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Microsoft Intune Company Portal

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Microsoft Intune Company Portal App

The Company Portal provides access to corporate apps and resources from almost any network. Your company must already subscribe to Microsoft Intune, and your IT admin must set up your account before you can use this app. Features: • Enroll to access corporate resources • Browse and install company apps • View and manage all your enrolled devices • View IT department contact information • Change your work account password • Unenroll or remotely wipe devices Important: This app requires you to use your work account to enroll in Intune. Some functionality is unavailable in certain countries. If you have issues with this app or questions about its use (including your company’s privacy policy) contact your IT administrator and not Microsoft, your network operator, or your device manufacturer.

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Microsoft Intune Company Portal app reviews

  • This is now a fully functional app! 5/5

    By NonFacebook User
    I have been a user of this app since its very early versions. The new versions in the recent past have greatly improved and have made the enrollment process in particular very painless. I like the way the app is able to bootstrap multiple experiences like app to browser to settings to browser and back to the app as various enrollment steps are completed has been handled. Nice work!
  • I love it so far. 5/5

    By Marcus X'avier
  • None 5/5

    By Uwrph
    Easy enough!
  • Another app forced on users by IT 1/5

    By Cody1205
    I'm sure they will get bored of this one in 12 months and make us get something new.
  • Easy to install 5/5

    By Davisbm49
    Very easy to install
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Kicked out again
    I get kicked out of my emails weekly.
  • User 1/5

    By Axiomitedd
    Not user friendly. Tried 9 times to get up and running.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By Jpm5150a
    Absolutely broken, wants to connect to Authenticator using a qr code. How are you supposed to scan a code on the device you're using? Had to take picture with wife's phone, then scan. Past that, it still doesn't complete with no useful info on why. Now locked out of email. Thanks!
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Ymomma
    Very easy to use.
  • IT Architect 5/5

    By Ailwin1
    Easy, intuitive enrollment.
  • Meh. 1/5

    By ryanov
    Office365: terrible. This app: relatively easy to make your phone as terrible as Office365.
  • Foolproof 5/5

    By 斤斤计较就会有话费
    Just agree and trust
  • Area Sales Manager 5/5

    By S. James Sund
    Fast and easy to install.
  • It works. 5/5

    By Stefanis8818
    I had access within 24 hours.
  • Seamless 5/5

    By Tri trier!
    Fast easy
  • Fast and easy enrollment of my device 5/5

    By Ashith Raj
    Great app
  • DN 5/5

    By Dan1287222
    Very fast installation and works perfectly.
  • Good mdm 4/5

    By Game crusher jf
    Easy set up and enrollment
  • Easy to use and reliable. 5/5

    By Mshabar
    Easy to use and reliable.
  • Easy 5/5

    By TraciMer
    Super quick and easy.
  • iPad Compatability 4/5

    By gfm001
    Works great with iPad Pro, not so well with older iPads
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Sed003
    Had no problem setting up my device. Everything seemed to run as it should.
  • Easy enough 4/5

    By kzboston
    Instructions were easy to follow
  • Yay! Yay! Yay! 5/5

    By Teester G.
    Super easy to get started again!
  • Easy to setup 5/5

    By HDFlo
    Overall seamless setup experience. It did have to load some pages in safari, but it was able to jump back into the app to complete the setup.
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By samweh
    This was fast and easy
  • Smooth 5/5

    By Nurkowski
    I've worked at AkzoNobel for 35 years and this was one of the most user friendly and easiest enrollment's I've done!
  • Very good app 5/5

    By KimharWA
    Easy to use, just make sure you have authenticator installed
  • No Issues just too many screens 4/5

    By Gejrotshehd
    The app installed but I can see this being confusing for a non technical personal and all the screens. Need a way to script some of the responses.
  • Waste of resources 1/5

    By OrangeFlick
    Too slow, too unnecessary, too IT. Tired of jumping through hoops just to get some work done.
  • Empl 5/5

    By Powticlaress
    Far easier than expected on the install.
  • App Install 5/5

    By Ark Ra
    Worked flawlessly!
  • Worked like a breeze 5/5

    By ShreddyCap
    Once I knew how to unregister my old phone from the Authenticator App and register my new phone, it worked like a charm.
  • Easy as pie 5/5

    By Rhi me
    The whole thing took less than 2 minutes. Very smooth.
  • They've improved! 4/5

    By Ecorealm
    Passcode enablement. It is now a part of the certificate install process embedded in the app, instead of iOS barging in for passcode prompt during enrollment. Nice touch!
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Squattinglizard
    We used to use Good and this is a lot better. Easy to install and easy to use. No need to sign in every time I ope Outlook. Have been using it for 6 months without any problems.
  • Easy to install 4/5

    By Parrotthead
    Watch the top-right for prompts. Very easy to to install.
  • Not bad... 3/5

    By Neoserf
    The app was OK, reasonably fast. It did ask for my passcode but didn't specify that it was the phone's passcode rather than a corporate code. Figured it out, So all in all it's a middling app.
  • App won't open and run 1/5

    By Mside78
    I installed the app and opened it up but it will not stay open and run. It closes and returns to the home screen. I have most up to date iOS and running a iPhone 7 plus. Apple support role me to reset the phone and restor from back up. This did not fix yet issue. So I reset he phone and ran it as a new iPhone and downloaded the app and it worked just fine. However this is not a solution because I need all my contacts and such. So I reset the phone again and ran from latest backup and downloaded the app and it does not work again. Any help. I have to have this to run my work email on my phone. Others in my office have it and it works fine.
  • Easy as pie! 5/5

    By JCShiver
    Was expecting confusion and a trip to the IT department. Worked fine by following a few screen prompts
  • So Easy 5/5

    By Ebonye
    Complete setup took all of five minutes. It was clear and I felt safe installing on my phone. Nice!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Aaron Marks
    Nice enrollment experience
  • Big brother 1/5

    By Stevekew
    Don't like it
  • It's like watching a 3 year old navigating a busy intersection at rush hour. 1/5

    By Die in a fire.
    There has never been a "security" application so invasive, yet so useless than this. I hope the person in my company who thought this was a good idea gets fired... Then set on fire. This is "security theatre" at its worst. It does nothing to actually secure our data but makes accessing said data obfuscated and infuriating. Security education seems to overlook the basic facts of data intrusion... If the FBI can't get at a terrorists data without apples help, what hope does some nerd in his mothers basement have?!?
  • Dan 1/5

    By ÁppłéJùïçė
    The worst
  • U.S. User 4/5

    By GiverOfData
    Should have warned us about the 6 character passcode requirement. Everything else went fine.
  • No way to auto-configure mail 1/5

    By eshuundara
    This really should support automatically configuring the user's mail account just like every other MDM out there does.
  • Very quick and smooth 5/5

    By Petsforlife
    Installing the app and activating and enrolling to company portal was very smooth.
  • Hated it 1/5

    By thatguy214
    Hated it
  • Intune - should be named out of tune 1/5

    By Microsoft team
    Not a mature product

Microsoft Intune Company Portal app comments

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