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Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan). Not just for Facebook friends: Message people in your phone book and just enter a phone number to add a new contact. Group chats: Create groups for the people you message most. Name them, set group photos and keep them all in one place. Photos and videos: Shoot videos and snap selfies or other photos right from the app and send them with one tap. Free calls: Talk as long as you want, even with people in other countries. (Calls are free over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standard data charges apply.) Even more ways to message: Bring your conversations to life with stickers. Preview your camera roll photos and videos without leaving the conversation--then choose the perfect ones to send. Record voice messages when you have more to say. Extra features: Know when people have seen your messages. Forward messages or photos to people who weren't in the conversation. Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them. Turn on location to let people know when you're nearby. See who's available on Messenger and who's active on Facebook. Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just need a break. Stay logged in so you never miss a message. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Messenger uses location data to make features work, help people connect and more.

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  • fix messenger since update! 1/5

    By K125690
    can't delete people anymore!!!
  • Won't deliver messages for awhile sometimes 3/5

    By @Antonio76623818
    Messages won't deliver sometimes and won't get delivered for about 20 minutes sometime
  • 😤👎🏾 1/5

    By Coolyinkah04
    Deleted the old version I had cause I was unable to logout my I.d now I try to download the new one , now I'm unable to download fb messenger for my phone
  • Delete conversations 2/5

    By Vhsgator26
    Since latest version I can't delete them. Please fix it
  • You can delete conversations 4/5

    By Chubrok
    So like everybody else I was upset when I was unable to delete the conversation easily… Going through line by line and deleting them that way is an absolute pain. But if you just go back to the main page and hold down on the Conversation for two seconds a pop up window will appear and ask you if you want to delete the whole conversation. Click yes and you were done. I hope this helps.
  • Can we please remove all the garbage like games, stories or at least let us disable them? 1/5

    By gyescsekdominik
    95% of the people don't want more then to be able to send messages and images without the app taking up almost 1GB.
  • Meh 3/5

    By I love kid rock
    I would like to be able to change the notification sound on iOS. The "ding" is super annoying and whenever I'm in public and it goes off, at least 10 other people look at their phones too.
  • Why?! 3/5

    By SouthernMamaBear
    You can pick an emoji for each contact. Why is there TWO dog options & not a cat option?! >=|
  • Can't delete convos😫 2/5

    By EricaLynn430
    Can't delete whole conversations! Please fix this!
  • Ridiculous... 1/5

    By versacedrank
    I don't understand why I need a separate app to view messages! I don't have much space on my phone at all. And it's annoying how I have to open a separate app all the time. I wish I could delete my Facebook for good but it will only let me delete it temporarily! How dumb is that? Facebook is honestly the worst social network ever.
  • حمودي 5/5

    By حمودي عادل
    كلش حلوووو
  • Dislike 1/5

    By blueguy7
    I hate everything about it. Facebook needs to leave chat on the base app. What happened to the capability to delete a chat thread???
  • Terms and agreement! 1/5

    By Riley Matlock
    You are trying to access waaaaay too much personal information and is going to uninstall the app until this changes! Read your terms people!!!
  • I can't delete messages 😡 1/5

    By Jaybass50
    It's the absolute worst app you have to bring back to delete feature!
  • So annoying !! 1/5

    By Jen&IcruisinMO
    It's really super annoying that I have to download an app to see my messages why can't I just see them in facebook ??
  • Conversations 1/5

    By Anastasy___
    Can't see who messaged me. It doesn't make the conversation bold anymore so I literally have to go through each conversation to see who sent me a message 😡
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ckeymomof2
    I can't open new messages. I get the message notification, but it won't show up in messages. It's stupid that there has to be a separate app just to pm.
  • Lost all stickers 2/5

    By Prince Kufufu
    I switched accounts within the app and when I returned to my main one, my stickers were gone and I have to download and reorganize them all again now.
  • New Update Is A Waste 1/5

    By ClassyDiva31
    Don't like the new update at all! How do we go back to the old version?
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Sam the Gaymer
    Guys come on. I have literally just deleted this app and had to download it again because I'm not getting ANY notifications or ANY calls. My family keeps up with me using this app! Please! You demand we use it and then make it unusable! GET IT TOGETHER
  • Poorly Optimized Bloatware 1/5

    By JuliusBelmont
    Forcing the Facebook user base to install two apps to carry out the functions of what used to be one is a really sketchy move. The limited availability of meaningful settings is an extra kick in the pants, e.g. the lack of options for silencing besides the temporary and duration-locked Do Not Disturb switch. The fact that mobile users don't have any alternative for this app in no way excuses how weak its functionality is.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hey ya
    Let me see my messages inside of I don't want another app on my phone.
  • Please add custom sounds per person and per group like WhatsApp has 1/5

    By alexkoster
    Update 3: I use messenger on multiple iPhones. Notifications show up on all of them and I prefer this. The only problem is if I click on the notifications on one iPhone to check them, they do not disappear from the other iPhone.. Can this be fixed? Thanks Update2: some contacts I cannot see the last 5-10 messages from them without closing app and re-opening. Both on latest version 113 on iPhone 5 and 6s both on iOS 10.3. Also, please remove notifications from other devices once messages have been viewed. I still see notifications on my phones long after replying to (and hence viewing) messages on my other phone or interface. I would increase my star rating but the App Store seems to be preventing me from doing so Update: Keeps logging me out. Please fix!!! Custom sounds per user and per group would be amazingly useful. I often find myself trying to determine if it was my phone or someone else's phone that has a notification from Facebook messenger Update: why the design change? Could an option be implemented to allow old designs to be used?
  • I don't want this app 1/5

    By Ben--5789!!
    Every time I get a message I have to download this app and then delete it because I run out of storage!! Let me read my messages in Facebook 😑
  • Hate that you néed this to check messages 1/5

    By Tyler0628
    No reason to force a new ap just to get your messages from your phone.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Applesadfhj
    I hate that I have to download this freaking app just to view my messages...
  • Latest update bites 1/5

    By Pb3114
    Please take off the emotions from the individual chats within a group chat, or any chat. And the tiny box to type message vs the way it was before, it takes away space from the bottom bar for choices. Hate this latest update.
  • Hate the 'Day' Section, Camera Shortcuts 1/5

    By somestrangeperson
    The day section is absolutely terrible. It takes up a ton of space right where you naturally look for new messages and conversations. I don't care about pics from most people's days. And I don't want to spam my friends with pictures from my day either. Also, the swipe for camera AND the camera button annoy me so much. Trying to get to the top of your messages? Well here's the camera!! Just stop. I don't want to take pictures. Stop trying to make me. Apparently I need to look for another messenger app or just go back to texting, because this is ridiculous and makes me feel used.
  • 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 1/5

    By Sammybabe <33333333333.
    Why separate the two apps and this app takes up way too much storage 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • No bueno 1/5

    By Homeslic3
    Why can't we just go back to simpler times. Simplicity is a dying thing.
  • After latest update, can't send pics in group chat 1/5

    By Harlockssx
    No one else in my group chat is experiencing this, only me. IOS is up to date, as is Messenger App. I'm uninstalling and reinstalling the App, hopefully this fixes the issue. Unsatisfactory!
  • Messages 1/5

    By Jrunner013
    Messages times can take up to 30 minutes before they are delivered.
  • Can't delete conversations 1/5

    By Jboo456
    Please fix ASAP
  • Horrible with newest update 1/5

    By alybug89
    Ever since the new update it just keeps saying it can't load the conversation and I can't see any new or old messages. The only way for me to see what someone sent me is to delete the app and reinstall it. However, I have to do this EVERY time I want to access my conversations. So annoying and useless. Please fix!
  • Notifications... 1/5

    By Trilogin
    If I turn notifications off in iOS, the app persistently has an in-app notification requesting that I turn them back on. This is really annoying and not what I would consider a "feature"
  • Facebook is my social media go to 5/5

    By BMMartinelli
    Love Facebook always have always will
  • ATTENTION!!!!! 5/5

    By Brian Fortuna, Jr.
    Support, Not same on Facebook on site. Because different Facebook is apps and site. Photo or wave: I can see Facebook on site only. Attachment Unavailable: Why block or remove Facebook on apps because permission only? Not same that really different than normal same as Facebook Messenger on site and app. Because different Facebook Messenger on site and apps between only. Please fix Facebook Messenger. About People's profile picture only on site. Not change profile picture on apps of Facebook Messenger. Please fix it now! Thanks.
  • Hate 1/5

    By Dhvkdscj
    I hate that Facebook forces you to have 2 apps. So stupid.
  • Update failed 1/5

    By firewoodman 83
    Went to update the app and after starting it failed to download. Now my app is stuck and unusable.
  • Why is this a separate app 2/5

    By Wkdkd
    Do this in the other app
  • WORST APP EVER! But... 1/5

    By GabrielPlotnik_0810
    It is what it is. Facebook is just a social media webpage, which helps people to connect each other and show what you want to show. But I'm tired of Facebook apps having bugs or crashing every time I use it for more than a minute. Or when I send a lot of pictures through Messenger app. Also, I'm tired of updating waiting for the problem to be solved, but instead "now you have a cheap a** Snapchat effect for you to play". So what I considered for everybody as a good solution. ADD A FREAKING DESCRIPTION TO THE UPDATE INFO, explaining what was fixed or what was added to it. That way everybody knows if they should update the app or they just don't care about the new features and prefer not to update. Since now then, I will not update the app no more until I get a freaking description for each update version, explaining the features and what was fixed. Attn.: Albandart (Albert Fernández)
  • Poor 1/5

    By RussellHF
    Do these people just make changes for the sake of making changes? This is obviously not an good update. You now can not delete a conversation. Somebody thought that was a great idea and millions of people would like it. How ridiculous. Fix this and have a company meeting about what's a good idea and how to avoid making updates look stupid.
  • I cant play videos I send anymore 3/5

    By 61fanatic
    I can play the first half a second of a video I send in chat but then it starts buffering. That, and when my video plays back on loop before I send it, the audio does not match the video.
  • Notifications 2/5

    By ScarletBruise
    It would be great if my notifications would vibrate for every message I receive and not just some. Please fix.
  • Christian 1/5

    By Christianjayson
    Too large this time around. Should be integrated into the Facebook app, not a separate and extremely large app. Also the camera pops up when you scroll down messages. This app gets worse the more that is added to it. It's turning into Myspace, just too much unnecessary add ons.
  • Font camera stopped working for video calls. 1/5

    By Gerri's iPhone
    Enough in the title. It worked. I updated. Now it's not.
  • Sending pictures 2/5

    By CyberusWolf
    Sending multiple photos becomes a hassle to read due to them all being out of chronological order and sent randomly
  • Just stop... 1/5

    By WayneFanForever<3
    Messenger just keeps getting worse and worse too many updates with unnecessary gadgets and widgets but can't ever send a message
  • Old version 1/5

    By Oli_via
    Dont like this version. Miss the old version😏😏
  • خيلي خوبه 5/5

    By Esi72003
    بهتر از قبل شده

Messenger app comments

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