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Messenger App

Instantly connect with the people in your life. Messenger is free, fast, and secure. - Reach anyone. You can use names or phone numbers to find friends. - Use everywhere. Messenger works across all mobile and desktop devices. You can even connect with people internationally! - Connect however you want. Send a text message, share a photo, or start a video chat — all in Messenger. - Communicate better with groups. Catch up in real time with high quality group video chat or customize your messaging experience with colors, nicknames, and group photos. - Call and video chat your friends 1:1 or in groups. It's free over Wi-Fi (otherwise standard data charges apply), so talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. - Express yourself. Send emojis, stickers, and GIFs to conversations or add new masks and effects to your video chats. - Capture photos and videos with fun art and effects. You can save these to camera roll, send to conversations, or post to your Day, a place where people can see what you're up to. - Play games and compete with your friends. You can compare scores and see how you rank against other people. - Chat with businesses. You can make reservations, check on orders, and get real-time customer service.


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Messenger app reviews

  • Améliorer les appels stp 5/5

    By Stifler9511
    Améliorer les appels stp
  • I thought Facebook ads were a problem. 1/5

    By Weight Zombie
    Now they’re in messenger too? I hate you guys so much.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By ceeeezly
    App just randomly froze couldn’t read or reply to anything. Had to delete and re download
  • Disabled disability rider. 3/5

    By Disability rider
    This app is rejecting some of my video clips, Needs dire technical fixing of some issues!!
  • Old and stupid but have an iPhone and need a help spot. 2/5

    By Melodyjoan
    I’m old, dumb, and have an iPhone. I can’t find a place to get “easy” help. I love some of the features and would like to do more with it but can’t find help. I even checked the website but no luck. You change features so often some of us dummies need info.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Truereligionbrandjeans99
    Still to this day annoying asf i have to download a whole other app to see my messages it would be wayy quicker for my messages to be used in facebook rather than forcing a whole other app to open one of many reasons I don’t use facebook anymore
  • Worthless 1/5

    By The Kramerstein
    You get banned on Facebook for a BS unfair reason, Messenger bans you too. So don’t rely on it. And now it comes with ads. Eat a bag of D**** Messenger, Zuck, and the Microsoft CEO. BTW, where did all the MS Viruses go now that Christian Bill Gates has been muscled our out of HIS company? Curious isn’t it?
  • Teardrop 4/5

    By jadamber
    Where is my teardrop on messenger video chat?
  • Apple Watch stuff 3/5

    By brianprince1
    The Apple Watch app works but desperately needs to be optimized. IF it loads, it takes a looooong time to load. Also, it’d be nice to have an Apple Watch complication.
  • Defects 1/5

    By SonyaRene
    I can not access the settings for this app or log out of this app. This is very inconvenient and it makes me feel as if I can not control what is already mine.
  • Apple Watch series 3 1/5

    By Soxguy82
    Will not work I’ve tried everything stays stuck on black screen with loading wheel
  • Give us lite 1/5

    By PaZiggs
    Bloated and slow this app has a lot of crap I don't use. Messenger is a constant drain on battery and uses far more data thanks it should.
  • Please tell me how to delete a message!! 1/5

    By Debs321
    I’ve recently received FB messages from 3 FB friends who were hacked and I don’t know how to delete these messages so I just keep deleting the app. Please make it intuitive to be able to delete a message without deleting the friend.
  • Great app but need an unread filter 1/5

    By Arisapparrwntly
    I love this app. I work my business on fb so it's great for communication. Love that on the desktop I can click "unread" and it'll only show the messages I haven't read yet. Would be great to have on the app as well! :)
  • Hacking 3/5

    By thatonecynthia
    I love the app but please do something with these Hackers!
  • Good 4/5

    I like 👍 it.
  • Messenger 1/5

    By Granny Gamegirl
    Attempted to do the update few days ago. Update still not complete
  • Great quality- speakerphone issues 4/5

    By fairrosaline16
    I love using messenger for calls, group video chats and group messages with friends. Audio quality is a lot better than a real phone call. It’s also the best I’ve found for chatting with >2 people at once. When I do audio calling though, I frequently have trouble with toggling on the speakerphone option- it’ll turn white like it’s on, but no noise comes out of my speakers. It’ll also spontaneously go from speaker to ear only without me touching it. If that wrinkle got fixed, I would be super happy!
  • Like it 3/5

    By debweb113
    I do like the app. However, I wish conversations and people could be deleted easier!
  • Right off the app is intrusive. Capturing andvwanting to publish my phone number. 1/5

    By jpeter
    I tired of Facebook and their intrusiveness. Deleting Messenger now.
  • There is no reason for this app 1/5

    By DJ5808
    This has to be the stupidest marketing ploy I have ever seen. Why do I have to download an additional app on my phone, just to stay connected. This should be done through the normal app... Facebook just wants to have “multiple apps” and increase its “downloaded” numbers. Quit trying to be thieves and just combine the two...
  • Home screen 1/5

    By Parsu Pokharel
    Its crashes when I reached to messenger it brings back to home screen. Worth rating will be Zero this time from my side.
  • No Marketplace filter 2/5

    By JonH2O
    Now my chat is mixing business and please. Very difficult chat interface without a sorting. Also always notification that chat photo changed is unnecessary.
  • ... 1/5

    By Xxx_monae
    Can’t download
  • Karma 1/5

    By Juggataco
    Here’s a one star review for harassing me with pop ups to update. If you want to force people to update then make it so that old versions don’t work. Don’t harass me with pop ups. Also could everyone please abandon this white supremacist social network? I only have to have this garbage because it’s the only way to contact certain people I know. Seriously let the white nationalist have this trash if Facebook isn’t going to be proactive in stifling hate speech.
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By Jtgbjk
    I have downloaded this app I don't know how many times and it still doesn't work. You need to get rid of it all together!!!
  • The app wont change the profile pictures 1/5

    By Bimbo____
    Every time my friends change their profile pictures, the messenger app doesn't seem to update it.
  • Messenger 1/5

    By his princcessa
    It’s not working to FaceTime on a group
  • Apple Watch app is no longer working 3/5

    By Kb11223344
    Please fix it!
  • I HATE THIS APP!!!!! 1/5

    By kl09ax10
    Why should I have to download an app to see a notification that I am now connected to a new Facebook friend? It is so annoying to have to navigate between apps for Facebook and Messenger. It is also misleading and difficult to ensure that you don’t receive notifications from this useless application. The app itself works fine I suppose but it is annoying and useless to have to download at all.
  • Too many prompts 1/5

    By Nickname Holder
    The app has too many prompts to turn the notifications on. Every time you go to the app, it prompts to turn them on. So irritating. I just install it when there is a message and then uninstall it. That too because facebook failed to create mobile web site for it.
  • Bring back the on screen video option 3/5

    By @SRoachOcinco
    Bring back the pulsating video icon when on the screen as the user you’re talking to. Thank you!
  • The app is mostly okay.. 1/5

    By bhanel
    But I just started noticing ads have been placed within the app. That’s an instant uninstall for me. Now the interface is even more cluttered than before. Get rid of the ads and I’d probably install it again.
  • Messanger 5/5

    By america_parada5
    This app is amazing to chat with & FaceTime with people 💖💖💖
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By AkkiH
    I have downloaded the app over and over hoping that would solve the issue. But it will not even open. Just stays stuck on the loading circle. There is no way to report the issue that I can find!!!
  • CONSTANTLY needs fixing, but decent app 3/5

    By Poisoned Wolfe
    I swear to god, every single time this app is updated they create new problems just to update two days later and fix them, then rinse and repeat. I absolutely hate it. It’s one bug after another!! It doesn’t take a developing genius to test a version before you release it - yet they release updates and then have bugs pop up all over the place when they easily could have tested first. I got to the point where I bought service for my cell because I couldn’t stand the constant issues and needed a reliable form of communication. When it works it’s a great app, but it’s currently not refreshing to tell me conversations are unread, crashing, not loading past the first loaded names, and will freeze consistently.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Robertlee23
    I am getting an error message from the market place when I use the message keys
  • Good when it works 3/5

    By LillyEbelle
    The app is great when it works. That’s not very often lately. Lately I can’t get it to connect and when I do, it cuts out constantly. I know the problem isn’t on my end because I even tried it on my iPad Pro. It did it on my iPhone and iPad.
  • Stop with pointless notifications 1/5

    By Pissedoffromantic
    For the love of god, please stop notifying me that I can now message someone who I just became friends with. That became obvious when I became their friend. Also, many times these are people who I would never message in a million years and I don’t need to be reminded of that!
  • Issue 2/5

    By Grease Mobkey
    I’m getting messages from 2010 can you fix it?
  • remove developers 2/5

    By কালে জাদুকর
    i want to use facebook just from my divice and my id only someone else using my id plz remive all developers

    By Burt Macklin
    The app works fine, but if you roll w/ notifications off (as I do), they’ll ask you to turn them on every time you open it up. Take the hint FB! I don’t want notifications!
  • Syncing contacts without my permission 1/5

    By Natasha Sabina
    At one point messenger asked if I wanted to sync my phone contacts with messenger, which I didn’t. Now it just does it on its own without any permission, adding a bunch of people to my messenger who’s phone number is in my phone contacts but I DO NOT WANT TO BE CONNECTED TO ON FACEBOOK OR MESSENGER. There is no way to delete them. So I’m deleting your app.
  • Logging off 1/5

    By FunV3
    Why can’t you just log off messenger? Was using on someone else’s device and had to delete app to get off the app on that device. That’s bs!!! Needs to be fixed to be able to just log off!!!
  • Doesn’t work with Apple Watch !!!!! 1/5

    By MadGirlll
    Every time I click on the app on the watch it shows the loading symbol. Please fix it !!
  • Needs more security features 1/5

    By debbip
    I have gotten strange messages from my friends this week. Very odd messages and I’m assuming that they have been hacked through messenger. I aren’t seen any security features in this app and have had to go back to Facebook to change my password, which I’ve had to do twice. It that doesn’t seem to help protect me from getting messages from others that have been hacked. Facebook touts security but I don’t see it here.
  • Forces update of buggy privacy identity stealing app 1/5

    By Ressaw2011
    Garbage forces update of buggy privacy identity stealing app. Can't use old version.
  • Must be fixed immediately!!!! 1/5

    By Itsyouboicake
    I can view any of my pictures in my conversations it’s just blank and I really New this to be fixed
  • Emojis 5/5

    By mixuelo
    Please bring back messenger emojis for iOS!!
  • I like it 5/5

    By AsiaNightAngel
    Everything is perfect

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