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Microsoft Outlook

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  • Current Version: 2.54.1
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Microsoft Outlook App

Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it’s staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self. Here’s what you’ll love about Outlook for iOS: - Focus on the right things with our smart inbox - we help you sort between messages you need to act on straight away and everything else. - Swipe to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages. - Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others. - Find everything you're looking for with our new search experience, including files, contacts, and your upcoming trips. - View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone. - Bring all the apps you love in Outlook, including Facebook, Evernote, Trello, and more. - Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email. -- Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


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Microsoft Outlook app reviews

  • Best so far 4/5

    By Rena_joy
    Sometimes sending email attachments can be a pain, due to the format being distorted on a phone. But overall it’s a good system especially me do a lot of work from your phone.
  • Awesome!! Love It!! 5/5

    By Who_dat?
    I love it! It keeps my emails organized and easy to read and reply.
  • Amazing app for my college emails 5/5

    By amberrr96
    I use Outlook on almost a daily basis, and I can easily send and receive emails to and from my instructors. I rarely have any issues with the app, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Use to be good App 3/5

    By Ncalish
    Why my mail still in outbox!!!!????when replying to someone. I press send and doesn’t work. I never had any similar problems before with this app. Please improve bugs and glitches, and then I update this review.
  • Web app 2/5

    By ehh290
    Please include the web app in your list of logins. Thanks.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By boxingthestars
    Search doesn’t work as well as before, email chains don’t load. My email is sorted by folders and it won’t load what emails are in the folders. Please fix it or change it back. It worked fine before 😞😞
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Austin doe
    It was working great and I rely heavily on this app for school. But as of a few days ago it will not show me my emails. It sends me a notification saying I have one and then I open the app and it’s not there.
  • No search feature 2/5

    By Buckshot_V
    I was excited about being able to use Outlook across platforms because I love Outlook so much on my desktop. However after realizing I did not get sub folder notification and there was no search feature I have not even bothered installing it on my new iPhone. I’m back to using iOS mail, calendar and reminders. iOS calendar seems to be syncing up to my Outlook calendar just fine because my outlook calendar syncs to my outlook account and I have both my work calendar and an Outlook email and put everything there. Anyway, long story short, love Outlook, love iOS 11. Just don’t need the app on my phone because I sync up with Outlook online and I need all notifications for incoming mail and HAVE to be able to search emails.
  • It good 5/5

    By Dr4gonH4ter
    It muy bueno
  • Wonderful application 5/5

    By ksry2009
    It is so easy use
  • Good but 3/5

    By Honoriu178
    needs performance improvements. Scrolling the inbox on iphone 7 should not tremble
  • Not merging with online outlook 2/5

    By Vnagrecha
    With the emergence of cloud based accounts, I so wish that Microsoft would make it painless to log into similar apps that have already been set up. For instance I'm running an online version of outlook for the web. If I download the iOS app, I should merely be able to log into my premium account to find all my email accounts configured and ready as they are on the web / desktop etc and sync with each other to have the exact copies where ever desired. This would be the ultimate in my opinion rather than having to painfully configure each app to all email accounts. Not useful in its current iteration. Giving it a pass.
  • Best productivity app! 5/5

    By Ashguru
    Microsoft finally got this one right by integrating email, calendar, contacts and now even files from cloud drives all in one app! This is fast becoming a super app if it isn’t one already. Love not having to flip through multiple apps. I hope Microsoft continue to integrate more features into this app. Hoping that they will merge their new to-do app into outlook as well and add a reminder feature as well as allow Cortana access to it. Then it’ll really become a big app!
  • Limited email access 2/5

    By gbsutures
    The app only holds the last 30 days of emails or 1000 emails - whichever comes first. Seems to also limit its search to those parameters. If you have many folders on an Exchange server for several projects, this app will likely be useless to you for this reason. I have had to stop using it because of this and hope that a future update resolves this issue. For now I’ll be back at the iOS mail app which has no such limits.
  • Pretty good, but really needs Tasks 4/5

    By KCOVX
    Not sure why Microsoft doesn’t include Tasks, but I have to use a whole separate third party app for that. Kind of a pain.

    By ivaluefreedom
    It’s amazing how Americans seem to love using unsecure email accounts. Why? There are ones that are free. I use Tutanota. It’s free, German-based company it’s very reputable, I thoroughly read the terms and conditions and we can hold onto one GB of data. I also choose not to use a Google at the cost of my personal time. Americans have lost what little since they had of certain values, like privacy and freedom of speech. Do you all even read these service agreements? Do you all not realize these companies are selling your information? Just wait 5 years from now when Google and Amazon purchase the United States of America and all nation-States as we know them cease to exist. Personally, I think Americans deserve it considering I’m stupid and ignorant you’re in there infatuation with greed in profit-seeking. Enjoy being slaves to a brave, new, diabolical world!
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Charlie Poyner
    It crashes on my iPhone7 and won't open. Just has white screen ☹️ will have to use spark till an update comes out to fix this
  • Search function has been ruined 1/5

    By Meeeeeug
    You used to have the search function on top which was perfect. Now you have to tap search on the bottom which is away from where you're working on the phone. And then you have to go back up to the top to start typing in your search! Horrible change. For people like me that use search very often, I know what I'm talking about. Please fix this. It used to be perfect.
  • Solid performer n phones 4/5

    By RHD Washington DC
    It operates better on iPhone than the native Apple Mail app. I would recommend adding the ability to request a read receipt.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Avdiaz28
    Pretty glitchy, lot of basic features missing
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By UncouthUnicorn
    Won’t open
  • Where are Tasks? 4/5

    By Happy Happy 24
    The app is pretty good, but why doesn’t it include Outlook Tasks? I use TaskTask as a workaround, but don’t understand why the standard Outlook app doesn’t include task functionality.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Push a button
    APP NO LONGER PRINTS EMAILS IN IOS 11 on 6s plus. App worked fine in Ios 10.3 . Pages are blank on ios 11
  • Hate it, hate it, hate it 2/5

    By C.AB.
    I detest this app. It cuts off my emails that include html. Even if I use the ridiculous “Read More”. Still cuts it off. I hate that I am not able to select multiple emails to delete. And I most of all hate that I’m forced to use it...otherwise I would use Apple’s app. If you’re going to force me to use it, make it useable. Don’t determine how much of my email I get to see.
  • Amazing. It keeps getting better! ✅ 4/5

    By Sasquatch/Big Foot
    The very best email app out there.
  • Mr. Herring 5/5

    By Northiemers Mother
    Thank you for a fantastic application to view my email. The best part is being able to delete spam only once right from the spam box. Thanks again guys!!!
  • Do not disturb hours 4/5

    By TheMaineMan5
    This app needs a seton for so not disturb hours so that I take turn off notifications during non work hours.
  • Excellent App! 5/5

    By LXYChris
    I love Outlook App because it gives me a lot of happy!
  • Could be a good email app 1/5

    By aanton_RN88
    I find it rarely updates with new emails. I discover new emails when I sign on to my desktop, which can be quite inconvenient when busy and on the go.
  • Still needs Apple Pencil support 1/5

    By Petraidm
    This app does not support the Apple Pencil
  • Hate the iPhone ap 1/5

    By Lee471
    I abhor the IPhone ap. Deleting my read emails is time consuming. What the heck is focused and other email???? Just give me my email straight up!! Worst change I’ve ever seen. I may get rid of this account which I’ve had for many many years.
  • Good 5/5

    By 中肯大王
    蠻不錯用的 廣告跟重要郵件有分開 就不會被廣告洗版了👍 也很好使用
  • Recent releases are pretty buggy 2/5

    By kimeug
    Don’t know what happened but recent releases have been super buggy. The app crashes a lot, and certain emails just get cut off mid-sentence with no way to see the rest of the email unless you reply to the email, expand the reply window, and hit “Load full message”. Apple’s Mail app displays the emails just fine.
  • Shortcuts are frustrating 1/5

    By Is the nickname taken 2?
    Look, I get it. You’re trying to optimize the ‘user experience’. But many of us use Outlook for work. There are not enough basic tools and options available to customize the app on our iPads. For example, you can’t create folders to re-route emails, no distribution lists, AND NO OPTION TO TURN-OFF “REPLY ALL” AS A DEFAULT!! It’s like you sneak that right in! Come one, this is the 21st Century... smh
  • Amazing 5/5

    By BFM Facilities Mgr.
    Works perfect for someone that’s on the go and running around all over. I can access it anywhere, from my IPhone to a computer. Easy to use. 👍🏻
  • Functionality Lost 2/5

    By Prtybrniii.
    I loved outlook but I used to be able to search for a specific sender and delete all emails from that sender from the search results. I am no longer able to do that. Please return this functionality.
  • Archiving or deleting 4/5

    By Sky Hook 2
    When you swipe left it archive the message instead of giving options to delete or archive other than that it’s great.
  • Could be five stars 4/5

    By DeFemaleTech
    To block unwanted emails would be great.
  • Where’s (sent) 4/5

    By Ali M Hussein
    Hello Sent from IPhone is not appearing in lap top for the same account Thank You
  • Best email app for iOS 2/5

    By JimmyPowers805
    Edit: Add Edge support, bookings integration. Integrate your own services for Gods sake! I’ll bump the review back to 5 when MS supports MS services in MS apps... I run a business on email and this app nails it. Integrates with OneDrive and Dropbox so i can attach any docs I have stored on those clouds (which for me is everything). I also love the features of customizing the swipes, searching the inbox by attachments and the focused view. Just a great app.
  • STILL Needs These Modifications 2/5

    By Seattlecanadian
    Still no colored mail accounts? Thanks for listening to us. Decent app. Won't use it because it has some flaws. To make it great, it would: 1) Have color-coded email accounts. For those of us who have 3-5 email accounts, this would be so helpful. Over 20,000 people have asked for this on their feedback page in the app, BUT THEY REFUSE TO DO THIS. Why? In their last update to this app, they claim "we've listened to you." No you haven't. The changes and updates are clearly not any of the top ones on your feedback page. If you want to show you're listening to make the app better, then give us the option of color-coding our accounts so our inboxes clearly communicate which account it is. 2) Delete mail icon is a garbage can, which is great. But for one of the buttons that we use most, why put it at the top of the page? Thats not intuitive at all. And most of us use one hand to check our mail. Place it on the bottom-left to bottom-center area. Outlook Mail app us that you're listening and you honestly care about our feedback. Then, deliver.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Olsenca
    After most recent update outlook keeps crashing when I open it! Please resolve.
  • Watch app is lacking 4/5

    By ChChChucky
    The watch app updates very slowly. Sometimes the inbox doesn't update at all, and I have to delete the app on the watch and reinstall it to get it working again.
  • No Calendar Search, Can’t schedule reoccurring events 3/5

    By AB_Preach
    Great app without core functionality for a Calendar. You cannot search by using a keyword and you cannot schedule reoccurring events. This app has been tabled until an update with these features. ***update. They added the ability to search. Still can’t schedule reoccurring events and also needs a task option.
  • Worthless recently since it won’t show me email 1/5

    By Cs100
    I can’t see recent emails so pretty worthless right now. Used to work fine,
  • Outlook review 5/5

    By shellyg.
    I am happy with how easy it is for me to navigate, I never have any issues at all,, very satisfied with outlook! Thanks!
  • Works Fine 4/5

    By Moulingalette
    One feature I’d like to see is if, in the calendar, it pulled in file attachments. When I attach a file in the desktop it doesn’t show up when I click the mobile app calendar event.
  • My thoughts 4/5

    By 🦋🌹
    I like OutLook but I feel like there should be some more personalization options. 🦋
  • Will not connect to Exchange Server 1/5

    By Chrons1171
    Even though the built in IOS mail app can connect to our Exchange Server using the Exchange account option, this app cannot. I tried to connect Microsoft about this issue but I could only find paid support options.
  • Buggy app pulls in email from other accounts 1/5

    By LVVED
    This app does not seem to be working correctly i set it up with an outlook account that is controlled by an administrator - but it now randomly pulls in my email from gmail - not what I wanted - not sure why it is doing this or how it got permissions - should be a way to keep things separate.

Microsoft Outlook app comments


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