Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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  • Current Version: 1.3.5
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  • Developer: Cornell University
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Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology App

What's that bird? Merlin Bird ID helps you solve the mystery in 5 questions, or with a photo of a bird. First, Merlin asks you a few simple questions. Then, almost like magic, it reveals the list of birds that best match your description. Pick your bird, then delve into more photos, sounds, and ID tips about your bird! If you have a photo, Merlin can help there as well. Take a photo, or choose one from your photo gallery, and Merlin will offer a list of birds that best match your photo. Merlin is fun and easy to use—whether you’re curious about a bird you’ve seen once or you’re hoping to identify every bird that comes to your feeder. The answers are waiting for you with this free field guide app from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Features • Merlin will now identify a photo. Select your photo, tell Merlin where and when you took it, and you'll see a short list of suggested identifications. • Download bird packs containing the species of your region, reducing the app size. • Created for beginning and intermediate bird watchers, Merlin identifies the 1,500+ most common bird species of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, northern Central America and Europe. • Explore birds by location and date with a list of species seen in the area. • Intelligent results. No more scanning through hundreds of possibilities! Merlin shows the birds near you that fit your description. • Customized location and date tools generate best answers for your neighborhood and time of year. • Powered by eBird to deliver the most accurate results based on millions of sightings from bird watchers across North America. • Enjoy more than 10,000 photos of birds, including males, females, and juveniles. • Learn ID tips from Cornell Lab of Ornithology experts. • Listen to beautiful bird sounds, including songs and calls for each species from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. • It’s all free! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s goal is to help you and millions of others to learn about birds.​ Merlin is the most advanced bird guide app available, and is expanding to new regions of the world. Merlin Bird ID currently includes bird identification help for the United States with regional packs for the: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Texas and Oklahoma, Alaska, and West Coast. Canada is covered by Eastern Canada and Western Canada packs. Mexico bird identification is available for each region of the country. Central America packs include Guatemala and Belize. Bird identification help is also available for Europe with our Great Britain and Ireland pack, a Western Europe pack, and a pack covering the Scandinavian countries. About Photo ID Powered by Visipedia, Merlin Photo ID uses computer vision technology to identify birds in photos. Merlin learns to recognize bird species based on training sets of hundreds of thousands of photos from birders at When using photo ID, enter the date and location where you took the photo; those clues improve Merlin’s accuracy by helping it focus on the species you most likely encountered there.


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Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology app reviews

  • Love this App! 5/5

    By KB9BLH
    Love this app. It has given me hours of birdwatching fun--at home and when we travel
  • Easy 5/5

    By Fossilnerd
    I love how easy this app is to use. And the different pictures for each bird.
  • Thumbs up! 5/5

    By pleasecontinue
    A great place to start ID-ing birds. Especially helps me when I am in a new location.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By Wizbaugh
    It's quick & easy. Impress my friends while on hikes. Helped my friend who is afraid of birds interested. Love it! Thanks
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 88USMC
    This app is awesome, especially for a bird watcher trying to expand her bird identification skills. It even identified a photo of a juvenile bird. I love this app.
  • Easiest way to ID a bird I've ever used! 5/5

    By MizOkada
    I like the simplicity of this app. It is straightforward and easy to use. My bird ID-ing skills are reinforced when I see a labeled image right after seeing a bird. I really appreciate that the database sets are regional, which helps develop an awareness of species typical of an area.
  • Great app photo id has been working well for me. 4/5

    By Tophat Pete
    This app is great. The photo id has been working for me in Northeastern US. My suggestion would be to increase the criteria used to include identifying by body and bill shapes.
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By Traxym
    Love this app and use it daily!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Poppysan48
    Quick identifier, and the calls have drawn various species to within camera range. Love the app.
  • 3 for 3 5/5

    By TonkaFam
    Just installed the Photo ID app. I tried it with three of my known bird photos. It correctly ID'ed 3 for 3!
  • Excellent Reference Source 5/5

    By ChesCoBirdbrain
    This is such a great way to identify unfamiliar birds. So much quicker than a book. It's a true joy.
  • Where have you been all my life? 5/5

    By Bill O'Relly
    A friend just told me about this earlier today, and I'm already addicted. If you're in anyway curious yet clueless about birds, you need this ap.
  • Fun app but needs some adjustments 4/5

    By R.Ph
    This app is very worthwhile but needs some adjustments. All summer I've been able to report the hummingbirds that visit my property but now in September, all of a sudden it is not possible to report as the hummers have all been removed from the app. Also we have scrub jays that visit and they are not on the app at all.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Juice56NY
    I found every bird I wanted and I learned a lot about them
  • Love app 5/5

    By Model 22 lol Pokemon fan
    I love Merlin bird id. I mostly use it to show which species I can see nearby, and helps me when bird watching by providing clear calls and images of birds. I love learning about the birds not just nearby but now around the world. Just one request: Hawaii has a lot of endemic birds, so it would be awesome if birds of Hawaii was added.
  • Dank 5/5

    By Bdbdhcjdndnkxmdndkv
  • Merlin Bird ID 4/5

    By RainbowGramma
    I really like the app. It is usually very accurate, but sometimes I can not find the bird I am seeing. It needs a little updating. Some of the calls are outdated. The birds have adapted and some calls have changed over the years. What they heard from a Scarlet Tanger in 1951 is NOT what I heard in 2017, from the same species as it called from a tree top in front of my kitchen window. Overall, it's a great tool for the avid bird watcher.
  • Handy for ID'ing birds on the fly 5/5

    By FormerWonk
    If you'll pardon the pun, I love having this app to refer to when I happen to catch sight of an unusual bird. For instance, I was out walking my dog the other day when I heard an unusual bird call from a nearby tree. I didn't have my birding gear with me, but I did have this app on my iPhone. Just a couple of taps told me it was a black-throated blue warbler. I haven't seen one in a couple of years, so this made my day!
  • Most Helpful! 5/5

    By Azialt
    Just returned from a trip to the coast of South Carolina. Took hundreds of photos of birds, and with the help of this app and Peterson's field guide I have been able to identify's all birds with a high degree of confidence. Also, downloaded the additional photo id module, which was about 90% accurate. Not bad!
  • Easy to use and fun 5/5

    By Yurmas Faghina
    Easy interface allows search by name or how you found the bird (feeder, bushes, wading, etc.). Haven't used photo ID yet. Use daily.
  • Birds 5/5

    By Maryphil3
    Have thoroughly enjoyed this app, we have a variety of birds around our house and it is helpful to know what they are.
  • Entertains and Informs 5/5

    By Mentor and Coach
    A great, easy to use app. Simple to snap a pic and ID the bird. Huge database of birds specific to your location. Thumbs up!
  • Five stars 5/5

    By Maryannplays
    Great app.
  • Excellent ID Aid 5/5

    By In my humble opinion
    Concise, reliable identity aid for us amateurs and hobbyists. Also a fun browse. My two suggestions: allow orientation from vertical to diagonal. Secondly, allow ID submission from 'Explore Birds', not only from 'Start Bird' ID' because I have found that sometimes the the only option is to submit "not my bird" when, occasionally the bird can be identified but does not show up in the ID list and can be found under 'Explore' Thank you for this educational ap. I use it frequently.
  • Always first suggestion. 5/5

    By A330er
    Almost always the first bird suggested is the correct bird, very easy to use.
  • Best ever app! 5/5

    By Donna Lynn Santa Cruz
    I have been using this application for over two years now and it is one of the best Bird ID applications ever used! keep up the great work Cornell!!
  • Wonderful ID resource, right in my pocket! 5/5

    By Anthorne Photography
    I have used this wonderful resource from coast to coast to help identify birds by sight, sound, habit - and habitat. Using Merlin has greatly improved my identification skills and increased my interest in birding and conservation. I am grateful for this app and very appreciative of the incredible contributions that Cornell Lab makes to the world of birding!
  • Enjoyable to use! 5/5

    This app is fun and easy; it shows in order of likeliness to be found in different areas. Good descriptions and images!
  • Bird identification 5/5

    By TFM1066
    This app is easy to use and quick to identify birds I see around my Minnesota home, especially around feeders on the deck outside our sunroom.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By eat12481
    Excellent app, I use it often. Had to delete it recently to make space on my phone but missed it too much...Am downloading it again.
  • Outstanding! 5/5

    By ZasinZelda
    Love this app! A friend showed it to me and I am showing people now too. It's amazing how many people love birds and are as excited about this app as I am. Thank you
  • Easy to use & accurate 5/5

    By Roku Rob
    This has been a very useful tool for identifying birds at our backyard feeder in North Florida: wren, chickadee, thrasher, titmouse, downy woodpecker, gray catbird, mourning dove, plus all the usual jays, cardinals, mockingbirds and hummingbirds. Made it easier to swallow how much we spent on a fancy fly-through bird feeder with a squirrel baffle and fancy feed at the local wild bird watching store.
  • Great free bird app! 5/5

    By Newukeuser rkeller
    Love this app. Helps to id birds by appearance and by call!
  • Very cool 5/5

    By Aga3
    This app is amazing. I'm testing it now at The National Eagle Center.
  • Good app, does what it says 5/5

    By CheshireCatCO
    Great for IDing birds. A few more photos from more angles would be nice. And maybe sort by likelihood. Otherwise, fantastic.
  • Merlin Bird App 5/5

    By Chenell63
    Excellent App ! Easy to use and beautiful images of birds. Highly recommend.
  • Educational and informative 5/5

    By CanDoPics
    We just love to identify birds seen in our woods and on our cycling routes. We also like knowing that we are helping to make bird locations more accurate with our reports. Easy to use and fast.
  • i love this app! 5/5

    By kuchipatchis
    great for IDing birds, and its actually free! definitely reccomend! i think it would be neat if there was eventually a feature where you can see a list of all the birds youve identified
  • Amazing tool!!! 5/5

    By Kpelli
    Love it!!
  • Where is the Scrub Jays? 5/5

    By siiid
    Great app, but I was surprised that I couldn't find a listing for the California Scrub Jay. It is an easy app to use and navigate. I would definitely recommend this app for quick look-up of local birds. Perhaps if a bird doesn't show up on an initial search, a photo submission may resolve the issue.
  • Really well designed app. 5/5

    By irbsjulia
    This is a true find. A great source of information at your fingertips while in the road. Invaluable for an amateur birder.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ampres
    Perfect for identifying birds where I live
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Matt lily
    I love birds, but I am no expert. This app is perfect for me. I love it especially when I am traveling and see new birds!!!
  • Best Bird App! 4/5

    By lmb-co
    I love Merlin ID. I recently posted a review because I wasn't excited about the 'packs', the developer replied and explained it very well. The capability to have more species is there now. One thing I would like to see is the ability to save your birds, a 'your saved birds' folder or something. : )
  • Must Have Birding App 5/5

    By JMCbirder
    I find Merlin Bird ID as my go to app for all photos of birds. I am a novice birder but I am certain that experienced birders will find this app an excellent source of information.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Highway Robbed
    I use this app constantly, and with good results. I joined the Cornell Institute as a result. Authoritative bird surveys help all of us.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Wendiea1
    I love this app! I have identified many birds in my own yard and while out and about! It's easy to use and it always finds the right bird!!! ❤️
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Babysister55
    This app is so easy to use and has always come up with the right id!
  • Excellent for new-be birders 4/5

    By BigSnowyMT
    This is not as bold as e-bird or other "birder" guides. But, it is easy to use. It is updated often based on reported sightings. It is regionalized so only expected sightings for your area are listed. You may be frustrated with the limited attributes used for bird identification. That may be a sign the you have graduated to seek a bolder guide. However, I am comfortable with the results I get. I would recommend it for beginning and casual birders.
  • Awesome app for identifying birds 5/5

    By VijayGang
    I use this everytime that I want to identify birds. Its nearly always accurate and helps in identifying birds that others describe. The additional info on the birds is also great. They need to expand to include global birds!

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology app comments


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