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  • Current Version: 2.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Message+ App

Stay connected using Verizon Messages on your Smartphone, tablet, and computer. And keep the conversation engaging with personalized texts, photos, videos and gift cards worth up to $100 at stores like Starbucks, Amazon, and more. Now anyone can download and chat with Verizon Messages, even non Verizon customers (available on compatible devices). NEW Group chats – Create larger group chats with up to 250 people. Send and receive photos/videos in seconds. Personalize your chat experience with avatars, backgrounds and more. You can even mute a conversation or add or remove members or without creating a new group. NEW Yelp Integration – Tap the plus menu and easily access Yelp from within the app. Search for restaurants, entertainment and directions. Make plans and share the details all within your chat. NEW Kanvas Updates – Create and send custom gifs, and easily edit photos with stickers, text, doodles and more. Share your location – Glympse™ lets you share your location with the people you choose for the length of time you set. Perfect for meeting up, or letting people know you’re running late. Send an eGift – Tap the plus menu and select eGifts icon. Easily send an eGift card right through text message eGifting has been expanded to include eGift cards from more than 30 brands Sync across devices – Download Verizon Messages on all your devices, and sync messages across your smartphone, tablet and computer. Switch devices whenever you want. Make calls with your tablet anywhere. Other features: Schedule messages to be delivered at a specific date/time, even if your phone is turned off. Search the web for images and gifs to include in your chat with Yahoo search. Express yourself through colorful Emoji’s by tapping on highlighted keywords when composing messages. Send and receive messages over Extended Wi-Fi from your smartphone, iOS device, tablet, PC, Mac and web browser.


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    By MamaW1518
    I really love how you can check/send messages from other devices, very useful, I love how you can customize and put your Owen personality. I just wish there was an option to restore all messages or a trash folder, that's the only reason I didn't give a 5 star. Or a archive folder
  • Not working 1/5

    By Sassyfrassymom
    I have an iphone 6s and it is not sending me the “pin code” just does the 15 min countdown and I never get texted the pin.
  • Code 1/5

    By Skskysoyslgzjzktalys
    code generator isn’t working, typed my number in about 5 times still nothing.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By echar89
    About six months ago this app worked fantastically....and then it didn’t. I’ve tried to re-download it multiple times, but now each time I get the “unknown error” message after I type in the confirmation code I’m sent by Verizon. This used to be my go to when I’d be at the office and not have cellular service but could connect to WiFi. Now I’m not even able to log in after I was a user of the app for over two years.
  • Verizon Messaging 1/5

    By BensMommy17
    What a piece of junk! 😡 It doesnt work AT ALL for iPhones. Why even have it in the app store if it doesnt work?!
  • Disgusted 1/5

    By Razzyro
    This app needs to be fixed ASAP. A lot of bugs mine been saying checking for network over 3 weeks now on my iPad it works fine with my other devices. Crappy piece of crap application
  • won’t send code to sign up 1/5

    By Zarapara16
    i have the app, but whenever i try to sign up, i put my phone number in, and no code is sent to me like it said would happen. so therefore, i can’t use the app. i’ve tried multiple times but the same thing keeps on happening.
  • Sad sad sad 1/5

    By lollypop 😘
    This app will not let me see pictures or send pictures 😭 same with videos
  • Useless after update 2/5

    By akaMekon
    Update Jan 2018: How is it possible that this app still doesn’t have push notifications?!? I used to love using this app while traveling abroad with a local sim but it seems like a recent update has made it pretty much useless. I don't get notifications for incoming texts. It won't let me flip on Calling (it immediately flips back), and it freezes often. Not recommended.
  • Doesn’t Send Code to iPhone 1/5

    By Batfern
    I’ve tried several times with iMessage on and off. Tried reinstalling the app. Still won’t send me a code!
  • Buggier than an apartment on the wrong side of town 2/5

    By Rev. Brian Y.
    Truly a useless app. I received a text message in my native messaging app. With the message was a video link to download this app. (Which I had tried before and it didn’t work) I pulled the message up and it locked up my phone. This app may very well be one of the worst apps that I’ve ever used on any device that I’ve owned.
  • Can’t even get it to send a code to my number 3/5

    By johnthegreen
    Tried for days after initial download for it to send the approval code to my phone number. Never arrives....
  • Perfect for getting your messages on mult phones 5/5

    By EazyyE
    Doesnt update frequently so some messages dont come through when they are delivered to the main source #
  • Good concept, poor execution. 1/5

    By Cap309
    The app rarely works properly, some days I receive about half of my texts sometimes I go days without receiving any. Very inconsistent.
  • Thanks for letting people into my messages 1/5

    By Mrlinkisalefty
    Someone used this app to hack into my messages... Someone please respond to this so this can be fixed because this is not okay.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Tallbass
    I like it. Sometimes my phone isn't nearby and I either get a text or need to send one, so I just do it on my iPad. I also like that I can use it to make phone calls. No complaints.
  • Fails completely 1/5

    By CoziIntern
    Only downloaded this app because my s.o. has Verizon, and when he tries to send me videos, it sends me the link to this stupid thing. I have tried several times on different phone and with different phone numbers to even set this app up to begin using and every single time it fails to actually send me the code they are supposed to send you when you are setting the app up! Maybe if they could fix it so that i could even use the app i could give it a new rating.
  • No undelete or way to recover texts deleted in error 3/5

    By WhiteHouseSW
    I have been using this app on both Apple and Androids phones & tablets since they hit the air. It works adequately on both platforms and have the same limitation(s) on both. Until now, any problems I may have come across were minor compared to this one, the inability to recover texts that I accidentally deleted. Point of fact, this (and iMessage) are pretty much the only commercial text programs I have ever used and I hadn’t come across this problem until recently when my delete fingers got “happy feet” and went a few texts past where I needed to stop. Perhaps this is normal for text programs as opposed to emails or files where they go into a garbage pan iconned folder before being finally deleted at some point later. In this particular case the text contained a computer generated code which I needed to remove restrictions on an Apple device. Now, I am digging through every topic I can find to see if I can regenerate the code or text. Yes, I know I got myself into this predicament by deleting the text in the first place but it is also a shortcoming in the application by not offering a means to recover texts, at least for a short timeframe, similar to email & file apps from other ISPs.
  • App 1/5

    By Atomic030
    Completely useless. Waste of time installing app.
  • Stopped working well after a few months 3/5

    By Bent13990
    I got this app because of the auto reply function. I do not like to text, so I have an auto reply set up for people who reach out to me via text. For the first couple months, everything worked perfectly. Now, the auto reply only works about half the time with half the people. Not sure why. But I guess I have to move onto another app.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By DucFanDan
    Does not open reliably with iOS11 on an iPad Mini 2. Half the time it hangs after showing the logo splash screen for anywhere from 10-30 seconds, then it will just close. When it does open, it is slower than molasses in January. I have a bunch of the iOS11 graphics/animation garbage turned off so my device performs reasonably well, this app is just poorly/inefficiently coded. Also does not reliably share messages across platforms like it is advertised.
  • Won't send me a confirmation code 1/5

    By gignbite
    And there's no simple way to get help.
  • It won't send the security code 1/5

    By Ka0102
    Tried to download several times it won't send the security code for me to have access to the app...
  • Won’t send verification code 1/5

    By Heat775
    Trying to use this app to watch a video a friend sent me. I can’t get the verification code to send to my phone number.
  • Never got a verification code 1/5

    By AngryReviewDude
    Messenger told me that I had to download this app to watch a video a friend sent me. Upon downloading the app I had to enter my phone number so that they could send me a security code. Unfortunately I never got the code. I tried everything from turning of iMessage and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Still no verification code. What a useless app.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By jeriejskekek
    I downloaded this and it will not work. I have an iPhone 6s iOS 11.2.1 App starts to open but nothing happens. Very frustrating
  • Android Wear and iOS 3/5

    By AtlantaJJ
    It would be fabulous if your notifications would push to the Android Wear app for iOS. From what I have read it used to do that in the past. Please add this to your features list Thank you!
  • Not so great 1/5

    By Phhbrook
    I viewed one message video then it went blank. Could not make it work again.
  • Only works intermittently on iPhone 6S 2/5

    By Dreu-X
    I have an iPhone 6S and it’s hit or miss as to weather or not I get a notification that I’ve received a msg. Sometimes the msgs don’t even come through at all. To improve functionality, the developers suggest shutting off iMessage because the formatting isn’t compatible with this app. Shutting off iMessage causes issues communicating with other iDevices. This becomes a real problem if you have children who can only msg via WiFi. Besides that, the design is simple. A bit lacking in the navigation department, however. It has miner customization capabilities that are nicer to look at than the standard iMessage. Could be a decent app if the bugs were worked out. Seeing as there haven’t been any updates in the past 7 months, though, I’m not holding out for fixes any time soon.
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By M-stoff122
    I got a message saying I had to download this to watch a video from my brother that wouldn’t even load/play in the app. FB Messenger, Viber, etc. work much better.
  • Dies too often 2/5

    By Alan_Mac
    This program is fine when it works. However, it dies on startup at least half the time on an iPad mini. No response from Verizon to more than one problem report. The problem has run through at least two versions of apples operating system and more than one of Verizon's bug fixes. Worked fine over a year ago. Doesn't now
  • Slow 1/5

    By videomanjamal
    I use the app but the response to text has a very slow response time.
  • Verizon Messages... 2/5

    By Special nurse
    I just started using the app and find too many glitches. Was unable to view a video which was sent and resent. I don’t like the fact that one of my contacts can become involved in my conversation and if you disallow the list... the app won’t work.. uninstalling.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By CarboniteGeek
    So based on the Verizon website, this app is supposed to also work for those non-Verizon users. A friend of mine uses Messages+ and wanted to chat via that. So I downloaded the app only to be met with frustration that I can’t get the code to be sent to my phone. I tried the support and it didn’t do much for me. Disappointed in this app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By asiff206
    Friend sends me a video and I need to download this app to view. No problem right? Wrong. Asks for a number to send a verification code to but I never get the code. Useless.
  • Sending Security Code 1/5

    By Sverige Boy
    After numerous tries, no security code was received to start using the app ... epic failure! 👎🏻
  • Wouldn't send me the text so I could use the app. 1/5

    By Neisha526
    Wasn't able to use the app at all. Deleted it and downloaded it again so I could try it again. 5 attempts later,and I give up on trying to use this app.
  • Good app but needs a lot of updates 2/5

    By Beautym525
    Is it possible to have all devices synced. Mark all read option availability will be great. App good for “backup” if phone is not available (but not recommended).
  • Needs updating 2/5

    By Presnttime
    I use this app on my android phone. Love it. I also have it on my iPad. Find it frustratingly slow and disappointed that it does not sync with messages on my phone. I also find it annoying that when I am cleaning/deleting messages that I have to do it for every device I have this app on because this app doesn’t sync! Is in serious need to be updated for the iPad.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Lawdawg718
    Works great on android phones but on my iphone is garbage.
  • No code 1/5

    By kwhispa
    This app never sends the code to get into it. Have tried on numerous occasions and no code sent. Awful app.
  • Umm..Verizon hired free amateurs do this app! >( 1/5

    By Mlo166_yahoo-com
    Word on the street has it that Verizon had third party amateur programmers to do this app. Shameful and doesn't do what app claims, in fact, it doesn't do anything new that other apps have been doing for decades! Videos, messaging, and works slow -if at all! And Verizon, you just can't blame this on the iPhone battery on this one! "So, you say I got the wrong app? NO... I got the wrong company!" Bye Bye Verizon!
  • Pretty pointless app. 1/5

    By Crochet Katie Shark
    The only reason I downloaded this useless app was because my friend sent me a video that I couldn't view on my regular texting app. But once I downloaded this, it won't let me save it! It's honestly such a waste, you do not need this app at all.
  • Good 4/5

    By Terminator pg
    The app is pretty cool with all kinds of little things you can do with contacts but it is a little glitchy
  • Incredibly useful 5/5

    By Topspin17
    I have a flip phone that I connected to my iPod and it worked great.
  • Sad 1/5

    By timmy30274
    I was given a iPhone 5s I can use on wifi. Installed this and it immediately asks for my number. My virgin mobile never got the code My virgin mobile is android and I use message+. I like it slot. Lists all pictures and links. Why couldn’t android and Apple both have your features by default? Glad you created this app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nikkinakk
    A co worker has been using this app to send group messages. Tried down loading the app, but it will not send the verification code. Using it on my iPhone with my regular iMessages I cannot tell who is sending the texts, even though the contacts are in my phone it just presents with phone numbers. Sadly the app has been worthless (and I deleted and tried again several times over almost a year now and never have gotten a verification code text to me) ... and if you use this app to send messages to someone who doesn’t have the app they cannot see who is sending the text. Better to just use regular text messages.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By mysticzzz
    Extremely slow, sometimes never updates messages, and i have an excellent internet connection.
  • I give this app a zero star 1/5

    By MommaBeartoBray
    This app would be good if messages actually came through and my typing bar wouldn't go to the middle or top of my screen or disappear all together.. I've had nothing but problems on my iPhone.. DELETE FOR SURE!! I don't recommend this app to anyone Sorry not Sorry
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Duck Step
    I have Verizon so this came on my Android phone. Then I got it on the pc when looking for ways to text from my computer while working. Then I got an iPad and found the app for iPad too. I love it. Works great. Pc version has a few stability bugs but iOS version is basically flawless. Very convenient. I think most of the negative review come from non Verizon users, it is well integrated with Verizon devices but I can’t imagine using it with another service provider. One issue is, I just tried the calling feature for the first time. It works well in theory, but on the iPad Pro at least it really needs echo cancellation. The person I called (they were using phone, I was using iPad) was receiving full volume echoes of their own voice from my iPad speaker -> mic. Headphones solve the issue but it’s not ideal. Not subtracting a star though since I have plenty of easy ways to effectively call people and so I don’t need to rely on this app to do it, and also because I’m not sure if echo cancellation is the responsibility of app devs or of apple. Only bug I see in iOS version is sometimes the icon badges don’t go away when you read messages. Other than that, works great. Nice job, Verizon! Good to see smooth integration across different platforms.

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