Microsoft Intune Company Portal

Microsoft Intune Company Portal

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  • Current Version: 2.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Microsoft Intune Company Portal App

Microsoft Intune helps organizations manage access to corporate apps, data, and resources. Company Portal is the app that lets you, as an employee of your company, securely access those resources. Before you can use this app, make sure your IT admin has set up your work account. Your company must also have a subscription to Microsoft Intune. Company Portal helps simplify the tasks you need to do for work: • Enroll your device to access corporate resources, including Office, email, and OneDrive for Business • Quickly reset the password to your work account if you should forget it • Find apps that will help you with your daily tasks as provided by your company • View and manage all your enrolled devices – and wipe them yourself if they get lost or stolen • Get help from your IT department with easy-to-find contact information A note about Intune: every organization has different access requirements, and will use Intune in ways that they determine will best manage their information. Some functionality might be unavailable in certain countries. If you have questions about how this app is being used within your organization, your company’s IT administrator should have those answers for you. Microsoft, your network provider, and your device’s manufacturer do not know how Intune will be used by your organization.

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Microsoft Intune Company Portal app reviews

  • Couple of False Starts 4/5

    By Colleague zero
    It went mostly according to the directions
  • FAILURE 1/5

    By Bean7993
    Tried it twice. First lying lost access for 3 days. It will not send a security code text to my cell in the process although device is register & that's what instructions indicate should do. Sorry. Guess I will call technology to fix after it disables me a third time
  • Works perfectly (not) 1/5

    By Jose1950
    This is non non-sense app. Easy and straightforward to use and I have to agree re-installing my company account has been a disaster. And the gurus don't know what's happening. I downgrade from 5 to 1. Thanks but no thanks,
  • Easy to Use App 4/5

    By johnny.alcantara
    Easy to use but UI can be improved; the install process isn't consistent about what type of personal data is accessed after enrollment.
  • Problem With Apps Loaded thru Intune 1/5

    By Fincanejoe
    OT that installs through Intune does no work. No support available yet to correct this issue
  • Not good.. bad idea 1/5

    By M(25)
    It does not work properly, losing connections with server and need to reinstall multiple time.. wasting time, not working well
  • Does what it supposed to, but... 2/5

    By DNA Jockey
    Does what it supposed to, but not in a straightforward fashion. It could be simpler to set up for the first time use.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By TheOtherBullLynGirl
    This app is a complete inconvenience and I foresee it being the most annoying thing in my day-to-day life.
  • Agree with other reviews 1/5

    By Kaytay1235638
    Agree with other reviews
  • Good 5/5

    By Danielcastj
    The app is good for me
  • Basic but works 2/5

    By kartott11
    Meh it's functional- gets basic tasks done.
  • Fast automated install 5/5

    By sfmc2
    Everything went along as stated. I'm now ready to use my device. Thank you
  • The worst ever 1/5

    By chemsal
    After losing my email for 9 hours I had to revalidate my account. It took 3 more hours to do that. I will likely get yelled at for using too much data. At least my company email is secure, so secure that I can't even open it
  • Reply and Forward 1/5

    By Shabba Congo
    Absolutely hate the new 'Add a Message' feature. I use this for business and want to easily select reply, reply all, or forward. You have made this even more cumbersome to use.
  • A complete disaster 1/5

    By evachin
    The process crashed my phone and it stayed frozen (black screen with spinning wheel) until the battery was drained. But it didn't recognize my password. I had to restore and caused me to lose data that haven't been backed up.
  • Agree with other reviews 1/5

    By JKJJRyan
    Agree with other reviews
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By ballrocker
    Now locked out of email.
  • Yup, it's all stupid 1/5

    By TheHenBenBoo
    It wants my email address, then I click in the password field but don't enter a password, then I'm redirected to a page where I enter a different login and password... and it's all kind of like that. Which means it's all dumb.
  • Not working 1/5

    By PhD@work
    The his process is a disaster and simply doesn't work I'm locked out of my email on my device
  • Awful. 1/5

    By Anandblr
    Email doesn't sync. Massive waste of time and productivity
  • Having trouble logging in. 1/5

    By rqb777
    I keep typing my credentials in the log in but it will not let me go pass this screen.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Metalifann
    The app works sometimes and doesn't at others. What a pain.
  • Email won't work. 1/5

    By Brooklyn squid
    Installed and connected to device. After receiving a prompt to login into my work email account, I'm unable to find my email. When I go to settings -> email, all I get is 8 different email applications to choose from. What happened to my client email? And where is all my contacts for that matter?
  • Worst 1/5

    By Maqsoom S
    The worst
  • Cannot access emails 2/5

    By TheSun123
    The update take away all my accessibility. I can no longer access company email. Up size is I don't need to use air watch anymore, but then again, I don't have any access.
  • Regional Sales Manager 1/5

    By Maximmus 64
    All contacts and email wiped out after "install." Need a negative star rating!
  • Very easy 5/5

    By Randburgranger
    Works like a charm
  • Pretty poor 1/5

    By Portaloftom
    My company uses this and so far it is very poor service. I was on the phone for nearly 40 minutes with support until I had to drop the issue because I needed to see my patients. I'll update this review if it gets any better but I am dissatisfied so far.
  • All settings correct doesn't connect 1/5

    By gdrain716
    Following all instructions set forth by our IT administrators and 2 attempts at connecting, the app fails to connect.
  • Make my life easier not harder 1/5

    By Tfurhunt
    For the love of God, please help me sell something not do more busy work!
  • Can't get into account 1/5

    By drtiffpsyd
    Since the update I can't get into my account. And I am the admin so I know I verified the account in the past.
  • Doesn't work 2/5

    By Fkinsella
    It never completes.
  • Not bad! 4/5

    By nearsighted james
    4 stars on its own, 5 stars if you follow along with the PDF that guides you step by step .
  • New Installment 2/5

    By DaPeal
    This app is too slow and cumbersome. I wish it was more intuitive
  • Invasive, but app works well 1/5

    By BuckHawk92
    The operation of the app is flawless and simple, but I hate how this app seemingly usurps my control of the phone. I understand the need for security, but this makes me feel very micromanaged. It's even altered my display settings of the phone. It's made changes in my settings that I can't revert- that's most frustrating.
  • Eh...Not the worst 2/5

    By RandomTCrack
    After my company transitioned to this (making staff install to receive emails), I lost contacts in my phone, email addresses that were saved, as well as photos taken & saved on my phone. I don't understand how this occurred, as my understanding was that it keeps my "personal data" separate from my "work data". Also important to note that this app install is the ONLY thing I changed/downloaded/added/modified to my phone when this occurred. I am not opposed to using the app for work documents/sites that require a vpn because the UI is rather easy to navigate...BUT, after installing the app (as well as the suite of Microsoft products), I then was able to re-link my work email to my mailbox on my phone, which now gives me TWO ways to check my work email! It seems repetitively redundant (see what I did there?!) in my opinion.
  • Hangs on continually in iOS 1/5

    By lucaleonedirosta
    Tried multiple runs over my iOS devises. Start well but when you need to renew it or synch does not work well. It's a crap app. Please stop working on it and give it to a real apple developer. Anyhow, iOS is not your strength, correct? Luca
  • Pleased 5/5

    By ImpressedAndWishful
    Quick to install and intuitive. While I did check the online instructions to make sure I didn't miss anything, I could have just followed the apps directions. Only critique is the page that told me the two things left to do didn't refer to the button in the upper right that would take me through those two steps. I was so busy reading them I didn't notice the big "Next" button for a few moments and was confused about what I was supposed to do to accomplish them.
  • More complicated than native apps, and doesn't just work out of the box 1/5

    By Runner1048
    I still have not been able to get outlook installed
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Olivia c s
    Horrible. Totally locked up my phone. This is my home phone as well I won't get my iPhone recovered for days! Why is this piece of crap enemy out there
  • Nice an Eay 5/5

    By Opaque2u
    Easy to install, easy to admin
  • Easy Peasy 5/5

    By Esmth777
    This app was sillier easy to install and set up. Took less than 2 minutes and now I am secure!
  • Meh 1/5

    By Mr. Guilt
    I use my phone I pay for in order to do my job, and I have to load this I. It?!?
  • Simplifies MDM enrollment 4/5

    By Bobs yerUncle
    Smooth process for device enrollment.
  • Great Apps 5/5

    By UpalMahmud
    This App gives me the real pleasure of exploring mobility.Thanks for the one stop solution
  • Not easy to install 1/5

    By Guptay
    First time used will get confused
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By ParalelCosmos
    Complete junk
  • As far as MDM solutionS go...... really good 5/5

    By Bobofreak
    No one in a corporate setting likes installing an MDM solution on there device be it corporate or personal, but in today's world it is a necessary evil. Intune is one of the better offerings I have seen
  • Most troublesome app on phone 1/5

    By Bull A++
    Every time I upgrade a phone or iPad I have to spend hours and hours with IT getting that device and others to work. I am a division president, so I get a lot of attention. I shudder to think Joe much more painful this is for rats of staff. This app is unreliable.
  • 1980 1/5

    By krispy iphone6s
    I am being watched on my personal phone. If this pos tries to do anything other than company email, company calendar or Skype, its a** will be grass and my lawyers will be filing paperwork

Microsoft Intune Company Portal app comments

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