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Microsoft Teams App

This app requires an appropriate commercial Office 365 subscription. If you are not sure about your company’s subscription or the services you have access to, please contact your IT department. Microsoft Teams is your chat-centered workspace in Office 365. Instantly access all your team’s content from a single place where messages, files, people and tools live together. Take it with you on your favorite mobile device. ONE PLACE FOR YOUR TEAM’S FILES AND CONVERSATIONS: - Work with your team’s documents on the go - Move seamlessly across different team projects and topics - Mention individual team members or your entire team to get attention STAY CONNECTED WITH CHAT AND MEETINGS: - Chat privately one-on-one or have instant group conversations - Chat with your entire team in dedicated channels - Join your meetings with HD audio and video, and view shared content - Connect face to face using HD audio and video QUICKLY FIND WHAT YOU NEED: - Quickly search through your chats and team conversations - Find a contact through name or email address search TAILOR YOUR WORKSPACE: - Customize alerts to get notified when you get mentioned or get a message - Save important conversations to quickly access them later SECURITY TEAMS TRUST: - Get the enterprise-level security and compliance you expect from Office 365 - Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication By downloading this app, you agree to the license (see and privacy terms (see To learn more, please visit For support or feedback, email us at


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Microsoft Teams app reviews

  • Missing features 2/5

    By KahWee Teng
    Slack is at least one year ahead of Microsoft in this front. Teams is confusing and too cutesy with all the speech bubbles. Receiving messages from multiple devices don’t quite feel right. I can’t quite put a finger to why except to say there’s an unpredictable lag and I don’t always feel I get the latest messages. Sometimes my notifications get dismissed without my knowledge too. I didn’t have the same experience with Slack. If you guys are hiring, search me online and say hi.
  • Needs bug fixes 3/5

    By Butterknife murderer
    It works but it is annoying that notifications on the phone don't update when you have already read the new messages on other devices. I need to open teams on my phone to update the red notification bubble. Kinda annoyed my but other than that it works as it should.
  • Great app but something weird is going on with keyboard 2/5

    By Xpatricklee
    Love Teams so far. In this recent update I note that the text cursor seems to move around erratically and frustratingly will delete my message before I can send it. Please fix!
  • Where are Assignments in Mobile app? 1/5

    By iLisaPack
    Assignments are buggy everywhere in Teams, but to not even have access to assignments on mobile apps are crazy! Fix before our teachers abandon for another workflow they are confident
  • Good start but need better integration 2/5

    By Alkzombie
    Good start Microsoft. But why multiple tabs like feature board etc opening in web browser /launching some other app? Please keep everything in one place. I like he desktop version for the single window solution including communication, wiki, feature board etc.
  • Worst Thing Ever 1/5

    By Kaledog123
    Run away while you still can
  • Missing features 1/5

    By Zshubailat
    Updated since last review and after waiting a very long time for an update Nothing new.... very unfortunate Old review 1- Can't share content from other apps directly to Teams 2- No indication of people typing in group 3- No indication who received and read messages in a group
  • Wasted time to download only to find excel files cannot be viewed in mobile version 1/5

    By Jotjotjat
    Really think this is a half-baked app and needs more work before it is GA.
  • Can't use it as a student 1/5

    By Samtino
    I am a student and all of my classes are through this program but I can't use it at all on mobile because there is no way for me to see any of my assignments. The old Classroom app worked fine with its mobile users being able to see and turn in assignments. But I mainly used it to start or prepare for work to do later. And if I don't have my laptop out and ready but my classmate asks me what the homework was, I couldn't just pull out my phone and tell him.
  • Slack Killer 5/5

    By ChevCheli0S
    Tremendous app. Couldn't run my business without it.
  • Great, but keep it up Microsoft 4/5

    By Narphobula
    Teams mobile app is great, but Microsoft needs to continue to support it and enhance it.
  • Needs to allow students to access assignments 1/5

    By 77Rusty77
    This app is a joke. It's basically worthless for students. They can't see or turn in assignments. PLEASE fix this app to allow students to access assignments on a mobile device.
  • Delete 1/5

    By Johhhhn
    Gotta install a way to delete conversations... I have old conversations of ppl who are long gone... I'd like to delete those plz.
  • Shocked 1/5

    By SalmondPhysics
    Wow Microsoft.... dropped the ball on this one. How am I supposed to adopt this system when the student side cannot see the assignments on their phone where it is most accessible? Please add functionality for assignments and class notebook within the teams app on iOS and android. Until then this is simply a glorified messaging app....
  • Lots of potential but MS can't get it ready B4 rolling out 2/5

    By DJmunse
    There are so many things that will potentially be great for O365 users, but it isn't ready yet! Why roll this thing out when it isn't fully functional!?! 1. Why isn't the Assignments tab available on iPad and phone apps? That's just plain dumb if you want this to be for education. Most kids will want to use their phones. 2. Why do you need to create ANOTHER Group or OneNote Notebook for these new Teams? This is ridiculous! Apple would never make you create new things to add to a new app they make these work seamlessly.
  • Complete and utter trash. 1/5

    By nihilon
    Garbage. There are so many things that most basic chat apps out there can do that this one can't. For no apparent reason. It's worth paying for a different app, hands down.
  • Version 1.0.18 won't even open. 4/5

    By The Dark Knate
    EDIT: It works, I just had to restart my phone.
  • Old push notification 1/5

    By akactus
    I keep getting old push notifications that I already read the messages on my desktop version. Very annoying
  • Notifications don't sync with desktop, badges don't update 1/5

    By ClassicsRox
    Notifications don't sync with the desktop app unless you open the app, very annoying. The amount of time it sets you to Away and thinks you're not active on PC is too short.
  • Slow to Load & Badges Stick Around 2/5

    By augoisms
    Would like to see load times speed up. Every time I open the app it has to think for a beat. Also, notification badges don't get cleared if you have read the message elsewhere. It's annoying to have to open the app just to clear the badge.
  • It's a start but needs more 2/5

    By ksmith31491
    Two things - On the mobile app you can NOT view your wiki (states coming in a later version). This view is super important to us. We also want a way to link directly to a folder within SharePoint. Right now if you link it only takes you to site folder not the direct folder. Once these are rectified this app will become much more useful!
  • Halfway There 2/5

    By The Realest Administrator
    GREAT idea. Slack competitor. Where the hell is integration with what the world ALREAY uses??
  • Would convert 1300 users to it IF S4B worked 2/5

    By Industry Knowledge
    Guys, you have to get this right. Unless Skype for Biz chat works as promised before GA, you'll never see the adoption rates that this product deserves. It's amazing. I love it and my team loved it for 2 1/2 months but I can't continue to ask them to use this, and Skype for Biz. This is supposed to be the tool that brings it all together and you've missed the main piece that's entirely too obvious to miss - regardless of which Skype server a company has, you should have S4B integration 100% figured out. We have the right kind of account, right type of skype client that's required for this integration to work, and it still doesn't work. PRESENCE isn't even showing up inside of teams! Seriously????! I want this tool to work so badly, but it won't until you get the S4B integration right. Just allow S4B users to chat with Teams users 100% no matter what they're currently signed into and you have well over 1,000's of companies ready to dive in and use this amazing tool you've built every single day. Get it done man. Seriously. Just get it done.
  • Needs support for Audio/Video calls! 2/5

    By Kris123888363829
    This app has most of the functionality covered except for a very important one of accepting and starting audio/video conversations! Also, I find the refresh and syncing to be slow at most times.
  • Good product but has a long way to go! 3/5

    By shivaseshan
    I like the concept of MS Teams as a one stop shop of different office 365 products. It would be great if we can integrate 'skype for business' into teams as it doesn't work as well in macos as it doesn't in windows. Skype could remain around for the telephony service but if we have two applications for chat based communications within organisations it's just confusing and the history is split across two applications. As for the app I played around with it for a bit and noticed that the OneNote opened in Safari even though i have the OneNote app installed. I would argue that it would be better to have it open in the app than in Safari as that's the reason I downloaded OneNote app in the first place. Other than that it looks pretty good.
  • Coming along with some serious problems 3/5

    By Artie Chimney
    We are starting to adopt Teams and are using it a lot. Really happy that there is a mobile version in development. Issues so far: Planner opens in Safari instead of the Planner app. No apparent way to maximize documents Looking forward to seeing these fixed and other improvements
  • Tiny font on iPhone app fixed 4/5

    By DanR1971
    Latest release fixes the font issue. Thank you! Enjoying the app.
  • Great functionality 5/5

    By Tarzyy
    I love this mobile version it's seamless for me!
  • Push notifications still not working 5/5

    By Yourprincessisinanothercastle
    **Update** Great improvement over the past few months. Push notifications are working, among many other enhancements. Great job Devs, keep up the good work.
  • Works well, but enterprise SSO doesn't support client certificate auth 3/5

    By E4599511
    Clean app, works well, but one major complaint: SSO with enterprise federated credentials is broken for client SSL certificate-based auth. I have the correct client certificate for my enterprise installed in iOS, and this works perfectly well for Safari and Mail, but the MS Teams app seems not to be able to access this profile/cert during its SSO call-out. Maybe this is Apple's fault, but it still lowers the value of the app.
  • Like it 4/5

    By Dust.leblanc
    For what it is designed for I extremely enjoy it. If I would give any criticism, continue to add enrich features. The desktop app is way more superior than iOS app which I believe I would enjoy it more if I had the same access to features. Keep up the great work.
  • Added Tabs, They Open Apps in Safari :( 3/5

    By J180
    Any reason when clicking the OneNote tab the notes don't open in the native OneNote app? This functionality exists in the Outlook Groups app for iOS. It's as though these development teams don't work for the same company 🤔
  • Left swipe to go back 2/5

    By Mallard06
    Left swipe to go back no longer works from the chat window. It works on every other page, except the chat window.
  • Noice 5/5

    By Bjossie
    I like the app! I wish I could change it to dark theme like I have it on my desktop.
  • App needs feature improvements 2/5

    By Poortom1004
    It's ok for an initial version, but lacks many features that are available in the VP version that seem basic to me, like the ability to get the URL or email address of a team channel.
  • Beat Collaboration App Ever 5/5

    By Hamptons Kid
    Why any business with Office 365 would ever consider using Slack over Teams is beyond me. It does everything Slack does better and more thoughtfully. Slack belongs outside off the office. Microsofts level of integration with the entire offsite suite plus connectors to outside vendors is game changer.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By jeb_77
    Ability to collaborate in sections on documents is useful. It would be nice if it linked into Tasks so work could be assigned from documents. I didn't see that feature if it was there but I could jump over to Tasks and see the group did exist. I like the integration with SharePoint and OneNote features.
  • Improving 3/5

    By Barot ur
    Much better app on iOS than used to be, but still has issues. - it cannot access tabs from the team. - nor can it display tables pasted into posts / comments. - the addition of the side bar on iPad is welcome, but I think it's way too wide. The main area is too cramped, especially in portrait mode. - when I preview shared files, they are opened in this cramped space. It's not nice, I think the side bar should disappear when previewing files.
  • Hard To Use On iPhone 2/5

    By Butterfly incognito
    My team is actively using Microsoft Teams and iPhone users are having the issue while they are reading the chat the app keeps jumping to the end of the conversation each time someone post to the chat. Therefore, the app isn't very good to get catch up on the chat if you walk away for a bit or if you are using this to get the other shift up to speed in a perpetual chat. Note the Android users are not having this issue.
  • Exciting idea...won't let me log in. 4/5

    By Jhavok77
    I'm getting the same error when I try to log in with my Office 365 for Work account. But hey - it's still in Beta, I suppose. I'll wait for the next update and give it another go. Update: things are working much smoother now.
  • Awesome app for collaboration 5/5

    By cctconsult1
    Teams is a a great addition to Office 365. The software team I work for uses Teams every day to communicate. I love being able to stay on top of things just using the Teams app on my phone. And it's getting better, too, with the ability to make and receive video calls.
  • Does not support device based conditional access 1/5

    By Louis Simonetti 3 Michigan
    If your organization has device based conditional access set in exchange, or SharePoint this app will not connect. Says your device does not meet requirements set by your IT department. So it is the intune mam policies for exchange online and SharePoint online that makes teams useless. Please add teams to those intune mam policies.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Joshmurf
    App often takes way to long to log in or times out entirely. In addition, changes made to created teams on the web/desktop apps are often not reflected in the ios app.
  • Great concept, poor execution 2/5

    By Joon46
    If I could get all the functionality of the desktop app onto the mobile app, this would be a really useful tool. As it stands, I can't let my team use this.
  • Great start! 5/5

    By CAT Clutch
    My users like this app , would like to see some more desktop functionality incorporated but it's off to a great start and providing value now.
  • App should be an equal citizen 3/5

    By Frontal cortex
    I wish the app were an equal citizen. Everything I do on desktop I should be able to do in the app.
  • Need Better iPad Support please 3/5

    By Aaron Marks
    With the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, you get a giant gap on the screen where the keyboard would normally be. It would be great if this were fixed. There's also no integration at the moment with iOS Sharing. Please allow for files/photos/links to be shared with Teams from other apps. I'm also having issues with notifications. I regularly don't receive notifications on iPad/iPhone even if I've been mentioned.
  • Currently doesn't support tabs 2/5

    By eiikei
    Hopefully tabs are supported soon. That would be extremely helpful for mobile only colleagues.
  • Decent start 4/5

    By Mblefty
    Still a lot to desire but has been the best office 365 app recently. Helps me not need to solely rely on planner or one note. Been waiting a while for something like this in a Microsoft product.
  • 1 step forward, 5 steps back. Guest access?? 1/5

    By vtjoeh
    Guest access? While there are some nice features on the desktop, this is an internal company tool only, which is a major mistake by Microsoft. Everybody needs an Office 365 subscription to join. How do people outside your company, contractor, customer, etc. join a team? Slack has guest access (though limited) to channels. Cisco Spark allows anybody to join a room. Microsoft needs to understand how people work. Between Skype, Yammer, Lync and Skype for Business, you would think Microsoft would understand this and not build a walled garden.

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