Metro-North Train Time

Metro-North Train Time

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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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Metro-North Train Time App

The Official Metro-North app includes real-time train status and track information, links to MTA eTix to buy electronic tickets, trip schedules and fares, and detailed station information including Grand Central. Features include: - Link to the MTA eTix app to buy and activate electronic tickets - Access real-time trip information directly from Metro-North including train status, track number, and the latest service notices - Save favorite trips for one click access to daily schedules, status and track number - Get schedules that update in real-time — no need to download new timetables every time you open the app! - Find out trip details including duration, transfer details, Peak / Off Peak, fares and station stops - Browse the new “Discover Grand Central” page to see the latest deals from Grand Central shops and restaurants, check out upcoming events, and explore the directory map - Look up station information including location, parking, taxis and connecting services - Find Grand Central Terminal information, including deals, events, and directories - Easy access to accessibility details including ADA compliance and elevator / escalator status for all stations Whether you are a daily commuter looking for up-to-date information on your usual trip or an occasional traveler trying to find the best trip option, the Train Time App is the most convenient and accurate way to plan a seamless trip.


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Metro-North Train Time app reviews

  • Completely wrong 1/5

    By Jaschen27
    Listed trains that weren’t actually running
  • Works for me! 4/5

    By Adam L, BX
    I read these reviews and don’t understand where people are coming from. This app works for me each time. That MTA
  • typical MTA, 2/5

    By Stfam
    Llike their trains it’s all a great idea and it should work and save time, but poor design and poor execution ruins everything. if you can get the app to load. any search requires a half dozen clicks. buying a ticket? well then of course it needs to switch to a different app, another 1:2 dozen clicks, gets hung up, while the train conductor is waiting for payment. endless frustration due to poor design. MetroNorth, this message is for you: 1) i should be able to buy a ticket with one click! 2) the train schedule i use most should preload all day long for the entire day not some 2 hour slot! that schedule should display on the landing page ! 3) train time and eTix should be one app!
  • Awful 1/5

    By mas90guru ct
    A terrible app. Unless you enjoy watching s spinning ball and frozen screen. If that’s the case, enjoy.
  • Google maps is more accurate 1/5

    By tennisscc93
    This is the worst transit app... the stations don’t even load and the times are horribly wrong when they do load. Don’t waste your time even trying to use this app.
  • What? 1/5

    By dig bickey
    This is the worst app ever.
  • Useful app with minor oversights 4/5

    By andrewed
    It’s annoying that it won’t show train information after the departure time—often I’d like to check when the train I’m on will arrive, or check what stops it’s making. It would also be nice if the train time and e-ticket apps were combined—switching between them can be annoying. That said, it’s great to be able to find up to date info on train schedules and tracks without having to hunt for and crowd around information boards in the station.
  • Confused rider 1/5

    By jwblack520
    This APP is somewhat good, if only one side communicates with the other. They post a track, then have you running to another. MTA is top heavy, let’s trim some fat off and get rid of the finger pointing, MAYBE run a more efficient MTA system.
  • Crappy app . Don’t even bother 1/5

    By Lorelei2000
    I wish MTA would have an app that would do the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. May ( or not) load, may ( or not) update and most often than not... won’t access the basic schedule info you are looking for, when you really need it. Check out the good old screens at the station; they have better info. Sad.
  • AVOID; built by non-commuters. 1/5

    By mschultz
    So, here's the thing: You really need this app to work when you're in GCT and looking for your train. It needs to work instantly and reliably. The unfortunate problem is that it appears to need a signal, and if it can't find a good one, which is often the case in GCT you get NOTHING. A spinner. With a side-helping of frustration. I'd rather have stale information with an alert stating that it's stale, than to be staring at a loading screen for minutes while your anger level grows logarithmically with the delay time. You might as well just walk to the boards and look. Which means that you don't need this app. Until they fix this serious flaw, use something else. The other frustrating "feature" of the MetroNorth app is that you can't scroll backwards in time, which means that you can’t use the schedule as, you know, A SCHEDULE. Ever taken a new train or a different one than you normally do? Don't forget to see when it arrives before you leave the station, or you won't be able to with this app. Dumb and FRUSTRATING. I don't think that the developers of this app are commuters or actually have ever used this app to commute in/out of GCT. If they did, this would be a significantly better app. You're better off getting literally ANY OTHER APP and avoiding this one. Grade: F
  • Necessary but not as functional 3/5

    By Drhoniebee
    So a train app is a requirement if you ride the train daily. You expect it to provide times and up-to-the minute delays which for the most part are accurate. However, if i am unable to scroll through the app or see past one time because the app has failed to keep up with software updates it becomes frustratingly and relatively useless. What was once good is now no longer helpful.
  • Many Reviews Are Accurate! Why Can’t I See Arriving Trains? 2/5

    By PJSacchetta
    We all know one basic premise of train travel: you leave one destination and you arrive at another. This app only shows you trains that are leaving after the current time. What about if you need information on arriving trains to pick someone up? At the airport don’t they list arrivals AND departures? I know this is rocket science...but whoever is in charge of designing this app and whoever is in charge of authorizing its payment should BOTH be fired. This is app malpractice!!!!
  • Does not keep up with the changing schedule. 1/5

    By Jonniespeed
    The TrainTime is not accurate, it does not keep up with the changing metro-north schedule, you’re better off using the paper schedule pamphlet if travel time is important for you. To the programmers, please fix this major issue because your program is worthless to those of us who use Metro-North.
  • Poor layout 1/5

    By Family-to-go
    Used to be an excellent resource for MetroNorth...but has not adapted well to iOS11. Harder to navigate...and layout poorly executed.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Moc429
    Like everyone else I think the update destroyed the app. Yet in true Metro North fashion, no one cares what the riders/users think. For once ask the people who need this what would make them happy and address!!
  • Not the same 1/5

    By brookieeeeee
    Update was poor. Liked old functionality better. Harder to get train times
  • Bring back Train Destination name and number. 2/5

    By 1326893
    New update no longer shows the name of the train destination or the train number. This makes it hard to double check the boards at large stations like Grand Central and Harlem where there are many trains departing around the same time. If a train is delayed, you might accidentally get on the wrong one.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tamp10016
    Why did you change this app? It's terrible. I don't need all this information
  • You have to TRY to make an interface this bad 1/5

    By Karoliux
    Who is their UX designer, really? Every usability decision behind this app is garbage, especially the latest update.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By sabibabee
    This app is very helpful for me. Helps me know which train to take and what track before I even get to the station. Plus there us a etix app now so i am very excited to see these improvments.
  • Suits my needs 5/5

    By Francois Maxwell
    Update is better. Streamlines trips, more functionality/efficiency from one screen, able to edit within the trip. Very easy to use.
  • Customer Service doesn't answer the phone 1/5

    By DASreview
    App is fair, often down, but now the LINK from eTIX is BROKEN (sends to App Store for install, instead of to app). Hope they read reviews better than they answer the phones.
  • No more auto-refresh? 1/5

    By TG_Maverick
    I've been using this app since it came out, but the Apr 4, 2015, update removed auto-refresh for some unknown reason. Everybody knows that looking up the train status at your own station is fruitless, because if a train is late, MNR doesn't make that notice until it's already five minutes late. I couldn't care less by that point; I'm already standing at the platform by then. Instead, I used to pull up the status for the station before mine, and could sit in my car (or home if you're close enough) and wait until the status there changed to 'Departed.' It was nearly perfect, because that left the right amount of time to walk up to the platform regardless of how late (or on time) the train was. But now, without auto-refresh, I'm left hitting the refresh button over and over repeatedly until the status changes. I get that this is pretty petty, but seriously, the app used to do it, why have you taken functionality away from an otherwise useful app? -- Update Sept 12, 2017 This app is now worth less than a paperweight. Train times are slow to update (even though that's literally the name of the app). Arriving, Arrived, and Departed statuses don't display correctly until 5-10 minutes after the fact. It's so inconsistent that even when it says Cancelled, you may as well show up to catch the train, because that is probably MNR's code for On Time. Garbage In, Garbage Out.
  • Update causes issues 1/5

    By ffazz
    The update makes it so the times on your favorite trip don't update, they're stuck and misleading. There was no reason to change the old one, it worked perfectly. Missed my train bc of it.
  • Broken! 1/5

    By Crash0606
    "Favorite Trips" no longer work- pulls up the train times from earlier the same day. I pay $239 a month for a freaking pass- if I didn't know better, I'd think the train times tomorrow were the same as today. And having to search each time is ridiculous.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Atreus68
    Every time I click on train time, it takes me back to the App Store to open it there, which makes me really angry. Why, MTA, why??
  • Ruined 1/5

    By mrwilli
    You've ruined a great app. Instead of being able to see a choice of train times you take more than half the real estate on the page to tell me the time. I have a clock for that I'm coming to this app for train times. A great app has been ruined. I used this app at least twice a day. Now I'm looking for an alternative. What were you thinking?
  • Online schedule still more convenient 2/5

    By Zoubie4
    Update looks pretty, and some new features seem nice. But you still can't see information for departed trains, and when you search for trains it still does not give the trains leaving before and after your search. For instance I did a search for a train arriving at grand central at 1 pm and it gave back only trains that arrive AFTER 1, the first of which was 1:35. It did not suggest the earlier train which would arrive at 12:35. The online schedule interfaces does this for you, I do not understand why this isn't possible on the app
  • Awful update- what a mess 1/5

    By Lovey 12321
    I use this daily and it was fine but the new update is a mess. I'd give it negative stars if I could; it's impossible to read, hard to navigate updates slowly and the info is garbled. Fix it fast please!
  • Please bring back the previous version 1/5

    By Quintessential Lady
    When searching for a schedule, no information shows. I've tried several times to no avail. The previous version worked perfectly.
  • WHAT DID YOU DO!?! 1/5

    By DCKL13
    The app of a week ago was great. Simple, easy to use, gave me all the standard information I needed. Now nothing works. I can't get any departure information for new or saved trips. Please fix ASAP!
  • Bad update! 1/5

    By Ezdora
    The last update of this app rendered it more or less useless. Developers, PLEASE revert to the previous version!
  • Please bring back the old app! 1/5

    By 125/New H. Rider
    Please do! It was vastly superior. It was so much easier to locate and READ the schedules, navigate the app, and generally use. It was so user friendly!! Pretty please...?
  • Bad Update/LIRR version is better 2/5

    By jpm3
    I'm not giving it one star as it is still better than no app at all but here are the problems: 1. The "favorite trip" feature is nowhere near as useful as the "favorite station" feature in the LIRR version. It's far more efficient to be able to quickly search for trips from the six or so stations I use/have favorited than to have a specific trip/specific time saved. If you have to have one of these features the favorite station is the way to go. 2. New update seems to support Dynamic Type but doesn't actually format it properly or allow you to turn it off. Don't want to turn off for all apps so am stuck with barely readable train times. 3. It would be great if they could make icons for LIRR and metro-north apps look more distinct. The tiny type that identifies each is barely legible in the blue. I use both frequently and often open the incorrect app. Thanks!
  • Used to be great. New version terrible 1/5

    By Steve12323
    The train times now appear huge and are cutoff on iPhone 7+. Bring back previous version.
  • Not the best 1/5

    By Valkatie1
    After the train departs no other information is provided. I like the old app. If I was heading to Grand Central but wanted to check on the stops and the times in between this app doesn't provide that once the train has departed. Also, why is there a separate app to buy tickets? Makes no sense to download 2 apps. Definitely need to make some changes to this app.
  • Updated Version 1/5

    By NuGrandpa
    It is said if it ain't broken don't fix it. Well this app wasn't broken and they decided to fix it. Now it's broken. Back to the drawing boards.
  • Ok but Needs improvement. 3/5

    By jmejiaa
    Seems to have track numbers faster than the third party apps. The app isn't optimized for all phones and looks kind of crappy but it does the job and has no ads. Hopefully it will improve.
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Bcookie87
    Here's why: - doesn't show individual train delays or accurate ETA anymore (and doesn't feed that to other apps either) - doesn't allow view of all trains going to/from a destination at different times - no ability to store home and work stations generally
  • No saved trips 1/5

    By frankz00
    Really???? What amatuer hour school did these "developers" come from?
  • This app doesn't work 1/5

    By AdvertisingProfesh
    Buy and activate ticket functionality does not work at all. Terrible user experience
  • good accuracy 4/5

    By Jolontru
    but that's about all. i can no longer add a favorite trip. i would like to be able to make new favorites. would you please look into that?
  • Helpful when it actually works 2/5

    By Qwertyijvdsvbxawdvbjiescvbhjjbxsd
    The problem with the app is that a good 70% of the time it won't even load
  • Why multiple apps 1/5

    By LaneStephen07
    This app should be merged with the ticket wallet app
  • Almost Always Stuck on Loading Screen 1/5

    By SunnySJamil
    Give me stale data and just tell that is stale as opposed to giving me NO data! Read the other reviews. I don't need to repeat what others have said already…
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Dilf sanderberg
    Whatever knuckleheads designed this app should stick to the pedestrian activities they're used to. Just use google.
  • Not working since update 1/5

    By hearudude
    Freakin useless!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Ge13Ho
    This was a reasonably good app that now totally fails. There were problems before but they were minor compared to this waste of space. Please bring back the old app and fire the developer.
  • Train time 1/5

    By Bestgb
    What good is a train schedule you can't access? Don't waste your time. On Time and Right Track much better.
  • Clunky, Terrible Back End 1/5

    By Slg244
    The UI is clunky, but that's not the main issue. The back end is absolutely terrible, constantly failing to refresh and load. It becomes unusable after a while.

Metro-North Train Time app comments


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