grid with more squares to fill. I’d like to see a way for players could correct a move. Do you ever read these reviews?
  • Unimpressed 1/5

    By Draketeeth
    App is laggy to the point of unplayable. Single pieces freeze up and double pieces keep rotating when trying to place them on the board. Did not even complete a game, it's too much trouble.
  • New update causes crash! 3/5

    By Go gamer mom
    I have had this program forever and the update on Nov. 28 now causes it to crash regularly. Hope you fix it!
  • Ads Slow Gameplay Significantly 3/5

    By Twigrat
    I used to LOVE this game. Now it has ads and it is extremely glitchy and lags badly. It kept freezing up, so I closed out of it entirely. Makes me sad.
  • Crashes a lot 2/5

    By A dog named scoot doo
    I have had this game for a while but since I last updated my iphone software this game doesn’t work well. It often freezes, sometimes crashes/closes, a couple times it caused my phone to overheat and shutdown. I can usually play one round with minimal issues. Thinking about deleting this game.
  • Updated version stinks 3/5

    By Gromitike
    If this didn’t always crash my phone I’d love it. Ever since I updated it my phone crashes whenever I play it. I’d pay for a version with no ads. WAY too many ads. Not worth the resetting of my phone so I deleted the app. Please fix it!
  • Addictive, but major tech issues 3/5

    By MillerRoadMaven
    I really do love this game, but every time I play it my phone gets extremely hot and the game slows down and will even become completely unresponsive. I’m really afraid my iPhone will burst into flames one of these days while I’m playing. Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to delete this app.
  • Good time killer 4/5

    By Brooke12359
    I spent at least three hours of sleep playing this app but I wished it had less ads
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Chzv
    Freezes and crashes constantly. The ads are overkill.
  • Was good, now broken 1/5

    By RockhurstU
    Enjoyed this game (despite the ads), until the most recent update which has reduced it to a constantly laggy, freezing, crashing mess.

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