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Migraine Buddy App

The CONTINUOUSLY RATED #1 Migraine App according to both patients and doctors! Our user reviews speak for themselves. Migraine Buddy is an advanced migraine headache diary and tracking app designed with neurologists and data scientists. More than a migraine journal, Migraine Buddy helps users quickly record and identify all aspects of an attack, including migraine triggers, migraine symptoms, migraine medications, migraine frequency and duration, pain intensity and location, medication, and other lifestyle factors so users can improve their migraine condition. Migraine Buddy also provides an easy to read summary report for users to send to their doctor, employer, or insurance company, or simply for better personal understanding of their migraines. “It’s like a personal doctor who’s always there and whose questions are easy to answer.” - Migraine Buddy user **Track your sleep pattern. Now integrated with Healthkit integration** RECORDING AN ATTACK - Easy to use, beautifully designed interface and icons with wizard style questionnaires that guides users through the recording
 process - Record ongoing and past migraines with an interface specifically designed to be used during an attack - Quick tapping motion to answer the questionnaire 
- Quick access to skip and record entries at a later time
 if a migraine has made normal functioning impossible - Notes section to add additional information such as food, weather conditions, barometric pressure, mood, etc. - Reminders to finish recording A WELCOMING COMMUNITY - Add a "Buddy": share your migraine status with your "buddies" within the app. Let each other know when you're migraine-free, having a migraine, and how you feel. - Share advice and feelings with other users - Stay informed of a loved one’s migraine condition A PERSONALIZED INTERFACE - Add custom fields to the questionnaire so it becomes a permanent option for users - Customized reports including frequency and duration, pain intensity, pain location, migraine triggers, migraine medications, migraine symptoms and helps to understand the effectiveness of medication and other migraine relief methods - Calendar option allows users to measure the impact migraine has on their life - Geotargeted local weather and pressure - Track your sleep patterns nightly 
- Data is secured and protected by HIPAA-compliant cloud TOP-RATED BY DOCTORS AND PATIENTS 
- Over 800,000 users worldwide and rising - Recommended by top neurologists


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Migraine Buddy app reviews

  • Migraine 5/5

    By Enm kjm
    I love this app helps me keep track of my headache so I don’t have to. Great updates
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By SivaDM2284
    I’ve been a migraine sufferer for nearly 20 years now. My doctors and I have tried every abortive and preventative medication under the sun. Botox injections, acupuncture, graston method and more. The ONE thing that finally made a difference and literally turned my life around was this app. After months of faithful data logging and symptom tracking, patterns began to emerge. I never would have noticed or even thought of a lot of these things on my own, and I would likely still be suffering multiple migraines a week without it. Years later, I get less than ten migraines a year. THANK YOU!
  • Good tracker 5/5

    By d0mremy
    I really like the format of the app and the ease of usability. It's pretty straightforward and doesn't take a lot of time to set up and use.
  • Incredibly helpful 5/5

    By moma nan
    This app is amazing. The ability to customize symptoms, causes, medications etc. makes for very detailed records. Super easy to use and extremely comprehensive. Highly recommend!!
  • Better than the paper calendar 5/5

    By Girl geeks rock
    I’ve been using this app for six months. It’s so much better than marking the headaches on a paper calendar!! I had been doing that for five years. With this app you can record lots more information about each migraine, such as where you were when it started, quite a variety of symptoms, what you did to try to help and to f the treatments worked. You can review your past episodes easily. The reports are great, and helped me to find patterns that I did not ever think about. I highly recommend it! Oh, and I never lose my paper notes now. I can bring up my data at the doctors office. It’s always with me.
  • Good tracker 4/5

    By Alex.111111111
    Works well for me, helps when I have to explain to the doctor what is going on and it hurts too much to talk.
  • Great app for migraine tracking! 5/5

    By Prissy Plum
    I got this app to help me monitor my daughter’s migraines. It has been such a useful tool and has helped us with focusing on on her triggers with the reports it generates from the data we enter. Plus I have real data to share with her neurologist. It’s invaluable in its use. I love being able to chat with other people for advice and ideas. Being a parent of a child who suffers from migraines I feel so helpless at times but this app has given me back some control in managing her condition. Thank you Migraine Buddy!!
  • Data gets lost 1/5

    By Lulubug1018245
    I have been using this app for a month and half now and then when I opened it up it forced me to create an account. Everything was fine until the next morning I open the app and see a message the developer made updates. These updates erased all my entries! I will be finding a more reliable app to track my migraines!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By lilbitj
    This app has really helped me in figuring out the details of my migraines. I thought I understood what was causing them, but I was forgetting details. I can't wait to work with my doctor to get better results in treatment. The only thing I could suggest is that it picks up wake and sleep times better. I usually wake up in the middle of the night for at least an hour. It would be great for it to recognize that or let me have more than one sleep time frame. Not sure how this could be tracked, but it's important to follow.
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    Love the ability to track my migraine progress from beg to end without having to rely on my memory!
  • I’ve used others this is the best. 5/5

    By Bloomwild
    I’ve been struggling for years with migraines, variants, vertigo etc. I’ve used a few other apps. I have found this one to be the most thorough. There are so many options, which I think is so necessary when dealing with the mysteries of migraines. Every headache can be a little different, and there are so many triggers. Also as another reviewer said, the screen is dark, that’s better on the eyes. I like that it records my sleep automatically. I don’t have to keep track, it just asks you to confirm, you simply have to open your home screen at night and then again in the morning. The only thing I would change is to be able to change the severity by the hour. If the headache is worse at 8pm you could go to a timeline and change severity for that hour or for however long it lasted.
  • Great app. But... 5/5

    By mermaid lili
    I personally think that it is a great app but I also have elhers danlos syndrome which is a rare connective tissue disorder so its kind of hard to tell the difference but other then that its a vary good app
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Wolfgirl320
    This app is absolutely fantastic at helping me track my migraines and keep up with what’s going on. It helped me find my triggers and stop them from happening as much. I’m learning so much and it’s so easy to use. I have never had an issue with it and I don’t even have a complaint. I love this app so much! And I never get on here to review apps!!!
  • I LOVE this app!! 5/5

    By HorseEnthusiast
    This app is so helpful with my migraines. I now have accurate information regarding my migraine severity, frequency, and even affected activities and treatments. It is super easy to use, and I love that you can easily connect with other migraine sufferers for tips and other support. I would recommend this app to anyone who suffers from migraines.
  • Great App 4/5

    By NeuMarine
    This is a great app! Helps when I need to give information to my neurologist since I can’t remember anything by appointment time or any other time! I would have gave it 5 stars, if the phone app could sync with my IPad. The phone app will not sync updated information. I have to take my IPad to my appointments. Thanks for your app and your hard work to provide this product to us that suffer this terrible disease.
  • Good for journaling 4/5

    By Jr chemist
    Without this I simply wouldn’t stop and write down all this stuff. It’s actually quite helpful and only takes a minute.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Chaichai18
    I’ve been using this app to help my neurologist figure out what’s going on with my migraines. I didn’t expect the app to be this intuitive and easy to use. It’s a pleasure to just click on what you need to without any hassle. They make it so easy to track my migraines and I love the little compassionate “nurse” who messages me that I’m not alone. It actually makes me feel like this app cares that I’m in pain.
  • Headaches 5/5

    By Mj6262626272
    It’s an awesome app thank you for creating this . Take it from a person who suffers from migraines daily . I appreciate you guys for creating this app !
  • Needs to add Fitbit 4/5

    By Rmoney4191
    I would love if this app would sync with my Fitbit! If it did then I would give it 5 stars.
  • Time commitment 4/5

    By Sra. S
    I like this app. The only problem I have is that I often resort to recording Migraine events after the fact because I don’t have time to dedicate to all the questions. Therefore, my details may not be accurate.
  • Most comprehensive migraine app 5/5

    By TheCatnipTimes
    Migraine Buddy is the most comprehensive migraine app and even allows a great deal of customization. It’s an invaluable tool to track migraines and headaches, triggers, reliefs and report the history to your doctor. 5 stars!!
  • Glad I used it! 5/5

    By Toytoy32
    I’m really loving this app! If something is missing u can add it! Can’t wait to share it with my migraine doc!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Nettiebar
    I am loving the app! I love the detail I can put into my attacks. Would it be possible to add a food list to possible triggers?
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Frappy Happy
    This app is what you are looking for if you have migraines. Not only can you track the type and severity of the migraine, but also track triggers, relief methods and effectiveness of relief methods. The best part of all is the report feature-this app will generate easy to read reports you can print for your doctor so they can better treat you and the migraines. This is a MUST!
  • IPhone App not as good as Android App 3/5

    By saphacat
    I branched away from iPhone and got an LG. Thats when I started this app. It's wonderful and very helpful. The iPhone version is not as good as the android one. It doesn't keep track of things I do daily to see potential triggers. It is also not as accurate when detecting sleep.
  • Best app for tracking migraines!!! 5/5

    By Baybay6843.amazing
    I started having to track my headaches and migraines and it was just awful trying to remember what all of the causes and times were. I stumbled upon this app and it’s amazing! It keeps up with all of my stats and tracks common occurrences. The best part is that I can send all of the information straight to my doctor.
  • Useful Migraine App 5/5

    By AngInGA
    So much better than keeping up with a manual log. I still get behind but at least I do not leave it behind when I go to my dr appt.
  • Great App 5/5

    By SZQ321
    I have had migraines forever and this app helps me log them and find potential triggers which is what I wanted out the app
  • Most intuitive tracker 5/5

    By Rose478
    I've used other trackers and was looking to redownload one. By far the best I've seen. Very nice to see my common triggers, medications, symptoms all preloaded. Makes recording a breeze. Love the dark screens, ease of tapping on options that are customizable in each section and how quickly I can track. Using to share with medical provider and hopefully find patterns and relief. Great job!!
  • Easy to use even during an attack 5/5

    By SaharaLashana
    I appreciate SO much how easy on the eyes this app is! The colors don’t make me want to cry during a migraine attack, and the icons make for easy selection even when it hurts to try and read things. Very comprehensive, and allows for adding your own common triggers and info. It generates reports on possible correlations if you are trying to identify patterns or triggers. I wish it had an option to record Air Quality (it records weather and barometric pressure).
  • Works 5/5

    By Eye2sense
    Helps me document my migraines. I like that I can add additional triggers and make a notation in notes about my migraine.
  • Amazing 5/5

    This app is so amazing. Very thorough
  • Most useful app on my phone 5/5

    By Smavinew
    I used to track migraine info in my bullet journal, because they tend to be sporadic. The issue with that is it would fall by the wayside and I would forget. This app makes it so easy to track symptoms and I love the sleep tracker feature. I also reached out for help, and received a helpful reply in a very reasonable amount of time. Thank you for a great, helpful app!
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Fjhatch
    Updated version is still an Excellent tool to assist with therapy adjustments and discovering what is working with your migraine pain to make it worse and what helps relieve it. Update is Worthy of five Stars 🌠.
  • This is a wonderful app 5/5

    By Cece135
    This app is seriously wonderful. I have been having issues with headaches for a long time and to be able to track them and know exactly what is going on. It’s nice when you are at the doctors office too and they need information. It’s all just right there.
  • The worst app 1/5

    By Cavsbbsnzjwwwjd
    The worst app which I have ever download from App Store. From the most unprofessional&greedy company.
  • Smart and helpful 5/5

    By Sameolddave
    Migraine Buddy does a very good job of dissecting the migraine experience in a manner that is highly informative. It also makes customization extremely simple, which is important given the highly individualistic nature of migraine symptoms. I expect that it will be a useful tool when I next see my neurologist. If nothing else I think it will give any user a better overview of their unwelcome visitor.
  • No words could describe how great this app is. 5/5

    By katyyyy p.
    Seriously great app. I love this and have been using it for weeks. I often get migraines and other types of headaches and this you can put anything down! I love that I can email everything to my doctor because it saves me a lot of time trying to replay what I felt during an attack. So many options, suggestions and information that is extremely handy.
  • Really Great 5/5

    By Coorelyn
    I love that it helps you understand patterns in your symptoms and triggers. Better than the paid apps I’ve seen!
  • Top Notch App 5/5

    By Ant16607
    Couldn’t be happier with this app. It works very well and really simplified tracking migraines. They can add maybe a food category to track what you ate, but still a five star app.
  • So easy and so helpful 5/5

    By Beebs418
    I have had to keep diaries in the past and it was very difficult because I didn't always have it with me when a migraine struck. I have chronic migraines and keeping a book with you round the clock just isn't possible. Now I can provide my doctor every migraine and specific details for every appointment. I can even add my own notes or customize triggers, medications, treatments, etc. As a migraine sufferer for 15+ years, this is the first incredibly helpful tool to aid in my treatment. Thank you creators!
  • Holy Grail 5/5

    By Chainedyetadrift
    As a chronic migraine sufferer with daily attacks, this app is amazing and makes it easy to record quickly and accurately. I do wish there were other ways to update a running migraine like pain intensity changes, symptom changes, etc. Otherwise, 11/10.
  • Best in class 5/5

    By Eye4UX
    I’ve tracked migraines a number of ways. But this is the best. When I have I migraine, I can’t take the time to check the temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure. I’d love to see notifications of pressure or “warnings” depending on various triggers.
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By MandaLynnV
    I suffer from migraines almost daily, especially during the winter months. So far, this has helped me keep track of my migraines.
  • The best for migraine sufferers 5/5

    By Ky9889
    I have tried a few other apps along with just using a journal, but this app makes is SO easy to track triggers & migraine attacks. It summarizes all your data into an easy to read report you can show your doctor showing all triggers& hopefully increasing your awareness to lower your migraine attacks
  • Helps me stay accountable! 5/5

    By j. girl
    I had been trying to record chronic migraines with paper records but then I found this app and all the details related to migraines really helps me stay updated with recording them and see patterns of the triggers, reliefs, etc.

    By Kayla7568
    I’m very honest reviewer.... this is no joke. I’m serious that this is best migraines buddy since it’s keeping track of my migraines, sleep and results to tell me about it... they do have community chat in your area and checking the weather for you too. Great job, developer and team. You guys earned 5 stars since I don’t have any problem with it and I love it!
  • Sleep log is missing critical feature 3/5

    By K-sleep
    The sleep log only permits recording of a bedtime and a wake time. It counts the hours in between as continuous sleep. For people with sleep issues, this doesn’t reflect reality. It needs to have a field for “woke up” and “got back to sleep” with the option to add multiple such fields to capture the number of hours slept and the number of hour and instances of sleep disruption. And ... when I tried to send this feedback via this app, it kept wigging out. Please fix this! It’s not hard.
  • Fantastic Tracking App & More...! 5/5

    By AppyGal1968
    I’ve tried several of the apps that claim to make tracking your migraines easier, but this one blows them all out of the water! The developers really understand how migraines work and make it easy to keep up with your data. The notifications are super helpful and compile the needed information with a simple tap or two. The next time I see my neurologist, I’ll have a very clear picture of triggers, patterns, and other information to help treat and prevent future attacks. If you are a migraine sufferer, you NEED this app!
  • Helpful and empowering 4/5

    By MyGrainMama
    I’m identifying triggers and learning ways to avoid migraines. One improvement I’d like to see is a way to track a long lasting migraine over the course of days — the temporary relief that rescue medication provides so I can function despite the fact of the migraine continuing in the background. As the app functions now, a five day migraine is recorded as five migraines in as many days.

Migraine Buddy app comments


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