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  • Current Version: 3.3.2
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Metronome Ϟ App

"Simple, useful, and good looking! Love it!" - D. Yang MetroTimer is the most accurate metronome app on the App Store. It provides highly accurate audio and visual feedback, and easy to use timer to track your practice sessions. MetroTimer is also one of the most beautifully designed metronome apps - it was recently featured on Behance! MetroTimer has been measured to be more accurate than any other metronome app for iOS. Most app store metronomes are derived from Apple sample code included with the iOS SDK (Software Development Kit). And regretfully, this code fails to account for all the factors that can cause small inaccuracies to build up over time. MetroTimer, created by a software company that specializes in clock time measurement and regulation, is guaranteed to meet laboratory standards for accurate timekeeping. Metronome Highlights: ● Tested with clock time regulation equipment ● Practice timer to track your practice sessions ● Visual indication allows you to "see" the beat ● iPhone LED flash visual feedback support ● 8 metronome sounds including human voice ● Background mode, blends with other audio ● Tap tempo functionality Metronome Pro (in-app purchase) adds these features: ● Custom time signatures ● Accents and subdivisions ● Interactive beat editor ● Presets list


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Metronome Ϟ app reviews

  • Does it all 5/5

    By Shortwheels
    This does it all for the musician who is trying to better their performance. A must have music App
  • My piano teacher has this app and recommended it for me! 👍 5/5

    By Ms. Gabby Girl
    I love the ease of using this app! Thank you. Regina Aspiring Pianist 😉
  • Great app 5/5

    By Petunia2
    I use this all the time because it’s so handy. There’s a volume control on the iPhone app but not on the iPad app😕. Why? It’s so much easier to control the volume by sliding the bar on the app instead of fiddling with the buttons on the iPad.
  • Good metronome if only a bit buggy 4/5

    By Johnathandesign
    I like this metronome but it occasionally stops randomly. This typically occurs after a duration lasting longer than 5 minutes or so. I enjoy practicing scales in 5 minutes intervals but I occasionally run one key scale for 10 minutes; this is where I typically run into this issue. When this occurs you have to stop practice and restart the app. That get annoying after a while. Other than that it works pretty well.
  • Good Quality 5/5

    By LolKarli
    I use MetroTimer for playing my cello, and it works well. You can adjust the speed for anything you would need it for. I give MetroTimer a 5 star rating!
  • High Quality! 5/5

    By Bobbin2
    Clear, loud , distinct sound! Easy to hear above my practicing! (Which can get pretty loud at times!) I recommend this metronome app!
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By PrintupTpt
    Best sound, best graphics, best subdivisions. Buy it!
  • Great 5/5

    By 2018 OMT
    Clean, simple, does what’s needed.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Campfire Crooner
    Nothing improves your playing better than a good metronome. I bought metronome devices in the hopes of not having an iPhone or modern technology with me when using my simple acoustic guitar. But, nothing beats this app for simplicity and usability.
  • Very happy as a beginner 5/5

    By Bannik
    Easy. Straight-forward. Allows me to quickly change tempo without fumbling through different buttons. Thank you!
  • One glaring problem 4/5

    By Waiting for allo hybrid
    While using this app I noticed you cant pause the timer and considering I in middle school my sister’s love to come in and break my concentration so I have to stop the timer and then once I get them out then I have to figure out where I left of and go from there. There really should be a pause button for the timer not just a stop button.
  • Does its job perfectly! 5/5

    By gibbsite17
    If you need a metronome that provides consistent, steady beats, this is the one you want.
  • Everything you want in a metronome! 5/5

    By Cheese Man 11
    For Christmas ‘17, my sister wanted me to pick up an inexpensive metronome for her family as a gift. I remember hearing about such apps, so I began scouting around (as opposed to finding one in a store - which isn’t so easy these days). After looking through about five or so, I came across MetroTimer. I subscribed to the free version and that was good enough for basic introductory usage. For a small upgrade, It really was everything I wanted in a metronome and for a family that has an extensive music background, would be perfect. All the features from time signatures to tempo to sound or light meter, you will be very happy with this choice. Happy counting!!
  • The Best 5/5

    By Carmine 1149
    I love that you can set practice intervals. It’s loud enough and has a very user friendly interface.
  • Calves 5/5

    By Fulicasenia
    I use this app to make claves and bell patterns to practice to. There's nothing like practicing to the clave to tighten up your basic groove. The bell and clave sounds aren't good enough for a performance but they're fine to practice to. So far I haven't come across a bell pattern too long or complicated for me to be able to program it in this app.
  • Yay, this is good 5/5

    By hihihimonkey
    This app works well and I love the practice timer so I can know how long I need to practice my piano! Thanks! 😘😙😛😝🤨😎😒🤭😶🙃😊🙂😌
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jeff Hewlett
    Excellent. Use it in the studio for setting tempos for demos.
  • Scroll Easy 5/5

    By Smoore37
    Easy to scroll slide to the beats per minute
  • Good metronome 5/5

    By Snake1029384756
    I play mostly for pleasure and need a metronome occasionally when I have a new piece. This app works perfectly for my purposes. It has all kinds of other features which I have not explored, but I’m extremely happy with the app
  • Helped me 5/5

    By sapandasnake
    It was a great metronome and helped me so much for piano... And was free! It is really cool looking and the timer helps me know when to stop. It is a great app and I recommend it!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Xirbsivhrgsi
    I love the “tap“ feature where you can tap out a rhythm and the app tells you how fast you are tapping. Love this app.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By GTheodos
    Works well. Does what it says it does.
  • This is the best app ever👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 5/5

    By Heir.bear
    I’ve been looking for a bunch of metronome apps but a bunch of them they don’t work. I play the violin and I think this is the best about their by stars. A lot of apps that cost like five to $10 they’re kind of useless and then some of them they were good but I try to save my money because who wants to use something that may like the app may not working anymore So I try to look for apps that don’t cost money and when I found this app is like this may be a rip off I may take away my time but who cares I’m gonna try this so I try to look for apps that don’t cost money and when I found this app is like this may be a rip off and may take away my time but who cares I’m gonna try this, So I downloaded it and I play the violin and I’m a beginner playing violin so I need help hearing it so I use the stop and I am in love with it it’s the best app out there for metronome don’t waste your time for looking for other ones just uses it’s the best one sorry if mine is superlong bye 👋🏾😁😁😁😁😁
  • Use this every day 5/5

    By IdogForsyth
    As an organist I am using this app all the time. And it's loud enough (volume adjustable) to be heard over most big registrations. I recommended it to all my students, too.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By ZParBetZ
    This is an excellent metronome and timer, useful for tracking practice hours. So easy to use, I recommend it to all my students.
  • Coolio 5/5

    By Reinadarino
    This app is amazing for first time. Musicians you don’t have a metronome it’s really helpful on keeping your tempo and not speeding up or slowing down i’ve been playing my instrument for a while and it helps me improve where there are rit. and a tempo even as a musician who has play their instrument longer I still enjoy using this app when I don’t have my met. One thing I with it had was different time signatures but other that that fabulous!!! 💕😏😫😩👌🏻💦🍆🍑
  • Therapy exercises 5/5

    By She whales
    We used this to help my daughter developer motor planning skills. Recommend by her ot.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Seekers
  • Helps so much 5/5

    By Taylor and Ron
    This metro timer helped me so much and it's not a annoying sound which helps so much
  • Great 5/5

    By regnargeoj
    Great app. I like how the circle around the play/pause button lights up on the beat. Thanks for a great free app.
  • MetroTimer ROCKS! 👏🏼 5/5

    By Texasron
    This little app is perfect for what it is designed to do. Very simple to use. It has a variety of options to help the musician keep time. I play in a small group at house church. I’m usually the only musician, just me and my guitar. And my MetroTimer! 😁 Get it! You’ll be glad you did. 👍🏼
  • Top-notch 5/5

    By Adowa2
    I would give this 100 stars if I could...I've been searching for so long! Caters to my needs, sounds amazing, no complications!
  • Very helpful for newly 5/5

    By Itowsver
    My ukulele strumming was erratic. The metronome is great for helping me practice pacing. The timer is also good for 5-minute practice modules.
  • Excellent and easy to use! 5/5

    By Pmarq108
    Very nice. Simple interface. Good work!
  • A great and highly versatile metronome 5/5

    By Band Historian
    This is the perfect portable metronome. Many different voices and a wide range of tempos, And the price is right. I’ve been using this metronome now for several years and it has never failed me.
  • The best practicing tool! 5/5

    By Sid Sosa
    This app is so convenient. I use it and recommend it to all my guitar students. I especially dig the practice timer. It’s so useful in partitioning my practicing schedule. Timing is everything.
  • Does what it says it and more. 5/5

    By Ace King
    No, this is not a subway timer; this app is a hybrid metronome and timer, which is great for folks who practice rhythmic exercises for set periods of time. The upgrade version lets you pick different click sounds and explore different tempi. Easy to use, reliable, awesome.
  • Cool 4/5

    By Monkey 🤑
  • Amazing metronome!! 5/5

    By Marcus7X
    I love being able to change the subdivision other apps want you to pay buy this gives it all to you, thank you developers for this the interface and pretty much everything about this app is great
  • Keep on track 5/5

    By nursecamper
    I use this app to keep time while doing physical therapy exercises and stretches. Time flies by when I am not using it. Exercises and stretches are by the seconds 5, 10, or 30. I still need to pay attention to counting but this app helps me get the most benefit from my workouts.
  • Easy, intuitive 5/5

    By Polarbklyn
    This metronome has everything I need and nothing that I don’t on the screen. Very easy to adjust without interrupting my playing for more than a second or two. Can’t think of any improvements. Great job!
  • Simple, but perfect 2/5

    By Art511
    MetroTimer has a lot- different noises for your metronome, a timer if you want to play for a certain amount of time, and the normal, simple, perfect metronome! I mean, you can't ask for much more. This five star rating is true-there is not one flaw! Get it! It is worth it! (Btw, this is NOT made by an employee or worker for MetroTimer.)
  • Perfect... But not for just what you think! 5/5

    By MechaPhoenix
    I'm a composer. I'm blessed to lead Praise and Worship at my church which includes our rehearsal practice. I'm a singer but only a less than fair musician. But none of that is the reason I'm so happy for this app. I needed a timer that ticks for our Bible Game show (I made another Excel.VBA game a Heads-Up style game for this year) and I was going to be content that this just ticks- since all the other timer Apps were not ready for primetime or just didn't "tick". How surprised I was to see this came with a ticking - dinging - countdown timer. And I also get a great music metronome to boot!! Thanks...and be blessed!
  • Nice interface easy to use 5/5

    By Halibut123
    Loud and clear beat
  • The best out there! 5/5

    By Keys r us
    Straightforward, flexible and does what it's supposed to without any problems. I use it every day.
  • MetroTimer 5/5

    By Teenmusicfreak
    Great for Flutes and Vocals
  • Great user friendly app 5/5

    By lleds0054
    I suffered head trauma leaving me with several mental deficits. Memory not as good and needed an app I could use with occupational & physical therapy. This one is as easy as I need it to be to get well. Already seeing good results because of the use of a good easy metronome!
  • Very helpful!!!! 5/5

    By frffttff
    Ssssssoooo gooood
  • Great for recording 5/5

    By gonzo6
    I wish ProTools had a metronome like this
  • Helpful, but stressful 3/5

    By hlc3girls
    It certainly helps me with my tempo problems, but the options for the sounds of the metronome are very loud and kind of obnoxious. I get stressed very easily and it screws up the piece that I’m playing.

Metronome Ϟ app comments


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